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I realised a while ago that a lot of my ships are connected. I actually ship all of these (not so much ReinerxChrista, but it made the chain longer and it’s a thing, so meh). Freckles at both ends of the chain.

*Braces self for the hate because I’m putting possible notp’s in people’s otp tags* JUST BLACKLIST IT, JFC. And your otp is in the drawing as well <3

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Were there power lines in the background behind them and Archie? Nothing like a fairytale, sunset, roof top wedding with ugly power lines in it. It's not like they used the actual town, it was blue screen. We must just pay more attention to detail.

Oh for fucking sure. Like…I mean, I’m sure they thought – well shit, the #timelinepolice will be out reminding us about how this is a Modern Town and therefore should have Modern Technology, amirite?

So we’d better


emphasise them



Also…modern towns have water supplies right?




Back {Yoo Kihyun}

Note:Thank you so much for requesting Monsta x! I had so much fun writing this since I’ve really gotten into them recently. Like seriously, those boys are ruining my life rn. Anyway, enjoy the one shot and keep the Monsta x requests coming if you’re interested ;)~ Mimei x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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The way Wonho and Minhyuk were smirking reminded Kihyun that the ought to get better friends.

He hated the way he was feeling, and hated his friends for teasing him about it even more. But he couldn’t stop himself, he couldn’t control the blush that dusted his cheeks, or the way his heart was pounding animalistic in his ribcage. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop these raging emotions, so instead he had to painfully sit and bare with it, all because he had a crush on one of his best friends.

{y/n}, the girl he saw as a little sister leaving for university, came back as beautiful woman that he wanted all for himself. She had matured and developed in all the right ways. She was so different yet still the same in a weird way. It was a beautiful mess, but he was stuck, and his friends were worthless with advice, not to mention giant assholes for embarrassing him like this.

“So {y/n}, I heard you did a lot of partying at university. Did you meet anyone there?” Hyungwon asked, and it was probably an innocent question. But Kihyun was on edge, and it almost felt like a personal jab aimed at him.

“No, not really. I tried to date one guy, but he was kind of an ass so… uh, what about you guys? I mean it has been like three years, have any of you found someone?”

“Kihyun’s still in love with his mirror, if that’s what you mean.” Changkyun teased.

Kihyun’s head snapped up to glare at the maknae, but his eyes met with {y/n}’s glistening orbs, and as the wound of her twinkling laugh entered his ears, he couldn’t find it in him to be annoyed. Instead, he smiled at her, the lovestruck feature so clear in his eyes it was a wonder she didn’t notice.

“Well, I need to head home now. I promised I’d be home for dinner to see my family since I haven’t met up with them yet.” {y/n} announced, moving her eyes away from Kihyun to reach for her bag.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, we are your family.” Minhyuk laughed, and so did {y/n}. She shook her head as she stood up and gave various hugs to the members.

Kihyun was saved for last, and he stood up to put his arms around her when she approached him. He held her longer than any of the other members did, and he couldn’t help but blush at the contact.

“I missed you the most.” She whispered next to his ear before giving him a stunning grin and moving away.

Kihyun wanted to reach out and pull her back, but it was like water slipping through his fingers, and all he could do was watch her leave.

When the door finally closed behind her, he sat back down on the sofa, looking around to see everyone’s eyes on him.

“What?” He asked, defensively.

“You have feelings for her Kihyun, don’t you?” Shownu smirked.

“No.” Kihyun tried to lie, but the blush that was washing over his cheeks contradicted that.

“Come on, Kihyun. You’re so obvious! It might as well be written on your forehead” Changkyun added, causing the other members to laugh as Kihyun rolled his eyes, slouching back into the seat.

“Shut up. It’s not funny. Even if I did like her, she wouldn’t like me back.” He pouted childishly.

“Let’s be real here.” Jooheon commented, “If {y/n} was going to like anyone, it would be you. What about all those years she liked you before she left?”

“Yeah but that was liked, emphasis on the past tense… wait, she used to like me?”

The others all exchanged glances, as if to say ‘is this guy being real?’

“Yes she used to like you! The fact that she said, ‘Kihyun, I love you’ before she left was quite a big clue.” Wonho reminded him, but Kihyun was still in a state of shock.

“But… I thought she meant that as a friend!”

“Wow, you’re the worst. I bet she felt really crappy after getting that response.” Hyungwon sarcastically remarked, rolling his eyes as Kihyun glared at him.

“We should set you two up!” Minhyuk instantly changed the mood. His face lighting up into a grin.

“No, no, no.” Kihyun shook his head, making large hand gestures to go along with it. “If I’m going to confess to {y/n} then I don’t need you idiots running around to ruin it.”

“What, ruining it more than you’ve already done?” Wonho teased.

Kihyun pinched the bridge of his nose. “Fine, you can help. But you better not embarrass me.”

The boys got to work almost instantly, and Kihyun was surprised how hard they were working on it. Not only did they invest in some red roses for him to give to you, but they also went all out in the garden by hanging fairy lights on the fences and the trees and putting out lamps with candles inside. It did look beautiful, but as they planned more and more, it only make Kihyun more nervous.

What if all of this was for nothing?

What if you had moved on? It had been three years after all…

But his thoughts took up time, and before he knew it you were at the front door, knocking delicately.

Kihyun took one final breath before making his way over and opening it.

When the door opened, you were stood before him, dressed up and looking beautiful. Kihyun was wondering how h’d never noticed how pretty your eyes looked in a dim light, or how soft your lips looked. He had to stop thinking when he started wondering what your lips would feel like against his own.

“Hey Kihyun. Wonho called, he said you wanted to talk or something?”

Your voice was so sweet, Kihyun was sure his heart was about to melt from those simple words.

“Actually yeah, I did. Come in.” He stepped aside, holding the door open and masking as much confidence as he could muster as you walked through. Then, he lead you towards the garden.

It was dusk now, meaning the lighting and candles stood out boldly, looking amazing under the sunset. Kihyun blushed when he heard you gasp at its breathtaking beauty.

Even if you didn’t feel the same, and the confession didn’t go the way he wanted, at least Kihyun could say the boys had done well, he owed them.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” you asked, bringing Kihyun back.

“Well… this really isn’t easy to say but… I really like you {y/n}. And I don’t mean as friends, I mean more than that. I realise now that before you left for uni, you confessed. I didn’t know back then, but now I do. So, if you still feel that way about me then… could we maybe, go on a date?”

He bit his lip in anticipation. He knew his confession wasn’t the cutest one, nor was it the most thought out, but it got to the point, and the smile on your face gave him hope.

“It’s about time.” You laughed, and he did too.

“Sure, take me out. Better be a good date though Kihyun, I was haunted by your friend zone for three years.” You teased him, and he pulled you in for a hug, still laughing.

“Wow that was the worst confession ever!”

“Yeah! He didn’t even give her the flowers we bought!”

“He didn’t even kiss her! What a douche!”

“{y/n} you deserve so much better!”

A round of teasing voices broke out as the boys stepped out from behind the fence, all grinning as Kihyun shook his head. But he couldn’t be mad at their teasing, not when they’d given him what was going to be what was one of the best moments of his whole life.

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Romantic h/c for the demon kings + Kinzou and Angel? Btw I love your blog it's like a cute little island in a sea of annoying people. Have a nice day ^°^

Awe well aren’t you just a sweetie! You have no idea how much that means to me thank you! Btw I’m quite a fan of your blog too!


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  • Cuddling together while watching animated movies
  • Him sharing his candy with you and only you
  • Sitting on top of a building watching the sunset together
  • Him saying “I like you more than candy” or “I want to spend forever with you”
  • This is just me, but I see him as asexual
  • He gets rather clingy to you, quickly
  • Will actually tell you he missed you if you’re away from him for too long
  • Cares more for affection than intimacy, but not too much affection
  • Him being super protective and not wanting them to go on missions or out alone
  • Waits impatiently for you to get done with school
  • Him showing up in the middle of class/work to kidnap you because he got sooo bored
  • Him full on telling your friends that you are his and to not hurt you or touch you
  • Him making behemoth follow you everywhere


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  • If you’re a student he will get you out of homework and tests you don’t want to do
  • Spending a lot of time in his office with him
  • Him wanting you to skip work/school to be with him and just mess around
  • Him wanting to always be touching you, holding hands, arms around you, kissing, his hand on your leg
  • Him telling you some of his secrets and desires
  • Following you around in his dog form to make sure you don’t do anything stupid
  • Him wanting to take you everywhere you’ve ever dreamed
  • Him wanting to be your back bone and supporting everything you do
  • Him teasing you and making names for you loves calling you his princess
  • Letting you call him Mephi
  • Buying you gifts randomly because he wants to spoil you
  • He likes to make bets with you over everything


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  • Him constantly being with you
  • Always has his arm around you
  • He loves to hug and kiss you
  • His favorite thing to do is make you blush
  • He will call you his precious little diamond or something similar
  • Him only talking about personal things with you
  • Him asking you questions about society and life
  • Him wanting to know your hopes and dreams
  • And helping you make them come true
  • Him having a little hoard of coal tars always being around you
  • Being shown off as if your the best thing he has ever had
  • because you are


  • Him taking you out to fancy dinners
  • Him always telling you he loves you
  • Him wanting you to lead the illuminati with him
  • Him actually putting you before everything else
  • Him always telling you that you are the most important thing in his life
  • Him kissing you lots and letting you play with his tail if you want
  • Him showing you everything he does and asking your opinion
  • Him holding doors open for you and making sure everyone he works with treats you as if you are a queen


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  • Him telling you about his life
  • And how self conscious he is sometimes
  • Him ranting to you about Mephisto and work
  • Him wanting to protect you from everything
  • Him giving you endless compliments
  • Him finding you mean more to him than his reputation
  • He will do anything for you
  • Him wanting to take you everywhere with him
  • Him always reminding you how beautiful you are
  • Continuously being given jewelry and accessories
  • Calling you his precious angel


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  • He is always writing song about you
  • Him wanting to spend every day with you
  • You being teased and complimented all at once
  • Him being super affectionate and telling all his friends how amazing you are
  • Him making sure you go to his concerts so he can surprise you with songs
  • Him running new song ideas by you and wanting your help
  • Him falling asleep while holding you
  • Giving you goodnight kisses and promising to protect you
  • Play fights and chasing each other around

I hope this is what you were looking for it was a super fun ask as all of them are I just love doing this!

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with the fibro + varia thing, they probably stole tsuna's files/researched him to find out where he lives. if there was anything in them about him being low energy/not going out when it rains/basically just symptoms, luss would probably recognize them as symptoms and start being, weirdly nice for an assassin

stealing tsuna’s files seems like a legit way for luss to find out a+ (don’t do this at home, kids, that’s a crime, probably)

honestly speaking though, the low diagnoses of fibro in kids, i wouldn’t know if that’s because kids just don’t get it often or because no one considers fibro as an option. the symptoms can be caused by various other things and i don’t know how much of a leap it is for luss to immediately zero in on ‘fibro’ after looking at tsuna’s files if doctors don’t consider it. even given that he knows someone with it, too. it’s a lot rarer in children than in adults.

….then again, luss knowing that and still thinking / honestly convinced himself that it’s fibro that tsuna’s got, and just. Oh Dear, This Child. I Must Help. Somehow. weirdly backhandedly nice for an assassin.

lussuria: oh, my, the sky battle is tomorrow? it’ll be raining again that evening, won’t it? i didn’t bring enough clothes to deal with that.
lussuria: i’m not naked under these covers, squ. well, actually, i think i am. the point is-
levi: never say those words in the same sentence again
lussuria: the point is i will be wet and naked and cold! can’t we push the sky battle to another day? a sunnier day! nice and bright! like myself!
levi: we’re fighting at night.
lussuria: a nice sunset backdrop for your victory, boss!
xanxus: that does sound nice. even better if its red. the color of blood and anger. that suits me.
xanxus: make it happen.

tsuna: did they send us a proposal to postpone the sky battle to a.. ‘more sunset-y evening’? why would they do that? is that even possible?
reborn: i’ve never heard of the cervello acquiescing to demands like that, even with both parties’ approval.
tsuna: no i meant having a sunset be there for the fight. don’t we fight at midnight? this is japan. sunset is at, like, 5PM
gokudera: *breaking out his atmospheric observation gear and a whiteboard* Well,
tsuna: forget i asked. let’s accept. it’s supposed to rain tomorrow anyway and i hate the rain.
takeshi: *smiling the smile of a boy whose dreams have been summarily dashed upon the rocky shores of oblivion* ahaha, really? damn. guess i’m outta luck then.
tsuna: wait- no, i didn’t mean it like that, yamamoto! not that kind of rain- i do like you! i mean- not like that, well, m-maybe.. like.. that..? unless you don’t- i like you as a friend!!
takeshi: haha it’s okay, i was just joking! friends, right? friends.
takeshi, in his head: *the sound of glass being ground into dust. like his soul.*
tsuna, in his head: Lay Me Down To Rest For All Eternity


                      L U M I N O U S beings we are,
                                            (not this crude matter)

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haruhi's super shy and anxious crush confessing to her?? i hope you had a great holiday!! ty!!

idk if you guys have realised but apparently i can’t write a n y t h i n g without gratuitous amounts of build-up 

You twist the hem of your shirt between your fingers as you stand by the host club doors, trying not to look too nervous. Which, evidently, is not working out too well, if the worried looks the clients are giving you as they leave for the day are anything to go by.

You feel like you have a right to be, though. This is hardly something you do often, or have ever expected yourself to, and you think that if you stand out here much longer the nervous butterflies are going to evolve straight into full blown panic.


You start in surprise, turning to find the very person you’ve been waiting to see.

“H-Hey, Haruhi.”

She smiles at you, friendly and approachable just like she always is, and the fact that it’s directed at you is almost enough to make your anxiety slip away.


She adjusts the strap of her shoulder bag, then casts a glance around. “Are you waiting for someone?” She peers into the doors behind her, then back to you. “There’s no-one else in there; everyone’s left the club for the day, but I can walk you out if you want?”

You have it bad, ______.

You fidget horribly, but manage to keep your voice steady. “I, um, wanted to talk to you, actually.”

“Oh. Really?” And then: “The twins haven’t paid you to kidnap me or anything, have they?”

You stifle a bark of laughter, slightly more at ease. “No.”

Haruhi begins to walk, bumping your shoulder with her own to prompt you into falling into step beside her. Slight concern wiggles its way into her gaze. “It’s not anything bad, is it? Are you okay?”

“N-No… well, kind of. I mean, um,” Your eyes find themselves looking out the windows as you pass. Sunset. Deserted. You’re not going to get a better chance than this. “It’s not bad, it’s just… nerve-racking.”

“I see.” Haruhi says. You two walk in silence for a short while; she seems to realise that you’re trying to find your words.

Eventually, you stop. “Haruhi.” you say, impressed that your voice doesn’t wobble. “There’s something I need to… to tell you.”

Haruhi stops as well and turns to fully face you, the light of the dying sun filtering through her hair. You almost wish the setting was less romantic; it might make this easier. She doesn’t say anything, just waits for you to continue patiently, and you wonder again how someone can be so damn perfect.

You force yourself to go on, but you fix your gaze straight ahead. “I… For a whole now, I-I’ve…” You sigh and attempt to recollect yourself. “Okay. I can do this.”

The concern on her face is more noticeable now. “______? Are you sure you’re-”

“I-! like you!”

There it was, out in the open. No taking it back. She knows now. Haruhi may be a little dense when it comes to romance but there’s really no mistaking this with that kind of build-up. There’s a split second of pride at having actually said it before the anxiety rushes back in and nearly topples you over with the force.

You hang your head, eyes squeezed shut, too scared to see her reaction. If you had looked over, however, you would have seen her confusion slowly shift into shock, and then a very long pause before it morphed again into understanding, and lastly, pleasant surprise.

But you didn’t see any of that. However, you certainly felt her gently take your hand. Your head snaps up to meet her gaze, and she grins at you. You could cry with relief.

“Really?” she asks, more curious than hesitant. You nod, and her grin grows wider. A soft blush graces her face. “That’s… That’s great!”

She glances off to the side, then tugs your hand, prompting you into moving again.

“W-Where are we going?” you question, falling into step beside her once more.

She squeezes you hand. “To get ice cream, I think. I’m not really sure what’s supposed to happen next,” she admits, “But that seems like a good place to start.”

As it turns out, it’s a great place to start.

- Admin Beckett

Consider III

•totty making fun of atsushi for barely ever being online but really like half of atsushi’s account is just pictures of todo
•atsushi sometimes feeling nervous before a Big Presentation so totty either calls him and talks to him or sends cute pictures so that atsu can feel a bit better
•when todo goes running alone atsushi always asks him to message before and after so that he knows todo is okay
•atsushi doing weird projects from pinterest when he procrastinates work
•totty being messaged every one of atsushi’s new project turnouts
•"that’s nice atsushi-kun but why would you need a mason jar chandelier"
“Well now i can store my jellies in a colorful arrangement atop the ceiling”
“Just do the damn report”
•totty not wanting to ask atsushi for a ride too often in case atsushi thinks he’s taking advantage or smth meanwhile atsushi looks forward to their car rides and would call off work in a heartbeat and fight his boss for a road trip
•atsushi having some phase in his life that he regrets (like a ‘rawr xD’ level cringe) and finally, years later, when he least expects it, totty finds an old facebook photo
•the apartment or w/e that atsushi lives in having like some cool inherited shit like some old samurai swords or paintings by an esteemed artist worth thousands of dollars but no, totty is instead enchanted by the instant coffee maker and the mini fridge under atsushi’s work desk
•atsushi sometimes gets the urge to write sappy poetry abt todo and a couple times he’s gotten pencil to paper but he’d never have the courage to actually show it
•on the other hand, totty has literally always been like “eeeh? but atsushi-kun you’re handsome and smart, you can do whatever you want” “its so amazing how you can keep on task at work for so long… so dedicated” “haha i dont see how the ladies at work dont all fall in love with you, youre such a charmer” just off-handedly while atsushi internally combusts
•todomatsu sometimes laughing so hard when theyre together that he snorts and gets embarrassed
•throwback to the bad poetry, sometimes in normal conversation atsushi says sappy things and totty mocks him, but totty actually loves it
•"atsushi-kun, do you like sunrises or sunsets better"
“hmm… well, even though the sunrise represents new beginnings, i think sunset is life in and of itself. with darkness comes light, and the realisation that beyond illusion we are still as safe as we were before. it isnt a sunrise that renews or protects us- rather, love”
“you realize that you could’ve answered in like 5 words, right”
“but i like to sound thorough”
“no you like to sound like a hallmark card”


“Call it what you will: eternal damnation, a curse from the gods, but you are going to fall in love and it will feel like being split open with the dullest of knives, jagged and cruel.” (x

pairing: kise x reader

genre: angst, romance

words: 3187

The sound of the waves crashing on the beach shore filled the ears of the crew as the cold sea breeze relentlessly touched their skin. They were already starting to prepare for the photo shoot the following days. Everyone was already tired from the strenuous seven-hour boat ride just to get to the island the chief editor personally picked for the shoot. It would be a week-long shoot for Kise Ryouta’s section in the magazine. The body of land surrounded by water was a beautiful place, so serene, so tranquil. It was the place that made many soul searchers who travel for their goal stop for a moment before swearing to the heavens that they’d be coming back for more. The island named Calypso touched the heart of many, making them fall in love with it as each day passed by. It was a paradise on Earth that never failed to captivate passersby, eventually attracting them to it, like a siren’s song.

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Me: ……….hello??

Misha: hey, who’s this?

Me: ……….

Misha: hello?


Misha: I think so, yeah. What’s your name?

Me: ……..


Misha: hi there

Me: I’m Anne

Misha: cool, hey Anne. In which country are you right now?

Me: I’m in a bus right now (Ikr???!!)

Misha (with his typical teasing Misha voice thing) …..Aaaaand in which country is said bus?


Misha (laughing): okay so LA isn’t particularly a country but I can accept that. What are you doing in Los Angeles Anne?

Me: vacation. I mean rather school. Summer language school to improve my English

Misha: that’s awesome. Well, since you’re here for vacation you should go and see some cool places. You must go to Griffith Park and [some museum but I forgot the name] while you’re there


Misha: and you need to visit Venice Beach-


Misha: oh well great. Then I hope you enjoyed it. Where are you going with the bus if I may ask?


Misha: oh cool then I hope you’ll have fun there


Misha: you’re very welcome. And don’t forget going to Griffith Park


Misha: awesome. Have a nice day then Anne


Misha (HE WAS GIGGLING): alright I’ll make sure to tell him that


Misha: no problem. Have a nice day


Misha: bye


Masquerade, Chapter 19

TITLE: Masquerade


AUTHOR: Losille2000


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: It started with a sly glance across a Venetian ballroom during Carnivale, even though both parties should have ignored it.  However, it most certainly cannot go beyond the confines of anonymous, masked revelry… or can it?

RATING: Mature (sexual situations, language)

AUTHORS NOTES: My many continued thanks go out to all of you reading.  You make this fangirl very thankful.  All mistakes are my own, my eyes are positively blurry after staring at the computer for so long today.

Previous Chapter

Chapter 19

A call on my mobile drew me away from dinner that night, and though I wanted to stay and spend time with Chris and Elsa, I couldn’t wait to get away. Thankfully, I had an unwitting but helpful friend in Jordan for extracting me from the uncomfortable situation. When I made it into the guest house, I shut the exterior door and plopped down on the bed. I silenced the ringing just before putting it to my ear.


“Hey, chica,” said the altogether too chipper voice on the other end of the call. “Are you in LA yet?”

“I’m here,” I replied. “Whether I want to be or not is a completely different question.”

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Finally get my drawing fizz back and this is what happens. What have I become…

Integration-- pt 1/7 [Homestuck, john/karkat]

Part 1, length: 2989 words

Author: codedredalert

On Ao3. Part 1, Part 2, Part 2 notes, Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5Part 6 , Part 7 (end)

Summary: The university that John Egbert attends recently decided that everyone staying in the dorm has to have a flatmate that’s not their species. Karkat Vantas has a lot of things to say about that. They share a home for three and a half years. Disasters were bound to happen sooner or later, right?

Warnings (this part specific): canon typical abusive language, interspecies relationships, one sided blackrom feelings, alternate universe-freeform, universitystuck

A/N: for crabapples97, my giftee in the ssjohnkat2014.

Hi! Super belated merry Christmas/ Happy New Year, sorry I took so long! This fic is 10k and growing, and I’m drowning in IRL things. I’ll just post it in parts on tumblr, and consolidate, edit and post on AO3 when I’m done if you prefer to wait. Also, this is red Johnkat endgame I swear. Ijustreallylikemyblackromimsorry. I’ll try to get part 2 up soon, but I can’t promise actual dates. I hope you like the fic though!



The inside of the apartment is dark except for the light streaming in behind you. There are two crescent slivers of reflective yellow at eye level. You squint and can just about make out a person standing just before the squareish room cut to a narrow corridor.

“Welcome, human,” the person growls. He’s got this low, rough voice that’s really interesting. He spreads his arms, and you see the movement, but can’t make out much else. He’s wearing black.

“Welcome,” he continued, “to the complete disaster that is the destined-to-fail exercise of forcing a nocturnal and diurnal species to cohabit the same premises on a functional schedule without killing each other. I am the unfortunate fucker designated as your co-sufferer. Merry fucking Christmas.”

“Hi Karkat,” you say. In the dark, the person shifts.

“What?” he says, suspiciously.

“That’s your name, right?” you ask rhetorically. You happened to see the log thing when you collected your keys, and you’re pretty sure you have it right. “Karkat Vantas. Or am I saying it wrong? Vantahs. Van-tass? Vantas-tic! Heheheh.”

Rrrrhhhstt, stop. No. Do not mangle my name with your ridiculous hopbeast teeth. Do not so much as fucking look in my direction, understand, human?”

“Wow, rude. My name’s John, not ‘human’. John Egbert, actually.”

“John human Egbert,” Karkat says flatly. “You overestimate how many fucks I give. I give approximately zero fucks. We stay in the same goddamn apartment because of the integration policy this schoolfeeding facility decided to ram up our wastechutes. We are not, and we will not become, human ‘friends’. At the end of our miserable two sweeps here, we will ideally part ways without so much as looking back. After four sweeps, I want to be able to say ‘who the fuck is John Egbert’ and you will not even recall in the vaguest the name ‘Karkat Vantas’. Are we clear?”

“Karkat?” you say, when you think he’s done. “No offence, but you’re a huge weirdo. Anyway, which room is mine?”

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11x11 Into the Mystic (Drabble)

I needed to write some fluff after the crap day I had at work.

Tagging @aprofoundbondwithdean @balthazars-muse @the-mrs-deanwinchester @spnfanficpond @mamapeterson @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog because why not? 

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“Follow your heart.” The words echoed through Dean’s mind as he sat up in his bed, not able to sleep. 

What started as a simple salt and burn to take his mind hunting for the Darkness turned into hunting and killing a malevolent banshee and maybe something even more. 

The past few months have drained him completely. Ever since Dean got rid of the Mark, the relationship between the both of you withered away.  He rubbed his face in frustration as the words continued to swirl around his brain.

A knock brought him out of his trance and a soft voice called out to him.

“Dean? You awake?” He heard you say through the other side of his door. 

“Uh.. Yeah, come in.” he answered back.

Even in the baggiest of clothing and lack of make up, Dean still thought you were breathtaking. 

“How’s your head?” You asked as you went over and sat next to him, taking his head in your hands and examined it. 

“Still got some ringing in the ears but I’m fine.” 

“Of course, I mean you did bash your head against a brick wall.” You responded with a weak smile. 

“Yeah, well who wouldn’t bash their heads in after hearing that shrieking.” Dean replied with a chuckle. 

Dean’s mind drifted back to earlier at when he sat down with Mildred, looking at the sunset. 

“You want to know the secret to living a long and happy life?” The old woman asked him as she turned away from the window. 

“Actually, yes, I do.” He responded with curiosity. 

She patted his chest and smiled “Follow your heart.”  

“You do that, all the rest just figures itself out.” Mildred’s words echoed through his mind again before he heard your voice again, snapping him out of his thoughts. 

Dean? You sure you’re okay?” You asked.

“Yeah.” Dean replied as his eyes trailed down to your lips. 

He cupped your cheek with his hand and slowly caressed it with the pad of his thumb, his face inching closer to yours.

“What are you doing?” The nerves started taking over Dean. 

“Following my heart.” He whispered before capturing her lips with his in a breathtaking kiss.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” You whispered against his lips.

“I don’t care Y/N. I’m in love with you and I was too stupid in not telling you sooner.” He said as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry. What was that?” You raised your eyebrows in surprise.

“You heard me Y/N. I’m in love with you. And I didn’t want to believe it until Mildred pointed it out. I got a thing for you sweetheart.” He replied with a shy smile. 

“I thought you were single and ready to mingle.” You rose an eyebrow at him.

“Not anymore. I want you to be my girl.” Dean said shyly, his cheeks flushed making the freckles on his face stand out more. 

You leaned in and kissed him. “Of course Dean.”

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drabble: empathy

Continuation to this. Hunter Bill, teenage Deerper, no shipping. More defined AU in that Bill isn’t aware of being not fully human nor having any pre-existing connection to Dipper. 

Bill’s suspicions that he’d made a mistake during the most recent thunderstorm weren’t unfounded, and that became more and more apparent as the days drifted by.

He’d awakened to sunlight streaming through the windows, the lumber in the fireplace nothing but a pile of ash, and a slumbering cervitaur fawn sprawled out in his lap. It had taken more effort than he was comfortable with to convince himself to wake the kid up, and even then instead of roughly shoving him aside as he would have weeks before he’d opted to lightly shake the fawn’s shoulder until his eyes slid open.

Of course everything had gone to hell then, with Dipper suddenly realizing where he was, panicking and falling off the sofa in an attempt to put as much distance between himself and the hunter as possible, which in turn pissed Bill off, resulting in him tossing the kid back in the basement for the rest of the day and fuming over his lack of gratitude for a few hours.

The logical fallacy in this wasn’t lost on him, but Bill pointedly ignored the guilt needling away at his psyche.

It lasted for a full twelve hours before driving him down into the basement to retrieve the fawn, carrying him back upstairs and depositing him in a makeshift nest of blankets and pillows on the living room floor with no further explanation. The moment had proven rather confusing, predator carefully regarding prey uncertainly while Dipper stared back at him with those terror-stricken brown eyes reminiscent of proverbial deer in the headlights.

In the end, he allowed the kid to stay. Bill still didn’t trust him not to make a run for it if left unattended, even with the threat of being drowned in the lake hanging over his head, so he made sure to cart up the chain and the padlock from the basement and, through a couple of hours of manuevering, managed to rig them up while still allowing the fawn to move around a fair bit.

Three days later he left the kid’s journal lying next to him to find when he woke up, seating himself across the room to observe the discovery and suppressing a smile when the fawn actually cried out in joy, wrapping his arms around the object as if it were an old friend.

Fuck. He was going unfathomably soft. The realization sent him out into the woods with his rifle, not actually hunting but filled with the burning need to shoot something because apparently the kid was off the table in every sense of the word. There was a difference between actually hunting and blowing off some homicidal steam, and he passed a few refreshing hours doing the latter.

It still didn’t prevent the smile that came unbidden when he picked his way through the darkened woods well after sunset and entered the cabin to find Dipper curled up in his nest of blankets having dozed off while reading that journal.

It didn’t occur to him that the cat withdrawing its claws wasn’t necessarily reassuring for the mouse cowering before it.

As before, the fawn remained terrified. His intelligent diction and talent for sarcasm had faded to silence after the first two weeks; the hunter suspected that those traits still lingered under the surface, but the kid was too thoroughly scared shitless to let any part of his personality shine through. In that manner he really did resemble a full-fledged white tail, constantly on the alert and teetering on the edge of fleeing by a hairline trigger.

How did one go about taming something (or someone) when their go-to method involved just capping an unruly or stubborn creature and mounting their head on the wall?

An opportunity presented itself one morning while rummaging around for something to give the kid something for breakfast. It was a good thing that the fawn wasn’t a true herbivore, given that Bill sure as hell wasn’t. Dipper could eat pretty much anything the hunter had to offer, but of course he gravitated towards fruit and vegetables more often than the variety of meat that Bill brought home, when he bothered eating much at all. The hunter suspected that there were things Dipper was partial to that might be more appealing and actually entice him to eat regularly. 

Thus he continued his descent into both madness and being a sap, regarding the Dipper carefully with his good eye as the fawn picked away at a peanut butter (no jam inclusive) sandwich, keeping his gaze fixed on the table. “Hey kid, is there something you like?”

Dipper froze, sandwich forgotten entirely. He didn’t look up, voice barely audible when he responded. “This is okay.”

Bill resisted the urge to either bury his face in his hands or yell at him. Thankfully it passed rather quickly. “I meant something you actually like to eat.”

His interest seemed to confuse Dipper, who made eye contact for a few seconds before averting his gaze once more. “This is fine. Really.”

Bill sighed. “You’re skinny as fuck, kid.”

Dipper processed this comment for all of five seconds before coming to the wrong conclusion. His ears slicked back flush again his scalp, his eyes widened, and he dived under the table.

“Oh for…” Bill groaned, briefly regretting deciding to keep the kid. This wasn’t worth it. He dropped to his knees, edging beneath the table with the frightened cervitaur. Dipper clung to one of the weathered wooden legs like a lifeline. “Look. I’m not going to hurt you. If I wanted to eat you or something I’d have done it already. So stop freaking out.”

He reached out, hesitantly (what the fuck was that all about?), and ran a leather clad finger over one of the fawn’s ears. Even with gloves on he could tell how soft the fine coating of fur beneath his fingertips was. Dipper flinched, gripping the table leg even more tightly. “Kid.” That’s not his name.Dipper.”

The occurrence marked the first time he’d spoken the kid’s name out loud, and it took both of them by surprise. The hunter paused, hand still poised over the fawn’s head, and the fawn slowly met his gaze. The tableau held for a moment before Bill recovered, resuming petting his ears. “Chill. It’s okay.”

It most certainly was not okay, but Bill considered himself a jack-of-all-trades and chronic liar was a skill that had come to serve him well, even when he was the one deluding himself.

Dipper began to relax. After several minutes of silence, his voice rose, carrying a hint of something other than fear as he said, faintly, “You wouldn’t want to eat me, anyway. I’m skinny as fuck, remember?”

Bill laughed, a genuine one not laced with instability or malice. “Then what do you want?”

This time a few minutes passed altogether (with the two of them sitting under the kitchen table) before Dipper spoke up again. “…do you know how to make pancakes?”

A hour, a small fire, and a hearty round of profanity later, Bill sat a plate of partially burnt pancakes drenched in maple syrup in front of the fawn, who proceeded to devour them, blackened bits and all.

And for the first time in weeks, Dipper actually smiled.

Ok so hear me out.

American football player Damen and bitchy head cheerleader Laurent.

Laurents uncle being head of the university they both attend and cutting funding to the cheerleaders because he’s a douche. 

And when Laurent complains to him, the football players are there, and someone (probably Makedon) is all cheerleading isn’t a real sport.

 And obviously Laurent has to not cut a bitch. 

Damen has been crushing on Laurent for ages but unsure how to talk to him. 

So when suddenly Laurent is all up in his grill like, so you’re dumb team thinks they can do what we do so easily. 

Poor Damen has no idea what to do, except he finds himself agreeing to whatever Laurent is saying and suddenly they are in the middle of the bet.

The cheerleaders have to do a days worth of Football practice, and the football players have to do a days worth of cheerleading practice. Everyone has to make it to the end of practice.

The losers of the bet have to go out onto the field in the other teams uniform, and declare them the superior sports people and the next home game.


So the next day the cheerleading team shows up to football practice. Laurent in rolled up joggers and a t shirt that is about 3 sizes too big, hanging off his shoulder and showing collar bone. Damen almost swallows his tongue.

Anyway Damen gets both  teams in order, and they start off with sprints. Most of the football team thinks this will kill off the cheerleaders quickly. But they get through it barely breaking a sweat. Next up passing practice and more sprinting. And just more and more and more. The cheerleaders finally look sweaty and tired but so is the football team and practice is almost over. 

Damen just shrugs like he doesnt really care less about the situation. (He doesnt he just cant believe hes almost sort of having actual conversations with Laurent, I mean its mostly strange threats that could also be sexual innuendo, but its something!)

When Makedon and Nikandros step aside and reveal one of the dummies that youre supposed to tackle and push down the length of the field. They have smug smiles, knowing that the majority of the cheerleaders are small and lithe and not built like the football team to push it down field.

Laurent just raises a single unamused eyebrow, looks behind him and nods his head at the apparatus. The cheerleaders part as a dude bigger than the other cheerleaders makes his way through, looks at the dummy, shrugs and then proceeds to push it the entire length of the field by himself. 

The entire football team stares, mouths open. Pallas can be heard beside Damen breathing out “dibs”.

“Lazar was a high school football player, but then he decided he preferred fucking football players”  Laurent smiles, like the cat that just buried the canary under your pillow for you to find later.

(”double dibs”)

And with that the cheerleading team head out.

The next day the football players head to cheerleading practice. They got this. They can do this.

Damen shows up in a white test top and a sweat band round his head, keeping his dark curls out of his eyes. Laurent does a double take when he sees him, and get a smug smile off Damen for it.

They start with stretching. The cheerleaders bending over backwards (literally) and doing the splits, and lifting their legs behind their heads. The football players can barely touch their toes.

Then they do sprints.

Then long distance running. Ten laps of the field. By the end of that most of the football players look like they want to die. 

Then they start practising dance routines. Laurent at the front calling out moves and counting them in. The football players are fumbling all over the place, tripping over each other and their own feet. 

Damen can’t keep his eyes off Laurents ass, he has a problem.

Jord is dancing circles (like literally dancing around him in a circle) around Nikandros.

“Youve got to move your hips, you know how to move your hips dont you” And then swanning off laughing as Nik tries to resist the urge to strangle him.

“Come on guys, its not that much different from memorising plays for the field” Damen calls out, but he knows they are losing and badly. At the end of practice half the team is on the floor, in sweaty heaps. Even Damen has to down half his water bottle using the rest to pour over his head in an attempt to cool himself down.

“I guess you win, I think you killed my team though” Damen says approaching Laurent. It takes a while for Laurent to move his gaze from the see through material of Damens vest to his face.

“Next game, you guys can use our spare uniforms, and tell the whole school we are better than you” Is what he finally says. 

“An acknowledgement rightly won” Damen says all smiles, managing to elicit a soft slightly surprised smile from Laurent.

The next home game, the football team delivers as promised. Running onto the field is the small blue and gold skirts and vests, shaking pom poms. Damen shouts into the bullhorn;

“We are here to tell everyone about how cheerleading is a very legitimate sport, they train much harder than football players, and they are superior in every way to us”

Jokaste is filming the entire thing on her phone, and Lazar cant seem to stop taking picture of Pallas’s ass in a skirt. (Pallas is totally shaking his skirt up on purpose). Laurent just watches cooly, although a small twitch of his lips shows hes amused.

“Also we decided the best way to show our support for our cheerleading team, would be to give them a cheer of their own”

And then the football team, wave their pom poms and give a very bad but well meaning cheer routine complete with badly rhymed words of encouragement about the cheer squad. Laurent is full out laughing by the end.

The football players leave and change into their actual uniforms, and win the game, and the cheerleaders cheer them on properly.

And if after the celebrations Laurent shows up at Damens door wearing the cheer skirt himself, declaring “its only fair”, and then riding that boys dick into the sunset whilst wearing that uniform. 

Well the cheerleaders and football players get on well after that.

Also Laurent wearing Damens letter jacket, thats wayyyy too big.

Laurent drinking the entire football team under the table.

Laurent sucking Damen off in the locker room after everyone is gone, and Damen is still mostly in uniform.

Laurent being super bendy in bed.

Damen getting distracted on field because his boyfriend is doing the splits, again!

Laurent getting distracted because his boyfriend is taking his shirt off and being all sweaty, and dammit Damen I am the top of the pyramid I could die! No you couldnt catch me youre on the other side of the field.

Just all of the footballplayer!Damen and cheerleader!Laurent please. 

(If someone drew this I would die a million times over)



I hope you guys all had a weekend as wonderful as mine was! To those of my followers who are like ‘She left??’, I’ll give you the skinny on what went down.

My bff/love of my life/white friend Taylor and I went up to her cabin, and, because it’s a Godless place, I had no service whatsoever.

Like, none.

So Taylor and I had to be “social” and do “outside activities”. Whatever.

But, seriously, it was so much fun! I did a lot of things for the first time, too, like:

  • Fishing
  • Driving a Golf Cart
  • Going to a cabin (old white people EVERYWHERE)
  • Going on a boat (well, technically. I went on a boat once before for a Senior boat party, but that was a large boat and this was a smaller one)
  • Swimming in a Lake that didn’t have a highway on the opposite side

 Also, I tanned so wonderfully. I wouldn’t even call it “Tanning”. I’d call it “Crisping”, or something. My tan line is OUT OF THIS WORLD, MAN.

 But I’m glad that I’m back at home with my Wifi family.

 Don’t worry. I missed you guys, too. (Because I know you missed me. Right? RIGHT?)

 I’d also like to thank my bff/lust of my life/black friend Amber for hijacking/blogsitting my Tumblr account for me.

You didn’t completely mess up. Well done. That’s gotta be a new record for you or something.