well it's art kind of

I tend to to make up weird outfits while drawing

ETA: Updated, fully painted version here!

Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a sketch of a Jedi!Finn costume based on this outfit of John’s, which literally made me gasp aloud because all that drapey swishy fabric just screams Jedi!

I’m in a film costume history class right now, so I got really excited thinking about all the materials and whatnot. The leather sleeve is of course from the mangled Dameron jacket, and maybe the belts are salvaged from that material too. The drapey grey over-piece would be more of a soft, woven, matte fabric. The inside would be kind of satiny and dark, but would seem understated and subtle until it catches light in a really pretty blue violet. Also, I gave him some form of shoes that aren’t boots since I imagine the poor guy is tired of wearing them by this point, lmao.


i realised i havent posted any art here for 23203230 years so here have this shite comic thing i made 

the first three snk openings layered on top of each other
surprisingly they're all by linked horizon
the first three snk openings layered on top of each other

i saw an edit of the 1st snk op playing along with the visuals for the 3rd op and i swore there was something about the chord progressions that meant conspiracy.

conclusion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!


Converse High

This boy doesn’t have a name yet but u can tell he’s a pain just by looking at him. 

My friend informed me that Blue Moon is the name of a beer or something? In this story world it’s a band and in hindsight I should have looked up the name before using it but honestly what isn’t the name of a beer

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If they did take Frisk on a mission even once and Tori found out the skeleton brothers would have a bad time. They would have an even worse time if Frisk got so much as a bruised shin.

You do NOT want to anger your ex-boss/goatmom. :D

For the Anon who likes Hanamaki’s outfit. I like it too.

Makki is fun to draw. His chubby face <3  .. His hair though.. really.. stop letting your mom cut your hair Makki, you’re 17 years old ffs.

edit: .. ffs stop blurring the pic tumblr..


-If I told you that earlier….. none of this would’ve happened….. right?

“I love you too” comic… (I’m not creative with names alright… *sniff*)

Guess who’s back with some… ermmm… kind of Poth comic I think….


Fell!Goth and Goth belongs to @nekophy


You’ll be eating your own words once he hits puberty…[AU]

Sometimes I forget that Kaiba is 3-4 years younger than Ishizu.