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It's A Sign

A/N: this idea popped in my head and it’s actually the cutest, so I couldn’t help but write it. please be gentle I’m not a great writer.
relationship: Hotch X reader
warnings: abduction, vague themes, and some violence. super sappy and eye rolling love confession.
Narrator POV

Slowly blinking your eyes, you begin to regain consciousness. Immediate confusion. You try to lift your hand to assess the throbbing pain in the back of your head, but it’s restrained. The eye goop clears out of your eyes as you blink it away. You begin to evaluate your surroundings. Deep breaths. Flashing red light straight ahead, cardboard boxes taped to the walls, some kind of rectangular room, small light above your head illuminating the chair you’re restrained to… another deep breath. Panic begins to rise in your chest. You try to make a sound, but can’t seem to. A bandana is tied tightly around your mouth.

“What Happened? How did I get here? Where is the team? Where am I…” Your thoughts race.

You look around the room frantically looking for any clues, trying to gather your thoughts that seem to be splatter across the floor. You can hear a slight beeping… sounds electronic. A shuffling of feet comes from the direction of the red light. A questionable chuckle begins to come from the same direction.

“Oh joy… this will be a fun one!” Pulling your thoughts together. It feels like a teeter-totter of emotions. You think to yourself. It’s better to joke than cry… you might do both. Overwhelmed… very overwhelmed.

“Helllllooooo, there!” A confident voice booms, coming from the direction of the beeps. Followed by someone quickly typing on a computer keyboard and a clicking of a mouse.

“Oh, alright! There she goes!” The voice excitedly says. The shadowy figure steps out of the darkness. Tall, nicely dressed, clean cut young man with a wild smirk on his face. He spins a computer screen around as your eyes grow wide. Penelope Garcia is onscreen. She’s totally not paying attention. Probably working on a case at the screen directly next to the one the webcam is turned on to. You try to make a sound to get Garcia’s attention.

“Nuh-uh, sugar. That would be too simple, wouldn’t it? Mic isn’t on yet, but you can hear her. Let’s call it a gesture of good faith!” He put some extra excitement on the last sentence for emphasis.

You need to pull your thoughts together! Come on. You’ve got this. Pick up some clues on the way. You’re here for a reason… why? British accent, cocky, harsh, lone wolf… you’re getting there. Start the profile…

You hear sounds coming from the computer. Penelope is still distracted at her other computer. The door behind her opens… Jennifer. JJ shuts the door behind her, file in hand, heels clicking, and a smile spread across her face. Not for long, though.

Looking down at the file… well her phone. Her phone was on top of the file. She begins to speak, but is cut off very quickly when her eyes find their way to the screen. Her eyes grow wide and she freezes. It seems like minutes before she reacts.

“GARCIA, LOOK AT THE SCREEN!” Penelope is jolted out of her deep concentration as she looks back a JJ, pointing at her other screen.

“oh my god… OH MY GOD! No, no, no, no, no, not again… not again. this cannot be happening again!” She increasingly gets louder.

“HOTCHNER! Garcia’s office now!” JJ screams out the hallway.

Aaron and the rest of the team come rushing into the room. Gasps and wide eyes are all that happened for several long seconds. But, all you see is Hotch. Hotch gave several demands as Derek and Emily scurried out of the room.

“Y/N…” Hotch gasped out lowly, but you could here him.

You have no idea what your captor wants from you. You can see him shuffling and preparing for something. Flipping switches, typing rather harshly, and tapping his foot impatiently.

“Well, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to business! What I need from you is some information. If you can give me everything I need you MAY even get out of here with all of your body parts!! How exciting. But, a failure to cooperate may result in pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and maybe even death. Even more exciting, am I right or am I right?” he exclaims beginning to get more excited clasping his hands together.

The team’s eyes are starting to change… they’re reacting. He flipped on the microphone. Good, this is good. Garcia can isolate background noises, measure room depth and height, analyze the surroundings, and find where you are. This is all good, there’s a chance you may get out of here. The profile is working against you, but the computer genius is working in your favor. This should make you feel better, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There’s so much you feel like you haven’t done yet… so much you haven’t said. All you wanted right now was to be able to finish your PHD (which you dreaded finishing), going on boring ass stakeouts with Hotch again (which you had a love-hate relationship with), and drink awful police station coffee with stale bagels. Your thoughts wander back to Hotch. Oh Hotch… the things that you want to say to him more than anything right now. The things you’d been absolutely terrified to tell him. The thoughts you’d been hiding for years. Well, you thought you were hiding.


You think back to the day Spencer nervously came up to you in the break room. He cleared his throat, “The human body subconsciously reacts to physical attraction. People tend to lean towards someone they’re attracted to when they’re talking. The human pupil dilates when looking at someone they love. We even tend to touch, said person, at unnecessary moments without realizing it…” Reid rambled on for five minutes while you sipped your coffee, occasionally zoning out. You finally cleared your throat because he began to look tired.

“Is there a point to this story, Doctor?” You chuckled at the naive young doctor.

“Oh, yes! Sorry. There is, indeed, a point and a good one at that. Y/N, I can see how you act around Hotch.” You choke on your coffee.

“Spence, you must be mistaken. I don’t have feelings for Aaron.” You laugh masking the thick nerves in the air. You lie seemingly well. But, Spencer saw right through it. He may be naive, sometimes, but he was a profiler first.


You wanted to go back to that moment more than anything. Any moment that wasn’t this specific moment. You were quickly pulled out of your thoughts when you felt a tear rolling down your face. Staring intently at the screen, at Hotch. He was staring right back, studying your face, and your body language.

“I need to know everything about Mission number 221, code name Morning Star.” Your captor spoke. Your heart sank immediately. Right then another tear dropped down your face, you were not getting out of here alive. Everything slowly started to make sense.


Garcia began typing into every government search engine she could think of. She typed the code word and mission number over and over again. The first engine she looked at was FBI, classified documents. Second engine, MI5, classified. CIA, no information. Secret Service, classified. Setting off many alarms because of the nature of the operation.

“Garcia, I need something, anything! declassify the damn files, DO SOMETHING!” Hotch said hurriedly.

“I’m analyzing the background, running his voice through analog and voice rec, searching for the code words. I’m doing everything sir, everything.” Garcia sobbed slightly, tears silently streaming down her face.


Morning Star was an undercover operation you were assigned before being assigned to the BAU. You were deep undercover for 18 months in Europe trying to find a mole in MI5 that was leaking operation secrets, safe house locations, undercover officer identities, and highly classified information from joint agency operations and task forces. When you finally began getting leads in the case it led you to a highly respected senior agent. You began a relationship with him to get closer to him and figure out who he was leaking the information to and who was targeting the FBI, MI5, and other joint forces currently working on operations together. Evidence led you to find ties to the Russian mafia. When your handler got your most recent evidence an infiltration of the mafia was put into place. After months of careful planning and investigation, your team found the headquarters of the group of Russian assassins targeting joint government agencies. The op was a go, you were ordered to apprehend the group responsible. During the breach of the base, the element of surprise was compromised when an alarm was triggered. The operation went south quickly. The senior agent mole and four Russian mafia members were killed in the operation while several unknown subjects escaped. After the Op your team received Intel that the Senior Agent’s son had deep connections in the Russian mafia. You and your entire team were immediately assigned back to the states after the sting due to your covers being compromised and unusable.


You knew this was probably going to be the end. The mafia doesn’t simply let someone go that killed several of their own people and destroying their operation. You could not die. You could not die without telling Aaron the truth. You could not die with so many things left unsaid But, how? You were gagged and bound. Morse code? No, they probably wouldn’t recognize it right away. You have to tell him, you have to. While they work to get you out of here you need to get all unfinished business completed just in case you don’t make it out alive. Sign language, you could sign to the webcam! You learned last Christmas break when you were sick with the flu.

Liam, the senior agents son, approached you slowly. Becoming completely visible to the team. You assume Garcia is already trying facial recognition.

Liam cracked your arm with a whip unexpectedly, demanding information. You knew you couldn’t give him anything.

He quickly undid the bandana gagging your mouth, “TALK NOW!” he boomed.

You couldn’t say anything without risking the cover of the agents that went back under. Any slip up of any tiny bit of information could damage the entire operation and get the agents killed. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been tortured. You just cried. There is nothing you could do to stop this. Now or never.

You began to sign while Liam was distracted.

Aaron first, life saving information second. sounds logical.

(A, closing your fist, lifting you hand, and waving it slightly.)
(signing A again)
(R, fingers crossed.)

“She’s signing…” Reid whispered, but you heard him. You smiled slightly.

Liam cracked the whip a dozen more times across your legs. You had to stop signing the pain was getting too great and you were afraid he’d see what you were trying to do. Tears were flowing like an open spout.

“This has been so much fun, Y/N. I’ll give you a little break to think about what you’re GOING to tell me.” He patted my head and threw the whip to the side with a huff. Wrapping the bandana around your mouth again. Sobs escape your mouth again. He walked over to the sliding door and the sun beamed through as he hopped down off a- something… you couldn’t tell. He left their mic on… mistake! Relief washes over you, there’s a chance. You began to sign again.

(O, making your hand a circle.)
(N, putting your thumb between your ring and middle finger)

“She spelled Aaron…” Reid stated with a slight shock in his voice. Hotch eyes widened, extremely surprised. You smiled through the sobs.

“Y/N, I’m here.” Hotch said sadly. You lifted your hand up with your pinky, thumb, and index raised. Sobs continued to escape through the bandana.

“and that means I lov-”
“I know what it means, Reid.” Hotch interrupted, sternly. The team focusing in on Hotch as he stared at the screen. Garcia continued to type trying to find anything she could to save you.

“I’ve got something!”


Part 2?

All I Ask

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

Characters: Dean x reader

Summary: You knew Dean many years ago during high school. Suddenly, he shows up when you least expect it. 

Okay, so… This is my first fic. I’m nervous as shit. Special thanks to @jadangelofthelord and @iwantthedean for proof reading. 

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queenlaputa  asked:

Do you ladies have any advice for voice feminization? I'm completely clueless. I sounded like Mickey Mouse for a little bit and then I tried something else and had to stop because I hurt myself. Any tips or methods you have would be greatly appreciated <3

Hey there! Well we certainly don’t want you hurting your voice. Hopefully we can help give you some safer and more comfortable techniques. A lot of us voice trained by ear, but there are some great resources we’ll provide you below. Several companies exploit fears of “passing” to sell very expensive programs, but there are several transwomen on Youtube who share professional tips and exercises. These provide a good structure for developing a more feminine voice, but ultimately everyone has a different style and you’ll find yourself slipping into methods that work for you.

In my own experience, I’ve found some singing warm up techniques to be quite helpful in the beginning as you discover a voice that sounds natural. High enough so you sound the way you want to but low enough that it doesn’t hurt or sound artificial. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a good singer. The first thing you want to do is find a private place you feel safe practicing in, preferably somewhere with a mirror and a way to record yourself. I’ve always practiced alone and recorded my voice so I can listen to the playback, but if you’d rather have a friend help you and they’re someone you won’t be embarrassed around, that’s fine too.

Step One. Once you’re alone, you need to warm up your vocal cords so they’re more flexible and your voice training will be easier. Do some upper body stretches and go through the vowels, really over annunciate to get your mouth and jaw feeling nice and loose. This will look silly, this is why you are alone.

Step Two. Now that your voice is warmed up, you’ll want to find your pitch. Start by saying something like “eeeeee” or “oooo” in your natural voice. Just take a deep breath and push out the sound from your chest. Next, you’ll want to get into your falsetto. Try to shift from breathing from your chest to breathing from your throat, by tightening it as you say or sing the vowel. If you’re having trouble doing this, trying placing your finders near your adam’s apple to feel the vibrations. This should shift your pitch about an octave up, not that you want to stay there. 

Another way to do this is a kind of high-pitched yawn. Start as high as you can and bring your voice down. This should sound kind of like a siren. Regardless of how you reach your higher register, scale your voice up and down like a slide whistle until you find a pitch that works for you. Sometimes trying to talk while your voice goes up and down can help you pick a voice. Don’t try to use the falsetto note, it’s too high and will sound weird, not to mention hurt.

Don’t worry if it’s not as high as you’d like, you’ll get there with practice. Your voice isn’t used to fluctuating like this, so it might crack or sound really weird. Don’t worry, you’ve never done this before, and your voice will improve with practice. Once you’ve found a comfortable pitch, practice saying things or making sounds in the voice. Get used to how it feels and how it sounds. Play a recording back to talk along with or help you figure out if you want to go lower or higher. Speaking like this will be difficult at first, your throat will be a lot tighter than you’re used to. Sometimes, speaking too long may actually feel exhausting. When you start to feel strained, stop. Your body will adjust to it in time, but you’ll only hurt yourself and your voice by pushing too hard.

Step Three. Now that you have a more feminine sound, you can work on more feminine speech patterns. I don’t mean mimicking stereotypes of valley girl, just subtle techniques to make your voice seem softer and smoother. Voices are perceived as masculine not just because of deepness or roughness. Masculine speech patterns tend to be more relaxed, or rather more loose, slurring words together, pronouncing things shorter, and generally a bit more monotone or flat. On the other hand, and for multiple sexist reasons that I’ll spare you, feminine voices are expected to be smooth, soft, annunciate more, modulate up and down.

If you want your voice to be perceived as more feminine, there are a couple techniques to keep in mind as you’re speaking: 

Try to practice speaking more clearly, enunciating every word. Try reading something aloud, and try speaking a little more slowly until you get the hang of it.

Try to make your voice sound more expressive, moving up and down for emphasis or tone. Talk with your hands at first to help being more dynamic. Drag out syllables at the end of emphasized words or greetings Pretend you’re having a lively discussion, giving a presentation, exaggerate being sarcastic, anything that requires expression or changes in tone.

Another technique that can help is adding more breath to your voice. I don’t mean you need to sound like a femme fatale in a 1920s Noir detective story, though if that’s the sound by all means breath away. Try adding more breath to your speech a little at a time to see how it sounds. This can make your voice sound smoother and rounder. Also, before answering the phone or speaking into a microphone try taking a deep breath before you speak, this can help start you off on a softer note.

All the above will require you to use more breath than you’re used to, so you won’t be able to talk as long between breaths. However, this works out fairly well as people tend to associate masculine voices with long periods between breaths and more feminine voices with shorter periods between breaths. Try reading something and wherever there is a natural pause, take a breath.

Again, these all just techniques I’ve picked up or been taught during my own journey with voice training. If you’re feeling unsure, or like these aren’t working for you I’d recommend some youtube channels that members of our team have practiced with. Deep Stealth and Let’s Fly Butterfly are particularly good.

I hope this helps! Remember, it’s a slow process and there is no right way for you to sound. These tips are just designed to help give you the tools to find the voice that suits you.

Good luck!


communication is key; (perc’ahlia(ish)) critical role/mass effect crossover

i’m not posting this to ao3 bc my ao3 is so cluttered and it will make me feel bad about myself

so here’s almost 4k because i’ve lost control of my life

warnings for (ME-canon typical) violence, firefights, and blood.

“That one counts as mine,” she hears Vax say at the same time as she watches his lips move through the scope, a smirk crossing them. “Too slow, sis.”

She’s about to argue (I shot first, it’s not my fault you were closer!) when the comm crackles again, a new voice piping up. “Cut the cross-chatter,” Percy says, sharp as a knife, the way he gets during combat. “Team comms are for emergencies. It’s a distraction.”

She watches, the expression on his face magnified by the scope to look as if he might be beside her, as Vax rolls his eyes, then his microphone clicks once more, two times, and he cloaks again, disappearing into the shadows.

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Like A Prayer For Which No Words Exist

not too sure about this one :/

He’s never felt quite this way before.

His hands are shaking, despite already downing a shot of liquid courage–Mr. Daniels clearly isn’t up to par tonight. He can feel his pulse rushing through his ears, a steady flow of paranoia gripping his brain.

“Jesus,” he mumbles, rubbing his eyelids, “get it together Justin.”

The bar is nice, secluded and empty, though now that he thinks about it, she deserves better than some fucking hotel. He considers for a second calling her and cancelling, rescheduling for another day when he can make reservations to some authentic place across the globe that only serves you on a golden platter.

But there’s no time because he feels the air shift around him and without even looking up, he knows it’s her.

“Hot chocolate with a shot of rum.”

His breath catches at the sound of her voice. Slowly, he brings his head up to meet her face.

“Hi, Justin.”

She’s beautiful. Her nose is tinged red from the cold and he has the sudden instinct to pull her close and warm her. He fights every atom in his body, every cell screaming out for her, to keep his hands to himself. Just her mere presence sends him into overdrive. His skin prickles with electricity.

“Hi, Selena.” He clears his throat, the words coming out scratchy and broken.

“Bit cold outside, isn’t it?” She smiles, taking a small sip of her drink.

“Um, not- not really.”

She nods, taking another sip and he internally kicks himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Talking to her shouldn’t be this hard, but it is. He scours his mind, searching the deepest crevices for something, anything, to say to her. He comes up blank and suddenly he’s dizzy, gripping onto the counter for stability.

“Are you alright? Justin, look at me.” Her sweet voice drips with concern as she places a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m- yeah. Do you want to go sit down?” 

He lets her lead him, her hand hovering behind his back, until they reach a table near a piano. There’s a man there already, playing classic hits, and Justin wishes it was silent so he could concentrate.

He settles in a plush chair, and she soon follows.

“I missed you,” Justin sighs, running a hand through his hair. “I thought that– I thought you wouldn’t want to see me again.” His tongue darts out to wet his lips. “I was terrified.” He’s never felt so small before and wants so badly to shy away and fold into himself.


Selena pulls her chair closer, settling her legs between his. Her hand hovers for a moment before finding its way to his knee. She looks him directly in the eyes and his stomach swirls. He drowns in them, falling deep into the mocha puddles, an inexplicable force tugging him downwards. His hands are shaking again and the temperature in the room is scorching, burning his face and neck and he has to take a deep breath to keep from suffocating in the heat.

“You don’t have to be scared. I’m not ever going to leave you, you know that. I will always care about you, Justin.” Her hand squeezes his knee and he lets out the breath he’s been holding.

“Thank you for coming.”

She smiles, leaning forward. “You don’t have to be so formal. We’re not strangers.”

”It feels like it,” he admits, his ear catching a familiar tune. “Do you want to dance with me?”

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” she laughs. “I’d love to.”

Justin allows himself to smile for the first time all night as he stands, cautiously placing his hands on her back. She tugs him closer, her arms resting at the base of his neck. Contentment is written across her face.

Selena’s shorter than he remembers, or maybe he’s just gotten taller in the months since he’s seen her. He likes the height difference, he thinks. It allows him to dip his head towards her ear as he sways her, murmuring the lyrics to Lionel Richie’s ‘Easy’ so that only she can hear.

And in a way, they’re in their own little world. Everything around them dissolves into nothing. Justin is lost in the melody and the feeling of her warmth against him, her hands slick against his sweaty neck. His eyes flutter shut as he continues moving with her. It’s what he’s wanted–needed–for the last year.

He almost doesn’t feel it as she leads forward and brushes her lips against his, a phantom of a kiss, over just as soon as it began. He wills himself to calm as his chest tightens with each breath.

“What was that for?” His words come out shaky, uncertain.

“I just– felt like it,” she shrugs innocently, a grin rivaling the Cheshire cat plastered across her face.

“Well, now I feel like this,” he swallows, grasping on to her and dipping her down to the floor.

“Justin!” she squeals, losing her footing.

“I got you babe,” he smiles, pulling her back to her feet.

“Don’t do that again.” She states simply, laughter in her voice.

The song ends, too soon for his liking, and he’s not ready to let her go. He glances at the clock, frowning as he relinquishes his hold on her. “Do you have to be anywhere in the morning?”

“I don’t think so, why?” She licks her lips, and he can’t keep from staring.



“I’ll be right back.”

True to his promise, he returns a few moments later, microphone in hand. Selena’s brow furrows as she sits up straighter. He’s really fucking nervous now, wiping his palms on his pants every few seconds while he waits for the man at the piano to do his thing.

It shouldn’t be this hard. He’s known her six years, dated her for nearly three, took her virginity for fuck’s sake, but his throat tightens up a bit at the first chords.


It’s now or never and he takes a deep breath, belting out the first line of ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations.

“Oh!” She’s taken by surprise, throwing her head back at the familiar song.

Her response makes him feel at ease and he continues, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. She covers her face, and even in the dark he knows her cheeks are rosy.

What can make me feel this way?

He circles her, his lips quirked at the corners. Nothing else in the world matters. He takes her hand, kissing the knuckles softly. He ambles a few inches away, studying her movements.

I don’t need no money, fortune or fame.

The song is drawing to a close, and he’s baring it all. His voice raises in volume. He angles his face away from her for a moment.

It’s a moment too long for her apparently. Her hand grasps his, pulling her into him. He lets go of the microphone, faintly hearing a performer finishing the song. His lips find her forehead, marking her his. The long missed sensation of her arms around him weakens him, until he reciprocates to keep from falling. He rubs circles around her back, hiding his face in her neck. “Mine,” he whispers, so faintly he’s not sure she even hears it.

They stay like that for what feels like three lifetimes, but he knows he can’t hold onto her forever. Reluctantly, he pulls away.

“Will you walk me to my car?” Selena bites her lip.

“Yeah, it’s uh, just out front right?”

“Actually, I parked around the block.”

He doesn’t question it, and follows her lead.

“I’d like to see you again sometime. If that’s alright.” He quickly adds, grabbing the door for her.

“I don’t mind.”

“Are you cold?”

“It’s a bit nippy.” She visibly shivers, her words slightly shaking.

He places his jacket over her shoulders, quickening his pace just a bit. The silence is comforting. There’s a definite shift in the air as her arm finds its way to his shoulder.

He concentrates on the clicking of her heels on the pavement. It almost soothes him into a trance, and he thinks he’d fall asleep if it weren’t for her grasping his shoulder to stop him.

“We’re here.” She laughs softly. “You trying to escape me?”

“Can I kiss you?” He asks abruptly, silently praying it’s not too blunt.

She exhales sharply, staring wide-eyed into his face. Fuck. “You don’t have to ask.”

He’s 15 again, standing before his crush. Hesitantly, he slides one hand to her cheek. He can’t quite recall what to do next. Sensing his confusion, she helps him out, leaning forward to connect their lips. His mind is numb as he softly works his mouth against hers, committing the sweet kiss to memory.

The flutter of her eyelashes against his cheekbone tickles him, and he has no choice but to separate from her, softly laughing. He leans his forehead against hers. “Until next time?”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Call Me

Pairing: SouRin

Characters: Rin Matsuoka, Sousuke Yamazaki

Category: Fluff, Sex, CamSex, Dirty Talk, Voice Kink

Rating: Explicit


Rin has been on Australia for half a year. His life in there is good but he still misses his life back in Japan, mainly a certain person with a smug smile on his face.

So he suggests a practical solution.

Technology is amazing, after all.

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Of course he is not this excited for a skype call.

Of course he has not waited for a skype call all week.

And of course he is not nervous for a skype call.

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Sing With Me

This idea came to me, and I was excited to write. I hope you all like it, as much as I do. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Friar,” the DJ announces just as Lucas and Riley enter the ballroom. Applause and cheers fill the room and smiles escape from both of their mouths. The same smiles that have been on their faces all day.

Lucas feels like he is on top of the world and nothing can bring him down. He just married the love of his life. He wasn’t sure this day would ever come, not when he stupidly pushed Riley away during their junior year of college. They spent the rest of college apart, and they probably would have spent more years apart if it wasn’t for their meddling friends.

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