well it still has 3 of my ships in it

Bright as the Night Sky (Part 1):

So here is part one of my fan fic! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have writing it! I can’t wait to get to the interesting part because it is literally my imagination come to life!


Feyre is busy trying to think of a creative gift for her 100th anniversary with Rhysand, and for once the inner circle is out of ideas. It’s only until Rhysand and her are invited to witness a rare performance by the people of Velaris that she finds her muse. But what will remain to celebrate once she discovers a dark secret.

The setting takes place WAY after ACOWAR and gives insight into the life of the inner circle and Feyre’s sisters, as well as the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. It does stem from my first fan fiction Safe at Last but is not necessary to read to understand.

WARNING: This has been written BEFORE I have read ACOWAR (So there is Elucien and Moriel) and Lucien is still viable for the Autumn Court and it’s staying that way (because I don’t want to dethrone Helion) aannnddd I love these ships too much to destroy them so its STAYING THAT WAY. 



Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Part 13:

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Why Shance has a Chance - Part Three

Part One

Part Two

Since there are only two seasons so far, honestly there isn’t much to go off of. I could go on and rant about the imagery and subtle expressions on their faces during certain scenes or talk about possible motivations behind specific lines and other things, but I won’t. What I will do is point to this:

This, as I’m sure many are aware of here, is a drawing created by an actual staff member of who is working on Voltron. It’s been heavily theorized that these are all things going to be addressed in the show with these specific characters. And so far? Looking like it’s all true. Allura being supportive of Pidge’s gender. (My personal headcanon is that Pidge is a trans girl and went back into the closet to infiltrate the Garrison, which kills me every. Single. Time. I think of it.) Hunk being supportive of Keith’s race. (Okay, Allura, just because he’s part Galra doesn’t make him evil. He’s just a knife loving guy, that’s all.) So who’s left? Lance, lookin’ all awkward and Shiro with a hand on his shoulder. What this implies is that Shiro is going to support Lance in his status as part of LGBT – and most fans believe him to be bi (mine is pan, but to each their own). If this comes to light, then hallelujah, we’ve got actual representation. But that also means that Lance could eventually end up with a male character on the show. And because Shiro is the one supporting him here?

That means there’s a chance it could be Shiro.

Again, as I’m winding down on this, we all have to remember that there are going to be 8 seasons of VLD. (And I’m super excited!) Which, again, based on my other post, means that by the end of the show, Lance will be a perfectly consenting adult to form relationships with other consenting adults,aka: Shiro. So yeah. Using this info alone, my bets are on endgame Shance. And as more content comes out for the show, I’ll be able to expand on my theories. If Shance doesn’t happen, oh well. I won’t be upset, because I’ll still ship it and that’s what fan art and fan fiction are for. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to. :)

pinecat-the-nyan-running-cubone  asked:

Ahhhh! You're so cute and thank you soooo much for making that mommy au because I could totally see that happening and I ship maebea so much! You're awesome, I hope you have an awesome day! Also like question I guess- has Bea ever held Mae's rodent babies? :3

Ahhhhhhh thank you so so so much!!! Im so happy to hear that you like my Mom AU/After story! 

I had fallen for the MaeBea ship the very first time I played Night in the Woods, and so after finishing the game I was like, ‘Oh, you know what would be cute?’ and just… The AU/After story was just a huge takeoff from there lol.

As for Bea and the roden babies… Well…

Mae is still trying to get her to hold them.

Again though, thank you so much for the lovely message, and I hope you have a wonderful day as well! ♥♥♥

My internal Time Team theories for the finale:

1) Wyatt and Noah will meet…it will not go well. Noah will help Rufus’ injury, then be out because he has eyes and is a smart man.

2) Rufus will be stable enough to help pilot the ship, but then basically need to camp out there while Lucy and Wyatt go on an adventure. This adventure will most likely kill me.

3) Rufus will still manage to have a few small scenes because I need his quips in my life.

4) we’re going to meet Lucy’s grandpa. He’ll be working for McCarthy because that seems like a Rittenhouse type thing one would do.

5) There will be a possibility (likely in the last 2 minutes of the ep) of taking out said ancestor(s), which will put Lucy’s existence into question.

6) Wyatt will not like this and it will lead to another emotional moment between them, but their feelings will remain unresolved…

until Season 2 because so help me, NBC needs to renew this show.

ada254  asked:

For the shipping ask I kinda want to be obvious and say eisuke x mc but what about mc x mamoru!!!!!? :)



who’s the cuddler: mc. eisuke’s too damn proud to initiate any cuddling (even though we all know he’s thirsty af), but he’ll melt into a puddle of goo if mc snuggles with him. 

who makes the bed: mc. she’s 100x better at fixing beds than he is, that’s for damn sure. though who knows how many times they did the Nasty the night before lmao

who wakes up first: eisuke, usually. he likes watching her sleep, and this is the only time he’s ever honest and vulnerable. he strokes her hair and whispers all his unspoken feelings to her while she sleeps. when she wakes up, mc says she’s had the best dream ever, to which eisuke just smiles in return.

who has the weird taste in music: mc. her playlist is a mix of idol music and really sappy love songs. eisuke doesn’t really have a musical preference (though he’s been known to hum some jazz every once in a while). 

who is more protective: eisuke, full stop. anyone who even breathes in mc’s direction the wrong way probably won’t see the light of day ever again. though mc is more likely to defend eisuke if someone talks shit about him.

who sings in the shower: mc! eisuke finds it adorable, and often he joins her in the shower for some Nasty times

who cries during movies: mc. eisuke rolls his eyes, but hugs her while she cries anyway.

who spends the most while out shopping: eisuke. need i say more? this guy burns money like it’s fucking nothing. nothing is too much for her. hell, he’d buy mc the moon if she wanted it.

who kisses more roughly: eisuke. he doesn’t know how to chill because he’s always ready to go, 24/7 (not that mc minds ;))))

who is more dominate: eisuke, like 90% of the time. still, he’s not averse to letting mc take the lead every once in a while.he secretly thinks it’s sexy. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: dang, you probably know how biased i am about this ship lol…. well, all things considered, i’ll give them a 10/10 because i fuckin love their dynamic (especially in season 3!!!) so much you have no idea


who’s the cuddler: both of them!! especially when they’re in bed. mamoru’s like a teddy bear.

who makes the bed: mc. she has to bribe mamoru with food if she ever wants him to make the bed. even if he does, he does a pretty lame job at it lmao

who wakes up first: mc. good mcfuckin luck trying to wake mamoru up before noon (unless he smells breakfast).

who has the weird taste in music: mc. mamoru doesn’t listen to music that much, and he’s kinda intimidated by the sheer number of revance songs on her phone.

who is more protective: mamoru. he’s lowkey about it, but he’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe. if she asks him, he’ll try to play it cool and deny it.

who sings in the shower: mc, even is she is a bit off-key. mamoru jokingly tells her she sucks, to which she responds by throwing a soap bar at him.

who cries during movies: mc!! she blows her nose onto his shirt sometimes, too. he gets mad about it, but seeing her sappy crying face keeps him from getting too mad.

who spends the most while out shopping: neither of them, really. they’re both kinda frugal, but sometimes they’d splurge on food once in a while.

who kisses more roughly: mamoru. he looks like he doesn’t care, but damn, this guy knows how to kiss.

who is more dominate: can go either way depending on the mood. if mamoru’s too lazy to take the lead, mc’ll be on top (and he loves the view from the bottom tbh).

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8/10 because honestly, these two are precious. i love how casual they are with each other <3

The OTP list nobody asked for

Only because I felt like expressing my love for my favorite pairings ♥

1 - Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo (Ranma ½)

Originally posted by loveandjustice


They are SUPER cute and I absolutely love their dynamic. 

2 - Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Originally posted by seieiryu

Okay so I’ve been struggling for a long time over which Lucy ship has the biggest spot in my heart. Somehow… GrayLu managed to wiggle its way there.

I can’t really begin to explain why. There is just something so… comforting about them as a pair. They look good together, and I think their personalities really go well together~ They have great chemistry ♥

3 - Natsu Dragneel and Lucy heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Originally posted by universeone-ft

So of COURSE I love these two together ♥ I’ve always been a huge fan of NaLu. And as much as these last few chapters have been killing me… I still love them.

I am afraid for what the future of Fairy Tail will bring us… but I really want to believe that NaLu will wind up together in the end. That everything will be okay.

4 - Kagome Higurashi and Kouga (Inuyasha)

Originally posted by neonearthtone

I just love how fully devoted Kouga was to Kagome right from the start practically. I truly believe that he actually loved her! And while there was a lot of love from Inuyasha… it didn’t feel genuine, because he was so completely in love with Kikyou. 

5 - Kagome Higurashi and Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha)

Originally posted by sayuri-watanabe

A ship that would never EVER happen canonically… but I absolutely love them. The fanfics that I have read of them are still my favorites to this day. And believe me when I say that I’ve read a LOT of fanfiction in my time.

6 - Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)

Originally posted by talesofsinfonia

Ahhhh…. this is a GOOD pair <3 So pure, so lovely, so wonderful. I LOVE THEM

Actually, the main reason I got into drawing was because I wanted to draw Colette and do her justice <3 because I love her to PIECES. She is one of my favorite female characters of all time ♥

7 - Laxus Dreyar and Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Originally posted by cdart-carmendaniele

My guilty pleasure ship. They probably should be before a few of the other ships I’ve mentioned honestly, but it felt weird putting so many Lucy ships right next to each other :’D

Lucy is just so SHIPPABLE. I love her so much and I love Laxus so much and I just— I feel like their relationship would be so interesting, so fun. 

8 - Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong (RWBY)

Originally posted by shokugekis

These two are so cuutteee. I honestly will probably be doing art of them in the future as well (honestly, I’ll do art of all my OTPs one day haha)

9 - Anastasia and Dimitri (Anastasia)

Originally posted by centerofmyuniverse

Their relationship development was SO nice. I honestly love Dimitri haha, he is so perfect <3 Where or where is my Dimitri </3

10 – To BE ANNOUNCED lmao

Room 415 (Ignis x F!OC)

Crap I promised you fluff but only more angst came out. Well darn. Guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the true fluff. This is still cute though. The beginning of my lovely ship. They’re so cute. Help me. 

This story has also been storage in my iPod for about 3 months now. It’s good to get it out in the open. 

Writing OCs is great therapy. Y’all should try it. I promise I’ll keep working on reader inserts and Sun in the Night (Chapter 6 is in the works now). I’ll just be writing this little series as a little fun side thing for myself. I need Ignis love. Well, I hope you enjoy. 

Here’s the previous story if you missed it.

Room 416 (Gladio x F!OC)

Tagging my friends: @themissimmortal, @stunninglyignis, @cupnoodle-queen, @itshaejinju, and @nifwrites <3

With a fire of fury still burning in her stomach, Kya pushed into the hallway. Without even knocking, she turned the knob of room 415… the room across the hall. It was already open.

Prompto shot up from the edge of the queen sized hotel bed. “Kya!” His face lit up like a star in the night sy. “Thank the Gods you’re here,” he hurried over to his friend, locking his arms around her in a tight hug.

“Thank the God you’re okay. Your text scared the shit out of me,” she released the blonde boy from her grasp. “Tell me what happened.”

In a single instant, all the color from Prompto’s rosy freckled cheeks vanished. His usual cheerful vibe that radiated off him disintegrated into the air around them. The strange emptiness in the air made a frown form instantly on Kya’s face.

“Luna… is dead,” his pale blue eyes averted to ground. “Ardyn… uh… he killed her.”

Kya’s eyes widened at the news. “That son of a bitch!” She growled, stamping her  booted foot onto the floor. “I swear—“

“She saved Noct’s life though,” he added in quickly, halting her from continuing her sentence. “He’s just … he’s asleep.”

Kya cocked her left eyebrow. “Define ‘asleep,’ Prompto.”

“He’s been in a coma since the Starscourge. Almost… two days now,” he admitted sadly, beginning to fidget with his hands.

Kya was left breathless.

“There’s uh.. something else you should know.”

“What?” She questioned, coldly.

“I don’t think I should be the one to tell you…”

Prompto awaited a response from the young woman, but received none. “Ignis is in Noct’s room next door. I’ll… go get him. He’s gonna be happy to know you’re here,” he shot a sad smile before slipping out of the hotel door and into the hallway.

The sudden silence allowed Kya to recollect her thoughts. She still hadn’t fully processes what had happened in the room across the hall only a few mere minutes ago.

Gladio and her were done.

Years of a relationship down the drain because of his damn temper.

She stared down at her hands to find them trembling out of her anger and frustrations. What else can go wrong?  What more traumas can the day bring forward?

The sound of the door squeaking open snapped her from her trance. Her eyes shot up to stare at the door, finding Ignis entering, turning his back briefly to close the door behind him.

“Ignis,” she sighed in relief. He turned to face her, revealing a pair of dark shaded glasses that replaced the usual spectacles that graced his face. Just below the pair of glasses, the left side of his face was visibly scarred. She began to fear what scars laid underneath his new pair of glasses. “Ignis what—“

“I’m happy you’re here,” he greeted calmly. He grasped a black cane in his gloved hand. Kya felt as if her heart broke shattered into a million pieces. He looked… so broken. She had seen Ignis Scientia in every state of mind over the past 19 years of their friendship. Sadness, anger, happiness, nervousness, excitement… but never had she seen him completely broken. “It’s nice to have someone of sound mind to talk to. We must decide on a plan to take action on when Noctis finally awakens.”

“Whoa, Iggy. Slow down,” Kya rushed to his side, placing a gentle hand on his back. She felt his muscles ease at her touch as she became his guide. With slow, cautious movements, she ushered Ignis to the couch located in the center of the hotel room. Carefully, he lowered himself onto the sofa. His face was void of emotion as it tilted downward slightly.

“What happened?” Kya asked, taking a seat on the cushion next to him.

“I’d rather not say,” he replied curtly.

Kya bit her lip, searching her brain for something to say.

“Are you…” Kya stopped herself to allow her blue eyes to search Ignis’s face. “Can you see?” Her voice was only louder than a whisper.

“Unfortunately, no,” he confirmed with a calm and collected voice.

“May I… take a look?”

“If you wish,” he nodded, turning toward the sound of her voice.

Her hear began to pound against her rib cage as she reached for the shaded glasses that rested upon the bridge of his nose. Gently, she pulled the glasses from his face and took them into her hand. The sight that awaited underneath the glasses took her aback.

His left eye was completely shut and scarred over. The red marking of his wound went from the top of his cheek to his lower part of his forehead. His right eye remained open, but there was no evidence of the emerald green color that once dwelled there. Only the color of dark gray clouds showed through his empty irises. Several other scratches scattered across his face.

With a careful touch, Kya pressed her fingers to the scar that dwelled on his left side. He winced slightly, but allowed her to touch it.

“Am I hurting you?” She quickly  pulled her hand away. 

“It’s nothing I can’t handle, Kya. Now,” he cleared his throat. “Tell me. Am I going to live?” He was joking. Attempting to lighten the bleak mode his new handicap had set.

She smiled sadly at the blind man before her. “Yes, Specs. You will live. Everything is healing just fine. You’ll make it.”

“That’s certainly a relief to hear.”

The sad grin vanished from Kya’s lips as her eyes drifted to the cane Ignis gripped in his hands. “How are you adapting?” She asked.

“As any other would.”

“Ignis, you don’t need to pretend to be alright,” she tried to assure him. He shook his head.

“I do not pretend, Kya. You of all people should know that by now.”

She could see right through his facade. Though his physical wounds have began to mend, his emotional wounds were only just starting to fester.

“You’re a smart man, Ignis, so you know I don’t believe you.”

A chuckle passed through his lips.

“I know there is no point in trying to convince you to talk about it,” she let out an exasperated sigh. “If you do ever decide you want to talk… you need only ask,” she placed a comforting hand onto his shoulder.

“Thank you, Kya. Sincerely.”

“Of course. We’re all here for you. All of us.

Ignis cleared his throat again. “Speaking of all of us… I apologize for eavesdropping, but my hearing has already improved considerably. Is… everything with you and Gladio alright?”

Kya bit her lip. “No, specs. We’re not okay,” she reported quickly. “It was a long time coming, though. You know that Gladio and I were only hanging on by a thread.”

“Yes, but I still am sorry for how things ended.”

“Thank you, Ignis. But, relationship problems are the least of my troubles right now, alright? I’m gonna go check on Noct.”

“Would it be a bother if I joined you?”

“Of course not.”

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How long have you shipped RM? And are your feelings for them just as strong now as it was then??

Hi nonnie, that’s a great question!

I remember I started shipping Rivamika right after I came back to the SNK fandom when episode ~5 of the anime aired. I caught up with the manga in a week (”I wonder who’s that overpowered shortie called Rivaille?”), and the shipping feels hit me hard when I first read chapter 37. It was May 2013. (’; By June 2013 I was neck-deep in Rivamika hell and I didn’t even know we’d be blessed by something such as the Uprising Arc in 2014.

For me, shipping is much like falling in love with someone. It’s a feeling that always starts out strong, it’s euphoric, you daydream constantly about them, you thirst for any fanfiction you can get your hands on… by the time I created this blog in July 2014 (when the Rivamika fandom was exploding because of the Uprising Arc) I was only starting to slightly come down from my high.

Now I feel more like I’m in a committed relationship with Rivamika, and managing this blog is much like being married to the ship (lmao). I don’t think about it 24-7 anymore like when you ship something for the first time, but I still draw great pleasure from it, and every time I find any type of new material about Rivamika I still freak out and fangirl like there’s no tomorrow. I was practically trembling with glee when chapters 83 and 84 (Ackerbowl) were released, and season 2′s release is making me high again! Plus, with the release of the databook and the recent interviews, as well as the manga timeskip being confirmed last chapter, shipping Rivamika has never been so… easy, if you know what I mean. 

My love for Rivamika (and my dear followers <3) kept me updating this blog long after the Uprising Arc ended, when we had almost no new content. I still love answering asks and writing new meta during my free time, and of course seeing so many new people fall in love with Rivamika is always a great motivator to keep shipping it. 

The feeling hasn’t faded, it’s just… different. More mature. I’m sure many of you are going or have gone though this shipping phase.

Thanks for the ask <3

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here's a fun thing: YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Let's talk about your story! Here's what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What's your favorite story/favorite post you've written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblr that you've been reading!

Hello! Thank you for sending this, nonny! I have also been tagged by the Hot Wine of My Life, @something-wicked-sims - thank you as well! 

1. How many stories are you writing? 
Right now I’m writing Blue Moon and The Hunt - which is still on hold and is not getting nearly enough attention - BUT I will try to get it moving soon! Promise! 

2.  What’s your favourite story/favourite post you’ve written? 
Wow. I… don’t know. The Hunt was my first story I ever published, so that is quite special for me. On the other hand Blue Moon is something that has been haunting my drawer for years until I finally decided to edit it into a sim story form and publish. My BFF still remembers Riley being a 16 years old criminal and falling in love with Corinne, while Věra’s name was Lacey and she died in the second chapter. :D So yeah, I would have to say those two are my favourites. But now I’m neglecting Heda. Arghghgh, I can’t win here… :D 

3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 
Right now? V and Riley. I’m also a big Fable fan, but you guys know that. My another ship is still secret, but it’s coming soon. :D

4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why)?
Faye went a long way - a loooong way - from her Denmark years, but she’s got nothing on Corinne and Fable. Those are the two characters that just went and completely changed who they are throughout my story. I’m planning to reveal more of Fable’s past in Season 4 (yep, the ever present Arrow-like flashbacks are still a thing) and as for Corinne, everything will be revealed in Blue Moon… pretty soon. :D 

5. Tag 3 story simblr that you’ve been reading!

 3? Hahaha, nice try. No way do I reduce it to 3. So here I go, the best of the best: @pixeltrashcan, @jepensedoncjesims, @amyfollowsthesims, @dinaswimmer, @furiouslydecaffinated, @neutralsupply, @lifeasasim, @zauglom, @beverlyallitsims, @eslanes and some people I just now found and am already in love with: @lunarian-sim and @writehoodie + also the Hot Wine of My Life - she’s giving me the dark and angsty she promised, so I’m purring. :D

I was tagged by @little-miss-sherlock (Thank you!) 

If you’re tagged, answer these and tag 9 other blogs. 

Favorite color: Probably black but I kinda love every pastel color as well

Lipstick or Chapstick? i’m swedish, i use lypsyl, i don’t know what chapstick is (it might be lypsyl, i don’t know) 

Last song I listened to: Bullshit - G- Dragon. 

Last movie: I think it was Nerve, i only watch kdramas now a days though so it was a few months ago 

Top 3 fictional characters: Ha-Myeong (Dal-po), Lydia martin, Stiles stilinski or should i say Mieczyslaw stilinski 

Top 3 ships: It used to be Stydia, Snowbarry and Lucaya (haha notice my @) but then shit happened and now it’s probably Taekook, Markjin and Phan (Stydia still holds a precious place in my heart though <3) 

Currently reading: Fanfiction *Thumbs up* 

I tag: @amandapersson @xxbangtanbangxx @justsomerandomfangirlsblog @slowlyfallingmadlyinlove @yes-legendarywonderlandcollector  @xx-canyounot-xx @obsessive-depressive @tuanisanangel @trishthesquish 

this is kinda awkward to tag since i’ve only spoken to 3 of you and one of you once sent ‘hi’ and then you never replied but you’re all my mutuals and i love you very much and appreciate you as well! But please send me messages if you want to start talking or something and please tag me in things  ^.^ 

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last 10 people in you notifications anonymously

okay, umm… I’ve never done something like this, so here goes (btw thanks anon^^)

1. Holidays–lol but seriously, ever since I entered med school, especially ever since I entered my clinical rotations, holidays are a blessing!! Well you still worry about your assignments, and you still worry about your exams, but at least you don’t have to worry about being in the hospital and all the stress it carries.

2. Writing–because writing is fun!

3. Good story, great characters, shipping!!!–can be anything: books, anime, video games, movies. My current obsessions are Natsume Yuujinchou, Noragami, Persona 5, Mystic Messenger, and ACOWAR (though so far I still love ACOMAF better, but ACOWAR has its own charm)

4. Playing with cats–which I haven’t done in a long time… I miss playing with cats!

5. Daydreaming–yep, daydreaming is good

Sims Story Tag

thank u for tagging me @femmesim :)

1. how many stories are you writing?

I’m writing the Murdocks as we know … but am I currently planning another one…? yes…? :)

2. What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written?

mmm p this one and this one

3. Who do you personally ship in your story?

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
well obviously Sawyer x Vinnie (Sawnnie? Vinyer?) and a little bit Vinnie x Billie (from @tititatatoot) but that’s an AU don’t worry :)

4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why)

Well in my head I’ve fleshed Sawyer and Gemma (she’s the fave come on) out the most, but this story still has a long way to go in terms of showing y’all the development. In terms of what’s posted, Sawyer has come the farthest, mainly in terms of accepting her sexuality. (but journey is far from done!! hooty hooh just wait kids)

5. Tag 3 story simblr that you’ve been reading!

Imma tag: @tititatatoot @nicotinc @neutralsupply @stardust-sims


There will be three main verses.

1: This will be my Zeds main continuity, here will explore his alliance with Syndra and there potential relationship.

2: This one will involve a slightly toned down Zed. He is still evil but has taken on the role of a bounty hunter, abandoning his quest to train his students and instead taking on jobs in order to turn a profit.

3: This last verse will involve the main continuity as well, except all is fair in shipping.

katakulio  asked:

I know that this is very late but 14, 16 and 24 for the ship ask!

Not nearly as late as my response! I’m sorry it took forever!  :S

14. Which one rolls over in the morning to wake up the other one just to kiss them?  That would be Edmund!  He travels a lot, when he feels well enough to, and he often has to leave early in the morning bc what is “speed” when it comes to 1850s transportation. lol  Margaret’s usually still asleep, so he makes sure to kiss her goodbye before he leaves. :3

16. Does one have an interest the other thinks is weird but wants to listen to regardless?  Hmm .  .  . I wouldn’t say she thinks it’s weird, per se, but Edmund used to collect all sorts of insects and things he found interesting and mount them – he’s quite the amateur entomologist! (^__^)

24. Where would they vacation on their honeymoon?  Scotland!  Edmund’s family – on his father’s side, at least – are Scots, so he’d probably love to show her around the lowlands and take her to the places his forebears called home.

anonymous asked:

Your rating for Madame Amberly x Ebeneezer Von Clutch and N. Tropy x Ebeneezer Von Clutch please? Thanks!

MadamexVon Clutch

3 = I could see why others like it but not at all my taste.

I would of rated it a 2 but that’s mean. I can’t really see her and Clutch getting together. He just seems too sweet for her taste.


5 = It’s alright, I ship it a little perhaps…

Still not sure but it’s kinda cute. :3 Tropy is more of a gentlemen than a brute. Well…depending on what he wants.

To be honest I think he has a better chance of being with N. Gin I think.

anonymous asked:

The Originals for the ships thing ^^

Aaaw, I’ve got mail! *_* Thank you for asking, anon!! <3 *happy* Well, so… let’s start!! 

  • otp: well, definitely Klope and Haylijah! <3 I really like Klamille too, but Klope and Haylijah are my must! <3
  • favourite canon pairing: Haylijah and Klamille… well, more Haylijah because I’ve been shipping/adoring them since the beginning of TO!
  • worst pairing ever: mh… do you remember the lovely Genevieve? XD Well, it was just for little, but she and Klaus… come on, Klaus has definitely better tastes. <3
  • guilty pleasure pairing: JAYLEY all my life. Yes, to be honest, I liked Jackson and Hayley, but they were not meant to be together (betrothal apart). Anyway, the scene in the gym was hot af, yes. :3 *still hears “Two Weeks” resonating in her ears*
  • a pairing you want to see more: Klope, Klope, Klope. Klope is life! ;_;<3 Joking, talking of pairings… perhaps I wanted more about Kolvina, but it will be a miracle if we get one scene between them in this season, considering how it ended… ç_ç
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: I don’t know, honestly… it is hard to say… no idea, sorry! :/
  • favorite non-romantic pair: Klayley! I love their interactions. Klaus and Hayley are very similar in temper and I really like the wonderful job they are doing as parents of Hope, as well the deep friendship/trust they have one another. I can’t see romance between them, but their bond is undeniable! :)
Final Haikyuu Quest Summary (Parts 3-6 [Final])

I typed these up for a friend and thought they might be of interest for others, but please take it with a pinch of salt.  My Japanese is very much still in the works (and rereading this later I’ve found I forgot parts but I’m too lazy to fix everything).  You can find parts 1-3 fully translated here by tumblr user silveryogi and translations still ongoing I do believe.

I’ll probably (properly) translate the FHQ picture drama from the game when that comes in and summarise the Vol.3 parts as well, both* some time in Sept/Oct when they ship in.  Anyways, this stuff is such a ride.

*Edit: Third LN came in and it does not continue FHQ. Instead, it’s replaced by Haikyuu Fighter, but I still plan on translating or summarising the chapters at some point!

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anonymous asked:

why is it a common thing in zosan to make zoro a pervert/border line rapist when he's none of these things in canon?? I love zosan I love their relationship but I keep seeing zoro portrayed like that and It makes reconsider supporting this ship...

I think this is  a very good question and I’m glad when received your ask, anon. I’m glad that you chose me - the one you want to get the answer from. And I’ll have to say sorry for giving you a very damn long answer below, because, well… there’s so much to talk about this considering. But I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

But at first before I go to the central of discussing about the characters of Roronoa Zoro I want to give an advice that you should not let yourself be involved so much by the other fans’s shipping chemistry. If you love the relationship between Zoro and Sanji, just put your own choice on over the rest, ship them and keep loving them by your natural feeling, how you see them and want to see them, despite of any kind it could be: friendship, romantic relationship, husbando, cute moss and kinky cook…. anything. You don’t have to like a dominant Zoro and submisive Sanji to like ZoSan - or event just supporting the ship.

Now, for your main question, that I think to give out reasons explaining about Zoro in ZoSan ship, we should have a general look again at the canon Zoro.

He, the one called ‘East Blue Demon’ by many people, rumour didn’t come from nowhere, because yes holy fuck this guy can be a real Demon on battlefield. I guess we don’t need so many words to talk about how badass Zoro was when he glared at his enemy and started his gorgeus three swords style skills in many no-less-gorgeus names such as Oni Giri (demon slash), Tora Gari (Tiger Hunt), Toro Nagashi (Swords of flying wolf), Tatsu Maki (Dragon Twister)… more and more you should read here. Damn he’s badass even when he get lost.  It’s easy to see the ‘Demon’ or ‘Beast’ aura from Zoro through his fighting style.

Further to his characters, one that (I think) hold the first place of easy to see about Roronoa Zoro, he’s an extra-self-confident type, the true self-reliant.

kinda his God is himself.

As I could very agree with Chopper’s line in Skypiea “Zoro is more arrogant than God.”

Zoro is very determine too. For I think that he’s the most determine one in the crew, proof are so many put just pick out the clearest one, the time in Water 7 - how to deal with Usopp situation (both before & after separation), the time that everybody, even Sanji had their silence before Zoro’s words. 

Hardly he gave out so many words but once they came, all are heavy enough to weigh in every member’s heart so that they’d better listen to his decision. I think Zoro has his very decisive trait which comes as a result of his silently careful strategic mind plus his hyperconfidence. He thought very carefully before deciding a move, once he finished thinking, once he got his choice then it could only be “the right”. He knows he’s right so damn well. This very great, powerful character but then somehow help build his cute side while being a lost dork too, like he would never admit that he lost, well just because there’s no way he choose the wrong - like ‘I can only choose the right, what I chose could not be wrong, It’s you guys the lost one here. I’m on my way!’

So I picked out 3 characters of Roronoa Zoro, remind that here are just three, there’re still many other side of the man. But I picked out those three because I think they are the most well-effected to the reason of Zoro usually be portrayed as a dominator in ZoSan ship. The green hair man usually wears a smirk on his face, has a very dangerous sight as Demon/Beast, arrogant than any Gods and no God he should have bow better than himself, strong determine as if every of his final decision can only be the right. 

From canon to the shipping world, everything can be exaggerated by fan’s imagination. It’s the common thing, every ship has that. And if you come closer to the bond between 2 male characters in their boy-love ship, then once the smut scene happens, it’s natural that people have to choose who’s the attacker, who’s the one beginning the flirty stuff while they writing, drawing, creating fandom’s stuff. If you’re more in to Zoro being a top, then seeing him have many actions of being more pervert than the original, and usually dominating, that the way it is, that the way it have to or else they will just be endlessly friendship. 

But. not. a. rapist.

Well I have to admit that I feel a little irritated with that word in your question. Because Goddamn I don’t remember ZoSan fandom has that level of building Zoro to the edge of rapist (do you know how strong that case of being a rapist?) Be a super dominating top and be a rapist is two different things. The only exception I know is Zoro from doujinshi Spit out your soul  by Nari, but we can’t count that, Zoro was drugged, and for God shake that strong scene in the doujinshi just make its story went more angst and painful. I didn’t read too many fanfictions, so sorry that my knowledge has its limit but really, I have not read any fanfictions/doujin that build Zoro as a rapist on his purpose or even the artworks, fanarts.

It’s not a common thing. Really I opened my mouth a minute reading your question. I highly agree with the term of Zoro commonly being portrayed as a pervert and dominator in ZoSan fandom, but not a rapist. 

And for those common things, it can’t be help. That the way it is. I had many words above. I hope they helped you understand why it is common. But I can’t help you change your taste and like it. Still I have to say, that common side isn’t the all of ZoSan fandom. The fandom got ton of tender and cuteness too. From fanfiction, doujinshi to artworks.

Please don’t judge ZoSan fandom like a pile of violence, sex, dom&sub. We. are. not.

Beside, you still can put everything in another arrangement, if you can’t get used to the common - strong will and highly dominant Zoro when people portrayed him as a top, then another common - cute plus a little nonsense bottom Zoro still a good choice. I’m not saying that a top Zoro can’t be cute and the green man can’t be a dominant bottom.

Everything has the way of their OOC. Simply that the fantasy of fans. Important conclusion, just re-read my advice at the opening of this long post. 

crystep34  asked:

The fic that you wrote, holy amazingness!! First stucky fic I've ever read, and no regrets. I've been thinking about the ending all day, it made me so sad! Good job, and please keep up the incredible work! Have a good day and don't listen to meanies!

That was your first?? AHH! I’m weirdly flattered! But NOW I NEED TO GET YOU A LIST OF BETTER FICS TO READ! :D

All the Angels and the Saints by speranza

Rated E
Summary: In which Steve Rogers loses God and finds God and loses God, and also: Bucky.

Sonic Says: This is always on my list for all stucky starter packs. The characterization is phenomenal. Also, since you liked my fic, with Steve being on the reckless and insensitive side, I can promise you - cross my heart - you will like this even better. This is a way more in depth handling of Steve, and a way healthier, more complex portrayal of their relationship. I would buy this fic a fancy steak dinner and send it a dozen roses - it’s amazing. 

When I Put Away Childish Things by hansbekhart

Rated M
Summary: Bucky gets on a Manhattan bound train around 2:30, heading to 8th St. He watches the Lady far off on Liberty Island as they roll over the East River. The train is crowded and people smile at him, pleased to see a handsome young man in uniform. He smiles back, pleased with the world and everything in it. He wonders where Steve might want to go for lunch. What he’d say if Bucky asked him if he’d ever thought about treating this thing between them as real.
He comes out of the subway a little before 3 o'clock, and the world has changed.

Sonic Says: I have recommended this fic so many time that I should probably just get on my knees and propose to it. The details about Brooklyn and Bucky’s life are so intimate and vivid, and Bucky and Steve’s relationship in this fic has informed so much of my shipping. 

The Dud by nimmieamee

Not Rated
Summary: When he was eight or nine, Bucky Barnes was the secret sworn enemy of the dud newsie.

Sonic Says: This is another very exquisitely detailed fic that brings the setting to life. Additionally - Bucky and Steve as tiny adorable children. It’s the perfect set-up to their relationship. 

Nice Work if You Can Get It by reserve

Rated M
Summary: Bucky Barnes and his best pal Steve Rogers stumble into a situation that leaves Bucky feeling tongue-tied, out of his element, and convinced that Steve—Steve!—has more experience with the ladies than he previously let on. It’s terrible.
(Pre-serum Steve, pre-war Brooklyn, befuddled Bucky, and showgirls, for your pleasure.)

Sonic Says: Some day you might read a stucky fic that makes you cry periodically for a week. When that happens, this is the fic that will cheer you up. It is lovely, and cute, with wonderful historical detail. It will make you feel like these boys have an actual shot at happiness for once. 

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To by EmilianaDarling

Rated E
Summary: “What about you, Barnes?” asks Dugan. The sound of his voice brings Bucky back to the present, dredges him out of memories of a beat-up little apartment with sunlight streaming in through the windows. “Got yourself a girl waiting for you back home?”
There’s an answer on the tip of his tongue, one that he’ll deliver with a cocky grin and a half-laugh and a little shake of his head. But Bucky is exhausted and hungry and so sore it hurts to move, and one of the guys in their platoon fucking died yesterday. His mouth tastes like iodine water and his feet hurt and none of it’s going to get better any time soon, and all at once Bucky misses Steve so badly he can barely see straight.
“Yeah,” Bucky declares abruptly, the word escaping from his mouth before he fully realizes what he’s saying. “Yeah, I do.”

Sonic Says: Okay remember what I was just saying about sad fics? Well, here you go. This one made me ache inside, and it’s beautiful. 

Five Time Steve Kissed Bucky by paragon

Rated T
Summary: (+ once, finally, it was the other way around)

Sonic Says: No starter pack is complete without a 5 Times fic, and this one is the most delightful. Ever. It’s one of the first fics I read for stucky, and I still re-read it from time to time when I need to smile. 

WOW That’s looking longer than I expected, haha. But I promise all of these are well worth the read. and most of them are fairly manageable word counts as well. SORRY FOR THROWING FIC AT YOU! Haha. <3 This ship has so many amazing fanfics, it blows my mind, but these are definitely some of my all-time favorites. 

Finally I am getting around to doing my first follow forever (I’ve been paranoid about forgetting people so I’ve been holding it off, oops). I have met so many people that have really impacted my life and who brighten up my days :’) I hope you all have an amazing year this year <3 (this’ll be long and I apologize in advance.)

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Thanks everyone for truly making tumblr a better experience for me, I’ve met so many great people and I am so grateful for you all :’) <3 

And now messages for my friends after the line thing here <3:

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