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While Urban might wanna hang out with Bones, it turns out fans are clamoring for the doctor to hang out with someone else…well maybe more than just hang out. (x)

Cardcaptor Yuuri

Victuuri Week Day 5 - Crossovers

I need a break from making graphics days in a row, and day 5 is a good time for me to talk about my headcanons for a CCS AU. Actually there are two CCS AUs that are conceivable with YoI main characters

A) Yuuri is the chosen cardcaptor

  • this all became a beautiful revelation to me because of… Phichit! He loves taking selfies/pictures and documenting things on SNS. He is a great friend of Yuuri, but he also has a mischievous side, and fully supports Yuuri getting together with Viktor. Phichit reminded me of Tomoyo, which means!
  • Yuuri takes Sakura’s role. And it’s brilliant! Because he’s not a blood descendant of the legendary sorcerer Viktor Nikiforov who created the Viktor Cards, so it’s shocking he was chosen by the book’s guaridan to be the new master of them.
  • Like Sakura, Yuuri shines best from love and support, and his love in return inspires important people he comes across
  • Tiny Makka is the guardian of the Viktor Cards, but because he no longer has access to Sun Magic, he is stuck in his  toy poodle form. When Yuuri possesses The Firey and The Earthy, Makka can transform into his full form, Makkachin
  • Phichit catches on fast and always tag along Yuuri’s cardcaptoring crusades. Alas, he doesn’t sew amazing costumes for Yuuri, BUT a mysterious benefactor mails their whole wardrobe of fascinating skating costumes to the Katsuki household, so Phichit demands Yuuri uses them
  • Yuuri and Phichit are the same age in this AU, and they are not 10 years old. I think for now, they can be first years in high school.
  • One day, middle school student Yuri Plisetsky moves to Hasetsu and bumps into Yuuri when he’s chasing The Snow. Yuri is able to tame it, and thus claims the card. He aggressively says that he is the blood descendant of Viktor Nikiforov, and as the prodigy of the family’s magic, he ought to be the Master of the Cards
  • So for a few instances, it’s a race between the two Yu(u)ri’s to find the cards. Over time, Yuri tones down and becomes Yuuri’s good ally
  • I don’t know who’s the Moon Guardian. Originally I was gonna have them be sleeping in Viktor, who is Mari’s friend, but he has a different, better role.
  • Judgment Day or not, after Yuuri is the full Master of the Viktor Cards, third year transfer student Vitya Feltsman joins Yuuri and Phichit’s high school. Since he arrived, strange and nefarious magic overtakes Hasetsu. Yuuri can’t use the cards, so he has to use a new staff to transform them into Yuuri Cards.
  • Shut up, I know Vitya is a diminutive of Viktor, but for AU sake, that’s his full first name.
  • Oddly enough, Vitya is usually last seen at the spot prior to chaos. Phichit wonders if it’s coincidence; Makka and Yuri thinks it’s not, and Yuuri wants to have trust in Vitya.
  • Yuri cannot stand Vitya Something is so off with him!
  • Please imagine Georgi and Mila as Vitya’s guardians. The shenanigans they get into!
  • Surprise! Vitya is not shady on purpose! He is the reincarnation of Viktor Nikiforov. He has full memories of his past life, and is tired of being the most powerful sorcerer. This is exactly the same lament Nikiforov experienced until his last breath. Once Yuuri successfully convert ALL cards into Yuuri Cards, he is powerful enough to split Vitya’s magic and send half to the other person who houses Nikiforov’s soul. (His mother??)
  • BUT XIA, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VIKTOR NIKIFOROV AND VITYA FELTSMAN? Well Nikiforov refers to the isolated legendary skater persona, the one that is killed off by the end of the cour. Vitya is the down-to-earth Viktor that Yuuri wanted to him to be. Except, in CCS AU, Vitya is still stuck with too many magic powers.
  • (also like to thank @potclean for the idea that Viktor, aka Vitya should be Eriol. She pointed out Viktor is perfect as Eriol; because seriously, they’re both tired of being the best, and seem untrustworthy)
  • Heartwarming moment, Makkachin reunites with the person who shares the same soul as his beloved creator!!
  • He is also the one that mailed all those skating costumes to the Katsuki households
  • I mean, Vitya is chronologically old as he looks - absolutely 16 years old. But if he has all the memories  of his former life, it makes him and Yuuri romantically together…weird. Which led me to 2nd CCS AU

B) Yuuri houses the sleeping Moon Guardian Eros

  • Yurio is therefore the cardcaptor. Otabek is his friend and assists him.
  • Viktor and Yurio are brothers. Viktor teases Yurio a lot, so the youngest has major gripes and vows to be as tall as a lamppost one day to crush his big bother!
  • But Yuuri, Viktor’s best friend! He’s nicer to Yurio so he prefers Yuuri over Viktor.
  • Both brothers have a crush on Yuuri. Hell, others at the high school ave crushes on Yuuri (some for Viktor too). Yuuri is oblivious.
  • Yuuri eats a lot because Eros needs magic to exist.
  • When Eros is awakened, eir personality is the same as when YoI canon Yuuri is cold-hearted and intimidating.
  • Obviously this scenario makes more sense for Viktor and Yuuri to become romantically involved.
  • I’m trying not to think too hard that Viktor gives up magic power to save Yuuri when Eros is so low on magic to survive…don’t….

Aesthetic: Ezra Wake (’The New World’, Black Sails fanfiction by @e-sebastian)

He is slim, with dark eyes and hair. He has a nose that hooks a little. His face is strange in a way that James does not wish to examine. Not displeasing, just out of place.“ (https://archiveofourown.org/works/8254777)

This is my first fooray into trying to make graphics in, well, years - not sure whether I like it or not but, alas, here it is, a little Ezra Wake aesthetic (and a chance to use that shiny new tag for the fanfiction, #bsnw!). A little gift both for the writer of the story and for my fellow TNW enthusiasts ;)

Hi, hello.  I like drawing, I like money, and I really need to start saving up for a few things, including a desktop computer, as my very cheap Acer laptop has begun its slow descent into death.

So here we go.

Some notes:

1.  Prices aren’t completely static, and I will always try to work with my commissioners for the sake of making everyone happy.

2.  Full Body commissions are for mostly “cloth-y” characters who are alright with giving me inspiration instead of flat out saying “draw this dress/robe”

3.  I’m open to the idea of straight up wardrobe commissions as well, but pricing will need to be worked out between myself and the commissioner.

    * Similarly, if there’s something you want that isn’t exactly on the graphic, feel free to ask me about it.

4.  I tend to mostly draw elves, but I’m open to other ideas.  Extra characters and items and excessive details will mean a shift up in the final price.

5.  Streaming is absolutely plausible if you’re interested!

6.  I cannot begin the commission until payment is received in full.

7.  If any emergencies come up after payment is already sent and I cannot complete the piece, commissioner can expect a full refund.

Given that I had no takers on my YCH commissions, I’m not going to do slots, or ask for any fancy-pants emails.  Just send me an ask or an inbox message if you’re interested and we’ll get in touch.  Thanks guys!  Feel free to reblog and share as you like!


take as much time as you need to get healthy, carats are always here!


anonymous asked:

heyy! hope this message finds you well! anw i just want to ask how you usually choose textures and mix and match with them for your graphics? p.s sorry if this question doesn't make sense :') andd you're one of my fav graphic maker holy shit everything all your edits are beautiful and pleasing to look at! <33

Hey there! No worries, it makes sense. And ahhhh thank you so much, it really means a lot <3 :’)

I will try my best to explain it (even though I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time tbh), I’m using the 2nd graphic of this SNK graphic set as an example. Not that I’m really bad at describing things and English isn’t my first language, so I’m sorry if my explanation isn’t that clear. Do shoot me an ask if you want more details from some parts you want to know more!

I used PS CC 2014 btw, also I don’t start with a blank page (otherwise it’d be super lengthy). Explanations are under the cut!

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Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3


master–commander said: “If you do desktop backgrounds, could you do some Project Freelancer (maybe with the logo)? If not, that’s totally fine too! Love your graphics! :)”

Aw, thank you! I hope you love these as well! It was really challenging, trying to make everything look engraved in metal. :)

Me, trying to put together the graphics I’m currently making:


도경수, today is your special day. I’m not sure where to begin, or why I’m even writing to someone who will never read my letter, but I’ll try my best to express myself anyway. I guess I’ll start by saying thank you for existing, as strange as that sounds. You inspire me every day to chase my dreams, because nothing comforts me more than seeing you on stage and knowing that is where you’ve always wanted to be. It’s you with your smooth and silky voice that could instantly lift my mood, and it’s you who never fails to make me smile by just the thought of you. You also have the ability to make me feel things I’m still trying to comprehend and things that I’m not even sure of, but that’s okay. When it comes to you, it’s always pure bliss and everything that’s good in life because you truly make me the happiest. You give me strength during the toughest situations and you make my problems disappear, even if it’s only for a second. I am beyond grateful to have found you, although I haven’t been around for as long as I would prefer. You’ve shown us you’re a man of many talents, especially in the past year, and I can’t wait to see you achieve even more. I’m proud to stan such an amazing and perfect person as you. I really wish there was some way you could read this and know how much you mean to me, but truthfully it still won’t be enough. My love for you runs deeper than words could ever say. From your start as EXO’s tiny vocalist with the heart shaped smile, I will endlessly love and support you no matter what. My wish for you is to have the most amazing birthday yet, an even better year, and for you to always be happy and healthy! Happy birthday to the most beautiful boy in the world ♡



Well, this was fun - not. I was trying to see if I could make neat graphic for these of the Kamigami no Asobi guys using a layer mask and a greyscale version of their god forms, but apparently Photoshop Elements 6 doesn’t have that feature! >/ So these are basically the exact opposite of what I wanted. 

Oh well, they look decent enough, I guess.

Yeah girls, maybe try to get Steven out of there before his cute little skull gets smashed by an icicle.

Trust me, it’ll be a lot more graphic than what Garnet did to that monster.

Wait what? How could Garnet send Steven back?


Hm… the transportalizers (yeah I know they’re not called that but I like this name) did look like gems, and they’re used to transport things. Maybe the gems can use their… well gems to transport smaller objects in the same manner.


Well nevermind, this makes more sense. So apparently it is possible to bubble things other than monsters’ gems. 


I think I finally found a faceup style that I’d really like to aspire to; when i look at mangas and graphic novels, i always gravitate towards those that look more sketch-like, to me they feel romantic, like there was a human being capable of both greatness and error who made those lines and the randomness of their pencil strokes makes me feel a bit more intimate to the subject matter they are trying to convey. Well, i still have a looong way to go in terms of faceups, but I don’t want to be an ‘artist’, the word is too big for me, i just like to tinker and experiment and that’s about it 😅