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Keep It Down (Smut)


Request: Aaliyah has friends over, but Shawn is needy. 

Word count: 1,301 (kinda short, so let’s call it a blurb)

Shawn grabbed roughly around your waist, after slamming the bathroom door, making sure to lock it behind you.

In a quick move, he picked you up from the floor and you wrapped your legs around his hips. He banged your back against the wall, leaving behind a loud noise, as he roughly smashed his craving lips into yours.

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I’ll never forget

(A/N): I have been dying to write this one too

Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you.

Warnings: maybe angst? Swearing, the usual :)

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   You wince softly as you gingerly operate on Bucky’s arm, the metal plating having been damaged on his last mission. 

   You’d been ‘recruited’ for Hydra months ago, little did anyone know you were actually on a Shield mission to save the asset, the winter soldier, Bucky Barnes. You’d been entrusted with the soldier’s safety and that’s why you could operate on him alone without anyone else in the room. You didn’t pump him full of drugs like the other doctors did, you didn’t sedate him whenever he got dangerous, he didn’t smack him to bring him back to reality because other than the fact that you couldn’t physically do it you didn’t have to. Bucky was never violent with you, he usually sat still the entire time you worked on him, never really saying anything or doing much so you never had to hurt him. 

   “You’re soft,” The soldier rasps, his voice much more rough than it usually was. “You’re not like the others,” You hum softly as you tweak some wires, litle sparks flying out his arm. 

   “Yeah? What makes you think that?” You smile at him before quickly getting back to work. 

   “You smile at me,” He whispers, cocking his head to the side. “You don’t hit me, you don’t stick needles in me, you’re the only person here who’s ever been kind to me,” 

   “Well,” You whisper as you continue to work, being careful not to bump any of his other wires. “You deserve kindness,” 

   “I’m a machine,” Bucky states, turning his head back ahead, his gaze finally falling from you. “Machines don’t get kindness,” 

   “If you don’t treat a machine well it won’t work, isn’t that how it goes?” Bucky doesn’t answer, merely keeps his gaze straight ahead. “Well, if you don’t treat a human nice it’s going to stop being human and I don’t want that for you,” 

   “Am I human?” Bucky asks, his lips barely moving. With a sigh you put your tools down, smoothing your hand over Bucky’s improved plating. 

   “You’ve got a heart, don’t ya?” Bucky nods, then stops, his lips pursing in thought. 

   “I guess,” You smile a bit, resting your chin on your palm. 

   “You’ve got a brain, right?” Bucky nods again. 

   “Then you’re human Buck, I promise you,” 

   “I don’t feel human,” Bucky whispers, his gaze falling down to his arm. “I don’t know what I am but I’m not- I’m not human,” 

   “I think you are,” You whisper as you check the plating one more time, ensuring that it was well enough for inspection. 

   “I never forget you,” Bucky whispers, his gaze never travelling from his arm. “Even after they wipe me, I don’t forget. I don’t forget the way your hands feel on my skin, or the way you smile at me, I don’t forget your voice or face, I don’t forget you like I forget everyone else,” 

   “Bucky-” You sigh once again, your heart constricting in your throat. 

  “Please don’t tell them,” Bucky looks at you, his eyes full of fear. “You can’t let them know,” 

  “I won’t tell,” You nod your head, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, “ I promise I won’t,” 

   Bucky stares at you for only a moment before he’s nodding, his gaze falling back down to his arm once again. 

   "They’re gonna be back any minute,“ He whispers, his tone bit as emotionless as it was only few moments ago.

    "I know,” you sigh, absentmindedly running your thumb along his hand as you speak. 

    “They’re gonna wipe me again, aren’t they?" 

    "Don’t they always?” You smile at him sadly, your eyes no doubt swimming with emotion. 

    “It hurts.” Bucky states, his tone nearly robotic at this point. “More than anything I’ve ever felt," 

    "I’m sorry Buck,” you whisper, wishing nothing more than to get this poor guy out of here. “I wish there was something I could do to help,” Bucky nods, pursing his lips at the telltale signs of shoes in the hall just outside his cage. “I promise you Bucky, I’m gonna make the pain stop someday,” You let go of his hand as the door to the isolated room opens, putting your facade back on, wouldn’t want hydra knowing you’re a double agent. 

    “Everything’s been fixed,” you state, no hint of emotion in your voice. Pierce smiles at you, gripping your shoulder gently. 

    “You’ve been a good agent (Y/N), very good, nearly as good as the soldier himself,” You cast a glance at Bucky, noticing the way his eyes had taken up that reserved, cold demeanor once more. “Now get out of here, you’re done for the day,” you give him a polite smile and nod, quickly exiting before they started clearing Bucky’s mind once again. 

   You tried to walk down the hall as fast as you could, desperate to get away from them, to go back to your safe house and decompress but no matter how fast you walked you couldn’t seem to escape Bucky’s haunting screams of pain.

    You stayed with Hydra for months after that, always fixing up Bucky, checking some of his diagnostics, even training him a bit. Eventually you became so trusted in hydras eyes that they allowed Bucky to be free around you, no other guards needed. It was a huge mistake on their part, given you were already preparing a plan on how to get the two of you out of here.

    “(Y/N),” Bucky states as he calmly wipes his knife of any blood, not even sparing a glance at the quivering mass of human on the floor. 

    “Yeah Buck?" 

    "You’re thinking about breaking out, aren’t you?” You look up from your clipboard where you’d been measuring how accurately The asset could slit a throat.

    “How did you-”

    “That’s what you meant when you said you were gonna end my pain, right? You were gonna get me out of here?” You bite your lip, nodding hesitantly. “I can help- I know where all the guards are, I know which halls are empty, I can tell you where it’s safe and were it isn’t," 

    "You want to get out of here?”

    “If it’s with you? Yes,” Bucky slides the knife back on a table, each chunk of wood covered in a weapon of sorts.

    “Well?” You lean forward, setting your clipboard aside. “When do we wanna ditch this place?" 

    "You’re sure this is the right hall?” You ask Bucky as the two of you creep through the hydra base, making sure to be extra quiet. 

    “I know the layout of every hydra base on this earth, i know we’re in the right hall,” Bucky places his metal arm in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks.


    "Shhh,” the soldier warns, placing a finger to his lips. You close your moth, listening intently to whatever it was that had set Bucky off. You strain to hear but there was no mistaking the sound of heavy footfalls in some hall, evidence that now people were hunting you two down, and fast. 

    “Shit,” you whisper, fear bubbling within your chest. 

    “We have to run,” Bucky states coolly as he grabs your hand, yanking you down the hall. 

    “Stop them!” Someone down the hall yells and suddenly the footfalls are getting much, much closer.

    You run just as fast as Bucky, your feet hitting the concrete below you with such force that you could feel your feet ache. The two of you round a corner, two big silver doors before you signaling your way out; you were so close. 

   "Almost there,“ Bucky encourages, not letting go of your hand for one second. You nod your head as you book it towards the exit, freedom so tantalizingly close that you could taste it. But suddenly a shot rang through the air and a crippling pain shot through your chest. With a sudden cry you drop to the ground, causing Bucky to nearly fall as well. His hand still grips yours as you use your free one to clutch at the hole in your chest, blood seeping between your fingers. 

   ”(Y/N)-“ Bucky murmurs, more fear in his eyes than your ever seen before. 

   "Go,” you rasp, your body burning in pain as you speak. “Get out of here," 

   "No,” Bucky growls as he almost effortlessly picks you up, pulling you to his chest. “I’m not leaving you behind," 

    "Bucky, I’m- I’m dead weight at this point-” but Bucky doesn’t even give you a moment to finish before he’s booking it down the hall, only stopping to break the control Panel to the doors. The doors slide open, revealing a few simple grounds, nothing much in sight except for the large black helicopter sitting just a few feet away from the base. 

    “It’s shield,” you rasp, pointing a finger to the copter. “We made it," 

    "Soldier, I demand you stop!” An agent scream, guns firing shot after shot as they attempted to wound one of you. 

    “Are you motherfuckers getting in here or what?” Fury pokes his head out of the small space available for a door. “We don’t have all day,” Bucky rushes towards the helicopter, only stopping to hand you over to Steve’s embrace. Bucky quickly jumps in the copter and not even a second afterwards the pilot takes off, Nat, or a familiar red headed woman who Bucky could’ve sworn he’d seen before. 

    “Shit (Y/N),” Steve curses, his hands ripping open the front of your suit. “You got hit pretty bad," 

    "I know,” you rasp, your chest aching in pain. “I told Bucky to just leave me behind but he refused,” Bucky nods, his gaze trained in on your face. “We made it Bucky,” you reach up, grasping his metal hand a bit. “You’re safe now,” Bucky nods, lifting your hand to rub his cheek against it, a sweet gesture that had you melting on the inside. “We’re safe," 

 ~2 years later~

    "Bucky!” You call out to your fiancée who seemed to be having trouble getting out of bed.

    It’s been two tears since your days of hydra and things couldn’t be better, you had your own home, a nice one too, you didn’t have to worry about hydra breathing down your necks at all times, Bucky had finally gotten his memory back and he never, ever forgot you. Even when he’d forgotten his own name, or how is mother had died, he’d never forgotten you, just like he told you that fateful day. With a reminiscent smile you flip a pancake, hollering to Bucky once again. 

    “Bucky come on! I made pancakes and coffee!" 

    "I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Bucky chuckles as he sleepily wipes at his eyes, his feet slowly but steadily carrying him to your side. He wraps his metal arm around your waist as he presses a kiss to Your neck, his stubble tickling you softly. “Thanks doll,” Bucky murmurs, causing you to giggle just a bit.

    Bucky’s lips slip over to your scar, a good sized bullet hole that had scarred over, leaving behind bumpy, white flesh. “I’m going tux shopping with Steve today,” Bucky whispers, his lips still gently pressed to your skin. You hum softly as Bucky kisses his way back up your neck, stopping just below your ear. “But after that I thought we could go to that record store you wanted to look at,” you nod your head, a small smile working it’s way up to your lips. 

    “I’d love that,” Bucky hums this time as his free arm reaches out to play with the ring on your finger, a simple band, nothing too fancy, but simple and elegant.

    “I love you,” Bucky murmurs against you, tucking his face back against your neck. 

    “I love you too Buck,” Bucky’s arm tightens around you as you flip a pancake, smirking proudly to yourself as you flipped it perfectly.

    Bucky purses his lips in thought, a small humming noise issuing from the back of his throat. 

    “What’s on your mind?” You ask as you scoop more pancake batter onto the skillet, listening to the oils sizzle and pop. 

    “I was just thinking…can we have pancakes at the wedding?”


Request: The twins magically handcuff the reader to Professor Snape.

Note: Sorry I didn’t do two days like you asked, but I got carried away with just one day. I very much enjoyed writing this, sorry it took so long and sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted. Thanks for your request, keep them coming!

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What on earth was coming down the corridor?! No, it wasn’t ‘what’, it was who…then you realized.


Professor Snape was skipping down the hall with sparkeling pink robes billowing behind him. His black hair was bouncing up and down in tune with his skips.

You woke with a sudden jolt. What a weird dream. You had to tell your best friends. You got dressed quickly and went to your first class: advanced potion making.

“Hiya Y/N” the twins said in unison.

“Hey Fred. Hey George.” You sat between the two of them.

You and the boys had been friends since first year, you were one of the only ones who knew them apart.

“We’ve got this new spell that we are totally gonna try,” Fred started.

“And you’re the victim.” George finished with an evil smirk on his face.

“No. You. Will. Not.” You emphasised every word.

“But it’ll help with our plan,” Fred quickly whispered the plan in your ear.

Potions class went pretty normal, as a seventh year you were pretty good at potions. At the end of class, like every other day you went to give Professor Snape your notebook to be graded, but as you did so Fred as well as George  came up behind you mumbled something and the next thing you knew there was a handcuff around your left wrist, the boys ran and Snape looked livid.

“Get back here!” Snape started to walk after them.

“Ouch!! Professor stop!” You yelled as his steps jerked your wrist and the rest of you body forward.

You were handcuffed to Professor Snape. The twins would pay for this, big time.

“Well don’t just stand there Professor, get it off! I have other classes to be at.” You said pulling your hand up as if to remind him the handcuffs were there.

He narrowed his eyes at you, “Do not talk to me in such a disrespectful way Ms. Y/L/N.” He said cooly and then looked down to examine the uncomfortable handcuffs.

You waited silently as the class started to laugh and whisper.

“Well?” You asked impatiently in an annoyed tone, “are you going to get them off or not?”

“Stop using that tone with me, I’m not the one who did this.” Snape said and sighed heavily. “These,” he raised his wrist so the handcuffs were in your face, “will be part of our lives for the next two days, there is nothing I, or anyone, can do.”

You stood there, shocked, and getting very mad.

“You’ve got to be joking.” You deadpaned.

“I am not one to joke. Now, I have to get supplies for my next class.” He said and started walking.

“Oh no you don’t! I have classes I can’t miss. You’re coming with me to my classes.” You said trying to keep up with him.

“I think not.” He said and kept walking.

You stopped, causing his arm to jerk back and he stopped.

“I will drag you along if I have to.” He said as he raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Well put them on hold. I’m not having detentions because you won’t go to my classes.” You said angrily turning toward the way of your next class.

He huffed and started walking toward Professor McGonall’s classroom. You smiled triumphantly.

“Of all students why did I have to get cuffed to you. You’re so stubborn and not at all intimidated me. Most students would do what I say.” He said irritated as the two of you walked.

You rolled your eyes and walked into the class, took a seat and waited for McGonall to come in.

“Students today…Severus? Why are you sitting in my class?” She looked at the man beside you.

You raised your hand with the handcuff and Snape’s limply followed, his face in a scowl.

“What the devil?!” McGonall came over and closely examined the handcuffs, “Well, it will be an awkward two days for the two of you.” She said resuming her class and passing out a test you had to take.

You started the test and you could feel Snape looking over your shoulder at your work.

“Can you not?” You asked not looking up from your test.

“Shhh.” McGonall said.

“I was seeing if you were as bright in this class as you are in potions, but you’ve got number three wrong you dunderhead.” He whispered to you.

“Oh shut up.” You said in a more sarcastic tone so he thought you were joking.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed.” He said looking away.

“Severus, Y/N, if you both keep talking I will give you a detention, and Severus, don’t make me bring up the birthday incident! This is a test.” McGonall said in a harsh tone.

Snape huffed. You looked back at number three, and sure enough you saw that you’d made a mistake. You rolled your eyes not wanting to thank him and not wanting him to say ‘I told you so.’

You finally finished the test and McGonall took it. You realised the worst thing possible. You motioned to Snape like you wanted to tell him a secret.

“What?” He said, his voice and face void of all emotion.

“Get your head down here I’m not saying it out loud.” You said getting irritated.

Snape gave in and put his ear by your mouth. You whispered to him.

“You what?!” Snape’s horrified look and louder than needed tone caught everyone’s attention, even McGonall’s.

“I have to pee.” You repeated just above a whisper, your face turning bright red.

McGonall choked on a laugh and put her head down, probably to hide her smile.

You got up and Snape followed, his eyes looking to the floor. You came to the bathroom and stopped outside a stall.

“Any ideas about how to go about this?” You asked.

“Just go I’ll stand at arms length and stare at the wall.” He said and walked in the stall behind you.

It was the most awkward minute or two of both your lives. You relieved yourself while Snape stood by the wall shifting his weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other.


You’d gotten through your classes and three horrendous trips to the bathroom (him having to go was way more awkward than when you had to) and it was finally time to eat….this would be weird, would he make you sit at the head table or would you sit with your friends? You couldn’t stand the thought of him sitting with you and your friends.

The pair of you walked to the Great Hall. He kept walking past the rows of students up to the head table.

“Wonderful.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I will not sit with your group of so called 'friends’ they’re all dunderheads.” He said as if reading your mind, “also they would do nothing but stay silent.” He finished as you sat uncomfortably close to him at the table.

“They’re not all dunderheads. If you’d take the time to realize that not everyone is as smart as you then you might actually see some of them aren’t that bad.” You sassed off to him as though he weren’t your professor.

“You’d better watch it young lady.” He said in a low growl.

You didn’t mean to come across as rudely, it was just your defense mechanism. You kept everyone you knew at arms length so to speak.

“I didn’t mean it as rudely as other came out, but I won’t apologise for the truth professor sir.” You said as you reached for the potatoes.

You didn’t eat much at dinner, which wasn’t abnormal, you never ate much, just enough to fill you up, and that didn’t take a lot. You sat through the boring conversations and the every now and again tease from one of the professors, some said they were so sorry about you being handcuffed to Snape others found it hilarious.

You shuffled out of the Great Hall. Tired from the days events.

“Merlin’s beard!” You said rather loudly.

Snape stopped in the hall and gave you a puzzled but annoyed look, “What is it now?”

“You….I….oh God.” You stuttered as realisation of what was to come hit you.

“Well?” Snape said impatiently and began walking again.

“We have to…sleep together.” You said in a somewhat disgusted tone.

Snape stopped. His face deadpaned, “this hadn’t crossed your mind ealier?”

“No. I didn’t give it any thought. Oh my gosh this is gonna be weird.” You said and began rambling about what others would think and say.

Snape continued walking at his normal fast pace toward his private rooms, practically dragging you along.

“Can you slow down? One of your strides is like four of mine.” You half panted.

Snape huffed and rolled his eyes, but he did slow to a pace you could keep up with.

He opened a large wooden door. Inside was a rather messy sight. Books were stacked in every corner, potion bottles were in no order on a desk in the corner of the room. The fireplace looked as though it was never used, and it looked as if Snape had never dusted.

You followed Snape down a hallway into his bedroom. The walls were stone, just like in the room you’d just been in. There was a four-poster in the middle of the room with a little table on both sides. The left side had a thick book and candle on it. The right table had another book, it was a very small book and a quill on top of it.

“D'you have a diary?” You asked teasingly and pointed at the small table to the right.

“No.” Snape said rather quickly.

“Yeah sure. Look I’m really tired can we just…” You stopped not know how to ask to lay down without it sounding awkward.

Snape nodded and you both layed down on the tall bed. It was rather hard and the room was cool. You pulled the blankets up to your neck.

“G'night Professor.” You said trying to get a bit of a rise out of him.

“Stay on your side.” He commanded.

You fell asleep rather quickly.


You woke with a jolt the next morning. 'What the?!’ You were cuddled up next to your potions master, your head was on his chest and your arm aroud his tourso. You looked at your sleeping professor, who at this moment was starting to stir. His eyes fluttered open he looked at you in confusion for a moment. “'Morning sunshine” You said with a devilish grin.

“I told you to stay on your side! Get off of me!” His voice deep and laced with drowsiness as he scooted away from you.

He scooted nearly all the way off if the bed before both of you noticed that his wrist no longer handcuffed to your own.

“They’re gone!” You said in amazwment, “how?!”

You looked over at Snape who still looked shaken by the fact he woke up with your head on his chest.

“I’m gonna tell everyone I know you slept with me, and that even though you seem like a cold man, you’re pretty warm.” You said trying to get his attention, your mouth twisted into a wicked smirk.

“If you breath a word of this to anyone…” He started, his face getting a hint of pink.

“You’ll what? You can’t expell me for telling the truth professor. And if you give me detention I’ll find other ways to annoy you.” You said triumphantly, you’d finally embarrassed the professor who never showed emotion.

“I’ll find something to do.” He said, “now that we are no longer handcuffed you can leave.” He gestured to the door.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t enjoy my company. You love it and you know it.” You said as you got up and walked to the door of the bedroom.

“Thanks for the cuddles!” You yelled as you ran out of Snape’s quarters before he could say anything.


“Well,” George’s voice brought you out of your thinking.

“Did it work?” Fred asked as he sat down beside you in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“Like a charm.” You smiled and handed Fred a large bottle of powdered bicorn horn you’d managed to grab on the way out of Snape’s room.

“Did he know?” Fred asked, looking over at Snape who looked over at the three of you as if he knew you were talking about him.

You gave an exaggerated wink to Snape, his face flashed a look of embarrassment and he quickly looked away.

“He’s got no idea, he think I have a crush on him, and that’s how I’ll return the bottle.” The twins looked at you confused, but they knew you always had a plan.

After you made the Polyjuice Potion the twins wanted you found yourself walking back to Snape’s private room.

You smiled and knocked on his door. He opened it and you quickly walked past him.

“Oh how I’ve missed your cuddles!” You said overly exaggerating every word.

Snape’s face contorted into a look of disbelief.

You opened your arms and ran toward him, purposely knocking down a table in the room. You acted as if you fell, quickly reached in your pocket and tossed the bottle to the side.

“GET OUT! This is totally inappropriate.” Snape’s voice boomed.

He came over you and to your suprise, offered you a hand to help you up. You took it and quickly walked to the door.

“As you wish sir.” You stated and winked at him, spinning on your heels to walk out the door with a triumphant smile on your face. You had finished your mission for the twins, now they owed you.

In the room you just walked out of stood Severus Snape in utter shock, had a student actually liked him? He didn’t mind her, he had indeed enjoyed her company. But he couldn’t believe a student would like him, especially when he treated every student illy. What was the world coming to?

Legolas x Reader One-Shot: Before The Wedding

Pairing: Legolas x Reader
Title: Before The Wedding
Word Count: 592
Requested by: No one
Warnings: Nil

You open the door slowly, your cheeks flaming, though you hide that as well as you are able by turning your head to the floor.

You can only see his shoes, but you do not look up.

“My lady,” he breathes. You prepare yourself for the typical ‘you’re so beautiful’ speech, but he surprises you by saying instead, “you aren’t at all comfortable wearing that, are you?”

You raise your head sharply, forgetting for a moment that your cheeks are bright red. “I never said that.”

“You don’t have to,” he answers. “Your face did it for you.”

You glare.

“All jokes aside, if you’re uncomfortable, you’re allowed to say so,” he continues, stepping closer.

You can hear your heart beating loudly. He’s a prince, surely he should expect noblewomen to dress well?

Noblewoman you think again, I can’t call myself that just yet.

You stay silent, but raise an eyebrow.

“I know you prefer your tunic, and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, you shouldn’t have to. Besides, you look better when you’re happy.”

“But I’m going to be a noblewoman.” The words are out before you can stop them. “Not only that, but a princess. I have to dress the part.”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“I’m getting married, Legolas. I don’t think a tunic is an option.”

“But it could be.”

“I can’t.”

“You have to.” He steps forward again, and you’re suddenly hyperaware of just how close he is. There are only inches between you, and your faces are so close you can feel the warmth radiating from his skin. You gasp quietly.

“Fine. I’ll go get changed.” You step inside and go to close the door.

“Good.” He doesn’t move.

“You planning on joining me, are you?” You say, raising an eyebrow.

He blushes furiously. You laugh.

“You can, you know. I’d be glad of the company.”

This time it’s him raising the eyebrow. “Surely that would be infringing on your privacy.”

“Not at all. We are going to be married, are we not?”

Legolas glances around, presumably checking for witnesses. “Okay,” he says quietly.

You tilt your head into the room. “Are you coming in or what?”

He steps inside, shutting the door carefully behind him, and you smirk.

“There’s no escape now.”

He laughs. “I wouldn’t wish for one.”

“Good. Help me unlace the back then. These things are more difficult than you could imagine, and I don’t much like doing it behind my back.”

“Here I thought I was going to get to watch,” he jokes, obliging.

“You wish. If you’re in here, you’re going to make yourself useful.” You can feel his hands on your lower back, still unlacing, and you shiver involuntarily.

“Are you okay?” Legolas asks, concerned.

“Yes,” you manage, as you feel his hands lightly brush your skin as he finishes.

“Good,” you hear his voice whisper in your ear, before feeling him kiss your neck, his hands resting lightly on your waist.

You turn and pull his hands away, accidentally letting the dress fall to the floor.

He smirks, and steps close to you.

“I love you,” he says as he kisses you again.

“I know that. Why else would you have asked to marry me?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have been able to say that,” he says, kissing you again.

“Or you’d have been lying,” you respond, or at least, as well as you are able to with his lips on yours.

“Shhh,” he whispers into your lips, “let’s not ruin the moment.”

Sharing is Caring (Bucky One-shot)

This was so much fun to write, especially since it was for my lovely Roo. Please let me know what you think! It kinda made me laugh, so I hope it does the same for you. ;) 


Sharing is Caring (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint, Sam, Natasha.

Summary: Your mutual crush on Bucky is at a stalemate, but you get both get a push after Clint discovers one of your weaknesses.

Warnings: Fluff! Small mentions of drinking and prescriptions drugs.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: This fic is for my love, my darling, my favorite Canadian Insomniac: Roo aka @sebseyesandbuckysthighs . Happy Birthday, my dear!! I love you forever!!! Also, this was inspired by a hilarious conversation between the Avengers Trash Tower ladies and I that took place months ago. I’m so happy to know you all, my darlings!! And yes, Roo, I still have that legally-binding screenshot. ;)

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“Please, Y/N?”

“I said no,” you replied firmly.

“Aw, come on! You can’t possibly eat all of those yourself! And it’s just rude to eat them in front of me,”  Clint pouted, eyeing the box of cupcakes in front of you.

Leaning forward, you spoke emphatically, “Y/N DOESN’T SHARE FOOD.”

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Enoch - Jealousy

request: Hey Idk if you do any smut or anything remotely sexual but I was wondering if you could do a Enoch smut? Where he’s jealous of another male in the house so he decided to show you you’re his and only his? Sorry if you don’t write that kinda of stuff 😶 thanks

warnings: smut

You couldn’t sleep and your eyes were turning dry from staring at the ceiling for so long. Sweat was dripping down the sides of your forehead and your hands were clammy.

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Hospital Wing

Madame Pomfrey: *Opens door*

Madame Pomfrey: You have ten minutes.

Regulus: Thank you!

Regulus: *Looks at Barty, who is sleeping and covered in bandages*

Regulus: He looks really bad… is he going to be okay?

Madame Pomfrey: Of course he’s going to be okay!  

Regulus: Has he broken any bones?

Madame Pomfrey: He’s broken a few ribs, his left arm, his left wrist and his left leg.

Regulus: That doesn’t sound good….

Madame Pomfrey: No, it’s not good.  He’ll be fine.  He just needs his rest.  I warn you, he’s a bit out of it.  He’s got a lot of different types of medicine in his system.

Regulus: Okay… *sits down on the chair next to where Barty is sleeping*

Madame Pomfrey: *Walks away*

Regulus: Barty… are you awake?

Barty: No….

Regulus: Then how did you answer me?

Barty: I haven’t got a clue.

Barty: Wait, I think I’m awake. *Opens eyes*

Barty: It’s so shiny.

Regulus: What’s shiny?

Barty: *Looks at Regulus and smiles* did I fall off a cloud?

Regulus: Uh… yeah, sure!

Barty: Does that make me an angel?

Regulus: If you want.

Barty: *Closes eyes* I like it.

Regulus: What do you like?

Barty: My pillow.  I’m tired.

Regulus: Go to sleep, then.

Barty: Please stay.

Regulus: I’ll stay as long as I can.

Barty: Okay… g’night Reg.

Regulus: Good night.


Two minutes later…

Barty: I’M AWAKE!

Regulus: Shhh, you don’t have to yell.

Barty: You’re still here.

Regulus: Yeah, it’s only been a couple of minutes….

Barty: I hurt everywhere.  Why do I hurt everywhere?

Regulus: You broke your ribs, your arm, your wrist and your leg.

Barty: That sounds painful.  Can I get you anything for that?

Regulus: *Tries not to laugh* It’s you who’s injured, not me.

Barty: I had a dream about a boat.  I was on it and there was lava.

Regulus: That sounds interesting.  What happened?

Barty: What happened?  Did I fall off a cloud?

Regulus: *Smiles* 

Barty: Why are you smiling?  It’s not funny.  Clouds are really high up.  

Regulus: Go to sleep.  

Barty: I don’t want to sleep.

Regulus: You need to.  You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Barty: I love sandwiches… can you please get me a sandwich?  

Regulus: Only if you go to sleep.

Barty: Okay… g’night.

Regulus: Night.


Five minutes later…

Barty: Why are we on the Earth?

Regulus: Because… we just are.

Barty: I like that. 

Regulus: What do you like?

Barty: Us.  Being on the Earth.  I think it’s lovely.

Regulus: That’s… great?  Did Madame Pomfrey say you hit your head when you fell?

Barty: I fell?

Regulus: Yes.  You fell off your broom.

Barty: I feel like a broom.

Regulus: What?

Barty: I don’t know what is going on.  I fell?

Regulus: Yes, Barty. *Smiles sympathetically at Barty who looks confused*

Barty: Did you fall?

Regulus: Nope.  Would I ever fall off my broom?

Barty: I fell in love with you.

Regulus: That’s… sweet.  Maybe you should sleep?

Barty: Yeah.  I like the Earth so much.

Regulus: Good night Barty.

Barty: Good night!


Two minutes later…

Barty: I have a serious question…

Regulus: You’re awake again?

Barty: Not really… I think I might be asleep.

Regulus: *Laughs* Okay, ask your question.

Barty: Can you cry when you’re underwater?

Regulus: Um… I… honestly have no idea.  Why?

Barty: *Shrugs*


Regulus: Shhh!

Barty: I didn’t mean to swear Reg.  I’m really sorry. 

Regulus: It’s okay.

Barty: What’s your favourite colour?

Regulus: Green.

Barty: Aww, I really like that.

Regulus: That’s good.

Barty: Can I whisper you a secret?

Regulus: Sure.  *Leans closer*

Barty: *Whispers* My arm hurts.

Regulus: *Whispers back* I know it does.  It will get better.  I promise you.

Barty: Why is your hair black?

Regulus: Well… I was born with it.

Barty: *Leans forwards, wincing in pain, and kisses Regulus*

Regulus: *Leans back quickly* No, Barty… I can’t.

Barty: I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to do that.

Regulus: It’s fine.  Just don’t do it again, okay?

Barty: Yeah.  *Frowns* I didn’t mean to.  I mean it.  I thought I was asleep but I’m not and I’m so confused.  I’m sorry.  Really, really sorry.

Regulus: It’s okay.

Barty: *Blinks tears out of his eyes*

Regulus: Are you really crying?

Barty: No.

Regulus: What’re you crying about?  Shall I put you underwater to see if you can still cry under there?

Barty: No… I’m not good at swimming.

Regulus: Of course you aren’t… *laughs*

Barty: You don’t want to be my friend anymore.  I’m an idiot.  I’m so sorry.  

Regulus: You think I don’t want to be your friend because you kissed me while you’re completely out of it?  

Barty: Out of what?

Regulus: I’m still your friend.  


Regulus: Shhh, it’s the middle of the night!

Barty: I like night.  It’s all dark and spooky.

Regulus: Go to sleep.   I have to go this time.  Madame Pomfrey is giving me a death glare.

Barty: Please don’t let her kill you.

Regulus: I’ll try. *Stands up* Goodnight.  Get well soon.

Barty: G’night Reg *closes eyes and falls asleep*


Summary: It was only a dream. It had to be.

Word Count: 822

Notes: So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to go ahead and post this. Normally, I wouldn’t, but I actually like the way it came out and I did want to share it somewhere. Keep in mind it contains minor spoilers for the end of Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2, but they are pretty vague. There is also angst, so ye be warned. Enjoy!

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Gifs not mine.

wynneinrome said:                                                           

Hey! Could you do a Sherlock x reader where the reader is Sherlock’s uber sassy sister and she follows him to cases and whenever he tries to be smart she slaps him down with sass?? Sorry that probs doesn’t make a ton of sense…. but anywaaay.

“Y/N, are you listening?" A voice asked snapping you out of your daydreaming.

"Sorry what?” You replied. “I’d dozed off; you were too boring.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “I was describing the newest case. A man in a house had-”
“Had his throat slit however no one had entered nor exited the house. Everywhere has been searched but there had been no forced entry and all of the doors and windows were locked. I glanced over the details earlier. Lestrade had sent me them.”

“Of course he has. Well are you coming then or not?” Your brother wrapped his scarf around his neck and put his coat on.

“Obviously I’m going!” You stood up abruptly. “Why would I miss a chance to insult Scotland Yard?”



“Okay,” Donovan said to Lestrade as Sherlock lifted up the tape letting you through. “I can slightly understand why you’re letting the freak through, although it would be better if you didn’t. But why is that abnormality coming through as well. She’s not even that smart!”

“Shhh!” You exclaimed. “Donovan, can you hear that? Because if you listen closely, you can listen to the sound of me not caring.” You could hear her muttering words about you behind your back. “Honestly, Sally I hope that karma smacks you in the face before I do.”

“Excuse me?” She laughed. “What are you? Twelve?”

You gave a fake smile to her. “Yes! On a scale of one to ten.” Sherlock called you over before the argument progressed.

“Oh c'mon!” You whined. “I was on a roll!”

“You threatened to hit a police officer!” He replied.

“Yeah well… Anyway, what do you know about this case then? Come on big brother! Use your superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers.”

“You pretended they were when I was a child.”

“Yes but you aren’t a child anymore.”

“No but I’m still your sister.”

“Moving on, the crime scene!” He turned his back on you and walked into the house.



“So I suspect that the trapdoor leads into the neighbours house,” Sherlock told everyone who was present.

“Well I hope you’re right,” Lestrade responded.

“I don’t,” You stated. "His ego doesn’t need inflating any further.“ You received a glare from Sherlock.

"Surely we would have found this door beforehand though, wouldn’t we?” A forensic pathologist asked. “My opinion, is that you’re a psychopath that committed the murder himself. That is why you planned the murder and know where everything is.” It was obvious that he’d been speaking to Anderson or Donovan beforehand.

“Well my opinion is that you’re a idiot,” Sherlock snapped. "Also, I am a high functioning sociopath not a psychopath.“

"Well my opinion is that nobody cares!” You told your brother. “Oh wait, that is a fact.”

“If you aren’t going to help, can you please get out?”

“Certainly. I was hoping that I could leave soon. I was being crushed by the weight of your self esteem. If anyone wanted to kill someone, then they could just throw someone off of your ego. It’s high enough to kill someone.” You turned on your heel as Sherlock continued with his deductions. You began to walk away but Lestrade stopped you.

“Your comments,” He said. “They knock your brother down a notch. Gets him off of his high horse. They may seem rude but they are useful. Thanks.”

“No problem,” You replied with a smile. “I always know how to beat him.”

That Was Wine? Didn't Taste It

Character: King George III X reader
Prompt: Character A just downed half a bottle of liquor thinking it was juice. Character B has to fix the situation before bad things start to happen.
Sentence 1: “come back to bed”
Sentence 2: “Let him go! It’s me that you want!”
Word Count: 976
W/T: Alcohol, drunks, small bit of yelling, overly emotional reader
A/N: So this was a randomizer prompt that I did with @desperatepenguin722 who is an amazing writer and great human being! I love em! Again, unedited, so most likely some mistakes scattered about. Hope y'all enjoy it!


“Y/N? Where are you?” A familiar voice calls from beyond the dresser, where you were currently sitting, mindlessly bunching your F/C dress up in your hands and letting go. “Hm? Geo-Hic-Georgey? Is that you?” You giggle, your body feeling extremely warm. You tilt your head upwards to find your husband towering over you, his handsome face scrunched up in confusion. “Wha… What in the world are you doing here?” He inquires, blinking a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. You automatically light up at the sight of George, any and all thoughts you had leaving you. “George! My beautiful h-hic-usband! My powerful King-hic-!” You laugh, attempting to stand. Your wobbly legs slip out from underneath of you, and you plop back down onto the hardwood floor, your glassy eyes finding their way back up to George’s. He slowly opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted by the far door of the room opening, a servant poking her head in.

“Your Maj-”



The door slams shut just as quickly as it was opened, and you unintentionally let out a small giggle. “There’s n-hic- no need to yell, hon-hic-honey.” You coo, trying to stand again, this time grasping at the wall for support. “Y/N, what in the world have you been doing?” George asks worriedly, quickly reaching over and taking you in his arms. You stumble slightly, balancing yourself against his chest. “Oh nothing, I just-hic- had a servant bring me -hic- some food and such.” George’s eyes narrow at you, as if he were contemplating something. “You’re so cute.” You slur, pressing a kiss against his lips passionately. He accepts it, kissing back gently, as if he were testing something. He pulls away, still staring at you with questioning eyes. “Not fair.” You pout, sluggishly beating a fist against him in an attempt to be defiant. “You taste like wine.” He accuses, his eyes narrowing even more. “Whaaaa-hic-.” You say, your head suddenly becoming a bit heavier on the left side, making it tilt. “What have you been drinking?” He asks, walking you to your bed and gingerly sitting you on the edge. Instantly, you raise a finger to the green bottle across the way, laying down on the top of the desk George sometimes uses to write things down at, its contents dried out. “I just wanted some grape juice, so I had one of the-hic-maids bring me a bottle. You -hic- weren’t here to -hic hic- ask for it for me, so I just -hic- did it myself.” George swiftly steps away from you and to the desk, grasping the bottle in his hand, his eyes scanning the label. Even though you could still see him, he already felt like he was too far away. “Come back to bed.” You pout, tears forming at the corners of your eyes. His head slowly turns towards you, his eyebrows furrowed. “Y/N, this is wine.” “Didn’t taste it.” You deadpan, staring at him distantly. “Did you just down this within the past twenty minutes of which I was away?” He questions, his voice raising. “Aren’t you proud?” You smile cheerfully, sitting yourself up a little straighter. George cocks his head back, surprised by your answer. He opens his mouth to say something, but once again, the far door opens to interrupt him.

“Your Maj-”

“WHAT.” George shouts angrily at the man at the door. You slowly turn your head to the now open door, a tall man dressed in a rather nice coat, stood frozen in place. “Uh,” he begins, shifting nervously, “you are needed in the courtyard.” George closes his eyes and shakes his head, mumbling something unintelligible. “Very well, grab my coat off the wall.” He commanded, striding towards the door. The man practically jumps upon the King’s coat, holding it out for him to slip his arms into. Wait, George will be leaving you? “No!” You blurt out, both men stopping their actions. “Let him go! It’s me you want!” You shout, tears threatening to escape you. George bites his lip and closes his eyes, turning his head away slightly. “Can this matter wait until the morning?” He breathes to the man behind him. “I can let them stay in a guest room, and you can resume it in the morning?” The man suggests, his eyes glancing at you, in your dazed and hiccuping state. George nods and pulls his arms back out of the sleeves, motioning for the well dressed man to hang back up. “No one else is aloud to come into this room for the rest of the night. Everything will resume in the morning.” The mystery man nods and closes the door behind him, leaving George where he was standing, his eyes now affixing themselves upon you. “I thought -hic- you were g-hic-goi-hic hic- going to leave meeeeee.” You begin, bawling like a small child. Within a moment’s time, your husband was next to you, one of his arms wrapped around your waist, the other gently lowering you onto the bed. “Shhh.” He whispers, trying to calm you down. You sniffle and grab ahold of his shirt, balling it up in your fists as you leave tear stains on it. Slowly, your hiccups are replaced with yawns, and the tears from your eyes are exchanged for drowsiness. You feel yourself begin to drift off to sleep, but your husband’s voice draws you back for a moment.


“Yeah?” You yawn.

“You’re not aloud to drink without me in your presence from now on.”


“Y/N.” He growls, his voice serious.

“Fine, fine. Only because you’re such a doll, though.” You smile, closing your eyes again and pressing yourself closer to George.

“And Y/N?”


“If you ever do this again, at least save some for me.”

anonymous asked:

Blurb idea: you find harry watching his SNL musical performances by himself the next day being all critique-y with his brows all furrowed and his lips all pouty and you kiss all over his face telling him how amazing he was and how proud you are of him and fluff on top of fluff!!!

When you wake up he isn’t beside you. The hotel room is not too large though, so you it doesn’t take you long to find him.

He’s sitting at the table, hovered over a laptop. He has headphones so as not to wake you but you can see what he’s watching, and it makes you sigh. He’s watching his performance from Saturday Night Live. Again.

With a yawn, you roll out of bed and make your way over to him. He’s so focused, he doesn’t even notice you. You lean forward and wrap your arms around his shoulders. He jumps, a little harder than he’d intended, and rips the headphones out.

He softens as soon as he sees you. You giggle, leaning down to press a kiss to his lips. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t,” he lies. “Did I wake you?”

“No.” You kiss his cheek again and nod to the laptop. “What’re you watching there?”

He sighs, tapping a button to pause the video. “M'just watching the performance.”


He chuckles. “Yeah. Again.”

“And?” You move to go plop yourself in his lap and he wraps his arms around you. “Did the song sound different this time?”

He scrunches his nose in response to your teasing. “No. Still sounded bad.”

You frown. “Hey. No it didn’t.”

He rests his cheek on your shoulder. “Yeah. Could’ve been louder. Could’ve done a lot of things differently.”

You groan and nudge his head so he looks at you. “You could’ve. But you didn’t. And it was still perfect.”

He smiles. “You’re perfect.”

“Shhh. Its not about me.”

With a little giggle and a squeeze, he kisses your shoulder. “No? Should be.”

You reach over to close his laptop and squirm a bit in your seat to face him. You push your forehead to his. “Stop being so hard on yourself.”


“Why not?!”

He sighs. “That’s like…. asking why humans can’t breathe underwater. S'just not possible.”

“It is if you have like… diving gear.”

“Mm. So I should get diving gear then.”

You laugh. “Yeah.”

“Oh excellent. Well that solves the problem then.”

You’re sharing soft little kisses through your giggle fits, and you reach up to play with his curls. “I’m serious, Harry. You’re perfect. Over analyzing everything is not going to change anything. It’s over. It was lovely. And the entire world thinks so, too. So stop it.”

He’s smiling at you as if he’s never been more in love with you. It takes him a moment before he speaks. “Did you know I love you?”

You can feel your cheeks reddening. “I love you too, Harry.”

Pinocchio   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Let go! Put me down!”
  • “Leave me out of this.“
  • “What’s a conscience?”
  • “How did you get down here?”
  • “Oh, that will make him mad!“
  • “We’re wasting precious time!”
  • “Monsters? Weren’t you afraid?“
  • “Yes. Yes, you are. Now, lie down…”
  • “I’d rather be smart than be an actor.“
  • “Now, close your eyes and go to sleep.”
  • “Well, guess he won’t need me anymore.”
  • “You buttered your bread. Now sleep in it!“
  • “Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.“
  • “Anything your heart desires will come to you.”
  • “You must learn to choose between right and wrong.“
  • “Why, of course you can go. I’m giving you my ticket.“
  • “What does an actor want with a conscience, anyway?“
  • “Remember what I said about temptations? That’s him.“
  • “How would you blokes like to make some real money?“
  • “Be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.”
  • “Shhh! Quiet! Let’s get out of here before something else happens!”
  • “Give a bad boy enough rope, and he’ll soon make a jackass of himself.“
  • “A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.”
  • “Go ahead, make a fool of yourself! Then, maybe, you’ll listen to your conscience.“
  • “Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish… and someday, you will be a real boy.“
  • “You have given so much happiness to others, that you deserve to have your wish come true.”
Painted Constellations

Summary: Dan is a painting major at uni who needs someone to paint on for his art project, and Phil is a photography major who needs Dan to model for him.
Word Count: 8613
Warnings: alcohol, mentions of suicide, a lot of Van Gogh talk, smoking, mentions of sex, homophobic comments, depression


There is a certain relaxation in allowing images to unfurl themselves from the bristles of a brush onto the white emptiness of a new canvas. The paint is smooth and fragile, breaking into nothingness if smeared or smudged, now an entirely new picture. The colours would then blossom into a new galaxy of flowery fields, the starry night sky, or even a dog waiting by a picket fence for it’s owner.

The possibilities were endless and alive; a painter does not have to live in a dull world when they can create their own.

But there is also with great certainty that artists have something missing from their lives - whilst they can create so many beautiful universes, they deal with having to be trapped in the cruel world that is the Earth and all of it’s humanity. It was no wonder that Vincent Van Gogh would eat yellow paint to be happy, claiming that “the sadness will last forever” after attempting suicide and lying on his deathbed.

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Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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Midnight Walks

Ok so I love Elriel with all my heart.  So I wrote some.  I don’t know what it is either.  I finished it so I didn’t have to write OOW  I hope you enjoy!

You can find the rest of my fics here.

I accept requests!  Just give me a ship and a prompt number from here.

Elain spoke differently after the war with Hybern.  Most people didn’t notice, but most people didn’t notice a lot about Elain anyway.  Her sisters were occupied by their duties and roles and lives, and had a much easier time moving on.  But Elain couldn’t.  She clung to the past like she’d forget it, but her mind only became more and more insistent for the future.

Azriel had fought the same demons.  So when she started speaking more in the past tense—of memories instead of happenings—Azriel recognized himself.  He felt sadistically pleased that he had a twin in the darkness, especially one that seemed to radiate light.  But that was just another thing people couldn’t or wouldn’t notice about the middle Archeron sister: that she was more than she seemed.  

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New Job- Jakob Chychrun

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Ok so here I am back with dealing with a little anxiety. Not my favorite health condition by any means. I always come up with the most stupid what if scenarios then panic about those. Ugh…. anyway! Enjoy!

Warning: anxiety, panic

Anon Request: I know it’ll be a while but can you do a imagine where the reader has insomnia and anxiety and maybe a nightmare and Chych is your boyfriend. I really like your stories that involve mental health they are really good and helpful. Thanks!


              You stared at the ceiling, your mind running a million miles an hour.

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One of Our Own

Summary: Lucy wonders what’s it like to have a kid after watching Natsu interact with Asuka on another babysitting job and Natsu might just help her with that.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: K+ (for minor abuse and suggestive theme)


Lucy wasn’t quite sure how she had gotten herself into this situation.


Her day had started perfectly normal to be honest.

She woke up from bed miraculously without Natsu and more often than not Happy in it, she went to her kitchen and made herself some good ol’ bacon and eggs, took a nice and refreshing shower afterwards, went to the guild, and was just chilling there at a bar stool while the guild went on with their usual destructive brawls and loud chattering.

She would have never expected herself to be watching her pink-haired idiot of a best friend slaving himself as a horse to a cute little girl, who was barely the age of 8, as she rode him around the Western styled living room while calling him “Mr. Horsey” out of all things.

“Why was I dragged along into all of this?” The blonde-haired mage sighed as she asked herself the same question for the nth time.

“Because you were worried that Natsu might screw something up and you wanted to make sure he doesn’t for Asuka’s sake.” Happy chimed in beside her before he continued to munch on a fish he got from god knows where.

‘Oh yeah.’ Lucy thought to herself as she let out a groan.

She remembered Alzack and Bisca coming into the guild hall with Asuka and going straight to Natsu, who was then currently duking it out with Gray, and asked him to take care of Asuka for them since Asuka really enjoyed herself the last time Natsu took care of her and the couple had to go on a dangerous job that they can’t take Asuka along for.

Natsu accepted of course, but that got him a hard blow from Gray on the head, but also a beautiful smile from Asuka which was worth it.

Her groan was then answered by a groan from Natsu who then proceeded to slump himself on the floor.

“Hiyah! Hiyah! Come on Mr. Horsey! We won’t finish the race if you slack off like that!” Asuka commanded as she slapped her right hands repeatedly on Natsu’s limp shoulder.

“Uggghhh! Asuka I’m so tired can we take a break? We’ve been doing this for the past three hours!” Natsu complained, although his voice was a bit muffled for talking while his face was flat on the floorboards.

“Awww… okay.” Asuka complied, but she was visibly beacame sad when she did so.

Natsu began to panic when he saw her lips quiver so he then racked his brain for ideas on how to cheer the little kid up before she began crying. The poor dragon slayer clearly had no idea what to do. He was as lost as a man who was lost at sea without a map or anything to guide him.

‘I’m so gonna get into a lot of trouble with Alzack and Bisca if Asuka cried.’ At that thought he began to sweat buckets.

Lucy looked at him sympathetically and then an idea popped up in her head, so she stood up from her comfortable place with Happy on the couch and walked up to where Natsu and Asuka were.

“How about you guys have a tea party. That’s fun and doesn’t require a lot of energy. Plus I’m sure Natsu would find the tea relaxing.” She suggested with a smile on her lips.

Asuka’s face instantly lit up.

“Okay! Okay! Natsu-nii can you go make some tea while I get my stuff animals?” Asuka ordered as she ran off to her room up the stairs to get her beloved stuffed animals.

“But I’m so tired and I don’t know how to make tea.” Natsu whined, not moving an inch on his place on the floor.

“It’s okay, I’ll go make the tea. You just take your time and rest up before she returns.” Lucy said as she rubbed his back before going into the kitchen.

“Aye sir!” Happy agreed.

A few minutes later Asuka was back with her two favorite stuffed animals, a shady looking frilly pink dress, and a make-up kit.

“Wear this Natsu-nii!” She said as she tossed Natsu the dress.

“No way kid!” Natsu complained as he examined the dress.

“But…” Asuka’s lips began to quiver again.

“Alright! Alright! But turn around okay.” Natsu said as his face burned with a mixture of embarassment and anger.

Just as he was about to slip into the dress, Lucy walked in.

“Woah Natsu! What are you doing?!” Lucy shouted in shock as she almost spilled the tea. 

Her face as red as a tomato as she turned around to not look at him.

“He’s changing into a dress so he would look presentable at our tea party!” Asuka answered for him.

“Oh!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Hahahahaha!” She laughed uncontrollably when the thought began to sink in her.

“Stop laughing! This ain’t easy for me!” Natsu retorted.

“Fine, fine.” Lucy complied as she wiped a few stray tears from her eyes.

“There all done! You guys can look at me now.” Natsu said with a huff.

They did turn around and the sight that greeted them amazed them.

The dress suited Natsu surprisingly well. Although his arms were crossed and he was wearing a pout on his face he actually looked cute. At this thought Lucy blushed.

“You look so pretty Natsu-nii!” Asuka said as her eyes sparkled.

But that expression was soon replaced by a devilish smile and glint in her eyes.

“There’s only one thing missing.” She said as she clutched the make-up kit in her hands tighter. 

Natsu was sweating cold sweat again.

“No you don’t!” He said as he backed-up from Asuka.

“Happy! Hold him!” Asuka ordered.

“Aye sir!” Happy complied.

He quickly spread his wings and flew to where Natsu was to hold him in place. 

“Sorry Natsu.” The cat apologized, but his grin said otherwise.

“I thought you were my friend.” Natsu cried.

“Oh stop being such a baby Natsu. Do you need help with that Asuka?” Lucy said as she offered Asuka a helping hand and smiling to herself as she thought of this as payback for all the times he pranked her.

“I would appreciate that Lucy-nee. Thanks!” Asuka accepted.

“Not you too Luce!” Natsu cried even louder.

“Now, now, Natsu-nii hold still.” Asuka said as she held a brush centimeters away from his face.

A few moments later Natsu looked like a complete clown, but to Asuka he looked like a princess.

“All done Natsu-nii!” Asuka chimed.

“Wait Asuka! I think he’s got a little smear on his lower lip.” Lucy said as she drew her thumb against Natsu’s lower lip.

‘Soft.’ She thought in awe.

And did he just shiver? 

Lucy dismissed that thought immediately.

“Now Natsu-nii I want you to meet Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Asuka introduced her stuffed animals to Natsu.

Natsu didn’t budge for a moment as he was still annoyed at what was happening until Asuka poked her.

“Hey Natsu-nii! Are you listening?!” Asuka asked.

“Oh yeah! yeah! Hello Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Natsu said through his teeth as he faked a smile.

“Good! Now will you please pour some tea into their cups Natsu-nii?” Asuka requested with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Do I have to?” Natsu said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Of course you have to do it Natsu-nii!” Asuka said with a little more force.

“Fine.” Natsu complied with a pout on his face as he poured the tea into the small cups.

Not far away from them Lucy smiled.

‘That Natsu, even though he complains a lot, he still does what Asuka tells him. He’s really good on the inside huh.’ She thought to herself.

An hour later Asuka got tired of playing tea party.

“Natsu-nii you can take off that dress and make-up now.” Asuka told him.

“Alright!” Natsu cheered.

“But do it in the bathroom!” Lucy reprimanded him after earlier incident.

Although deep down inside of her she didn’t really mind him changing in front of her as she has seen him without much of his clothes many times before, but Asuka was there so that idea was a big no.

“Fine.” Natsu pouted as he made his way to the bathroom.

After a few minutes he was already back in his original clothes without make-up on his face.

“Natsu-nii! Let’s play Save the Kitty!” Asuka suggested

“But aren’t you tired from all that tea party thing we did earlier?!” Natsu asked in disbelief.

“Nope!” She answered with a sweet smile.

“But Natsu-nii! I promise this game will be fun! You’ll get to be a dragon who kidnaps the kitty and I’ll be the powerful mage who saves the kitty from you!” Asuka explained.

“Say no more kid! You had me at dragon!” Natsu grinned at her.

“Yay!” Asuka cheered.

“Now I’m all fired up!” Natsu declared as they started playing.

Natsu and Asuka played Save the Kitty for hours with Happy! Although Natsu was pretty competitive, but Asuka won every round of their game. Natsu got mad like a sore loser, but Lucy could see that wasn’t really the case. She knew that Natsu just let Asuka win every time.

‘That sweet dork. He’d make a good father though.” Lucy smiled as she thought to herself.

Soon Asuka was barely keeping her eyes open so Natsu decided to carry her to her room and tuck her in bed.

Lucy followed after him.

“Well today was an extremely tiring day, ain’t it Luce?” He said as he shut the door behind him quietly.

“Yeah.” Lucy sighed.

“I wonder what it be like to have one of my own.” She whispered to herself, but Natsu heard her.

“Hmmm what was that Luce? Don’t you mean one of our own?” He whispered behind her ear, a sly grin forming on his face.

Lucy’s face flushed different shades of red.

“You per-” Lucy was about to shout but got cut off with Natsu pulling her in close to his face.

“Shhh Luce, Asuka is already asleep. You wouldn’t want to wake her up do you?” Natsu stated as he brushed his lips against hers.

Lucy was speechless as she stared at Natsu with eyes the size of plates and cheeks as red as freshly picked tomatoes.

And then he kissed her.

It was a sweet and passionate kiss.

And from behind the bedroom door a soft giggle was heard.


Author’s Note: So thank you guys for reading my one-shot! As you guys can see it’s slightly based on the Fairy Tail Omake chapter 378.5: Natsu and Asuka. I don’t know if the summary summarizes the story, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading the story!