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ray narvaez jr??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of ray spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign loser i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of ray scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

Friend: what’s wrong?
Me: it’s not a big deal, really
Friend: you can tell me
Me: okay, Taylor swift hasn’t liked one thing on Tumblr in almost 3 months, and everyone is making theories about how ts6 is about clocks/time, and we have no idea if it is or not. I mean we thought 1989 was supposed to be named roses, like how do you explain that, and then Taylor was such an angel she literally stopped her silence from Instagram to post something about HAIM and UGH she’s such a good friend. And Idk I guess I just really want to meet Taylor swift, like I haven’t even been able to hug her yet, and it’s just really bugging me, well I mean it always has, but TAYLOR SWIFFTTTT. Buttttt also we have no idea when ts6 might be coming out, like yeah everyone (and I) believe it might be coming out in October but no one is sure. And-

Takers- 707 Fic Chapter 1

Holaaaaaa babes~ DID YOU GUYS MISS ME LIKE I MISSED YOU. Seriously, though, I missed you guys so much. You guys are so incredibly sweet and supportive. I am so sorry I haven’t been active like at all, as you all know I was super sick. BUT GUESS WHO’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER :D NOT ME :( Well, I’m back, but my writing skills are super rusty which is why I am super hesitant to release this fic. Just like the JuminxMC fic, this one will be for 707xMC. Unfortunately, MC has not been introduced yet so I guess this will be a prequel IDK? 

Honestly, IDK yet. I have two chapters of this fic finished. However, I am not confident of it AT ALL. Like the entire time I was writing it, I was like WTF THIS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. So depending on how this does well I post it, I will decide if I want to continue this series. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK GUYS, OR I WON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS. Anyways, thanks so much for being amazing. I also have a Jumin Fic update coming out this week and the long-awaited Unknown Child will have the sequel released a week from now (so next Sunday). 

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Beads of sweat were profusely running down his face, down his neck into his shirt; the wind from the harsh winter making him shiver thanks to his cold sweat. It had been a while since he had received an active mission that required him to leave his humble tech abode.

Seven had already hacked into the mainframe and had disabled the security for approximately 47 minutes and 17 seconds and counting. And here he was, fumbling with picking the locks to get into the museum. He didn’t understand the mission completely, but from what Vanderwood had instructed, it seemed that there was some rare Jewel in this museum, worth millions and he had to steal it before anyone else could.

Being a hacker, it didn’t faze him, carrying out illegal activity. He simply did what he needed to so survive, so that his needs and his boss’ needs were met. He couldn’t risk making them unhappy, not when they had taken the most valuable thing he had as collateral.

He gritted his teeth, cursing himself because he was running out of time. If he didn’t get the Jewel this time… then… No, he couldn’t even think of what they would do.

His ears perked up as he heard the lock click. He needed to hurry, word on the street was that the most notorious thief also had his eyes on the Jewel. They called themselves “Ace” and they left their trademark ace of spades card whenever they had successfully accomplished their task.

Unfortunately for Ace, there would be no accomplishment for them today. They might be good, but Seven was better. He had to be better. He couldn’t risk being the opposite. He was a shadow, always there but never noticed, until it was too late and he was gone.

He rushed into the museum stealthily, silently trying to recall the blueprints that he had memorized last night to memory. He made his way down the hall, completely concentrated. “This is going to be a walk in the park,” he thought to himself smugly as he finally had the Jewel in his line of sight.

All he had to do was make his way over quickly, grab the Jewel and run before the cops could come running. If his calculations were correct, then it would give him approximately 120 seconds to escape once the alarm was set off and all hell would break loose.

 His mind was running all possible escape routes in his head, as he made his way into the hall. “Tsk tsk tsk, and here I thought you would be smarter, I wouldn’t move a muscle if I were you, darling.”

Seven was frozen in place, he heard a clearly altered voice and committed it to memory. It was high pitched so the perpetrator must be a guy, he doesn’t seem to have a large build but must have a deep voice. As he kept analyzing the disfigured voice, his blood ran cold, there was no way he could have made it in before Seven, not when it had taken him so long to get in himself.

He turned to see a lean, masked figure, leaning against the wall of the museum, casually eating a snack. Completely relaxed, as if they were in some public place and not robbing one of the most precious and prized artifacts known to man.

“At least I know you’re good at following directions,” the masked party said cheerfully, pleased to see Seven following his orders. It only pissed him off more. He went to take a few more steps, deciding that it would be best to simply grab the Jewel and run when the masked man pulled out a powdered substance and threw it at Seven.

He was flustered, not knowing what he was just assaulted with when he finally saw them, hundreds of intersecting infrared lines just blocking his path to the jewel. Had he taken just a few more steps he would have triggered the alarm system completely.

He silently cursed himself for not thoroughly disabling the security system. Of course, they would have extra precautionary measures for a Jewel worth 24.3 million dollars. He was mentally kicking himself for being so stupid.

The notorious delinquent let out another laugh, “The look on your face is priceless. You looked so confused. You must be asking why? Why did I help you? Why didn’t I take the Jewel when I was here about an hour before you? Why, why, why, why, why? Right?”

Seven gritted his teeth as he heard the smile in their disfigured voice. He hated being the butt of anyone’s joke and he was a trained special agent. Taking a deep breath he carefully and swiftly maneuvered himself through the laser sensors. He concentrated, knowing that everything was riding on this ticket and that he could not blow it, he had reached the pedestal the Jewel was a top when he felt a presence behind him.

The masked offender quickly brushed off his hands, “Wow now that was some stretch huh? Why work out when you can just steal for a living am I right?”

Seven gave them a hard look and went back to deciding what to do with the Jewel and the rather burdensome situation he now had to deal with.

“Jeez tough crowd huh,” the masked creature said whistling.

Seven didn’t know how on earth they could be so calm. He had had enough finally snapped, “Why the fuck are you joking around? What do you want? The jewel? Because I hate to break it to you I’m taking it.”

The masked person turned and simply shrugged, “Because it’s fun and you’re funny. That’s why I haven’t taken the Jewel and took off. It was fun watching you struggle at the door for 23 minutes when you could have simply used an infrared laser to cut a hole into the glass ceiling and lowered yourself down. It was fun watching you, with that goofy smile on your face as you waltzed into the room where the most valuable Jewel in the world was, thinking you could just pick it and walk off, that there would be no way they wouldn’t have anything that the untrained eye couldn’t see that wouldn’t alert the security team. That you have about 2 minutes and 3 seconds and counting until that security system that you oh-so-cleverly disabled kicks back on and you are caught red-handed for stealing the jewel yet you’re wasting that precious time yelling at me.”

He gritted his teeth, as he was clearly made a fool of. He went on a limb and decided that there was only one option. He wanted to laugh, sure he had been outsmarted up until now however he prepared himself, in case any opposers had decided to come and ruin his mission. He let out a forced laugh ad glared at the masked jester, “You think you’re so smart right? Well, have fun with the police.”

Without a moment of hesitation, he grabbed the Jewel and the sound of a loud blaring alarm filled the room. He quickly hit a button on the side of his belt and a rope shot up towards the ceiling quickly. He quickly threw the last piece in his ingenious plot to escape, a card; more specifically the ace of spades.

He had finally made it up to the drop ceiling where he pushed a tile to the side as he began to make his escape. He felt the adrenaline rush through his veins as he glibly called down, “It was great meeting you, but let’s not do this again, “ With that he was gone, on the run but he had successfully completed his mission. He was placing the tile back when he heard over the blaring alarms, the disfigured voice slowly getting louder, “Oh sweetheart, that, now that, you shouldn’t have done. “

He began to run, with everything he had. He somehow had to make his way back down to his car so he could make his getaway successful. He heard sirens and hundreds of police cars filled the streets. He heard a chopper in the distance and realized that he was quickly running out of options, time was quickly ticking away. He had to act fast.

He turned to run, but it was too late. He quickly pulled the hood of his hoodie over his eyes. The doors to the roof burst open behind him, police officers rushed in, demanding him to surrender because there was no mistake. How you he have messed up? He had to accomplish the mission, there was no surrender, not for him. He racked his mind, for possibilities but he was up against a wall. He slowly took a few steps back, “Don’t come near me, I’ll jump off this ledge, I swear and god only knows where I’ll throw the jewel” he threatened.

“Son, don’t make another move, We will shoot you” the police officer yelled. Seven gritted his teeth. He despised himself. He knew what would happen. He would be taken into custody, the jewel would be back in its place, and that cocky bastard would come back and steal it. Not on his watch, not if he could help it. Left with no other options, he turned, ready to jump from the top of the building, accepting that this was the end of the line for him.

He had heard the shot before he actually felt it. But when he did, boy did he feel it. It was like the heat has just consumed his body and all the air had been knocked out of him. He clutched his stomach in pain, as he felt himself fall over the edge. He closed his eyes, not able to gain the strength to reach into his pocket to throw the cursed jewel. When he felt a pair of hands grab him.

His body snapped as he felt himself hang from the side of the building. He slowly opened his eyes to see the masked man, holding onto him, clinging to the side of the building. He heard the chopper coming closer and groaned, “Just let me go, they have aerial support, just let me die and save yourself you cocky bastard.”

“Aerial support? Oh, hun, that’s not aerial support, that’s our ticket out of here.” The masked wonder said every word emphasized with a cocky smile that Seven could only imagine was on his face.

He couldn’t think or even react. He felt his consciousness slipping from him. He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but he had no time. He couldn’t muster the strength to utter any words. That was the last thing he felt before succumbing to the exhaustion and darkness.

So who’s awesome for reading this long ass fic that most likely sucked? UH YEAH YOU GURL. Yeah so, as I said my writing skills are a tad rusty… OK REALLY RUSTY. I am not confident with this one but idk. Lemme know what you guys think :D Thanks so much for being the amazing person you are and reading my thingies. You are the greatest :D MUAH XOXO  

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Do u ever get irritated with those "future is female" posts showing all white women that someone will add a few black women and a couple of Asian women to and then claim "diversity" while completely leaving Latinas off? The only Latina I've seen on any post has been Trini, and that's mainly Bc there r almost no Latina stars in any movies even tho we make up the largest minority in America. Wtf. Can't any of these movies cast Latina, black, and Asian women instead of 1 woc with 3+ white women!

PR is of course the beautiful exception. Latina, South Asian, Chinese, and black characters for 4/5 cast POC. AND idk if you’ve noticed but the extras and background cast are all diverse in every shot as well (in the school/town/etc.)! Yet ppl fucking slept on this movie. Meanwhile they’ll call sumn like Ocean 8 diverse even tho it has 5 white women and no Latinas? Sigh. More movies need to make the effort PR did. I’m sick of needing to be ~grateful~ for movies with white women leads. 

YES YES YES!  I’m getting so irritated by those “future is female” posts and all the pics are white women heroes.  I’m making sure to reblog the ones with WOC.  I’m so glad to see black women and Asian women but there is a huge lack of Latinas and Muslim women… Oh probably because there aren’t any?  Or hardly?  Like you, I’ve only really seen Trini, she’s been the only Latina hero on any screen especially since Supergirl fucked up and casted an Italian to ruin a would-be Latina character (I actually don’t blame Supergirl’s casting department on this because they dropped that Latina storyline after it came out that Flo was Italian/European descent so I personally think Lima duped them).  

I did actually see one post with the One Day At a Time cast so that was nice.

This is why I loved Power Rangers so much.  I mean, yeah Jason had his main white boy storyline, but you know what, as boring as it was, he as a character wasn’t problematic.  And the film kind of wrapped him up and left the other’s open for the sequels THAT WILL LIKELY NEVER GET MADE BECAUSE PEOPLE SLEPT ON IT.  

A movie with white women leading isn’t diverse nor new.  But they’ll add in one WOC and say “SEE!  DIVERSITY!”  Mkay.  And I would love to see more Latinas on screen.  It’s why I fucking LOVE Brooklyn 99.  There was even an article a couple years back where Melissa Fumero thought she was going to be fired because the cast had TWO Latinas.  But also, we’re not interchangeable but right now we’re at a point where I’m just glad an actual Latino is cast in a Latino role.  Like the entire cast of One Day, NONE of them are actually Cuban, but at least they’re Latino.  I think it was Gina Torres who said “Hollywood doesn’t want Latinas like me, they want their Latinas to look Italian.”  

Like you, I’m tired of being “greatful” for the white women representation.  

based on that idea from crypton future media that hatsune miku is “an android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost,” i kinda came up with this headcanon that like…

hatsune miku is actually from the future and she time traveled back to this age from a dark future to spread love across the world and bring people together to spark creativity, emotion, and beauty in their lives and help music find its way into peoples’ hearts again so the future can be a brighter place, but she can only communicate with us through the internet and pixels behind a screen because the technology of our time isn’t advanced enough yet 

well i was thinking like…what if she could never make it back to this time? what if she’s just forever stuck in the soundless future and has to fend for herself in a desolate world overrun with hatred and emptiness because she’s been excommunicated from society for singing and she lives forever as an outcast traveling musician or something…idk, post-apocalyptic miku, basically

(also what if future technology gives her the ability to turn sound into matter and she can like. defend herself with a megaphone gun or something, that’d be kinda cool)

Mother of Dragons Theory

So I’m bringing the rad Royal Engagement Theory back bc it was hella if hopeful (making a seperate post bc idk if my hijacking would be frowned upon)

If you haven’t read the theory yet (you should) and don’t feel like clicking the link (or for some reason the link is broken) the theory is basically - Garon stole Kamui to marry them to Marx/Camilla thus getting dragon blood into the Nohr family line and giving Nohr political ties to Hoshido (actually making Kamui heir provided Nohr kills all the Hoshido royal line)

Now, that’s all well and good, but there is one piece of info that has since been revealed that might cement the credibility of this theory - both royal families have enough dragon blood to use dragon’s vein/pulse

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yes yes yes robyn i thought that as well! (that it's probably harry). idk i guess i think idk looks more like harry's shoulder and there's a boob vibe i'm getting from this picture and i mean who else has been showing of his boobs than lovely mr. styles. and how would louis take that picture of him self that well. that's just an akward position to shoot a picture. so eiter someone else took it for him. or he took it and it's harry

If I were Louis and I wanted to be a sneaky little shit, that’s exactly what I would do. Not to mention the jersey looks awfully big on him on stage, yet quite fitted in the picture he posted. Well played Louis Tomlinson.