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:0 can a garter snake live in a 10 gallon? Someone told me that they can live in a 5, but that sounds super far fetched.

Well. Technically, I suppose it could live in either of those, but a better question is can it thrive.

A five is definitely too small for an adult garter snake. I think a ten is probably bare minimum, honestly. It can work, but it might not be the ideal. A lot of wether or not a ten gallon would work for an adult garter has to do with how the tank is set up; visual barriers, making use of the height of the tank, that sort of thing. The thin body structure of the snake helps to some degree also. But garters can be pretty lively little things, so I’d think they’d gladly make use of a larger enclosure size.

The general rule of thumb with snakes is that the total length of the snake should be equal or lesser to the length of the longest side of the enclosure. So if I have a five foot snake, my enclosure should be at least five feet long. 

A lot of people are given bad information about snakes and their required enclosure sizes though. It’s really sad how almost manipulative those who sell reptiles can be, just to make the sale. And when the snake is young, it’s hard to visualize just how big it will actually get, so it’s really hard to judge adult enclosure sizes when you first get a new snake. A ten gallon would have been a mansion to a baby garter haha

An effective, easy-on-the-wallet way to upgrade would be a modified plastic bin. The average ten gallon tank costs about $15. For that price, you can buy a 106 quart tub, which ends up being a little more than twice the space (it’s about 26 gallons). Or, if you live in the US and you prefer glass tanks, craigslist is great for getting secondhand tanks for a much cheaper price than buying them from a pet store.

flower cloak.


[TianShan Week]

Day 5: AU

…Avatar: The Last Airbender alternative universe!

Even I don’t know what He Tian was injured by lol~

In this version, from the get-go, I knew the siblings were going to be from the Southern Water Tribe and Guan Shan was going to be a non-bender(an ex-Freedom Fighter and later finds out his mum is still alive and now currently living with her at Ba Sing Se, working at a family-run restaurant).

He Tian and Jian Yi were so much harder for me to decide… One could be the Avatar(but I thought it didn’t make much sense since both currently have living family), or both from Fire Nation, or something else– Then I realised, why am I thinking so hard about this? I’m not going to draw a whole lot about this universe! XD

So now Jian Yi is a waterbender(I guess he could be from the Northern Water Tribe), just to reinforce the “waterbenders” line that Guan Shan delivers. God knows what element He Tian is in this– I just chosen the colours of the clothes he normally wears lol :P

oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse

i would just like to go on record as saying that we, as fans deserve better. let’s not pretend like we haven’t been purposefully scapegoated and targeted in order to shoo us away. 

You encouraged me, so I ran with it. So I decided to make a short comic out of the small thing I did earlier this week. I need more practice anyway so it will be a journey. I don’t know what Imma call it yet. Ideas? Credit for idea goes to the wonderful @charminglyantiquated The blog dedicated to the concept is @elsewhereuniversity

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YoonJinKook Things
  • Yoongi and Jungkook help Jin bake cookies but Jungkook ends up eating a good portion of the batter because Yoongi’s weak for Jungkook’s pout and can’t tell him “no”. (Jin’s not amused at all and makes Jungkook and Yoongi clean the kitchen up after he’s done baking)
  • Jungkook uses “I’m going to tell Jin hyung,” as a threat whenever Yoongi locks himself in his studio and doesn’t eat or goes more than one night without- at the very least- some sleep. 
  • Shopping for groceries together (Jungkook always puts extra snacks into the shopping cart and even though Jin tells him to put them back at first, he eventually relents)
  • Yoongi and Jungkook love to “surprise” Jin on his birthday by making him breakfast in bed
  • Jin and Jungkook acting like complete dorks in public and Yoongi walking a few steps behind them, pretending that he has no idea who they are until Jungkook runs towards him, grabs his hand and drags him to look at something in the window of the manhwa store they just passed as Jin slowly trails behind with the brightest smile on his face.
  • Jin and Yoongi pushing their beds together so that Jungkook can sleep in the middle (Jungkook always trudges to Jin and Yoongi’s room when he has a nightmare or wakes up in the middle of the night feeling homesick)
  • Jin using the fact that he’s older than Yoongi to convince Yoongi to do things he doesn’t want to do and Jungkook snickering behind his hand when Yoongi ends up having to take Jin’s pink coat to the dry cleaners (Yoongi doesn’t understand why Jungkook’s laughing since Jungkook’s the one that drives him there)
  • Jungkook and Yoongi helping out with chores without Jin having to ask them
  • Jin and Jungkook making lunch boxes for all the members (Jungkook always sticks a post-it on Yoongi’s and writes some sort of positive message with a doodle of a bunny here and there)
  • All three of them sprawled on the couch with Jin sitting snug in the middle, gazes intently focused on the tv screen as they play Mario Cart. Yoongi and Jungkook start arguing when Yoongi throws a bomb at an unsuspecting Jungkook’s cart, Jungkook calling foul and the both of them jumping up from their seats, bickering as Jin sits calmly, completely ignoring them.
  • Yoongi rolling his eyes at Jin’s puns and the way Jungkook cracks up, face scrunching up adorably as he laughs
  • Jin cooking lamb skewers on special occasions
  • Yoongi and Jin constantly ruffling Jungkook’s hair, kissing his temples, patting him on the back and complimenting him because the maknae is too hard on himself 
  • Jungkook making fun of Yoongi because every time Jin blows him a kiss, he gets flustered and Yoongi grumbling about how Jungkook shouldn’t be talking since he’s the one that choked on his milk when Jin came home with freshly dyed blond hair.