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Keith and Lance

I just watched Voltron and I’ve got some things to say about Keith’s and Lance’s relationship (holy guacamole the sexual tension is unbelievable but other things too)

I 100% believe that Lance has an inferiority complex and Keith just being Keith makes it 2000x worse.

Think about it: Lance grew up in a big family, which means that more likely than not, it’s hard to be seen beyond your siblings. Yes, you will be loved, but very rarely does someone who is raised in a big family not have a sort of discomfort about their worth.

It explains why Lance tries so. Fucking. Hard. Have you seen this guy? He flirts with everything he’s got. He pilots alien technology amazingly well when everyone else thinks he’ll be terrible. He follows a plan to the letter, even when it would be more difficult for him not too (look shooting those guys would’ve been way easier to do in the sentient planet and put them in way less physical danger, fite me) He feels like he has to go above and beyond to get noticed. He has literally no chill. There is no halfway for Lance.

And then Keith is there, with his “I am just naturally a great pilot” and “I was the top of my class (right above you boyo) and I dropped out for no real reason” and then the worst of all “I don’t remember you”

So you have Lance, a guy that tries his best and wants some recognition, and then Keith, the guy that does his own shit and doesn’t remember him, and BOOM I can understand the rival shtick. Who wouldn’t be pissed when they try so hard and still get second place in everyone’s eyes?

And Keith still doesn’t hate him! I think that bothers Lance the most. He can’t get the guy to even “hate” him back equally

And Keith, poor sweet baby Keith.

He envisions an empty home instead of a family. He has never had the luxury of human reaction and now he’s stuck mind melding with four other people, one of which has shown open hostility towards him. But even then he doesn’t really hate the guy back. He humors him, and yeah, they bicker, but it’s obvious Keith has no clue what he’s doing.

He’s the lone wolf. He’s doesn’t listen to direction again and again. He goes off and does his own thing, even at great risk to everyone around him. He’s selfish in that regard, but honestly, I just don’t think Keith is used to having people rely on him.

He’s lived alone, he’s spent his free time doing what he wants, and he has no problem risking a lot by going against the government

Keith is not used to people caring

Lance is upset that this guy that tries so little still manages to be better than him in every way that matters. Lance feels like Keith is his rival, and he’ll only be good enough if he manages to 1up him.

But for the relationship aspect:

So you have this unsociable person who is goal oriented and thinks more about the project than the people behind it but is also very quiet unless enrage trapped in space with this other very flirty, social, and altogether annoying person who just wants to go home and mow ass like grass because he can’t keep any of his emotions hidden and is probably pan have you seen this guy- and they are both trapped in space. Together. For the foreseeable future. Or until one of them dies or goes through yet ANOTHER scene phase *cough* Keith *cough*

I’m just saying that two polar opposites is totally going to lead to the gays. That’s all I’m saying

The Project


“Yeah he’s pretty messy.” Mello sighed putting the wrappers that were on his bed in the bin before sitting down. “Believe it or not this isn’t actually it at its worst.”

Mello wondered briefly if he could actually get on well with Near if he tried. It would bring them both advantages like impressing L and completely the project with a high grade. But if the worked well this time then they may get put together again for other tasks.

It was a gamble but Mello couldn’t afford to get a bad grade so he’d have to be nice to Near.

“Yeah.” Mello took some papers out of a folder Rodger gave him. He read over it quickly. “Typical murder case.” He stated before giving Near the case file.

Near briefly glanced back at the other side of the room as he mumbled absently to himself, “I can’t imagine what would be considered ‘worse’ than this…” His own room was always clean and organized, so he wasn’t used to seeing a place in such disarray.

He turned his attention back to the blonde, watching as the other read over the file. Near was pleasantly surprised that the other was acting so civil towards him, the tense atmosphere having mostly died down.

As he looked at the other, he couldn’t help but wonder how long it would last. Mello had always been a difficult one for him to read, after all.

Reaching for the folder, Near couldn’t help but frown slightly upon hearing that it was a murder case. He wasn’t particularly fond of cases pertaining to violent crimes, but was confident in his abilities nonetheless.

“This should be rather simple,” Near thumbed through the papers, eyes scanning over all of the information held within them, “Although knowing L, he’s likely created this case in an attempt to challenge the both of us. Considering he specifically wanted you and I paired together, I’m assuming this is something he thinks neither of us can solve individually.”

Near paused for a moment to glance idly around the room, as if searching for something. “Do you by chance have playing cards?” He asked curiously, seemingly haven completely changed the subject.