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interpreting the existence of hetalia personifications

So, @yosb and I were talking about our interpretations of hetalia personifications and it…got way more academic than either of us anticipated so. Hence, this post to sort out and articulate my thoughts because it is incredibly interesting how differently we interpret hetalia personifications based on our own life experiences and background.

Here are the questions to think about in regards to the existence of hetalia personifications:

What do you consider the personification to be the personification of? 
What does this “nation” represent?

There are a variety of answers, but what I commonly find includes: land, people, government, culture, and history─  as well as how much the personification themselves have their own personal identity. These are all important factors to consider, and what’s most interesting to me is that everyone has a very unique interpretation of what percentage of these factors make up personification’s existence.

My personal interpretation is that a personification is based upon IDENTITY

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Chitxru may be coming back

So, apparently it’s been nearly a year since I updated this blog? 


Sorry, kids. Post-graduation life has been way tougher than I imagined. I’ve been bouncing between jobs, trying to get things sorted for when I start university, and my blogs have kind of fallen between the cracks.

Now, however, things have kind of evened out for me, and I have more free time than usual. I’d really like to get back into RP’ing, and not just on this blog, either. I’d really like to see if I can kickstart @the-kind-sadist again, as well. I’d just like to post this as a litmus test; a way to gauge interest in my characters. If nobody expresses that they’d like me to come back, then I’ll just carry on as I have been.

I am hoping to hear from y’all, though.