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Some Time during infinity war...
  • Peter Parker: hey dude, are you okay?
  • Peter quill: yeah, it's just my sorta dad does not too long ago and-
  • Peter Parker: say no more, I understand what it's like to loose people.
  • T'challa: My condolences, I have also recently lost my father.
  • Thor: as I have also lost my mother.
  • Steve: me too, Everyone i knew growing up are dead. Well apart from Bucky.
  • Bucky: hey!
  • Tony: did someone mention dead parents?
The Signs As Judge Judy Quotes
  • Aries: The only attitude I tolerate around here is my own! You speak, then I rule, and after that you shut up. Do you understand?
  • Taurus: I eat morons like you for breakfast. You're going to be crying before this is over
  • Gemini: 'Um' is not an answer!
  • Cancer: Why are you here? (I'm here for pain and suffering) Yours or mine?
  • Leo: (Sorry I'm nervous) Well get un-nervous
  • Virgo: Beauty fades, dumb is forever
  • Libra: Do you know when a gift becomes a loan? When the relationship is over. Have you ever heard that, sir? Well, neither have I. I just made it up. I'm going to put it on coffee mugs
  • Scorpio: I love the truth. If you don't tell me the truth you're going to be eating your shoes
  • Sagittarius: I don't care how the Word of God applies here. This is a courtroom, not a church, so don't preach to me
  • Capricorn: On your BEST day you're not as smart as I am on my WORST day
  • Aquarius: Don't pee on my leg & tell me it's raining
  • Pisces: I only do one thing at a time; otherwise, I get confused and then I can't trick you

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I'm really REALLY confused as to why you and Kylie hate the long awaited beautiful Korra comics so much??? Like I was expecting homophobic nations with how sexist the northern water tribe was. + you have FN's dictatorship (they poisoned their own people of that river town with that factory) & how dumb the EK was with Kuei not knowing about the war. & I don't understand why y'all are mad at Kya.

Huh. Well, this certainly a change of pace; directing this ask at me, as opposed to @lokgifsandmusings​. Which is actually very thoughtful, to be honest. She’s got her hands full with her niece right now (literally) so yeah, I can field this one.

First thing’s first, we’re not mad at Kya. We’re frustrated at what she said, and thus the scripting of her. As in: We’re pissed at Mike for writing those words. Also, how could we be mad at Kya? She’s…not a real person. She’s a character who served as a mouthpiece for an exposition dump. 

Second, this is a topic we covered very extensively two weeks ago, but I’m happy to go over it again now that Turf Wars is out in the wild for everyone and not just people near a LCS. Kylie and I have very strong opinions about Turf Wars, this is true. Something we have never denied is that we’ve been waiting just as long as everyone else. We wanted so, so badly to love these like most of the fandom can. I’m serious; we’re pretty bummed that we can’t. 

As for why we can’t just sit back and enjoy them, well…there’s a reason we wrote over 10,000 words on that exact subject. It’s because we’re super enthusiastic about debating and that’s how our brains work. We cover the Northern Water Tribe’s depiction of protective paternalism, and also the Fire Nation wasn’t a dictatorship; it was a monarchy. It still is a monarchy, in fact. As for that village from The Painted Lady…buddy, the Fire Nation wasn’t purposefully poisoning an entire village of their own people. Neglect and supervillainy aren’t the same thing. It doesn’t make any sense if they’re trying to spread their culture to the world through violent imperialism and genocide! They want to keep their people happy—okay, I’ll stop. 

We get into all of that, except for Kuei since…why does his ignorance have anything to do with anything? Those two things aren’t even remotely related. 

Anyway, to boil it all down (because if I talk about the Gestapo imagery we’ll be here literally all day): Systemic and institutionalized homophobia doesn’t make sense in this universe. It can’t exist, because that means that system and institutionalized sexism exists on a global scale. And if that’s a thing, then that means the entire foundation of the Avatar canon is uprooted. No, seriously, I’m not even joking. At all. Here, I’ll quote two sections of the piece, which I’m putting under the cut because this is getting long.

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stop asking about reposting my art on instagram i don't appreciate it

I have my own ig to post MY art so stop doing that and read my bio before asking a permission, please.
I hope you’ll understand.

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I've confided in about 4 people I trust in telling them I'm almost 100% sure I'm ace and 2 of them don't think I really am and ask the typical dumb questions like "well how do you know if you've never had sex?" And the other 2 I think don't really believe it's real but still try to support me. So basically I don't really have anyone I know who I truly believe accept my asexuality and understands it as just how I am.

This is an old ask, but I’m really sorry that happened to you. You deserve better friends and the support you need.

  • V: I don't even know what I did today. I Think I played with Jungkook, and made Jimin angry. I made some weird faces today. I said some weird things today as well. I also tried to get Rapmonster to play with me. It didn't work out...
  • Jungkook: I can't wait till I'm a adult. Then, I can go drinking with the others and leave 🌚. I need a girlfriend, but then I dont. Im not sure, I just like girls [small letters] and V. Jimin keeps trying to get me to touch him. I don't wanna. He has nice arms though...Not better than mines...
  • Jimin: Today I played with Jungkook! I almost got killed by Suga. I got questioned by RapMon, and danced with J-hope. I earned all my jams for the day! Most importantly I played with Jungkook~♡...
  • Suga: Everyone is acting so weird today. They keep taking my kindness for granted. I been nice to Jimin all week! Yet when it was time for my hourly nap, he tried to bother me. I don't understand? They wonder why I curse so much. Welp, leave me alone and I'll keep my words sweet as me, Suga...
  • Jin: My kids, I love my kids. They may do dumb stuff 24/7, but I love them. I'm so handsome.Today I ate food, I like food. Bring me food and I'll....eat it...
  • Rapmonster: I hate my kids, I hate my wife, I hate my job. The only thing good is the women. I like women. Ok, well I dont HATE my kids, but they need to chill. All a monster is trying to do is get balls deep in a cordi noona and V is going to ask me to play ball. Bitch, i'm trying to get a woman to play with MY ball. Ima stay a virgin forever...
  • J-hope: Today, I got scared. There was a animal in the practice room, and I thought it was going to kill me. I looked at rapmonster and told him this is our time. He walked away from me. The good news is I danced. Me and Jimin cant stop doing the "Touch My Body" dance. I think the animal is still in the practice room...

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I'm an American, and while I've tried google-ing the EU referendum I still don't fully understand what's going on. can could you please explain what this means for the UK now, as well as for France?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why is it bad if the UK leaves the EU? I’m not from UK and don’t understand the implications…

Okay, so first of all I have to say that I’m neither a Brit nor particularly knowledgeable about foreign affairs, so don’t hesitate to correct me if I’m wrong. I’d be much more comfortable with explaining the fuckboys hobbies of the Romantics, you know.

The way I see it, the implications for the UK and for the EU are financial, administrative, of course political, and potentially psychological. What you have to know is that the EU is an open zone in terms of market, trading, traveling, etc. There are agreements between all EU countries to facilitate the economy both inside and outside of Europe. Also, there are a lot of subventions in place to balance the weakest economies in our midst and thus build a strong economical power. 

I’m not going to enter into economy details because I will make a fool of myself. Let’s just list what I actually understand:

• all financial help and subventions going towards the UK from the EU, but also fueled by the UK towards the EU will stop. 

• all prior trade agreements passed between the UK and the EU will be void and thus reworked. This means that the UK’s economy will most likely suffer from a loss of a lot of advantages (monetary and political) in terms of free market and all that stuff I can’t define well for the life of me; for example, the UK will lose its influence on economical decisions inside of the EU and on its closest, most important market (EU territories). The uncertainty triggered by Brexit will most likely affect businesses in the UK, import and export prices, employment, etc. The pound has already plummeted. 

• Economically, the UK will not gain a lot more independence and freedom in the process, either. The EU economy will be impacted as well, but I’m not sure how yet. 

• Politically, the balance of power will be shattered inside of the EU : France, Germany and the UK were the self-proclaimed “forces” (and pioneers, more or less) of the EU, and the UK leaving means that a new balance of power will have to be tested between France and Germany (two countries who already share a tense diplomatic relationship and have strong, regularly opposite opinions). 

• Worldwide, this means that the UK will lose its huge impact on foreign policies, as being part of the EU. 

• The UK leaving sparked once again the anger of Scotland, who will most likely try to regain their independence and apply for EU membership - thus being part of the EU, but not of the UK anymore.

• For the students traveling abroad, or really anyone traveling abroad, this means that all UK residents will have to ask for a VISA just to get out of the country. People wanting to come to the UK will have to ask for a VISA as well. This complicates a lot the administrative details of traveling. 

• This also means that all preferential EU universities fees will be annulled and European students will have to pay the international universities fees to study in the UK (and vice-versa, UK students will have to pay international fees in the EU); and let me tell you, those fees are outrageous.

• Immigration will be super tightened. France wants to stop controlling immigration to the UK at Calais, but the UK wants to enter a more forceful and more radical plan when it comes to immigration. Other laws implemented thanks to the EU in the UK might be annulled (most notably, protection of LGBTQ+ people laws). 

• Psychologically, a taboo has been lifted. The UK is the first country to leave the EU and they left an open door behind them. Who knows which country will want to follow them? The problem is, the UK was the most independent country in the EU and although the whole process of their leaving will be chaos, it’s still child play compared to other countries who are drowned in EU details, subventions and agreements. Hopefully, this comes to nothing more, but who knows?

Here are a few extensive articles and documents on the subject :

Impact of Brexit 
Economic Impact : Brexit report 
Brexit : quelles conséquences ? 
Brexit it is : 10 major implications 
How Brexit could impact the EU economy

the signs as brooklyn baby lyrics
  • aries: and if you don't like it, you can beat it... beat it, baby
  • taurus: i get down to beat poetry, and my jazz collection's rare. i can play most anything
  • gemini: they judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read
  • cancer: well, my boyfriend's in a band. he plays guitar while I sing lou reed
  • leo: yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, but he's not as cool as me
  • virgo: you're burning up, i'm cooling down. you're up, i'm down. you're blind, i see
  • libra: they say i'm too young to love you. they say i'm too dumb to see
  • scorpio: i think we're like fire and water, i think we're like the wind and sea
  • sagittarius: they think i don't understand the freedom land of the seventies
  • capricorn: i think i'm too cool to know ya. you say i'm like the ice i freeze
  • aquarius: i'm talking about my generation, talking about that newer nation
  • pisces: i've got feathers in my hair, i get high on hydroponic weed
Quotes from the Dad, the Trooper
  • Dad: fuck the police
  • Dad: wait
  • Dad: wait don't fuck the police
  • Dad: take the police out to a nice dinner and get to know the police.
  • Dad: you can't really fix stupid but you sure can arrest it
  • Dad: they think I'm gonna arrest them for smoking pot how cute
  • Dad: I'm just gonna take their tasty cakes cause well tasty cakes
  • Dad: can you fucking not
  • Dad: cops drink coffee cause it's dark and bitter like our souls
  • Dad: I don't understand the doughnut stereotype
  • Dad: of course I like doughnuts
  • Dad: everyone likes doughnuts
  • Dad: if you don't like doughnuts in going to arrest you for being dumb
  • Dad: that's the dumbest law I've ever heard
  • Dad: ba da da da da you're an idiot
  • Dad: you have the right to remain silent and I have the right to think you're an idiot
  • Dad: I hate people
  • Dad: if your BAC is higher than your IQ I'm arresting you
  • Dad: see it's funny cause your IQ is 0
  • Dad: put him in da river
  • Dad: wait no we don't have a river
  • Dad: uhm
  • Dad: stick him in the fridge until further notice
  • Dad: you can bitch all you want I have the gun
  • Dad: you have the right to go fuck yourself
  • Dad: that's it I retire
  • Dad: I've arrested this guy 4 times
  • Dad: for public nudity
  • Dad: how does he keep getting out?!
  • Dad: and why can't he find his pants
  • Dad: if she hadn't married me your mother would be a famous criminal master mind
  • Dad: she's a criminal master mind now
  • Dad: she's just not famous
  • Dad: cause I keep covering up her tracks
  • Dad: is this evidence I don't even know
  • Dad: that's it everyone's going to prison everyone

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just curious, but is anyone in your aus trans*?

Sorry this took so long to get out–and for the length. <:T  (Cutting that now, wow.)  Gonna try to be as brief and clear as possible.

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No. That wasn't my best comeback. I'm just afraid that you won't understand it if I did. You just don't strike me as someone smart, dumb cunt. And don't talk to me about immaturity if you don't have it. Try to create sentences that makes sense, okay?

“You just don’t strike me as someone smart.” Well, I’ll strike you a couple times thanks to your uncut dissatisfaction, I can tell you I have a 4.0 QPA and have made the Dean’s list twice this year. I go to a prestigious 4-year private school and take all honors classes and graduated 3rd in my high school class. Also, to your unbridled dismay, I got a 2150 on my SATs. “Don’t talk to me about immaturity if you don’t have it.” Okay, I won’t talk to you about immaturity because I’m inexperienced in that category which you’re all too familiar with, you vapid imbecile. You try so hard to make me tremble at your anonymity but really you’re just making yourself look like a complete fool. You should take your own advice and try to create sentences that make fucking sense. You are a vile excuse for a human being. Get the dildo out of your asshole and stop being an uptight prick. You fucking suck as a person, if you haven’t already noticed and I’m sorry for people who are friends with you in real life because there is no way I would want someone as dimwitted and cold-hearted as you present in my life. What are you trying to get out of insulting me? You’re not hurting me. At all. I hope you’re aware of that. I’m not taking offense to anything you say because your words are empty to me. I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether you hate me and want me to rot in hell. I don’t care if you think I’m ugly, that just gives us one thing in common. Get off your goddamn golden pedastal. You’re not doing jack shit to me.

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Can you explain what love feels like to me? I'm aro and don't understand (ah I sound dumb)

well there are so many different kinds of love and ways to feel love it’s different for everyone. and romantic love isn’t the only kind of there there is. but for me the feeling of romantic love is soft and warm and creates a tingling feeling right in the center of your chest when you’re around the people/person you like. everything seems brighter when you’re together and everything is electric. it’s kind of like the tight warm feeling you get after seeing someone you’ve missed. except you feel it all the time.