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Claire Over the Different Series
  • Daredevil S1: Oh my god is that BLOOD what the hell is going on???? dude you're blind stOP FIGHTING EVERYBODY
  • Jessica Jones: Okay yeah I'll help I already helped out that blind fucker might as well
  • Daredevil S2: I got fired because SOMEONE (looks at Matt) fought ninjas. I guess helping vigilantes is my life now fml
  • Luke Cage: I've hit the acceptance stage. Luke of course I'll help your (fine) ass might as well lmaooo
  • Iron Fist: Listen you little fucknugget. I've seen some shit. don't act like you're all that, fuck outta here
  • How She'll Probably be in the Defenders: ALL of you need to sit the fuck down. I'm the glue holding this team together. DON'T MAKE ME PULL THIS CITY OVER Y'ALL, CAUSE I WILL.

Aries: Told You So

I know you like
When I admit that I was wrong and you were right
At least I try
To keep my cool when I’m thrown into a fire
And they go

I hate to say I told you so
But they love to say they told me so
I hate to say I told you so
They love to say they told me

Taurus: Hard Times

All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright
That I ain’t gonna die
All that I want
Is a hole in the ground
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out

Hard times
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives
And I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times

Gemini: 26

Hold onto hope if you got it
Don’t let it go for nobody
They say that dreaming is free
I wouldn’t care what it cost me

Reality will break your heart
Survival will not be the hardest part
It’s keeping all your hopes alive
All the rest of you has died
So let it break your heart

Cancer: Pool

I’m underwater
With no air in my lungs
My eyes are open
I’m done giving up
You are the wave
I could never tame
If I survive
I’ll dive back in

As if the first blood didn’t thrill enough
I went further out to see what else was left of us
Never found the deep end of our little ocean
Drain the fantasy of you
Headfirst into shallow pools

Leo: Idle Worship

Oh, it’s such a long and awful lonely fall
Down from this pedestal that you keep putting me on
What if I fall on my face?
What if I make a mistake?
If it’s okay a little grace would be appreciated
Remember how we used to like ourselves?
What little light that’s left, we need to keep it sacred
I know that you’re afraid to let all the dark escape ya
But we could let the light illuminate these hopeless places

Just let me let you down

Hey, baby I’m not your superhuman
And if that’s what you want
I hate to let you down
I got your hopes up
Now I got you hoping
But I’m gonna be the one that let you down

Virgo: Forgiveness

Don’t you go and get it twisted
Forgiving is not forgetting
Don’t you go and get it twisted
Forgiving is not forgetting
No, it’s not forgetting
No, I’ll never forget it, no

And you, you want forgiveness
(I can barely hang on to myself)
But I, I can’t give you that
(I can’t give you, I can’t give you that)
And you, you want forgiveness
(I’m afraid that I’ll have nothing left)
But I, I just can’t do it yet
(I can’t do, I just can’t do it yet)

Libra: Fake Happy

And if I go out tonight, dress up my fears
You think I’ll look alright with these mascara tears?
See I’m gonna draw my lipstick wider than my mouth
And if the lights are low they’ll never see me frown

If I smile with my teeth
Bet you believe me
If I smile with my teeth
I think I believe me

Oh please don’t ask me how I’ve been
Don’t make me play pretend
Oh no, oh oh what’s the use?
Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too

Scorpio: Grudges

Time is a bastard I won’t break my neck to get around it
But aren’t we so brave to give up a fight
And let the years go by without us
‘Cause now I feel you by my side
And I don’t even care if it’s been a while
I can feel that we’ve changed and we’re better this way

Stop asking why
Why we had to waste so much time
Well, we just pick up, pick up and start again
'Cause we can’t keep holding on to grudges

Sagittarius: No Friend

Another thorny field to scatter fruitless seed,
Another song that runs too long god knows no one needs
More misguided ghosts, more transparent hands
To drop a nickel in our basket and we’ll do our riot!

Dance beneath another burning sky,
Behind our painted lips
In scores of catatonic smile-covered ankle-bitten ships
So throw your pedestal of stone in the forgetful sea
As protection from the paper-thin perfection
You project on me

Capricorn: Tell Me How

Think I’m tired of getting over it
Just starting something new again
I’m getting sick of the beginnings
And always coming to your defences
I guess it’s good to get it off my chest
I guess I can’t believe I haven’t yet
You know I got my own convictions
And they’re stronger than any addiction
But no one’s winning
You keep me up with your silence
Take me down with your quiet
Of all the weapons you fight with
Your silence is the most violent

Aquarius: Caught in the Middle

I can’t think of getting old
It only makes me want to die
And I can’t think of who I was
'Cause it just makes me want to cry, cry, cry
Can’t look back, can’t look too far ahead
I got the point, I got the message
I was dreaming life away
All the while just going blind
Can’t see the forest for the trees
Behind the lids of my own eyes
Nostalgia’s cool, but it won’t help me now
A dream is good, if you don’t wear it out
No, I don’t need no help
I can sabotage me by myself

Pisces: Rose-Colored Boy

Just let me cry a little bit longer
I ain’t gon’ smile if I don’t want to
Hey, man, we all can’t be like you
I wish we were all rose-colored too
My rose-colored boy

Leave me here a little bit longer
I think I wanna stay in the car
I don’t want anybody seeing me cry now
You say “We gotta look on the bright side”
I say “Well maybe if you wanna go blind”
You say my eyes are getting too dark now
But boy, you ain’t ever seen my mind

Yuri moving in to Victor's house in Russia
  • Victor: *showing Yuri around like the apartment is as big as an actual house*
  • Yuri: Victor... Stop it. I've seen it all like five times.
  • Victor: but, this is where we're going to live together from now on. You have to know where everything is and...
  • Yuri: are you trying to say that we are not going to move out of this house ever?
  • Victor: well—
  • Yuri: and what if our family gets bigger?
  • Yuri: *realizing what he just said*
  • Victor: *smirking* Do you mean kids?
  • Yuri: no, I mean, this is so small and—
  • Victor: I'd like to have kids too, you know.
  • Yuri: what... *blushing*
  • Yuri: *giving up* maybe someday?
  • Victor: oh, hell yes. *kisses Yuri in the forehead*

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Thank you for sharing Pangur and your other kitties with us. They brighten my day whenever I see them, and I hope your blog has been a net positive for you. Please don't ever feel you need to apologize for taking care of yourself. I know it can suck to feel like you're disappointing people, but I admire you for standing up for yourself. I've seen a lot of generous people get burned out from Tumblr fame, and it's always a shame. All the best!

what a lovely message, thank you!

I’ve actually been surprised by how well folk respond to me setting boundaries -  it’s a huge relief that despite this blog’s growth, I can have as much fun posting photos of my dumb pets now as I did back with 200 followers

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Actually, there's a lot of belittling happening on shipper blogs right now. MM, as usual, is still copping a beating because shippers think everything is about them. Both sides belittle, both side do and say nasty things. I've been around for a while as a neutral lurker and have seen a lot of shit from both sides. I don't think it's fair to put all the blame on antis.

Ok… I wasn’t going to answer this now (if at all), but might as well. And it got longer than I meant it to, but even though I have a lot bubbling up, this is all I’mma say about this so…

This here is a big problem for me in this fandom: Trying to pit sides against each other - this ‘you’re either with us or against us’ mentality. I never said anything about antis and shippers in my earlier comments only called out the practice of screencapping people and tattling on them to people that have no business in our space. If that’s a practice that is utilized by one “side” more than another enough for it to seem like I was taking sides (when I wasn’t)… Well what does that tell you?

No “side” is faultless (including prod/cast/crew). Going to someone’s blog/IG/whatever and mercilessly trolling and abusing is beyond wrong. What Shatner is doing is beyond wrong. There is a fine line between snark and hate and truth (harsh as it may be sometimes), recognizing what something is or isn’t, that’s the trick - everyone’s line varies. But people that are expressing themselves on their own blogs (without the need to screencap others)… Let them. Why the need to screencap and tattle on them? Whatever “side” you’re on, that’s just a shady move. 

I’m a frustrated neutral. And I’m tired.

I’m tired. I’m tired of “sides”. I’m tired of this fandom being made a laughing stock. I’m tired of having to keep silent for fear of setting off one group or another. I’m tired of Tumblr being labeled toxic, when every SM platform has it’s own set fanbase (NOT EVERYONE IS ACTIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS ALL THE TIME). I’m tired of being treated as less than a fan because I’m getting fed up with the cast/crew shenanigans when all I want is some level of enthusiasm and relevant PR for the SHOW - instead of seeing fans getting flipped off. I’m tired of seeing fellow fans/people being bullied. I’m tired of seeing/hearing about people irrelevant to my OL experience but keep getting inserted and force fed into the forefront. I’m tired of every complaint/opinion/observation made being labeled as ungrateful fans, when it isn’t. I AM TIRED.

It has become unavoidable. There is only so much scrolling, blocking and muting one can do before there’s just no point anymore. There comes a point when even the most patient of people has to vent. We can’t disagree with respect now without being labeled haters. Everywhere you turn, there are labels.

Ask yourself why some neutrals are seemingly gravitating towards fellow fans that just so happen to carry a label of ‘shipper’, more and more. Why now? 

What is happening to make neutrals shade as hard as they are? Just because a neutral is silent, doesn’t mean they aren’t observing. All of it. 

Ask yourself why more and more fans in general are slowly speaking up and calling out prod/cast/crew. Take the labels off, and what do you see?

This fandom has fractured. People are frustrated and have just reached the end of their ropes. Either time will heal and come September, everyone will inevitably flock back like nothing happened OR it’ll be tumbleweeds. With the way things are going… I dunno, guess will see.

A united fandom that stops pointing fingers at each other, puts aside their hate and toxicity and petty policing, and instead focuses on getting a fandom experience that isn’t predicated on paying every TomDickandHarry for a little enthusiasm and respect (and GD relevant PR), which we deserve to have regardless. That isn’t entitlement - it’s Fandom. And it starts with us.

Wouldn’t that be a sight…

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What kind of shitty marketing/package design team thinks putting a ;) on the box is a good idea??? I have never seen that in all my years and I've done a bit of archiving packaging and advertising and never ever have I seen a text based emoji on anything. This is wild! I'm fascinated, and terrified as to what products Poland cranks out.

Well, I looked at that photo again and noticed it’s from Biedronka (most popular supermarket chain in Poland) and I must say that their advertising is already known to be kinda weird. So now probably hardly anyone in Poland is suprised beacause we’ve seen stuff like this:

So yeah

@useless-polandfacts feel free to add some stuff if I missed something important


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Hey ^^. I've seen the spoiler, and i'm really confused now. According to the spoiler someone arrives, soma opens the door and gets shot. Soma even speaks such line as "If you don't hurry up, I'll have the desserts all by myself", "You don't look well, is something wrong?", I mean he must be talking to ciel, at least he thinks so. But the carriage looks different, besides, i don't think Ciel wants to kill Soma. So Is it the twin? By the way, I can't see the twin's purpose in killing Soma

Hey Anon :) A translation got out by now so I hope you read the new chapter before reading my response. To answer your question, basically I agree with @akumadeenglish‘s post:

  • Seeing Soma’s reaction, it’s someone he has met before
  • but at the same time I really doubt it’s our!Ciel because Soma’s reaction was more lukewarm compared to how he generally reacts to Ciel (even if the last time we saw Ciel & Seb, Seb said they were going back to the house). 

Of course there are other possibilities at this point, but since it feels like the more we get into this arc the less things we speculated on make sense, personally I’m trying to avoid crack theorizing too much and so I’ll bet on the twin (probably Lord Sirius) for now. :)

As for what’s the purpose of the twin (if that’s him) for trying to kill Soma, well, that’s just my opinion but…

If we say that somehow Ciel sacrificed his twin 4 years ago (even if I don’t know exactly how that happened), which is why Seb appeared in the first place, if the twin survived/became a BD and was told/remembered about what happened, maybe he decided to take revenge on Ciel because of what happened 4 years ago and of Ciel taking his identity?

A revenge that would include:

  • shooting Soma, because he is Ciel’s “friend” even if Ciel doesn’t agree on that
  • but also taking Lizzie away from him (through emotional manipulation because she is probably very pained and confused)
  • all that in order to hurt our!Ciel.

I mean, some readers will never agree on that, but I think Soma’s words in the new chapter about Ciel are spot on:

Ciel already lost his parents (and twin) 4 years ago + Ann a year ago now, so take away the few people Ciel actually still cares about (Lizzie mostly, but maybe Soma to some extent as well, since they’ve known each other for a year now) and it would be easy to hurt him, no matter how much he pretends not to care at all. 

That’s how I see it for now anyway so I hope it’s understandable and I’m sorry if it’s not, since there are still a lot of things I can’t be sure about (namely UT’s role in all this, I’m just not sure of anything anymore).

Thanks for passing by and have a nice Kuro positivity day tomorrow, Anon :3 

Hey Anon! And I guess it’s different for everyone, depending on what you’re skeptical/didn’t like about the 2CT?
When I see how the more we get into this arc the less we can be sure of anything, I think it’s sure that Yana actually planned it long ago so that it would supposedly make sense, so I’m giving her a chance to convince me until this arc is over. :)

Personally, even if I don’t like the hidden twin trope (simply because it’s not my fav option when it comes to fiction), I’ll be more or less okay with the 2CT as long as:

  1. the main plot, current arc and future arcs still make sense storytelling-wise 

  2. the twin creates drama because he’s supposed to be a villain and not a poor little angel who just was a victim all along (seeing as he possibly just shot Soma/Agni tho, I’m not so worried about that point xD)

  3. the characters (namely Lizzie and UT) still make sense with everything that we learnt about them so far, UT being the one I’m the most worried about recently (since I’m not sure anymore of where he fits in the current arc).

That’s what I’m asking of Kuroshitsuji in general anyway, so it’s not just because the 2CT is becoming canon, even if I might become a bit more intransigent about character developments in the future (because the cast is the main reason I like Kuroshitsuji as much as I do). 

Sorry if that doesn’t help but thanks for passing by and happy Kuro positivity day to you for tomorrow, Anon :3

Balloon boys potentially ‘laughing’ at Even’s name mentioned and the skam fandom ‘cancels’ them, tells them to ‘choke’, inserts gifs of hurting them. But y’all forget that Isak did it tens time worse. Isak didn’t want mentally ill people in his life, Isak actually got tired of Even’s moods and asked him to not contact him anymore. Did you forget that?

Oh wait. people change. people grow. CHARACTER GROWTH HAPPENS. Maybe get that through you thick skulls. Maybe realise that people are complex, maybe try and understand that what you are doing right now is demonising the minority whilst y’all didn’t bat an eye after Evak got together as if Isak’s ignorance against mental illness disappeared in one day. Do you think the balloon squad even know about Even’s bipolar? Maybe hold your breath before you charge someone as guilty for something you know nothing off yet.

so i finished watching hunter x hunter 

spoilers (pretty sure all of y’all have watched it at this point tho lol)

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Bless ya'll for doing this– I don't have the money or time(freaking college) to dive into a book right now, so spoilers have become my lifeblood. Any and all information pertaining to Lucien and Elain is much appreciated because I just *really* need to know if they're a thing, and all of the spoilers/hints I've seen are super vague. I just. My soul. My soul needs to know.

well elain still hung up on her ex fiance ….so there’s THAT

(no reblogs/screenshots)

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I'm so worried about Ada! She's such a cinnamon roll, and at first I was like, well, even a jerk can fall in love, but now I've seen more of Cross, I'm like... Is he in love at all? Or is she just... a possession or a toy to him? Anyway, I <3 WitS!

Their courtship and engagement were on a bit of a timetable, so they still have a lot to learn about each other.

Chapter 2 Q & A is still open!

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I've always thought that they were gonna use his band to try and replace 1D. They've put quite a spotlight on this band considering Harry is a solo artist now. So I think they're pushing them for the people who miss the band dynamics and from what i've seen on my dash it's working well. They all love the band, they're squealing over interactions already even though we don't even know these people. I guess many people won't be upset that 1d is not coming back, now that they have a new band (1)

to be a fan of. Considering most Harries always thought that the band should be all about Harry, this is all they ever wanted: A band that Harry can have cute interactions with but simultaneously don’t take any focus of Harry. Basically they’re good props for fanservice that will conveniently fade into the background any other time. Add the Hitch thing to this now and you’ve got the full package - a new person to ship Harry with that you can treat like an accessory without feeling guilty (2)

Anon, I absolutely agree. Absolutely. In addition, he hired women, which makes him look “so progressive” and people ignore how the women help cover he can’t sing his own flasettos live.

  • what she says: I'm fine :-)
  • what she means: this is the biggest bangtan has ever been and I never could've imagined them being this huge before last year I'm so proud of these boys who worked their asses off to get where they stand remember that time we all had to spread I Need U around everywhere we could so it could get just 1mil?? Well now we're getting over 3mil in less than 24hrs and breakin records and it's so unreal how much they've grown as a group and how much more recognition they got in just a year since 쩔어 came out and they're still one of the most generous groups I've ever seen they are too good for us I just wanna thank them for all their hard work and whipping me into shape w their words and lyrics I'm so much happier now thanks to bangtan

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do you know why yuuri wears his face mask everywhere he goes?? i know japanese people wear them a lot when they're sick and they go out but yuuri seems to wear it an awful lot. do you think he has like the worlds longest perpetual cold or something

It is definitely a cultural thing. Japanese people (and if what I’ve seen in pop culture is any indication, quite a few other Asian countries as well) LOVE face masks and wear them ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. I didn’t even notice Yuuri was wearing one bc it seemed so natural to me ^ ^;

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Hey Rosy :) this may be a weird ask, but I wanted to get your opinion on this or rather see if you shared mine on the subject. I'm on Twitter all the time and I've obviously seen that we're likely going to get a shirtless Bellamy scene next episode. Now I, like many others, am excited by the prospect, but I also feel bad. I know that Bob really dislikes being sexually objectified and has some body issues, so whenever I see him having to go sans clothing in a project I feel bad.

Well I think there’s a difference between being shirtless in his role and being reduced to nothing but a sex object. I mean, this isn’t a tits and jiggle show. His character has a meaty role and he’s the hero.

Is it his favorite thing about acting? I’m betting not. But it is a part of his job and at least in this capacity, there’s a reason for it and he has respect as the lead and all. 

I mean, this isn’t like that Australian show where they kind of forced him to take off his shirt for charity. Because he was a piece of meat.

I’m going to trust that Bob is okay with his role as it stands, and that includes some narrative appropriate bare chests. 

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I LOVE THE OBITINE CHILD SO MUCH! Forgive my abundance of enthusiasm, your art is the first obitine child thing I've seen. Please give us all the headcanons!

Aw, enthusiastic anon, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I had it all typed up and then lost it, and I’m just now getting around to pulling things together again.

There are lots of different headcanons about this, and I trust you’ll be able to find them. But, well, since you asked about mine:

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"the girl can get her 15 min, who cares" Yeah, the thing is if Cait is following her and supporting her it's going to be a lot longer than that. I've been saying this for a while now, the girl is here to stay, this is different from everything we've seen before. The sham is not the relationship (or whatever you want to call it) between her and Sam, the sham is everything we've seen between Sam and Cait. They may spend all their damn time together on and off set, but apparently it means nothing.

I disagree…

I believe Sam and Cait are just friends. I do.

Okay, can they now stop being fake with MM and Tony…because it’s not a good look.

They should have left well enough alone, these other relationships were more believable before.

I’ll tell you right now Sam, Cait and Starz, you are doing a poor job selling it.

All these posts and follows are done in such an obviously coordinated manner and done so grudgingly… if you can’t make it look good and heartfelt, it’s better not to do it at all.

Say you’re both single, it’s fine, I won’t think you’re together.

But everything since last year is not a good look at all… and it’s not believable.