well it tasted like shit

  • The Last of Us: about an old depressed man with an awesome scruffy beard and a badass female sidekick; and they're off to kill shit (with feels)
  • Logan: about an old depressed man with an awesome scruffy beard and a badass female sidekick; and they're off to kill shit (with feels)
  • Samurai Jack S5: about an old depressed man with an awesome scruffy beard and a badass female sidekick; and they're off to kill shit (with feels)

Daichi Has Shit Taste in Music, or, How Kuroo and Bokuto Discovered Free Bird: a comic.

so of course Bokuto would want to listen to the song about the free bird, right??? I’m surprised they made it to the good stuff.

(if you guys aren’t familiar with Free Bird, you can check it out. Air guitar time literally does start at the 5 minute mark)

Nothing But My Way

Inspired by @spiritusignis ‘s headcanon about certain events after Jack and Bitty come out. I hope I did your HCs justice.

 It had been a few months (okay, four months and three weeks, but who was counting?) since Jack and Bittle came out to the NHL, and honestly, Jack couldn’t complain. He got to have his boyfriend on his arm at media events, he wasn’t worried about being outed every time he and Bittle grabbed coffee, and most importantly, nothing catastrophic had happened. He was allowed to have this. He could have his A and his team and his boyfriend and his life, all at once, and nobody was going to take it away from him.

Of course, not everyone was as welcoming as the Falcs. Jack didn’t really mind the checks; everyone wanted to get in a hit at Bad Bob’s son, so he’d been getting smacked around in the rink for a decade. He barely noticed an uptick in physical aggression, and Bitty always had the cutest worried face when Jack got back from a rough game. But the verbal shit was something else.

(continued under the read more)

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what's the favorite alcohol of the 2P?

Wine: 2p Italy, 2p France, 2p Austria, 2p China.

Vodka: 2p Russia, 2p Spain.

Beer: 2p Germany, 2p Japan (He thinks that sake is too weak), 2p America.

Fancy and colorful cocktails: 2p South Italy, 2p England (Even though Ollie is very tolerant when it comes to drinking)

Can’t drink: 2p Canada (he does not handle it very well, and ends up doing stupid shit), 2p Prussia (doesn’t like the taste, only drinks when is very depressed).

(I hope you liked it! Greetings and salutations!)

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Kaneki: *bites Touka* Kaneki: You tastes like coffee ^.^

Kaneki’s inner thoughts:

Touka: (notices hand on chin)
Touka: ….. yeah well, all ghouls taste that way! anyway you taste like shit too!!!

Touka’s inner thoughts: 


Pairing/Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader!Stark

Summary: This tale follows the quest of pirate captain Loki Laufeyson, a savvy pirate and Bucky Barnes, a resourceful blacksmith, in their search for reader, (Y/N) Stark. A feared pirate has kidnapped reader, the daughter of the governor. Little do they know, the he along with his crew has been cursed. Doomed for eternity to neither live nor die, unless a blood sacrifice is made

Warnings: Piracy, kidnapping, violence, murder, love triangle, language, slow burn.

Word Count: 467

A/N: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeahh I don’t know about this…. 



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Things I Think About A Lot

-John and Nine sparring on top of the John Hancock center. Nine wins (obviously) and has him pinned down. Nine is on top of John and the two of them are panting as the dual closes

-John and Nine having an actual discussion after everything is over. Nine is upset over the John Hancock Center being destroyed and John is willing to be comforting. “Johnny, it’s… it’s my home, and it’s just gone.” “I know… I’m sorry. How can I help?” Nine doesn’t actually know how to answer. Instead he just stares into John’s eyes

-John putting up a tough front when he’s clearly wrong. Nine wins the argument but John continues to be a petty bitch about it. Nine secretly adores this.

-The first time it’s John’s birthday after the way. “Nine… what is this?” “I, uh… this is my attempt at a cake.” “This is a CAKE?” “Well I know Marina’s is better and it’ll probably taste like shit seeing as how-” “I love it, Nine. Thank you.”

When They Cheat On You (Sakamaki Ver~)


You had been suspicious of Shuu cheating on you for a little over a week. At first you just thought that it was just Shuu being Shuu, since you knew it took time for him to warm up to somebody. In addition, you’re relationship with him was still fairly new so it was only natural to feel some sort of awkwardness around each other, right? Apparently not from your friends point of views.

Well to be fair, Shuu was a vampire, so he wasn’t really acquainted with human enotions. You thought that too. At first anyway.

During the past week, you had began to notice little things. Unlike normal, he would restrict you from entering the music room even though you were his girlfriend, though later on in the day you noticed a rather beautiful girl entering the said room. You were waiting for over 15 minutes for Shuu to send her out, but he never did. Maybe he was just asleep? You thought that at first too, but then you noticed that the ‘encounters’ became constant.

“What has she got that I haven’t?”

It was also obvious that Shuu had been ignoring you. Way more than usual. Of course you just thought that he was too lazy or too tired to speak - knowing him, that was exactly the sort of thing he did- so you left him alone for a while. But when you came back later, he treated you exactly the same way. This had going on for a week also.“Did I do something wrong?”

Something else that you noticed was that Shuu… Smelled different. What I meant was that he oddly smelled of women’s perfume. “Maybe he just liked women’s perfume,” Of course that seemed far-fetched. The guy would probably be too lazy to even get the perfume bottle so that idea was immediately out of the picture

“Was I not good enough for you?”

So here you were now, slowly opening the music room, prepared for whatever came your way.

And you were right, Shuu had been cheating on you. With that beautiful girl.

Though you tried to feel some sort of betrayal or sadness, all you could feel was emptiness, like there wasn’t a single emotion inside of you.

Both of them immediately stopped making out to look at you. Or should I say glare at you.

“Oh, so you finally found out huh? I guess you could say that this is my way telling you that I was getting bored of you.” Shuu coldly said, with one of his rare dark smirks. How you wished that you could just smack it off his face.

“I see. Well, I guess I should be going then. Oh yeah, Reiji-Kun said that he was waiting for you to come to the limo. So you might want to send your whore home and get your lazy-ass off the couch.” You replied back, your voice void of any emotion, and then you walked out of the room with a blank expression.

You didn’t feel anger, you didn’t feel hatred nor did you feel any sort of grief. All you felt was the hollowness of your being.


And there they were, making out right in front of you.

Your boyfriend, Reiji Sakamaki was cheating on you with the girl whom you thought was your best friend, Ayano Kimura.

Your friend was everything Reiji wanted in a girl: polite, strict, confident, mature, beautiful, intelligent. Everything you weren’t.

Instead, you were average in every subject, fairly decent in looks and didn’t really have the greatest of confidence.

But even with your supposed flaws, you managed to win the ‘heart’ of the tea-obsessed vampire. Or so you thought. You had always wondered why he’d chosen you and now it was all clear - he used you to get to get to her.

As they continued making out in front of you without even acknowledging your presence, you let a few tears escape from your eyes and quietly backed away from the door to Reiji’s bedroom.

“I love you.”

“I will never leave you.”

“I promise to be always be by your side.”

All lies…


“Hmm? Who is it? Oh, bitch-chan. What is it? Are you jealous? Nufu~”

And there he was, your boyfriend, the oh-so handsome Laito Sakamaki, having sex with a random girl at school.

Though it broke your heart to see him like this, you knew that it was no one else’s fault but yours. You were the one who agreed to be his girlfriend, you were the one who trusted him to be faithful, and you were the one who fell in love with him. Of course this would happen…

That smirk on Laito’s face said it all. He never loved you. Hell, he wasn’t even capable of ever experiencing that cursed emotion. He had played you like a puppet. And you just stood by and let him.

Not anymore.

You weren’t going to let him have the satisfaction of seeing you break. Oh, no. You had far too much pride for that. Now that you had come to term with the facts, you were no longer the submissive innocent girl you once were. No, you were more than that. It was only then that you realised that.

“No, I’m not jealous. I’m worried about that girl though. Who knows? She could be another victim of your STD s. Well, whatever. I don’t care anymore. Go ahead and fuck whoever you want. We’re done.”

“Hmm? I should punish you for talking to me like that Bitch-Chan, but I think I’ll let it go. For now.” Laito darted his eyes towards the girl who he was just having sex with.

“Is that so? Well, I deeply apologise for interrupting. Well, I should be off. Good bye, Laito… ”


It was March 22nd or in other words, it was Ayato Sakamaki’s birthday a.k.a your takoyaki-obsessed boyfriend’s birthday, whom you loved so dearly.

In honour of Ore-Sama’s birthday, you decided to make him some takoyaki. You knew that he had it almost everyday, but you were never the one who made it for him. It was always Yui that did, considering the fact that hers were absolutely amazing and yours were… Well, let’s just say that they tasted like absolute shit. Ever since that day, Ayato made you swear never to make Takoyaki again. Well it wasn’t entirely your fault. I mean it was your first attempt at making, so it wasn’t entirely your fault, was it?

Anyway, ever since that day you had been taking lessons from Yui in secret on how to make the perfect takoyaki. And after a couple of months, you finally managed to make Yui proud.

“Oh my goodness! These are delicious! You should be proud of yourself (y/n), these are amazing! I’m certain that Ayato-Kun will love these!” Yui beamed.

“Thank you, Yui-Chan. You’ve been a big help! Now all I’ve got to do is give these to Ayato.” In all honesty, you were slightly nervous as to what Ayato would think. Would he even consider trying them? Probably not. After last time, he’d probably run away at the sight of you holding takoyaki. Just the thought made you cringe. Yui, noticing your reluctance to go, comforted you.

“Don’t worry, (y/n). I’m sure Ayato-Kun will love these. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into making these. Of course he’ll appreciate it.” Yui’s words were oddly comforting. Normally, you’d doubt what she’d think but this time you felt confident in giving the takoyaki to Ayato.

“Thanks again, Yui-Chan. I’ll be right back.” You thanked her, before turning around and making your way to Ayato’s room. As soon as you were a few steps away, you noticed a few strange sounds that sounded oddly like a woman’s moans. Ignoring it, you went ahead and opened the door with the plate of takoyaki in hand. What you saw caused you to drop the takoyaki in shock. You couldn’t believe it. Your boyfriend was cheating on you.

“Huh? Who dares interrupt Ore-Sama - Oh, well if it isn’t Chichinashi? What is it? Are you going to cry? Heh, it’s your fault. Your just not good enough for Ore-Sama.” Ayato taunted.

At first all you felt was sadness. But then it changed into something more. Anger.

“I guess I’m too good to have and too boring to throw away, huh?! Whatever, I don’t care anymore! Go be with whoever you want!” You exclaimed in pure fury and hatred, not even allowing Ayato to respond before you stormed out the room and slammed the door shut.


At first, Kanato treated far better than you could’ve imagined. He rarely ever punished you for anything stupid, he always shared his candies with you and he’d even let you play with Teddy.

However recently, the vampire had grown more… Bipolar. One second he’d treat you like a princess, the next he’d be screaming at you to leave him and to never come near him. It had been a week since you last saw him.

You thought to bake a chocolate cake as a peace offering. And also to get him to forgive you for whatever you had done. To be fair though, you had been very busy with a school project lately and that might have made Kanato think that you were ignoring him. All the more reason to give him the cake and apologise.

On the way there, you ran into Yui. “Oh. Hey, Yui-Chan. Do you know if Kanato-Kun is in his room? I want to give him this cake.” As soon as the words came out of your mouth, Yui’s eyes widened, though you had no idea why.

“He-he is in his room. But, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. I don’t think you’ll like what you’ll see.” Yui warned. Well that definitley sounded suspicious.

“I see. Well, it can’t be that bad, can it?” You smiled at her before you made your way to Kanato’s room, despite Yui’s attempts to dissuade you from doing so.

When you opened the door, you immediately regretted not taking her advice.

There, sat Kanato and a girl far cuter and prettier than you; she was perfect for Kanato. The way he held her, as if she were to break with just a single touch. The way he looked at her, with such love and adoration. The way he kissed her, gently and compassionately. What he should’ve been doing with you…

“What are you doing here!? And, who gave you permission to come in!?” Kanato yelled, which seemed to bring you out of your trance.

“I-I’m so sorry, Kanato-Kun. Please… Go ahead and continue.” You meekly said before turning around and walking out of the room, shutting the door gently as you did.

You made your way downstairs to the kitchen and threw the cake that you had so much effort and love into making, in the bin. Then you made your way to your room.

“It hurts… Why are you doing this to me, Kanato-Kun?”


What had been going on with your boyfriend? He had recently been somewhat spiteful towards you. For example last week when you politely asked if he wanted to accompany you to the mall he told you to get the hell away from him before walking off. It’s not like asking him was the most annoying thing in the world.

Though your boyfriend did tend to be snappy and cold towards you, he always managed to show you his love towards you. However lately, he had been exactly as you had described earlier - more spiteful and cold.

And quite frankly, you’d had enough. You were not going to be treated like this. Sure, he was a vampire and he was the more dominant one but that wasn’t going to stop you. He was going to hear this whether liked it or not.

And with that final thought, you stalked out of your room and made your way to his room. However when you were on the brink of opening the door, you heard voices. One of which was undeniably your boyfriend, Subaru.

“But, what if your girlfriend finds out - Nngh~”

“Tch, of course she’s going to find out if keep moaning that loud. Shut up, idiot.” Subaru scolded, although his voice held a teasing edge to it.

Your eyes widened in shock, as you backed away from the door. A slight whimper escaped your mouth, however you covered it before anyone could hear. The tears were already starting to fall.

Slowly, you retreated back to your room, leaving your depressed thoughts to overtake your mind.

“So that’s why he’s been so cold towards me. Of course he’d become bored of me. I’m nothing special, I know that but… Why? Why does it hurt so much!?

“I guess I just wasn’t good enough, huh?”


Thank you all for reading ♥♥♥

Nesta on her period

I finally got around to writing this for @propshophannah and @yumna402 who asked me to write this from this post so yeah, here it is:

TITLE: When She’s Scary.

SHIP: Nessian

Everyone flees from Nesta when she’s on her period. Except our favourite baby bat.

“Sweetheart, you smell like blood and everyone’s avoiding you more than usual, what’s up?” Cassian asks, breezing into Nesta bed room, smirking. She groans into her pillow and doesn’t raise her head to flip him off.

“Piss off, Cassian.”

“No can do. I’m under orders of my High Lord to stay with you today.” Cassian notices as Nesta curls slightly further into her foetal position. His face softens and he lets go of his normal snark.

“You’re on your cycle aren’t you?” He says, sitting beside her curled up body on the bed. She nods almost angrily.

Sighing, Cassian gently lets some of his magic go, controlling it to press firmly against Nesta’s back. She growls at him aggressively and he pulls away.

“I’m going to talk to Mor about some tonics. You should be training, not curled up here because in the human realm you would grit your teeth and hope it doesn’t hurt too bad” Testing his luck, he pushes up, lays a kiss on her cheek and bounds across the room, just missing the pillow she threw at him. He picks it off the floor and gives it back to her, before walking out.


“Okay, so I talked to Mor and she told me to head to the market place, but I didn’t know what you would want so I got a  couple of tonics for the aches and cramps, a heat pack for your stomach and just over ten pounds of your favourite chocolates and sweets. “ Cassian sat cross-legged on the floor so he could see Nesta’s face.

“Do you need or want to sit up to have the tonics” she nods weakly and he stands, supporting her back as she shifts and sits, her face contorting in pain. He softly reached behind her and rubbed her back, making her smile softly at him.

“Thanks Cassian. My family can’t even deal with me and yet you’re here.”

“I’m part of your family, am I not?” Nesta sighs softly, closing her eyes at the feeling of his hands on her back.

“No, Cass. You’re here, which makes you more.” She pauses. “Now, tonics please.” Cassian passes her the first one he could reach, still trying to understand what her comment meant.

“You mean more as well sweetheart” She growls at him, icy eyes flashing open to glare. “Okay, I won’t call you sweetheart, sorry.” She motions for the cup of water by her bed and he hands it to her. Nesta throws the water back like a spirit before tipping a little bit of the tonic into the cup and throwing that back as well.

“That tastes like shit” she coughs, face contorting in disgust. Cassian laughs, moving to sit beside her, continuing his circular motions on her back. He bends down and grabs the heat pack and chocolates.

“Your training for today is to heat this up, sleep, and throw pillows at me when I’m a prick”

“But I don’t want to have to throw pillows at you every time you speak” Cassian laughs and shuffles closer, letting her lean into him. His chuckles rumbled against her and it was strangely comforting.

“Well then, darling, cut the last exercise” He kisses her head and lets her snuggle into him not moving his hand from her back.



“Thank you” Nesta says tiredly.

“No problem, sweetheart” She growls half-heartedly before falling asleep against him.

Donald Trump: what a loser.

Omega: oh no…

Donald Trump: seriously, Obama! what a loser! he’s ruined this great nation!

Omega: *gets up* 

Donald Trump: I’ll tell ya though. I’m gonna make it great ag- hey where are you going? I’m talkin! 

Omega: just going to the kitchen. be right back. 

Donald Trump: uh huh. you can’t handle the truth can you? that’s why you’re walking away! 

Omega: *sighs* 

Donald Trump: *follows him* I bet you’re an illegal 

Omega: no 

Donald Trump: yes you are! your accent says so! 

Omega: I’m from Sweden… 

Donald Trump: HA. knew it. Sweden huh? how’s that free healthcare crap workin’ out for you? 

Omega: pretty great actually

Donald Trump: oh baloney! you and Bernie Sanders. ridiculous! you know it’s not actually free? 

Omega: well….nothing is “free" but- 

Donald Trump: SEE. WHAT DID I TELL YA. 

Omega: you didn’t even let me finish- 

Donald Trump: nononononono you don’t get to talk. you’re not even a citizen! 

Omega: jesus fucking christ…*grabs candy bar from the cabinet* 

Donald Trump: HEY. do not use the Lord’s name in vain! that is disrespect!  and by the way- aren’t you a part of some Satanic cult band? no wonder you don’t care! you Swedes and your bullshit I swear I’m gonna deport all of ya an- 

Omega: Papa… 

Donald Trump: WHAT.

 Omega: *hands him candy bar* have a Snickers. 

Donald Trump: why?! 

Omega: because you’re not you when you’re hungry. 

Donald Trump: well…..I’ll accept it. but I bet it tastes like shit. probably some cheap Mexican candy that’s fooled innocent hard working Americans into thinking it’s a Snickers. it’s disgraceful! 

Omega: just take a bite… 

Donald Trump: *bites off a piece* 

Omega: better? 

Papa: better….. 

Omega: *sighs heavily* good. 

Papa: that was a close one…holy shit… 

Alpha: *playing Bloodborne in the living room from a distance* WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP ALREADY?

bright-eyes-white-lies  asked:

for a marketing project, I created a product called Chris Pine Nut Trail Mix. If I were to turn this into a real product, would you endorse it? (I received an A grade for it, just in case you were wondering)

A. Well we definitely like your teacher. B. Shit better taste good. While I can understand the connection between myself and a bag of nuts, can we talk about doing a line of pastas? -Chris Pine


Happy Headcanons and Theories

-Morty likes cooking but he sucks at it.  He really likes baking.

-Whenever Morty makes something Rick complains and tells Morty it tastes like shit.  But Rick eats all of it.

-Because cooking is science and Rick will always support his grandson’s scientific endeavors. 

-Morty spends an entire month pestering Bird Person about Rick’s birthday.  BP finally gives in.

-Morty and Summer throw a surprise birthday party and after Rick stops shooting wildly (and a quick trip to the hospital) they have a ‘Flesh Curtains’ reunion concert in the garage.

-Morty bakes the cake and Summer decorated it with 146 candles.

-The cake is the best thing Morty has ever made and Rick tells him ‘well… it doesn’t taste like shit’ and proceeds to eat half of it.

-He throws the other half at Squanchy’s face.

-While they’re cleaning up Rick tells his grandkids ‘this was-it wasn’t so bad’.  They never let him forget he said it.

-Rick keeps trying to make plans to take Beth on a small adventure.  

-Rick is super proud of Beth and invented a device that can sterilize anything without hurting it.

-After Rick returns to his own body he asks Summer for music recommendations and gives her some from other planets.

-Rick takes Summer to her first concert.

-Rick can’t wait to take Morty to his first strip club.

-So he didn’t.

cantfakethecake  asked:

Rhyssa/Fenris - octopus? :)

Octopus - Getting into, or out of, a tight space.

In which Hawke and Fenris get into tight spaces (I’m so sorry). 

Note: this is incredibly NSFW. A shred of a story being used as an excuse for smut. Enjoy! 


The first thing Hawke knows on waking is Anders calling her name, progressively more hysterical with each syllable. She wants to answer, to comfort him, but the moment she opens her eyes, a headache bursts into vicious life behind her eyes, and that becomes the second and only thing she knows.

Shutting her eyes once more helps slightly, though splashes of white-hot light still glow on the insides of her lids — but she can think through the pain, and she can answer Anders.

“I’m here, And—” She gags on the sticky-sweet taste of rot as it rises up her throat, tries to spit to clear her mouth, and finds her tongue sand-dry.

“Hawke? Hawke? Oh, thank the Maker you’re awake, I’ve been calling for hours! I thought — are you all right?”

I think so,“ she says, wincing as the headache spikes deep into her temples. “Bastard of a headache, and my mouth tastes like a dragon used it — well, it tastes like shit, to be honest.”

Anders lets out a wet and watery little laugh. “Same. But other than that? You can breathe?”

“I can,” Hawke replies, opening one eye experimentally. There’s another flash of light behind her eyes, though the headache seems to be tamed for the moment, so she opens her other eye — and then she stares. The room is too dim to make out a great deal, illuminated only by sickly phosphorescent lichen, but she can’t miss the pile of broken silk strands littering the floor at her feet.

Headache or not, she knows precisely what she’s looking at.

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“Parker, I swear to God, if you keep eating the fucking batter, you’ll be dead in a week from salmonella.” He sighed, pulling the bowl away. “More importantly, the brownies will taste like shit.”

Things had been going well since Tuesday. Miles liked to think it had something to do with his talk with him, though he knew it was probably more just natural emotional progression or something psychological like that. He was just happy Parker seemed okay again. Okay enough to have eaten half the batter from the bowl, at least.

He looked over at him, a playful glint in his eye as he shook his head. “This is why I’m the better cook, you know. Restraint. Control. Power. You have to be the whisk, feel the flour, dominate the sugar. Not fucking eat it.”


I licked it, it's mine

I’ve recently hit 100 followers. (102, to be exact). Being the dork that I am, this excites me. I don’t know how I tricked over 100 people into thinking my blog is good enough to follow, but I appreciate you all, my precious cinnamon buns.

Anyhoo, here’s a silly, short one shot of my ultimate otp to celebrate :)


“Graaaay,” Natsu whined, his face less than a foot away from the dark haired mage, “did you finish my drink?”

Natsu’s cheeks were flushed, a shade of pink that matched his soft hair from all the cinnamon whiskey he’d had that night.

“No way, Flame Brain. That shit tastes like… well, like shit.” Gray rolled his eyes and took a sip of his beer as he vehemently tried to ignore how close the fire dragon was. He could feel the heat radiating from his body, and while Gray would normally complain about being too warm, it wasn’t at all unpleasant.

Gray sighed. When did Natsu’s searing body temperature stop bothering him? Oh. That’s right. When he figured out after months of pondering that he had feelings for the idiot.

The realization hit him like a ton of fucking bricks. One minute he was watching Natsu try to start a scrap with Erza, the next he was smiling like an idiot and internally cheering for him.

“You can be such a dick. S'better than whatever you’re drinking.” Natsu smirked at him. “What are you drinking, anyway?” Natsu grabbed his cup and tilted it to look inside. When he couldn’t figure it out, he took an experimental sip. “Ugh! It’s so bitter!”

“It’s dark beer.” Gray snorted as he snatched it back.

“It was really strong… and thick. Is that how you like it, Gray?” Natsu asked with a shockingly sexy expression in his vibrant green eyes.

Gray’s jaw dropped. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think Natsu was hitting on him.

“Uh…” Gray gaped, still without a clue as to how to respond to that.

Natsu burst into a fit of laughter, his face inching closer to the flustered ice mage. Was Natsu yanking his chain? ‘For fuck’s sake.’ Gray thought sullenly.

“Mira!” Natsu called loudly as he made his way to the bar, his path a little wobbly. “I want some more Fireball!”

“Sorry, Natsu. You polished the rest of it off.”

“Awww!” Natsu pouted. Gray could see the adorable expression from where he sat and it nearly killed him that he couldn’t tell Natsu what that face did to him.

‘Of course I can’t tell him. He’s interested in someone else.’

Gray remembered the way his heart clenched when he had heard Mira gossiping with Ever about Natsu and his ‘love interest.’ Gray literally stopped in his tracks and his head had snapped in their direction.

Mira saw him staring and changed the subject, a huge grin on her face. That grin told him one thing: Natsu probably rediscovered his crush on Lisanna. If it wasn’t the youngest takeover mage, it had to be Lucy.

Gray would be happy for Natsu and whoever it was either way. He loved him. That meant all he wanted was for Natsu to be happy. That didn’t stop the jealousy that surged through his system when he thought about Natsu dating someone else.

“You can have regular whiskey if you want.” Mira offered sweetly.

“Ain’t the same.” Natsu mumbled, looking more put out than he should.

‘Too cute for your own damn good, Ashes.’

“Throw some cinnamon hearts in it.” Gray called from his seat. “Give it a little while and the flavour will soak into the booze.”

“Really?!” Natsu nearly yelled.

Gray nodded his head. Natsu’s signature face splitting grin did a real number on his heart.

“Who knew you were so smart, Snowflake?”

“Shut it, Lizard Breath.”

Natsu swiped his drink off the counter and stomped back toward him. “If you’re gonna insult me, at least do it right, Elsa!”

“Elsa?” Gray looked at him with confusion in his dark eyes.

“Let it gooo, let it gooo!” Natsu sang obnoxiously.

“Oh God, shut the hell up.” Gray rolled his eyes.

“And if I don’t?”

Gray grabbed pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and ripped the wrapper off. “I was gonna be nice and give this to ya, but since you wanna be rude, forget it!”

Natsu’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas and he reached for it. Gray let out a snicker and popped the candy into his mouth.

“Gray!” Natsu sneered, slamming his makeshift Fireball onto the table. He leapt into Gray’s lap and ended up straddling his hips. “Give it here!”

Gray blinked at the sight of Natsu’s thighs hugging his own. He regained his composure and pulled the lollipop out of his mouth. The fascinated look on Natsu’s face did not go unnoticed by the ice devil.

“Nuh uh. I licked it, it’s mine.”

“Oh, is that how things work around here?” Natsu demanded with a challenge in his tone.

“As a matter of fact, it is!” Gray growled.

“Fine then!”

Natsu put his hands on the wall, one on either side of the head of dark hair before he leaned forward and dragged his tongue from Gray’s shoulder all the way to his neck.

“N-Natsu!” Gray sputtered. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Natsu pulled back, a possessive gleam dancing in his captivating eyes. “Mine.”

“Excuse me?” Gray squeaked.

“I licked you. That means you. are. mine.” Natsu slammed his lips against Gray’s, tongue gliding along his for a moment that didn’t last long enough before he drew back. “Got that?”

Gray blinked, cheeks flushed with both arousal and embarrassment from the gasps around them. “Yeah, I got it, ya dumb dragon.”