well it still has 3 of my ships in it

“Hello again Lance.”

“Oh hey Lotor, came back for more?”

“Oh yes, I did.”

OMG YOU GUYS! I can’t believe my last piece has almost 900 notes! Thanks so much! And since it went so well I’m inspired to continue this little story! Lance is still captured on a Galra ship. It’s not looking very good. But hey he still has his bad ass sass! Anyway, I didn’t really want to put Lotor in this one because I kind of wanted to leave it to your guys imagination. But to me I hope he’s a little swave and methodical, basically kind of the complete opposite of how he was in the original lol I do hope he does end up with that helmet though because come on, it’s a great helmet. 

Also if anyone wants to (*cough*) write a fan fiction based on my work (*cough*) and um send it to me to read (I can’t write fan fiction for shit) that’d be great! Thanks again you guys! Enjoy! 

My internal Time Team theories for the finale:

1) Wyatt and Noah will meet…it will not go well. Noah will help Rufus’ injury, then be out because he has eyes and is a smart man.

2) Rufus will be stable enough to help pilot the ship, but then basically need to camp out there while Lucy and Wyatt go on an adventure. This adventure will most likely kill me.

3) Rufus will still manage to have a few small scenes because I need his quips in my life.

4) we’re going to meet Lucy’s grandpa. He’ll be working for McCarthy because that seems like a Rittenhouse type thing one would do.

5) There will be a possibility (likely in the last 2 minutes of the ep) of taking out said ancestor(s), which will put Lucy’s existence into question.

6) Wyatt will not like this and it will lead to another emotional moment between them, but their feelings will remain unresolved…

until Season 2 because so help me, NBC needs to renew this show.

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3 , 5 ,6 , 9 !

totally-on-munday asks

3. Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?

i don’t know if it is considered fluffy a lot of the time (well maybe it is in its own way), but the ship we have together is definitely the most developed i have and it has truly stolen my heart.

5. Have you made lots of friends on this blog?

Yes! I have made lots of good friends whom I talk to heaps ones I don’t talk with that much but I still consider them my friend. To name a few of those I talk with frequently: @you, @ofdiscord, @nevrotoxic, @communistofzaun, and @oblivisms ! But, also all my partners who chat with me on and off. I cherish each and every one of them,  there are so many this would turn into a biased list if i listed you all c:

6. What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

The Void and Mal’z has so much potental which is not fully realised and so I have so much i can play with a expand upon. What was the voice that whispered to him and then he spoke with upon his ‘rebirth’? What is the Void planning? What creatures lie within and what are they like? Who is Mal’z after his ‘rebirth’ and how has he changed? 

These are the ideas that drew me to him as a muse (besides his many-a-year as one of my mains) and they are what keeps me writing him. And the more i answer or Riot gives hints if I can’t help but dig myself in deeper.

9. Got any memorable threads on here? Care to mention a few?

Of course I do! Gosh I have so many threads in my time but here are just a few. I remember a lot of my earliest threads with @silvestreaelurus and the interesting ‘friendship’ they had going. I remember one where Mal’z was teaching her to read and write and times where they would just sit and have conversations. Those were such sweet and calm threads.

I will never, ever forget my thread with @fxlgurkinesis which basically was a modern / crack au based around the magical girl genre which predicted the ‘plot’ of the star guardians when we only had the original skin. Never forget school friends L.ux and Mal’z who were also magical girl/boys. 10/10.

I am also a sucker for the threads I have going with @relentlesspower​. I don’t know how old a thread is meant to be before it is considered memorable but I know this one will be. And same with what I have planned with @voidvexedAND OF COURSE, all of our snippets writing together. I love reading through the older interactions and seeing the progression of my own muse and then their relationship ^^ 

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((I hope u slept well!!)) for the ship thing: so I'm only 5'2", dark tan skin and dark hair lmao, I'm super sarcastic to the point where it can be unintentionally mean?? Also I'd rather be second in command than a leader and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve (also a taurus if that helps any) ❤❤❤ lov u ash

HI JULIA U ARE CUTE sorry for the delay, I have a legitimate excuse but you still had to wait so again sorry <3 

I ship you with Webster!! (this has absolutely nothing to do with your url i swear) 

You and David would work really well for several reasons, chief of which is that you both wear your heart on your sleeve, and your relationship would be healthy and honest. You can also match his wit blow for blow, and your sarcasm keeps him in check (because sometimes he’s a pretentious little prick who needs to be knocked down a few notches y’feel?) also, you both understand each other when it comes to your preference for being second in command rather than the leader, but you also both know how to step up and get things done so it doesn’t impact your relationship in a negative way. 

dating would include: 

  • him engulfing you in hugs because he’s literally 10 inches taller than you. he gives the best hugs I swear, that boy is A Hugger
  • nights in, your feet propped up on his lap as you both read your favorite books, soft music crooning in the background 
  • arguments always resulting in you winning and him pouting until he gets his way (or until he’s tired of waiting for a kiss)
  • trips to the ocean whenever you guys can get time off, wading and splashing in the water until you’re both soaked, and then laying together on the warm sand 
  • him spouting facts at seemingly random times and you responding by reaching up and ruffling his hair 
  • late nights of him banging away on his laptop trying to meet a deadline and you staying up to keep him company, keeping the coffee pot full, and letting him bounce ideas off you until early the next morning (once he gets the work sent in you guys sleep the day away together, his face buried in your shoulder, your hand in his soft curls) 

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Jimmy X Lance headcannon

So I’ve been watching My Knight and Me or preferably known as Ritter hoch 3 Bilder and I’ve come to the ship known as Jimmy X Lance… though the t.v. series has a small fanbase I still hope their are people out there who ship the two squires as well.

So without further-adoo. Enjoy my headcanon

Unexpected Kiss

Jimmy helping Lance with Squire homework after school sitting at the dining table in his house, Cat is doing her royal princess duties, and Henri is out.. well.. being a Knight. Lance sits their at the table frustrated on (math) let’s say for calculating the angle a catapult would need to be to hit it’s target. Lance is also frustrated having to learn from Jimmy Orange, his arch-rival, though he can’t feel but an odd comforting feeling around Jimmy, he would blush slightly when Jimmy would reach over him to point out something on his paper, with the occasional pat on the back from Jimmy making Lance jump a little and get nervous goosebumps all over his arms, Jimmy would notice this and shrug it off as the house being cold, he would rest his hand on Lance’s upper thigh without realizing it from concentrating on such paperwork, Lance’s face going unbearably beat red. Jimmy finally asks Lance whats with the red upon his face, Lance can’t take it anymore and finally snaps, he kissed Jimmy before he could do any protesting, Lance pulls away from Jimmy’s lips with his usual snarky look, though this time he’s slightly mad as well. “See you later orange”
Grabbing his things and rushing swiftly out of Jimmy’s house, the door opens as Henri comes in at the same time stopping lance in the process, Henri’s voice breaking the silent house
“Hey Jimbo, guess who’s back with Mandi!?” Only to stop in silence as Lance stomps off past Henri and he’s left seeing his son wide-eyed, red in the face, and slightly frowning, facing the front door in which his father came in through and Lance exited. Slowly getting up from the table ignoring his dad’s questions of what happened with a simple “nothing dad.. I’m going to bed.. good night.” Jimmy slumps his way into his room, plopping on his bed facing the ceiling and thinking of what had just happened moments before Henri had returned home from his Knightly quest the Queen ordered he take.

The End.

Message me if you want me to continue these.

After i posted all my grucifix necklaces i got a lot of messages from people asking where they can get them.
Look up Killerworks on facebook, he takes orders through messages there.
The large one i have is 4" and was $12, i also have a 4" double which was $13 i think. The small pendant i have is front a set of earrings which i don’t know if he always has or still makes them. When i placed my order he said he had an extra pair and if i wanted them they were $12 as well. And i made 2 necklaces out of them.
If you live the the US you have to be patient. It took him about 2-3 weeks to have time to make them and then the longest, most miserable part of all: the shipping. I swear my package sat in customs alone for a week. But it’s totally worth it. They’re great quality and he’s an awesome person, he even throws in a bunch of Ghost decals in your package as well.