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Some quick and simple drawings drawn by me as b-day presents for my friends from diary.ru blogging service. ^^

The upper one: Fuchoin Kazuki (Get Backers)
the chibi one: Gokudera Hayato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
and the last one is Yatogami Kuroh from K Project. ^^

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a great one and it’s barely even started. No injuries with baseball yet, knock on wood, and I can just tell we’re going to have a great season once it starts. I say that someone should come out and get drinks with me to celebrate. Well, that and I kind of just want to get drunk and I need an excuse to do so.


“The day she died, was the day I died." 

This isn’t the first time I watch the videos but every time I watch them I am amazed by KristinaOrtutova‘s talent. The videos broke me and they’re just trailers for a fake movie. I hope you like these like I did and still do. Even if the videos are very sad like tears and all, they’re extremely and amazingly well done!! KristinaOrtutova is the best!

I leave here a fanfic which was inspired by the fanmade trailer of KristinaOrtutova. http://archiveofourown.org/works/3140474/chapters/6809075 by  e_riley232

Booking travel to get me back to Edinburgh so I can fly home :( :( :( :(

ALSO my flight to LA from Detroit leaves here around 8:30 PM and 5sos are currently flying in to Detroit from LA meaning that they’re going to arrive here tonight as well and could possibly be arriving at the same time that I’m leaving and the fact that we are both gonna be in the same building such a short time apart makes me want to tear my eyes out of my sockets


Well, here I am at the cusp of where I’ve been running to all summer long. I raced through time in a smoky haze to get here, looking too often over my shoulder at what I was trying to walk slowly and calmly away from, lest my past sense the fear I held and come chasing after me like a triggered predator. Running to stand still, here at 12am, feeling this somnolence is a spell to rob me of the last few hours in this life that I’m about to take one big step in. I keep thinking of that scene from the Lord of the Rings where Sam stops at the edge of the Shire and comments that he’s almost farther from home than he’s ever been. I hadn’t meant to be running away from this dramatic episode of my herstory, but the timing was exquisite. A graduation that didn’t feel like an achievement, a horrorshow of a breakup, an eventually vengeful one-night stand, a sad and awkward bout of failed dating, therapy, break downs, break-throughs, drug trips, hoping that no one notices I’m so fucked up, reminding Self that the past is just this story that we tell ourselves and that the demon in depression is that it’s a bell jar not a jail cell, easily unnoticed. Somehow it got so tough to stop replaying the scenes in which I fell into that hole, even though I’m not stuck there anymore. I’m not. Here I am, on this cusp of this narrative in which I am this fucked up creep of a human being and I’m ready to get out. I’m about to move away from the only place I’ve felt like home for an indefinite time, to do radical work outside of an institutional structure for the first time ever.

In this moment of strange in-between-ness (in a kind of frenzy of bedtime energy) I am convinced that writing myself this motivational speech which I will dump onto unsuspecting followers (likely leading to significant decline in already low number of tumblr followers, I try to reblog sexy queer photosets mostly, please forgive, sorrynotsorry) will somehow hold me accountable my own sense of self worth. Here goes…

Getting dumped after your first real, beautiful, passionate relationship is a sort of minor poetic tragedy: better than dying, right? That’s life, and you know you went into that thing so open to all the outcomes, including coping with loss. Congratulations! Also, having an uncomfortable “we slept together once” thing with a colleague is basically the premise of Parks and Rec. And don’t even think sadly about that girl you dated who shit just sort of exploded with; sometimes ya date people and it gets weird and then it explodes and you both run away with hair on fire, ok? Better than DEATH or NEVER GETTING TO EXPERIENCE MAKING OUT WITH GIRLS, amirite? Also also, you did pretty great job dealing with all that depression, kid. You never missed work, you still made time to exercise, you only cut once even though you really wanted to a lot, you only cried in public twice and you had sunglasses on, you paid all your bills, and you managed to plan this big sustainable agriculture project that you’re now moving abroad to work on tomorrow. Sure, you did get stoned like every single day and get crossed most weekends, but many young 20-somethings do that anyway. Most importantly, you spent a lot of time with two wonderful friends who still love you even though you were pretty whack on some days.

Now Mujer, you’ve been independent for awhile, and you’ve taken yourself pretty damn far. You’ve got privileges, but not just any poor queer flying solo gets themselves the fuck out of their hellhole of a low-income homophobic af town and goes to a pretty darn good university and travels the world and does difficult but worthwhile, critical work on Self and is fighting capitalism/hegemony. That shit takes a little bravery, ok? Also, you got a lot more attractive between high school and now. You’re basically pretty hot, and sometimes you got swag. You’re really capable, you have an appetite that’s nigh insatiable, you do know how to love people in a healthy way, and it’s been independently verified by more than one lady that you are pretty good at eating pussy giving shoulder massages. Time will tell if you can figure this and work it out. No one’s waiting for you anyway, so don’t be stressed out. You’ve got the whole world and all of life before you, just smash patriarchy and raise up the People and fuck the police and make love.


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to "just look at them" I can only say "Brüderchen"... (and to "only in the past" spox(.)com/de/sport/fussball/bundesliga/1507/Artikel/leon-goretzka-interview-fc-schalke-04,seite=2(.)html "Actually we're constantly in contact". Or, of course, what you said.)

I guess it’s personal preference really.

I like Leon and Chris, but not Leon and Max. Other anon clearly prefers Leon and Max.

But honestly, to tell me to leave it be was very rude and uncalled for. Leon and Chris are clearly very good friends, so how can that be in the past? Idk.

i’m stuck wherever i go. i’m at school and i’m stuck. at home i’m stuck, too. everywhere i go i just feel stuck. it just stays there and gets more suffocating by the day.