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Hi. I just want to say that your wtiting is an insperation. Could you do '2p italy hiding his mafia from his s/o, she finds out and tries to leave her, but he wont let her go nsfw'?


Thank you for your feedback! ^//^ I apologize for taking so long on the request.. I wanted to write quality NSFW (to the best of my abilities I mean). I hope you enjoy this piece.


Reader is referred to as: she/her/(y/n)

          NSFW                                                Lie


(y/n) sat across a liar. But he seemed unfazed at her upset disposition. Luciano sipped his espresso with delicacy. He sat in his leather arm chair. One leg crossed over the other. He exuded power and authority, something that (y/n) had felt when she first met him. But after accepting his confession, she had realized that it really was all an act. Or, that was what she thought.

“Why did you want to see me amore? I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when you asked for me.”

(y/n) stared at him. Yes, it had been extremely stupid to come discuss her discovery at his office. But Luciano had always been insistent about keeping his work and rest of his life separate. She had lauded and admired him for this, until she became aware of what he truly meant. Biting her lips in anxiety, she remembered a couple of hours ago when she had been contemplating how to approach him. She realized that now, sitting across from him like this, all she wanted to do was tell him honestly and get the fuck out of there.

“You’re the head of the mafia aren’t you?”

Her breathing strained as the espresso he had been holding froze at his lips. Cocking one eyebrow, he stared at her. The intensity of his gaze frightened her. For the first time, she felt scared of him. She was facing a man that was so powerful in the underworld that he had become the source of nightmares for young children.

Perhaps he sensed her fear. Perhaps it just was who he was. Luciano broke the tense moment with a smile.

“Care to share how you found out bella?”

She shook her head ever so slightly, prompting him to get out of his chair and place his finished espresso on a nearby desk. He slowly strode towards her and knelt down on one knee in front of her. A tender smile bloomed from his face as he gently took her hands.

“Please, don’t be afraid. I hid this from you because I myself was afraid you would run away from me. I wanted everything to be perfect between us. I wanted to give you everything, spend precious moments with you and see you smile and laugh without a care in the world. Yes, perhaps it was selfish of me to cling onto you knowing full well the dirty place that I come from. It is not the most… ethical profession but once you are initiated into this life, you will never get out. Can you understand that?”

His eyes pleaded her to understand. She was still afraid of him. All she wanted to do was run away and never see him again. (y/n) had already gotten his terrifying confession, it was what she had wanted from this meeting. So (y/n) decided to act upon her fear and lie. She nodded her head and pretended to understand. Luciano searched her eyes and stood up. Smiling, he returned back to his seat.

“Thank you for understanding amore. I knew you were different from others.”

(y/n) nodded her head nervously.Her fingers began to fidget as she spoke. “Thank you for seeing me today, Luci. I’m sorry for bothering you while you were in the middle of ….working. I’ll take my leave now.”

(y/n) cautiously stood up and turned her back to Luciano.


(y/n) stopped. Refusing to turn back to face him, she lifted her head ever so slightly. She could hear him get up from his leather arm chair, the shrill creak added to her anxiety. Biting her lips, she mentally prepared herself into a flight or fight mindset. Luciano’s slow and heavy steps unnerved her even further. God, she wished he would hurry up. It was as if he was purposely moving slowly to intimidate her. Before she could react, she felt him whispering into her ear.

“Bella, when you say ‘leave’, you wouldn’t happen to mean ‘leave me’… are you?”

Her breathing stopped. 

She could feel her pupils dilating as Luciano smirked. In an instant, he had turned her around and slammed her onto his desk. He placed his thigh in between (y/n)’s legs, trapping her wrists with his own taut grip. Without warning, he began to kiss her. Lips, neck and chest. His kisses appeared repeatedly in these places. The more she squirmed, the more frequent and harsh his kisses became.

“Stop Luciano!”

Laughing, his lips collided with her own. He began to bite her lower lip with fervor. Tugging at it, he spoke out his frustration.

“Bella, this will be the first and last time I say this. Please, shut up. I refuse to give you any opportunity to escape me. The day you accepted my love you should have known that you belong to me.’

He moved his left hand and began to slowly descend into her skirt. The leather of his glove slid over (f/n)’s sensitive skin and she trembled over his touch. In a subconscious response, she raised her free arm and slapped him. 

A tense moment passed between them. Luciano was the first to recover as he smirked. (y/n)’s eyes widened as he reached further and roughly entered her slit. She screamed at the sudden entrance. Luciano began to chuckle as he digitally explored the intimate body part. (y/n)’s terror slowly and unwillingly morphed into pleasure as her moans got louder and more insistent as his free hand roamed the rest of her body and his lips began attacking hers again.

“Apologies for the rough entrance amore, but your little act of defiance angered me. I’m sure you understand why I acted that way.”

He quickened the pace of his fingers as the pleasure that was building inside of (y/n) began to bubble up. The feel of his leather glove and the earnestness of touch against her body allowed the pool of heat to crescendo, reaching a new high that she had never felt before. The energy released from her body in form of a cascade of moans and mewls. She gripped his back as she came, digging her fingernails into his clothes. Luciano pushed her head towards him with his free arm, reveling in the sight he before him. He held her in this way and slowly removed his fingers from her slit. (y/n) slowly relaxed as she came down from the high, a hazy look dulled her eyes.

Placing his wet glove to his mouth, he tasted her. Enjoying the rosy blush that was dusted across her face, a tender smile broke across Luciano’s face once more.

“I refuse to let you go. Even if I have to lie, kill or torture, you will never be free from me. Accept me as a part of yours.”

You used me: Cameron Dallas

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Cameron POV

“Why do I have to do it?” I whined to my manger
“Cause you are a charming young man” he teased parking in front of the huge house. I have to making one of our client’s daughter like me for beneficial reasons. According to our research she is a Youtuber. I have heard of her from other friends but I haven’t met her myself. Her dad owns a big company and we could use some money. I feel bad for using her but I don’t have much choice. I sighed getting out
“She better no be a bitch,” I mumbled as he knocked on the door. Seconds later a girl opened the door. She had long brown hair, curvy with brown eyes. She smiled showing her dimples.
“Hi I’m Elizabeth.” She shook Ben’s hand and turn to me. I smiled at her eyes went wide but recovered
“My father is waiting” she cleared her throat showing us inside. We walked to the back of her house, into the garden. Her father sat in a chair talking to a maid.
‘Oh ben you made it!” he yelled motioning him over. Ben shot me look, I know I had to work quickly.
“So Elizabeth” I turn to see her on her phone.
“Yes” she looked up smiling.
“Wanna walk around?” she nodded her head as we started to walk farther into the garden. It was silent.
“I watch your videos,” I said. I wasn’t lying.
“Oh god” she laughed her laugh was cute.
“I bet you watch mine to” I teased making her blush
“True.” She said
“Why haven’t we met?” I asked her. Her face fell
“I-um well I was due to go to playlist last summer.” She began I remember them saying she couldn’t show up that’s where I met most of the Youtubers; I went with Nash of course.
“But my mom died.” She looked down playing with her fingers. I didn’t know that much about her.
“Must of been hard” I said stepping closer to her. Its now or never
“Yea, that’s why I don’t hang go to event. In fear of something happening” I wrapped my arms around. She stiffened but then relaxed wrapping her arms around me, she was warm and smelled like vanilla. I pulled away looking down at her. She shed a few tears.
“You cant live in fear. Come with me this weekend to a meet up me and Nash are doing” I asked. She laughed
“Its hear, down town” she stared at me a moment. Please say yes.
“fine” she agreed I hugged her making her laugh. I really loved her laugh.

~ A week passes ~

This week was pretty amazing. I hung out with Elizabeth everyday. She was fun to be around and god every day she was more beautiful than the last. Yes I had fallen hard for her, and my lie became something more. She made me smile all the time. I parked outside her house waiting for her, today was her first event in a year. She ran out in her high waist shorts and crop top, her hair flowing straight in the back. she smiled hopping in the seat. We drove down town as we were parking a few fans spotted us.

“Elizabeth” they shouted making sure they took pictures of her, more and more fans started to show up. I saw Elizabeth getting scared.
“Hey I got you” I pulled her to my side, both smiling and trying to get out. finally guards came out making sure we got there alive. As we entered the building she started to laugh.
“What?” I asked grinning like a fool.
“I haven’t gotten mobbed in ages” she grinned. We walked into the meeting room.
Nash, Carter, and Hayes sat on the stage playing.
“Cam” they yelled greeting us.
“Elizabeth!” Nash yelled hugging her. She laughed hugging him then Hayes, I stood there confused.
“I met him awhile ago” she said pulling away from the hug. I nodded
“LIZZZZ” someone yelled she squinted her eyes and smiled
“JACOB” she ran down the stage to greet him.
“I didn’t know Jacob was coming I turn to the boys.”
“They are best friends” Nash said. I nodded
“What are you doing Cam?” he asked
“ what ?” I asked making sure she was still with Jacob
“The way you look at her” he teased
“shut up, its just a game” I lied. I didn’t want them knowing I actually liked her
“A game?” Carter asked
“Ben asked me to make her like me, so she would put in a good word for us to her dad, its working Ben has the money when we leave I wont talk to her again.” Nash’s face fell, Hayes and Carter turned their head. I slowly turn to a teary Elizabeth holding on to Jacob’s arm, his head looked down.
“You, You used me?” she whimpered.
“No Elizabeth, I actually like you” I stepped closer but she hid behind Jacob.
“Take me home please” she whispered
‘No Elizabeth !” I tried to pull her towards  me but Jacob blocked me, as she ran out the door into a mob of teen age girls. They cheered but suddenly stopped.
I ran after her fan just stared as I saw Elizabeth getting in Jacob’s car.

Forgotten Stars (Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction) Chapter 3

Previous chapters here Im so so sorry for the delay, I have tons of things to do for school so yeah basically. ily

Chapter 3

We decided to have dinner on the beach as a first time welcome or something. We stretched several beach towels on the sand and charged some flashlights just in case it was too dark outside. The guys went outside to get some hamburgers and Cass and I just set some dishes and glasses on the towels.

“I love this house” Cass said as we sat down.

“It’s pretty great”

“The place, really, I mean it gives me positive vibes”

“What are you now? A medium or something?” I laughed and she punched me.

The guys returned pretty fast, and when they were ready we all sat down. I gave a bite to my hamburger. The sky was so pretty over here, it was a deep blue, which almost got camouflaged with the ocean horizon. But the best thing, were the million of glistening stars. It was incredible how far away they were but how shine they could bright. It was really breathtaking.

“How are the scrapes?” Jack asked mockingly

“Fine thank you cheaters” I said. I was a bit exaggerated about my bruises and stuff, but literally my legs were scraped a bit and they burned like hell.

“I’m so sorry babe, it wont happen again, but now you have to do something for losing” Sam said raising his eyebrows. Johnson had lost against my brother, so summarizing everything, Samuel and Jack won.

“What?” Johnson stood up, “We never agreed that the losers had to do something”. I laughed; he was such a bad loser all the time. But he was right, ne never agreed to this and I definitely wasn’t going to do something to make Sam satisfied, no way.

“Those are the rules, they don’t need to be said actually” Cass exclaimed as she took a sip of her drink. I was a hundred percent sure she said that because she had a crush on my brother, and would of course be on his side instead than on her best friend side. I looked at her nastily and everyone laughed.

“But I don’t have nothing right now, do you Sam?” Jack asked.

Sam shook his head, “Nope, I guess we’ll have to save this for later” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, do you guys like the house?” Johnson asked

“Yes, it’s perfect” Cass replied clapping her hands.

“It’s really big” I exclaimed and Jack nodded,

“It is”

“Perfect for parties” Sam said happily

“You always have your mind on that, don’t you?” Cass giggled.

“Yes I do dear Cassie, and anyway, Gilinsky did you bring weed or we have to go buy it?”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t bring some douche?”


Let’s say they were like obsessed with getting high, they did it almost all the time and whatever, I really didn’t care. They were much more fun to be around when they were stoned. I looked at my right and got lost in the sea; it was so relaxing the sound of the waves crushing against the shore. I closed my eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” My brother asked laughing

“Getting relaxed and enjoying the divine act of Mother Nature” I whispered and I could hear everyone laughing. “Let me be” I giggled and elbowed him.

We stayed there other couple of hours until 1.30 am, and decided it was time to go to sleep if we wanted to enjoy the beach day tomorrow. After Cass and I cleaned the dishes, the guys took the towels to the laundry.

“Hey tomorrow we have to go to the grocery and stuff, if we are going to survive in here, at least we’ll have to keep the fridge full” Cassie said.

I nodded, “I’ll go with you”


I tossed and turned repeatedly trying to find the better position to sleep. This was one of my problems, I always had difficulties to sleep in a bed that wasn’t mine, well at least until I was used to it. I stood up and decided to go downstairs to drink something. I put my fluffy slippers on and tiptoed my way down the stairs and tried to make the less sound as possible. I looked at my phone: 3.30 am. Great, tomorrow I would be dead literally.

“Oh Jesus Christ, holy shit” I exclaimed with a hand on my chest while I tried to recovered from my mini heart attack. Sam was sitting in the living room couch watching some sports on TV. “Of course you have to be here” I rolled my eyes. Everywhere I went he had to be there to annoy me, even if it was 3 am.

Sam laughed, “Nice pajamas though” I was wearing a surely not long short and a tight white t- shirt.

“Shut up asshole” he just shrugged and smirked while I went to fetch a glass. I had water because it was literally the only thing in the fridge apart from beer of course. I sighed as I sat down beside him, as it was the only thing I could do.

“Did you really hurt your legs? Or it was another of your lies to have everyone’s attention?” he asked almost teasingly after of some second of silence. I rolled my eyes as anger started to form inside me.

“It’s not a lie pretty boy and for your information it hurts like hell” I said putting my feet up the little table in front of the couch, showing the red scraps.

He put his hand on my tight and smirked, “Maybe I can heal it somehow” he whispered in my ear.

“You are disgusting.” I laughed taking his hand off my body. “Like for real”

“I’ll get you to admit you want me” he said giving a sip of his beer bottle, which was the only thing apart from water in the fridge.

“Oh, yeah, sure you don’t have an idea of how much I want you” I laughed.

“You are laughing now, but I’m telling you, you will eventually fall for this” he exclaimed pointing himself. 

I chuckled while I got up and headed to my room. He was definitely out of his mind. There was no way in hell I was going to have any affective interaction of any kind with Samuel Wilkinson.