well i'll just leave it here

Well tonight is my last night of audit and just incase I don’t have time to post my goodbye (I have a paper to write on Dante so I’ll be busy) this will justify.

Just got to say thank you all for sharing the frustrations of people and the audit with me. You all made me laugh and feel better even when times were tough here.

I’m leaving behind you guys and as well as some awesome coworkers, my second family essentially. So glad I got to know you guys! And hey if I’m ever in town, don’t be shy!

So I wanted to share a story…when I first started audit 4 years ago, I remember going outside with my manager and hearing this click click click noise. I assumed it was a leaf blowing across the parking lot. Instead, it was a fucking turkey running through and away from the hotel!

Moral of the story, i hope you all eventually run away from the hotel industry (unless you really like it then good luck and I hope you climb the corporate ladder!) like the turkey did. get out and live life!

Cheers and farewell my friends!

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I've seen many people ask about assassinau jimin's well being if he lost tae but what if tae was the one who lost jimin? I mean jimin said he at least expects to be killed every day bc it's a dangerous job so I assume that the 95z have at least talked about the possibility of jimin not coming home one night. I know tae would be just as lost but idk j feel like there'd be a slight difference in coping. jm would be self destructive w/o anyone holding him back and tae would be...just lost idk

i feel like jimin would actively seek his own death to cope by just like doing a lot of reckless shit like just going crazy with the bloodlust and massacring people and not really caring about consequences of being caught or killed. like he’d most likely seek death by someone else killing him and if couldn’t do that, then he’d probably just knife himself or smth.

taehyung would sort of just…waste away. like he’d go through a period where they’d all try to cheer him up but he’s just kinda like ‘no…’ and he’ll spend his days sitting by jimin’s grave, not crying or anything but just kinda like dead inside. and maybe one day they’ll go into his room or smth to wake him up for breakfast (even though he hasn’t been eating much and only when seokjin forces him to) and he’ll have committed suicide through pills or smth. 

i think that’s why tae does what he does. like he could choose to keep his hands clean and just be kind of the housewife like when jimin comes home just hug him and stuff but he chooses to actively participate in jimin’s assassinations (albeit he isn’t the one holding the knife) to give jimin even an edge on death and being caught. taehyung works hard to get jimin information he doesn’t need honestly (like 99/100 times jimin could waltz in whenever he wanted and get an assassination over and done with) but if taehyung can get jimin the information for the best and safest opening then he’ll do it through any means necessary.  

skinandbones-x replied to your post[[MOR] It’s 5 am, I’m sitting here eating gummy…

I got up at 4:30 this morning to be into work to leave for work at 6. After staying up all night writing a fic myself. We are so well adjusted, I love it. #adultlifeftw

I remember when I was a kid I thought I’d be all professional as an adult.

Instead I’m sitting here, reading, editing, writing, and now consuming a twix bar before I have to go get ready for work in half an hour. The only thing that changed when I became an adult is that no one is judging me for it because I live in my own place. Adulthood is great.

The only thing I need to add to this to be even more of an adult is a margarita, but I think I’ll leave that for after work xP

As I sit here trying to find some sort of release for all the tension built up I can’t arrange words in any sort of way to describe this feeling. To describe all sense of hope just leaving. I suppose I held onto what little tiny bit I had left despite the feeling in my gut because well hey anything for love right? Just goes to show that someone has really got to lose you before they ever discover what it is you went through for them and even then they won’t see it. 

reallyrapunzel exactly! like, it wouldn’t kill them to be a nice person about it. even if they do want to leave the conversation (which probably everyone does after talking to me haha) they could do it in a nice way that doesn’t make me feel like shit. “can i leave now” is basically saying “I don’t want to talk to you or be here so I’m gonna be a jerk about it”

finola2 replied to your post:If I manage to get dried blood out of my mattress…

I’ve heard lemon juice and baking soda work pretty well. I usually use flash spray but we don’t have that here…

Atm I’m attempting cornflour, a little bit of detergent and water and just leaving it to soak in which like I left it for 15 mins and checked and it did get a little bit lighter so fingers crossed

If not I will use your tip thank you :33