well it was an iphone filter


Brand new phone!! With #블랙진 #블랙데이
#진진st #진무룩 #아이폰 #화질 #Good!!


Brand new phone!! With #블랙진 #블랙데이
#진진st #진무룩 #아이폰 #화질 #Good!!


여러분들 아이폰은~ 무슨어플와무슨필터가 잘어울리나용~???


Everyone which Iphone~apps and filters fit me well~???




Apps and..
t/n: he accidentally used app with 와 before when it should be used with 과

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Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star. Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is. 


Harry was sitting in a meeting with Jeff and some record executives.  The final details for his tour were being hammered out and try as he might to stay focused, all he could think about was getting home to Elena.  He’d left her naked in her bed and somehow that just seemed fantastically wrong.  

He had kept her from packing after they’d returned home from the game, though she hardly protested.  So she promised she’d be packed by the time he got back from his meeting.

Harry felt his phone buzz once but ignored it.  Jeff was in the middle of talking about the cities Harry was visiting and he always liked hearing the schedule.

However, when his phone buzzed again, he couldn’t resist looking down.

How’s this for pajamas?  Is London cold or hot this time of year?  I want to make sure I’m dressed appropriately.

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Ravenna, Nebraska

I was able to take in the total eclipse in this small central Nebraska town. Ravenna lies within Buffalo County and was established in 1886 with the coming of the Burlington Railroad. The first image shows a mural as to how the town may have looked back then—it features two men engaged in fisticuffs while two more look on passively.

The next two shots were made with a solar filter. These partial eclipse images show sun spots near the bottom edge of the great orb. The next couple of images, taken during totality (without the solar filter), show a bit of the corona as well as some wonderful orange flares. The second of these two was taken near the end of totality, the sun ready to burst out from around the upper right-hand corner.

Shooting was more difficult than I thought it would be—I had to remove the solar filter during totality, which made things a bit frantic. In addition, I varied my exposure to get different effects. Compared to what I’ve seen on-line, my results seem to have less corona but (I feel) more detail and even a touch of color found in the flares.

The final image, taken with my iPhone just prior to the end of totality, gives the viewer an idea of how my surroundings appeared. I was able to notice Venus, as well as a turkey vulture flying by, during the too-short time that the sun was completely covered.

Six images by Richard Koenig; taken August 21st 2017.

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Hey I just wanted to ask if you had any tips or advice for starting an art ask blog? I really wanted to start an one so I could interact with some of the cool blogs I fallow (Like you) but just answering with text didn't really feel right, and I can't do digital art and I'm only really active on mobile. I'm sorry this was a little long and rambling.


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What the fuck with Americans trying to glamorize high school years? Put a filter on, add some grain, take photographs of young lovers kissing each other and running around in a forest, make films of group of friends driving in the countryside and siblings enjoying the sun on a boat. Light a cigarette, eat snacks that go well with alcohol, somehow the reason behind is just some dumb boy dumped our girl. No. Take off that filter, this isn’t 90s anymore, iPhones in everyone’s hands have clearer vision. Teenage years isn’t only about the social drama and occasional sadness that seem to take over your life. In fact, it revolves around what the fuck am I gonna do with my life, with my parents pushing me to study law and the craving of a gaze from a boy I’ll never actually love on the top. The truth is, if teenage years were dessert you’d throw the tasteless cake ornaments away and dig the frosting to eat the plain cake. Indie rock will never play in the background as you kiss your lover on the shore and fireworks color the night sky and camera won’t romantically lose focus. In reality, life’s not romantic. Teenagers are dreamy and we like to deafen ourselves with loud music but we’re not romantic. That was childhood. In high school years you get closer to college and life gets more complicated and real. Those are the years you lose someone from your family for the first time and start to notice that people are dying one by one, so you realize your parents aren’t gonna be a around forever. You start to study more and read more and understand more and even pay attention to politics a little. You regret kissing not kissing, loving not loving, speaking up shutting up, isolation socializing because teenage years are a giant ball of mess, it has knots you will eventually give up solving. What I’m trying to say to those 25, 30, 45, 60 year old photographers and filmmakers who get applause by their peers for perfectly capturing the youth daze, that wasn’t a deep take on the way a teenager’s mind work, that was nostalgia.

The Garde and their phones
  • John: cheapest, most ecological smartphone that does everything it needs to do. Currently has an htc, but his old models have always been Androids. He likes to customize his phone. Whenever he gets a new phone, he spends hours up to days to get the layout exactly how he wants it to be.
  • Sarah: Newest iPhone with the prettiest and girliest case. Wallpaper and app organization constantly changes. Includes many emojis for contact names. Out of all the Garde, she posts the most snapchat stories. Also has "feed goals" on Instagram
  • Six: Older version of iPhone. Cracked screen and a kickass home button sticker. Various emo stickers stuck on a simple clear case. Mostly uses to listen to music; always brings headphones everywhere
  • Marina: Not the newest iPhone, but not as old as Six's. Backgrounds are always selfies of her and another Garde, mostly Eight, Six, Ella, and sometimes Sarah. Has a pretty floral case which she never changes. Always careful to keep phone in good condition
  • Eight: Switches between Apple and Samsung. Is always breaking his phone one way or another, and constantly replacing it. Each year he has to go through at least two phones. One year he broke five phones and Marina got mad at him for being so clumsy. Isn't the most tech-savy, so his layouts/backgrounds are quite basic as well as his social media.
  • Nine: Likes Samsung because he claims Apple is too mainstream. Has S6 and loves the camera quality, as its great for taking gym workout pictures. However he isn't the best at picture taking and his lighting and filters make his photos unattractive but shh he doesn't know that yet
  • Ella: Older hand-me-down Samsung phone from John, who helps her recustomize the phone to fit her preferences. Usually uses it to play many games or stalk people on social media.
  • Sam: Newest iPhone to keep updated with current technology. Likes to take the phone apart to study the insides. His phones are jail broken and has many security features installed.
  • Adam: flip phone.

Creator Spotlight: Daniel Casson

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you passionate about, what do you do for a living? Do you do photography full-time?

I am 26 and from Sheffield. I have a bachelors degree in science, with honors in Criminology and Psychology. I have been doing photography full time since last summer and this is mainly down to working with brands through Instagram.

What sparked your interest in photography?

It was Instagram that sparked my interest in photography, I started off like most people and did photography with my Iphone.  

What are some of your other hobbies and passions?

As well as walking and taking photos in the countryside, I enjoy playing pool and golf. I have also joined the gym recently and that is another hobby of mine.

What’s your must-have photo app? Please tell us a bit about your editing process.

I would have to say VSCO Cam and Snapseed for editing photos. I usually take the photo and then use VSCO Cam to add a filter and then I finish the photo off in Snapseed, where I add contrast and colour.

How do you go about keeping yourself inspired to create content everyday? Any tricks you want to share?

I guess when people give me lovely compliments, this inspires me everyday to get better and push my photography.

Follow Daniel Casson on Instagram, here.

Week 4: Pre and Post-Web Technology - Leslie Peña Rodriguez

Since everyone pretty much talked about music, video games, and streaming services, I want to focus my attention on cameras. Cameras have come a long way. Their purpose was to capture a specific moment in time. Being able to set up the camera and subjects back then was essential in order to have good quality photos. Well, at least what they considered good quality back then. Not only was that important, but the process of developing the film was also necessary to have the photos. Back then, there were so many details that a photographer or cinematographer had to keep in mind. However, now, all of those elements have been made easier by adding it to cell phones. You can control how bright a picture is, you can crop a photo, you can add filters, and Apple has gone to the extent of adding a depth effect to their iPhone, which is what is being used in my first photo below. There are filters in the settings of a photo when you’re editing, and it goes more in depth if you want to edit things such as highlight, whites, blacks, etc. After the picture has been edited, it can most likely be uploaded onto social media, and it may also be printed. As the years have gone by cameras are no longer analog, they are digital, which has made everything more fast and efficient, but there are some who may still enjoy playing around with film.

(Below are examples of pictures I have taken with my phone)

Shinx Pokemon Amigurumi

So I made a Shinx.

A long time ago, when I first picked up a copy of Pokemon Pearl, my original team contained a wonderful Shinx evolved fully into a Luxray which I loved dearly.

Much to my dismay, I could not find a free Shinx pattern anywhere on the internet, and frankly my dears, I’m broke and I wouldn’t really like to pay for one.

So what do I do? I freaking made a pattern.

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Daily Breakfast with @keiyamazaki

To see more of Kei’s breakfast photos, follow @keiyamazaki on Instagram.

For Tokyo Instagrammer Kei Yamazaki (@keiyamazaki), breakfast has been a passion and a daily ritual all her life. The meal is so essential to her life, when Kei first came onto Instagram nothing was more natural than to share her homemade breakfasts with the world. Now, after gathering a substantial following, Kei’s exquisite morning meals have inspired others to appreciate their love of food and breakfasts in particular.

Every morning, Kei spends anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour preparing whatever she feels like eating that day. Most days, she enjoys a one-plate, Western style breakfast consisting of pancakes, waffles or breads topped with fresh fruits or vegetables. This is accompanied by eggs, salad and a cup of handmade vegetable soup. “I try to keep a balance within the plate. For example: sweet and salty, heavy and light, as well as having a good mix of colors,” explains Kei. “But most importantly, I try not to go beyond the boundaries of ‘breakfast.’ I cook whatever I like, but I don’t want to get too fancy and overdo it.” Kei’s favorite breakfast meal is French toast, but she says many of her followers seem to like the freshly made pancakes, especially with strawberry toppings.

Kei started out her series of breakfast photos by capturing the plate from above using her iPhone, a signature style in which she still continues. Kei uses natural lighting and reveals that she enjoys using the Lo-Fi filter for a lot of her shots to maintain consistency throughout her account.

Stucky on Snapchat

Pairing: Reader x Steve, Reader x Bucky, Steve x Bucky

Summary: While getting lunch with Steve, Bucky, and Nat, you introduce selfies and Snapchat filters to Steve and Bucky. 

A/N: After @staceeycraveen and I were talking about Bucky and Steve’s reaction to various social media apps/sites and it inspired me to dig deeper into the idea! So here’s a short drabble of Bucky and Steve on snapchat. Enjoy ♥

Warnings: none.

Word Count: 917

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Today, you were taking a day off along with a couple of avengers including Nat, Bucky and Capt. Bucky suggested the four of you go out for a late lunch. This was finally an opportunity to dress up and have a taste of the normal life even if it was just a meal. So you got out your favorite outfit, got your hair done, and makeup on point–if you do say so yourself. 

You sat across the Captain, next to you was Bucky and across him was Nat. It was a nice day so you kindly requested a table outside of the patio in your favorite restaurant. You knew exactly what you wanted after craving for it for a while now so not too long after getting adjusted in your seat, everyone ordered. 

The atmosphere was easy to breathe in and you knew this was the perfect mood to capture. You held your phone out angling it perfectly to get the exact stance you wanted to capture of yourself. 

“What are you doing?” Steve started with an eyebrow raised yet a smile of curiosity across his face. 

“It’s called a selfie, old man” You replied before snapping multiple shots. He chuckled to himself.

“A selfie? Is that an actual term now these days?” He found the concept so ridiculous. 

“Why don’t you add that to your list” Nat retorted. Steve gave her a side-eye glance, knowing exactly what she was up to. Bucky laughed at Nat’s remark.

You decided to ignore them, changing angles. You even turned the camera towards Bucky. His eyebrows furrowed at his own reflection. You nudged him, prompting him to smile. Upon doing so, with no questions, he immediately flashed a wide smile, while he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer. 

You snapped multiple photos of the same shot, Bucky’s face unchanging in every one of them, until you decided to change things up and made a silly face at the camera. Without warning Bucky, you continued snapping photos and eventually he caught on, making his own funny faces at the camera. You couldn’t help but laugh after seeing the faces he was making. You paused to glance at Bucky.

“You’re a natural at this” You commented.

He shrugged at your compliment, a smug look on his face as he responded.

“Ah it’s nothing, doll.” You rolled your eyes at him. 

An idea had suddenly stuck you and instantly opened your snapchat app. The camera screen popped up.

“More pictures?” He asked with an amused grin. 

“Yeah, but these are a little more complicated…” You smirked to yourself as you pictured the winter solider’s reaction to the snap filters. You pressed firmly on your face and the filters popped up on the bottom. You swiped around until you found the famous dog filter. The app instantly placed the filter onto your face and later on recognized Bucky’s confused face. 

His eyes widened as the dalmatian filter snapped onto his face. You giggled to yourself at his reaction then you stuck your tongue out, prompting the filter to work its magic. Startled, Bucky decided to try it out himself, sticking his tongue out. He chuckled to himself when the filter worked on him and suddenly he was addicted to it. You followed him.

Nat shook her head as she giggled to herself however, Steve was completely confused. 

“Should I be concerned?” 

There was complete amusement on Bucky’s face. He turned to his best friend, got hold of your phone, stood up from his seat and made his way over to Steve. 

“Look” Bucky held your phone arms length away in front of him and Steve. The dog filter instantly snapped onto Bucky’s face and as the Dalmatian filter snapped onto Steve, his eyes widened. 

“W-what-” Before Steve could finish his sentence, Bucky stuck his tongue out, which only made Steve fall deeper in confusion. 

“H-how is it doing that?” He raised an eyebrow and startled himself as he accidentally prompted the dalmatian to work. 

You exchanged looks and giggles with Nat as you both observed the two men out of their time interact with your snapchat account. 

“If you scroll on the bottom, there are tons more” You instructed them. 

Bucky followed and his face lit up once again when another filter snapped onto him. Steve was more confused than anything, however he was intrigued enough to continue watching Bucky sort through the filters. 

Upon discovering the face swapping filter, both Bucky and Steve were taken a back after the filter did it’s feature. 

“What the hell just…” Steve said.

Bucky’s grin grew wider and he later found himself chuckling in a menacing tone.

“Heheheheheh. So this is how I look like with your face” He commented.

You bursted out laughing unable to contain yourself anymore. You didn’t know who’s reaction was more priceless—Bucky’s child-like amusement or Steve’s complete confusion and slight discomfort. 

“Well there’s something you don’t hear everyday” Nat joked. 

Steve furrowed his eyes at the transformation on your iphone screen and tried to make sense of it. You shook your head.

“Smile captain.” You encouraged him. His eyes softened as he turned to glance at you. He saw the look on your face and felt completely embarrassed from getting caught. You giggled at his face heating up as he turned back to his reflection and forced a smile.

Ahhh! Don’t smile. it’s just creepy with my distorted face on you” Bucky joked. 

“Shut up, Buck.” Steve embarrassingly muttered. 


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Do you have any iPhone photography tips? Your pictures always look so good!

Awwww, thank you! Shooting with my iPhone is seriously my favorite now and most of my Instagram during our road trip was all shot on my phone. It’s incredible the kind of artistry it can be used for. :) The things that have helped me the most for my iPhone photography are probably the following couple of tips.

1. Shoot at the right times of day. iPhones are not as forgiving as DSLRs, so shooting when the light is softer helps the quality turn out better for me. I don’t like mid morning or early afternoon light or super blue skies when shooting with my iPhone either…tends to be harsh.

2. Rid the photo of distractions. A sunset is soooo pretty but a big light pole or stop sign or wire can totally detract from the story you are trying to tell. I always try my best to minimize distraction or edit it out using the app filterstorm. Also, consider symmetry when photographing. Is the photo balanced? A photo with unstraightened lines can be as distracting as a big pole in the image. Try to keep your lines as straight as possible when shooting or adjust using instagram’s tilt feature.

3. Tell a story. Consider your photos art. What are you trying to convey? How do you want someone to feel when they view the image? Asking those questions helps you create and visualize what you want the photo to look like better.

4. Edit well. Don’t use Instagram filters or over edit. Don’t try to make the photo super exposed, contrasted, or sharpened. Remember, you want to capture what you see in real life in an image. So bring out the colors you see in real life with editing, but let it be natural. (I use Vsco cam to edit and love the F1 and F2 presets turned down a bit with some grain and magenta added in).

That’s all I got! Hope it helps :)

*(These are tips to achieve the style of iPhone photography that I specifically shoot. I 100% understand that others may shoot differently and value creative expression and individualism as important. Whether you shoot with the above tips or not, you are an artist and expressing yourself however you do is awesome!) :)

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So a week or two ago someone asked about voice acting and Aud said something about how to record on a not great mic. Care to elaborate?

Hey! Sorry bout not answering sooner I’ve been a tad busy as of late :P For recording with a not super mic the most important part is to be aware of the limitations of the mic and how much you can do post recording. There’s also a lot of cheap ways to set up an effective rig without having to buy a whole lot of stuff. Here’s some tips I’ve amassed over my time voice acting for discount recording.

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title: Untouched
chapter: chapter 1 (Prologue)
pairing: michael/tegan
rating: nc-17
summary: “Did you think I would think less of you for doing what you have to do to live?”
a/n: rated for later chapters. 

Tegan sighs as she kicks her bedroom door shut, dropping her backpack by her desk before she immediately begins to undress, needing to get out of her clothes and into her pajamas before she can fully enjoy her night off. She jumps when her best friend bursts into her room, making her spin around, “a little privacy, Em?” she snaps, rolling her eyes as she watches the younger girl walk in, eyes focused on her phone as she plops down in her desk chair.

“Please, I’ve seen you naked a hundred times T,” she says, glancing up from her phone, “are you getting ready?”

“To put on my comfy sweats and watch Netflix while I eat too much ice cream? Yes,” she says, pulling her favorite grey sleep shirt on over her head, noting her roommate’s too tight dress and full face of makeup, “where are you going?“

Emily doesn’t respond for a few second while she texts someone back, but when she does she stands from the chair and grabs Tegan’s wrist, "no, I refuse to let you be sad and lonely on a Friday night,” she says as she drags her pantsless best friend down the hall to her room, “you’re coming out with us.”

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Capture Video, Search Smarter and more with Flickr for iPhone, iPod touch and Android

By Bernardo Hernandez, Vice President, Flickr

Here at Flickr, we’re focused on making the best possible products to capture, manage, share and discover photos - creating an amazing window into your world.  Building these products and cultivating our amazing photography community has been our mission since Flickr started 10 years ago.  We want Flickr to be your favorite experience no matter where you are. Today we’re delighted to release completely new versions of Flickr for iPhone, iPod touch and Android.

So, what’s new? Below are the highlights. For more details, check out the Flickr blog.

Capture video: We’re always listening to our users and know you want video. The wait is officially over. Capture and edit HD video directly in the app, upload it, use the same live filters available for photos. 

Smarter search with auto-tagging: Thanks to a more intelligent search engine, as well as improved auto-tagging, you can quickly find what you’re looking for, no matter how many photos you have. Flickr understands the geo-locations and time of your photos, can also detect the color, and often who’s in them and what they are about. And we do all this with lightning fast speed.

Simpler navigation and sharing: We’ve simplified the navigation so it’s much easier to use your three favorite Flickr features – feed, camera, and photostream. With a beautifully redesigned photostream, sharing any Flickr photo with friends and family – or directly to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook – is easier than ever before. 

Detailed photo data: We’re also helping you discover more about the photo with enhanced information. Find out where the photo was taken, which camera and lens were used to create each shot, and more.  Use the story behind the photo to help improve your own photography skills. 

We’re excited to hear what you think about the iPhone and Android apps and hope they will inspire people around the world to come together and share beautiful photos and videos. 

The Flickr apps are free and now live in the Play Store and rolling out today in the App Store.

Want to learn more? Check out our Press Center.