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Bosslady got a redesign, and she is looking 👌👌👀 in yellow ~

The current CEO and lead chairman of Sillyvision Co, Bosslady acted in Warner Brother’s famous Looney Toons cartoons for many years before coming to Sillyvision Studios, where she climbed her way up the corporate ladder to the company president’s position. It was her decision to attempt bringing the establishment’s oldest and most well-loved cartoons, namely Bendy, back to life and into the modern world. 

Bosslady is a recurring character in Bendy and the CMYK Printer, and a minor character on this askblog.

Inktober #10 Jump

Well, yes, this happened… A more realistic drawing from me.
Thanks for the inspiration to @ryvetted4 . you, really saved my life, dear! ;)
Finally, I think, this will be the last “kind-of-art-but-its-not” for a while. I know, there’s plenty more days behind from Inktober, but i need a few days break away from it, because it has been told to me that i’m terrible, and should search some another hobby. I know, it’s true, though it was harsh, and maybe it’s a lame thing, but I need some time to recover.
That was fun, folks, thank you.

Our Times 我的少女時代 (2015)

Release date: 14 August 2015
Director: Frankie Chen
Cast: Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, Dino Lee
Genre: Romance, comedy

Lin Zhen Xin - your average Taiwanese schoolgirl struggling through the awkward years of pubertal adolescence - secretly pines after the most popular and perfect guy in school, Ouyang Extraordinary. Meanwhile, the school’s resident gangster and notorious badboy, Hsu Taiyu, harbours a secret crush on the school’s prettiest and most popular girl, Tao Minmin. Zhen Xin and Taiyu strike up a deal and decide to work together to help each other win the hearts of their dream dates. However, as the two grow to become unlikely friends, they begin to discover what true love really means and how growing up is never how one expects it to be.

My first impression of Our Times was how much it reminded me of You Are the Apple of My Eye. A coming-of-age film - set against the backdrop of a humble Taiwanese high school - and featuring the ever-present badboy (that has since become a staple in all teenaged films) who, against all odds, falls in love with the school’s prettiest and most perfect girl. Of course, the protagonist of this film here happens to be an ordinary, if socially awkward, run-of-the-mill teenager instead of the gloriously flawless Shen Chia Yi of You Are the Apple of My Eye.

Both films feature somewhat similar storylines about young love, growing up and receiving a hard knock on the head courtesy of reality - but it’s a theme that everyone can relate to, so it’s something that works. With its flashbacks to the 90s, Our Times creates a sense of nostalgia as it allows us to reminisce on the days without Internet, without mobile phones, without computers - where life was simpler, relationships were harder and love was as evasive as ever. Of course, this non-linear timeline and retro recollections is something that You Are the Apple of My Eye coined first, but Our Times does a lovely job of recreating and paraphrasing it.

The protagonist of the story is the loveable Lin Zhen Xin - with her dorky spectacles, tousled locks and bumbling clumsiness, she’s the epitome of the awkward adolescent girl and you can’t help but secretly root for her as you watch her mature from her schoolgirl naivete and blossom into a capable, functional adult. Vivian Sung does an excellent job in creating a character that all of us can love and cheer for, in spite of what seem like insurmountable odds and her character’s apparent mediocrity.

But the star of the show, really, is Hsu Taiyu. Can I just shamelessly admit up-front that I do not think that the movie would be half as enjoyable if it hadn’t cast such a good-looking lead actor? Where does Frankie Chen even find such people!!

You know how mothers and well-meaning friends always tell you to avoid badboys at all costs, because we all know how badboys and broken hearts have such an excellent track record together? Well, Hsu Taiyu is the exact reason why you should just throw all that advice out the window. As the school’s most notorious gangster, he skips classes, engages in mini turf-wars with other gangs, flirts outrageously with girls, drinks way too much beer, doesn’t seem to give two hoots about his future or education  - the list goes on and long story short, you wouldn’t want your daughter to go near Taiyu with a ten foot pole.  

However, as the plot unfolds, we realise that beneath Taiyu’s hardened exterior lies a softer, more sensitive side of him that has been swept into seclusion by a terrible accident involving his best friend several years earlier. From the little gestures and thoughtful presents that he procures for Zhen Xin, it’s not difficult to figure out that beneath his bravado, Taiyi is just this big ol’ softie. I guarantee you that by the end of the movie, you would have fallen hopelessly in love with Taiyu and you will leave the cinema disgruntled and discontent with the world and its apparent lack of real-life Taiyus.

Taiyu and Zhen Xin are utterly adorable together - watching them fumble through the beginnings of their awkward friendship and wade through the ambiguous seas of young love, there’s that “Will they, won’t they?” feeling that keeps you guessing about whether or not they will FINALLY acknowledge their feelings for each other and get together already. It’s rare to care so much about a couple but these two really are characters that you grow to love over the course of the show and by the end of the movie, you’ll be smiling, laughing and crying along with them.

An honourable mention goes to Dino Lee, who plays Ouyang Extraordinary (LOL - I swear his name doesn’t sound so stupid in Chinese) - the school’s valedictorian and the most perfect, clean-cut boy you could ever imagine. For a first timer, I have to say that he does a pretty decent job of providing a worthy rival in love against Hsu Taiyu and it’s a good effort as his debut performance. I think he could live off doing toothpaste commercials for the rest of his life because he has the most brilliant smile EVER.

In spite of the excellent casting, fantastic cinematography and sharp, witty dialogue, Our Times does fall a little short of You Are the Apple of My Eye in terms of character development and its plot. While I enjoyed seeing Jerry Yan pop out of nowhere as future Hsu Taiyu, the jump in the timeline (THIRTY YEARS) is way too large for anyone to form any sort of attachment to the grown up versions of Zhen Xin and Taiyu. Over the course of the movie, we’ve grown to love the actors Vivien Sung and Darren Wang and their electric chemistry together - something that Jerry Yan and Joe Chen (who plays the older Zhen Xin) clearly lack because they only had like 3 minutes of screen time together. You Are the Apple of My Eye understood the importance of continuity and while the film did jump a few years into the future, it chose to retain its original actors and make them appear older and more mature so that we could see for ourselves, how the characters had grown up over the course of the years. And this sense of continuity is so important because it creates a sense of finality as we watch all the loose ends get wrapped up, as we see our favourite characters with the same faces (if older looking) get the endings that they deserve. Throwing in new actors to represent the old characters that I had grown to love just made me feel like I was watching an entirely different movie altogether and this really cheapened the ending of Our Times, leaving me feeling a tad bit unsatisfied. 

In terms of plot, Our Times can be a little bit draggy in the sense that it focuses a little too much on the blossoming romance between Taiyu and Zhen Xin to the extent that the supporting cast drifts off into the backseat and becomes more of background noise than anything else. I’m never one to complain about romance or the excess of it, but I loved how You are The Apple of My Eye was a story about friendship as well as love; because this made it all the more relatable. Aren’t the best memories of our high school years mostly about the friendships that we form in boring, stuffy classrooms; the buddies that slogged with us through agonising exams, the classmates that we giggle with as we spy on the cutest boy in school? Because really, unlike Zhen Xin, how many of us have had the privilege of being chased by the hottest, baddest boy at school?

Nevertheless, Our Times definitely has a stronghold over You Are The Apple of My Eye in terms of its happier, simpler ending (Although in my opinion, You Are The Apple of My Eye has a better ending - while it may not be fairytale-happy, it’s realistic, mature and really makes you reflect on your youth and how you’ve grown up since then). Our Times does well in borrowing some of our favourite elements from the latter - the nostalgic feel of dusty, rudimentary classrooms, the simpleness of life in the 90s and its lack of technology, the understanding that young love - no matter the era - will always remain as frustrating and as heart-breaking as it always has been.

Our Times is one of those feel-good movies that no one (not even the older folk I think) will regret watching. It’s funny, it’s warm and it’ll pull at your heartstrings even - just don’t expect it to be realistic or logical and you won’t be disappointed. If only young love could be as simple and as rewarding as Our Times makes it out to be!

How good the movie was: 7/10
How much I enjoyed it: 9/10

Favourite scene (spoiler alert!)
At this point in the movie, it’s evident that Taiyu and Zhen Xin have begun to develop feelings for each other but neither of them has the balls to admit it. Zhen Xin continues to openly chase Ouyang and Taiyu pursues Tao Minmin with an almost resigned sort of vengeance.

In this scene, Ouyang sprains his ankle in the middle of one of his ever-famous basketball practices and hobbles over to the side bench, nursing his swollen ankle. Zhen Xin, who happens to be in the little provision shop just behind the bench, procures a popsicle stick from the store in hopes of offering it to Ouyang for him to ice his ankle. But instead of going up to him, she remains in the doorway just out of Ouyang’s sight, clutching the popsicle to her chest and hesitating to approach him.

Taiyu, who happens to be eating his favourite seasame noodles within the provision shop at the time, sees the entire sequence of events unfold and understands that Zhen Xin is way too shy to approach Ouyang on her own. He gets up, gives Zhen Xin a little push towards Ouyang and flashes her his trademark smirk, as if encouraging her to go for it. 

As Zhen Xin happily offers the popsicle to Ouyang, Taiyu turns his back to her and we see that his eyes have welled up with tears and he’s trying his best not to cry as he watches the love of his life walk away from him towards another boy. :(

Someone hand me a tissue already!

Herb of the Week-Foxglove


Common Foxglove
Deadmen’s Bells
Fairy’s Glove
Folk’s Glove
Purple Foxglove
Witch’s Bells
The herbal plant known as the foxglove can reach six feet in height. The foxglove has a straight stem without branches and grows as a biennial plant. During the spring bloom, foxglove flowers hang in bunches on the stem - the flowers have a dull pink or purple coloration, and often come with white spots on the corolla. The large sized leaves of the foxglove possess distinct and prominent veins running along the lamina.

Among all the traditional medicinal plants of old, the foxglove is considered to be among the loveliest, the most significant, the best known and even the most lethal. The plant poison called digitalis is simply the powdered down dried leaves of the foxglove plant. Digitalis is a well known cardiac stimulating compound that has helped millions of heart patients stay alive due to its property of stimulating the cardiac muscles.

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anonymous asked:

psssst do you think you can give us a list of some Voltron fic recommendations please? wink wink

Well anon you really shouldn’t have asked this because we took it a little too serious and… welp… here it goes :’))

Mod Nayo here, if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you would know that I am the one who reads the majority of the fics here (not only… E Rated *winks a lot towards Izzy*).

A few clarifications I want to make before I start with my list

1) Because of school and me being a lazy fuck, I haven’t started reading the most recent fics that have been in the tag. I’m actually accepting recs too so if you think i’ll like somethig (COUGHTCOUGHTMERLANCECOUGHTCOUGHT) then just send us an ask or tag us ;^DDD *winks winks*.

2) This is all going to be Klance, so i guess no need to tag which pairings will be in the fic?

3) Izzy is a dirty fuck so all her part is gonna be E rated :^) don’t blame me.

4) Sorry it took so long, it seems that despite being two (functional?) adults, we spent like an eternity in Google Docs just screaming and talking shit. We apologize.


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anonymous asked:

Do you also hate what frozen is doing to mgm? Like I can't stand it. At this point they should just call the park arendelle.

Wait people are mad about the frozen additions to mgm? WHY? Honestly I don’t get it. Do you know that a ton of animated films have overtaken that park in the past (With even better parades that were specifically made just for the park) 

Such as Aladdin

And Mulan 

And Hercules

This type of in park promotion with new offerings was standard during the 90’s in the theme parks, Frozen is thankfully making that tradition come back which is nice to see. I could understand the hate if somehow frozen was taking something away from Hollywood studios. But if anything the frozen summer fun events are bringing areas back that were previously unused and sadly empty. Using the theater that hasn’t been used since, well FOREVER for as sing along show no matter how quickly put together is still a HUGE PLUS. This is doing nothing but adding experiences for guests and giving folks more to do. Lets also remember it’s been SOMETIME since DHS had a dedicated fireworks show every night. As they sadly stopped that a while ago, but with these frozen events its BACK. And the use of the usually empty soundstage 1 to put an ice skating rink and other areas for guests to venture in is AGAIN A PLUS. The pre parade is also a cute addition (Considering how the only parade got cut quite some time ago). These events are doing nothing but adding and creating more to do for the guests, I don’t care what IP it is so long as we get fireworks back, a show, and the use of previously empty areas I consider it a huge win. 

What yall need to be upset about is frozen overtaking Maelstrom. That is a legitimate issue. In fact I much rather they put frozen at DHS in an Animation courtyard expansion than have it kill maelstrom and hurt the world showcase. 

My name is Morgana, and I’m a 24 year old Italian-American feminist woman living in New England.  I got into comics via anime; I used to come home every day after kindergarten to watch Sailor Moon.  My father collected comics, and though I had browsed through his copies of various titles (ElfQuest is one I remember particularly well), I didn’t truthfully read them regularly until later in life.  My first manga was, of course, Sailor Moon at the age of seven, but it was around the age of 12, with a rising interest in Gundam Wing especially, that I began to be interested in drawing.

I had always been a voracious reader, and for a short span of pre-adolescent prentention, I decided that comic books were not “real” literature, whatever that means.  But I came around real fast, and I now I write about animanga extensively, trying to unpack some of its problems as well as celebrate its strengths, all the while trying to find the time to work on my own art-and-comic-related projects.  I worry a lot that my gender will influence what opportunities I have in the larger comic book community, and sometimes this prevents me from working as hard as I could.

Like many folks who grew up in the 90s, I was inundated with various comic-based cartoons.  Regardless, I don’t really read cape titles; when I’m not reading manga, I tend to prefer lesser-known titles, both in fiction and non-fiction genres.  In general, I enjoy shonen, horror, slice-of-life, josei, shonen ai/yaoi, and a little bit of shojo for good measure (especially magical girls, obviously).  I love the webcomic community, especially since it encourages many unheard stories to be told.  I have my own little webcomic, The Retail Vampire (http://theretailvampire.tumblr.com), which is somewhat autobiographical.  Somewhat.

I believe that comics are an extremely effective form of media, perhaps even more so now than ever before.  I love that there has been an immense push for diversity in content, particularly since the fan base has always been diverse.


Tag your post “#i am comics” or submit your photo here!

The Thing About the CIA Torture Report

So I know a lot of people are ignoring the CIA torture report on here, and probably because it’s a Big Topic that requires some background.  But really, it’s simple:

  1. During the Bush administration, the CIA tortured some people.  It wasn’t ambiguous.  They killed some folks during this torture.

That’s really all there is to it.  It’s being spun as political to release this information, but it’s IMPORTANT that this information was released and it’s even MORE important that we find a way to show remorse and to punish the people responsible for this decision.


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We’re back!
Its been a fun and hectic journey this past little while <3
Been working non stop on shadow boxes and curiosities to fill a little awesome botique in portland called redux. We will be curating all of the wall art as well as the window display for the months of october and november…. bones, feathers, wet specimens and lots of new jewelry.
We also had the opportunity to vend fairie worlds a few days back which was an interesting experience, hung out with lovely folks, made new connections and got to see wardruna and adum hurst play <3
now were back home working on new shop stock! 
Both shops should be up and full on the 10th : ) 

Some goodies weve been conjuring up 

hope you have all been well! xoxoxox