well it has you ruki uruha kai and reita in the same room

the GazettE [SPACE SHOWER] 11.10.2015

Seems likes what they did was look up yahoo questions about them and reviewed the answer. Then the GazettE members had to confirm if the answers or the situation being questioned, were at all true.

The show was [Space Shower] and was hosted by Daisuke (vocalist/man) and Nao (drummer/woman) who are a part of the band MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.


Yahoo Question:

[It is true that Ruki san can only drink Cassis Orange?]

Yahoo Answer:

I don’t know if he specifically drinks Cassis Orange, but since cocktails are fairly easy to drink, I think he often drinks these when it comes to alcohol. Also, in the members, the ones who like alcohol are Uruha-san and Aoi-san. Kai-san can also drink alcohol. The ones who dislike alcohol (isn’t strong to it) are Reita-san and Ruki-san.


Ruki: Back then, I could only drink Cassis Orange or cocktails type of drinks but now I can’t even drink that.

Daisuke and Nao: What?!

Ruki: Yeah. I can’t really do sweet beverages anymore. But if I do drink, it’s something like….wine….or light beer.

Reita: You’ve grown up.

Ruki: Yep.


Nao: If you do not drink, then what do you do for celebrations.

Kai: Ruki and Reita usually don’t drink.

Ruki: Yeah, we don’t drink.

Daisuke:  Then what about the other three?

Kai: Well, we start off with beer (laughs).

 Nao: Oh~.

Ruki: Once at a Final at Chihou, Reita said, “Today, I’m going to drink.”  We were all asking if he was sure since he is weak to alcohol. He ended up having to be carried away. (laughs) 

Reita: Yeah, I drank about one cup of beer.

Nao: You’re kidding, just one cup?

Ruki: Dead drunk.

Nao: One beer and you got carried out?! (ambulance)

Ruki: It became very gloomy after that. (laughs)


Yahoo Question:

[At a November Live, I ended up picking up Aoi-san’s guitar pick but

Is it okay if I don’t return it?

Do I have to return it??

If I have to return it, how would I go about it??]

**Nao read this very childishly/stupid sounding.

Ruki: You really sound stupid (laughs).  

 Nao: It’s almost like the answer to this question is already in this question.

**missing part**


Aoi: I think it’s quite all right to take home the picks and the drum sticks but when it comes to towels, it belongs to the venue so…….

Nao: Yes!

Daisuke: That is correct!!

Aoi: But I think it’s ok to ‘secretly’ take it home. (laughs)

Daisuke: I once threw the used towel into the crowed and immediately got scolded by out manager. He was like, “Hey!”

Nao: “That towel doesn’t belong to us!”

Daiuske: “That’s the same as throwing away money!” 

–everyone loses it


~How does the GazettE see the fans~


Ruki: There are some that are (dunno the word) type of people.

Daisuke: The fans?

Nao: Even though they’re fans?

Ruki: Yes, yes of course. Some like to completely stay still and watch us instead of moving around with the crowd . *Ruki imitates the fan’s stare*

Daisuke: Wow, that’s strong! (his stare)

Nao: Is it because it might’ve been their first LIVE and they were shocked frozen in place?

Ruki: No no no no, its nothing like that. They stand there with a small smile. (laughs)

Daisuke: Oh! So to them that’s how they enjoy the live?

Ruki: Yes, that’s exactly it.

Aoi: I get the feeling that they’re like producers. (laughs)

       Kind of like this. *crosses arms and observes with a straight face*

 Nao: It’s kind of like, *crosses arms “So todays live~…”  

**(it’s snooty, but in a good way)

Yahoo Question:

[the GazettE’s Reita isn’t gonna throw his bass anymore?]

Reita: Why is this kid not using honorifics? *annoyed (ex. –kun, -san)


Nao: I thought the same too!


Yahoo Answer: I once read in a magazine that during a particular LIVE, Reita threw the bass really high up and couldn’t catch it. He ended up breaking the bass and even injuring himself. Since then he was told by the members to stop throwing the bass. But donchya’ think you’d end up throwing the bass in the heat of the moment? (LOL)


Nao: I like how they became a bit loose towards the end there. (laughs)

**Was very formal in the answer until the very last sentence. 

Reita: But it’s true. I did throw the bass and ended up injuring my middle finger. I had to play LIVES after that with a bandage around my fingers and got to thinking, “Ah~, this is kind of lame.” (laughs)

Ruki: He throws it quite high. When he catches it, it’s super cool but when he doesn’t, it’s super lame. (laughs)


~Seems there’s something a member wants another member to stop doing.~

Aoi: We’re all free bodies but during choruses we can’t move and when that happens Ruki is right in front of us. But when he is directly in front of you, you can’t be seen by the audience. (laughs)

Ruki: But, during those times I’m actually being very cautious of where I’m standing. If you watch our recordings you can tell that I’m being really careful and side eyeing to check if I’m covering anybody and if so, moving out of the way. 

Daisuke: So to Ruki-kun you’re making sure you’re not in the way.

Ruki: Yes.

Daisuke: But to Aoi-kun

Aoi: He’s totally in the way. (laughs)

Ruki: (busts out laughing)

 Daisuke: Moving on, the next question is for Uruha-san.


Yahoo Question:

[Please tell me the details of the time Uruha had to take someone to the hospital because of a major injury.]

Nao: To the point! (laughs)

Yahoo Answer: After a LIVE 9 years ago, the tour van that Reita was sleeping in on the way home was involved in an accident causing equipment to fall directly on to his neck, injuring his cervical, and for a while did lives with a neck brace. Once the ambulance arrived and Reita was being transported in the vehicle, as an attempt to calm those around him he stuck his thumb out and said “Good Luck.” But to Ruki it looked as if Reita was saying his last goodbyes.

Nao: This information is SUPER detailed!


Uruha: What had happened was that the roadie who was driving the tour van had ended up falling asleep.

Reita: Yeah yeah.

Nao: Oh no.

Uruha: The roadie veered the van out of the lane and scrapped the van to the side railings on the highway. The contact with the railings shook the van

Daisuke and Nao: (shocked)

Reita: Do you know the [Ampeg SVT-2PRO], it weighs about 30 KG.

Daisuke: The amp head?!

Nao: What, that came falling down?

Reita: Yeah…….and my head……hurt.

Nao: (laughs) Of course.

Kai: During that time, I was actually in the passenger seat and I saw the roadie move out of the lane without a blinker.

Daisuke and Nao: Whoa.

Kai: When I saw that I was like “Hey, wait a minute.” But when I looked over the roadie was already asleep.

Nao: Whoaaaa Scaryscaryscaryscary!

Kai: I tried to catch the steering wheel but couldn’t catch it in time and scrapped the side of the van. We then pulled over. Reita in the back confirmed he wasn’t well and that’s when Uruha had to drive Reita to the hospital.

Nao: Man~, but that was seriously dangerous. 

Uruha: I remember when I asked towards the back, “Hey, are you ok?” all I heard was a weak “yeah”.


Reita: And then at the ER hallway I suddenly remembered, the ending of the movie “The terminator.”

(The thumbs up, ‘I’ll be back’ scene)

Nao and Daisuke: Oh yeah this! *thumbs up

Reita: I thought I can only use this now.

Daisuke: That’s amazing that was the first thing you thought of. (laughs)

Reita: I though there’s only one chance you can use that, you know, so I took it.

Ruki: (laughing) Reita had this plan of ripping off his neck brace on stage once he was fully recovered but when it came time to do it (laughs) no one noticed. 

(everyone laughs)

Ruki: I think we needed a bit more light. Like a pin light on him.

Aoi: Mmhmm.

Ruki: I saw him in the dark throw it on the ground and watched the neck brace lamely roll away. (laughs)

Reita: I was embarrassed so I kicked it away before anyone could notice.

(everyone laughs) 


Yahoo Question:

[I heard that the GazettE’s Kai has a terrible relationship with the rest of the members. Does he have a member he gets along with? Also, which member does he get along with the most?]

Nao: This question worries me!


Kai: Could you please hurry and read what the yahoo answer says. (nervous laughter)


Yahoo Answer: Kai’s relationship with the rest of the members is just fine. Actually, they get along pretty well BUT seems the way the other members treat him is a bit crude so it comes off as though they have a bad relationship. Also, back then as a way of fixing Kai’s habit of losing/misplacing things, the members all agreed to giving him the silent treatment/cold shoulder. And after that, it is said that the treatment was so cold that Kai could no longer step inside the make-up room the other members resided in. Ruki soon realized that shunning Kai was a bad idea and put a stop to it.


Nao: How did that go? (laughs)

Kai: (laughs) This is actually the truth. I have this habit of always losing things. There was actually a time where it was exceptionally bad and it was as if every time I took a step, I lost something. And I kind of thought it was funny and became a smartass about it.

Nao: A smartass?!

Kai: Yes, I was very nonchalant about it. I was like “Sorry Sorry” or “My Bad” as if I haven’t reflected properly on my actions. And then I said something to this Reita and he started to give me the cold. Reita was actually the one that told everyone to start shunning me, because it’ll be hilarious. (laughs) When the shunning started, I still didn’t take it seriously and would try to talk to them like “hey guys~” but even then they’d still ignore me. It came to a point where I felt I couldn’t be in the same room as them. (laughs) I was always in the room the staffs occupied and then Reita….or was it Ruki… Yeah, I believe it was Ruki who was the one that told everyone to put a stop to it. (laughs)

Nao: (laughs) It’s almost as if Reita is giving you the cold shoulder right now.

 (everyone laughs)

Reita: *stares forward and ignores Kai*

Kai: Hey! (laughs/shakes Reita)


**Camera zooms in on reita’s deadpan face**

“In the process of shunning Kai”

Nao and Daisuke: Hey hey hey, this is no good. (laughs) 

Kai: ……… *smacks reita*

 Reita: *snaps out of it*

Kai: I said stop it. (laughs)

Reita: Oh yeah, I forgot we’re on TV.

(everyone laughs)

Ruki: Oh, there he is. (laughs)

Nao: Yep, his true self came out. (laugh)

**part was skiped**

Reita: But really, little by little, you should fix this nasty habit of yours.

 Ruki: Lately, Kai’s been blaming others when things go missing. 

Kai: I do not! (laughs) Let’s change the subject, if you say something like that we’d end up dragging the conversation. 

Daisuke: Look he’s at it again! *points at Reita*

**Camera zooms in on reita’s deadpan face**

“In the process of shunning Kai”

Kai: I apologize. (laughs)

~~and what is the best answer to this question~~

Nao: I think they all get along just fine.

Everyone: (agrees)

Nao: I mean, you’re all basically middle schoolers aren’t you?


Kai: I remember in the past, we once had a make-up room/waiting room that was huge but we all somehow managed to naturally congregate to one corner together. (laughs 

Nao: How cute.

Kai: We’ve had many situations like that where we manage to somehow claim a corner together. (laughs)

Nao: Wow, you guys get along really well.

Ruki: Yeah but during that time were you even there? 

Kai: I WAS!

 (everyone laughs)

Nao: There it is! There it is!

On screen: “So friendly to the point that they bicker like elementary school kids.”

Nao: Now that I think about it, the way they interact is more like elementary school kids instead of middle school now.

(everyone laughs)


<Promotion talk for the new single UGLY 11.18 Release>


Ruki: Well, the pv too, basically focused on a more LIVE atmosphere for the PV, we added fans in it. A pv/song that clearly shows what kind of LIVEs we, the GazettE, do.

Daisuke: So, the main focus was to show the viewers what kind of LIVEs the GazettE has.

Ruki: Yes, we had discussed adding the fans in as close as possible to show what it’s like at our LIVEs.

Daisuke: Do you plan on going overseas again?

Ruki: Nothing is set in stone but of course wanting to go back again is in talks. 

Daisuke: When I first see people who wear the GazettE’s T-shirts or clothes, I could clearly see their cleavage. I was like “Wow~, so there are GazettE fans like this.” I was so envious. I was like “Maybe I should join (the GazettE).”

the GazettE: (busts out laughing)

 Nao: YOU CAN NOT (join the GazettE).

(everyone laughs)

Nao: TAKE IT BACK (your words)!

Daisuke: Maybe I should have wrote inone of the yahoo questions, “May I join the Gazette?”


~~The End~~


–Daisuke and Nao talking about Reita and Ruki after cut was called.—

Daisuke: You’re Ruki and I’m Reita “Everytime I talk, he keeps getting closer!”

Nao: (as Ruki) “It’s cause you keep stepping on my shirt so I can’t move!”


Nao: You could totally get the feeling that they all got along well.

Daisuke: Yeah~.



Translator: me // fat-maggot

I watched the videos that twitter user naRu_2133 posted

the GazettE - Free Talking vol.2 [part 1]

haruurara-kazan on tumblr translated very funny topic of Garish Room “Free Talking”. First part was published in issue #17 (2013) and the last one in #24. I will translate it on english piecemeal. This is very cute and funny)


This part was published in the issue #20 in the beginning of 2014.

At this monstrously hot day in a matter of urgency we gathered all the members together to hold a free talking, which were based on topics proposed by the members of HERESY. Wherever the conversation turned, even if no end in sight, conversation moves only forward! Do or die. How will it end?!

Kai: At this time, we got a variety of topics from the members of HERESY, they want to listen our debate. Each of us will pull out of the box a topic, and the discussion will go by itself.

Uruha: Ah yes, the leader got used to the role of facilitator.

Ruki: Well, I’ll pull the first.

1.“I’ll be moving to another house soon, I cannot decide on the design of the new room. Whichever room you’d prefer if you were in my shoes? And in what room you would feel comfortable?”

Aoi: Isn’t it better just to do as you like? 

Kai: Your special preferences? Why do I have to push you? (laughs)

Ruki: Compared with the past, I have no particular preference. Though no, now I’m a little obsessed with light bulbs, as regards energy consumption.

Reita: What do you mean? You use less bright bulbs?

Ruki: They are different. Environmentally-friendly, LED light bulb, flare up gradually too. Because of so many varieties, I always check what power lamp is suitable for the bedroom.

Reita: And what did you choose?

Ruki: Nothing.

All: Ahahahahahahaaa! (laugh)

Aoi: But when this magazine will be sent to the members of the fan club, the asker has certainly move, so does it matter …

Reita: Don’t!

Ruki: Ah, I got it! Talking about “the perfect girl’s room?”

Reita: Definitely! Speaking for myself, I would like to have been placed there only **** [*editors concealed what Reita said]. 

Uruha: Eeehhh, what is this?!

All: Fuuuuuh! (laughs)

Reita: Weeeell, I don’t like the room, for example, littered with soft toys.

Uruha: Me too.

Aoi: Well, too girly room - it’s not good.

Reita: Girly so that looks like a fantasy.

Aoi: It is better that the room has a little small things. But I’d like to see a chest of drawers in this room. 

Ruki: And what about the smell?

Reita: I wouldn’t like a strong smell in the room. If possible, it should be … the smell of sweat of this girl. 

All: Ahahahahahahaaa! (laugh)

Ruki: He pretends that he takes the question seriously,why then he discredites himself? (laughs)

Reita: But by the way, you don’t like the unpretentious rooms, like those shown in the doramas?

Aoi: No, simple rooms - it is good.

Kai: I also like simple one.

Ruki: Then what is better: room where there is an easy everyday mess or purely tidied up room in which there is not habitable? 

Uruha: Of course, I would be impressed with a clean room, accurate as in a hotel.

Reita: Yes of course, but does not it seem, then, that she had not slept all night to clean up the room, knowing that I should come?

Kai: Are you trying to say that you feel calmer in the untidy room? (laughs)

Uruha: If we talk about the whole apartment, the kitchen area must be completely cleaned.

Aoi: I wouldn’t have paid so much attention to a bedroom, as how clean are a kitchen and a bathroom.

Reita: Or toilet.

Uruha: About the size of the room, of course, have nothing to say, because all are in different economic conditions.

Ruki: And here we are talking about the economic conditions … (laughs)

Reita: In general, everything is fine, if there is no dirt.

Uruha: Yeah, like in the old “House of the Gazette”.

Reita: Mwahaha (laughs slyly)

Aoi: Yes, but we are talking about a hike to a house of a girl …

Reita: Well, in general, yes (laughs)

Uruha: Who started to develop this theme as well, ah?

Aoi: It won’t bring any benefit to the band. (laughs)

Reita: Well, then I pull the next question.

2. “Tell us about a funny incident at a concert or recording. At concerts, I always see you cool and confident, so I would like to hear something funny.”

Aoi: First of all I want to say that the incident - it’s not funny. (laughs)

Reita: Well, different cases from tame to tame [*Reita said choki-joki instead toki-doki] happen at concerts.

Ruki: “From tame to tame”?!

Reita: I meant “from time to time.” (laughs) Most of all, I laughed at how Ruki rolled during «Hyena», it was during the last tour.

Uruha: Oh, that! (laughs)

Kai: I do remember! He tumbled backward and shouted something …

Uruha: He took a roll back and sat down.

Reita: The first time I saw him so excited. (laughs)

Ruki: Hey, men, I just made a bold somersault backwards. If (after the somersault) I stayed in the same position, it would look terrible, so I rolled over again, and so it was that I sat in seiza [*pose in which you sit, tucked under legs]. I wouldn’t stay in one place with embarrassment!

Uruha: Yes, I can imagine.

Ruki: But you noticed how then I went into a song with lightning speed?

Reita: It was impressive. You almost immediately had a scene with Uruha (laughs) [* he means the moment  when Ruki comes to Uruha during Hyena]. You quickly returned to your rack.

Uruha: What impressed me most, that I didn’t even noticed all this. Good job.

Reita: Although all of us were very surprised.

Kai: And by the way, there was something during recording, we discussed how to record our backing vocals one by one. When other members sing along with the song, we always sing one by one.

Reita: Yes, we do.

Uruha: Of necessity. (laughs)

Reita: This is called a “public execution”.

Ruki: Just when we were recording all of you together, you lost the rhythm. Besides, there is something amusing to sing alone.

Aoi: And now it is the turn of the leader.

Reita: Recently, in a certain song you failed your pace. As if you didn’t understand what it is necessary to play now. 

Kai: There was the English text. And hearing English pronunciation, I couldn’t get into the pace. (laughs)

Reita: It was horrible … (laughs)

Aoi: Well, me now.

3. “Tell us some wise saying or a word that now has come into your head”

All: (pondering for a while)

Ruki: Well, let me. “Reached cleansing through exposure of the sword”. Not very clever, but when I thought of the wise sayings,  just that came to my mind. (laughs)

All: Ahahahah!!! (laugh)

Ruki: Something like this meant?

Kai: This phrase is similar to wisdom.

Reita: So that’s it! I thought, I must say something like “Reading coffee … I mean, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper.”

Kai: It says that you can tell it in a word.

Reita: Aaaaa….

Uruha: (muttering to himself) “Reading coffee, newspaper …”

Reita: (to Uruha) I just made a mistake.

Kai: And I say “To act on the situation.”

Uruha: You come up with this by yourself?

Kai: No, just I guess to know such words - it’s a little wisely.

Reita: My word at a time will sound silly. (laughs)

Ruki: The whole point is to say that immediately came to mind. Say, come on.

Reita: … “Abenomics” [* course of the Japanese economy, adopted by the current Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe]

All: Wow.

Reita: Don’t wow like fools. (laughs) So, next.

Uruha: … “flat matrix”.

All: Wow! (laugh)

Aoi: And I didn’t come up.

Reita: No, you have to.

Aoi: But in such stressful circumstances, I will blurt out a nonsense.

Kai: Well, it’s fun (laughs)

Reita: Everyone is blunt now , don’t be afraid.

Aoi: The next question (with these words is climbing the hand in the box).

Ruki: He actually did it (laughs).

Uruha: Now, perhaps, the “next question” -  is the most wise words (laughs).

All: Wow … (admiringly)

translated form japanese to russian by haruurara-kazan.tumblr

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ;)

original http://haruurara-kazan.tumblr.com/post/126163586400/the-gazette-free-talking-vol2

Rajigaze 18.11 Uruha & Kai Part 1


K: it’s been a while since the two of us recorded a radio right? Since the recording of the show in a hotel room during the world tour
U:that’s right in Russia!
K:ah it was Russia right? Well today we came to uncover Uruha-kuns good points didn’t we? lol U: as expected from you

The didn’t get any mails for the deep dark corner this time

Fan: Fan said she’s glad for the DVD bc you can’t see the stage on a live while headbanging, bit she also headbangs while watching the DVD
U: wow, awesome!

About playing the instruments while headbanging
U: there are some (misses) right. You know, it’s unexpectedly difficult to play them while headbanging… well to say why it’s difficult is also difficult to explain
K: ah yeah, but for the headbanging you’re adapting to the rhythms right? The thing that’s most difficult is the choreo of the members right? There are times the headbanging doesn’t fit the rhythm right?
U: the member choreo is pretty difficult too..But the headbanging where you make a circle with the head (don’t know how to say that in eng xx) that one is pretty difficult too! Until we were able to do it, we practiced it together in the studio!
K: You did? for real? For me… ah yeah in the beginning I didn’t do it, right?
U: but you were there right?
K: yeah of course! But I didn’t do the circling. You said smth like let’s do it all together, but I didn’t join you guys

Uruha is making fun of Kais laughing

Reita was greeted with ‘Nihao’ in Europe
U:but the other way around:wouldn’t you be happy if you’re greeted with:Bonjour?
K:lol no I wouldn’t

they talked about make up, and suddenly Uruha changes the topic to:
U: how do you chose the live pictures we upload?
K: eh? live pictures? Isn’t that a different topic, but well for me-
U: won’t you chose a pic where you can’t really see the face?
K: well for me… the face isn’t that important, I look more for the greater appearance? How I look while
U: isn’t that another topic?
K: eh what is the topic then? lol
U: the face?
K: well Drummer always make strange faces while hitting the drums, so taking pictures… so I’m choosing pictures where I don’t look like that lol
U: you don’t really have to bother about the look of your eyes or smth right?
K: yeah yeah well
U: I’m envious
K: lol you’re worrying too much!

About a fan who met another fan on the bus tour for melt- they met again later
U: That happens often, right? That fans start talking to other fans, they didn’t knew before. I’m really envious about this!
K: why?
U: I couldn’t do it!
K: but well for them it’s bc they’re gazette fans…for us it would be like guitarists, drummer?
U: well, but it looks really fun how they get together and start talking, getting excited… if there’s a men it’s probably like 'won’t you marry me?“
K: lol weeell if there’s smth like this, isn’t it great? lol

Uruha is the type to leave things for now and tidies up later
Ruki is a clean freak
K: he’s just interested in things concerning himself lol everything else…
U: he’s probably just cleaning the parts of the room he’s interested in right?
K: lol well maybe

About fashion
U: which do you like more? Winter summer?
K: hummm, int he past I would have said summer lol but lately it’s winter I guess. A little mature look
U: Coats or such?
K: yeah girls with coats are great!
U: (..) and cute girls
K: ah you need cuteness? You know, for me chic is more important! A mature look. You know not like a bonbon… lol
U: bonbon? what is this?
K: you know like a round (sorry didn’t understand the word) Well a mature, chic woman would be great
U: ah something like wearing a coat, with a muffler and such right?
K: ahh yeah something like that. That’s great right? really great… and after you took it off them…. lol
U: Eh what? really you…..
K: nonono! I mean and I wonder what she’ll wear under it? well let’s better stop here… lol. but well I don’t really like the childish fashion, pink and something like that
U: Harajuku-kei?
K: Harajuku-kei? lol well that’s smth too… lol
U: but you know?I really want the fans to show me smth pink that they think is cute & I would like too!
K: ahhh yeah that’s a good idea right
K: can the fans send pictures to your blog?
U: they probably can’t right?
K: Ah I see

Fan asked for them to bring RWTR back
U: this, you know?
K: it’s not me you know?!
U: but you know..it’s really cool… Well I too thought that it wouldn’t really fit to DOGMA, but after that I thought it would be great to have it back again tbh. But as we talked about this,t here were members who said 'we won’t do it’
K:eh? who was it?
U: well
K: you’re saying it?
U: Reita and… you too!
K:You know if Reita would say, that we should do it, I wouldn’t say no!
U: that’s a B (blood type) Leader for you…
K: lol But you know! It wasn’t really me who said no to this!
U: isn’t that smth you should talk about?
K: with the member?
U: well With Reita
K: but you know it wasn’t really him who said that we shouldn’t do it anymore either…
U: however I really think you should explain properly why you won’t do it anymore.

the next topic is about mistaking the chat and writing the wrong person
question is, if they did a similar mistake once too
U: definitely not!
K: you say that but…
U: this is dangerous! If I’d do smth like this that wold be really dangerous!
K: for Line or such it happens right
U: ah Line, right…
K: you know… for the Gazette line chat… I often use it, so it’s always at the top, but I mistook the chat, and ended up writing a private thing, right? *giggles*
U: That happens quite often! I really don’t understand this…
K: I notice it tho and said sorry, but yeah these things happen.
U: I don’t mistake people! well typos do happen, but not mistaking chats!
K: I’m a scatterbrain, it’s cute you know! *giggles*
U: how busy are you while writing, that you’re doing such mistakes?
K: noon I’m writing seriously and just notice after sending that it’s the wrong chat lol
U: you should really check before you send the message! Until you’re called a correction uncle!
K: *giggle*

a fan went to an Izakaya and got cabbage but there were gloves in the bowl in the same color as the cabbage
Uruha had a similar experience- he went for sushi and had a glass or plastic stuck in his Maguro. he called the clerk and he was just like: oh how could that happen- but he could melon after that
K: if you’re going for ramen, and there’s missing something that’s usually always there, ask if it’s gone out of stock or smth and the clerk just says: It should have been there! There’s nothing you can say except 'but it wasn’t’ right? shouldn’t he say sorry for forgetting sth like this??
U:usually you would apologize right
K:yeah!I don’t like this behavior where you try to cover up your own mistake&make fun of the other party
U: but you know, if smth like this happens to me, I don’t get angry and
K: ahhh of course you don’t get angry
U: certainly I’m not angry, but if I’m told that 'it should have been there’ I unnecessarily end up thinking that they can’t say anything except this right
K: you’re really nice!
U: nonono that has nothing to do with being nice *giggle* How to say this…I can’t burst out- I wonder what they’re thinking about and such

Garish Room #21 ~ 12th Anniversary column part 2 "Heresy or ecology?"

Sharing and reuse ~ Face to hope ~

When the band overcomes the limit of 10 years, and the members have known the bitterness and sweetness together, they become very close, to the same extent, as a family or beloved. And each of them surely knows interests and inclinations of others. We present to you the second episode in honor of the 12th anniversary: «It may be useful to someone else!». Each member had to bring some thing lying around for a long time at home and which should to be given to another member by lot. Exchange unnecessary, but really practical things, can be crazy event…or eco-friendly solution? So what the obtained things will make the members to feel - hope or despair?

In addition to the personal qualities of each member, you can estimate their subtle sense of style they took personal things to get rid. Here is the final transcript of enthusiastic discussion held on the day of the exchange!

Rules: Members take turns pulling out of the box of paper with the names of the other members. The person whose name is written on a piece of paper gives his thing to someone who pulled his name.

Round 1!

Reita: Interestingly, whose garbage I will take home (laughs).
Kai: I wish my thing will be get by someone except Reita.
Ruki: Well, I’m first… Oh, it’s Reita.
Reita: Oh, Ruki got… This is cool.
Ruki: Really? Great it’s not Kai (laughes).
Kai: Come on, my thing is from the category of useful!

(Reita, raising and lowering his hand, took inventory for muscle training (see photo))

All: (loud laughter)
Ruki: Eeeee????…What’s this?!
Kai: For which group of muscles is this?
Reita: for this (shows part of the arm from shoulder to elbow).
Ruki: Oh-h-h..Thank you! Great gift!
Kai: (with excitation) Bingo!!!
Reita: This thing has much higher efficiency than conventional dumbbells.
Ruki: (trying to raise and lower the dumbbell) This is really cool! Just a little bit of a work-out, and already feel the effect.
Reita: It gives the effect very soon, so it’s called “Quick Macho” (laughs)
Aoi: That’s true cool!
Uruha: Nothing will happen if he will get such entertainment? (laughs)
Kai: Give a try! (also trying dumbbell). Go nuts!
Aoi: Well, you got.
Reita: Understand, ne?
Ruki: Now it’s clear to what someone has a partiality…
Reita: I bought it for myself, but I usually get bored with everything, so I threw it.
Ruki: That’s right. And then things gathering dust in the corner (laughs).

Round 2!

Uruha: Second… Oops, written “Ruki”.
Ruki: Well, probably, it should be fine (laughs and brings a hat).

Reita: Isn’t it a new one? And, it seems, is worth a lot of money.
Ruki: Yeah.
Uruha: OMG! Why did you bring a new thing?
Ruki: Well, I bought it by mistake. In fact, I wanted a hat with longer fields. This hat is by Borsalino, made of rabbit fur.
Uruha: If the size fits…Hmm, not too small? Is it ok? I pulled out proper piece of paper?(laughs)
Ruki: You can correct it…
Uruha:… maybe to put it on auction? (laughs)
Aoi: Yeah, and to write “Ruki used it” (laughs)
Reita: Actually, I also have a hat, but I don’t have the guts to wear it.
Uruha: Hmmm, everyone brought so good stuff…
Aoi: And I brought a rubbish…
Reita: It’s ok, no one will go home with empty hands today (laughs).

(at this time Reita’s “Quick Macho” still was walking around the hands)

Aoi: Hey, give me too.
Kai: It even fits the hand.

Round 3!

Aoi: Well, it’s my turn…“Uruha”? I managed to peep and it’s alarmed me that it is in a plastic bag …
All: Ahahahaaa!
Uruha: I think Aoi will be really overjoyed … (gets brought thing).

Aoi: Oh! Glasses! (from bajra - male fashion brand)
Reita: Are you ok with used thing?(laughs)
Uruha: I cleaned them with a special liquid for glasses (laughs)
Aoi: (trying on glasses)…Oh-hh not bad. Thank you very much! And they fit very well.
Uruha: This is because they are one-dimensional. I wear glasses only with diopters now, so I stopped wearing these ones.
Aoi: It seems, everyone brought such good things? And I brought a rubbish (repeats).

Round 4!

Reita: It is a fate! My thing is Kai’s one (laughs)
Kai: Interestingly, how it will be to you…(brings his thing)
Reita: If it comes to that, from the beginning you said you wanted to give it to someone else, but not me (laughing opens the box). Oh…Fancy&Merci?
Ruki: What? Freddy Mercury?
Kai: No!! It’s Frency&Mercury (laughs) (very expensive brand of sunglasses). I just thought that Reita won’t wear something like this.
Reita: (slowly wears glasses)
All: (pointedly) Oooooooh….

Kai: I thought anyone, except Reita, would be glad to get this thing. I bought them a long time ago, and recently decided to re-remeasure all sunglasses lying at home, and, as it turned out, these ones don’t fit me.
Reita: I guess those sunglasses suit you that you wore at DVD Documentary.
Ruki: I wanted to bring those glasses too.
Reita: In my opinion, these glasses are more suitable to you…(gives them to Kai)
Kai: (wears the glasses)
All: (impressively silent in confusion)
Kai: Well, something like that (laughs).
Reita: How much do they cost?
Kai: I don’t remember, but I can say that is definitely not cheap (laughs).
Aoi: All of you are so honest…
Ruki: All prepared for today’s event better than I thought.
Aoi: Could you say it before? (laughs)
Reita: But at the meeting it was agreed that it is impossible to bring the trash.
Aoi: No, it certainly isn’t “garbage” in the literal sense …
Kai: If this thing can be used, that is enough.
Aoi: But it is necessary to plug in…
All: Plug in??

Round 5!

Kai: Well, the last lot can be probably not to pull out (laughs). Under general applause let me take Aoi’s thing.
Aoi: Oh, it’s not interesting like this…
All: Ahahaa, what is this???

Aoi: This device is called “VU meters”, and it measures the sound level.
All: Ahahahahaa!!!! (loud laughter)
Uruha: It’s not usefull for Kai! (laughs)
Reita: Here is a syndrome ofa man who can not throw things…
Kai:(laughing) Oh, come on, I’ll try to use this somehow.
Ruki: pfffffff (giggles in a fist)
Aoi: It can be used for work. Not that it isn’t useful to me, just because it is necessary to connect with the cable, and I have already taken all the output jacks at home.
Uruha: And you brought it just for that reason? Severely.
Aoi: But you can look super cool, if you connect it. And revel in the sense of “Yes, I’m actually a musician.”
Kai: That’s it. Well, I’ll try to use it.
Aoi: Just it is a bit useless in the case of the digital equipment (laughs, turning to the manager). Escort Kai to the door and follow him to stay this thing with him.
Kai: Surprisingly, that Uruha has got Ruki’s gift.
Ruki: I thought I should bring more stale things, but eventually I got the most useful thing.
Uruha: Yes, it will lie idle at your place.
Reita: I was thinking if we do this with a box as in the series “24”?
Ruki: No, no way!
Reita: At least from the sixth season.
Ruki: And this would be nice! (suddenly changes his mind)
Uruha: I also liked it today! Maybe I should bring a radio-controlled cars instead of glasses?
Reita: There is no more useless things than personally assembled radio-controlled machine.
Ruki: Our today’s gatherings were unexpectedly funny.

(after this all took turns in good faith trained with “Quick Macho”)
Reita: 8000 yen.
All: Ehh?! Why so much?(laughing)

translation from japan to russian by http://haruurara-kazan.tumblr.com
translation from russian to english by me
photos by haruurara-kazan.tumblr

Rajigaze 19.8

Ru:this radio is quite in the middle in the night right? you’ll get tired right? But I want you to fall asleep while listening to the radio!

talking about bloodtypes again
Ru: Kai-kun and I are both B type right? but aren’t we slighty different?
U: well,lately I don’t really know who’s Kai-kun and who’s you!
For Ruki B types seem the most reliable? like in you can believe what they say
U: the image of b-types is too bad isn’t it?!

U: um, I’m just noticing it now, but isn’t everyone writing UruhaUruhaUruha-san? aren’t they forcing this on me?
Ru: it’s the name for gorillagorillagorilla
U: for Kai?
Ru: For you! *giggles*
U: well whatever…

U: Kai-kuns way to laugh is amazing! kakakaka (he’s imitating it a little strangely lol)
Ru: it’s annoying *cold*
U: but isn’t the impression of him laughing right??? He’s always laughing!

Ru: What was the question again?
U: if we’d do a live programm
Ru: Ah I’d like to do that, but…
U: I would get nervous after all!
and for the ones where there are even fans for the live programm: U: I would go crazy with nervousness!
Ru: how about guests?
U: Ah I see…I would become nervous about that too!
Ru: ah no, that would be fun! but it would be hard to have guests every week right? or to have people who know nothing about Gazette
U: There are no people who know about GazettE are there?
Ru: Why are you saying such negative things?
U:something like:“Who might you be?”
Ru: I’m in a band called Gazetto. It’s Visual Kei
U: are they played in TV?
Re: they..a r e n’ t *gigle*
U: well I don’t know them then

U: nickname: ochinko ijirô-san (seems the name was written in Kanji so it wasn’t as obvious- but if you here it it’s: I want to touch your dick-san )
Ru: oi!
U: it’s really written here!
Ru: how bad!

a fan had a man enter her room with a knife- and now they’re talking about how brave that girl is

Ru: Always if I’m going to your house, you’re in the shower! That’s why I’m always freely coming in right? U: true
lol Ruki mistook the nickkname and said: ochinko itarô which means something like: I reached your dick

they talked about how bad Reitas drawing skills are- but that he’s really good in remembering songs- for example was he hummingMaximum The Hormones Koi no Megalover. In Karaoke he’s singing seriously- for example B'z and the other I didn’t understand sorry

U: this song makes you want to go to festivals right? wearing Yukata and such
Ru: did you go to some?
U: not really right? I lived in the darkness… being Visual kei and everything lol

Within my friends there is a one who’s something like a cosmetic geek. She’s giving me a LYMPHATIC MASSAGE or something like that after lives or such. Furthermore she’s telling me like a counsellor which part of me is stiff and where is plenty of flesh or something like that…
For her to do so much for me, wouldn’t it be better if I’d pay her?

U: woa, that’s great isn’t it! It’s great to have such a person as a friend, right?!
Ru: Such a friend is great right? I want such a person for us (GazettE) too We’re recruiting right now!… For massages or something, right… You don’t want someone?
U: I want!
Ru: Let us do some massage recruitment!
U: lol recruitment?
Re: yeah or better said …you know? Isn’t it like..
U: recruitment from fans?
Ru: nono not fans! If we’d recruit them from our fans…
U: lol
Ru: You’re doing it after lives right? Massages? She’s getting a better treatment than us, right? (lol)
U: lately I’m also doing it before. Cassy (a staff member I guess?) is good at it
Ru: Cassy is really good at it!
U: Ryouji is good too right? Or the manager
Re: he’s good he’s good (for Ryouji) eh? Really? Doesn’t it hurt? (for the manager I guess). But with the years it becomes slowly neccessary, right?
U: But the thing that’s scary is, that if you massage to much, won’t you become really tired the next day?
Ru: If you do it too much,… but something like a sport massage is really great isn’t it?
U: I’m became concious of how they’re done
Ru: I’m really envious that she has such a friend
Ru: sometimes I’m going to a shop to get one
U: a shop?
Ru: yeah a shop
U: ah a massage saloon?
Ru: what did you think abou?!
U: she’s blessed isn’t she? „wouldn’t it be better if I’d pay her?“ was written there, but because it’s a friend it’s okay not to pay money right?
Ru: I’m envious
U: how about if we’d do a massage corner at the venues?
Ru: shouldn’t we get one??? why for the fans?
U: first of course would be us who get one!

Ru: the ones who’re cosplaying us, right? They wear the same clothes as we in the main act- and after we come out again they also changed into the same clothes as we!
U: eh? they’re changing???
Ru: isn’t that amazing?? we’re wearing all kind of sorts. Tights, a skirt… they must be tired…and it must be hot!
U: Well if you’re Visual Kei you have to endure a lot, right? *gigles*
Ruki had to draw straws again and drew himself lol the second one Ru:*looses it* Leader U: it’s Leader! Ru: LEEEEEAAAADEEEER