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Hi, everyone! Hope you’re all well. There’s just a few things we’d like to brush up on and we figured throwing a post together would be the most efficient way. We may as well just dive right in.

Firstly, if you’re posting a starter, make sure to check the starter tag first. See any starters with five notes or less? Try to reply to these first before you post one. That way, nobody gets left out and everybody feels involved. The main goal is to have a thriving community that everyone feels a part of at the end of the day. 

Another point to cover is bubble rping. This isn’t a catastrophic issue, although we have picked up some instances of it. For example, we know there are plenty of well developed ships and brotps in the group. We love that! Reading into all of these connections is testament to how passionate and wonderful this bunch of writers is. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just reply to threads with those characters. 

This is a group rp for a reason and all of our characters are here to interact with a multitude of others, not just a select handful. Make sure you aren’t just chasing up one thread with one character and that you always have a few different ones on the go. 

Lastly, we’d like to emphasise that while we encourage creativity of all kinds, starters should be accessible to everyone. This means anything that god-mods another character doing something is not the route to take. 

For example, this:

Name watched the stranger spill yogurt on their top. “Do you want a napkin?”

Is not the best kind of starter, as it puts someone else’s character in a situation that might not necessarily suit them so the mun may not feel that they can reply. As we said, we want everyone to be as happy as can be, so posting starters that are accessible to everyone will minimise feeling left out if people don’t reply because they aren’t sure how to. 

Whew, I feel like I just gave a valedictorian speech. I hope that all made sense and as always, thanks for being such a lovely group, it makes any admin work worth it! We’re always trying to make things better around here so you can all enjoy yourselves as much as possible. Have a nice rest of your night or day! 

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Like the bpd anon, I think I have avpd (again all the symptoms) with some possible disorder affecting my mood (could be bpd or schizophrenia) how would I bring it up to a parent (mom probably) that I want to see a professional or how would I tell my doctor about my problems?

Hi friend! 

I suggest you look through the mental illness tag at our blog, as well as read this script I made for you. 

  • “Hey, can we talk? It’s serious, and I’d prefer if you didn’t interupt until the end.. I’ve done some research about some different things I’ve experienced, I think its symptoms of avpd. ‘Explain what it is and your symptoms’ I really think getting a diagnosis or opinion of a doctor could help lessen the symptoms and make my everyday life easier. “

I’ll break this down into important points so that you can personalize it as you want: 

  • “It’s serious, please don’t interupt.” They might do so anyways, but by mentioning this they will at least do so less. 

  • “I’ve done some research because I noticed that my experiences wasn’t normal.” 

  • “I believe its symptoms of avpd”

  • “’Explanation of what it is and why you think you have it.’” 

  • “Getting a diagnosis or opinion of a doctor would help me immensely ‘examples of why’” 

  • “I need help, and getting a official diagnosis would help me.” 

Again, I suggest you look through the mental illness tag as well as reading this script. I hope it goes well, good luck! 



So it would seem that I’m not done talking about this yet. My thoughts and feelings re: Ghostbusters can be summed up in the following image:

There will be spoilers here, and I will also tag it for spoilers, so don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen it yet. BUT WHEN YOU DO SEE IT please come back to me so we can squee over its majesty together.


  • Honest Enthusiasm - What’s this bullet point, you ask? Well in the original movie I always kind of got the impression that Stantz was the only one whose WHOLE HEART was into the paranormal. For Venkman it was kind of a joke; a ‘ha-ha I’m right and you’re wrong’ to some people at best, and a way to scam women at worst. Spengler is almost all science and no emotion, to a point where this is made into a joke several times, and Zeddemore is only there to do a job and get paid. Which is fair – I’m desperate enough to answer that job add rn tbh. BUT I DIGRESS. Movies so often present me with a jaded male anti-hero whose greatest weapon is his infinite ammunition in the form of witty rejoinders. I was so, so happy to see THE ENTIRE GROUP loving what they do and geeking out over it together, but also for their own individual reasons. For Christ sakes, Patty joined the team because she thought it was going to be like a book club. She just wanted to hang out and talk her experiences with other women BUT STAYED AROUND TO BECOME THE HEROIC MVP REGARDLESS OF HOW DANGEROUS IT GOT. More on this in a later bullet. It’s just so refreshing to see a group of characters on screen who are loving what they do. It’s infectious, you know? I felt the smile pull onto my face every time the girls were on screen (which is like 98% of the movie) and I felt so genuinely invested in everything they said/did. More enthusiastic heroes, please! I can’t take many more walking dispensaries of world weariness.
  • Women Supporting Women - In both the physical and emotional sense. While there are instances of teasing and pranking to be found, I can’t recall a single instance of women negatively comparing themselves to each other or finding certain qualities to be less than/greater than.  Even when the Ghostbusters are introduced to Mayor Bradley and Jennifer Lynch, the latter privately recognizes their brilliance while still using the ‘lolol what a bunch of wacky women’ angle to help defame them. BUT there is so much self awareness in this movie. IMO Bradley and Lynch know it’s totally bullshit while still going to whatever lengths they have to in discrediting the idea of the supernatural being real. Appearance based commentary is non-existent save for Holtzmann asking Erin where he got the world’s tiniest bow tie (response: “It came with the shirt.”) And later the mayor criticizes the Ghostbusters for being too flashy in their antics, which isn’t actually appearance based but Erin mistakes it for such and comments on Patty’s penchant for wearing large earrings (for which Patty is unapologetic because she looks fabulous, tyvm.) At some point each of the women will have saved another woman on their team and that is so. Fucking. Amazing. They are all heroes in their own way, and they are all friends in their own way. While at times I feel like the movie comedically pairs Abby+Erin and Holtzmann+Patty you ultimately get the feeling they’re a cohesive team that love and respect each other.
  • Patty, Patty, and more Patty - I just love Patty, okay? Patty has “street smarts” which is usually kind of a throwaway comment, but this movie goes out of its way to not place one form of intelligence above the other. Patty’s knowledge is historical instead of scientific, but it is given ample opportunities to shine. Now let’s get to the part where she’s easily the bravest person ever. When she sees Rowan hopping the platform, she follows him onto the tracks without hesitation. When a possessed Abby is hanging on her back as Holtzmann hangs from a second story window, she never lets go despite the risk to her own personal safety. Where Winston Zeddemore feels (unfortunately) rooted in tokenism, joining the original movie incredibly late and being given virtually no discernible character traits, Patty is integral to the plot as well as the Ghostbusters team. Her testimony introduces Rowan North to them as the main bad guy; her family is responsible for giving this new team their Ecto-1; her knowledge of historical landmarks helps map the ley lines. She is so important and amazing. She is the heart of the team. She is my precious cinnamon bun and I love her.
  • Social Commentary - So much of the movie is a brilliant display of what ladies have to put up with every day. The way it avoids being too “preachy” is by replacing their femininity with the branch of science they’re expounding upon as the factor that is inherently deserving of scorn. Where the original Ghostbusters face some eye-rolling and disbelief, by mid-film they’re knee deep in recognition as their phone rings off the hook. On the flip side, our ladies are given an audience with the mayor and praised for their hard work … but still publicly and deliberately defamed because it would be easier for people not to believe their contributions to the scientific community are legit. For me, personally, this felt like every discussion I’ve had where a guy claims that geekdom is for men, that women are “fake geek girls” just for the attention, while ignoring that women are some of the first contributors to the genre. IF anything demeaning is said to a man in this film – and I can only recall one solid incident – you can bet your britches it’s something a woman has heard in the workplace. (Full disclosure: The Ghostbusters go to confront Rowan in the hotel basement where he’s built all his ghost machinery from scratch. Abby comments that it’s, “A nice hobby you’ve got there.”)
  • Cameos & Homages - The first trailer made me so, so worried this would be a stale rehashing of the original film. I felt myself clench up when they walked into the old firehouse and giggled about the pole in the center of the floor – regardless of how cute they were in that moment – but then laughed out loud when it’s revealed to be wildly out of their price range. You get some of the same material but the way it’s presented is fresh and funny. All of the cameos were great, but I think Ernie Hudson as Patty’s uncle and Sigourney Weaver (unf!!) as Holtzmann’s mentor were my faves.
  • Miscellaneous - I can’t think of any more headers but want to continue with this love fest. So at one point Abby says to Rowan, “It’s easy to sit around being a naysayer while doing nothing” which felt like the greatest FU to any whiny jerks who complain about the film being remade with a predominantly female cast. IT’LL RUIN THEIR CHILDHOOD!!!11 Let’s face it: the Ghostbusters have been trying to make a come back for years, but the cast and the audience interest just wasn’t there. It came down to a point where the video game for the XBOX 360 is considered the canonical third installment to the franchise. This particular iteration is what it took to put them back on the map, so to speak, and it’s a solid, enjoyable film all around. Something else I loved was the willingness of the ladies to call each other out. During Kevin’s interview, Erin is obviously fishing for personal information and asks if he’ seeing anyone; Abby tells her that asking such things is ILLEGAL. Lastly, I love that I had a movie of capable ladies to look up to who weren’t the stereotypical Action Girl™. Listen, if you love a kick ass lady who can literally kick ass while keeping perfect hair? That’s great. I’ve just never been able to identify with that type, personally, and it was a refreshing change of pace to be presented with heroines who are maybe slightly less than prepared to kick ass at the start. They’re often clumsy and unorthodox, but still find a way to get the job done. There are different kinds of strength and they’re all valid, but we often only see the one type represented; that’s all I’m sayin’.

Inevitably I’ll think of more to gush about later but this is all for now. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I don’t have a prize to offer you but whatever. How about you go treat yourself to the movie, huh?

Sneakers on Pointe CH 12

My collab with @indayiashow! Here comes some more big bro Lily, loaded up with a ton of shalily fluff! Also cute children in Shagottes ballet class! Seriously they’re like my favorite part of this chapter Anyway! This chapter came out to be another long one. 8k+ words. And with that we’ll be posting in three weeks again instead of two.

I also just wanna say thank you all so much for your tags and kind words and support and notes on this fanfic. I never thought something I wrote would turn out so well received. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I love love love reading your tags you’re all so kind! -w-


Pairings: Mostly ShaLily, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, NaLu, and too many others to list.

Setting: Modern Day Dance AU

Parts: [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]  [11]   

Summary: Shagotte Queen has just started her own ballet studio to offer classes for willing students. Lily Extalia, with his co-worker Gajeel Redfox, run their own hip hop dance classes. When Shagotte and Lily are introduced through mutual friends the outcome is bigger than any of them could have imagined. Can both dance teams make it through the state finals? Could this be the start of a new and wonderful partnership?

Friday, June 10

   Bzztt~ Bzztt~

   Lily’s phone buzzed almost rolling off the table it sat on with its vibrations. He caught it before it tumbled to the floor and checked his messages.

   One from Gajeel: ‘Hey, you already know Flame Brain and I are on a family weekend retreat but I forgot to tell you Shrimp and Bunny Girl are working today so someone needs to pick up Wen at ballet.’

   Lily replied: ‘Not a problem. When does it end?

    ‘Last Wen told me it was eleven.’

   ‘I’ll be there.’

   ‘You’re the best Lil,’ Gajeel replied and sent a sticker of a black cat rocking out on a guitar with shutter shades. Lily sent a thumbs up. He checked the clock on his phone; 10:30 AM.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I asked about any fics where Jon discusses Ygritte to Sansa. You so wonderfully pointed me in the direction to someone who asked this, and recommended lots of fics. These were great, thank you. But all seem to be written pre season 6. I really would like to read something thats canon and fits in with the show. Maybe I'm being too picky. Apologies. Even if you guys don't know of any maybe some of your lovely readers do. Keep up the good work with this excellent blog. It's a great source.

Hi Anon, those would have been all the ft. Ygritte fics that we know of or were able to find. I suggest keeping an eye on our ft. Ygritte tag, as well as checking the Jon/Sansa Ao3 page with the Ygritte character filter on to see if anything new pops up! ~Alice