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Telling him You’re pregnant (13rw guys)

a/n: lol so this was requested

How you tell him you’re pregnant: 13RW

Zach: I was so mad.  Zach and I, were just a ‘make me feel better with sex’ relationship.  We were mutually friends, bypasses in the corridor but mainly had nothing to do with each other unless we were in desperate need of pleasure.

But now he had gotten me pregnant, I have a career to peruse, so does he, this was not going to work out, if he hadn’t been a complete doofus and just wrapped up his willy.  No, I was angry, in fact outraged! My feet stormed into the guys’ changing room, seeing a wide range of naked bodies.

“Y/N, you know you can’t be in here,” I heard Tony’s voice echo but my eyes were focus on Dempsey.  He wore loose blue shorts that hung on his waist, his chest bare, and his hair floppy, he was organising his clothes.

“What the fuck, Zach!” I screeched, many guys turning our way.

“Y/n, calm down and leave, whatever it is we need to sort later,” he said calmly, pulling a shirt over his perfectly toned body.

“No, it cannot!” I cried out, my hands tugging at my hair, grunting a bit.  "You got me pregnant and now I have no idea what to do,“ a confused look appeared onto his face as we received a few whistles and 'damns’.

"Stop lying and go away,” he muttered, slamming his locker door. “You’re lying because you want attention.”

I picked the three positive pregnancy tests into his hands and placed a hand on my hip.

“Do I Zach? Do I really need this much attention, because trust me I never asked for it either!”

“Let’s talk somewhere else,” he told me, grabbing my shoulder and steering me out of the changing rooms.  "y/n are you being serious?“ he asked as we reached the empty sports hall.

"Zach, I wouldn’t lie about this,” I began to cry, my hands covering my face, his big arms wrapped around me and pulled me into his chest.

“Ssh, it’s going to be okay, we’ll work things out.”

Clay: Clay and I were in a pretty stable relationship, his parents liked me and my parents liked him, we were like best friends who were intimate and loved each other, which is why he had to be the first to know.  Infect Clay was with me the whole time, we bought the test together and decided to do it at my house, when nobody was at home. I had been such a wreck, afraid of what my parents would think, what Clay would do and how I would react, but we were doing this together.

“I’m the one to blame for this,” Clay murmured as we stood in my bathroom waiting.

“Clay no you’re not, it was a mistake, they happen,” I told him, grabbing his hand. He squeezed it.  "We’ll work this out,“ I whispered.

"We will, even if it means feeding the country, changing our names and never returning, Y/N I would do that for you,” he smiled a little.

“I know you would,” I sighed, looking over to the positive pregnancy test.
“Holy shit,” he groaned.

Alex: Even though Alex and I were in a pretty decent relationship I still refused to tell him when I found out. I told my mother first who stroked my hair as I sobbed, she was so kind to me. Then, there was my father who, the night I told him, lashed out at everyone.  He put me in his car and sped all the way to Alex’s house.
“No dad please,” I cried, trying to pull him back but he knocked, well, rather nearly kicked the door down of the Standall’s house.

“Do you mind,” Alex’s dad appeared a gun in one hand and an expression of anger plastered across his face.  “Mr Y/L/N, Y/N come in,” he said in a shocked tone.

“I’m not here for funny business, it’s your godamn son I’ve come to murder,” my father breathed out, causing me to cry a little more.
“Now what possibly has Alex done, I mean it’s one o’clock in the morning can’t this wait,” the Sheriff gave out a low chuckle.

“Got my daughter pregnant, that’s what,” my dad snapped, causing the other man’s lips to form an ‘o’ shape.  He went upstairs and a few moments later Mrs Standall and Alex appeared.  
“I’m sure you have a good reason to be here,” his mother sighed, taking a seat on the sofa and Alex sat next to me.  
“Oh, yes I do, your son has knocked up my daughter and now she’s pregnant,” Alex took his head into his hands, groaning continuously, while his mother, shut her eyes.
“Alex we’ve told you about safety,” his mother snapped, but Alex didn’t respond.  “Either way you’ve ruined this poor girl’s life, no matter how she solves this situation she’s going to regret something.”
“Well don’t worry we’re sorting this now,” his father said.

Justin: I waited to make my own decision of my own before telling Justin anything. I thought keeping this baby was the best choice, with or without Justin’s help. So, on Friday night, just before he was going out with Bryce I knocked on the front door of his apartment, revealing his drunk mother.
“What do you want,” she spat, I bit down on my lip.
“Is Justin here?” I asked and she pointed in the direction of his room, I wasted no time before letting myself in.
“Y/n,” he smiled patting the side of his bed where he was putting on his shoes.
“Justin, there’s something I’ve not been telling you,” I took a seat.  “I’m pregnant,” I sighed.
“Haha real funny Y/n, you best tell my mother she’ll be ecstatic,” he joked, not even raising his head.
“Justin,” I said in a low, warning voice. “I’m not kidding, I’ve had the scan.”
“Well then it’s pointless fucking telling me because I’m not interested, get an abortion I’m sure you can find that money,” he stood up, heading towards the door. “Wait, Y/N, I didn’t mean that, please don’t cry.” He could see the tears cascading down my face, he squatted down in front of me, chin leaning on my knee.
“Well, Justin I’ve decided I’m keeping this baby, it’ll be good for me, give me some responsibilities, stop myself from drinking every weekend,” I wiped the tears from my face.
“Me too, I need to pull myself together now, I know that I can probably get a job and find us a stable home, Y/N I will do that for you,” he whispered as I cupped his cheek.
“I know you will.”  

Jeff: I didn’t even tell Jeff I was pregnant, one day he was looking through my bag at school and saw the test.  I hid in the toilets all day, because 1: the rumour would be halfway around school already and 2: I couldn’t face Jeff, not knowing that we were young and he had such big aspirations for college and scholarships.
“Y/N,” I heard his delicate voice call, “I know you’re in here, you need to come out.” I simply cried more. I saw his feet appear from the bottom of the cubicle. “Look, I’m not going until I see you and we’ve spoke about it. You can’t just ignore this, Y/N you’re pregnant, carrying my baby. Babe, we need to discuss this, I know we didn’t plan it or anything but please, I need you.” I couldn’t see Jeff, but that didn’t mean I knew he was crying a little. I clambered off the toilet and unlocked the door to see Jeff in his P.E kit, his hair messy, cheeks dampened and red, eyes swollen. He opened his arms wide and I stood into them, feeling at home.  He was warm and I felt his hands caress my back, soothing me.  “Baby,” he whispered and I looked up at him.
“I’m so sorry,” I whimpered, my hands resting on his chest as I dropped my head in shame.
“Don’t be, Y/N you may not think this now but when we have- if I mean, if you want it, we can be a happy family. Only if you want, maybe our timing isn’t precise but I know my parents would support us and I would do anything for you, anything,” he told me. “Just think about this,” he smiled kissing the top of my forehead.

The Night Ahead (Part 3)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: as always, thank you for the comments and reblogs. any kind of feedback is loved and appreciated. MASTER LIST | PART TWO

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“What kind of contract were you on?” he asked me.

Bucky had knocked on my door early the next morning. I was already awake, but I had pretended to be annoyed when I opened the door and allowed him to come inside. He sat down in one of the recliners in the corner of the bedroom, while I sat at the foot of my bed.

“It was really more like a lease agreement,” I said. “HYDRA paid the organization I belonged to for my services, and I was at their disposal until that lease was up.”

“What organization?” he wanted to know.

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You’re beautiful.

I get about 4 or 5 asks a day from girls wondering if Soda or Dally or whoever would still find them attractive even if they’re chubby/fat/bigger or whatever else and the answer is yes


Please lovelies, don’t base your self-worth on your weight or appearance. It scares me to see how many young girls are in my inbox telling me how much they hate themselves because of how they look. 

You are not going to love yourself more just because you’re smaller, and it’s not going to make people love you more. Losing weight doesn’t answer problems and focusing on it will deprive you of so much joy in your life. 

I’m not just saying this, either. I know all too well how this obsession with weight can rob you of happiness. I’ve seen more doctors than I can count and have been in out of hospitals a ridiculous number of times and seeing all of you beautiful people hating on yourselves because you’re not a size zero reminds me of myself when I was a young girl when my eating disorder was just starting. 

Yes, yes the gang would still love you even if you’re chubby, but more importantly;

Love yourselves.

Just The Two

Pairing: Neville X Reader

Prompt: You and Neville have been best friends for as long as you could remember, but he’s been acting distant lately. You’re determined to get to the bottom of this, especially since you’ve been falling for him ever since the year started.

Warnings: None

A/N: Haven’t written anything in a while, sorry! Finals have taken over and destroyed my life. Nevertheless, enjoy!

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It was hard to think of a time when you and Neville weren’t together. Your grandparents knew each other well, and Neville’s granny made sure that he always found a friend in you. You never minded, not being one to be sociable all the time either. You found great satisfaction in knowing that you would always have one another’s backs. During your very first moments at Hogwarts, you were elated to witness Neville being sorted into the same house as you. When his grandmother found out, she couldn’t believe it either. Timid Neville was a Gryffindor!

Unfortunately, a lot of teasing came with that title. “Don’t listen to them, Neville. I think you’re really brave.” You often had these chats, especially if he was feeling particularly unconfident.

“I messed everything up, again. It was my fault I lost the bloody list of passwords. I let a criminal in!” Neville buried his head in his hands.

You frowned and leaned down closer to him. “You’re brave for facing your fears every day, Neville.”

Over the years, you shared lots of things with Neville. Secrets, fears, hopes, and hugs. It wasn’t until recently that conveying these emotions became troubling. Case in point, the incident last week.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. Neville was poking at his food, not looking up to talk to anyone. Not even you.

“Hm?” He finally looked up into your eyes, only to blink twice and put his head back down. “Just tired I suppose.”

“Was it because of class?” You guessed.

“No. I’m fine, Y/N.” He lied. You hid a pained expression but tried to coax the truth out one last time.

“Did..did I do anything?” This certainly caught his attention. He looked up in shock and stumbled over his words.

“Wha- of course you didn’t. I-I didn’t mean to make you think- I just-”

You placed your hand on his shoulder, shutting him up in a snap. You felt him tense up. What happened? He wasn’t ever like this with you before. You hesitantly withdrew your hand, deciding to instead play with your fingers.

“I’m not offended, Neville. I just want to make sure you’re okay. You know you can tell me if anyone else is bothering you, I’m not afraid to hex them again.” You flash a mischievous smile.

All he did was gulp and nod his head. “I guess the homework has been getting to me lately.”

“I can help you if you want-”

“No!” It came out louder than either of you expected. He immediately slapped a hand over his mouth, in shock of his own forwardness. “I-I didn’t mean to yell at you, I’m sorry!”

It hurt to see him act so unreachable, but pushing further only seemed to make things worse. “Well…alright then. I won’t ask any more questions. I’m here if you need me.” You turned to continue eating, trying not to show your disappointment inside. Why was he acting this way? Your mind tumbled and shook with theories. Was it someone else? A bully? Snape? You? Just thinking of the last option made the color drain from your face. You dared to sneak a glance at Neville.

He turned away at the last second. Were you hallucinating, or was he just staring at you before? You bit the inside of your cheek and went back to eating. Just thinking about Neville in a romantic way made your face heat up faster than ice in a boiling cup of tea. You’ve noticed him growing more since his last birthday. Not just taller, but better built as well. You gulped and tried to erase any strange thoughts from your head.

Glancing over one more time, your heart sunk at his depressed temperament. “Give him time, and he’ll go to you when he’s ready,” a voice reasoned in your mind. A week. You’ll wait a week and see if he needs any more help then.

As the days crawled by, you were getting uneasier. It was like you shared Neville’s nerves and discomfort like everything else. He started talking to Harry and Ron more than you. “Do you want to meet up after class by the library to study?” You would ask. All you got in response was a shake of the head. “Sorry, I-I think Dean wanted my help with something. Y-y'know. Guy stuff.”

You didn’t, in fact, know about the guy stuff. Since when did Neville ever start doing ‘guy stuff’? You sat in front of the fireplace that evening, just staring at the flickering embers. You had no plans since Neville rain-checked for the third time this week.

“If you’re trying to count how many sparks fly out at a time, don’t bother.” Ginny sat next to you. “Fred and George dared Ron to try one time and his hair almost caught on fire.”

You laughed at the ridiculousness. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t take a gander like that anyway.”

“Well, you seemed really…bored. Isn’t Neville usually with you at this hour?”

“Usually,” you sigh. “He’s been…I don’t know…”

Ginny sat up straighter on the couch. “Did something happen?”

You pondered that question. “Yes? No? I have no clue. I-it feels like he doesn’t even want to be around me anymore. I’m thinking 'is he upset with me?’ 'is he in trouble?’ I don’t even know how to approach him anymore."You didn’t notice the few tears slipping out until Ginny was patting your back and offering you a tissue.

"That is very strange. You guys stick together like Dean and Seamus.” Ginny rubbed her chin and thought hard. “Say, this might sound strange but..”

“What is it?” If it lead to answers, you had to know.

“Does he avoid you in any particular way?” Ginny finished.

You tilted your head in confusion. “What ways are there to ignore a person?”

“Well, is he cold towards you? Or more nervous? Stuttering? Red face? Any of that sound familiar?” Ginny asked. You weren’t sure what game she was playing, but you couldn’t stop. Like a box of Bertie Bott’s, you knew you were going to finish the box whether you ended up with sweet or gross flavors.

“I suppose he does stutter a lot. But when doesn’t he?”

“When he’s with you, normally,” Ginny muttered under her breath. You didn’t hear her, too lost in your own train of thought.

“He’s been avoiding eye contact too. Oh, I hope I didn’t scare him in any way-”

Ginny stood up abruptly. Caught off guard, your back hit the couch. “Where are you go-”

“Don’t fret about it, Y/N. I have a feeling you and Neville are going to be just fine.” Ginny stated it like she could tell your entire futures.

“Are you sure? I appreciate you helping-”

“No problem, Y/N. How about…you meet me tomorrow in the courtyard? I need your help with something.”

“I suppose I’m available. What does this have to do with-”

“Thanks, Y/N. Four'o'clock!” Ginny didn’t let you finish your sentence. As quickly as she approached, she vanished up the stairs.

You felt very confused and very exhausted. Maybe if you just sleep it off for one more night, you could get your mind less muddled. It was hard, with you tossing and turning every few minutes. It was impossible to get comfortable, and even less so to achieve peace of mind. You couldn’t help having the fear that perhaps Neville was outgrowing you.

At precisely four the following evening, you sat on a stone bench in the courtyard. Students were slowly filtering out, and the sun was low in the sky. There was a warm orange-yellow glow all around you. Despite the inviting ambiance, you were still conflicted about your feelings. And you certainly did not stop worrying about Neville. You took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. You are here because Ginny asked you to be, and you were going to wait for her and be a supportive friend. You wondered what the girl had up the sleeves of her robes. It was a few minutes past, and she was nowhere to be found.

The crunching of leaves caught your attention. Assuming the sounds to be from Ginny, you were shocked to see Neville instead. A smile immediately found its way up to your face, but it disappeared as soon as his eyes cast away from yours. Your shoulders slumped. He was avoiding eye contact again.

“H-hey, Neville.” You scoot over. “What brings you here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he shrugs. Taking a seat beside you, a familiar uncomfortable silence quickly settles around you.

“Did I do something?” You ask, voice barely above a murmur. You looked down at the ground, biting your lip.

“Did you- what?” Neville looked at you now, concern glazing over his eyes.

“I just felt like..we haven’t talked in days. So, did I do something?” You repeat yourself.

“No, no! Of course you didn’t, you’re my best friend,” Neville reassured you. “I’ve just been…busy.”

You didn’t even feel the tears starting to gather up in your eyes. It took all the strength you had not to let it out. “You’re lying.” You try to remain calm, but your voice cracked at the end. You cast your eyes down, staring intently at your hands. You wouldn’t cry. You would not cry.

For such a brave Gryffindor, you crumbled so easily when it came to him. All it took was his arms to wrap around you and your emotions were released like birds from a cage. You didn’t know how long you spent sobbing into his sweater-vest. It was itchy, pathetic, and even a bit gross, but at least he was there this time.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so so sorry.” Neville rubbed soothing patterns on your back. It was how you used to calm him whenever he had nightmares as a kid. Him repaying the favor only made you cry harder. “I did this. I pulled away from you because I was so afraid of what I might do that I ended up hurting you even more.”

You sniffled. Pulling away and wiping at the tears furiously. “Meaning?” You beckoned for him to continue. You already felt better now that he was actually talking to you.

“You know you’ve always been my best friend. You’re always there for me. You’re kind, y-you’re sweet. You never let anyone get away with making me feel less than valuable,” Neville began.

“That’s because you are valuable. To me and everyone else.”

“A-and that’s what I mean!” He laughed dryly. “You always know what to do and say. I would have been lost without you, or worse. I could never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You made me less afraid, but I’ve been more afraid than ever these past few days. I’m a coward.”

He lowered his head.

You felt your heart leap at a million kilometers an hour. “No, Neville. You’re not. Why are you afraid? I promise I can make it go away.” You cup your hands around his face. He looked you in the eye with so much raw emotion and fear and gratitude all mixed into a galaxy all on its own.

Then you felt something else. Looking at him only drew you in further. Closer and deeper until space was eliminated. In short, you finally had the guts to kiss Neville Longbottom with all your heart. It was soft, and Neville was still very shy, but it was just what you always wanted.

Neville pulled away abruptly, in shock at what he’s done. He was about to start apologizing, face red as his Gryffindor scarf, but you shut him up with another kiss.

“Is this what you were so afraid of?” You take a guess.

He nods and wraps you up in his arms. You felt like you could stay there forever. “Not anymore.”

anonymous asked:

What makes you love Zen more than Seven ,':3 ? I personally don't like Seven that much... (his voice is annoying haha)

Oh boy, I could write pages upon pages as to why I prefer Zen over Seven, though it primarily has to do with their respective routes as that’s where most of their character shines. I feel like Seven’s route (in addition to the Secret Ends) were handled poorly. Seven’s story was too “cliché” for my tastes, whereas Zen’s felt more natural(?). Zen managed to pull out all sorts of emotions from me whereas Seven just either made me annoyed or made me feel like shit (especially with how he acts in Day 7 in his route).

I also have a more personal connection towards Zen. I’m going through what he has gone through, and seeing him doing well in his life while chasing his dreams gives me a certain sense of strength and inspiration. Kinda like a “if he can get through it, maybe I can too” sort of thing, and he actually cheers the player on (like in the Valentine’s AE). Zen is more to me than just “a character I’d like to date because he’s attractive and kind”; he’s an inspiration, a reminder, an anchor… I don’t know how Cheritz did it, but Zen made me feel special and validated, whereas with Seven, I just went “oh, so it’s this trope”

I could go into further details, but it would be kinda long, but that’s the general gist of it.

On Ghost Speak

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ghost Speak headcanon, which is one I quite enjoy and find it interesting to contemplate despite not headcanoning it myself

But more to the point

Something I see a lot when people talk about ghost speak is, “what if danny got stuck in ghost speak,” or, “what if he just slides into ghost speak without noticing.” And while these are totally valid and happen to some real life people as well, it still bugs me a bit, because that’s generally not how speaking multiple languages work.

From my own experience, when you start becoming fluid in a second language, words sort of fuse together and become meanings and concepts above the individual words themselves. So I’ll often find myself blurting out sentences or sayings that makes no sense in either language because my brain is trying to compromise & make reason of all these sounds. Or, alternatively, trying to translate a saying from one language to another and failing (me to my english-speaking friend: “Nah, I can’t afford that, haven’t got a red shrimp”).

So imagine Danny just going in tangents about something, and using weird words and metaphors that doesn’t really make sense in English, but Sam and Tucker has sort of learnt how to decode what he means and think creatively.

Or Danny forgetting a word in english and like trying to mime it out desperately while repeatedly barking out the word in ghost and trying to make them understand.

Or Danny actually turning in his homework for once – and having done a good job on it, but still getting a subpar grade because it includes a lot of made-up words which are the result of him having badly translated the ghost speak word (ordinaration, life-turning, yessagree, as some quick examples maybe)

idk, this got long. It’s just so fun to think about.

Brooooo I’ve been into the book of life for a while now, my shading/coloring skills are shit it’s actually motivated me to do some DIGITAL drawings. I’m not enough of an online artist to make this common knowledge but this is highly rare for me to actually use my tablet. Hopefully I’ll fix that.

Anyway, I saw this one asian video (no idea what it’s called) about a little girl and her dad. The little girl is showing her dad her class essay about him, and the dad is smiling when he reads how his daughter wrote how smart, cool, funny, clever and awesome he is and some shit like that. But then the dad gets to the next part, and the girl wrote that despite all those great things…

he lies

He lies how they have money, how he has an actual job, how he is not tired, how he is not hungry. The little girl in all says in her essay that she knows the struggle her daddy is goin through and says she just wants him to live happily and the video ends in hugs and heartfelt tears.

What’s that gotta do with this pic? Well I came up with this little idea in my mind where Manolo is the tired old dad, and because I’m a sucker for little kids, I turned Maria and Joaquin into the cute little tykes. Manolo works many odd jobs for his adopted kids that were orphaned a year or two ago or something, Joaquin’s dad killed by a terrorist and Maria’s dad done in while doing his duty at the military, and both their mothers are nowhere to be found. Either they’re dead, or missing (still trying to figure that part out). Manolo is poor as fuck and uses all his savings for his two precious babies and hides the fact that he’s ready to keel over from fatigue. He most likely doesn’t hide it well enough with those bags under his eyes. Maria and Joaquin are pretty fuckin smart.

I think imma call this Papanolo AU. I got more sketches planned.

interpreting the existence of hetalia personifications

So, @yosb and I were talking about our interpretations of hetalia personifications and it…got way more academic than either of us anticipated so. Hence, this post to sort out and articulate my thoughts because it is incredibly interesting how differently we interpret hetalia personifications based on our own life experiences and background.

Here are the questions to think about in regards to the existence of hetalia personifications:

What do you consider the personification to be the personification of? 
What does this “nation” represent?

There are a variety of answers, but what I commonly find includes: land, people, government, culture, and history─  as well as how much the personification themselves have their own personal identity. These are all important factors to consider, and what’s most interesting to me is that everyone has a very unique interpretation of what percentage of these factors make up personification’s existence.

My personal interpretation is that a personification is based upon IDENTITY

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Nighty Night :)

I studied all night for an assessment I have tomorrow- I think I’m gonna do well 8) So apologies for the lack of content- I’ll be at the doctors tomorrow for a late appointment in the evening after work to sort out my persistent illness so tomorrow might not be a content day either.

Probably Wednesday evening?

Yeah- I’ll be holding off on Episode Prompto until the weekend so I can write stuff for you guys and not feel guilty about playing whilst leaving you all hanging! As a matter of fact… I think I won’t play until I finish writing Sunshowers :)

Love you Immortal Fam (even though I am a little firm with some of you youngin’s these days, that just means I love you a lot- I want to preserve your innocence :’O)

my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻

The Saddest Sorting

Sooo, we were talking in the LesMis365 chat today about Sorting/Hogwarts AUs, and I was talking about how I really don’t grok Gryffindor R… and @midautumnnightdream pointed out that he would have been sorted after Enjolras, and would have probably have Decided they were going to be in the same house just because. Whereupon I realised that this was the world’s saddest sorting headcanon. So heartbreaking, in fact, that I couldn’t help expanding it into a ficlet of it’s own. So here you go. Autumn, I hope this does your theory justice. 

“All right,” says Professor McGonagall. “Alphabetical order, please.”

Joly, the boy Grantaire shared a carriage with on the train, seems to be having trouble breathing.

“There are just so many ways this could go wrong,” he whispers loudly. “I was reading on the way up about one time a girl put the hat on and it swallowed her whole. It turned out she was half-banshee.”

“Well, that’s ridiculous,” says another kid, his voice full of indignation. “Why wouldn’t a half-banshee be allowed at Hogwarts?”

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Anonymous submitted:

Do you consider Sansa to be a Lannister (because of her marriage)? Do you think that she’ll end up marrying someone else by series’ end and trying to divorce/break off her wedding with Tyrion? 

Hi! No, I don’t consider Sansa to be a Lannister. Sansa’s a Stark :)  @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly‘s tag for #maiden names in Westeros might be useful if you want to read more about Sansa’s situation and how the marriage Tywin orchestrated between Sansa and Tyrion was barely legal. 

Stannis is the only person who refers to Sansa as a Lannister, and he’s doing it because 1) he’s a pedant and 2) he wants to further his own claim to the Iron Throne. Yes, yes, he’s trying to protect his people and you need someone who isn’t a Bolton controlling Winterfell (your most powerful defense against the apocalypse after the Wall falls). But it’s also a political ploy. 

Stannis is using the idea that “If I act as king, then I am king, regardless of who’s sitting in which chair.” But there’s an intermediate step there: “If I act as king, and the people accept my actions as king, then I am king.” Only the king has the power to legitimize a bastard. If Stannis legitimizes Jon, and the North recognizes Jon as Lord Stark, then the North effectively recognizes Stannis as king. It’s a clever political move: “You could bring the North to me.” So of course Stannis is emphasizing Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion, even though everyone knows damn well (because of Westerosi customs) that Sansa wouldn’t call herself a Lannister any more than Cersei would call herself a Baratheon. Stannis is playing the game, and I think he’s trying to emotionally manipulate Jon when he calls Sansa a Lannister.

But if you’ll let me get philosophical for a minute … Sansa ain’t a Lannister. Being a Lannister comes from within; you have to want it. The sense of Northern community that evolved from the harsh Northern climate, a sense of community which Ned taught all his children, is completely at odds with the centuries-old culture of systemic dehumanization associated with House Lannister and the Westerlands. Sansa’s value system doesn’t mesh well with House Lannister’s, imo. 

I know many people are really into the idea of an annulment for Sansa, but I think that issue will take care of itself, without any formal action by either Sansa or Tyrion, because I think Tyrion will die while saving the world from ice zombies, something I discuss further in my #endgame tag. (I think any marriage to Harry the Heir is going to be interrupted before Littlefinger’s plans can be carried out. I mean, let’s hope so, because I could definitely go my whole life without any sort of ~Stark girl loses her virginity~ scene written by GRRM. GRRM writing 13 year old Dany was one of the things that made me stop reading ASOIAF after AGOT when I was a child.)

I think Sansa will marry someone else later in life. Some people think it will be a politically advantageous marriage arranged by the new ruler of the independent Kingdom of the North in order to form an alliance with another independent kingdom after the Realm breaks apart following the War for the Dawn, but I don’t really subscribe to that theory. 

I believe Sansa will marry a husband who loves her for herself (and not for political reasons) and I believe she will have a large family with many children. The way I imagine endgame is that Sansa’s family, as it grows larger, will eventually be granted one of the castles in the Gift. However, I don’t think that any of this will happen by series’ end, because I think GRRM will close shortly after the war is won. I think there will be a Bran flashforward epilogue, though, and I think we will see glimpses of future events that readers will have to puzzle over and debate the meanings of, and I think a greying woman with stubborn traces of auburn in her hair, smiling, surrounded by her grandchildren, will be one of those flashforwards. 

[I fail ] ….a lot, always and rather constantly. Too much to mention in detail. Life is not an either-or situation or a success-failure situation. We’re all a bit successful and a bit failed. The egg was cooked perfectly but the toast was burned. I’m a Wabi-Sabi sort of person I hope. Wabi-Sabi; the lovely Japanese idea about aesthetics that sees true beauty in the qualities of imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence. The beauty of the worn and well-loved thing. I failed badly with my formal education but the sky did not fall in - in fact the clouds parted and the sun came out.


His response when asked if he ever fails,

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Can you do a scenario where JR has a picture of you when you were a kid and you also have his? You haven't seen him for years but when you finally find him you fall in love without knowing you were childhood friends? (':

This actually came out so freaking cute and my Jr feels oh my goodness I cannot. The ending is probably a little different than what you asked for, but I hope you like it~

I Found You ~Jr.~

Jr plopped down on the couch and glumly stared at the floor. Tonight was another night he’d spend alone in the vacancy of his apartment, just like he had been doing for the last few years.

While all his friends had somehow found their perfect matches, Jr was still left to spend every day by himself. It didn’t even matter whether he had tried to date or not, because he could never really find someone who could complete him. He couldn’t find the one.

“Let’s see what’s on tonight,” he said as he picked up the remote and stretched it out towards the TV, pressing the on button. Jr had done the same routine now everyday and he was sick of it, but what else could he possibly do?

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5 Things I've Learned Since Graduating | Thomas J. Hassall

In two months it will have been twelve months since I became a drama school graduate. This first year out after university has been one of the hardest and most challenging years of my life for as far back as I can remember. This is for many reasons, both good and bad, and isn’t intended to sound as negative as it does.

It has been a real uphill slog in to the world of adult-hood and what everybody refers to as the ‘real world’. It has been a culture shock and has taught me many lessons. The purpose of writing this is to share some of these with you (whoever that may be, but hello to you) and to let you in to some of my experiences.

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I saw crown the empire on the first date of their fall tour and it was absolutely insane. the venue, chain reaction, is pretty small with a maximum capacity of 240 people so from the start i knew that the crowd was going to be crazy since we were crammed by that small stage. it was so fun with youth in revolt, ice nine kills, secrets, and volumes opening up for them. before the show my sister and i met the band and i took this picture with them, ben was carrying me and it was great. during the show​ in-between sets we saw alan ashby. he saw us staring at him and her sort of covered his face with his jacket. we took that as he didn’t really want to be bothered, so we didn’t ask him for a picture. we also saw kevin and anthony from this wild life but they came to watch the show with their friends so we didn’t want to bother them either. my sister and i ran into spencer from ice nine kills in-between sets as well, our friend took a picture of us kissing his cheeks it was pretty cute. we hung out after the show and got to take more pictures with andy, benn, and brandon. it’s always a pleasure to see crown the empire they’re such nice guys, and i really hope that i get to see them live again it was a blast. in case you were wondering, i censored underneath my thigh with the ghost.

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Only if you're interested in doing so, could you tell me WHY I might like Star Wars Rebels? I watched a bit, but it just seemed like a lot of action,,which I'm not super interested in. Is it worth watching for the characters as well (relationships, growth, that sort of thing)? Again, only if you want to talk about it, it's not your job to educate me. : ). Thanks either way...

I should probably start by saying that I have been a Star Wars fan for almost my entire life. Episode 4 came out when I was 5, so I grew up with it. I collected action figures and comic books. I dressed up my Barbies as Star Wars characters. My bike was an X-wing fighter, and so on. And this was in the days before VHS tapes even existed, right? I couldn’t even watch it whenever I wanted to, which seems unimaginable now!

Even then, my play focused on the relationships between the characters. My action figures and Barbies acted out the fanfics in my head, and there was almost always a romantic plot involved. I started writing my stories down when I was 11, in little notebooks in pencil. It was all shippy and character-driven stuff. Hell, I shipped Luke/Leia even after I found out they were twins. Looking back, it’s clear now that I saw what I wanted to see in Star Wars. Where others saw lightsaber duels and space battles, I saw human beings, characters I grew to care deeply about.

When I was in college, the Expanded Universe books started coming out, and I devoured them, but they weren’t quite what I wanted. I wanted stories that focused on my beloved characters, stories that explored their development as people and their relationships with each other. And to be honest, I didn’t get much of that in the canon. For example, I shipped Luke/Mara, hard. And when the professionally written fanfic didn’t give me what I wanted, I started writing my own, as I’d done after Return of the Jedi all those years before.

By the time the prequels came out, I had internet access and discovered online fanfic, and OH MY GOD. There were thousands of people who felt the way I did about Star Wars, who also found the stories written by and for the fanboys not completely satisfying. Who wanted to see these characters actually deal with the cruelty and magic of the universe they live in, to have deep friendships, to fall in and out of love, and yes, to fuck each other.

You know that graphic of an iceberg that labels the little part sticking up out of the water as “the show” and the giant block of ice under the water as “the fandom”? That’s true about every fandom, but it’s really, really true about the Star Wars fandom. You can, as those of us who create fanworks so often do, start with the canon and go so much deeper. You can pull out a great deal of emotional subtext. You can create ships out of whole cloth. You can do anything.

So now, back to Rebels. This is a time period that I have always been curious about, for one thing—those 20 mysterious years between the fall of the Republic and Episode 4. This show is finally going there. And it’s doing it with characters that, for me, have so much potential for emotional intensity.

Kanan Jarrus was a 14-year-old Jedi padawan when Order 66 happened. His master sacrificed herself to give him a chance to escape, and he ran, with nothing. He had nothing, only a lifetime of living a cloistered, structured life in the Jedi Order, and he suddenly had to fend for himself in a hostile universe. He did anything and everything to survive, and oh god, after spending so much time reading and writing Qui/Obi fic that explored the lives of Old Republic Jedi, that just devastates me. He now has to survive in a world where being a Jedi is a death sentence.And then he meets Hera, a well-trained and resourceful Twi’lek who has, for reasons we haven’t yet learned, dedicated her life to fighting the Empire and starting a rebellion. And the other characters have their own tragic pasts: Zeb, whose entire species was wiped out by the Empire; Sabine, a super-smart teenage munitions expert whose family was also killed by the Empire; and Ezra, a Force-sensitive 14-year-old orphan who becomes Kanan’s padawan.

All of the characters are so fucking damaged and angry and determined, and are doing their best to fight an unimaginably powerful galaxy-wide power, just because they have nothing left to lose. They find family in each other, and comfort, and love and belonging, in a universe where that is increasingly rare.

Okay, give me a moment: I’m tearing up here.

And speaking of tearing up, there have been so many moments in the series so far where I’ve had tears rolling down my face.  Like the moment when Ezra accepts Kanan’s offer to learn the Force (echoes of Luke coming back to Obi-Wan – “I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father”).

Or the moment when Bail Organa kneels in front of R2 in the corridor of his ship, in the exact same position Leia would record a message for Obi-Wan five years later.

Or the moment when Kanan comes to terms with the fact that he is going to have to teach Ezra to be a Jedi, even though he never completed his own training and has no idea what it means to be a Jedi in this new universe.

Or just knowing that Kanan loves Hera so much that he will follow her to the ends of the galaxy, even though she’s made it clear that her passion is to fight the Empire and that there isn’t room for anything else.

I don’t know what else I might be able to say to convince a Star Wars fan that they should watch this show. I just know that, for me, this show has so much potential to wreck me and make me feel and laugh and love and cry. It already has. And hell, a lot of that is in my head, coming from all the other headcanon I have from decades of loving Star Wars. It’s building on feels that I have been feeling for a long time. It’s connecting to the Star Wars that I’ve experienced, and I know that may be totally different for others. I don’t quite know how to explain it, and I wish I did. When you love something this hard, you want to share it, you know?

One more thing I’ll add is that there is a prequel novel to Rebels called A New Dawn that does a fantastic job of introducing Kanan and Hera.

It also gives a stark picture of what the first rebels were really up against. I can’t wait to see how we’re going to get from these humble beginnings to the full-blown rebel alliance we see in Episodes 4-6.

And in the meantime, I’m going to write some fic of my own. :-)

It’s Such A Drag

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Alright, so…while I’d been on the run with Hawke, I’d been working on The Tale of the Champion. We both agreed their story needed to be told - even if we didn’t always agree on how, heh. I finished it pretty quick, considering the first very rough draft burnt up in that sodding cave spider fiasco

We stopped by a town and I shipped the thing off to my editor in Kirkwall, figuring I should probably head back myself so my editor knew how to actually get in touch with me for edits. 
Naturally, I dragged my feet a bit on it for a few weeks, figuring I had time to stay and protect Hawke while my editor read through the book. 

Sooner than I’d hoped, the time came for me to leave and I made my way back to Kirkwall for final edits and to see the manuscript sent off to the printers. Things went…uncharacteristically well. Heh, looking back I probably should have seen that as a sign of some sort. 

Either way, the book was printed and started to get circulation pretty sodding quickly. I took up my old room back in The Hanged Man and started to pick up the pieces of my life again. 
Things seemed like they were going to start returning to…well, something like normal, whatever the sod that is, until I got some unwelcomed guest.

I’d just gotten home from a meeting with a few Guild members. I was tired and felt like shit after a night with no sleep. Turns out sleeping in a city that partially exploded can make you particularly jumpy when you haven’t had enough to drink. Or maybe it’s when you’ve had too much. 

Either way…I get back to the tavern, put Bianca up, and head back to the bar. That’s when I noticed two guys looking pretty sodding out of place - big burly guys who looked like they hadn’t laughed a day in their lives with huge eyeballs on their armor. I remember wondering if they’d come to buy drinks or a sense of humor when they got up and started walking toward me. 

I took a few steps back and when they advanced, I turned and bolted toward my room, trying to get to Bianca. Turns out the bastards were deceptively quick, even in that bulky armor. Didn’t help that I was too tired to see straight, either. 
I rounded the corner, tripped on the rug, and the bastards pinned me, taking a few hits at me until I was more or less compliant. Apparently neither of them could bother to actually carry me, so they decided to drag me out of the sodding tavern. Drag me. All the way to the sodding Chantry. From The Hanged Man.
And I really liked those sodding boots. 

They’d bound my hands behind my back but they’d done a shit job of it, so I started working on the rope as soon as my head had cleared. (grins) I may have large hands, but they’re surprisingly dexterous when I need them to be. 

Unfortunately, being dragged up sodding stairs in Lowtown and Hightown didn’t help matters any and by the time I managed to get my hands free, they were dragging me down a long, overly-decorated hallway and into a dark room. Which gave me all kinds of good feelings. (snorts)

I’d barely had a chance to clear my head when I was being shoved into a high-back chair. Heh, then again, I’m a dwarf - they’re all pretty much high-back chairs to me. Either way, let me tell you, I’ve had gentler invitations - which I mentioned, naturally.

I managed to clear my head right as a statuesque figure emerged into what little bit of light there was in the room and an accented voice spoke much too loudly for my still-ringing head. 

“I am Cassandra Pentaghast, Seeker of the Chantry.”

And that, messeres, is how I was dragged into this mess. (grins) Literally.