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hey Emma, have you see this? teenvogue*com/story/harry-styles-doesnt-think-gay-rights-political?mbid=social_twitter I thought what he said was ok, but now I'm just confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

(x) I understand the points that Teen Vogue is making, but I still think Harry had the best of intentions and I understand what he was trying to say. I know there was a long discussion about this a couple of days ago and I didn’t really want to talk about it then, but I’ll touch on it briefly since you linked me to this.

I think it’s a bit unfair that celebrities are frequently pushed to be political by the general public (think about how many people wanted Taylor Swift to speak out in favor of Hillary, for example, and clearly this interviewer wanted Harry to be political as well), but then they receive a ridiculous amount of flack when they do say something regardless of what it is. Harry quite clearly didn’t want to talk about politics, likely knowing how volatile the subject is and how easy it is for something to be misconstrued, but the interviewer pushed him, and when he tried to essentially say that he feels equality for all people should be a fundamental aspect of society rather than something that is up for debate in the political arena, a lot of people interpreted it as negatively as possible.

I fully understand that Harry’s perspective is an idealistic one that sadly doesn’t match with reality in a world where the rights of LGBTQ+ people, women, immigrants, and other minorities are constantly being debated by politicians, but I think Harry definitely realizes that. He was talking about how he views those things, but I think it’s absurd to suggest that he doesn’t realize that how he views equality isn’t how much of the world views equality considering he has participated in campaigns aiming for gender equality, he posted a rainbow on Instagram the day gay marriage was made legal in the United States, and so on. A roughly two sentence long answer in an interview when he was probably not prepared for a pointed question like that does not encompass Harry’s full understanding of equality and to suggest that he’s just an idealist with no comprehension of the precarious political position of equal rights for many individuals across the world is, in my opinion, ridiculous.

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How about something for the chocobros discovering their s/o being afraid of the dark and what do they think/do about their partner being afraid of it?

  • Noctis found out you were afraid of the dark when you seemingly would never step into dark rooms. At first he thought nothing of it, but he noticed the pattern that the rooms they never entered was dark- and then the one time you finally did you ended up rushing through like something was chasing them.
    “You don’t do so well with the dark I’m guessing?” He didn’t really have to ask, he already put two-and-two together.
  • He really can’t blame you. At some point, when he was young, he had been as well so he understands what it’s like. So he doesn’t mind.
  • Noctis just knows when you stay in a room with him that he’ll likely have to have a nightlight going. Which is fine with him, it doesn’t affect his sleep any. Just as long as you can feel safe and sound. And if you have trouble sleeping still then they can fall back onto playing games or him telling them one of the old stories Regis used to tell him until they fall asleep (after all that used to do the trick for him).
  • But for situations outside of sleeping arrangements, Noct just tries to handle getting the lighting situation back to where you’ll feel more comfortable. That or he tries his best to lead you through and keep you calm, but he hasn’t yet realized that “just stay calm” doesn’t work well, but he does know telling you “it’ll be okay” is at least some comfort.

  • Ignis thought it was strange just how you used to keep the lights on in almost every room and they were on throughout the whole day. Any time he turned one off, you’d be coming up behind shortly to turn it back on, though you tended to not remain in the room for long.
    “Don’t you want to save on your power bill?” He’d ask. But was only told that it was fine. For all he knew, this could have easily just been a quirk and there was no use in pressing more into it.
  • He didn’t find out the real reason until one night you and him had been sharing a bed; you trying to sleep and he was reading something and he kept a lamp on. It was violently storming outside, and all of the sudden there was a bright flash and a loud roaring CRACK sound of lightning striking nearby and it took the power out. Iggy tries to make a remark about the situation, but you don’t respond. Instead you were just tightly balling yourself up into the blankets, shaking. Unusual. You don’t act quite like this for thunderstorms, so that lead him to one conclusion; you were afraid of the dark. And now the light issue made so much sense.
  • Ignis sort of finds it to be cute. Not quite a laughing matter, but it’s still a silly and endearing quality.
  • Ignis will do what he can to comfort you through those by offering you various means of distractions. Talking to you through it, getting you a warm drink, being the one to go out to find the flashlight or candles to bring back to you, board games while you still have some kind of light. And on a night like this he’ll let you snuggle and hide your face in his chest until you fall asleep.
  • He’ll be a little more careful about what lights he’s turning off from now on, turning on the lights in a room you were about to go through so you didn’t have to worry ahead of time. With sleeping, you both come to a compromise; he has a harder time sleeping with a light on so he’d rather not have a nightlight, so he’ll stay up later and keep a light on until you fall asleep. However he’ll let one of those come in if for some reason you’re having troubles on some nights and you just can’t sleep/can’t stay asleep.

  • Gladio knows there’s something up when you happen to avoid going into the basement at all costs. You need to get something from down there… but… “Babe, I’m a little busy right now. Why can’t you go and get it yourself anyways?” You can’t give him an answer, or rather you won’t. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him, so for the time being you dropped it and tried to wait later for when he wasn’t so busy.
    “You still haven’t gotten it? Seriously, what’s up with you? You’re not afraid, are you?” He hits the nail on the head, but you still didn’t want him to quite know.
    “It’s just that it’s dark.”
    “C’mon, there’s a light switch on the left side at the bottom of the steps. You know this.”
    “Yeah but it’s at the bottom… What if I fall down when I’m on the steps?”
    “There’s enough light coming from the room that you’ll be able to see the steps without too much problem.”
    “But…Okay, fine. You’re right. I am scared. It’s dark down there and I’m a coward!”
  • Gladio finds it cute to tease you over it, though you won’t likely think his teasing is.
  • He’s not so much sympathetic in your case. In fact he tries to push you into going into the dark, says you need to face your fears, that it’ll help toughen you up and get you to move on passed it.
  • However, if you get stuck in the dark and begin to have a terrible panic attack about it, that’s when he’ll actually try to comfort you.

  • It’s already a well known fact that Prompto is also afraid of the dark. He’s always been upfront and honest about it. Just he really hadn’t known that you had been too. Not until the both of you were caught out some place and the power went out.
  • Instantly you clung to him, hugging tightly onto his arm. “You too, eh?” He mutters, feeling how badly you were trembling against him.
    He understands how it is entirely too well, but somehow your fear of the dark gives him courage to step forward into it. It doesn’t take away his fear, but he hates the fact it scares you too, so expect him to slowly lead you out of the situation, trying to calm his own panic as much as he can so he doesn’t make it worse on you.
  • When Prompto gets more scared and anxious, he gets more talkative. He talks fast and he tries to maintain a conversation with you because maybe that will distract you both just enough until you both get back to the light.
  • He’s more than happy to huddle up with you when you’re scared. Prompto will take you by the hand and give you little comforting squeezes. Need a night light? No problem? Dim room still too dark for you? Either he’ll hit the switch or he’ll offer up his phone for you to use as a light. Simply whatever you need, Prompto will try to have your back on!
One for Team RWBY, Blake in particular. Do you listen to any podcasts? (Asked by anon)
  • Blake, shaking her head: Nope. I'd rather have a book. Just nice peace and quiet....err...well...when the rest of the team isn't in the dorm at least, then there's the peace and quiet.
  • Yang, yawning: Naah, no podcasts for me. Don't really see the appeal. If I just wanna listen to someone talk forever I'd just say anything at all to Weiss.
  • Weiss, stomping her foot: You know WHAT Yang Xiao Long? Because I'll tell you what!
  • Yang, whispering as Weiss continues on with a sure to be lengthy rant: Point and case.
  • Ruby: Nope! I do the same thing Yang does.
  • Weiss, stopping her rant for a moment: What was that Ruby Rose? Oh well I'll have some words for you once I'm done with Yang here!
  • Blake, sighs and turns a page as Weiss goes off again: Yup. Good ol' team RWBY.

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An r34 uf art? i mean fan art for your game thats r34 stuff

I might as well answer this. I personally don’t have a problem with it (nor do I particularly care for it,) but the original creator of the alternate universe does with sin-related art. Respectfully, I’d ask you don’t for their sake, but I also won’t stop you nor do I honestly really mind. As long as it’s properly tagged and such.

With that in mind, I’ll certainly view any sort of fan creation directed towards us, but explicit content such as that will not be reblogged. Hopefully, that’s understandable.

  • My therapist: Do you think you're doing well?
  • Me: What's the definition of that anyway?
  • My therapist: I'm not sure. But here you have a girl whose prime coping mechanism had been cutting for so long and who has now not cut for pretty much two years. I'm not saying things have been perfect for the last two years. You've dealt with some seriously overwhelming things. You've discovered things about yourself. You've been sad and stressed and really down. Yet you have found other ways to cope. You have learned how to sit with your emotions. And if that's not progress then I don't know what is.

Young characters facing death and wondering if it’ll hurt will never not wreck me. (Thinking first and foremost of course of Buffy, who was herself heavily based on Kitty.) It’s just such a simple but real emotion. Most everyone would rather shit not hurt if it doesn’t have to, who can’t identify with that?

But it’s the question in it that seals it. The implied inexperience. A battle-hardened veteran, they’d already know, or would at least know enough to assume it. “This is gonna hurt,” they might say (and in fact Claremont has written X-Men doing exactly that). But I WONDER if it’ll hurt. Kitty hasn’t even lived long enough yet to know for sure.

Which itself calls back to the conflict at the center of this issue: is she really too young to be in this fight?

We’ve seen her fight bravely and she even fought well. But it wasn’t enough, and in these moments, we’re forced to admit there’s been some merit in what Xavier was saying all long.

Even if he IS a jerk.

~ Yep, I have to admit I wasn’t really online those days. I am tired as hell. I really am. The fact is the week was really long and exhausting at work, and I was tired everyday. I have a lot of responsibilities and I’m always running everywhere to offer the best to everyone, and, wow, the weekend is really welcome. I don’t like this exhausted mood because when I am, I’m also kinda sad of being not able to do what I wanna do, like, drawing and everything. I’m still tired, but well, I also really wanna draw, so, I’ll be back soon, tonight or tomorrow with new Tamatoa stuff, in my Human version form, but also, Crab Tama huhu ! ♥

See y’all, stay shiny ♥ You’re fantastic.

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I honestly hope you're asleep and well by now, but if not: Unpopular opinion on anything from les mis? 💚

ahahaha I have nothing to do tomorrow so I am still awake, oops

Okay I have two, one for the musical and one for the book, and brace yourself because the book one is really unpopular

Musical: I really like ‘Suddenly’. I properly adored that song, and was really confused why there was so much hate for it when I got into the fandom. Is it because they cut Drink With Me (and other songs)? Anyway when it comes down to it the story follows Jean Valjean so like…I get it, Tom Hooper. Plus when jvj adopts Cosette it is literally a turning point in his life and it
m a k e s  s e n s e
okay?? Also I just like the song for the music, lmao.

Brick: I…enjoyed reading the Waterloo bit. Was it long and overly detailed? Yes. Was it unnecessary? Also yes. But as someone who knew shit-all about who Napoleon was before I read this book, the Waterloo chapters really really helped me get an idea of the whole situation. Plus like!! Imagine having the sheer breadth of knowledge to write in such detail about one specific battle!! The least I can do for our dearly departed friend M. Hugo is read that bc that’s a cool thing 

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I like to think Kirishima is really open and verbal about his feelings for Bakugou especially around his friends and it makes Bakugou really blushy and quiet and Kirishima loves teasing him about it but when they're alone Bakugou is better at showing his love for Kirishima physically and this time Kirishima gets super blushy and speechless aaaaaaaa

:D yah like, Kirishima is just so smitten he can’t contain himself so he just expresses his emotions all the time and Bakugou doesn’t know what to do with himself

and even though Bakugou isn’t nearly as expressive, even when they are alone, Kirishima knows Bakugou well enough to not worry about it. And it doesn’t take very long for Kirishima to catch the little things that Bakugou does every day – small acts of kindness, little expressions here and there – that are his ways of showing his love

asksjkaldjd ty for this

So, tomorrow I’m leaving back to New Hampshire. It’s going to be a loooong drive (13-15 hours or even more). I will probably see you all on Sunda-Monday

I haven’t been feeling well these days. I’m stressed for several reasons, but mostly because of the school and the fact that I did fucking nothing during vacation. I might not even be here on Sunday because I will study and do homework. I might disappear for… a long time soon due to exams. I hate the end of the school year for making me so unhappy and stressed out. I will write some things today, but I need to pack my stuff first. 

I will be absent the whole day tomorrow which doesn’t make me feel happy because I really really really want to get home sooner than anything. And I really don’t want to stop in Pensylvania to see my host sister’s college because she will do that with her parents and I have stuff to do. I’m selfish but for reasons lmao. But yeah… Because of that stop and, maybe, stop in Washington D.C. it may take us up to 18-hour drive. I hate these long drives…. We won’t be back until midnight at least. I want to cry inside tbh …  But aye, wish me luck, everyone. I need to catch some good night sleep today. ;; 

I will queue some replies/starters etc. I will focus on my drafts first. 

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I've been kinda freaking out since I discovered that nb perfectly described me... I told a friend, genderfluid cousin, and my other cousins fiance so far and they all took it really well. But none of them are near me. Rejection was a fear yeah, but nothing like telling someone close or in person... Like my bf(who is also genderfluid) or friends here. So could you maybe do a nb/trans mood board for me? I don't really care what the theme is so long as I can look it and be a little less terrified.

Absolutely! I’d be more than happy to make that for ya 😌💞

- Skully 💀

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Ninette 49??? (I am sorry I love them so much)

“It’s so good to see you!” Adrien hugged Marinette tightly. “I can’t believe how long it’s been.”

“I know! How have things been for you?”

Marinette listened attentively as Adrien told her about his life. He had taken on more of a business role at Gabriel and the newest line was doing really well. She had seen his face a good bit despite the lack of a modeling career. He was constantly on the arm of this beautiful movie star or that up-and-coming musician. She looked at him, studied the bright green eyes and the handsome line of his jaw. She had loved him once…or at least, she thought she had.

Arms snaked their way around Marinette’s waist from behind and she leaned back into the familiar chest. “Hey, man!” Nino greeted happily. “Long time, no see. How’ve you been?”

“Oh, Adrien’s been very busy, sweetheart. Haven’t you seen the tabloids?” Marinette teased.

Adrien’s cheeks turned pink and Nino laughed. “Niiiiice.”

“It’s not like that,” Adrien mumbled but then shot them a smirking wink.

“Sure sure,” Nino grinned. “Hey, we’re having a smaller reunion at our place after this if you want to come. Just us, Alya, a couple of others. You in?”


“Excellent. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to steal my beautiful bride away for a dance.”

Nino led Marinette out to the semi-crowded dance floor of their school reunion and pulled her close, swaying them to the music. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

“Not nearly as much as I love you,” she replied, leaning in for a kiss. 

“I know it was a long time ago, but, uh, were you okay with me inviting Adrien over?”

“Of course. He’s our friend.”

“Yeah, but…when you see him, do you regret how things turned out? I mean, you two were–”

Marinette had been prepared for this when she saw Adrien’s name as a listed attendee. For a man so handsome, talented, and kind, Nino had a hard time truly seeing what an absolute catch he was.

“Listen to me. You are positively, absolutely, without a single doubt the only man I want to be with for the rest of my life, Mr. Lahiffe,” she assured him. “You are my past, present, and future and I don’t regret a single moment of what we have together.”

 Nino ducked his head. “Well, when you put it like that, Mrs. Lahiffe,” he smiled fondly at her, “how could I ever have a doubt?”

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

Never ever apologize for your love of Ninette, @trashcangarbageman XD I’ll have you know this almost went in a totally angsty direction and I just couldn’t do it to them, haha. I needed that Ninette fluff. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you would like a ML drabble written, send me a word from this list and a paring and I will get to it when I can. <3

I am making a separate post again but I think it`s important.

As you know my uncle passed away last night but he went like a very brave soldier. Please pray for his soul because we went through enourmous pain. His name is Dian.

I wasn`t able to contact my boyfriend Oscar that day for over 10 hours but thankfully he answered at some point late at night. He is in a hospital now and I barely can reach him. He is also fighting that battle, so even if he is not an Orthodox, please pray for him as well. If I lose him, I really lose everything,

I prayed myself for a very long time but seeing no result I got angry, I lost faith, so maybe God and the saints do not wish to hear me. So please, maybe they will hear you.

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I'm in a period of questioning my sexuality to a point where it's becoming frustrating. Do you know anywhere I can go for advice on this stuff? Can't really talk to my parents

Well there are multiple blogs in tumblr and it depends on what you are leaning towards to. Our blog is basically generic LGBTQ+ stuff but we’re best at helping with sapphic stuff.
You can send us more asks or find other blogs that might be about questioning or about the orientation that you’re leaning towards to.
Anyway there’s for example @questioning-resources you could go and check them out.
It might take a long while before you have everything figured out but it’s okay. You’ll eventually find a label that you’re comfrotable using.
It’s not like I have stopped questioning either. 😆
-Mod Mika

Crashed The Wedding Ichigo Style

For the longest time, and I really do mean the longest (years, and years) I wanted to adapt the song “Crashed The Wedding” by Busted to Ichiruki. I did write a drabble about it a long time ago, but now I’ve got the lyrics changed, well some. Here’s the final result. I was totally inspired by a fanart I saw today of Ichigo stealing Rukia away.

I’m so rushed off my feet
Crossing the dangai
So much I need to say
I’m sorry that it’s on her wedding day

Cause she’s so right for me
Byakuya disagrees
He’s always hated me
Because I’ve never been a SHINI-NI-GA-MI

Cause she’s mine

And I’m glad I crashed the Wedding
It’s better than regretting
I could have been a loser kid
Ran away and hid
But it’s the best thing that I ever did
Cause true love lasts forever
And now we’re back together
It’s as if he’d never met her

So looking back
I’m glad I crashed the Wedding

Rangiku-san spread the word
And my dad cried when he heard
I stole my girl away from everybody gathered there that day
Just in time 

And I’m glad I crashed the wedding,
It’s better than regretting,
I could have been a loser kid
And ran away and hid
I said I’d do it and I did.
Cause true love lasts forever
And now we’re back together
As if he’d never met her
So looking back,
I’m glad I crashed the wedding…

Don’t waste time being
Mad at me for taking her away, cause
Anyway she didn’t want to stay.
So please believe me when I say

She’s glad I crashed the wedding
It’s better than regretting…
The ring she got was lame
She couldn’t take the pain,
She didn’t want a silly second name
Cause true love lasts forever,
And now we’re back together
You might as well forget her,
And walk away

She’s glad I crashed the wedding…

Important Announcement

After thinking about it for quite some time, I’ve come to the decision to drop the set of requests I currently have.

Now you may be reading this thinking “What the heck? She never posts things anyway. Why is she dropping her requests?”

Well, the answer is this: I have had this list since before I started this writing blog. I carried them over from when I was still writing on my main blog. And after having them for so long, I’ve really just lost the appeal for them. Every time I look at them I lose the will to write because they don’t pique my interest, and I think this may contribute to why I never feel like writing.

I’m truly very sorry to those of you who may be waiting on me to write these, but I’m really looking forward to a fresh start. I’m hoping that doing this will help me actually want to write for you all.

That being said

I am going to open up requests and accept five new ones, and I do have a Requests Guidelines page now. I can’t say that I’ll write any of them within the next week (because finals) but I hope to get them out relatively soon.

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enjoying masturbation and thinking a lot about sex doesn't make your hypersexual lmao literally everyone is like this


I know, Anon, I’m not dumb. I know when something is completely normal and when somethings considered abnormal. Since hypersexuality is something that’s a little embarrassing for me to fully talk about, I only talk about certain experiences that aren’t so extreme with my hypersexuality and things I’m comfortable discussing. But I do far more than simply thinking about sex all the time, talking about it or just masturbating. i know those are normal things and I’ve known that for a long time, believe me. But I’ve also realized that some of the things regarding sex that I do are far from what you would consider normal. I’ve discussed this with a psychologist for a while and I am hypersexual. I know, Anon, I’m really not stupid. But thank you for informing me and OTHERS as well because there are a lot of Anons that message me saying “I’m hyper sexual because I love masturbating” and it’s far more than that. 😪