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So, how do you feel about each other?
J: Misha, how do you feel about me?
M: Well, um.. maybe sort of like this
M: [attempts to do the heart shape with his hands]
M: Um wait no, what were you saying again?
J: I saw that
M: Saw what?
J: You were doing this
J: [attempts to do the heart shape with his hands]
M: Actually, it was more like this
M: [makes the heart shape with his hands]
J: Okay, well then I guess this is how I feel about you too
J: [struggles to make the heart shape with his hands]
M: You’re doing it wrong
J: Shut up. I’m getting there

sisloc wip maybe

I once said on here that Maggie Smith should have played Gertrude from Hamlet at least once. Well tonight it sort of happened. She took part in the Royal Theatrical Fund’s annual Christmas pageant, and whereas everyone else did festive themed pieces (and Vanessa Redgrave was absent), Maggie stole the show by performing Margaret Atwood’s hilarious Gertrude Talks Back, in which Hamlet’s mother finally lets her exasperation with her priggish son be known. It was amazing. Only Maggie Smith could turn a biting monologue about the idiocy of Hamlet into an instant Christmas classic.


Anybody remembers this?…Well neither did us… Until today… So… We are back~✨!!!

English Translation:

Per: Hey… Pancho …

Ecu: What is it?…

Per: What was it that we had to do here?

Ecu: Let’s see… I think we have to answer all those letters that have been accumulating since last year.

Per: Damn….!!! You’re right!!

Per: Shoot… there are a lot…. I feel lazy…

Ecu: Don’t mention it…. I feel lazy as well. It’s not like we get payed to do this sort of things…

Per: Yeah…

*Some hours later, after cleaning*

Per: WTF!!… Pancho!!!! Read this!!!!

Ecu: Holy Shi…!!!!

OP 848

Well my “Sanji has a plan theory” just went down the drain, but I still think this is weird for Sanji’s character. I guess Oda wants to highlight Sanji’s self sacrificial trait than his strategical trait.

This chapter made it clear that Sanji is forcing himself. He thinks of Pudding as a responsibility rather than someone he willingly loves. All in order to protect his friends. A sacrifice once again.

Well Oda also made it clear that Pudding is siding with the Straw hats. He also showed that the reason was Lola. I am thinking that Nami and Pudding will have some sort of special relationship because of Lola. 

Well its probably me shipping, but when Pudding said that Sanji proposed to her, Luffy and Nami’s reaction is kind off different. Luffy’s face looks more surprised and clueless, but Nami’s face looks to me as more her fears finally happened.

 Pudding tho, she knows whatsup. She knows that Sanji is forcing himself and she also knows because of the things she said, her plan at the coast and the things she said to Sanji, were the reasons that things went south.  I think its nice that she is taking responsibility by saying that she won’t marry Sanji.

We don’t know what Pudding said, but I can guess she said the reason why Sanji was forcing himself and that she is planning to steal the keys for Sanji’s wrist bombs.

Luffy and Nami’s reaction are also somehow different. Luffy’s reaction looks more like “what have I done”, but Nami’s reaction is more like “I knew it but I just couldn’t believe it”. Her face also showed more despair because of how she is drawn. Luffy has normal color but Nami is colored darker.

Brook looks awesome. I can’t wait for this to be animated

Things about 12x07 “Rock Never Dies” #1

Oh, come on… I’m 5 minutes into the episode and I am enjoying Dean and Mary playing “Scrabble” and then we get this shot. I though I saw it in the beginning of the scene already, but wasn’t sure if I may have misread it, but I haven’t sigh. In case you need more direct Lucifer and Mary connections, you have it right there on Dean’s phone: Mary just filling in a “mega word” (like the “mega coven?” ;)) and her word lighting up and right below there’s an anagram of Lucifer…

I know I’m a broken record about it, so I will stop right here and just mention that this also does sort of bring in Dean as well to the whole Lucifer-Mary-arc thing, which kind of brings me back to some of my specs/metas of last season in which there were allusions to Lucifer!Dean…

Also, judging from these first five + minutes with “Ladyheart” reuniting and all, the meta/spec post I made a couple of days ago how the name and the logo feel like an obvious nod to the “Immaculate Heart of Mary” (see meta post here), which directly also aligns Lucifer with Mary and Dean.

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Do you think Even will be in tonight's clip? Or is it just Isak and someone else. I have no idea what to expect and I'm nervous. I know there will be angst but I want my Evak fluffiness too.

i do think even is going to be in tonight’s clip! they’ve probably planned to hang out + sleep over so… even also said he had a ~surprise~ for isak, so hopefully we get to see that omg!!

(i’m also nervous. i think tonight’s clip might not end that well, but they’ll definitely sort it out next week <3)

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Hi!! I love your blog so much and I was wondering if you had a list of other great blogs I could follow? Sorry so much for bothering you!! Thanks

Ahhh thank you so much, that’s really sweet! Well I follow LOTS of amazing blogs, it depends on what sort of content you’re looking for (but I’m guessing ML since that’s like 90% of my blog these days…)

@a-drienette is really awesome and really funny
@asdfjiggle 3 amazing artists
@colourfulheroes 3 awesome French girls
@lahiffed for all your Nino appreciation
@larvesta - super brilliant art
@megatraven is super nice and awesome!
@chatchevalier MEMES (and also other awesomeness of course)
@meowgreste makes awesome gifs and stuff
@everythingbutthelovesquare is great if you love minor characters like me
@french-start so helpful for things like French culture and just a really awesome blog in general
@miraculace all the ace headcanons!
@twindoodle draws awesome stuff too
@kwamikwami, @polkadotsdesign, @mahaliciously, @foolish-idiot (icon buddy!!)… so many good blogs seriously…

Omg there’s so many more I can’t even remember, I follow like 1400+ blogs it would take forever to list everyone! There’s big ones loads of people follow too like @official-ladyblog, @wintermoth, @tides-miraculous, @bisexualvolpina… Basically just have a look through the blogs of who I reblog lots of things from, there are so many amazing people! And I follow lots of multifandom etc blogs too (like my awesome friends @the-reticent-people @bucxkys @nixregina, I don’t know how you guys still cope with me when all I post is some dorky French tv show :P) so be sure to check those out if you want!

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hc stuff for kukui, Gladion, and kiawe taking care of an s/o having a horrible migraine?


  • He’s probably the best suited for taking care of his s/o when they’re having a migraine.
  • Refuses to let s/o do anything other than get some well needed rest. If they had some sort of task or work to do he won’t let them do it and convinces them they can do it when their head isn’t killing them.
  • If possible, he will do what his s/o needed to get done in the first place.


  • He really tries to do his best, honestly. He’ll run to the closest Pokemon Center and get his s/o medicine for their migraine.
  • This boy can really be sweet at times and will also purchase his s/o’s favorite drink and snack along with the medicine.
  • Gladion really hates seeing them suffering like that and will do anything you ask if it means you’ll feel better in any way.


  • The captain is just as strict as Kukui about making sure his s/o doesn’t do anything that will make them feel even worse. They need to rest and get better and they are not allowed to leave the house until it’s gone.
  • Goes out of his way to take care of his s/o. He’ll go out and collect some berries for them that may help relieve their pain.
  • If his s/o is cranky from the pain he’ll take it in stride and won’t be offended at all. He knows they’re suffering and knows they don’t mean the spiteful things they may say while in pain.
  • He will basically be your loving servant until your migraine has finally faded completely. Just ask and he will get something or do anything for you.

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Ok but around 7:30 in the video, you can here what sounds like a door squeak open in a distance and nether dan nor Phil react to it. Idk how I picked up on that but I just find it weird nether of them reacted to it. Like did a door randomly open in their house and they have no idea?? Idk it's just weird. You can hear it with headphones really well. It's just strange to me.

it sort of sounds like a power tool or something. like a drill. it’s too high pitched to be a door

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I'm sending in Lily Luna and Lorcan Lovegood

Not a couple that I personally ship but I will try my best 

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses - Lorcan as at first Lily doesn’t really like PDA 
  • Gets jealous the most - Lily, especially considering how popular Loracn was at school 
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive - Lorcan as Lily doesn’t really know when her tolerance for alcohol ends 
  • Takes care of on sick days - Lorcan has an awful immune system so if Lily gets sick them so will he as well and they both sort of mope around on the couch 
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day - Lorcan he loves the beach and will go in the water no matter the temperature or the season 
  • Drives/rides shotgun - Lorcan drives and Lily rides shotgun (Lily takes ages to pass her driving test)
  • Brings the other lunch at work - Lorcan brings Lily lunch and then spend it together whenever he’s home 
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer - Lily is an awful dancer drunk or sober 
  • Still cries watching Titanic - Neither of them are really the cry at movies type
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes - Lily and she strictly enforces it
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas - Lorcan 
  • Makes the other breakfast - Lily, but she burns the toast almost every time
  • Remembers anniversaries -They both do
  • Brings up having kids - Lorcan

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A concept: trans boy marcus who is overly aggressive and masc bc hes trying erase the first few years of his hogwarts existence from everyones mind but always tones it down around Oliver bc he's nice and accepting and nice. I just love trans marcus


  • Can you imagine how much he was probably bullied the first few years and then during his transition as well?
  • Sort of explains why he’s so volatile when he’s older
  • Because when he wasn’t Marcus, no one took him seriously and even now
  • He knows some people are unable to forget the past
  • But Oliver
  • Oliver knows Marcus’ past and present. Hell, he’s pretty sure Oliver’s going to know his future at this rate
  • Despite everything, even when Marcus took out his frustrations on Oliver, he stuck with him
  • Understood, accepted, comforted, but didn’t take any shit either
  • Marcus is grateful for not getting special treatment because he didn’t need it and never will
  • He is who he is, doesn’t need to hear that from anyone else
  • Oliver sees this all too clearly, it’s somewhat intimidating in Marcus’ mind.
  • He’d be lying if he said he didn’t like hearing Oliver’s words of reassurance though 
  • The clear enunciation of his name, the introduction of my boyfriend, some days, Marcus can’t believe how lucky he is 
  • “You’re such a sap,” Oliver will say with a smile when Marcus hugs him after a long day and Marcus buries his face in Oliver’s shoulder
  • For a little while, Marcus can put down his defenses because with Oliver, he can truly be himself: Mind, body, and soul

asdfhdksjfls sorry for hitting the ground running with this, Anon. YOU’RE AMAZING THO AND DO U HAVE ANY MORE THOUGHTS ON THIS

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-Slowly pushes Rivienne over for the heart meme!-

”Rivienne is the most beautiful woman alive; that is not opinion, but fact.”

”I’m unsure how I earned her trust, but I treasure it.”

”This is not something a gentleman would discuss, but she knows my feelings.”

”She has consented to be courted, and things are going well, I believe. It’s entirely new to me, this sort of relationship, and I hope I don’t disappoint her.”

💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum

((Heart meme is here. @ladyrivienne sets the bar too high for anyone else. <3 ))

The Nature of Light and the Physics of Shadows: PT 1

Hello Sunshines! This is Admin Matte here to explain on how light and the lack of light can affect a subject/object. 

This will serve as a Physics lecture as well as an Art lecture of some sorts? Hopefully this will help you guys better in your understanding of how we go through our restoring process. (at least for my restores…lol)

The reason I am doing this is because I want to make sure that no one can EVER make up an excuse to support whitewashing. And also it’s allowing me to flex my STEM knowledge. 

There is plenty more that we will explain later and we will eventually make a cheat sheet with all the elements for many scenarios to make restoring and making nonwhitewashed art more realistic.

If there is anything else you would like us to explain scientifically regarding the nature of light OR basics of photography, please ask.

Let’s start with the color of light in the natural world.

 How to tell what color the light of the outside environment should be when looking at a photo/making art?

Contrary to what people may think. The blue sky color is NOT due to the reflection of the water on Earth but rather a scattering of light called “Rayleigh Scattering”. 

Light travels from our Sun to the Earth in a straight line so long as nothing disturbs it. This visible light is a range from violet through red. When mixed together, it forms white light. 

Violet light has the shortest wavelength and has the higher frequency.

And red light has the longest wavelength and has the lower frequency. The Earth’s atmosphere scatters blue light more easily than other colors with red the least. So red light can travel longer distances than any other color on the visible light spectrum in our atmosphere because it doesn’t bump into as many particles in the atmosphere as it travels.

HOWEVER, our human biology has three cones where we see three primary colors of light and its combinations of intensity. We see red, green, and blue and the combinations can make additive colors. Which is exampled on the left.  (Reminder: The colors of light ARE NOT EQUIVALENT to colors of pigmentation [depicted on the right])

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

On a certain point on Earth, let’s call this “point A”, it’s distance and angle away from the sun will change as the day passes as the Earth rotates on its axis. 

The shorter the distance, light of shorter wavelengths are able to travel through the many layers of the Earth’s atmosphere without bumping into as many gas molecules. Each layer of the atmosphere holds different gases which can absorb different types of light from the Sun and scatter it through radiation with blue light being the easiest to scatter.

The shortest distance between point A and the Sun would be when the Sun seems high above the sky (around noon) in the perspective of the observer. And in that moment, blue light is bumping into gas molecules. Only some of the blue light had been scattered, so most of the original white light remains. 

But as the sun descends lower into the sky, the distance between point A and the sun increases and that would mean the white light would have to travel FARTHER. And then it will go through the layers of the atmosphere, constantly bumping into gas molecules the more it travels, scattering more blue light until only warm light colors remain. Resulting in a sunset and a warm sky, until it goes back into blue/black due to lack of light.

Of course, the sky isn’t ALWAYS gonna be blue and red/orange. Different gases caused by pollution, thin areas in the Earth’s atmosphere, the amount of light dispersed by clouds, and will also affect how the color of the sky looks. (and time zone/ your location/daylight savings) But this is generally how the sky would look like as time passes.

In Conclusion: Light generally starts off bluish (about 0500 = 5:00 AM), then whitish (0900 = 9:00 AM), then yellow (1100 = 11:00 AM), then orange/red (1200 = 12:00 PM), then back to bluish/black (1700 = 5:00 PM).

REMEMBER: The sun rises in the EAST and sets in the WEST. 

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Question: Has Amenadiel told Momlette that Chloe makes Lucifer physically vulnerable as well? Because I sort of love/hate the idea of a Mom meltdown after she hurts Lucifer by trying something with Chloe.


so that may be coming? and i sort of love the idea that she finds out by trying to do something with chloe, but lucifer gets in the way and it hurts him instead. because obviously first she’ll try blackmail and she doesn’t want chloe dead (YET); she just wants to threaten god/twist his arm until he lets her and the kids back in, by being like hey i will zap your miracle child and ruin your big plans for lucifer’s redemption. so she wants to threaten chloe, but not kill her (again, yet).

but when this doesn’t work, or when amenadiel finally wakes the fuck up and decides to join forces with lucifer (as i think is coming; they were at loggerheads for most of s1 before teaming up in the s1 finale, and i think that in crunch time, amenadiel will choose lucifer over mom) then mom is going to have to go great guns, and if she finds out that lucifer gets hurt/CAN get hurt, it may genuinely rock her. because despite mom’s totally misguided way of going about it, i do believe she loves her sons (though she doesn’t seem very broken up about uriel and is mostly focused on using his death to try to force god to talk to her). so seeing lucifer bleed – whether or not she put together that it was because of chloe – would be a shock for her. and i’ve said before i hope she gets to do the right thing in the end and actually give her sons what they need, instead of what she thinks they need, so yeah.

Dragon Age: Inquisition starter sentences

part 11 of 11
40 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes
[other parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10]

  • “That’s much nicer than saying "You’re a dirty liar.” I’ll take it.“
  • "Also, do you want your silky underthings back, or did you leave those like a token? Or… wait, did you "forget” them so you’d have an excuse to come back? You sly dog!“
  • "Be careful, _____. These sorts of romances often don’t end well.”
  • “_____, dear, whatever has your scattered mind conjured now?”
  • “Sometimes it seems this land is a collection of tragedies, one piled atop another.”
  • “Are you still afraid of me, _____?”
  • “You don’t know how to ask permission first?”
  • “Treacherous ground here. I’m picturing myself bumping all the way down a mountain.”
  • “I can hear how you’re looking at me. You’re doing that thing where you describe what we’re doing.”
  • “No. Never occurred to me. End of story.”
  • “Next time we’re alone, I’m going to pin you down and do things your body won’t believe.”
  • “I’m pretty sure we were never having this fight, _____. And probably still aren’t.”
  • “_____, it’s your bottom. Again. As bony and sad as it was the last dozen times you’ve displayed it.”
  • “The differences between us are not technicalities to be discarded, _____.”
  • “But I am me. Will I be more one day, if I help enough? Is this a task, timed, temporary?”
  • “You… are an ass.”
  • “That was only… you know, if it lets you sleep at night, never mind.”
  • “Ugh! Makes my head hurt. You make my head hurt.”
  • “You know, I do have to admire you for your poise… And I look forward to the day when that veneer crumbles.”
  • “Love is all starlight and gentle blushes. Passion leaves your fingers sore from clawing the sheets.”
  • “Back me up!”
  • “What I wouldn’t give for some proper wine.”
  • “What are you on about?”
  • “Still waiting for me to do something sneaky and spy-like?”
  • “So I hear you’re kind of the black sheep in your family, _____.”
  • “Imprisonment is largely a matter of who holds the keys.”
  • “The stars will guide us out of here, I hope.”
  • “But then you turned away. Why?”
  • The truth is more important than my reputation, and anyone willing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try.“
  • “Let me guess: the locals claim this place is haunted.”
  • “You’re still doing it. Can you even shut it off?”
  • “For all your experience, _____, you don’t carry yourself like a soldier.”
  • “Hey, _____, are you gonna write me into one of your stories?”
  • “Why does air even come in different temperatures?”
  • “Do say whatever you’re thinking, _____. If you hold it in any longer your face will split apart.”
  • “It’s comforting that whatever qualities I lack, you’ll invent for me, _____.”
  • “_____, am I handsome?”
  • “I confess, _____, I’m surprised you decided to remain.”
  • “I can’t figure you out, _____.”
  • “What? Don’t make me think about that. I have to sleep at night!”

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I actually think the Tau could be pretty cool if they weren't weeb wank or GRAYTER GUDDE, you rarely get a chance to see idealists in the grimdark future of the 41st millenium. You could even set them up well as a sort of parallel arc to humanity, they went through an age of unrivaled growth both socially and technologically already and could be right on the precipice of their own similar collapse.

That’s the thing though, we know they’re doomed. Either they try and stay idealistic (not that they even are any more, with their Ethereal mind control, strict cast hierarchy and mass sterilisation of alien subjects) and be destroyed by a cruel galaxy, or they embrace the GrimDark. Either way, their current incarnation doesn’t stand a chance in the wider galaxy.  

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Well i'd be interested to hear what sort of mythology is in your part of the world, faeries and old gods are a major part of where i'm from and im researching for a book!

Okay so I’m from the Caribbean (Jamaica to be specific) and oh boy- do we have a lot. Okay so a majority of our culture is from West Africa and all so there’s a difference in names and a bunch of stuff. Our society is also made up of mostly Christians and there are over 200 denominations of churches here. (I think) But anyway- we’re monotheistic for the most part so there are no Gods and Goddesses in our mythology. Although Tainos (Awarak Indians/Amerindians) did worship Zemis which were deities made from stone or wood representing a god. It’s mainly centred around spirits and creatures and legends so lemme get to it.

Mermaids- We call them river maids or river mummas. My grandmother has described an encounter she said she had with one when she was younger. Basically- she lived close to the banks of a river and she went to fetch water from a pipe nearby and the pipe was located where land would merge with water like a field flooded shallowly with river water and she said the mermaid tried to grab her.

But basic lore talks about the mermaid’s song and her comb. So mermaid sitting on a rock in the deepest part of a river. It’s nearly bottomless but there still manages to be a rock there. If you manage to hear the mermaid’s song it will urge you to follow it. If you find her comb she will appear to you a in a dream asking what it is you desire when you answer she’ll urge to return her pool. And then she basically puts you in a daze and drowns you. It sounds a bit like regular sirens in regular mythology.

Now spirits. There’s the basic belief amongst revivalists that there are earth spirits and sky spirits. Earth spirits are evil and sky spirits are good. We mainly talk about one spirit in particular, it’s insanely popular and apparently very common around the time of emancipation.

Rolling calf: Said to be the form taken by butchers’ after their deaths. They’re aggressive af. Blood red eyes and identified by the sound of chains rattling. Legend has it that they’ll pass you going up the road and when that happens you have to get to a crossroad otherwise it will kill you.

‘Ol Higue: Now- depending on where you go in the Caribbean you’ll get a different version of this tale but basically, it’s a woman who sheds her skin at night and sucks blood. She’s usually a very old woman (some versions have her as young and beautiful) she sheds her skin and assumes the form of either a cat or a ball of fire. Belief in her has led people to place red strings around their babies’ wrists; leave an open bible by the crib or to throw grains of rice outside the window because she will have to count each grain before entering and they hope that will occupy her until the sun rises. But the way to destroy her is to locate her skin and salt it so that when she slips it on in the morning it will burn her. She’s been blamed for child mortality for generations.

On a less morbid note- we have several proverbs and stories straight from West Africa and the most popular tales tend to revolve around Bredda Anansi and his escapades. Anansi is a spider and a particularly clever one at that. He’s known as the trickster spider and has won bouts against animals much larger and stronger than him due to his impressive wit and his clever way of getting out of the compromising positions he always seems to find himself in. Like any traditional trickster animal- he always has an endgame. He’s insanely greedy and occasionally his endgame is just enjoying watching the other animals fall for his tricks. And yes- judging by the number of stories there are- I would say he’s insatiable. 😉

Okay okay back to the morbid note. As @nederys can tell you- I was gushing so hard over this next legend earlier today (well yesterday) and that legend is- The White Witch of Rosehall:

Annie Mae Patterson was born to an English mother and Irish father who moved to Haiti when they she was just 10 years old. Whilst in Haiti, Annie became interested in Voodoo and learned about it from her Haitian nanny. Her parents died of yellow fever whilst in Haiti and she was raised to adulthood by her nanny, becoming an expert at Voodoo as she grew. At the age of 18 her nanny died and she moved to Jamaica in search of a rich husband as a means to acquiring her fortune. She was said to be very beautiful and very petite (around 4 ’ 11 “ tall). She met and married John Palmer, the owner of the Rose Hall estate which included the great house and a 7,000 acre sugar plantation with 2,000 slaves. Only a matter of months in to their wedding Annie began to grow tired of her husband and started taking slave lovers to bed. One day John caught her with a lover and beat her with a crop. Annie took great exception to this and murdered him by poising his coffee, she then inherited Rose Hall for herself.

Annie inherited Rose Hall herself and began her reign of terror on the estate. She would regularly shout orders to her slaves from her balcony and would often torture or kill any slaves who displeased her and sometimes just to make an example of them. Annie took a string of slaves as lovers, however, none of these lasted for long as she murdered them as soon as she grew tired of them. She married twice more but both of these husbands died, presumed murdered by Annie who went on to inherit their wealth. The husbands were buried by slaves whom she had killed before they returned to the estate. Her cruel behaviour coupled with rumours of her Voodoo rituals earned her the name “The White Witch of Rose Hall”.

(That’s the online version which is pretty much spot on with what I’ve heard but- there’s more.)

One of those two new husbands was stabbed several times and had hot oil poured into his ear. So yea- she really wanted him dead. There was a tree outside of her balcony and that was where she would have her slaves whipped while she would watch and become aroused. She was an incredibly sexual (and kinky) woman.

A majority of her kills were rumoured to have been committed after sex. She had a tendency to seek out the ‘biggest and baddest’ slaves to tame and bed. Rumours have it that she would crossdress when doing this and ride around the plantation on her infamous “three foot horse” (a black horse with white cloth tied around three of its legs) She loved the colour red (her entire bedroom is red like no joke) and I’m pretty sure she really loved attention and affection because there’s a couch in her bedroom that she would lie on and pretend to be unconscious to have her husbands fawn over her.

Okay so here’s the story of her death. Annie was trying to win the love of an English book keeper named Robert Rutherford. However, Rutherford was in love with the Obeah man’s granddaughter, Millicent. Annie pushed Millicient over a balcony and well…. She died. Outraged by his granddaughter/niece’s death, Takoo, accompanied by an army of angry slaves strangled and killed Annie. She was immediately buried in a very deep hole on Rose Hall estate. The slaves on the estate also burned her possessions for fear that they were tainted by her spirit. A voodoo ritual was carried out when she was buried but it is said that this was not carried out correctly and her spirit still haunts Rose Hall to this day. (Her grave contains three crosses painted so as to ensure that her spirit will be able to enter when it needs to)

It is said that the subsequent owners of the Rose Hall estate suffered early and tragic deaths, leading to the estate being unoccupied for over 130 years. Locals have reported seeing a shadowy figure in a green velvet habit riding a black horse across the estate. There are also tales of screams and hurried footprints being heard in the empty great house.

The house is now a tourist attraction located in Rosehall, Montego Bay right on the coast.

I truly have really only scratched the surface with these things. Like we have myths about a lot of different things and if you’d like to hear to hear more- my ask is always open. Maybe be a bit specific about what exactly it is you’d like to hear about and well- it’s not just limited to myths. Anything you’d like to know. I’m happy to share and thank you again for the ask nonnie!

itrhymeswithtable  asked:


💀 for a dark starter 

Mabel Gleeful had been watching her alternate from a distance. It wasn’t the fact that this version of her had come from some alternate dimension that shocked her. No, she was well-accustomed to that sort of thing. What truly baffled her was just how different this Mabel was from herself– not to mention she had Gideon’s last name.

Upon the discovery of such a contrasting alternate version of herself, Mabel had come to wonder about the differences between some of the people she knew in Mabel Pines’s world. What was Dipper like? Pacifica and Gideon? William? Though she tried, she could pry little information out of William himself, though she got the feeling he knew more than he was letting on. So, instead, Mabel decided to go to the source herself.

And that was how they ended up here. Mabel Gleeful keeping Mabel Pines hostage for information. She wouldn’t call it kidnapping per se; she didn’t have any intention to do much with the other girl herself. She just wanted information. If their universes were so different from each other, Mabel wanted to know what she could use to her advantage. The only problem was, she couldn’t count on little Miss Pines to answer any questions of her own free will. So she had abducted her and taken her to her home, keeping her tied to a chair so she couldn’t leave.

Mabel approached her double, leaning down slightly so their eyes were level. “Now then, Miss Pines, you’re awake. I have some questions for you, and then you can be on your way.”