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Hook, Line, and Stinker

[Be My Players in our FFD6 Campaign]

[Be in the middle of the ocean when a storm picks up in the middle of the night and SHAKES the boat]

DM (Moi): So Al'hums [Viera Time Mage], what are you doing when the storm arrives?

Time Mage: Doin’ Cartwheels!

DM: Where at?

Time Mage: On the deck!

DM: Please roll for Athletics to see if you can stay on the boat…

*One Complication and several minutes later Later*

Samurai: Cass [Hume Samurai] looks out into the ocean, and after seeing Al'hums overboard and drowning, dives in to save him!

DM: Please roll for Athletics to see if you can stay afloat!

Samurai: *Rolls another Complication* ಠ_ಠ

DM: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) … You manage to start swimming to  the middle of the ocean to save Al'hums, and reach him in ti-

Samurai: Hold On. I got a complication-

DM: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Ranger: Kreeve [Hume Ranger/Gunslinger person] sees his friends and throws them a line!

DM: 83 Please roll Athletics to see if the line reaches them

Ranger: *Rolls a Whopping third Complication*

Ranger: Oh shit.

DM: So, while you were trying to save Al'hums and Cassidy, a patrolling [Bad Guy’s] ship has found your ship through the storm, and is now launching harpoons to annihilate your asses. And you’re still trying to pull Cass and Al'hums onto the boat. Prepare for battle >: 3

Ninja: *Rolls well, which I translated as, “Able to sleep through Ragnarok” ’ CAN I PLEASE WAKE UP AND SAVE MY FRIENDS?!

Bright as the Night Sky (Part 1):

So here is part one of my fan fic! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have writing it! I can’t wait to get to the interesting part because it is literally my imagination come to life!


Feyre is busy trying to think of a creative gift for her 100th anniversary with Rhysand, and for once the inner circle is out of ideas. It’s only until Rhysand and her are invited to witness a rare performance by the people of Velaris that she finds her muse. But what will remain to celebrate once she discovers a dark secret.

The setting takes place WAY after ACOWAR and gives insight into the life of the inner circle and Feyre’s sisters, as well as the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. It does stem from my first fan fiction Safe at Last but is not necessary to read to understand.

WARNING: This has been written BEFORE I have read ACOWAR (So there is Elucien and Moriel) and Lucien is still viable for the Autumn Court and it’s staying that way (because I don’t want to dethrone Helion) aannnddd I love these ships too much to destroy them so its STAYING THAT WAY. 



Part 2:

Part 3:

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Why Shance has a Chance - Part Three

Part One

Part Two

Since there are only two seasons so far, honestly there isn’t much to go off of. I could go on and rant about the imagery and subtle expressions on their faces during certain scenes or talk about possible motivations behind specific lines and other things, but I won’t. What I will do is point to this:

This, as I’m sure many are aware of here, is a drawing created by an actual staff member of who is working on Voltron. It’s been heavily theorized that these are all things going to be addressed in the show with these specific characters. And so far? Looking like it’s all true. Allura being supportive of Pidge’s gender. (My personal headcanon is that Pidge is a trans girl and went back into the closet to infiltrate the Garrison, which kills me every. Single. Time. I think of it.) Hunk being supportive of Keith’s race. (Okay, Allura, just because he’s part Galra doesn’t make him evil. He’s just a knife loving guy, that’s all.) So who’s left? Lance, lookin’ all awkward and Shiro with a hand on his shoulder. What this implies is that Shiro is going to support Lance in his status as part of LGBT – and most fans believe him to be bi (mine is pan, but to each their own). If this comes to light, then hallelujah, we’ve got actual representation. But that also means that Lance could eventually end up with a male character on the show. And because Shiro is the one supporting him here?

That means there’s a chance it could be Shiro.

Again, as I’m winding down on this, we all have to remember that there are going to be 8 seasons of VLD. (And I’m super excited!) Which, again, based on my other post, means that by the end of the show, Lance will be a perfectly consenting adult to form relationships with other consenting adults,aka: Shiro. So yeah. Using this info alone, my bets are on endgame Shance. And as more content comes out for the show, I’ll be able to expand on my theories. If Shance doesn’t happen, oh well. I won’t be upset, because I’ll still ship it and that’s what fan art and fan fiction are for. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to. :)

racetothedge  asked:

Cycles, I gotta do flailing in your inbox because the fandom hurts my soul. As someone who went through a five year depression over a girl and still has anger issues when I'm low, Kara is painfully relatable. So to see everyone hating on her is really demoralising and I just, well, I'm sad now.

It’s disheartening because it’s exactly what any depressed person fears everyone’s perception of them is in reaction to their inability to “get over it”—that they’re whiny or annoying or a bitch.

But it’s also not surprising in the least.

Fandoms have a history of reacting to depressed characters with anger.

If a character isn’t introduced as a moody or broody type (of course, those are received well enough), but instead becomes moody or broody for a long period of time (a.k.a. depressed) for a storyline—the fandom hates it. 

No matter how much sense it makes for them to feel that way.

Of course, the less sympathetic the reason, the more harshly the fandom reacts.

But that doesn’t make the fans any more right, because in reality, people are utterly destroyed for reasons you think make zero sense. Things that would never hurt you in a million years. Things you think will actually make them much better off.

And sometimes people are depressed for no seeable reason at all.

Now, we know that Kara’s depression storyline is a result of years of losses that have accumulated (which of course includes Mon-El). Argue all you want about the quality of their portrayal of the idea so far, but that’s officially canonically why Kara is acting this way. Saying otherwise is actively going against what the point of the storyline is to fit your argument.

But even if it were just Mon-El? 

I’d understand the anger directed at the writers for making Kara be depressed and have an identity crisis over the loss of her boyfriend.

I wouldn’t understand the anger toward Kara, the character, for being upset.

I wouldn’t understand insulting her for being unhealthy.

I don’t.

You’re not always going to be able to Get It. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not real. That doesn’t mean that you should respond with less empathy for their suffering or less help with their difficulties.

Even if it gets ugly. Especially if it gets ugly.

Which isn’t to say that depressed or otherwise mentally ill people aren’t responsible for their actions. If you do or say something cruel to someone, you should apologize sincerely and take steps to prevent it from happening again.


1: Kara’s words to Alex in this past episode were not much worse than things the other characters on the show have said to her when they weren’t the midst of a depression that has persisted for 6 months. Alex, Lena and Cat have all similarly lashed out at her with no more an apology than Kara’s symbolic showing up at the bar was. 

And despite those being dramatic moments of tension, it honestly wasn’t that big of a deal. Because,

2: Sometimes your empathy has to trump your score card.

People can say mean shit when they’re feeling all fucked up, and so sometimes it falls upon you to keep things in perspective.

For instance, when Lena lashed out at Supergirl for telling her that her mother was the head of Cadmus, it wouldn’t have been wrong of Kara to be offended and to defend herself. But because she cared about what Lena was going through, she side stepped it completely and instead continued to empathize with her and try to help her. 

“You know, I thought you were different. You wear that symbol on your chest and everyone thinks you’re good. How many times did your cousin put on that high-and-mighty costume and come after Lex? My mother is no saint, but you come in here and accuse her of being the Devil incarnate? How long before you come after me?”

“I know what it’s like to be disillusioned by our parents. But I’m a pretty good judge of character. And you are not like your mother. She is cold and dangerous. And you are too good and too smart to follow in her path. Be your own hero.”

That’s actually one of the reasons I love that scene.

Now, is everyone going to be able to pull a Supergirl and ignore hurtful things said in the heat of the moment completely just in time to say an inspirational speech? No.

But should we still attempt to recognize that their behavior is a byproduct of their pain and that they may need help, not judgement and insults? Yes.

There are ways this kind of understanding can go overboard, such as in response to Cat. 

Because Cat attacks those around her on a daily basis.

Her childhood or strained relationship with her mother or history with depression isn’t an excuse for insulting everyone around her non-stop. That’s not a momentary lapse in judgement, that’s a pattern. The only person who needs choose to be understanding over protecting themselves is her therapist.

So when she is upset with her mother, she amps up the insults at Kara, and Kara lashes out right back at her. Because it’s not different from how Cat usually is, and she’s not so distressed that it warrants Kara’s concern.

When Cat thinks she lost Adam, she tells Kara to jump off the balcony. This time, Kara side steps it and says “…How did dinner with Adam go?” because it’s more vicious than usual and she’s worried about Cat.

But Kara has been basically acting as Cat’s personal counselor for the whole episode, going beyond what level of understanding would be expected.

In fact, not confronting the fact that she continually tries to hurt Kara when she’s upset (at some point, if not in that very moment) is the wrong move, because it will happen again. (Her treatment of Kara when Adam does eventually leave, anyone?)

There is a line, and Cat is often an example of the other side of it.

But Kara is usually the furthest thing from any of that. When she says something mean mid-argument, after months of having a low mood, something is seriously wrong and that’s more important than that she isn’t being nice right now.

And if something like this happens to someone in your life, something is wrong, as well.

And that something is more important than how you personally feel about them not hanging out as much or being as sunny or responding to your excitement.

You miss all of those things, yes, but being angry with them for not being able to give those things to you right now is just kinda cruel.

And likewise, being angry with Kara for being unhealthy is wildly insensitive.

This is a representative storyline. Which means that the things you say about this storyline are things you’re telling to people who relate to it.

“She’s depressed just because she lost her boyfriend? What the hell??”

You’re telling people who became depressed after losing a significant other that they’re weak.

“Kara is annoying me” “This is so ugly” “She should be able to just get over it” 

These are all things that you’re telling the real, tangible, human people who watch this show and are in this fandom who have experienced/are experiencing depression.

I’ve already seen a few people talking about how they like this storyline because it reminds them of what they’ve gone through. 

This isn’t just theoretical discourse—these are the people who are hearing what you say about Kara. And it applies to them, too.

In the end, it all comes back to “Hope, help, and compassion for all.”

Kara has lost hope. Even the most positive people are capable of losing hope. But that doesn’t mean we should lose our compassion. 

It means they need help.

pinecat-the-nyan-running-cubone  asked:

Ahhhh! You're so cute and thank you soooo much for making that mommy au because I could totally see that happening and I ship maebea so much! You're awesome, I hope you have an awesome day! Also like question I guess- has Bea ever held Mae's rodent babies? :3

Ahhhhhhh thank you so so so much!!! Im so happy to hear that you like my Mom AU/After story! 

I had fallen for the MaeBea ship the very first time I played Night in the Woods, and so after finishing the game I was like, ‘Oh, you know what would be cute?’ and just… The AU/After story was just a huge takeoff from there lol.

As for Bea and the roden babies… Well…

Mae is still trying to get her to hold them.

Again though, thank you so much for the lovely message, and I hope you have a wonderful day as well! ♥♥♥


Let’s talk about your story! Here’s what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblrs that you’ve been reading!

I was tagged by @blythelyre, thanks Babe! I originally did this meme here but I wanna tag some more people whose answers I’d love to see so it’s all good.

1) Still only writing the one story, Five Years Later.

2) The first time I answered Roy and Sonia’s wedding and that is true in terms of fun…I truly look back on it as being the best fun I have ever had writing anything, and also setting up the scenes, choosing the outfits, the decorations etc was a blast too. But if I would have to choose my favourite post in terms of actual feels, it would probably be the aftermath of Joël finding Anita cheating with her workmate. And this song always plays in my head as a soundtrack, and the lyrics never cease to give me chills when I think of poor Jojo’s heart being ripped out of his chest. I don’t know who you are now, all the things I hear you say, you talk that way, you’re a stranger…. 😭😭😭

3) Jonita and…heheh. I also still secretly ship Romi, lulz. And I love Seph and Audrey. I really want to explore their story further. How I’m going to do this has not yet fully revealed itself itself to me, but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I have faith.

4) Naomi, no contest, but thinking about my current story arc def also Mia…I feel like I owe it to her, she’s a trooper and has gone through so much, the poor lamb. Why has she had so much character development? Well, I think I owe it to my characters, basically. Of course I owe it to my readers too to have complex characters who aren’t stereotypes. And to have them continually surprise people is great and hopefully keeps people interested in their lives and stories.

5) This time around I would like to tag @mada-didi @trembling-hands and @sunset-melody! Cheers, possums! 

ada254  asked:

For the shipping ask I kinda want to be obvious and say eisuke x mc but what about mc x mamoru!!!!!? :)



who’s the cuddler: mc. eisuke’s too damn proud to initiate any cuddling (even though we all know he’s thirsty af), but he’ll melt into a puddle of goo if mc snuggles with him. 

who makes the bed: mc. she’s 100x better at fixing beds than he is, that’s for damn sure. though who knows how many times they did the Nasty the night before lmao

who wakes up first: eisuke, usually. he likes watching her sleep, and this is the only time he’s ever honest and vulnerable. he strokes her hair and whispers all his unspoken feelings to her while she sleeps. when she wakes up, mc says she’s had the best dream ever, to which eisuke just smiles in return.

who has the weird taste in music: mc. her playlist is a mix of idol music and really sappy love songs. eisuke doesn’t really have a musical preference (though he’s been known to hum some jazz every once in a while). 

who is more protective: eisuke, full stop. anyone who even breathes in mc’s direction the wrong way probably won’t see the light of day ever again. though mc is more likely to defend eisuke if someone talks shit about him.

who sings in the shower: mc! eisuke finds it adorable, and often he joins her in the shower for some Nasty times

who cries during movies: mc. eisuke rolls his eyes, but hugs her while she cries anyway.

who spends the most while out shopping: eisuke. need i say more? this guy burns money like it’s fucking nothing. nothing is too much for her. hell, he’d buy mc the moon if she wanted it.

who kisses more roughly: eisuke. he doesn’t know how to chill because he’s always ready to go, 24/7 (not that mc minds ;))))

who is more dominate: eisuke, like 90% of the time. still, he’s not averse to letting mc take the lead every once in a while.he secretly thinks it’s sexy. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: dang, you probably know how biased i am about this ship lol…. well, all things considered, i’ll give them a 10/10 because i fuckin love their dynamic (especially in season 3!!!) so much you have no idea


who’s the cuddler: both of them!! especially when they’re in bed. mamoru’s like a teddy bear.

who makes the bed: mc. she has to bribe mamoru with food if she ever wants him to make the bed. even if he does, he does a pretty lame job at it lmao

who wakes up first: mc. good mcfuckin luck trying to wake mamoru up before noon (unless he smells breakfast).

who has the weird taste in music: mc. mamoru doesn’t listen to music that much, and he’s kinda intimidated by the sheer number of revance songs on her phone.

who is more protective: mamoru. he’s lowkey about it, but he’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe. if she asks him, he’ll try to play it cool and deny it.

who sings in the shower: mc, even is she is a bit off-key. mamoru jokingly tells her she sucks, to which she responds by throwing a soap bar at him.

who cries during movies: mc!! she blows her nose onto his shirt sometimes, too. he gets mad about it, but seeing her sappy crying face keeps him from getting too mad.

who spends the most while out shopping: neither of them, really. they’re both kinda frugal, but sometimes they’d splurge on food once in a while.

who kisses more roughly: mamoru. he looks like he doesn’t care, but damn, this guy knows how to kiss.

who is more dominate: can go either way depending on the mood. if mamoru’s too lazy to take the lead, mc’ll be on top (and he loves the view from the bottom tbh).

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8/10 because honestly, these two are precious. i love how casual they are with each other <3

anonymous asked:

How long have you shipped RM? And are your feelings for them just as strong now as it was then??

Hi nonnie, that’s a great question!

I remember I started shipping Rivamika right after I came back to the SNK fandom when episode ~5 of the anime aired. I caught up with the manga in a week (”I wonder who’s that overpowered shortie called Rivaille?”), and the shipping feels hit me hard when I first read chapter 37. It was May 2013. (’; By June 2013 I was neck-deep in Rivamika hell and I didn’t even know we’d be blessed by something such as the Uprising Arc in 2014.

For me, shipping is much like falling in love with someone. It’s a feeling that always starts out strong, it’s euphoric, you daydream constantly about them, you thirst for any fanfiction you can get your hands on… by the time I created this blog in July 2014 (when the Rivamika fandom was exploding because of the Uprising Arc) I was only starting to slightly come down from my high.

Now I feel more like I’m in a committed relationship with Rivamika, and managing this blog is much like being married to the ship (lmao). I don’t think about it 24-7 anymore like when you ship something for the first time, but I still draw great pleasure from it, and every time I find any type of new material about Rivamika I still freak out and fangirl like there’s no tomorrow. I was practically trembling with glee when chapters 83 and 84 (Ackerbowl) were released, and season 2′s release is making me high again! Plus, with the release of the databook and the recent interviews, as well as the manga timeskip being confirmed last chapter, shipping Rivamika has never been so… easy, if you know what I mean. 

My love for Rivamika (and my dear followers <3) kept me updating this blog long after the Uprising Arc ended, when we had almost no new content. I still love answering asks and writing new meta during my free time, and of course seeing so many new people fall in love with Rivamika is always a great motivator to keep shipping it. 

The feeling hasn’t faded, it’s just… different. More mature. I’m sure many of you are going or have gone though this shipping phase.

Thanks for the ask <3

Rating Ninjagos

Tagged by @fropeshjay (can always count on you to tag me thank :3)

Rules: Rate each of these categories from 1-5 and tag others.

Characters: 4; I love all of them but a few could use some better development.

Humor: 4.5; Not lying, on many occasions I have actually burst out laughing from Ninjago. :33

Villains: 4; A lot of them are really solid villains with solid motives. Anything from Pythor to Nadakhan have all done real good with their goals, but sometimes they just lose sight of their powers (looking at you Nadakhan) and seemingly just give up??

Morro: 4; Heh, he’s great. His character is one of the strongest I’ve seen development-wise. he can work great as both a villain and a supporter.

Echo Zane: 3.5; Okayy just like everyone else for the most part I fell in love with him the second I saw him peak out. And I knew he’d become popular but I’d just want him to be more in the show than just a filler for season 6…

Darkness: 5; I LOVE the progression of darkness over the seasons in Ninjago. I’ve always been an angst queen and so covering topics that are a little more heavy for the older audiences are a bold move for the writers, producers, etc. I really appreciate what they’ve done as it’s really given the show a sense of realism and not just some perfect world.

Hotness: 3; This is tricky since I really just think they are all so cute so I won’t say hot exactly…buuuttt let me tell you young Garmadon was pretty fiiinee (and not gonna lie Skylor and Seliel both are pretty hot to me :33).

Triggers: 2; Ninjago has still been a kids show, and personally I haven’t really been bothered as much by some things but I’m sure it could be sensitive to others. I mean, Morro for one pretty much commited suicide and so you can clearly see how this could bother some viewers… Other than than nope nothing really that bad.

Ships: LET ME TELL YOU…I’m putting it at a 2.5; Ninjago really hasn’t been strong in this department with shoving relationships down our throats and not actually stepping back to see if it works for the show. I’m not picking sides and I’m not hating but for ships such as Kailor and Jaya they really could have been done differently to make it more natural and nicer. To me Kailor is more platonic and I really appreciate their relationship especially in season 7 even if I don’t ship it myself. NOW JAYA. I don’t even want to get started on this because I used to ship this die-hard, but ever since episode 58 I can’t bring myself to enjoy it nearly as much. Yes they have their cute moments but I don’t see how they could have good chemistry now (just my opinion pls ignore if you disagree sorry I ranted). Also for ships like Pixane they can be done right but still I find it raw that they were solely in love because they are both robots aww!! But it was done well with development so I believe it is one of the best ships of Ninjago (canon wise at least :3).

Your Love For It: There is no number that could express my love for it. :33 Ninjago has been in my life for sooo long it really has become a major part of me. I’ll always love it :)).

Fandom: 4; You guys are really amazing! Even when lots of us clash heads we always are there for each other. We fight and do have discourse and sometimes we can be pretty toxic but I’ve met sooo many amazing people out of it all it really is overlookable of all the issue we have. No fandom is perfect and I’m proud to be part of this one. <333

Tumblrs: 4.5; This is really my only fandom area besides DA or FanFiction. Lots of people here are mature (most of the time :3) and we can really post amazing work ranging from fanfics to fan art, to even shitposts. There are so many things people do here that make me smile yo! :D

Wow that got mushy at the end! I tag: @lovestarr5, @ookamihanta, and anyone else! (man I don’t know anyone or at least no one else comes to mind ahhh) You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. :))


27 August 2017

| tagged by @saltyattic (WHO LOOKS LIKE A GODDESS BTW - WHY ARE ALL MY FRIENDS SO GORGEOUS (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚) |

omg okay wow i’m not even joking, but it took me an hour to scour for selifes- because i never take them, searching for them was such a workout abhdsfjn, mars thanks for providing me such agony. also a rare sighting of me before my bangs?? ( i can’t believe this was taken this jan ლ( ¯ ロ ¯ “ლ))

so this is a shipping tag? (i’m still confused send help) so let me know who i should be shipped with in bts (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) (tell me your honest opinions!╰(*´︶`*)╯)

tagging my beautiful mutuals (let me see your faces (ღ˘ ⌣ ˘ღ)!!): @hobifulstudies @gloomstudy @wastedstudies (lmao how many times has kalice been tagged already) @staestudy @chrissiestudies @slaypjm @ttstudys (you guys don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable <3)

I watched Monster Bash. I won’t spoil things but I will say the following:

1: the non-shipping side of the plot has my attention. As for how the topics of race and systematic oppression will be handled moving forward, I can’t even begin to guess. It could honestly go any direction, which leads directly into the second item

2: I’m still scared of how toffee will be handled moving forward, same with rasticore honestly

3: Star is in wayyyyyy over her head, but means well. I actually appreciate her efforts and hope she is motivated to keep up her efforts and improve

4: the energy it took to watch this episode after having not watched any svtfoe since the movie in July was colossal. I have no desire to go back and watch any other episodes. This is all I need. I’m going straight back to Liz0rd Hell now.

Day 3: Favourite character dynamic/interaction with Keith

@keithsbirthday​ - My favorite character dynamic/interaction with Keith has to be with Shiro. It’s not because I ship them hard, but because of scenes like these:

You can see how much they love one another in these scenes. Platonically or otherwise, their bond is the strongest in the show and as we’ve seen in Season 4, even when they get frustrated with one another, it still holds together. Arguably, you can see traces of this in Season 3 - particularly after the destruction of the teludav. Even when Shiro tried to take over and even after they had a bit of an argument over what to do, Shiro still comes to Keith afterwards to apologize for stepping in and tries to comfort him (though it doesn’t quite succeed).

 “I’m sorry I had to step in back there.” // “You need to learn to pick your battles. Sometimes, you have to make hard choices.” //  “It was your quick thinking that prevented Lotor from getting away with the teludav. You’re gonna get there.”

Despite his frustration towards Keith in Season 4, Shiro still shows his support for Keith’s decisions - down from his decision to train with the Blade of Marmora (“I support your decision to continue with your Marmora training but not at the expense of the team.”) and to his decision to leave Voltron (“If this is what you feel is right, then we won’t try to stop you. But just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.”).

And looking back at some of these scenes, I can see traces of a mentor/student relationship between them. I seen this back in Season 2, particularly in episode 8, but I’m seeing it again in what I quoted from Season 3, Episode 6.

However, their relationship isn’t strictly mentor/student - it’s much more closer than that. If they were strictly mentor/student, they would not be so intimate with one another nor would Shiro be Keith’s greatest hopes and fears.

Seriously, you wouldn’t hug your mentor like this nor outright nuzzle your face into his shoulder if that’s all you were:

This makes their relationship hard to define because they are so many things to one another and that’s why I really like the two of them and their dynamic. I’m a sucker for relationships that are so much more than something platonic or romantic.

OTP meme

I’ve saw this on a @starglue post and I thought why not to do the same?

Pick your 10 top OTPs without reading the questions

1- Solangelo (Percy Jackson)
2- Sheith (Voltron)
3- Jessa (The Infernal Devices)
4- Wessa (The Infernal Devices)
5- FierroChase (Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard)
6- Tododeku (Boku no Hero Academia)
7- Jasico (Percy Jackson)
8- Hitsuhina (Bleach)
9- Anisoka (Star Wars the clone wars)
10- Axel x Maria (Dragões de Éter)


1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6?
hm… Don’t remember exactly the episode, but it was during the sport festival when Todoroki told Midoriya about his past and start all the feels with Midoriya helping him in the end. Like MA BOY? STOP BEING SO CUTE?

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about 2?

3. Have a picture of 4 even been your screen save/profile picture/tumblr?
Nop. That’s sad, actually.

4. If 7 were to suddenly break-up today, what would your reaction be?
Well, they are not together, but I would be very sad at the idea. They are too cute to be apart.

5. Why is 1 so important?
I dunno to be honest. Solangelo is probably my most lovely gay couple that I ship for “n” reasons, but Why they are the number 1 is something that I don’t have de answer. It’s just the first ship that come to my mind when someone ask me that. So probably it’s stuck deep in my chest more than I thought.

6. Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship?
hm serious in which meaning? hahaha Because, well, for me they are 100% serious did you whatCH THE SERIES? LIKE HE CARES FOR HER SO MUCH THAT I UAMWHNUAHDUGDUAGRUE AAAAAAA But they are not canon… never will, like he is the darth vader soooo :v

7. Out of all of the ships listed, wich ship has the most chemesty?
wow… ok, lemme thing a litte here. Probably the #2 because we can see their conection very well during the episodes and It’s so intensely intimate that some times hurts? Because they are the ship that you ship to suffer. They are so intense, so expressive, so desesperate about the well been of each other, or the simple fact that they use another tone of voice with each oher just because they care so much that it’s just impossible to treat as equals compare to the rest of the team.

8. Out of all of your ship listed, wich ship has the strongest bond?
I’m between Sheith and Anisoka. Both of them has a strong bond, but I think I’ll choose Anisoka.

9. How many times have you read/watched 10’s fandom?
I don’t remember how many, but I re-read a lot of times, mainly their sad moments </3

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?

11. How many times, if ever, has 6 broken up?
Never? hruehrue Like their are not canon, yet, so well until the moment zero times.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 2 ou 8?
8… I guess? Like they are shinigamis, they are already dead? And they have powers, and swords, and can’t be seen by humans eyes, so yeah probably them.

13. Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?
No need. They are not canon, but since the Camp accept Solangelo very well I suppose that Jasico would be too. So no need to.

14. Is 4 still together?

15. Is 10 canon?
No! ;-;

16. If all 10 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?

17. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?
Nop. Actually their friends encourage them… well with jokes, but you got it.

18. Which ship would you defend to the death and beyond?
Solangelo and Sheith without a thought! They are my precious babies <3

19. Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?
Not really.

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the ten ships to break up forever or else shed break them all forever, which ship would you sink?
Axel and Maria. I shiped them so hard in the past, but actually I’m conformed with their break-up so won’t hurt me now as it hurt in the first time.

Ok, that is it. Wanna try? It was too funny to be honest <3 

superhappybubbleslove  asked:


10 days passed since the last day of Inktober and I’m still trying to figure out how to reply to this ask. Well, let’s see! :)
I’m not going to lie, it was difficult. Maybe before talking about my feelings I should analyse Inktober like this:
Number of drawings: 34 in 31 days (not considering the digital ones I was preparing for halloween and the obi-jae ha crossover :D) - Day 6 “Sword” counts 3 drawings, while Day 25 “Ship” 2 drawings. 
Most popular entry: Day 13 “Teeming”
Less popular entry: Day 8 “Crooked”
My favourite entry: Day 26 “Squeak”
Days when I was waiting for less feedback: Oh, definitely day 13, day 4 too…
Days when I was waiting for more feedback: Omg, there are two surprises here to me: Day 12 for sure (Shattered) and day 24 (Blind). 
Number of days I wanted to give up: ehm…at least 10 of 31 days. 
Number of days I cried: Too many
Number of days I was proud of myself for being game: 31

I’d like to thank all of my friends in this fandom for encouraging me. Special thanks go to @vfordii, I can’t tell how many times she was the only one managing to push me forward, but I really need to tell your words guys helped me always, without you all I couldn’t complete the whole Inktober. I’m extremely grateful for every like and reblog, anon asks and fics dedicated to me, they helped me to believe the thing I’m doing has sense. 

Inktober wasn’t a thing I was prepared to do. YOU asked me a couple days before if I was about to do it. It looked fun so I decided to partecipate with light heart. To be honest, the first days even if I put already much effort into my drawings I still couldn’t feel the weight of the whole month. Indeed, the 4th day I was about to give up already BECAUSE I didn’t feel any pressure. But the more days passed the more I wanted to manage to partecipate until the end. I was travelling during the first week, I drew on a shaking train, at the airport, I did literally everything so I was still game. And it felt gorgeous. Then I had to work again and things started to slip out of my hands. I skipped lunch, I skipped dinner sometimes, I chose not to sleep so I could keep posting in time a drawing hoping the quality is NOT THAT BAD. Illness just couldn’t avoid me anymore, but I was very positive about it, if I couldn’t leave the bed and work I chose to use the extra time I had and draw with fever for 3 days.

I tried to combine the official prompts of Inktober with the characters of AnS, of course as a 100% obiyuki shipper I mostly chose to draw Obi and/or an obiyuki scene. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do another inktober dedicated to the fandom though.
One of the biggest motives I was slightly disappointed by the half of this challenge I felt people got this thing for granted. Why should people encourage an artist who SURELY will draw NO MATTER WHAT?

I really don’t want to complain about the difficulties of Inktober as it was MY choice to partecipate. No one forced me to ignore basic things of life so I could dedicate more time possible to one entry. 

I’m just wondering if people understand the amount of effort creators in general (I’m talking about writers, editors, other artists and every other creators) in this fandom put into their works.
I learned how to draw without being afraid of getting (or not getting) feedback. And the only motive I’m still prolific is I want to give people feelings and good moments while I’m simply practicing and having fun.
But I really think people shouldn’t think creators don’t work better if they get feedback. While I really think it’s only natural my biggest supporters are other creators (writers, mostly) as they understand the importance of feedback, I think  other people of the fandom too should show their affection IF they like what they see/read. 

I have so many thoughts and feelings yet, but this reply is already way too long, so I just say:
I’m very glad and proud. With all of its difficulties October was still an AMAZING month. I’ll never forget this experience :)))

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Gabe? Had he lived when Theo took his pain, do you think he could've seen the errors of his ways and get redemption like Nolan? For that matter, thoughts on Gabe/Nolan in such a scenario?

I do think Gabe could have turned it around but it wouldn’t be as fast as it was for Nolan. Gabe had far more agency and mental stability making the decisions he did in 6B.

I’d have a hard time shipping them after Gabe beat Nolan because unlike all my other enemies to lovers ships, Gabe and Nolan were supposed to be on the same side. The fact that Gabe essentially beats him to punish him for disobeying is much closer to real life abuse.

However, a nice part of teen characters is that they do still have the ability to change a ton. If Gabe completely turned it around, I could see them getting together in maybe 2-3 years.

I’m working on a Gabe/Nolan fic (well at last a fic that has a Gabe/Nolan plotline in it) that I started before that beating scene takes place that I’m enjoying writing.

(Ask me about Teen Wolf stuff here)

Original Fiction: Geoff goes on a date | Vincent goes on a hike

Author’s Notes: 
1) I tried a new writing style for the first time and I think it went rather well. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you @ceata88 for recommending this.
2) This piece has undergone heavy edits, far more than I normally do for my original works. 
3) Enjoy Vincent and Geoff in the very early stages of their relationship. Geoff has a lot to learn. 
4) A special thanks to @t0asty-marshmall0w, @one-doesnt-simply-walk-in-bagend, @slunkymcgee and @ceata88 for reading various sections.

Word Count: 9530-ish. 
The following characters are original characters and belong to me. 

Geoff frowned at his reflection - more specifically, at the bright button-down shirt he was wearing. The shirt was worn open and untucked over a black tee shirt with the cuffs rolled up. Paired with a pair of jeans and his favorite sneakers, he figured it was a classier alternative to just a plain tee.
“The fuck am I doing?” He quietly moaned as he ran a hand down his face. “He said ‘casual bar’ but he wears stupid expensive suits and probably thinks 'casual’ means black tie.”

The officer’s gaze traveled from the mirror and over to his phone.

He could call Brittany; she’d be able to tell him if what he was wearing was casual or not. Calling her, however, would mean that she’d ask why he was asking about clothes - hehad  never asked her about clothes. He knew she’d tease him and, even more worryingly, he was worried she’d be able to suss out the reasons for his questions.

If he didn’t call his former girlfriend, he’d run the risk of being either overdressed or underdressed. Overdressed wasn’t much of a problem. Underdressed, however, was. If he was underdressed, it’d make for an awkward evening - especially if this 'casual bar’ decided that Geoff didn’t meet their dress code. He heard horror stories of people being refused tables at nicer restaurants and he didn’t want to be one of those people - especially if Vincent was there.

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also au where ben solo is not evil

1. Ben and Poe have a friendly rivalry over who’s the better pilot. Ben definitely does not sulk even a little bit whenever Poe outflies him.

2. He is very embarrassed by the Millennium Falcon and does not understand his father’s weird love for the old piece of junk but he knows the ship inside and out and can fly her or fix her as well as anyone.

3. Luke gave him Anakin’s lightsaber and he still uses it and has a healthy respect for its complicated legacy.

4. His mother is very proud of him.

5. Rey shows up and Ben immediately recognizes her and tells anyone who will listen, “This is my cousin, Rey. My long-lost cousin, Rey. Rey Skywalker, Uncle Luke’s daughter who went missing. We’re so happy now that we’ve been reunited with Rey, my cousin.”

inloversmeeting  asked:

1 and 3!

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

for dw, definitely doctor/river.  honestly all my complaints about that ship (and river as a character in general) were said like 3 years ago but honestly it’s still kind of impressive how moffat managed to write a female character with so many things that were Do Not Want.  unnecessarily traumatic backstory? check.  supposedly has a career and independent life but never has storylines without the doctor?  check.  tries to kill him but she’s a woman and attractive so really it’s just aggressive flirting?  check.  gets married to the doctor even though they never actually act married because moffat has to make all of his characters the most specialest ever in the history of the show?  check.

i was about to say that my most-hated ships in other fandoms aren’t really popular enough to count as otps, but then i remembered hp fandom and now i am duty-bound to state that i hate literally six out of the top ten most popular ships on ao3 (which, in decreasing order of popularity, are harry/draco, harry/snape, hermione/draco, hermione/snape, lupin/snape, and harry/voldemort).  i know every fandom goes hard for terrible white dudes but the scale to which hp fandom loves snape and malfoy will haunt me till my dying day.

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a fandom opinion and immediately gone nope, that’s it, off my dash (partly because i just don’t follow that many people to begin with), but there’s a good chance that having the Wrong fandom opinions will make it easier for me to unfollow someone for another reason (like if they move into new fandoms or post a lot without a good tag system and my dash is just too cluttered).

i have probably decided not to follow someone because in scrolling though their blog i discovered that they have bad opinions on a fandom neither they nor i were actually active in anymore, though.  

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