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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

A Rainy Night

howinthehelldidigethere  asked:

Hi. I've seen your work and your absolutely amazing. And well I'm not really sure how to ask this but, where would you suggest getting started..? I've been drawing all my life and now I'm trying to get into animation and I've researched and even tried jumping headfirst into animating but I don't really have any direction. How did you first start out..?

Hi there! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry for the very late reply, I have been very busy with work lately - but I’ve always been dying to answer this ask for a while now.
Like you, I didn’t really have a direction when I first started animation. Growing up, the study of animation was never a popular field with my south east Asian friends  - so there was no real access to any professional animation desk and tool there. I’ve experimented with Flash a lot, making stick figure fight scenes, little skits and animatics, and just mere tests. I’ve always surfed around online communities with people who also shared a similar interest in animation. I think that helped a lot, and it gave me a more niche focus on the medium itself. So from my education and career so far, here’s what I can advice how non animators can get into animation.

1. Get a software or equipment to animate with.
When I started animation, I’d say it was with Flash. Flash for me was accessible, and it could do the things I needed it to do. It wasn’t until later on, I studied traditional animation and focused more on a classical training. However - if you just want to just start animating and experiment with the medium, I’d say get a software first. Experiment with timing, sequential drawing, poses, just get the hang of the medium itself. Flash (now called Animate CC) is a popular choice within the internet, but you can also animate in TVPaint, Photoshop and Toonboom. I have been trying out the open source software that Ghibli and Dwango released for free (its called OpenToonz, I’ll def make a video for that someday), and for it’s value; it can be a pretty good animation software! I’d say just try it out digitally with a drawing tablet, and see if its something you still want to pursue - then I’d recommend studying it traditionally! The reason I say this is because that one requires a lot more patience and discipline, so I’d recommend people to try it without investing too much on it before you are really interested.
You can practice animation basics like the bouncing ball, the squash and stretch, arcs - just to get that feeling of animation in general. 

2. Get the Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams
I don’t usually recommend books because the goals of one book can be different from the ones that are reading it. However, Williams’ Animator’s Survival Kit is basically that - a Survival Kit. It’s my go to book when I need help on timing tips, spacing, walk cycles - there’s a lot of basic yet useful information in that book for both beginners and adept animators. I still use it time to time. The great thing about that book is that it breaks down the mechanics of why good animation works - and shows how you can achieve the same thing. There’s a lot of great things you can refer to from that book when animating. 

3. Study scenes from animation you like!

You can like the sakuga style of animation, the disney old school, the experimental, the don bluthy, the looney tunes, study the ones that inspire you. Things like basics and mechanics can be taught - but studying animated scenes you like will help you think more about placing your drawings. You can study them by redrawing the keys, watching it frame by frame, and breaking it down analytically. 

4. Join online communities!
This helped me a lot when I was still trying to find an interest to study after high school. The animation community online is so big - theres a lot of access to community help! Yotta Studios has recently set up online animation forum - and everyone there so far has been pretty swell to deal with. A lot of talented folks there too! You can post your work in places like those - tell them your goals and what you are trying to achieve - and im sure you’ll get some great feedback. The 11second club is an online monthly challenge where artists can animate to a line of dialogue (usually 11 secs long) and submit it for that month. There’s a forum there too - but I haven’t used it in such a long time.

5. Get a hold of animators you admire
This one is tricky because the folks you may admire might just as well be very busy. However, if you get a hold of someone you respect and ask them for their guidance, they can steer you in a direction that can help you grow. From my experience, I was told from my mentors that my work was too “all over the place” - so they adviced me to keep things more subtle, controlled, and less frantic. One of my mentors told me to think more about giving life than thinking too hard about the overall performance - and wisdom like that from a veteran animator can help a lot. Although some may never respond - it never hurts to ask!

6. Start getting the hang of drawing fast and loose
I’m not sure what one’s drawing background may be - but animation (especially hand drawn) requires a more gestural mind set. You’ll be drawing a lot more in quanitity than illustrating a fine detailed piece - and you’ll also need to draw bolder/graphic statements. Things like tying down and fine tuning a drawing can come later - but for hand drawn animation - they usually look for the performance in the acting, the timing, and how pushed the poses are.

I hope this helps! I find it hard to give advice for non animators because I have to think a bit more vaguely, but those are the top ones I can think of at the moment. I might have made it sound intimidating because it is in a way, a lot of work - but it is a fun medium to work with,


A lil gift for @none1here !! (I’m late :’D)

I love your art, it’s so poetic ! The colours you’re choosing are always so beautiful and how you’re drawing your characters is so cute !

Thanks for your support from the beggining and count on me to continue to support you as well and tell you how much I like your art ^^

By the way… guys ! Go check this blog too, their art is trully beautiful !

So a little bit ago I drew this as a little gift for @fishingclocks, my FMA Big Bang partner, and since I’ve finally got an actual OTP tag for this I figured I might as well post it?

Day 5: Draw them on a date now!

“Have no fear, my dear damsel,” Danielle announced gallantly.

Before he could shoot back a proper retort, Armin found himself suddenly jerked down ever so slightly, a light pressure on his head, and a pair of dancing pink eyes in sight.

Words escaped the boy, blinking down at her, wide eyed, as heat crept up his neck. This close, he could see the fine details she paid in applying her makeup. But more importantly, he found himself attracted to the dark eyeliner outlining her eyes, the gloss coating her smiling lips.

Danielle winked playfully, hands suspending their makeshift shade. “I shall protect thy fair skin from the harsh sunlight, despite how it may or may not actually benefit from some exposure.”

Under normal circumstances Armin would have reacted with offence, but the fond teasing took away the bite of the jab. So instead, he swooned into her, delighting in the warm blush hinting through the foundation, heart pounding loud as it always did around her.

“My brave hero!” he laughed, leaning into her face with a coy grin. “Shall I reward my chivalrous knight with a kiss?”

anonymous asked:

hi! i really love your art, as well as other artists here on tumblr. yours is one of my favorite though! so i've been inspired to try learning how to draw. the thing is, i've kind of always been bad at it, so i never bothered. and i'm now in my twenties and afraid it's too late. :/ i would still like to try though. would you have any advice on where to start? anything would be helpful, thank you very much!

Hi! First off, thank you for your kind words :) I’m glad my art could inspired you!
And let me tell you, it is never too late to start anything. I even started learning piano when I was “already” 14/15. I just wanted to play so badly, and I had the opportunity to do it, so I did, which I’m really thankful for. So don’t let your age hold you back from learning smth new! of course people who start at a young age are on a higher level by now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach that eventually.
About the q where to start:
Don’t think, just do it. it’s the same with procrastinating before a workout. the more you think about it (“should I work out today? It’s gonna take so long and I’m gonna be sweaty afterwards”..) the more you lose motivation to do it. Take your sketchbook and a pen, start drawing things you’re familiar with. If you have a cat, try drawing your cat! Or the plant on your desk. Your favorite outfit, your breakfast, a cup of tea..anything really! it’s easier to start little. don’t think about shadowing, color theories or compositions, that stuff you can add later. At first it’s important to get a grasp of the basics!
Also try to draw as often as possible, best would be everyday.
oops this got kinda long. Hope I could help and good luck :)

anonymous asked:

Do you use anyone in particular for your rendition of Dante? Because I'm absolutely in love with the way you draw both him and Ari (especially those damn glasses) <3

ahhh omg sorry for the late reply. well I`ve got this  from a couple months back but dante’s face has always been more of a gut feeling than someone i could find a picture of?

in the recent one

i looked at noah centineo [general face] and ezra miller [for his eyes and a little mouth shape] as well as referencing my own art bc the way i drew him before probs resonates the strongest for me

anonymous asked:

hey :) so i rlly love your art and im an artist myself so i have a question for you. i'm having trouble with like head shapes lately and im wondering how you start drawing a character? like do you start with the circle and plus sign thing becuase that always makes mine have weird proportions or something. do you start with eyes, or nose, of face shape or something??

hey there! thank you very much im glad you enjoy my art!

tbh i struggle a bit with faces as well, getting the placement right is really quite hard. I think its mostly about using the guidelines correctly and just coming to memorize where to place things. But here i drew u up a little process thing on how i approach drawing faces:

remembering to divide the face in the way i showed and using the circles and ovals to get the basic placement of features has really helped me improve my face drawing and i definitely recommend it. thats pretty much all ive got for you on this i hope it helped at least a bit :>

Happy belated birthday, Marco! (I’m late, as always)

The kids are all alive and well and celebrating!

Connie is not impressed by your cake cutting skills, Marco, get on with it, they’re all hungry!

I didn‘t include the titan trio because I’m tired because you don’t get invited when you kill the birthday boy. Please remind me to never draw a group picture ever again… it’s way too much work

Sorry that this is so sketchy… colours are still not cooperating so…

Anyway, let’s play a game called ‘Can you spot the half joke?’

anonymous asked:

ummmm, I'm sorry to bother you but, well, I've just been feeling really down lately and I was thinking maybe you could draw some ffvii motivation?? your art is so cute, it always cheers me up! than you!!!

“After all, I was able to pull through in the end, wasn’t I?”

“If I could do it, so can you.”

I know these are some trying times but I know you can keep at it. I’m proud of how far you’ve come and I know you can keep persevering!

re358-2-deactivated20160830  asked:

Sorry if this is bothering you, but lately, I've been feeling pretty discouraged about my art. I feel as if I'm making zero progress and no matter what I do, my inspiration always ends up fading away. Do you have tips/words of encouragement? This is seriously frustrating me. Thank you.

Hello, I’m sorry this is happening to you and honestly, it still happens a lot to me as well. My tips would be to not rely on inspiration and keep drawing. You don’t /have/ to keep making unique, original things. You can just draw very simple headshots of your favorite characters and that is completely fine. I think sometimes we’re too hung up on not being able to draw something “good” that we feel really bad about it. That’s fine too, but sometimes it’s good to acknowledge that we can’t always make perfect things and just draw simple things.

When I’m feeling discouraged, I usually just try to push myself to draw as much as I can until I manage to finally draw something that I can bring myself to like. Sometimes it’s just a small, very simple doodle, but as long as I like it even just a bit, that’s fine by me. It’s also good to try to draw something that you know you’re good at so you know that you’re at least capable at drawing that.

Progress can be something that moves veeerrry slowly. I’m not gonna lie, I’m here right now after like, 14 years of drawing, and it frustrates me how younger artists can be so much better than me in so little time. But now, I try to just accept that and draw everyday even when the outcome is not good, because I learned that’s the only way I can improve. :)

I hope this helps! (And I hope I didn’t sound cocky or anything omg)

DRAWTOBER 01: Eren Jaeger

In the language of flowers, hydrangeas symbolize friendship, devotion, perseverance, sincerity, and understanding…

Eren Jaeger is probably one of my favorite protagonists ever~
He isn’t particularly special, smart or strong right off the bat, just really hardworking, always persevering until he becomes really good at what he does~

I really like how this turned out so I might make more based on the other characters as well <3


anonymous asked:

hey jen-iii, I need some advice? I draw quite a bit, and it seems to never hit 10 notes and I think my art is pretty decent but lately because of this, I am so.... Well I just don't wanna draw anymore? Like whats the point? I know you'll probably try to come and say, "well you draw for yourself silly!" well thats great but i just.... I dunno, I kinda need the praise and attention to keep doing these things and I'm just so tired of being ignored and forgotten. I just don't know who to talk to.

Oh man I totally know where you’re coming from!!! It’s always nice to see a lot of notes on work that you spent time and effort on, so don’t worry about that it’s an understandable emotion

When I started drawing, the better part of a year I just could NOT get more then like 10 likes on a piece, it really sucked. But I just gritted my teeth and continue to post because I knew I would get better and I DID enjoy drawing ya know?

Well at some point I was producing a lot of things in the tag like you couldn’t go down 4 posts until you saw another piece of mine and that’s when I started getting noticed a bit more. A couple more reblog S here and there really spreader my art that small degree and turned that little trickle of notes into a steady stream. Then one day someone with a ton of followers reblogged my piece and that stream turned into a FLOOD.

I know that it seems pretty hopeless right now but TRUST me, all it takes is a little more patience, those notes and reblog a will start coming :)