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The goal is to be so positive and happy and put together on the outside that some of it comes back to you and settles in, internally.  It adds up over time, and it’s okay to be sad and withdrawn and have days/weeks/months where you break down and are simply unable to do what you need to be doing, but eventually it’s best to paste on an optimistic mindset and by god I don’t give a damn if anyone else thinks it’s cheesy optimism because it’s you trying so hard to better your life and being positive and put together aren’t just as simple as waking up, putting on clothes, and looking out the window at the sunshine for people who are little bit more cracked and broken than they want to be.

It Used to Be Black Once

Title: It Used to Be Black Once

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1, 697

Description: A harmless practical joke turns out not quite the way it was expected. Heh.

Author’s Note: Gotta keep it seasonal. (Oh my God.) I haven’t done non-AU in two months and that was eight phanfics ago. Guess I got too caught up in my own world. O.o Title derived from the brilliant short story “It Used to Be Green Once” by Patricia Grace. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Could you please do a drabble about Bea + Ben out on a date? I love your fics, they're so sweet and wonderful!

“Guess what day it is?” Ben asked cheerily, placing a mug of tea in front of Beatrice with a satisfying clink.

“The day we officially start losing our minds?” She guessed, “because this baby is coming today.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Benedick said, sitting down across from her with his own cup of tea. “It could be tomorrow.”

“It’s already a week late, Ben. It’s gonna be today.”

“Well, I’m totally ready.”

“You are?” Beatrice teased. “Remind me, which one of us couldn’t open the baby gate for three days?”

“I call conspiracy!” Benedick pointed his finger accusingly at Beatrice. “You superglued it, I know you did!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, darling,” she grinned.

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Me and my ex still share some pretty strong feelings... but now we're both with different girls. And i think mine has feelings for someone else as well. Plus she reminds me of my ex a lot. I don't know what to do😩😩

If you have feelings for someone else while in a relationship, end it

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plum and melon bae

  • plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog 

Nirvana - Dumb, for whatever reason. 

  • melon - my first impression of you 

Our first talk was back when we were playing video games? I remember that I disliked you so much I couldn’t stand you. After a few months (or years) you were sending me random messages, asking me about my favorite manga and stuff and we started talking again hmm. I really liked talking with you and here we are. Can’t remember why I disliked you tho. THE PAST IS IN THE PAST.

Dear Hasbro:

Thank you for this character, but you need to put her in more than just one episode.

I mean, look at her! She’s that kid who loves sports, plays almost exclusively with the boys and would usually be stereotyped a “tomboy”. But look again, she’s also perfectly happy wearing earrings and bracelets and wearing her hair long.

For the first time since…well, since Moonracer I guess, there’s a female character who reminds me of myself at that age. Now, I don’t have to be the same gender as a character to identify with them, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that if you replace Hank’s love of football and basketball with a love of softball and kickball, she’s me when I was eight.

It’s a good start, Hasbro, now let’s see you keep it going! More Hank, more female characters who aren’t present as a gimmick or “token girl”, more characters who don’t fall easily into stereotype boxes.


Remember that “what celebrity/ character I remind you of” -thing? Well I stumbled across a picture of someone, who instantly reminded me of you:

(Is it Meryl? Is it Suzie? We just don’t know)

Do you ever just see a thing that reminds you of something you miss so much you kinda want to rip your heart out and cry a bit but you still smile because you remember how happy you were at that time and yeah?


breathe in | for the restless nights when the ghost of your self-worth mocks you (listen / download)
breathe out | because we won’t let our demons win for long. (listen / download)