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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Kookmin Terms and Definitions For Fans by Fans
  • Jikook: The general, catch-all International name for the JK x JM pairing. Used primarily outside of East Asia.
  • 국민 (Kookmin): Korean name for the JK x JM couple. It strictly means top Jungkook, bottom Jimin. Used in Korea, Japan, and many other East Asian countries. It’s the most well-known, widely used name by Koreans including casual fans and fan sites.
  • 국짐 (Kookjim): The alternative name for Kookmin.
  • 지정 (Jijung): Korean name for top Min, bottom Kook.

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now that people are going mad with clara/ashildr adventure headcanons
things i need to say about that

  • it shouldn’t be like a classic doctor/companion relationship
  • first of all, well, clara isn’t the doctor. she’s in a position that’s similar to the doctor’s in many ways, and she imitated the doctor before, but she’s not the doctor
  • ashildr. ashildr is billions of years old. she’s infinitely older and wider and more experienced than clara (and the doctor). in many ways she can actually be the doctor to clara than clara the doctor to her
  • BUT, after being forced to take the slow route for all those billions of years - to watch the universe decay and die - she can finally get what she asked from the doctor so long ago - the tardis, the fast lane, a way to choose her own path. so she’s experiencing something new - which must be so incredibly rare for a being that’s as old as her - so while she’s so wise and experienced, she should still have this excitement, maybe even childlike wonder, that companions get to have
  • clara’s brand new to immortality, and ashildr helping her cope with that is a thing that should absolutely happen
  • then again, ashildr’s brand new to time travel adventuring, and clara’s the expert here
  • what i’m trying to say
  • this is a uniquely balanced relationship, maybe even more than what clara and the doctor used to have. they’re both each other’s teacher and each other’s student. their story is incomparable to anything else, and it’s their own
  • so
  • now go ahead
  • make it happen
Momma CQ Kids & Friends

After reading @alainaprana​’s awesome fanfic about Asy and her comment about him being a great positive influence for Geno (and the kids needing a sitter sometimes), I was inspired to draw, but not just Asy and Geno. I thought about the kids’ friendships with Sugar, Decans and Ink, and this drawing came to me.

I spent all day yesterday on this, so motivation to color it is low, but maybe some other time. I normally dislike the idea of drawing group pictures (so much work ugh), but aside from a bit of frustration with a few parts, I had fun with this drawing. I’m actually mostly satisfied with how it turned out!

Enjoy this couch full of fluff!

anonymous asked:

Just because a country is funding a sport does not mean that the people there do not watch it, or are interested in it. But judging by your previous answer you believe that your are right no matter what. So all I can say is I now understand why people say the things they do about you. Good luck in life girl, you're going to need it.

Yeah whatever I have other stuff to take care of than ski jumping and Idgaf what people here think of me so yeah keep talking about me at least that’s how I stay in the middle of it all 👏🏻


Macbeth [d: Orson Welles, 1948]

So, cinemaocd and I are watching the Orson Shakespeare films at the mo (last year we watched the Larry ones after a lifetime of me avoiding them because I firmly believe that it’s wrong to criticise things if you’ve not seen them, so now I can lay into them all I like) which I have shamefully not rewatched for ages

I know Macbeth well enough to annoy myself by finishing people’s lines, but I really had forgotten how great this version is. Yes it’s cut and edited and rearranged a bit, that’s the often joy of Shakespeare. It’s definitely the joy of Orson, as he does it to benefit the story, rather than himself. (He does insert Macbeth into Banquo’s murder scene, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking it’s to underline how brutal and insecure he is as a king). 

The design - New Look Brutality: Feudal Scots edition - is fucking tremendous. I bloody love it. (I’m aware it’s divisive, but holy moly this really does feel like the dark ages). As with most Orson-directed films, you can take any shot and it looks amazing; the lighting is fabulous, the camera angles always interesting, he has such an awareness of space and how to use it. But it’s there to serve the story rather than show off how clever he is. Kudos to everyone for their scottish accents, double kudos to the costume designers for a tremendous range of helmets (and the fur dear god the FUR), and triple kudos to Orson for his incredibly flattering beard. Oh yeah, and for the acting. Because it ranges from good to great, and Orson in particular is really bloody great. And gives my favourite ever line reading of ‘Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him that first cries “Hold, enough!”’. 

Ok listen I hate that I’m talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show just as much as you probably hate seeing people talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show but I’m having lots of thoughts about Michael Cordero Jr so whatever I’m just gonna ramble for a bit (well…..a lot)

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Well, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming

Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running

Didn’t make sense not to live for fun

Your brain gets smart, but your head gets dumb.

I have a different lyric comic to work on but honestly right now I just feel like drawing my favorite jersey gal to the lyrics of All Star


My candy’s spring fling outfit with a second version to show her flower hair tie and a closer look at her flower earrings. :V

I don’t know, but I’m having a REALLY hard time feeling even a little bit salty about s12.

I mean, everything i wanted and expected happened in s11.

I’m having a real hard time accepting that I’m misjudging my own estimates on s12 before the first episode even airs.

I'm gonna say this once, then shut up.

Emma has been ALONE and felt UNWANTED AND UNLOVED her WHOLE life. The two people she thought gave a shit about her either tried to kill her (Ingrid) or straight up ditched her and sent her to jail (Person).

Now not to knock anyone in her life now and the family she loves, but Killian Jones is the ONLY PERSON WHO HAS COME INTO HER LIFE WHO HASN’T DISAPPOINTED HER (and stayed for more than five minutes, sorry Elsa). Snow and Charming had to send her through the wardrobe for both her safety and the greater good. Regina’s the reason she grew up alone in the foster system. And Henry, bless him, shares his attention with Regina.

None of them belong solely to Emma. And now Snow and Charming have their son. So romance aside, Killian Jones is the MOST significant relationship she’s EVER had. He fills in the broken pieces of her with his own, doesn’t expect anything from her, he puts her first in a way that NO ONE ELSE CAN.

Is it too much to ask for that relationship to be played for more than adorable snuggling and kisses? I want Killian to be the one pull her back from the edge (whatever that is), to be given his proper due. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I kinda need to show to acknowledge his importance to her and we haven’t really gotten that…YET. I want to remain hopeful that we will in 4B because I understand that Emma doesn’t do…feelings and has gotten terribly burned the few times she’s tried.

So yeah, I would be a bit pissed if someone ELSE (no matter who it was) was the one to ultimately “protect her heart” or whatever. It took me a while to get over the Elsa thing. But this SEEMS tailor made for Killian. He was a villain, fought his darkness (inspired by Emma) and is now a hero.

He is her person. I knew he was the moment we met him in 2.04. Now I’d simply like the show to acknowledge that. I’m getting antsy, Adam and Eddy. I don’t NEED a TLK but I do need SOMETHING. I think three seasons is long enough, no?

Boueibu Background Characters - Part 2/???

Now let me tell you about sweater boy:

he is a lovely child who smiles at the cafeteria assistants and looks great in his school jumper.

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