well i'm in bed i need to sleep

Bed time princess
  • Daddy: I think it time for you princess, to go to sleep.
  • Little: * yawns* I'm not tired daddy
  • Daddy: I think u r little cutie
  • Little: *smiles* nope daddy I'm going to stay up all night with my stuffie
  • Daddy: * gets in bed * well daddy needs his stuffie. But I guess I can sleep with yoshi* picks up yoshi the stuffie *
  • Little: * runs into bed and cuddles up to daddy* I'm hear

OK so I know I’m like the only person on Tumblr still playing Neko Atsume, but today’s update freaks me out a little bit.  There’s one new rare cat, and he’s called Whiteshadow.  His “type” is not the usual like, grey, or calico, or whatever… no, it’s NINJA COSTUME!!!

Also, I saw him as soon as I opened the app a few minutes ago, standing on a fence in the yard, not anywhere I’ve ever seen one of the cats before, just standing there staring, not on any of the spots where the toys and stuff go. 

I thought it was odd and a little spooky; I took a couple pictures of him, looked at them on his page, and went back to the yard.  He was gone just like that, in like three seconds, and instead of fish he left three cans of cat food???  Which since I don’t use that kind of cat food and already had 99 cans of it meant I got nothing, really??

Then I looked closer at his profile page…  Under “goodies”, he doesn’t use any “goodies” like the other cats… no, he just goes on “scouting missions”.  Who is he scouting for?  Is someone about to take over the yard??  Am I becoming paranoid over a simple silly game about cute cats???  (…yes)

This game is just trying to see how far it can go at this point and still keep crazy addicted users like me… 

I need to tell myself at this point: you idiot there are starving children in the world… stop wasting your time playing and worrying about this ridiculous game… but then I think… I can’t neglect the cats!!!  oh my g this is pathetic I need a life and a real hobby…

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;

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My great-grandma is dying and I'm pretty messed up about it. I know it's her time, she said so herself, but she's the last of my great-grandparents and I'm named after her and I'll miss her so much...Any grumps recommendations to help me feel better about it? I'm supposed to visit her tomorrow (which requires 8 hours of driving) and I just want to be able to sleep well tonight so I can make it there in one piece.

I’m so sorry I missed this lovely, I was in bed pretty early to be up by right now. It’s okay to be messed up about it, losing a loved one is a difficult thing no matter who it is. Just remember there is no correct way to grieve. However you deal is however you deal. If you still need a feel good series, I’d recommend either Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in their entirety. They’re sweet and cute and funny. I love you. This will be tough but you will be okay. Hang in there.

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Prompt: sleepy cuddles (bc I'm really in the mood for some tooth rotting fluff right now)

hi hello yes this is exactly my cup of tea and I definitely needed this as well <3 I hope you like it!

Somehow in sleep, the blankets of the queen-sized bed became untucked from the end, so instead of her toes being warm beneath them, Emma’s toes hang out in the cool air.

She wiggles her toes and a heavy sigh fills her lungs only to be huffed out into the corner of her pillow.

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hey uhhhh have I ever said just how much I love and appreciate my friends?? Cause I do and I wish only the absolute best for them because they should have all the happiness in the world ty

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it's 1:23 a.m. and I want coffee

…that’s likely a bad decision, unless you have a more nocturnal schedule.

Louis is Smol aka Harry's 'Little One'
  • Harry: Lou. Look how small you look in my arms! I practically had to scoop you up in that hug.
  • Louis: You're a filthy liar Harold.
  • Harry: Oh really? So why is everybody going crazy over the height difference again, huh?
  • Louis: They are not. You're lying. I'm 5'9! Bastards. I'M FOOKING 5'9!
  • Harry: Aw look at your little feet next to mine. You're just my baby, it's so obvious.
  • Louis: Shut your traitorous mouth right now before you find yourself short of one boyfriend.
  • Harry: "Short"...*giggle*...was that a pun?
  • Louis: That's it. You're sleeping on the couch.
  • Harry: Before or after you ask me to carry you to bed, little one?
  • Louis: Get out. I'm not in love with you. Taylor can have you.
  • Harry: Nope. She's not my type.
  • Louis: Yeah, yeah, I'm well aware of your fervent interest in cock.
  • Harry: Your cock. And no, I meant her height. I like 'em tiny and feisty...brunette, blue eyed little spitfires.
  • Louis: I'm sure Grindr would be happy to accommodate your 'needs.'
  • Harry: Nah. I have my eyes on one little spitfire in particular.
  • Louis: Maybe he's lost interest in you though?
  • Harry: I don't think so babe.
  • Louis: And why's that?
  • Harry: He's been secretly looking at rings for months now and he's going to ask my parents if he can marry me any day now.
  • Louis: You ruin everything.
  • Harry: Just so you know. When you do pop the question and we walk down that aisle and I make you mine forever, I will never let another soul tell me that you're anything but 5'9. Course I'll know the truth but I'm allowed to, I'm your husband.
  • Louis: Not yet cutie.
  • Harry: Better get your act together then Tomlinson.
  • Louis: I might just do that Styles.

Leg day twice this week. I may not be able to walk down the stairs tomorrow.

And he had me do some modified sit-up. My stomach is fluttering. I haven’t done any kind of crunch thing in nearly 20 years–sad to admit.

But I also get a stretch session. Those are always a mix of discomfort and relief.

But I went. I did well. 

I’m still not reaching the mark I need to hit for the cardio afterward though–bike or treadmill I can’t even get to ten minutes before I’m just dying. 

So I was in the hall reading, as I do before going to bed, and my mom said I need a normal sleep schedule and wondered why I was reading (when she has seen me read there for years and I tell her every time I have insomnia which she damn well knows and knows from my doctors and sleep therapy) but meanwhile 1) she was up too and 2) she was carrying up a bowl of oatmeal to her room, as she does every night, so don’t tell /me/ that I’m the one with weird schedules mom 😂

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Yay! it's open I hope I get to be in the first 50... Thanks for coming back! I'm so happy you did well in your exams. My request is for Rin please, when his girlfriend visits him very late at night in his dorm (the one he shares with Sousuke) because she missed him and they cuddle in bed and are all cute and sweet, affectionate and lovable to each other, please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!. Thank you.

’m gonna be needing all of your wishes to hope i did do well in my exams, haha (ehlp)

Not being able to sleep, for Rin, wasn’t terribly uncommon. During the past year, the problem had become worst - his thoughts ran rampant about his future, and he just couldn’t quiet his mind, not even with the strong assurance of being scouted. Sousuke’s breathing had slowed hours ago, the occasional shuffle of his sleeping body all the noise that could be heard in the small dorm room. Rin was grateful that his dorm partner was a heavy sleeper, else the bright light of his phone may have awoken him; he had been messaging you for the past few hours, glad that you were just as restless as he was.

Having you there helped to calm him a little, and in recent times, this had been more necessary than usual. The two of you had been each other’s rocks during the hardest of times, and now, with the end of the year fast approaching, entrance exams starting, and Rin’s training increasing, you needed each other more than usual.

Even though he had been expecting the knock on the door, it still made him jump a little, and he couldn’t help but check that Sousuke was still asleep when he got up to let you in.

“Hey, I thought I told you not to knock!”

“How else was I supposed to get in?”

“Text me!”

“Rin, now you’re going to wake him up. Shush.” Striding into the room, you made sure to avoid the floorboard that always creaked, and happily plopped down onto his bed. Even though it was mostly dark in the room, Rin could still just about make out your silhouette, beaming at him even though you must have been exhausted.

Shutting the door as softly as he could, Rin made his way over to where you had perched on the end of the bed. You weren’t unfamiliar with this room, having spent countless days lazing about with Rin on this very bed; it was often one of the only ways the two of you got to spend more than a few meagre hours with each other.

As he relaxed back onto the bed, arms beneath his head, Rin purposefully left a decent-sized gap for you to rest. He was grateful that the bottom bunk was that little bit wider than the top, right now. Shimmying in-between the wall and your boyfriend, you didn’t hesitate in wrapping your limbs around his, throwing an arm across his lean, muscled torso, the other coming to rest under your head. He, in turn, embraced you, humming with satisfaction as he buried his nose in your hair.

“Missed you.” Your voice, quiet as a whisper on the wind, caused Rin’s ears to perk up. Straining his neck so that he could better look at you, his mouth twitched.

“’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve both been so busy…”

A hum of affirmation from you reverberated across the skin of his neck, and Rin shifted down, allowing his hands to move. Turning so that he was on his side, facing you, Rin took in the sight of your face; features illuminated by the moon in the otherwise dark room, your eyes gleaming pools of ink. Looking at you like this, the worries of the day dissipated, the lines of stress on your face melted away… You looked gorgeous, and Rin realised all over again how lucky he was.

“It’s been too long, really. I love you.”

His sudden, though not unexpected, proclamation must have taken you by surprise, for even in the dim lighting of the room, Rin could make out the flush that spread over your cheeks. He grinned at you - having such a reaction even after so long dating, so many gestures of love… Only you would still be blushing at that.

“I love you too, Rin.”

As he fell back onto the bed, he gathered you up into his arms, your head naturally falling to his chest. Beneath his shirt, you could feel the firm muscles of his abdomen, carved through years of intensive training. A bittersweet thought passed through your mind as you remembered exactly why the two of you had so little time together recently, but you pressed it down. There would be a million more moments to speak about such things.

Words were an afterthought, between two people that loved each other so dearly. The beat of Rin’s heart, steady and strong, in his chest; his slowed breathing that, unconsciously, your own matched… Maybe it was the natural serenity that nighttime wrought, but you felt as though, if this moment was to be your eternity, that would be more than alright.

As if it was even possible, your bodies seemed to get closer, hands seeking each other out so that your fingers could entwine, his much larger, rougher hand enclosing around your own. You never thought, upon first meeting Rin, that, nearly two years later, you would be so comfortable around him - hell, you never believed that you’d ever feel so naturally compatible with someone. Letting down your guard like this wasn’t something you often did, and knowing that Rin felt the same way only made you feel better.

Just for a little while, the two of you could be together. It had been so long since you had last been with him, like this, but the realisation that this is what you had been waiting for would surely be the reason that you would wait, and wait twice as long again. As long as it took.

To the people complaining about how hard it is to have one bias in BTS.
  • Me: *wakes up*
  • Me: how's jimin doing is he eating well is he okay is he tired is he happy with himself is he working too hard is he exercising his voice is he making sure he's not straining his vocal cords is he caring about himself as much as everyone else is he accepting help is he taking the advice from the right people has he identified the difference between hard work and being too hard on himself does he know his limits and that it's okay to have limits does he know he's never slacked off does he know his expectations are what make him feel like he fails but it's not a product of reality does he know how strong of a person and a presence he is does he know when to let go of things is he sleEPING
  • Me: how's tae doing is he playing games is he encouraging everyone to have fun is he communicating has he seen any kids lately any animals is he feeling accepted and appreciated is he living in the moment is he being a honest compassionate genius is he getting his space and serious time does he know it's okay if he can't make people understand and it's not a defect of his skills it's not his fault that he's not being heard does he know that some things are out of his control and it's okay does he know that sometimes people don't see the relevance in what he's saying and that's okay and is he making sure his hyungs are alIVE
  • Me: how's jin doing what has he cooked lately is he playing pokemon is he on the wii is his fliphone okay how are his hats and circular glasses is he feeding everyone has he told himself he's handsome a minimum of ten times today has he checked up on everyone's psychological health and stability does he know that i love how comfortable he is in his skin is he living contently has he caught up with his family does he know how much he is appreciated and how much of a lasting effect he has on everyone around him does he know how attentive and perceptive he is does he know how much i love that he continues being himself and how stable and hard-working and reasonable and positive and brave and professional he is and so much perseverance he deserves the spotlight but doesn't always take it just like when he wrote the lyrics for propose guys and didn't even give himself a big part he works so hard on dancing and doesn't feel the need to be validated by others words because he feels appreciated where he needs to be does he know how special he is does he know how much we love his go-getter attitude and that no one has forgotten how amazing of an actor he is how he enjoys life how he's mature and knows what to keep private does he know how cute he looks with glasses on and how anyone who can't see his charm is blind and how he has so many cool interests and how he knows everyone's potential and has standards for them has he given everyone equAL HUGS TODAY
  • Me: how's namjoon doing is he thinking deeply what books has he read lately does he know that no amount of thinking things through can prevent slip ups and that's okay does he know how sincere h is does he know how much of an individual he is and how much i love that is he contemplating life is he making good songs is he encouraging everyone is he telling everyone they're wrong when they snub themselves is he putting his arms around everyone and making contact in that way he does which shows his love in the little things is his phone out of memory did he remember his earphones is hE BUYING THE CLOTHES HE WANTS
  • Me: how's yoongi is he sleeping well how's his neck pillow doing has he remembered to eat does he feel like he's good enough does he give himself enough credit is he getting his introvert time is he content is he identifying his emotions healthily is he being attentive of the members is he putting logic to their insecurities in order to relieve them is he being strict is he keeping bts in a row is he subtly but consistently showing them love in all those little ways is he expressing his deeply felt emotions is hE SELF ANALYZING
  • Me: how's jungkook is he making faces is he dancing is he working hard is he being overly competitive is his head in the clouds is he being hard on himself does he know how perfect he is does he know that he's as productive as 1000000 american teenagers is he being comfortable with himself with his true self does he know it's okay to show his emotions he doesn't have to be cool don't feel too pressured is he accepting things is he speaking up is he sTILL RUSHING TO GROW UP
  • Me: how's hoseok is he being positive is he acknowledging his negative emotions is he living in the moment is he freestyling does he know he's an adequate rapper does he know we care about his mixtape has he been getting love is he screaming enough is he releasing his stress by releasing all of his emotions no seriously are his stress levels okay is he sick is he being too self sacrificing iS HE IGNORING HOW HE FEELS THINKING IT WILL JUST
  • Me: *takes first breath of the day*
  • Me: oh god i feel so bad for writing more on jin i love them all so much it's just i feel like so fed up with how no one appreciates him
  • Me: and oh god i feel like i didn't do too well on some of the other members but
  • Me: i love them so much i just
  • Me: i have to give them equal gifsets equal photo sets it's too much it's too much why can't i just have one bias then it's easy
  • Me: *comes home*
  • Me: i feel like i've been posting a lot of taehyung, jimin, yoongi, and namjoon lately
  • Me: and why do i keep forgetting someone when i do the tags???? what's wrong with me????
  • Me: i feel so guilty i'll post a lot of jin and hoseok and jungkook!!! i love them too idk
  • Me: i posted a lot of them and now it feels uneven??? i need to do equal pictures
  • Me: *gets ready for bed*
  • Me: i'm going to post some maknae like awwww- wait i like this picture but that would mean jimin gets three pictures and tae and jungkook get two each unacceptable i'll have to find two more pictures of-
  • Me: well now i need to post some hyung line they're great too
  • Me: *falling asleep*
  • Me: i feel like i haven't given enough attention to namjoon today and why aren't there more awesome pictures of jin like wtf that's not right-
  • Me: *dreaming*
  • Namjoon: i posted a kimdaily today and you didn't notice tf is wrong with you
  • Me: i'M SLEEPING
  • Namjoon: you didn't even reply in your sorry mangled KOREAN
  • Me:
  • Namjoon:
  • Me: wait you actually read those-
  • Namjoon: i was guessing that's what you do?
  • BTS:
  • Me: that's not gonna work again
  • Jungkook: why don't you notice me more i was creeping around hoseok in the last bangtan bomb OvO
  • Jimin: HOW COULD YOU
  • Jin: do you find tae suga jimin and namjoon more handsome than me? admit it the reason why you don't reblog me as much is because it takes you loner to find a "handsome" picture of me
  • Jin: what
  • Jungkook: pardon
  • Jimin: omg! why would you make them feel left out like that i thought you loved all of us i'm crying omg leave me alone
  • Me: don't cry you'll get dehydrated i know how you are about drinking wa-
  • Jimin:
  • Me:
  • BTS:
  • Me: FU-
  • Tae: wow you obviously find me the most handsome??? wtf
  • Tae:
  • Tae: you obviously find me the most funny??? wtf
  • Me: funny?
  • Tae:
  • Tae: excuse me
  • Yoongi: i think you mean me, tae
  • Jimin: juNGKOOK
  • Yoongi: wow if you can't love us all then jeez just pick a bias
  • Me: would you juST-
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: stop screaming
  • BTS:
  • Hoseok: i feel faint
  • Tae: *crouches down*
  • Hoseok: *sits on Tae*
  • Me:
  • Me: *pretends to throw something*
  • Hoseok: KJADFKADadGKADJGAD?!?!?!?!!?!
  • Tae: look a dog
  • Namjoon: *trips and crushes Jin's DS*
  • Jungkook: inFIRES MAN
  • Namjoon: IT'S inSPirES!!!!!!!!
  • Jungkook: pardon
  • Jungkook: O_O
  • Yoongi: *yanks on maknae line's leashes except jimins*
  • Jimin: *starts recording with the V app*
  • Hoseok: haerTEU OH MY HAEURTO
  • Jungkook: O_O
  • BTS: i thought you loved all of us
  • Jungkook: O_O
  • Jungkook: O_O
  • BTS: *leaves*
  • Jungkook: O_O
  • Me: *wakes up crying in the middle of the night*
  • Phone: *OH MAN HOLY SHIT notification sound goes off*
  • Me:
  • Me: better check that

God I have so much to write and I need to work on my kbb fic but all I can think about are those situations where Kylo goes to the light and leaves the Order and Hux’s reaction to it. Because I so often see the sad, devastated Hux who won’t follow but doesn’t stop loving Kylo and either tries to get him back or eventually goes with him, but nah. Nah son.

I want a Hux who had never let anyone close to him before and the one time he does, the one time he lets himself have something despite his upbringing and culture and everything telling him no, it turns out to be the ruin of him and he’s fucking furious. I want a Hux who is so angry at himself for being weak and even entertaining the notion of love that he spends months on end with barely any sleep or food restructuring everything about the Finalizer aside from it’s bare bones, so Kylo can’t use any of the knowledge he left with to stage an attack. I want a Hux who’s not sure who he wants to burn alive more, Kylo for leaving him or himself for letting him stay in the first place, but all that’s left of his soul is white hot rage that threatens to eat him from the inside out. I want a Hux who defies the gods and the fates and can not, will not let this his unfortunate infatuation with a Skywalker be the ruin of him. He refuses to be Padme, or Han.

But of course he will be, because that’s how it is with the Skywalkers. It’s not a curse so much as their family has been so intertwined with the fate of the universe that anyone they loved would be bound to eventually fall. War is hard enough to survive when you put everything into it, but when you’re in love with the eye of the storm you’ll certainly be swept away to the winds. Hux hates Kylo, but Kylo could never hate him, and that’s why nothing Hux could do would ever really save himself. So when the Finalizer is burning around him, the rest of the bridge evacuated, he isn’t surprised when Kylo walks through the door to finish the job.

And of course Kylo still tries to save him, he never stopped loving Hux or longing for him even after he defected, even after they met again in battle and Hux swore he would kill him personally, even after Kylo reached into his mind to find their memories but instead found them locked away and surrounded by the deep-seeded fear and pain that fueled his new rage. So he yells for Hux to move, that he’ll die here, but Hux is in front of the viewport watching everything he tried to save burn to ashes and Kylo feels more like death coming for him than a savior, and Hux had never planned to go with death in peace. He fights with everything he has but Hux is no jedi, and injured with only a blaster he doesn’t last long. He dies in Kylo’s arms (Kylo is crying for him, of course he is) with his mind swimming in memories he tried years to forget, of soft nights and hushed whispers and his beautiful knight on black satin sheets outlined by the light of the universe outside, and for once Hux stops fighting because only on his deathbed would he allow himself to finally accept that he died to have those memories, he may as well enjoy them one last time.

Kylo never loves anyone again after that, every time he tried he could never shake from his mind two images of Hux, one of him bleeding out in his arms, the other of him curled around Kylo in bed, whispering ‘you’ll be the death of me, I know it’ before he drifts off to sleep.

The Lady is a Tramp | Newt Imagine

A/N: this imagine is inspired by this anon and this song. hope you enjoy the story! 

Pairing: Reader x Newt

Warnings: sexual actions

Word Count: 1188


“Faster Clint, faster!” you heard Teresa scream at the edge of the deadheads.

It was early in the morning and you can’t believe she had it in her so early in the morning. It was 5 am, and you’ve woken up to go to the restroom. And you were also greeted by the ‘sounds of nature.’

It’s been like this for the past month. Teresa came 4 months before, and she’s been a splash among the 'players’ of the Glade.

Not only that, she would also sweet talk her way out of working. And she would also hypnotize the weak Gladers, and it was pretty funny. Seems like 95% of the Glade has fallen for Teresa’s touch. Sometimes you wonder how that 5% can be such strong guys. Maybe they just rolled the other way, but it didn’t really matter.

You and Teresa are best friends, and you’ve told numerous times to be careful and all, but she doesn’t seem to listen. Hopefully she doesn’t get knocked up. you were a good friend. always giving good advice about to Teresa about her 'quests,’ and your’re surprised she’s actually listened to you.

Just this past week, she’s already been getting dirty with 4 guys. It sounded disgusting to you, but you gave her some props. You weren’t shy, but the thought of being in a relationship just revolted you, plus you were better off single. You’ve had the real genuine nice guys in the Glade ask you out and what not, but you would always nicely decline the offer. Many in Glader have started calling you 'the Heartbreaker’ for a reason. Even Gally asked you on a 'date’ once, and seemed flustered when he asked you. You just felt that relationships weren’t your thing. Teresa, on the other hand, wanted to see what it’s like to be with a guy. She had a huge palette, you can say.

And you would also understand completely Teresa. She would always finish her jobs early, so she had lots of free time on her hand.

But lately it’s been getting outta hand. To the extent where it’s ruptured your sleep schedule. The 'sounds of nature’ were annoying. Even if Teresa was your best friend.

You decided enough is enough and made your way through the Homestead to the only person right now who can help you right now.


Although he could still be very asleep, he would always want to help you out whenever you needed it.

You knocked lightly on Newt’s room, waiting for an answer. You concluded that he was still asleep. As you were about to make your way back, you heard a whisper say, “come in!”

You enter and see Newt is on his bed, staring at the ceiling just hanging around.

“I thought you were asleep!” you whispered as you sat next to Newt on his bed. 

“Well Y/N, with all that racket going on, who wouldn’t sleep?” Newt chuckled.

'That girl is a tramp,“ you stated, "I’m so worried for her protection.”

“But why are you worried?” Newt asked, “Teresa is a drag, a well known drag.”

“Don’t say that, she’s my friend,” you huffed. You started to tear up a bit, because you sometimes envied how much guys loved Teresa.

“Aw, c'mon babe, don’t be that way,” Newt sweet-talked, “I was only kdding.”

“Whatever, sweetcheeks,” you sarcastically commented.

“Looks like someone needs a hug,” Newt sang as he threw open his arms for a hug.

You weren’t the one to flirt with anyone, so you reluctantly gave Newt a hug and just slid next to him on the bed without making protest.

“Well that’s a first,” Newt commented.

“Shut up, will you?” you snapped, “I’m just cold and tired, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” Newt replied, kissing the top of your head.

“Newt, you better stop,” you commanded, “or I’ll cut your neck. I’m not interested in anyone right now.”

“That is such a lie,” Newt said as he supressed a laugh, “everybody loves me.”

“There’s only two girls in the entire Glade,” you explained, “and if I were to like you, I would have the decency to actually flirt with you and get to know you better.”

“That’s not what I heard from Teresa the other day,” Newt smirked.

“Oh god… don’t tell me,” you groaned as you covered your face with your hands.

“We did it on this exact same spot,” Newt said.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of this, I am out,” you jumped as you stormed to the door. 

“NoY/N! Come back, I was only joking!” Newt begged, “We went to the deadheads!”

“That doesn’t help at all, Newt,” you laughed as Newt grabbed your arm and dragged you back. 

“Just stay a little longer, please? It’s almost sunrise…” Newt pleaded with those big begging eyes.

You didn’t really want to stay. Especially because you didn’t want Newt finding out you fancied him. Thomas and Minho knew already, and they always wanted to tell Newt. What’s funny is that Teresa still doesn’t know, but you have your suspicions she does know.

“Fine,” you huffed, “but only because it’s almost sunrise.”

Newt started cheering and you rolled your eyes. Cheeky, you thought to yourself. You decided to sit on Newt’s chair.

Newt then took it upon himself and walked over to you and sat on your lap. You almost wanted to slap the klunk outta him.

“Newt, what in the fuck are you doing,” you groaned as you desperately tried to push him off you.

“Well, i want to get to know you better,” Newt said in his deep accent.

“I’m not in any rush for a relationship, Newt. Not now, not ever.” you stated.

“Are you sure about that,” Newt asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“I’m fucking positive,” you said, imitating his accent.

“Well, what if I did this.” Newt sid as he stood up and grabbed you by the waist and started to kiss you passionately.

His hands started roaming your body, and you put you hands his neck as your lips continued kissing. You tugged his locks of hair as he let out a throaty groan. newt was about to unclasp your bra, when suddenly you haerd a loud groan coming from outside.

The two of you abruptly stopped kissing and you questioned, “What in the name of hell was that noise??”

You and Newt stayed quiet for a few more seconds, and then you heard another groan. A man’s.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Newt laughed.

“Way to go, Teresa,” you cheered quietly as you and Newt began to applaud.

“Looks like that’s our call for breakfast, no?” Newt beamedn

“I guess so,” you chuckled as you began to head out for breakfast.

“Hey, Y/N,” Newt called from behind you.

“Yeah, Newt?” you chirped.

“How’s about a date: you and me. Under the starry sky.” Newt mustered out.

“Sounds like a deal,” you winked.

And with that, you headed to breakfast with a big smile on your smile. And some stern talking with Teresa. Who knows: maybe she’ll give you some tips.

A/N: holy smokes that was something, eh? Anyways here’s another story for you lot, and I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave me some suggestions in my ask! Cheers, and stay fabulous xx - Mayra 

me: Time for bed!! :DDD

my brain: Toto and Anubis look a bit look light skinned to be fully black? Is it just an artistic depiction of ancient Egyptians? Aren’t they actually black and not light skinned like modern Egyptians?? There were certainly lighter skinned individuals even in ancient times but in kamiaso, is Kazuki Yone drawing the characters just lighter skinned or is that how she really thinks the shade of skin color the ancient Egyptians were? Could she have gone darker if it delved into the mythologies of (various) African tribes??? I-


You're not a RPer until...
  1. You post a reply on the wrong character’s blog.
  2. You log in and still don’t write a single reply all day long.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was the homeless anon who needed a job and you told me to make a sigil? Well I did and guess who now has a job and a home!! It's really cramped (I have to use my bed as a couch) but it's obviously way better than sleeping behind a dumpster. I'm trying to make it feel more like a home with the things I have and I was wondering if you have any simple spells or something that could help me feel more at home (I hope I worded that right, sorry about my English).

Oh my goodness, I’m actually crying right now. I am so happy to hear this, I’ve thought of you several times since we spoke, I am so happy to hear this, oh my goodness. That’s such great news, congratulations! Thank you SO much for updating me, I give advice all day long and never hear back from anyone. <3

You could maybe do a cleansing and a blessing? You can make a super simple spray with distilled water (or you can just boil some water and let it cool!) and sea salt into a spray bottle, spray around your new home and speak your blessings around it as you do so! 

If you’re looking for anything else, let me know!