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Fifty Points - Part Two

a continuation for my Olicity carnival prompt fulfillment.

This probably isn’t any good or as sexy as everyone wanted, but I like it. Let me know what you think. And as you’re reading the bit still at the carnival, a drink will pop up. Here is the recipe so you can know what I’m talking about.

Read this on Ao3 as well! 

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They worked their way through the rows of vendors and carnival games, Felicity holding tight to her teddy bear, wracking her brain for ideas of Oliver’s train of thought. They had had their fair share of creative sex; they had been pretty adventurous on their trip. The idea of there still being a place they hadn’t jumped one another’s bones seemed impossible to her. But they continued walking. Oliver held her hand and occasionally tapped and rubbed the top of it with his thumb. It reminded her of the life they had left behind; a life that had created his nervous hand twitch and other habits.

But they were finally away from that, enjoying location after location.

They rode the ferris wheel despite Felicity’s protestations; she hated heights with a passion, and the idea of plunging into the carnival crowd seemed scarier. “Felicity, you do recall flying in a supersuit to save my life, right?” he asked, smiling. When she just stared at him, he added: “That was considerably higher than this ferris wheel.”

“But I was also more worried about saving your life than the height. Now there’s nothing at stake except my heart bursting from my chest!”

Oliver leaned over and kissed her cheek. “It’ll be fine, Felicity.”

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Well then...(Doosh on 435)

As I was reading 435, I knew that the Gruvia tag was going to be grumbling. From reading the spoilers, I did not think we were getting Earth-shattering Gruvia today, and we did not. I do think at some point soon, we will get an actual resolution beyond this. Of course, we want it as soon as possible, but it wasn’t the time in this chapter.

This arc, for all the oddness and mess, has very much changed the Gruvia dynamic quite a bit, particularly on Gray’s end of things. Gray is different beyond just the (absolutely-fucking-adorable) glomping Frosch which is blatantly a trait he has picked up from Juvia. Look at his body language towards Juvia the past few chapters, and you see a man who has things he wants to say and things he feels need explained to her. He has apologized but not explained, the explanation was already promised to her (and us). I’m guessing it’s the kind of thing that needs to be done privately, not in the midst of a battle and a massive Fairy Tail reunion. Perhaps the same level of privacy that they had when she confessed to him regarding her involvement in Silver’s fate.

Now, on to Juvia. Is she just blindly forgiving him? Actually, I don’t think so, because she hasn’t had the chance to fully react. We have seen before that she does read the environment pretty well whether it’s the chiding she gave Gray in 340 or apologizing to Natsu, Wendy, and Lucy for being upset when they found her. She knows Gray is guilty and upset over how things played out, and right now she is just glad he is ok. She’s putting him at ease, and she’s at ease that he is safe. The rest can come later.

Juvia is now a bit less reactive and has picked up a stripping habit. Gray is more expressive and, well, Juvia'ed Frosch (thanks to my kid for this astute way of describing it) while saying it makes him “feel good” or “feel warm and fuzzy inside”. They are coming to an even keel after living together with some unresolved business. Don’t worry…something bigger HAS to be coming.

My stance on this is very similar to the one I had in Tartaros when we were waiting for the reunion. Back then, there was so much panicking in the tag that it wasn’t going to be addressed, but it was done beautifully. Truthfully, they haven’t had the time to work it out alone, but they couldn’t just ignore each other on the battlefield, so we got some interaction now. I think they will get that time, but there is too much going on right now for it to have been meaningful in this chapter.

That’s just my take on it.

Parental Guide Suggested - NCIS [S12XEP06]

Okay, so I watched the episode (finally having some free time to catch up with the series now that the season is over), and well. What can I say? I hated it.

Yeah, yeah, it’s ALL because of the Tony, Ziva and now Zoe thing. I’m a fangirl and a hardcore shipper, get over with it. I can hate something just because of a “stupid” reason, don’t do people do it ALL THE TIME?

Anyway, so you don’t think I’m a hundred percent irrational, I’m gonna break down my hate for this episode into logical arguments, at least to clear my own thoughts, rather than make a point to whoever read this and disagrees.

First, and take it as a disclaimer, I do not hate Zoe. The character is believeable (at least for me). She’s badass and doesn’t fear Gibbs, and that IS awesome because I always see EVERYONE afraid of Gibbs’ cold glare. Ziva wasn’t afraid of it, but she respected him and only argued back half of the times. So there, my hate doesn’t go to this character.

It goes to the team.

Leaving Gibbs aside, as he barely mentions the issue, I focus on Abby and Tony mostly. Tim seems to remember her better (I don’t forget House Rules, don’t think I ever will), so he’s off the hook.

When Abby and Tony have “the talk”, I noticed that both think she left and that was it. THAT angered me. I know it must have hurt like hell to have to leave the only place she called home and the only people she considered her family. I know she must have hated it and must have tried her hardest not to ever look back; I know she’s fricking fictional, but I think I wasn’t that impaired in my judgement as to realize what was proper of her and what was not. What angers me is that both Tony and Abby fail to see that if she left was because she didn’t want more people close to her get hurt.

Take it this way: her father was dead because of the life and deals he had made, Ari was dead because of his own wrong deeds, Tali died (if I’m not mistaken), during a bombing incident; of her mother we never knew much, though I can infer she divorced Eli at some point. EVERYONE she had loved, everyone she had cared for and had fought for at some point; EVERYONE had dead.

She was the only one left.

It must have felt like a curse! Losing everyone she loved because of the life they’d had. You know what I think? I think she left because she wouldn’t have bear to have lost her new family too. And, given Abby and Tony KNEW Ziva, it angers me that they don’t seem to se things this way.

Yeah, I know Tony has to move on at some point. But not like this! And then, when Abby talks about her and Tony says “I miss my friend”. MY FRIEND!? Everyone knew what was going between them! Why cannot they acknowledge openly what Ziva meant for Tony? THAT angered me too.

Now, the second point that bothered me, is that this gal and Tony seemed to have history prior to Tony and Ziva.

It feels as if the eight years they spent together, building this fictional ship so many of us suported, were only a thing to help Tony grow up so when this chick showed up things could change between them. This might be me being exaggerated; but tell me you don’t resent that Zoe had met Tony well enough before Ziva did.

This is not right.

I know Tony must move on and that Ziva will, eventually, be what Shannon was/is for Gibbs. But if you analyze that better, you realize that Gibbs never forgot Shannon… but Tony might forget Ziva… (and this I say it becaue Abby’s words made it feel like that). Fill some void? Ziva was more than that.  They were Soul Mates for crying out loud! You don’t forget your Soul Mate! Even if things don’t work you just DON’T!).

I’m sorry,  but eight years of a relationship (of whatever kind it was) cannot be forgotten by some old spark. Even if it was prior, even if they had some history, I just cannot conceive it. It is too soon for all of this.

Wait until I see more episodes, I will flip a table.

P.S: The plot of the episode was cool, never thought the kid would be the killer.


CJ Icarangal, as most Kpop Photocard collectors already know, is a well known scammer from the Philippines. Just looking up his name on addictedtoyouleesungmin’s Tumblr and Photocard forums post will actually give you a clear background on who he is, what he has done and why exactly am I trying to prevent more people from buying from him.

Links on reports about him can be found on the following links below.




Searching Rovi Joan would be of great help as well since she will be mentioned too in case someone reading this does not know her and what she has done.

Credits go to addictedtoyouleesungmin for compiling all of those information into one post and to those who gave her information!

So let’s get straight to the point as I answer questions you all want to know.


// Well, I was going to go to bed. But I feel like I have a few things that need to be said before I do. It’s time I stick up for myself.

I apologize to any of my followers who have gotten caught in the middle of this.

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skybluepinkwithpurplepolkadots asked:

I read all your tags all the time love ;) (yes even the monstrous ones - you know which one I'm talking about lol)

I DO know what you’re talking about. I totally hide my opinions in my tags. But there’s a part of me that wants to speak up more about it.
I’m being vague. Yup. Tumblr is my safe and happy place so I avoid putting any possibly negative opinion where everyone can see just because… Well if people really want to know that stuff about me, like my opinions, they can read my tags. They’re right there. Otherwise it can be ignored much easier than an added comment or post.
And I really really wouldn’t be able to handle hate if it got to that point in anything. People usually don’t realize how on edge I actually am. Mainly because, like I mentioned, tumblr is my safe spot. That’s why I have positivity on here as much as possible!

New Youtube Video/Tumblr Tag!

*Youtube video intro song comes up*

Well hello everyone again *waves hand*, welcome to another ride in the train of awkward. Where there are no stops and no coming down; not because you can’t but if you try your shirt would probably get stuck in one of the wheels and you would go all the way back with it. And this ride is hosted by your queen right here *points at self* the awkwardness queen. I was tagged once again by this amazing girl who’s url is adorkable215 if you’ve took the time to read this, you know I love this stuff so here we go with this tag called the 10 facts about you.

Nickname: Dan, Al, Soph, Sofi, Hook, Milly, Dakota, Butter fingers, Dumb Dumb, Killer. *takes a knife out*

Eye colour: poop brown. *gets close to the camera* Can’t you see it?

Hair colour: Dirty blonde with a few blue strands of hair. *shakes head and flips hair*

One fact about me: I can play the guitar and sing at the same time. *strums a few chords in the guitar*

Fave colour: Orange, like the sunset. *looks at the horizon*

Fave place: The beach, I could litterally live there.

Fave celeb: Daniel James Howell *dies a little*

Fave animal: Totally tigers. *hugs a giant stuffed animal*

Fave song: I only have eyes for you by The Flamingos *starts humming the song*

Fave book: It’s a book in spanish called ‘El peregrinaje de la muerte’

Well, that was it for today’s video, if you liked it subscribe for more and share this with your friends and please give it a thumbs up. Bye! *camera goes up and outro starts suggesting to see last week’s video*

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hestiajoncs is a cutie.

If you spread them, I’ll probably end up making a dictionary tag so I can actively try and use them

YAY!!! i would be glad if you did! I just feel like there’s loads of those ‘words to use’ posts but most of them have all the same words???? besides, not everyone will find it in themselvs to slip ‘elysian’ in the middle of their narrative so the point is to bring up some words that we can and should totally actively use. I have a tag for it and if you ever find a new nice word you’d like me to include in those lists ( or even make one yourself ), the askbox is open. Besides, it isn’t for me, it’s for all of us writers/roleplayers. 

gatorfever replied to your post “I’ve kinda lost my interest in reading lately.  Kinda sucks.  I feel…”

don’t stress over it! fic will always be there whenever you feel up to reading.

I know…and I know I shouldn’t!  But I’m the type of person who does this when I find fics I wanna read or fics I’ve been reading update to my inbox

And I know I shouldn’t because I know for a fact that too many tags freaks me out and makes me feel crowded just knowing they’re all there–and I never get to read all of them, so eventually I say “Lemme bookmark them so I can read them later” and then my bookmarks look like this

And then I’m like ‘Well, I wanna read all of these at some point’ but they just kind of sit and take up space sdjkfhkj.  And I always mean to root through them–I read pretty fast and I tend to decide pretty quickly whether or not I’m actually interested in reading a fic–but I just never get around to it ffff so I always feel guilty and bad towards myself about pushing aside fics I mean to read because I know I’ll probably never get around to it fksjdf or at the very least it’ll take forever.

(Also sometimes people delete their fics or change blogs and it’s like WELL SHIT HOW DO I FIND IT NOW and I’m a little worried about that happening at some point ffff)

On the upside, I did just read Pilot which was, as expected, absolutely incredible–you always write everyone so well and you write in such a pleasant style. It was cute and hot and I like how it was kind of tentative on both of their parts–and neither of them were particularly prepared but they made it work and went over what still needed to be worked out anyway–you just describe things well and it’s really, really nice.  <:  Even if it wasn’t what you meant to write(and when you said you initially had them setting up the dungeon I imagined like an HGTV, Trading Spaces type show where they make sex dungeons and it was a very silly image) it came out great <3

anonymous asked:

in your tags you mention being awkward and something about last night but what happened last night?

oh gosh, well first of all anon i can’t believe you read my tags. second of all i completely bypassed the realm of awkwardness and went into a whole new level.

well last night my brothers fiancee took me to a dance last night to meet her family and friends, except they didn’t tell me that they were all single and the point of me being there was to try and set me up with someone. if there had been forewarning then i couldve prepared myself and had a nice night flirting BUT NO THEY HAD TO THROW ME TO THE SHARKS. my brother introduces me to everyone as “this is my little sister kira, she’s single” and then him and hi fiancee left to go socialize so im left surrounded by all these guys trying to flirt with me and i was so overwhelmed. then when it came time to leave they all want to hug me and my nerves were so fried i just stuck my hand out and blurted super red faced “i really dont like hugging people ive just met please accept either a handshake or high five goodbye” and they all just stared at me like “this chick wtf” so ya last nights socializing was not fun and did not go over very well

anonymous asked:

I've read every single 1 of ur posts tagged "about me" I'm not sure this is something to be proud of but oh well;Also u've had an interesting life ya know to the point where I spent hrs just reading about u;Wow now I sound like a stalker,I swear I'm not I was just curious about the person behind the writing;The story of ur wedding from what I picked up sound lovely tbh,ur husband sounds lovely 2;If u ever feel like ur life lacks of interesting stuff,please remember I spent my day reading about u

Now I’m really tempted to go back through that tag and find out what all you know about me. lol

Glad you think my life in interesting! It often seems…. not so much. lol

I’m over halfway finished with Blood and Water, and I’ve been writing like a madwoman cooped up in the attic (bonus points if you get that reference). With that being said, I was thrilled to be tagged byAlyssa for these two awards and reading tag – I could really use a break.

You’ll find my answers to her questions below, as well as a breakdown of the rules for each section. I’m not tagging anyone because I’m a rebel or because I love you all equally and can’t possible choose favorites (you decide which). Enjoy!

Liebster Award

  1. What First World problem would you solve? FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. If I could find a way to fix that one, I would do it right away.
  2. You have the magical power to create any one drink you want. ANY. Which drink? A drink to give me clear skin and endless energy.
  3. Best life hack you’ve learned? I always drink a lot of water before bed so I have to pee in the morning. Usually I have no trouble getting out of bed.
  4. Ice cream or cake? Ice cream.
  5. Chocolate or coffee? COFFEE
  6. Which tribute in the 75th Hunger Games would you sponsor and why? Peeta because I love him waaaay too much.
  7. Weapon of choice? A jewel-encrusted sword.
  8. Describe your ideal pet dragon. Bubble-gum pink, bright blue eyes, and as deadly as it is beautiful.

Creative Blogger Award

Rules:~Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs~Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)~Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers~Pass these rules on to them

  1. I just hit 30K in Blood and Water, but I’m still afraid I’ll never finish.
  2. I’ve never seen Jurassic Park because I used to have ungodly dinosaur-themed nightmares.
  3. I believe in giving art away for free.
  4. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.
  5. I spent five weeks in London two summers ago and have been dying to go back ever since.

Books and Reading: A Book Challenge Tag

Rules, as always:

  • You must answer all the questions
  • Repost the picture with a link to Noors blog and the persons blog who tagged you
  • You may tag people if you would like, but it isn’t required.
  1. current TBR? I have about a thousand books to beta read, and then I’m reading Sara Gruen’s latest novel.
    2. Book (series) you would like to see as a movie? I would KILL for a remake of Nineteen Eighty-Four directed by David Fincher.
    3. Overhyped book/author? I’m going to go with Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I LOVED What Alice Forgot, but I had a hard time getting into Big Little Lies.
    4. The best book series you will ever read? Probably Harry Potter. Come at me.
    5. Book to movie adaption that was really bad? It makes me cringe just thinking about what happened with One Day. The book is amazing. Go read that instead.
    6. Last book that made you cry? All of them make me cry, but let’s go with Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (which I just reread for the thousandth time).
    7. Book you’re reading right now? Give it a quick rating. Lots of promising beta reading.
    8. A book series that you just didn’t like? The Divergent books. Eep.
    9. Book that you haven’t read yet, but really need to? I read the first book in The Raven Cycle, but I really need to go ahead and finish that series. Stievater is great.
    10. All-time favourite author? F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, George Orwell, Daphne du Maurier, and Gillian Flynn.

Thanks again to Alyssa for nominating me! If you’re not following her blog, you need to check it out. Feel free to do this challenge if you’d like, but like I said, I’m not nominating anyone for the sake of time.