well intentioned but misguided people

Btw, Clarke 100% cares about everyone, the grounders and her people. Her actions were misguided-though-well-intentioned attempts to save everyone. She 100% cares, but she doesn’t always know how to care in the best way that shows she understands the people she cares about. 

It’s the same situation as the list reveal in 3x04. She cares about her people and wants the human race to survive, but she sadly doesn’t always reflect on the means she’s using to get to her end; means that are beyond problematic (obviously)… which I think is the point since this is a major flaw of Clarke’s since the beginning. 

But yeah, 100% disagree that Clarke doesn’t care about the Grounders; she does care. She’s just messy about it because her privilege and white saviorism clouds her judgement. 

She cares. She cares so damn much. I’ll be waiting for her to come to some revelation about her actions this season, I hope.