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A Little Scare Never Hurt Anyone.

Summary: Imagine watching a horror movie with gabriel and he tries to comfort you when you get scared.

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 547

(This is my first Imagine post ive ever made i hope you like i hope you like it because i stayed up till almost 6am to finish it lol) 

It was halloween night and, you were all by yourself in the bunker. Sam and dean were taking care of a poltergeist out of town. After circling the bunker for what felt like the fiftieth time you walked to your room and let yourself drop on your back. With your bed catching you. You felt bored out of your mind. “ It’s halloween night.. and i can’t believe i’m stuck here doing. nothing.” you said to yourself quietly.

“well ya know.. we could watch some movies..” Gabriel said.

and at the sound of his voice you jumped straight up. He stood in your doorway holding some movies in his hands. you sighed “ horror movies .. really?? .. my job is practically a horror movie why would I want to watch those?”

“aww come on (Y/N) ! It’s Halloween!.. I even got candy.” Gabriel beged.

“you always have candy.” you said with a grin

“ yeah true, but this time I’ll share” He grinned back and gave a wink.

Coming from Gabriel that was basically a complement you thought to yourself. you stood up on your feet and made your way to the door. “Fine.. I’ll go make some popcorn, you put in the movie” you said walking past him.

You made your way to the kitchen and checked the cupboards for popcorn. There wasn’t a whole lot left. you used the last pack knowing how pissed dean would be for using the last one. other than eating pie he had a special place in his heart for popcorn. “ oh well, he’ll survive” you told yourself and, put the popcorn in. While you waited for it to stop popping you thought it was a little odd that the angel showed up tonight. You guys were very close friends but, you had to admit you have developed some feelings for him over the years.But you didn’t know if he felt the same way.You started to feel a nervous.

“ oh god-”

*bep bep beeep*

The microwave went off. You put the popcorn in a bowl and carried it away. Gabriel laid back on the couch and threw his feet on the coffee table. You sat next to him and pulled a blanket around yourself. “ready?” you said and looked over to him. “ Hell yeah, play it.” he replied

About 1 hour into blood, screaming and, killer clowns. You were holding your knees into a hug and never letting go. You can handle anything else in the world but clowns were just a big no.

“( Y/N), are you ok?.. you seem scared.” Gabriel asked

“nope, I’m perfectly fine..” you said which was a total lie.

sitting on a couch in a dark room not knowing what’s behind you. Movies like this always found a way to make you feel so paranoid. Gabriel noticed you were still holding your knees and never reached for the popcorn. which obviously said something, considering how much you love popcorn. The Angel sat up and scooted toward you and put his arm around you, and at the same time you could feel his warm, soft wing brush against your back. Even in the dark you were worried he might be able to see how red your face was glowing.

“I can tell when you’re lying.” he whispered.

Home Care

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Pairing: Balthazar
Word count: 511
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. I would love a fic of Balthazar when he takes care of me after I had surgery. Witch I just had, I am stuck in my room frustrated and bored and in my mind Balthazar would know just how to sooth me
A/N: I’m sorry this took a bit to get out,  hun!

You sighed, letting your head fall back on your pillow. You’d just had surgery, so of course, that meant that you were stuck in bed until further notice. That meant movies, sleeping, tv shows, and being beyond bored.

“Well, here I am!” Balthazar stood next to your bed.

“I’m not going to be much fun.” You told him. “I just had surgery.”

His face fell. “Well, I could heal you.” He offered.

You shook your head. “No, I think that I’d prefer to do this the human way. Sure, it sucks being stuck here…but it does mean I’m less prone to end up dying on some hunt for now.” You smiled, letting him know that you’d be okay. “Go on. I’m sure you could be doing something more fun.”

Balthazar sat on the edge of your bed. “I’m not leaving you. I shall keep you company until you’re well enough to join me in some fun.” He smiled at you. “So. What’s first on our list?”

“I’m about due for my pain meds. Which means I’ll pass out soon after.” You shrugged slightly, wincing.

“Then I’ll read to you.”

You chuckled. “While I’m sleeping?”

He shrugged. “I hear that it’s good to read to people in a coma. Why not simply sleeping?” It was logical to him. “Princess Bride?”

“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?” You smiled, as Princess Bride was your favorite book. He shook his head, getting up and getting your copy from the book shelf. “Can you pass me my water and one of those pills?” You asked.

“Of course.” He did as you asked before situating himself next to you in bed, leaving a couple inches between you. “Now, let’s see.” He opened the book and started to read to you. You moved slightly, resting your head on his shoulder. It didn’t take long for you to be peacefully sleeping. He smiled, and kept reading.

You shifted in your sleep, yawning. “How long was I out?” You asked, rubbing your eyes.

Balthazar looked at your clock. “About four hours.” He chuckled when he saw your face. “What would you like to eat?”

“I’m supposed to eat light, mainly liquids for now. So, soup?” Once you could, you so wanted a burger.

“What kind?”

You thought for a minute. “Chicken and stars?” You smiled. That was something you hadn’t had since you were a kid. “While I eat, can we watch a movie?”

Snapping his fingers, a tray with some soup and crackers appeared on your lap. “Anything you’d like.”

The soup smelled amazing. “Beauty and the Beast?” You grinned. You always enjoyed how he imitated some of the characters. It made you smile. He snapped his fingers and your tv came to life. “Thank you, Balthazar.” You said quietly.

He kissed your temple. “After this, we’ll read some more, because I’m sure you’ll be tired. Then we could play cards, a board game, whatever you’d like.” You smiled up at him. “As long as I can make this more bearable for you.”

Playing in the Snow (PEWDIEKEN)

Another PewDieKen Short Fic for @cheapcookiez since they liked the last one so much! Note: These fics can be found on my Wattpad: Sxptiplier - YouTuber One-Shot story book. ————————————–      "Kenny,“ Felix complained. "I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!”      The American glanced up from his computer, looking over at his Swedish boyfriend. Felix was flopped onto their bed, laying there with arms and legs spread out like a starfish.      He was right, though - there really was nothing to do. They were going to go on a date and go out to get food, but it had snowed, and they were stuck inside, unable to drive anywhere.      "Well, Fe’,“ Ken sighed and got up, moving so he was sitting next to Felix, "I’m not sure what you want me to do.”      "Kenny, you’ve lived here in America all your life! What do you even do when it snows?!“      "I go outside and play in the snow,” Ken replied, a smirk growing on his face. “Want to go out?”      As soon as the words left Ken’s mouth, Felix jumped up, eager to go out and have fun. He ran over to the closet and grabbed everything he would need - heavy coat, snow boots, snow pants, gloves. He even took Ken’s bear hat and pulled it over his ears.      He stood by the front door, waiting for his American boyfriend to join him. When he heard the heavy footsteps coming down the wooden steps, he nearly squealed. Not even waiting for Ken to get all the way down the stairs, he threw open the front door and bolted outside.      "Fe’-!“ Ken tried to call out to him, realizing halfway through that it was definitely pointless, Felix was too excited. With a sigh, Ken closed the front door and followed Felix, but he was nowhere in sight.      "Felix!” Ken yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth.      The Swede giggled, popping his head out from under the snow. His whole body was completely buried under the white, frozen mounds.      "Kenny, help, I need you,“ Felix called, out of breath from laughing so much.      Ken trudged through the snow, feet sinking down until the snow was up to a little past his knees. Eventually, and with a lot of effort, Ken made it to where Felix lay trapped. He reached down, softly gripping his boyfriend’s hands. With a tough yank, he pulled Felix out of the snow.      The speed at which Felix hit his chest sent Ken falling backwards and into the snow, holding the Swede on top of him.      Felix propped himself up on his arms, looking down into Ken’s eyes. They both grinned and panted softly, their breath visible in the freezing cold.      Leaning down, the Swedish YouTuber gave his boyfriend a sweet, gentle, loving kiss. He pulled away after a few moments went by, and shakily, they both climbed to their feet.      "Wanna have a snowball fight? Or-” Felix gasped, clapping his hands. “Let’s build a snowman or something!”      "Good idea, baby boy,“ Ken grinned, and the two of them started to walk back into an area where the snow had been untouched.      Ken rolled the largest snowball, since Felix was much skinnier and couldn’t quite manage it. Felix rolled the other two smaller ones, and Ken helped him lift them up to build up the snowman.      Felix found little stones buried in the snow that he used for the eyes and mouth, two sticks for arms, and he used a carrot for a nose. He stepped back, admiring what he had done like a small child that had gotten their art hung up on the fridge for the first time.    "Fe’, I think it looks great. But…,” Ken started. Felix cut him off, smile fading.      "But what?“ he asked, tilting his head up to glance at his boyfriend.      "I think it’s missing something.”       Ken grabbed the bear hat off of Felix’s head, and put it on top of the snowman. The Swede instantly squeaked at the cold air that hit his ears. “K-Kenny, you can’t take my hat!”      "Technically, Fe’, it’s my hat.“      "My ears are freezing cold!”      "Then come here.“      Ken unzipped his jacket and wrapped it around Felix, the both of them sharing it now. The smaller male was pressed up against Ken’s larger body, which radiated heat - and he loved the warmth. —–      After about an hour or so, Felix started to whine that his hands were getting numb. If he had to admit it, Ken was getting a bit of the chills himself, so he offered to bring Felix inside.      They got into the front door, stripping off their boots and snow-clothes. Being left in his underwear really didn’t help Felix with his chills.      "Hey, Fe’,” Ken said to him. “Go on and take a warm shower, I’ll get new clothes for you out of the dryer so they’re warm.”      When Felix got into the shower, Ken laid out warm clothes on the bed for him to change into. He then went downstairs, preparing a surprise for Felix.      The Swede got out of the shower, smiling when he saw the clothes Ken had left for him. He got dressed and started to go downstairs. “Ken? Kenny, you here?”      The lights had been turned out in the house, and Felix nearly lost his way. There was a faint glowing light from the living room, so the Swedish man followed it, gasping softly when he entered the room.       The fireplace was lit up, and Ken was sitting in front of it, facing it to keep warm. “Oh, good, you’re out of the shower,” he smiled. “Come here, Fe’.”      As soon as he sat down next to Ken, the American handed him a large mug of hot chocolate. “Thank you, Kenny!”      Ken inched closer to Felix and wrapped a blanket around them both so they were cuddled close together. They stayed like that for a while, drinking hot chocolate, talking, and cuddling… Until Felix fell asleep there, laying on Ken’s chest.      Ken chuckled softly, pulling Felix a little closer and wrapping the blanket mostly around the little sleepy Swede.      "Goodnight, my little snow angel.“

(Once again, just a little story for Senpai @cheapcookiez that can be found on my Wattpad :D)