well i've fallen in too deep

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Hi Emily. I am sorry but I have to unfollow. I love your writing so much and you seem like such a nice girl but I've fallen into a deep depression and these posts make me feel worse. I can't read about tragedy in life right now. I will follow again when I am better and keep on fighting the good fight.

There is absolutely no need to apologise. You just worry about yourself and your well-being. My blog will always be here! I wish you the very best luck and just know that you can overcome this and be happy once again. Thank you very much for the kind words too, angel.

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Winterhawk - It's been a long time since I've slept so well.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve slept so well,” Clint says and doesn’t look away from Bucky at all. The honesty in the man’s eyes and voice floors him.

The deep seated instinct to get away wars with the utter relief that fills him, because Bucky can relate too well to what Clint’s saying. They’d fallen asleep somehow on the couch watching movies. Morning had come and Bucky had found himself reluctant to swim up out of the comfortably dreamless sleep he’d been having. A first for him.

His past haunted him in one way or another at night, and Bucky’s gotten used to getting rest as a series of naps with long periods of wandering between each one. It’s how he’d found Clint up too late on many nights.

The understanding was mutual and they never talked about it. Only settling into a routine of late night movie watching. One that had grown comfortable enough for them both to fall asleep and wake up hours later tangled up together on the couch.

“Yeah,” Bucky finally admits. His voice rough and croaky from more than it just being morning. “I haven’t slept that good in a while either.”

“Come on,” Clint offers him a hand and Bucky takes it before he can overthink it. He’s pulled up and Clint doesn’t let go at all.

“Where we going?” Bucky asks as they step onto the elevators. He’s got an idea but he wants it spelled out for him.

“My room,” Clint says and still doesn’t let go of Bucky. There’s weariness in his face that Bucky can feel when he looks down at him. “I could use a few more hours of sleep, and so could you.”

Bucky doesn’t have a single protest to give.


It’s not men. It’s just him. It’s only him.