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Edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

i was tagged by @soft-almond and @mummasim and i’m so sorry this took so long to do i took this wayy too far.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have like 3 more posts about this so Look Out

anonymous asked:

Aaah, requests are open, I am so happy, I love you guys!!! Okay, so, if it's okay, could you two write about the RFA+V+Saeran going all together to the beach? And, ah....I really love how you write Saeran (I'm that Anon from some time ago) so, if it's okay, could you write this with Saeran crushing on MC or they already dating each other (you choose)? I am really sorry if this a strange or hard request, if you dont want to do it, you can write an idea of your own, I just love your writing a lot!

Thank you so much! We actually LOVED writing this. This was really sweet:) We left out V, just because…well, spoilers;) Those who’ve been through the secret ends know, but we hope you don’t mind too much! Enjoy this one:) 

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung had spontaneously started planning a beach day in a chatroom
  • While it was out of the blue, everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea
  • So they found a weekend they were all free
  • Saeran was against it nearly the entire time, but eventually caved in after Saeyoung’s *cough* persuasive argument
  • “I told you, I don’t want to go!” 
  • “But, Saeran, MC is coming.”
  • “….Ugh, I guess it won’t be that bad.”
  • On the day itself, your car happens to be in the shop, so you ask for a ride
  • Saeyoung is all too happy to oblige
  • When he pulls up to your driveway, he tells Saeran to sit in the back
  • “Why? The shotgun is free.”
  • “Just go!” 
  • “But MC said she wanted to sit in the back–”
  • “My car, my rules!”
  • “Well, your rules are stupid.”
  • Saeran finds out why soon after…
  • Saeyoung seems to miss every single turn or gets lost often, resulting in super sharp U-turns that send you and Saeran flying into each other’s arms on a constant basis real subtle, Saeyoung
  • Thanks to Jumin, the area you guys settle into isn’t crowded at all
  • Everyone is too excited to get into the water, but Saeran isn’t too enthusiastic
  • He stays behind and offers to set up the blankets and umbrellas, and you linger behind to help him
  • He’s having such a hard time and he keeps complaining to you
  • “Ugh! I hate the sand. So much.”
  • “Settle down there, Anakin,” you laugh ;););)
  • He loosens up and actually starts enjoying the conversation with you
  • Until Yoosung comes over and dumps a bucket of water on him…with sand on the bottom
  • With the glare Saeran gives him, Yoosung is trembling
  • “I did it for the Honey Buddha Chips!” meanwhile Saeyoung is laughing on the sidelines
  • Saeran doesn’t care if it was a bet, he chases the terrified Yoosung all around the beach and straight into the water
  • You follow along–it was too good not to watch
  • Zen and Jaehee excuse themselves to check out the boardwalk and get drinks for everyone
  • They have some bonding time taking selfies and talking about Zen’s new projects and Jaehee’s work
  • Jaehee starts fangirling a little when Zen’s hair starts waving because of the sea salt
  • Zen would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the attention
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung is attempting to build an epic sandcastle, but he keeps failing cuz his plans keep getting washed away by the water
  • Jumin is watching and gets really frustrated
  • He draws an elaborate blueprint and joins Saeyoung
  • With Saeyoung’s building skills and Jumin’s delegation and good ideas, they start building literally the most epic sandcastle ever also they actually bond instead of fighting over Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Yoosung is watching in awe on the side
  • Finally he comes up and asks if he could help
  • Jumin flat out says no
  • Saeyoung doesn’t refuse though
  • “Yoosung! Your body is the perfect size for a moat. Just lay down here, and I’ll use you as a mold.” 
  • Gullible Yoosung goes along with it and Saeyoung piles sand on top of him
  • “Oh, you know what, let me ask Jumin something real quick!” he says and walks away
  • He doesn’t come back and poor Yoosung is just calling for someone to free him from the heavy sand
  • Zen comes by a little later
  • “Hyung! Thank goodness! Can you help me?”
  • Zen kneels down and starts drawing abs on him, snickering, “See what you could look like if you worked out like me?”
  • Yoosung doesn’t get free until you come along and wash him off…after a few pics of course
  •  Both Jaehee and Saeran start to  get sunburn, so they’re sitting under these huge umbrellas wrapped in towels and soaked in sunscreen
  • You feel bad for Saeran sitting there pouting so you ask if he wants to get ice cream with you on the boardwalk
  • Zen perks up too,“Oh! Can I come?”
  • Saeran jumps to his feet and grabs your wrist, “No. MC let’s go.”
  • The walk there is ten times longer than it needed to be, but neither of you are complaining
  • At first, he’s not really saying much, but he keeps running his hand through his hair and clearing his throat
  • He finally opens up a little when you actually get the ice cream and walk along the boardwalk
  • He even starts getting playful, taking a small bite from your ice cream or chasing you around when you smear some on his cheek
  • You’ve never seen him laugh so much
  • He finds out he’s pretty good at those arcade games, so he keeps playing them
  • He wins you several stuffed animals, and you two even have some matching ones
  • The sun is setting by the time you get back to the others
  • You all just sit around, mostly in silence and eating
  • While everyone is packing up, you and Saeran sneak away to get one last walk on the beach together
  • He even got the courage to hold your hand for a little
  • It was one of the nicest days you’ve ever had 

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the great eruri giveaway!!!

come one, come all. i finally got my shit together from my 300 followers, and now i’m at 500, and i’m pretty sure nobody even took this seriously. well GET SERIOUS, and GET READY.

ok enough hype. i’ve collected several pieces of merchandise and some pieces of artwork from our lovely eruri community to give YOU, THE FANS. OF ERURI. THAT’S US. as a big thank you for being the best community in the dig doggity dangity world. i love you jerks so much. so you want this shit? read below for rules and breakdown of prizes.

how to participate

  • only reblogs count as entries 
  • 1 reblog per person, but you can reblog as many times as you want (if you want to promote but not participate, please tag with “no entry” or whatever)
  • must be 18 years or older
  • must like eruri
  • must be able to accept packages from sad old women (that’s me)
  • against my better judgement, international entries are allowed (shipping from the states). you accept custom fees, though. and if i get a lot of international winners, i will need to stagger out the shipping because it’s gonna be expensive. :|
  • you don’t need to be following me, but wow why would you not? i post so much eruri, where the fuck would you be without me? lmao

the shit

1st prize: the otp

  • Traditionally colored piece with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty, long doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin and Levi official merch key holders
  • Cute Eruri fairy bottle charm by @identitypollution
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • OTP Weiss Schwarz cards

2nd prize: the commander

  • pencil sketch with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin official merch key holder
  • T-rex-chan necklace
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Commander(s) and the liege Weiss Schwarz cards

3rd price: the captain

  • A ficlet based on a prompt of your choice*
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Levi official merch key holder
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Captain Levi and his squad Weiss Schwarz cards

* Prompts are to be short simple requests (like my tea times). I do not do omegaverse and mpreg. I might be opposed to some other things too, but we’ll have to see and negotiate at the time.
** Not pictured and included in each list are stickers that I’m waiting to come in from @160x188, @nyranin, and @aileine. They will be distributed throughout the tiers evenly.

and the winners are…

going to be announced on may 16th, 2017. i will use a random number generator to make the decision based on the single entry reblogs. please make sure to have your asks or messangers active. if you do not respond by may19th your spot will be forfeit to the next winner. i hope to have everything shipped out and created by mid-june.

so how about it? gimme a reblog, fam!

tetsuroupapi  asked:

Hey Nina. This is kinda a depressing question, but my prompto cosplay is not going how I want and I have to wear it in two days to my school. But I'm really questioning that because 1. it just looks funky and 2. I don't want people making fun of me. Though it is only the 3rd cosplay I've made, I'm losing my confidence in all of my cosplay plans for the future. I'm a perfectionist and I compare myself to others so much. Since you seem like a really helpful & nice person, how do I deal with this?

First off: I’m very sorry for likely replying after the fact. It’s extremely difficult for me to keep up with my inbox on this site (especially for messages that need a lengthier answer like this), so I don’t always get to respond to inquiries with a quick turn-around. I hope your event at school ended up going well, though!

Secondly: I’m so proud of you for tackling a project outside of your comfort zone to push your skills! It’s important for artists to do that; it’s what helps us grow and learn and most of all, improve. The worst thing you can do as an artist is never push yourself or try new things. It’ll make you stagnate and cause your progress to plateau. So good job for attempting such a difficult costume so early in your cosplay journey!

Thirdly: Yes, Prompto is an extremely challenging costume. It involves a ton of little techniques and details that aren’t apparent at a first glance, and as a result, it’s a project that can get easily overwhelming. (Trust me: been there, done that!) So it’s no wonder you’re feeling frustrated, especially as a novice cosplayer! In which case, my recommendation from here on out would be that the next time you feel frustrated with your progress, take a step back. Evaluate what you don’t like and assess what you need to change in order to be happier with the final results. Don’t like the plaid you chose? Rip it off and find something else. Not happy with the paint job on the shirt? Start over. Take your time and use a different method. Unhappy with your wig styling? Wash out all the hair product and try again. There is no shame in remaking something two, three, four, or more times. Keep remaking it until you’re happy with it, even if it takes 10+ attempts. You will have so much more fun wearing something you’re proud of rather than something you just “settled” for or finished half-heartedly. (Also, on the note of budgeting: budget for this. Set money aside as a “back-up” fund in case things go wrong and you need more materials. That money should always be included in your original estimations! And if you end up not needing it? Cool, treat yourself in the Artist Alley.)

Lastly, and perhaps the most importantly: be more forgiving and let yourself make mistakes. You’re still learning. You’re still teaching yourself these skills. You have just started making costumes. Yaya’s first costumes were not perfect. Kamui’s first armor build was not flawless. Jessica started out with a Pikachu bikini and now she’s making stuff like this. Heck, look, here’s my first real cosplay that I made versus my most recent:

It’s taken me ten years to get this far. Why? Because for a lot of those years, I didn’t push myself. I stayed in my comfort zone. I chose projects that didn’t teach me new skills or force me to work with new materials. It wasn’t until the last 4 years that I’ve really been focused on my craftsmanship and improving my skills, and that is what has allowed me to finish costumes like Sheik, Rapidash, and yes, Prompto too.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s frustrating. But you’re doing the right thing by attempting more difficult projects. Just remember that the frustration is part of the learning process. It’s good to get frustrated because it means you care and want to push yourself harder. It’s good to have high standards for your work because it means you’ll always strive to do your best.

However: it’s important to not let this frustration stunt your growth. Acknowledge your frustration, accept it, and learn to manage it. Take breaks while working. Don’t be afraid to revisit the drawing board. Set the costume aside and practice the skills you need to finish it before making another attempt. And again: forgive yourself for making mistakes. Yaya, Kamui, and Jess make them all the time. And you can bet your patootie I do, too. (Anyone who’s watched my livestreams knows that I mess up quite a bit, haha!)

Whether or not you ended up wearing it to school, I hope your Prompto cosplay turns out in a way that makes you happy! Don’t give up; work smarter, not harder. You’ve got this! <3

Don’t tell me not to feel inadequate because I already do. I don’t want to expect too much from hopes that I shouldn’t be chasing because I’ve done this. I’ve done this all before. And it’s just when I’m beginning to love myself when something like this comes along, someone like you. And I get happy and hopeful, and the stars finally seem to be pointing me in the right direction but in the end it’s all worthless. I’m not all that special. I just happened to be here.
—  🖤

anonymous asked:

Will you do RFA reacting to MC who is really messy and always forgets to clean up after herself? Lol I'm a mess

Hi anon~! I rarely pick up after myself too, whoops ^~^” I can relate pretty well lololol

I hope you like it!!


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I’m going to be honest and just say it: I was really satisfied with Alec’s scenes in this episode because he actually got to do things. When the episode started heavily empathising on how protective he feels of his loved ones, it was clear that it was building up to something, but the scene with Victor was amazing. I’ve always loved the fact that the show presents Alec as someone who can be easily classified as as a good person, but is definitely not above blackmail and violence to protect the people he loves and him so easily gaining back his control over the Institute was such a brilliant display of that.

And the fact that Shadowhunters who aren’t technically his subordinates followed him without a second thought even though it was clear that he hadn’t consulted Victor about it? I really, really hope that this is one of the changes the show makes and that Alec gets to keep the Institute at the end of… well, whenever the show ends. If there’s one thing I want for that character, it’s this.

anonymous asked:

I love the trans Marco theory, but I'm scared it's gonna be another TJLC thing were I get my hopes up, then I get disappointed, do you have any words of encouragement? I really want to believe so much, but I just don't want to be hurt again.

Well, I can’t make any guarentees that Marco’s going to be able to come out in the show itself (And, by the looks of it, niether can the crew), but unlike Moffat the writers aren’t trying to bait up Marco being trans, they’re genuinely pushing and fighting to get trans representation into Star Vs, and reguardless of what ends up happening, the fact that Marco is intentionally coded as a closeted trans girl remains.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the characters so far? Sangwoo, Bum, Seungbae, and even Ji eun *rip tho*. I'm really curious if something changed for you in those last chapters, because of the wild turn and stuffs

So, I don’t think my opinions have changed all that much but here you go:

Sangwoo - I hate him (not literally) but I also love him. He’s extremely terrible, I know, but, to put it in a simple way, I just find him interesting. I want to know more about him and see how he became what he became and why he became what he became. I think what I enjoy the most about Sangwoo’s character is that he’s an example of what someone can become when they suffer and are pushed to a certain limit. What he does is horrible but it’s something that happens. Some people forget that Sangwoo was made a killer by the environment he lived in (not that this justifies his actions or anything of the like because it certainly does not) and just say he’s trash because he’s trash. Well, that trash was crumpled, trampled on the ground, and degraded to shit before finally making it to the actual dump. Just something for thought. And, in general, I just sometimes like characters who are morally wrong. I think I feel better about myself in acknowledging that I haven’t reached such a level nor will I ever. It’s a bit narcissistic in the end, but that’s just how I am I guess.

Bum - I love him because I can empathize with him the most for a number of personal reasons. Bum has always been a victim and it just really breaks my heart to see what he’s experienced throughout his life up until now. I love Bum’s character.

Seungbae - I don’t completely hate the guy but I dislike how some people are constantly overhyping him. Until he actually does something, I’m just… indifferent toward his character.

Ji Eun - In the beginning I thought she was really cute and was hoping she wouldn’t take the typical rival route but she did so I’m mostly just disappointed with her character. I do feel bad for her character, though. What happened to her in the end was horrible.


uk and portugal might actually do well at eurovision this year

anonymous asked:

How are you holding up with Cas' death?? I'm still so angry that they did this shit again... I've never hated writers like i do the spn writers.. they're fucking horrible

Hiiiii i hope you’re doing well 😘😍

As you can imagine I’m livid i don’t know how to rant anymore, this whole season has been pure bullshit from the begining to the end and ruinee cas so much i don’t recognize him anymore

Like seriously an angel who saw humans be created, who watched endless births who in 8x10 was better than any human doctor and knows medical jargon ect.. (i’m a premed student i found that really hot, made me love cas even more) now needs to fucking google it? I don’t even understand wtf he was doing he kept kelly safe went to au world saw bobby (at first i fangirled like crazy thinking it was meg even if i know better) came back did nothing then for some bs reason he went to the au world to fight lucy when it wasn’t necessary then just died with barely two lines and no fight scene

And to top it off they show how “badass” mary is by making her kick lucifer’s ass ? You want me to buy that sijiled knuckle thungys make a human better than a fucking angel who has a fucking eternity of fucking fighting experience ??? The 3rd time they brought down cas purely to overhype mary. Wanna make her badass? Just fucking make her badass no need to bring down anyone


Even when i was mentally prepared to be royally screwed over and disappointed they still managed to outdo my worst expectations that’s real talent here

S12 has been complete shit, everything was all over the place bmol were boring af even tvd didn’t reach this level of pathetic, everyone died but the winchesters ofc
I srill stand by my point mary coming back is meh, dean blaming her for the azazel deal without which he’d never be conceived at all

Seriously i’m well known for hating sera era to no end but now dabb era is even worse, he succeeded into making cas completely unrecognizable and a mess i don’t understand him anymore, he made sure to engrave that cas can’t fight and is a complete dumbass he can shove thzt bullshit up his ass

And destiellers ofc worshipped him because he destroyed cas to no ebd then baited them with a cheap halfassed scenes and they were happy about it ignoring cas again, who needs haters when your own fand don’t defend you or defend the shitty writing you’re subjected to tgrough bullshit metas insyead of stand up for you

Apparently it’s not a permanent death but idgaf i’m a masochist so i might be too curious to see how they can possibly do worse on s13 but i won’t even watch cas eps cause idgaf about spn just yt scenes when i’m too bored

It should’ve ended back on s9 with cas undoing metadouche spell through sacrificing himself then chuck brings him back as archangel, sam went through with the trials, kevin doesn’t die dean doesn’t take the mark but fights angels instead and hunts deals with sam’s loss (aybe resents cas for beinv part of the fall since if it didn’t happen then bringibg back sam would’ve been easy) then cas brings back sam the world is safer they.re happy with kids bla bla they die cut to all the dead characterw reunitibg in heaven carry on my wayward son

Voila a lousy med student with no writing skills made a better ending than people paid to insult our intelligence

I’m judt completely done and running out of fucks to give i’ll just stick to fanon writing/ vidding cas in fix its cause even if i give up spn i’ll never give up cas

procrastinstudy  asked:

don't watch it! I mean Haikyuu. there's high possibility for you to hate it or fall in love 'too' deep. but, omg, I love your art nad i would love to see your fanart to this! well, seal and try it on your own 8)

ohhhh boyyy… I really do wanna give the show a try tho! I mean… I didn’t like yoi that much until Otabek was introduced. So I’m hoping there’s like a character in Haikyuu that could do the same ;o;

anonymous asked:

do u know any ss breakup fics? i'm going through a breakup know and i just want to relate to something 🤕

im sorry you’re going through a breakup darling :( i definitely know of a few where they break up but most of them have ss making up in the end as well. im not really one for unhappy endings when it comes to ss (except maybe for some tragedy depending on the story). but here are the ones i know bby <3 i hope they feel cathartic somehow.

and that’s it im afraid! i hope you feel better soon sweetheart <3 take your time though. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the anon who ask about crossover... So can I request a Bakugou, Deku and Kaminari scenario where s/o is a Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul it's okay?) and they discovered in the worse situation? (you can do the situation) angst and happy end! If you don't know Tokyo Ghoul them just ignore this, really bad English, sorry and love from Brazil!

*cracks knuckles* Anon, I like Tokyo Ghoul quite a bit, so it’s totally fine! And welcome! Lots of love and greetings to you! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you like it =)


He can’t keep himself from stumbling back a step, cursing harshly as he sees the red and black eyes of his partner. They quickly hold up their hands in a peaceful gesture.

“Katsuki.” They say softy and he notices the tinges of fear and regret and nervous worry in their voice. There is another ghoul behind them, who is inching away before running off. It’s clear they fought just a second ago.

“What the fuck?” He says, his surprise taking the usual growl out of the curse word. Then he frowns deeply and the surprise fades. “What the fucking hell?”

His partner swallows. “Please, can I explain?”

“Damn yes! What the shit is going on?” He gestures to the now empty alley and at them the same time. Bakugou notices though, that he doesn’t feel…worried about discovering what they are. He never felt uncomfortable around his love and he feels at home with them.

Slowly, his partner explains, what it means to be a ghoul and that they can never tell anyone since they always have to fear for their life. At the end of it, Bakugou begins to understand why they kept quiet about it and the twinge of betrayal he feels when they didn’t confide in him fades.

“What will you do now?” They ask quietly, looking like they’re half resigned to hear him dump them.

He scowls. “We.” He puts emphasis on the word. “Will go the fuck back home where we’ll talk this shit out properly. I still don’t get it all and when we’re going to make this work, I need you to explain this crap in detail.”

They look relieved and smile softly, their ghoul features having shifted back to their human looks a while ago. When they take a cautious few steps forward, Bakugou grabs their wrist and pulls them closer, crushing them in a hug.

“We’ll figure this out, okay? Stop to fucking worry.” He grumbles and feels his partner hug him back just as tightly


His throat closes up and he chokes on the surprised yell that almost escapes him when he walks into his partner’s home. They quickly wrap up the slap of meat in front of them again and turn way, though it doesn’t hide the color of their eyes.

“You’re a ghoul.” Midoriya gasps out and his hands fumble to steady him against the wall. He stands still a second later; the closed door to the hallway just a few steps behind him. Still, aside from realizing that, he doesn’t think to reach for it.

“I’m so sorry.” His partner’s voice shakes and he can still glimpse that their eyes are black and red. The vice around his throat loosens and he quietly sucks in a deeper breath. “I never meant to…please, let me explain.”

“Okay.” Midoriya carefully shuffles his feet, not stepping closer and not running away either. He feels steadier now though and when they turn to look at him, he sees that they’re scared and clench the back of their chair with nervous fingers. Their eyes are back to normal too.

With a quiet voice, they tell him and repeatedly apologize for lying to him and for keeping quiet.

“I really love you.” They whisper out at last, staring down at their hands. “And I would never…I just want to be with you. I wish I were normal, nothing more than human.”

Midoriya swallows, his heart giving a painful twinge at their heartbroken tone and he walks forward. His partner jerks in surprise when his hand softly covers theirs. They look at him and he gives them a wobbly, small smile.

“I think, we might be able to figure this out.”

Their eyes grow wide, before they suck in a relieved breath, their shoulders falling. “Thank you.”

Midoriya gives their hand a squeeze and steps closer, his quick heartbeat calming down again. “We’ll find a way.”


Kaminari can’t stop the yell that escapes him, when he stumbles across his partner, their eyes red and black when they whirl around. Their alarmed face falls in a split second and despite the way they look, he can almost feel the horror and chocking surprise that spreads over their face.

“Denki.” They whisper, though they don’t move a single muscle, their eyes fading back to their normal color so fast, it almost leaves him dizzy. Their gaze is worried and gentle and when they do move, it is to take a step back.

“You’re a ghoul.” He says, feeling oddly numb and for a second he remembers all the things he heard about those, before he sucks in a breath. He doesn’t want to run, not from the person he loves and he doesn’t even want to think they would hurt him.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that.” They say, their voice soft and quiet. “I…I’m sorry.”

“What does this mean?” He asks and gestures weakly at them. His voice still sounds a little high in his ears, though the sudden tenseness is slowly seeping out of his shoulders.

His partner begins to tell him, about the things they kept quiet and they try to explain their silence and lies as well, apologizing for it all.

“I’m sorry.”  They say again, looking away. “I never wanted this, I love you. If you…if you want to break up or tell someone, I understand.”

They press their lips together and Kaminari lurches forward at their words.

“No, I…” He trails off and his partner glances back at him, cautious and guarded hope showing in their eyes. Kaminari wishes to reach out and touch them. “I don’t just want to give up.”

After a moment of hesitation, his partner walks towards him, stopping within arm’s reach. “Would you give me a second chance?”

Giving them a wobbly smile, Kaminari breathes in deeply and stretches out a hand, lightly and gently taking their fingers in his. “I think we can find a way to work this out.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluffy hartwin coffeeshop AU? :) x

I really hope this is fluffy enough!

Harry only notices as he’s about to chuck the full cup of overpriced espresso in the trash. Just at the side of it is an illegible scrabble. Eleven digits. Harry holds the cup there, hovering over the bin, as he adjusts his glasses to get a better squint at the phone number. If this isn’t a mistake, then it’s certainly a surprise.

The cup in question had come from a coffee shop Harry had been stopping by for a good month. And when he said stopping by, he meant that it was about fifteen miles off his usual route. It was a cramped place painted in pastels and adorned with mismatching old furniture that, he supposed, were to give a ‘whimsical’ look to the whole thing. The musty armchairs weren’t the reason he visited the place, though. The quality of the beverages weren’t either but then again, he’d never once drunk a cup of coffee without it tasting like he’d just taken a bite of moist dirt.

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konan112  asked:

OH MY I REALLY LIKE YOUR SAEYOUNG X MC COMIC BUT HUUWWAA the feels :( why u do this to me huhu pls pls :( dont make MC die 😂😂 haha well i hope a happy ending ♡♡ your art is so good! You are amazing💖💖i'm looking forward to what will happen next XD

wait for me (T⌓T) (T⌓T)

anonymous asked:

I'm so confused atm and I hope you could maybe help me. I've taken the Sorting hat quiz multiple times and I'm always ending up in Slytherin or Ravenclaw but I don't really feel as cunning as Slytherins are pictured and also not as creative as Ravenclaws are said to be. How do I know where I belong?

mhm well anon I think that’s really up to you as no one is going to 100% show every trait of their House to the max if you know what I mean, so it’s okay if you don’t feel as cunning as Slytherins are said to be or as creative as Ravenclaws are portrayed. You could also choose something along the lines of Slytherclaw, a mix of the two Houses as some people feel like these House combinations suit them better. 



Chapter 12 of SSLL was so great and inspired me to draw so many things. I only had time for a few right now though so I had to pick my absolute favorites. Top on my list was definitely the opening scene with Blue. That just made my entire week when I read that (I have such a soft spot for the little guy). Then of course I had to draw when Blue just had to ruin the moment with Red, it was too good to pass up.

SSLL is written by the amazingly talented @tyranttortoise and I highly recommend reading their work!!!

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Honestly I do hope Don't Forget the Sun never ends because I love it and I don't want it to stop, seriously it's the best.

Anonymous said:You are the slow burn queen. It is you.

well we’ve got approximately 20ish more chapters left, because i wanna get in two more intermissions, and then we have the sequel to deal with, so don’t worry it’ll be around for a very long time. hopefully i can start picking up the pace on chapters a bit, maybe i’ll be able to finish the fic before hiveswap comes out 

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Well her tags seems positive so whatever it is, if it means babygate is ending, I'm all for her theory being correct!!

Do u know what “ifthereisnolove” is talking abt in her tags…. 👀 pls give us a hint

she just unleashed the beast to me in pm and lemme tell you it’s big