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yerin and sinb’s waves

After having read SIGN, can we talk about why Mary Morstan is so disliked by fans (especially by fellow johnlockers, I presume)?

I’ll start. Until recently I’d only seen a Mary Morstan in Granada’s The Sign of Four (that’s with Jenny Seagrove, and she and Watson don’t end up together.) I’ve been noticing a lot of Mary-hatin’ since last winter. After I read SIGN, I asked a friend who has been in the fandom for longer (and who is familiar with BBC, which I am not), why do so many fans hate Mary Morstan? (And I whispered: Is it BBC-related? Short answer: YES. And ACD Mary is NOT BBC Mary.)

Yet, when it comes to ACD canon, fans can talk about her less favorably than they do about ACD’s blackmailers and fortune stealers… IMO she hardly deserves to be made fun of (and dismissed, which I hear ACD does in time, anyway) just for marrying Watson. I don’t see such hate against the male characters who are potential romantic interests for Watson, or for Holmes. (And we’re more than willing to stick up for Irene Adler as the badass not-romantically-attached-to-Holmes character she is.) Therefore, I can’t help but think that Mary Morstan is treated so lousily because she is a woman, for she couldn’t be written off as a ‘beard’ if she were a man.

If you read this far, I feel like I owe you cookies or something for your effort, haha. I don’t usually write opinionated stuff and I hope I’m not overstepping anyone’s views by expressing my own (yeah i know it’s tumblr but i’m a quiet midwestern type so).

This is my personal headcanon, for what it’s worth: I read Watson as bi. Having a relationship with a woman does not devalue his relationship with Holmes, nor does it make him less queer than if he were gay. And at the same time, I am sad for Holmes when Watson leaves Baker Street, but that is not Mary Morstan’s doing; it takes two people to marry and move in together and I think Watson had more power and influence in putting that in motion, being a man in the Victorian era.

I would love to hear what others, with headcanons different from my own, think. Same for those who have the same headcanon but think differently…


I don’t know if it has been done before but when I first saw that chapter, it was all I could think of😅
Art made by me.

NB! All credit goes to the original authors of the idea, manga page doesn’t belong to me either.


Touhou 03   (Tabula Rasa ~ The Empty Girl)

—English fanlyrics—

So I heard, some people believe that magic is fake.

Here I am… so then how can it be?

Don’t you know, that magic can be something you make?

Or I think… but that’s just my philosophy.

I look up… through the dark…

And the answer hits me like a spark.

What I say, you may just think is sentimental fluff.

I can try to straighten up, but will it ever be enough?

Who am I?  Who, I am fuwafuwa~

So long as I’m working hard, my life goes on.

With a light head, feeling fuwafuwa~

I’ll be working hard however long.  (No matter how long…)

Once more, singing fuwafuwa~

Maybe I’ll leave something here before we part.

All I have left is a fuzzy memory,

Wiping clean the tablet of my heart.  ♪

Each day is a fuwafuwa day…

I feel like I’m forgetting something still.

So I see me in the mirror, and I say:

What of me has changed, and what else will?  (I wonder what else will…)

White clouds passing through a blue sky…

Try to name a shape, but then it’s far too late.

I’ll forget now, and embrace tomorrow.

My heart is an ever-empty slate.

God, please let me love and be loved!

Even such a fleeting heart can make this prayer.

It’s a magic I can only dream of…

Someday dreaming might just be enough to take me somewhere…

Dream on…  Love is fuwafuwa~

Only such a fleeting heart would see this way.

‘Cause I love you, won’t you write upon me?

Writing a new story every day.  ♥

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yooo but what about drunk Keith with caretaker Lance and Hunk. Keith starts saying Angsty™ things/revealing secrets from his past. Meanwhile, Lance and Hunk are SHOOK and keep exchanging worried glances all while making sure Keith doesn't choke on his vomit.

“Hunk,” Lance whined, flinging his arms in aggravation. “I give up. I open my mouth, he calls me a dipshit. I tell him to go to bed, he takes a swing at my face! And the last one barely missed!”

“How much has he had?” Hunk asked dubiously.

“I lost track after he started humming the Knight Rider theme,” Lance deadpanned, obviously of the opinion that the song was the most offensive melody in the galaxy.

“Oh, boy,” Hunk cringed, swiping a hand over his face.

“Um, yeah,” Lance snipped, hands perched on his hips as he followed Hunk’s gaze. “I don’t even think he recognizes me. Keeps calling me Kashi, whatever the hell that means.”

Hunk froze, eyes narrowing as he fixed Lance with a trepidatious glare. “Wait. You mean like…Takashi?”

Lance’s eyes widened with the realization.

“Oh, shit,” both boys mimicked in despairing unison.

“I — crap, I forgot,” Lance stammered, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck. “I got so used to ‘Shiro’ and I guess I just…didn’t remember. Shit.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t either,” Hunk offered Lance a sad smile, nudging his shoulder. “Not until you mentioned it.”

“At first I thought he was making fun of me,” Lance muttered. “But he just looked freaked out when I called him Mullet. I should’ve known. It’s just — it’s Keith, you know? He’s like the last person I was expecting to have to babysit. Usually it’s the other way around.”

“Well, it’s too late now,” Hunk sighed as they watched Keith topple off the stool and crash ass-first onto the floor, taking a tray of neon-purple shots down with him.

The other bar patrons were neither surprised nor fazed by the disruption, seeing as how most of them were just as intoxicated. No one even seemed to notice as Keith sprawled on the floor, laughing at nothing in particular.

“This was a bad idea,” Lance sighed, rushing over to help Keith up. Hunk shot him an unamused scowl at the unnecessary comment.

“All right, here we go,” Hunk looped his arms underneath Keith’s armpits and hoisted him into a sitting position. The boy giggled, nose mushing against Lance’s shoulder as he slumped forward.

Lance couldn’t help but smirk at the whole ridiculous situation as he patted between Keith’s shoulder blades. “How you feelin’, buddy?”

Keith’s back jolted with muffled hiccup as he did his best to lift his head. “Hey,” he slurred, lips quirking as he poked a finger at Lance’s chest. “You’re that guy.”

“Yep,” Lance smiled. “Still here.”

“The guy that was tryin’ to get me into bed!” Keith glared, chest jumping with another indignant sounding hiccup.

“Whoa, yeah, definitely not like that.” Lance pulled away, holding the other boy at arms length as Hunk disguised a snort behind his hand. “I was just trying to make sure you got to bed without breaking your neck. Excuse me for caring, jackass.”

“Hey, be nice,” Hunk chastised, reaching out to rub Keith’s back. “I’d be upset if some random dude was harassing me, too.”

Lance promptly landed a solid punch against Hunk’s bicep. “You’re not helping!”

Keith’s head swiveled to the larger boy and his flushed face lit up with an uncharacteristically excited smile as he exclaimed, “Hunk! Hey, man, where’ve you — hic! — been?” Keith awkwardly scooted over to wrap his arms around a startled Hunk’s shoulders in a sloppy embrace.

“Okay,” Lance interjected, voice pitched with annoyance. “That’s not even fair! How come he recognizes you, but I’m a pervert?”

“I’m huggable?” Hunk gave an innocent shrug, immediately wrapping his arms around Keith to steady him. “Sorry, dude. I don’t make the rules.”

“My pants are wet,” Keith pouted, glowering at the sticky puddle of alien booze soaking into his trousers.

“Yeah, time for bed,” Hunk nodded to Lance, encouraging Keith to sit up as he looped the smaller boy’s arm around his neck and hauled him to his feet.

Keith swayed, sagging against Hunk’s side as he cupped a hand over his mouth, barely suppressing a wet sounding burp. He blinked up owlishly at the other two, seemingly surprised by his own outburst.

“You good?” Lance quirked a tentative eyebrow.

Keith swallowed, frowning down at his boots. He gave a slow nod, features pale and eyes dazed, then abruptly shook his head as his shoulders jerked with a silent heave and he doubled over.

“Quiznak, Hunk, hold him up!” Lance screeched, quickly bouncing out of the line of fire.

Hunk gripped the other boy’s shoulders as Keith drooped over his knees and retched, a waterfall of disturbingly bright-colored liquid spilling past his lips. Keith shuddered, coughing harshly before belching up a second flood of the stuff. He sagged in Hunk’s hold, panting and drooling over the substantial mess pooling at their feet.

“At least the floor was already wet?” Lance shrugged sheepishly.

“Jeez, that’s a lot of…” Hunk trailed off, looking green as he turned his head away and made a valiant effort to breathe through his mouth. “Okay, definitely time to go.”

Hunk hauled Keith back to his feet, dragging him away from the bar while Lance followed behind them, apologizing to the other patrons as they made their escape.

“I’ll say one thing for you, Mullet,” Lance laughed once they’d made it back to their temporary quarters. “You don’t do anything half-assed.”

Keith groaned miserably as he collapsed on one of the cots, cradling his head in his hands. He jolted with a residual hiccup, swaying precariously over his lap. Hunk knelt down to steady him, resting a large hand against the other boy’s back. Lance retrieved a trashcan and placed it within easy reach.

“Maybe you should lie down,” Hunk suggested gently, rubbing a few circles. “Sleep it off, huh?”

“You don’ have to stay with me,” Keith slurred, eyes closed and words verging on unintelligible. But Hunk certainly caught the last bit. “‘M fine, Kashi.”

Hunk peered up uncomfortably at Lance, awkward tension palpable in the small room. Lance’s face immediately fell and he shook his head, reaching up to scrub the back of his neck.

Keith’s smile disintegrated as he opened his eyes, staring at Hunk as if he didn’t want to believe who was crouching in front of him. Hunk felt a surge of panic as he realized that Keith’s eyes were wet, breaths hitching softly and chin dimpling as it wobbled under the threat of tears.

“Hey, don’t do that,” Hunk whispered, desperate to fix whatever he’d done. “Keith, it’s all right. I’m sorry he’s not here, but we are. We’re here for you, man.”

Keith swallowed thickly, eyes once again slipping shut as he murmured,”Yeah. He’s gone…again. I — I forgot.” His lips twitched into a poor imitation of a smile. “Can’t ever just stay in one goddamn place.” His words bled with bitter despair and Hunk felt a painful ache clenching inside his own chest, reminded of their irreplaceable loss.

“Shit,” Lance swore behind them, voice shaky as he struggled to rein back his own tears. He sniffed, swiping a hand over his face before sitting down beside Keith. He wrapped an arm around the other boy’s shoulders, resting a few inches above Hunk’s hand. “I know you hate touching,” he sighed, rolling his eyes. “But sometimes people need a little human contact, Keith. It keeps them sane. Well, me, anyway.”

Hunk nodded in agreement. “Actually, that’s more like a crucial necessity for me,” he offered, lips twitching with a self-deprecating smile. “But, um, you guys already knew that.”

Keith reached up to wipe his running nose with the sleeve of his jacket. He turned to Lance, expression softening as his head dropped unceremoniously against the other boy’s shoulder. “I don’ hate you. I’m not very good at — ulp — being nice. I know I say stupid shit. But I don’t hate you, Lance.”

“Thanks, buddy,” Lance chuckled, rubbing his hand soothingly down the other boy’s arm. “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” he teased. Keith shivered and Lance frowned back at Hunk, concern spiking. “Keith, you want some water?”

Keith shook his head, cheeks inflating with a breathy burp as he leaned over his knees. “Think — ‘m gonna be sick,” he slurred thickly, dark hair falling in a wild mess over his face.

Lance hurriedly gathered the unruly locks back into an impromptu ponytail as Keith began gagging over the trashcan. Hunk positioned the container underneath the boy’s chin, wincing as a splash of liquid splattered against the metal sides. Keith moaned, nearly choking as he spit up another mouthful.

Lance patted his back, resigned to the fact that no one would be getting much sleep that evening. “That’s it, get it up,” he encouraged wearily. “We are never letting him drink again,” he hissed at Hunk.

Keith finally pulled his head out of the trashcan and promptly slumped into Lance’s lap. “Thanks, guys,” he mumbled into Lance’s thigh. “Wouldn’t be here without you.”

Lance stubbornly chose to ignore the implications of what that meant, and gently nudged Keith over to the cot, turning him onto his side - just in case. The other boy was already snoring as he nuzzled into the pillow.

“On the bright side, he probably won’t remember any of this in the morning,” Hunk whispered, carefully brushing Keith’s damp bangs out of his eyes.

Lance wasn’t so sure. But one thing was for certain, Keith was going to be pissed when he woke up.

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Another and last question for today: how's the star and marco hug in the first episode(i call it that way because the ship wasn't exist back then) different from the starco hug in BFM?

They’re interestingly similar, in a way: in both cases Star is the first one to hug, and Marco is startled for a moment, before being happy about it as well. 

But in Star Comes To Earth, Marco’s “passiveness” is real, he likely wasn’t used to being hugged like that, and while he clearly enjoyed it after the first moment he didn’t really know how to react, and didn’t reciprocate the hug.

Meanwhile in Toffee his hesitation, regardless of its origin - whether it truly was just for the horns, or some lingering thoughts about how appropriate that was after Star’s confession, immediatly melts away, and not only he reciprocates the hug, but Star is the first one to let go, while he was still smiling like the happiest idiot on Earth Mewni.

It’s worth pointing out that in S2 Marco usually is the one who initiates the hugs, he truly surpassed the master, and has no issue at all in showing his affection toward Star. And Star often is the first one to let go, even!

Reticent - Ch.2

Do Kyungsoo/Reader
Word Count: 1,298

Previous Chapter

“Did you know that some people thought we hate each other?” You asked, your voice slightly louder than you intended, earning yourself a few glances from the neighbouring table.

You never usually joined anyone other than Jongin and Sehun, maybe occasionally Junmyeon, in the library, but here you were, sitting across a slightly wide eyed Kyungsoo.

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Here I am, back at it again with making parx art for my college classes. Obviously when I was told to make a gig poster I had to make one for the date of my parx show, so here it is and here I am being an annoying shit and tagging the band both here and on twitter.

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