well i tried! not sure what this is but anyway

[Pearl] Oh! Peridot!

[Peri] huh?

[Pearl] That purple friend of yours-


[Peri] Wh- uh… I don’t actually know them. but what?

[Pearl] Ah… I wasn’t sure.. Anyway, I saw them at the edge of the woods. I tried to say hello but they just ran off!

[Peri] That seems to be their only response to greetings huh. Thats the only sign of them in a while… could you tell where they went?

[Pearl] The encounter gave no evidence to anything in particular, they just kinda ran off in some random direction, I’m sorry.

[Peri] Well uh, thanks for letting me know, I guess.

I really hope they come back

the thought of them never returning just because they think I might go after them if they come near is a bit daunting. I’ve… underestimated how much I rely on them. and now I need all the help I can get.


[Ame] Check it out! squak squak! she likes it!


When you have a friend that you love and appreciate with all your heart

Silver Lining| Min Yoongi

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?

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Warning: Smut, cursing, stuff, Best friend Yoongi!, So much friendly bickering like damn just fuck already

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 13.2K Got a little carried away..

A/N: A wild update appears. Okay this damn comeback needs to back the fuck up. Yoongi looks like a meal and bighit is now becoming a jin stan everything it beautiful. School sucks thats the main reason my updates are late as hell. also i found this promt on pintrest but switched some shit. ALSO i am supposed to be doing homework but needed to update please pray for my grades. ALso my teacher was talking about college and im not even a senior so you need to calm the fuck down with that damn word. Okay im done

Oh and you know i had to get a blue hair yoongi on the screen.

Having a longing companion was a necessity to a longing life. Having someone to share the necessitates you were used to sharing alone. The feeling of having another comforting body against your side defeating the odds always seemed appealing. It was often rare for something to come along like so. You would rather find a needle in a hay stack then finding something as extraordinary as other couples demonstrate so. It was never an easy task to accomplish as everyone seeks for so, making your chances limited.

I soon accepted this fate and decided on second best, another companion that seemingly resembled the same. A best friend was well suited for my need, as they held the same traits but still remained rather different. A significant other held the qualities of love and romance as a best friend held the traits of honesty loyalty and bundles of fun. No argumentative sides or going a long period without talking as being away from the seemed like the end of your whole soul. I needed someone to rely on and cherish without that sexual desire yet it seemed almost impossible to find. I was hovering over ever possibility i could get, still lost in the endless hay stack.

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Why me?

Description: The reader is Caroline’s weaker and practically invisible twin sister. You get along with others but they often misunderstand you. So when you are invited to the ball by Klaus, whom you have a secret crush on, it means the whole world to you. And when you get there Klaus makes you feel like the most beautiful girl there.

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Gender: Female/Dress Wearer

Triggers: Mentions of loneliness and abandonment

Words: 2,487 - this is the longest one I’ve written!

This was Requested by anon - This was a great request, I hope I did it justice.

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I’m kind of making some stuff up to fit what I want to do with this prompt

You left the Salvatore house, sure that no one noticed at all. They were to preoccupied to notice you anyway. They cared for a while, when you and Caroline were turned, well, Stefan did. But more and more happened, and it was like you faded away. You had more control over your Vampirism than Caroline, but she was stronger so she was included more in the problems you were all facing, everyone tried to push you out, thinking you couldn’t handle it, so they left you alone. 

You tried to explain to them you could help, Matt could why couldn’t you? You figured it was because no one understood you. You had trouble being clear with your thoughts, no one could keep up with them. Hell, you barely could sometimes. 

You and Carolines relationship was strained these days. You two use to be so close, you were twins after all. Though, not identical. You wish you were sometimes, Caroline was so beautiful, you figured that was why Klaus was interested in her. Why did you care anyway? Klaus was the bad guy wasn’t he? Caroline couldn’t care about him any less. Why didn’t he like you? Why didn’t anyone like you? You use to cry over this all the time, but now, you were so use to it, you no longer wasted your tears on those who didn’t care about you.

Before you knew it, you had walked all the way home. Walking in you call out “I’m home mom!” hearing no response you figured she was at work. You walked up the stairs and went into your room. Your eyes immediately going to the box on your bed. Walking over you saw an invitation to the Mikaelsons ball, you picked it up ready to take it to Carolines room, Klaus must have gotten her a gift or something, and thought this was her room. 

Stopping before you left your room, you looked back down at the box, you wanted to know what was in it. “It was on my bed. If she gets mad at me for opening it, it’s not my fault.” you said out loud to yourself. 

Turning around you put the box back on your bed. You took the envelope, opening it looking at the invitation you turn it over. You couldn’t believe what was on the back. “Save me a dance y/n. Fondly, Klaus” he wasn’t serious was he? He invited you and not Caroline? He must be up to something. Glancing at the box you slowly took the lid off gasping at what was in the box. A beautiful red sparkling gown. You touched it gently feeling the fabric. 

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I saw some people talking about the “Stiles comes back from college hot” trope, and it reminded me that I needed to make a seperate post for this fic!

Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

He’d been hoping for a reaction.

If he was being honest, he’d actually been anticipating a reaction.

While he’d been away at school, he’d started meeting people and making new friends. Some of those friends had turned out to be fitness guys, who loved running and working out. Stiles had ended up accompanying them on numerous gym trips, until eventually he liked it enough to just go, with or without them. He’d liked the feeling of being stronger, being able to trust his body to do what he wanted.

He’d become more confident with his looks, and started accepting invitations to parties. He’d started buying better-fitting clothes to show off his physique, and felt incredibly flattered when he was flirted with often. He’d kissed a lot of people, talked to a lot more, learned as much as he could, and even hooked up a few times.

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1334  x 750

⌦ characters: jungkook, an idol that gets jealous and insecure easily but in the cutest ways. y/n, the idol’s playful long distance girlfriend that also happens to be a heavy sleeper and his rock.

⌦ genre + plot: fluff, smut mention, angst. the long-distance couple stays in touch via daily facetime calls and the occasional visit, but even then they crave each other. the idol acts on those desires, but not without a few bumps.

⌦ wc: 3,595

muse: bts’ jeongguk

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Reader x Fuckboy!Jaehyun
Word count: 882
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst.

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You laughed as Jaehyun winked at you from the counter, looking back at the girl sat beside him as his hand smoothed down her back.

 “I will never understand how does he always manage to get a fuck… like how, every fucking time?” Yuta whined as he set his booze down on the table before you, certainly tipsy and bitter about the horrid experience with the same woman a while back.

 “I feel like it’s because he doesn’t even try,” you licked your lips to eliminate the bitterness of alcohol of your tongue, “It’s mostly circumstantial. It’s not like he comes with the intent to fuck, but when he gets one just like that he doesn’t let it past.”

 “Yuta, I don’t get why you even talk about Jaehyun with y/n,” Taeyong laughed, “she’s always defensive.”

 “I am not defensive, I’m practical.” you corrected your friend who was already slouching in his seat, his head buried in his hands. “Taeyong, go home. You don’t look good.”

 “I wish,” he sighed, “I’m the douchebag’s ride since Elena broke his car.” he sat up and drank some water Johnny had gotten him earlier, which yet didn’t cease his brows to furrow.

 “It’s okay,” you reassuringly patted his thighs, “I’ll drop him. I have been to your place a couple of times, so it’s okay.”

 “You sure?” he smiled at you as you nodded, grabbing his jacket as he slowly made his way out. You made sure Doyoung went with him, just in case.

“Why is Jaehyun not getting a new car already? His dad’s filthy rich anyway, like got his son a new apartment when he got into Uni-”

 “Yuta, you sound so terribly bitter and jealous. Trust me, I could never empathise with your situation even if I tried. You got a good fuck last week, right?”

 “Well,” he started, “Yes! But that doesn’t mean I don’t need one right now.”

 “What about me?” you playfully asked.

 “You’re not my type, and you’re not even drunk. So, no.” he shrugged your proposal, “I’ll go take a piss before I leave too, I have to wake up early.” Johnny nodded in agreement as Yuta slowly walked away.

“It wasn’t even a date,” muttering more to yourself. you sighed as you sat back, turning your head toward Johnny.

 “I guess we’re too friendly to try something like that.” he smiled before emptying his glass of scotch, “But it’d have been amazing if we could get onto something more.”

 “I wish,” you laughed and closed your eyes, “I’ll snooze for a while, like five minutes…”

 You could tell that Yuta and Johnny had already left, and the club was starting to empty. You could feel the air lighten as the smell of sweat gradually alleviated, only a few murmurs made to your ears. It was so peacefully quiet and peaceful, something about the smell reminded you of a home you didn’t even miss…

 You felt a hand, soft yet strong, delicately shaking your shoulders, “Y/n, hey y/n,” he sounded just as exhausted, a loud yawn following his rather quiet voice, “Where’s Taeyong?”

 You yawned back and stretched your arms as you looked up at Jaehyun. You almost laughed when you saw him holding his shirt together to cover his torso. “Damn, she literally tore your shirt off.” a single button was dangling off the thread that would just give out from the weakest blow of air.

 “Yeah, one good fuck… she let me go raw.” he smirked as he said, his conceit shining through his droopy eyes.

 “Anyway, I sent the angel home. He was feeling sick. I’ll drop you.” you said as you wore your jacket.

 He helped you stand (like the gentleman his family had taught him to be) and you both made your way to your car. As you pushed the clutch all the way, turning your key, he muttered a quiet ‘thank you’.

 “At what time is your first class?”


 “Jesus Christ!” he shot up straight, “It’s almost three in the morning… y/n, you really didn’t have to.”

 “I didn’t do it for you stupid,” you cocked your head to the side, “I did it for Taeyong, he needs rest.”

 He smiled at you softly as if he wasn’t buying the reason.

 “Okay fine,” you gave up, “It was for you, too.”

 “Thanks…” his smile turned into a smirk and you regretted instantly.

 It’d be a lie to say that you didn’t have a very little crush on the man to your right, but you knew that that’s exactly how far it’d go. It wasn’t a crush that you had to pursue or had you pining, he just had the ability to make you touch yourself awake the entire night just by sending you a snap of him in which his hair was unkempt and he pouted with furrowed brows. You screenshotted it and told him that it was ‘just a meme’, nothing that had your soles heating up and your toes curling.

   Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Going around your brain, tapering and squeezing till there’s no space in between, the man beside you snored softly as thoughts of them being grunts instead and against the crook of your neck violated your sanity. When you reached home… wait, you reached your home!

marmolita  asked:

How about something about Gladio and Ignis or other Citadel-related people handling the fact that puberty turned Noctis from a cute kid into a really surprisingly attractive young man?

Author’s Notes: I’m… not sure if this is at all what you wanted? H-haha, sorry. orz Anyway, thank you for the prompt, and sorry this got so long and rambly. ^^




Puberty comes late to the crown prince of Lucis. At fifteen, he still looks like a child, with a certain softness to his face and a slenderness to his build.

He tries to beg his way out of school picture day, because he knows well enough that, when he stands beside his classmates, he’ll be shorter than all but a handful.

Then comes sixteen, and with it all the trappings of adulthood. Per the king’s instructions, Ignis begins briefing Noct in more expansive matters of state: in boundary disputes and diplomacy; in civic planning and rules of law.

It’s as though Noct’s body rushes to catch up with the responsibility.

He grows a foot in two months; his limbs take on the gangling, awkward look of adolescent puppies. He has to be measured for an entire new wardrobe, and then another, several months after that.

Ignis notes the razor that rests by the bathroom sink now, a point of pride, though he doubts that Noct has much call to use it. He notes the frequency with which the maids have to change His Highness’ sheets, and he sighs, reminds himself of the hormone-driven days he was more than happy to leave behind, and sits Noctis down for the most embarrassing conversation that he has ever had call to engage in with another human being.

It lasts for half an hour. It focuses primarily on responsibilities, and the importance of maintaining the royal lineage. It covers the unpleasant effects of certain sexually transmitted diseases, and what measures should be taken in order to avoid scandal. 

It ends with Noctis in possession of a box of condoms. 

It ends with the knowledge that Noct can turn that peculiar shade of dahlia pink, heretofore unseen.


The damn kid has a fan club. 

Gladio’s not sure when it happened, but hell if it isn’t the funniest thing he’s ever heard.

Iris comes home from school one day, all worked up about it, and Gladio knows by now exactly which way to prod to get his sister to talk about whatever she’s excited about. She’s bad at hiding it; that’s just the kind of person she is. If she’s into something, it comes bubbling up out of her.

So he prods, and she begs off answering, and then two hours later, she comes back around while Gladio’s reading in his father’s study. She sits herself down on the couch, and she says, “I wasn’t the one who started it,” and Gladio feels his eyebrow go up.

Iris launches into a tale of intrigue and betrayal, one that ends with two of the most popular girls at their school founding the Prince Noctis Fan Club.

And what else was she going to do? She has to keep an eye on them, to make sure they’re not doing anything that’ll be bad for Noct’s good name. So she joined, too. She might not be first in line to be Shield, but she can shield the prince from some things, at least.

Gladio tells her that she did the right thing.

He agrees that it’s best she keep tabs on membership, for Noct’s sake. 

He sees her to the door, and he closes it behind her, and he sits back down with his book.

Then he laughs so hard tears roll down his cheeks, and bites his thumb to keep from being loud about it.

And when Iris’ class comes to the Citadel on their field trip, he cajoles Noct into playing tour guide.


Noct’s new apartment looks like a space that can be lived in, finally.

The cardboard boxes scattered haphazardly across the floor have long been unpacked. Their contents fill the shelves. Ignis saw to most of it, fiddling with considerations such as convenience and aesthetics, while Noct played games on his sofa.

That’s months in the past, now. On the occasions when the space is clean, it actually looks quite nice.

The young man that stands in the center of it, in his trim black suit and sloppy tie, looks at home here. It’s done Noct a world of good, getting some space for himself outside the Citadel.

The new living arrangements come with several specific unfortunate downsides, however. Among them: the time between coaxing Noctis from bed and him walking through the door to the Council’s chamber has dramatically increased.

Ignis glances him over, with a critical eye.

He looks half awake, still. His hair has been gelled, but there’s a certain sloppiness to the way it’s been teased into its peaks and valleys. His face is washed, but the concealer and eyeliner the prince sometimes takes pains to apply is conspicuously absent, abandoned in favor of a few more minutes in bed. The tie knotted at his throat, a beautiful silken blue, looks as though it’s been arranged by a five year old.

“Honestly, Noct,” says Ignis, and steps forward to straighten it up.

His fingers slide against the silk; his touches are brisk and businesslike. But he’s aware of Noct’s eyes on him, that curious shade of night-sky blue. He’s aware of long lashes that truly don’t need the help of the eyeliner. He’s aware of the way Noct’s lips curve up at the corner into a smile, fond and familiar.

Suddenly, Ignis isn’t certain when the chubby toddler he played with as a child turned into this young man before him, who looks every inch the dashing prince from the pages of a fairy tale.

“You do it better, anyway,” says Noct.

Ignis steps back and admires his handwork; the tie is crisp and even, and Noctis looks very much the young gentleman.

“There,” he says. “That will serve.”

It will more than serve. 

His Highness has a photo shoot for a popular girl’s magazine next week. Ignis makes a mental note to ensure they fit this tie into the wardrobe.

It complements the blue of Noct’s eyes quite nicely, indeed.


They’re in the middle of training when Noct loses the shirt.

Gladio doesn’t blame him; it’s hot as hell, and they’ve been going at it for damn near an hour and a half. He stripped out of his own at the start of the session, and he’s still sweating buckets.

But Noct hardly ever ditches his.

If Gladio had to guess, he’d say it probably has something to do with the mess of a scar halfway down the kid’s back. It’s pretty badass, honestly, but he there’s no telling what’ll set someone off. 

Whatever the reason, Noct keeps the shirt on, most days. He hasn’t taken it off in training for – hell, probably almost four years now.

He was a scrawny scrap of a thing, last time Gladio saw him without it, but those days, it looks like, are long in the past.

He’s filled out, that’s for sure. The shoulders are broader, and the abdomen is all lean muscle. However much Gladio gets on him to lay off the pizza, he doesn’t need to. Sure, he’s not ripped. Gladio knows for damn sure he can bench press four times what Noct can pull off, easy.

But Noct’s trained in just about every weapon in the armory, and it shows. He’s built like a gymnast, all sleek power. 

It’s a good look on him. No wonder his fan club’s having its three year anniversary next week.

When Noct glances up and catches him looking, Gladio gives an unimpressed snort.

“Gonna have to step up arm day,” he says. “Can’t have the crown prince flexing with those noodle arms.”

“Noodle arms,” says Noct. “Right.” There’s a flash of blue, and the biggest great sword in the Armiger flickers to life in his hands. It’s as long as Noct is. When they started, he could barely lift it, but now he falls into his stance, massive blade out before him, head tipped up in challenge. “That sounds to me like an invite to knock you on your ass.”

Gladio feels himself grinning. He calls up his own sword in one hand – uses the other to crook his fingers, the world’s universal come-get-some gesture. “Bring it, princess. Let’s see what you’ve got.”


The Accordan ambassador is tall and amiable, and entirely too familiar with the prince.

At dinner, he’s seated to Noct’s left, and he spends the meal leaning in closer than is proper. After, he blames the drink; Lucian wine, he claims, is far more powerful than what he’s grown accustomed to.

Ignis, who counts himself something of an expert on vintages, knows very well that the alcohol content from most Accordan wines is much higher, but for propriety’s sake, he presses his lips together and says nothing.

After the meal, King Regis and his son retire to the lounge to entertain the visiting diplomat. There are certain concessions in the upcoming trade deal that His Majesty hopes to lay the groundwork for, off the books.

Ignis won’t be needed for the remainder of the evening. He’s free to retire to his own quarters, and nothing pressing requires his attention. It could be one of those rare few early nights, if he so chooses.

Instead, he lingers in the grand hall, seating himself where the tour groups pass to and fro, during daylight hours. Now, the there are no curious eyes about to see the sights. Now, the Citadel is nearly empty.

He’s not certain what he’s waiting for.

He idles there far longer than he can excuse as fancy, tapping notes to himself neatly into his phone for tomorrow’s meetings, for want of anything better to do.

That’s where Gladiolus finds him. The man’s in a suit, hair slicked back. He had a tie at one point, but it’s been removed from its spot around his neck, crammed into a pocket haphazardly.

“What,” says Gladio, slowing to a stop before him. “You don’t have anywhere else to be?”

“Not at the moment,” says Ignis, primly, and taps in the last of his notes before looking up.

Gladio sprawls onto the bench without waiting to be invited, legs spread casually in the manner of ill-behaved thirteen-year-old boys. Ignis spares him a lingering glance. 

“Never seen you not in a rush to do something or other,” says Gladio, bemused.

“There’s nothing wrong with keeping a tight schedule.” Ignis adjusts his glasses, though truth be told they don’t need it. “What of yourself? It isn’t like you to linger after hours.”

Gladio lifts one big shoulder and lets it fall. “What, can’t a guy feel like hanging around?”

It would be hypocritical for Ignis to argue the point, and so he doesn’t. He only opens up a new document for his three o'clock with the minister of finance and begins tapping in something new.

He’s written barely two words when his phone buzzes.

It’s a text from Noct, and it reads, “you still around?”

Ignis replies immediately: “I am.”

There is a moment’s pause, during which Ignis pretends to add to his notes but makes no alterations of any value. Then a new text arrives. “can you come here pls.”

He’s on his feet before he’s finished reading, turning toward the elevator that leads up to the higher-security levels of the Citadel.

Gladio says, “What’s the rush?”

And Ignis, thoughts on the Accordan ambassador blaming the wine, says, “Noct,” and his tone is a bit tighter than he intended.

Perhaps Gladio can read his inflection. Perhaps his posture, more closed off than usual, gives him away.

But Gladiolus is on his feet an instant later, falling into step beside Ignis as he makes for the elevator. “On my way,” Ignis taps into his phone, as the doors slide closed behind him.

They arrive at the king’s lounge barely five minutes later. Ignis knocks on the door, brisk and businesslike, and calls out, “Highness?” in a voice loud enough to be audible through the elaborate paneled wood.

There’s a pause, and then Noct opens the door.

He’s decidedly more disheveled than he was half an hour ago. His hair is askew, and the knot of his tie is sloppy. But more than that, his eyes are flat and guarded, in the way they get when he’s upset about something.

Ignis takes in the scene: a room empty of King Regis, empty of anyone else save the Accordan ambassador leaning casually back against the couch, a glass of half-drunk scotch in his hand. His face is redder than it was before, and he looks a touch disheveled, as well.

And Noct. Noct catches at Ignis’ cuff and stares up at him, and then toward Gladio, standing there in the hall. His grip is too tight, and his fingers are trembling.

That tells Ignis all he needs to know.

“Terribly sorry,” says Ignis. “I’m afraid the Council has announced an emergency meeting. His Highness is required elsewhere.”

Then he holds the door wide and says, “Gladiolus, if you’d be so kind as to see the ambassador out?”

He doesn’t think he imagines the way Gladio’s eyes linger on Noct. He doesn’t think he imagines the tightness in the man’s jaw. “With pleasure,” says Gladio, grimly.

“Highness,” says Ignis. “Shall we? The timeline is rather pressing, I’m afraid.”

Noct nods, and lets go of Ignis’ sleeve. He says, “Lead the way.”

He follows Ignis out into the hall, toward the Council chamber. They walk in silence until they reach the first turn in the hallway. Then Ignis changes his route, circling back around to veer toward the Citadel’s private suites.

It takes them just shy of five minutes to reach Noct’s old room. It’s maintained in his absence, for when an official function runs late and he wishes to stay over instead of returning to his apartment.

He stands there in the doorway, looking somewhat harrowed, until Ignis says, “If he tries to reschedule, I’ll shift his appointments around until his ship sails. After he’s safely off our shores, the authorities in Accordo will receive a request for a new representative.”

“Thanks,” says Noct. He swallows. “My dad had to beg off. His leg gets bad, you know? But I thought, it’s just groundwork, right? I’m okay at negotiating.”

Ignis waits for the rest. He hopes that Gladio was rather less gentle than usually warranted, in seeing the ambassador out.

When the silence stretches too long, Noct says, “He got kinda handsy. I would’ve punched him out, only I thought dad wouldn’t appreciate a diplomatic incident.”

Ignis feels a strange swell in his chest at the words. He says, “The right ties in the Accordan media make certain diplomatic incidents all but disappear, you’ll find. As it so happens, I have the right ties in the Accordan media.”

“So you’re saying I should have punched him out.”

“I’m saying,” says Ignis, tone more fierce than intended, “that it would have been no more than he deserved.”

Noct thaws a little, then. The guardedness slips from his eyes, and from his posture. He looks like he means to reply, but Ignis’ phone buzzes before he can. “Go on,” says Noct. “It’s probably Gladio.”

It is, in fact, Gladio.

“How is he?” the text reads. “Does this guy need to accidentally fall down the stairs before I cut him loose?”

Ignis stifles a smile. “Your Shield,” he says, “is considering something of a diplomatic incident of his own.”

Noct leans over to look, with a huff of something very nearly a laugh. “Call him off. And tell him I’m fine.”

Ignis taps his reply into the phone and then slides it into his pocket again. “Are you?” he says, when he looks up.

“I am,” says Noct. But the longer Ignis stares, frank and even, the less Noct seems able to meet the gaze. “I just didn’t expect it, you know?”

Ignis takes a breath in and lets it out slowly. It’s a rhetorical question, but he finds himself answering, anyway. “Nor should you have had to.”

They stand there for a moment, in silence. At last, Noct says, “Thanks, Specs.”

“I would say any time,” says Ignis, “but frankly, I’m hoping we’ve never cause for a repeat occurrence.”

Noct smiles, wry and crooked. “You and me both.” He turns from the door, toward the couch where he used to play video games at twelve years of age, and sits himself down on the indent that still indicates his favorite spot. “Hey,” he says, almost as though it’s an afterthought. “You mind giving me a ride home, when we get out of here?”

“Not at all,” says Ignis. “Although I suspect we’d best wait for Gladio. Unless I miss my guess, he’ll be along shortly.”

Gladio is along shortly, and he brings with him some choice words about the Accordan ambassador’s parentage. Ignis adds a few thoughts of his own, decidedly less crude but every bit as cutting.

By the time they see Noct from the building, through the meandering back hallways of the Citadel and into the private attached garage, that shaken, uncertain look has been chased from his face entirely.

Damian Wayne dating a Bubbly Speedster

•"Ready for another awesome day Damian?“ You would asked everyday.

•"Today will be mediocre.” Damian will reply everyday.

•Everyone is surprised when Damian walked up to you after one mission and asked you out.

•I mean people knew that you liked Damian because you always tried to talk to him, but he liked you back???

•He would never admit it, but he asked Dick on what to do with his feeling towards you.

•Now dating you always give Damian quick kisses.

•He always tells you to stop it.

•But secretly likes it because most people don’t see it.

•And he really needs kisses anyways.

•You always make sure you can make it to dates with Damian.

•Half way across the world?

•Well you were 12 seconds late, but that’s ok.

•"Your skill is horrible-.“ Damian would say to a new recruit.

•"It could use some work!” You would reply very quickly afterwards.

•You were the translator to Damian’s harsh words.

•You always tell him to be happy.

•You hug him really tight and kiss him until he smiles.

•Sometimes he doesn’t know if your flirting with someone because you always seem happy around everyone.

•"Y/N you talk a lot to Super Boy…“ Damian would begin to mumble.

•"But I like to talk to my handsome Robin more!”

•Finds your Speedster power annoying because it’s difficult to beat you in matches.

•But it comes in handy in battle.

•And other things.

•Sometimes he still can’t believe you agreed to date him.

•You need someone bubbly too, but you choose a grump like him?

•He does a lot of things to make sure you won’t regret it.

•Even without those actions you never regret dating him.

JIB8 - Jared M&G story

So, like last year, I was once again lucky enough to have a Jared Meet&Greet, and got to be close to a tired yet focused Jared Padalecki (who’d just woken up from a nap in between his autograph session and his M&G).

Before anyone began asking questions, there was a knock on the door but no one entered. Jared looked at a staff member and asked her “Is it Ackles? Is he fucking with me again?“ - then laughed. Apparently, it wasn’t Jensen who then joined us for Jared’s M&G, but Jensen’s stunt double. Why he was at the convention I have no idea, but he sat down and observed the M&G (as well as a few panels, I noticed later that day) - and confirmed a few facts when Jared asked him about something.

Jared’s chapter in ‘Family Don’t End With Blood’ was mentioned and whether or not he would consider writing a book. His answer was no. He said he’d spent a whole year writing that chapter and, besides not having a lot of time on his hands, he’d had some anxiety writing it (I guess because he was afraid it wasn’t good enough). However, Jared said he felt like he owed it to us to be honest about it all. I admit I was struggling not to tear up at this point, having not only read his chapter but had been in Rome during JIB6 when Jared had gone through his breakdown.

A fan mentioned her reason behind telling Jared a funny story during his solo panel (the beenie/penis story - I’m sure there’re videos of it if someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about), that it was because people often tell Jared sad stories and she therefore wanted to make him laugh instead. She also said that he took on too much on his shoulders, that he was not alone in this, and that we were all there to carry some of the weight with him. Jared appreciated that.

He also got some questions about his love for watches, his ‘Venatore’ wine (Jared said he could talk forever about his love for both watches and wine) and his favorite author.

By then, the M&G was almost over but Jared luckily picked me to ask the last question. My question was: “When you do emotional scenes on the show with Jensen, do you think of something sad? Or does the emotion come natural to you after working together for so long and being so close in real life?“

I got really distracted by the fact that Jared was looking straight at ME and answering MY question, but this is what I remember of his answer:

Jared said it was a great question. He said that he, in the beginning of the show, did think of sad things to bring out that kind of emotion, but proceeded to say that he doesn’t do that anymore. Jared said that he hates when the script says “Sam cries“ (which is something Jensen also mentioned in his solo panel) because he doesn’t wanna cry unless he feels like the scene calls for it. So if someone writes that in a script or if a director tells him to cry, he’ll say “I appreciate you saying it but I’ve known this character for 12 years, so please don’t ever tell me that again”. Jared mentioned the scene in 12x22 where Dean and Sam had to break through the wall in the bunker. It wasn’t supposed to be an emotional scene, but he and Jensen had felt like the scene called for it. Jared then said that he couldn’t remember if Sam cried during that scene, and I remarked “Well, I did!“ which made Jared laugh.

He mentioned the church scene between Dean and Sam in the episode “Sacrifice“ and how it was originally scripted that Sam should be all tough about it and practically yell his words at Dean. However, that wasn’t what the scene called for. When they’d gone through the scene, Jared (as Sam) had felt the emotion and had teared up, so that’s the direction he had to go with the scene (and thank God for that since it’s one of my favorite scenes!) He continued to talk about how the brain knows the emotion isn’t real but the body doesn’t, so it’s tough having to do emotional scenes - especially when 5 minutes in a scene takes like 14 hours to film.

Jared then talked about how Sam is a tough guy who, nine out of ten times, tries to hold back his tears rather than show them because he wants to be strong. Jared remarked that crying is not a sign of weakness - that you’re also strong when you cry - but that Sam tries to hold it in. Which, Jared said, was also an emotionally draining thing to do. Both for him and Sam.

Note: During his talk about the church scene and how Sam always tries to be tough and not cry, I swear Jared’s eyes turned wet for a second (as well as my eyes did). Whether it was because of what he said or because he was just tired, I can’t know for sure - but I was sitting pretty close to him and he was looking straight into my eyes at the time.

Anyways, Jared also talked about how guest stars often get something (I don’t remember what he called it. Crystallized something) sprayed into their eyes to be able to cry. Jared has only tried that one time, and that was when he was in House of Wax. His character had to cry but Jared couldn’t do it because he had to sit completely still in the scene (where he’s been waxed) and couldn’t use his facial expressions. That was the only time he’d ever needed help to cry in a scene.

Jared then repeated that it was a really good question, but time had run out by then and he had to leave the room. I was more than a little stoked to get such a long and detailed answer to my question - and more than a little awestruck to have Jared’s eyes on me throughout almost his entire answer.

Yoongi Scenario: Spoiled Baby.

Request: Hi girls😊 I want to request a scenario of our min yoongi where y/n is jealous after she sees a mv of bts where yoongi is rapping to a girl and when yoongi goes to visit her and ask for her opinion they have a little fight? Fluff ending please

Genre: Romance.

You were waiting in front of your laptop, seeing the youtube page and the hour, refreshing and wondering when would the music video be out. Remembering you could actually watch it on your TV you went for that, the bigger the screen the better, as any other Army you were waiting for the new BTS music video to be out and you couldn’t wait. Yoongi had been looking so extra hot lately you knew that music video was going to be fire.

You giggled to yourself thinking about it, Yoongi was so handsome, you didn’t go around telling him all the time but you loved your boyfriend to pieces and for you he was the most attractive man there was.
The music video started and you squealed clapping watching the Big Hit intro and it came, this concept you were loving so much, for this one they had gone for a bad boy image mixed with the classiness of wealthy powerful men and each of them were pulling it off perfectly.

Yoongi was wearing all black which was the look that was as godly as it was sinful, you were afraid the stylists were going to go crazy with he clothes but they had stuck with these clothes and you were sending your appreciation to them and all holly beings.

The music was amazing as well, hype and a bit dark and the song had the right amount of sexiness, so much they even include a girl.
You nodded watching her, they had chosen well, she was really pretty and was dressed sexy but not trashy, it was all good until the scene changed to an alley in which was only her and Yoongi.

It was Yoongi solo part and as expected he was putting to work all his tongue technology that if it was true turned you on, you didn’t enjoy seeing so close to another girl. The way he rapped to her was insinuating, the way his body leaned to hers like demonstrating interest and sexual desire, the attraction between them making the scene and the rap be more intense, it got you distracted from the mv itself as something inside of you was shot. A sensation that started in your stomach and brain and then you felt everywhere, you wanted that girl out of the picture and Yoongi as far away from her as possible. It was stupid since you knew this was just the mv, acting, but then you couldn’t help it, seeing him with another girl was hard. And then you frowned, Yoongi was a terrible actor, could it be that some of this attraction was real?

The music video ended, it had been good but all you could think was of that scene and the hours of filming, they practicing.

-I’ll watch again- you mumbled to your self seeing the video again which only made you angrier. Yoongi hadn’t mentioned this little detail with the girl, why was he hiding it?

You frowned and watched your phone, the last thing he had said was that they were going to be at the company doing the live pre show, then they would watch the video and film reaction and do some practice of the choreography. Then he was supposed to come to your apartment to have a rather late dinner together.

You inhaled sharply telling yourself to calm down and wait, instead of starting to recriminate over the phone like you wanted to do. But you knew it was best to do it in person, you wanted to see his face when you brought the issue over, Yoongi had some explaining to do.

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Original #14: Don’t Drink The Water

Length: Super long

I used to work as a long-distance transport driver. Although low-paying and tiring, I loved the freedom that the job entailed. I was given the opportunity to travel to many parts of the country that I had not been to before. I’d met dozens of drivers just like me, and have exchanged numerous thrilling and hilarious stories with each other.

Throughout my years of driving, I’d encountered some rather dangerous occurrences. There was the time where I was chased by a group of motorcycle gang riders who’d threatened to run me run off the road. And there was the time I was almost attacked in a rest-stop toilet. And then who could forget the time where some crazy drug junkie decided to break into my truck in the middle of the night and drive away, while I was sleeping in the back of the very same truck. That was something insane.

But these incidents do not even come close to my most dangerous driving encounter. I’d escaped from my most dangerous encounter by the skin of my teeth, and it was this sole incident that changed the entire course of my driving career. And here’s what happened.

This particular driving assignment started off just like any other. I was assigned to cargo which I had to drive all the way to a small city about 20 hours away. Easy peasy. I made the trip, dropped off the goods, and headed back.

About 10 hours into my return trip, I was getting knackered and hungry, and decided to call it a day. Besides, it was getting dark, and I generally prefer to travel in daylight. I turned off the main highway, and headed down a smaller road which I’d recalled seeing a motel and diner by its side. I pulled up into the parking lot of the motel, checked in with my supervisor, and got out of the truck. This being a rather quiet highway, there wasn’t much traffic. Besides my truck, there were only a couple of other vehicles parked around.

I made my way to the motel – although calling it a motel may be a bit of a long shot. The motel was little more than a small, rickety building, with faded paint peeling off its sides. A cracked neon sign with the words “MOTEL – VACANCY” blinked at its entrance. I peered through the dusty window of the main door. The front desk seemed to be empty, and the lights inside were switched off. I was getting an odd feeling about the motel.

I tugged at the door. It was locked.

“Great,” I swore, kicking my thumping my fists on the door in frustration. It was late at night and I desperately wanted a bed to sleep on. At that point in time, it seemed that my only alternative was to sleep at the back of my truck – again. I certainly did not relish that idea, and decided to head over to the diner in hopes of finding someone to help with my lodging situation.

Compared to the motel, the diner seemed to be much better furnished than the motel. Spotlights from the ground lit up the exterior of the diner, the window panes were wiped clean, and the walls seemed to be painted within this century. It looked adequate.

I pushed open the door and the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee wafted into my nostrils. It was intoxicating. Besides myself, there were only two other customers in the small diner – both sitting at opposite sides, and minding their own businesses. A waitress emerged from the kitchen behind and nodded at me. Her name tag told me that her name was Katie.

“Hey there, handsome,” she smiled. “Could I get you anything?”

“Sure, could I get a Sprite, please?” I replied, settling myself into a booth at the side of the diner.

“Right away.” Katie winked playfully and disappeared back into the kitchen.

I drummed my fingers patiently on the table top as I surveyed around. Beside my table sat an elderly man, his face well hidden behind a piece of open newspaper. Oddly enough, it seemed like he had ordered nothing, and the only thing that sat on his table was a thermos flask.

Katie sauntered up to my table and set down a cup of Sprite. Once again, she wore a friendly and warm smile on her face. Unlike the other waitresses I had met in most other diners, she seemed much friendlier and eager to serve. I decided to approach her to enquire about a room in the motel. I raised up my glass and made to drink the Sprite, when a low hiss from my side caught my attention. I paused, the cup inches away from my lips as I turned towards the sound.

It was the elderly man. He’d lowered the newspaper and I could now see his face. His gaze was fixed intently on me, and his mouth was set in a firm, straight line.

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Playful Fate

Word count: 2.222

Requsted: Yes

Warnings: None

Five hours. You were waiting for five hours for your code to be delivered that you were growing desperate. Your best friend called you some time ago, notifying you that she had received her code for Harry’s tickets and you could hear her relief along with her overall excitement. She asked you if you had received yours yet but your negative answer had her knotting her eyebrows and telling you not to worry.

You weren’t worried. You were just disappointed. When Harry had announced his tour dates and countries you and your friend wanted nothing more than for him to come and perform in your country. And when you two saw that your country was included, you started jumping up and down playing his album. It was a dream coming true. So your friend suggested if you wanted to get tickets, you should be quick to apply for a code.

The thing was that your friend had already her code whereas you were still on edge. Suddenly, you started thinking that you hadn’t made it and that you wouldn’t be seeing Harry in front of you, singing your favourite songs. Or else, why would it take so long? Could the system be stuck? Was your application invalid? So many thoughts, but your inbox was still empty.

“Maybe it is not meant for me to experience this”, you said to yourself and started blinking away a few tears. It was a shame really because the tickets were affordable for once and the concert would take place in your own country. It was a bargain. Yet, you wouldn’t be any part of this from what it seemed.

And you were proven correct. One week had passed and your code was nowhere to be seen. You had cried, as silly as it may sound, but that was how you felt. Y/F/N was devastated herself when you told her that you still didn’t have the code and she too knew that all the encouraging words in the world wouldn’t change anything. You still wished for her to have an awesome time and she promised to be back with as many videos and photos as she could gather.

Days were the same for you after that incident. School, your part time job and visits to Y/F/N’s. When you were waiting for your tickets you had marked down the concert’s date but when you had realized you wouldn’t be participating, you had given your calendar to your friend. In conjunction with this, your busy schedule nowadays didn’t allow to you to think about anything else. So when you were passing outside the local stadium you were a bit taken aback seeing all those people cleaning the place and arranging the stage.

“What have I missed?”, you said to yourself and decided to call Y/F/N and ask her what on earth was going on.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you could forget. In two days….Harry will perform there”, she said pausing a bit and realization hit you. Right. The concert you wouldn’t be attending was in two days. You didn’t cry. But the taste your friends’ words left afterwards was…Bitter.

“Oh”, was all you could muster up but you gained your senses almost immediately. Your friend was going to be there and you didn’t want to make her feel sympathetic or sad just because you were feeling this way. This was what she was dreaming about too.

“Well, make sure you have the time of your life!”, you tried to sound enthusiastic but you were positive you sounded nothing like that.

“Y/N, I appreciate your trying but it is not necessary with me. I know you. And you knowing me, you should know that if I was in your shoes, I would be ten times worse”, even her statement couldn’t make you feel better.

“Still. Just because I am bitter about it, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your excitement. Even though it is impossible. Anyways. I am running late for work. Catch up later yeah?”, you said not intending to sound so harsh but failing miserably.

Putting your earphones on, you headed to the shop you were working to; a small patisserie shop which was well known for its profiteroles. Your small journey was accompanied by Harry’s melodic voice singing Sign of the Times. You were trying to hold back a few stray tears but the tune of the song did not help at all. You really tried to understand why life didn’t want you to meet your idol, but everything happens for a reason right? That’s what you told yourself anyway. Entering the shop, the smell of freshly baked cupcakes put your thoughts at bay and maybe, that was the first time you appreciated this shop.

“Always early darling”, Leslie, the owner of the shop, a sixty year old lady, greeted you.

“Well, you know me Leslie. I want to be punctual”, you said and half smiled. Leslie insisted on you calling her by her first name, because any other name made her feel way older. You didn’t have any problem with this, because when addressing her like this, you felt like she was a friend of yours. And in reality, she was. When your shift would be over, she would turn the sign that read “OPEN” around, and she would prepare a cup of hot tea and some cupcakes for you to chat upon. She made you feel better about anything. You had even told her how unlucky you were and you hadn’t gotten tickets for Harry. Surprisingly enough, she had experienced the exact same thing when she was a teenager. When you had found out, your eyes bulged out of their pockets. You could picture Leslie with youngster clothes, waiting to be in a stadium to sing at the top of her lungs and dance around to her idol’s music. But life always has other plans. She encouraged you that it is not the end of the world and that you would get the chance to see him in person one way or another. Your heart and mind seemed to understand her point, so when you entered the shop, her words would come in mind and you would be calmer.

But today, fate seemed like it enjoyed seeing you feeling blue. After some hours of serving customers and writing down orders, the local radio station decided to praise Harry by playing his two songs. The one after the other.

“Why me?”, you cried out and you gulped down a glass of water to calm your nerves.

“Are yeh closed?”, a male voice spoke behind you. Just on cue, Two Ghosts started blasting through the small speakers the shop owned and you tried your best not to lose it.

“No sir, we are open. Tell m-“, you stopped mid-sentence and blinked harshly.

“Seems like your station likes meh songs”, Harry smirked, standing in front of you in all his glory.

“Well-, yeah-, wow”, you said at last, looking between the speakers and Harry. It was a funny sight if you came to think about it. A few days earlier, you were crying your eyes out that you wouldn’t watch Harry enjoying himself onstage but now here he was ready to order. In your shop.

“Oh your order. Pardon me. You were saying?”, you returned to your professional self and waited for his order.

“Well, I would like two of your best cupcakes and a cup of tea”, he smiled and waited patiently.

“Okay. Take away or table?”, you answered and he looked up at you.

“Table please. Oh and one more thin’”, Harry paused and you waited for his next words.

“Yes?”, you said jotting down his order.

“I think your country is very beautiful. Glad it will host meh gig”, he said and smiled without comprehending what he had just said. When he saw your facial expression clouding, he felt confused.

“Did I say something I wasn’t supposed to?”, he asked all worried and it was your turn to explain.

“No, no. But something messed up and I am afraid I will miss your concert unfortunately”.

“Is that so?” he smirked and you nodded.

“Anyway, you are not here to hear about my personal misfortunes. Your order will be right up”, you said and proceeded to your work.

“I will be more than happy to help yeh actually. Could yeh come to meh table fo’ a minute?”, he suggested.

“I am afraid I will be unable to”, you said gesturing to your apron.

“I will be waitin’ then”, Harry said and walked to an empty table. Who would have told you that Harry Styles would come to the shop which helped you pay your rent and on top of that, wait for your shift to be over. You were fangirling like there was no tomorrow. And while you were heating up the kettle, you realized something; you weren’t so irritated that you wouldn’t be at the concert anymore. Yes, a small part of you still wanted to hear the duck noises in Woman live but as your eyes would dart to Harry, you came to the point that just talking with him was what you really desired. And maybe in some hours this would be real.

“That young man seems to be impatient.”, Leslies’s voice startled you.

“Well, he is waiting for me to be finished with work so we can chat most probably”, you said preparing the tray with his tea and cupcakes.

“But that won’t be for three more hours! Leave the tray and sit with him. I will tell Josh to take over love”, Leslie offered and you squeaked.

“But Leslie, you are paying me to serve people not chat with them”, you retorted.

“You deserve a break. Now go to him”, she said and you thanked her before going to Harry’s table.

“Here you go. Our finest cupcakes along with your tea”, you said leaving each item on the table.

“And the kindest waitress”, he continued making you smile.

“Why, thank you”, you said and he ushered you to sit with him.

“So… As fo’ meh concert yeh can’t come to… Yeh know, I might have a spare ticket that no one will use eventually”, he said while sipping his tea and you stared at him bewildered. Just with one word, your dream would come true and you would enjoy yourself with Y/F/N jamming along to his new album. But you couldn’t accept. Not only would it feel wrong, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his kindness and prosperity.

“You know, some days ago, me and my friend applied to your site in order to get a code for tickets. My friend was the lucky one and got hers whereas I didn’t. I was devastated. And now here comes your kind offer. But I am afraid I will say no”, you said and he almost choked on his cupcake.

“But yeh seem like yeh want to come. I don’t understand”, he truthfully said. He started to feel confused with you; any other fan seeing him and being offered tickets by him would scream in his face and even cry. But that is what he appreciated too; your calmness around him. Even though you were screaming internally.

“You see, it seems to me that these few minutes we are conversing together, are worthy much more than a concert. Not wanting to disrespect your talent, but I hope I got my message across the right way”, you said, hoping you didn’t make a wrong choice of words.

“Yeh are somethin’ else really. I appreciate your company and you make meh feel less anxious when around a fan. And I don’t even know your name”, he concluded chuckling.

“It’s Y/N and I am so glad I make you feel this way”, you said chuckling as well. You knew how disrespectful his fans could be sometimes and how hectic it may seem to him. So why go with the flow when someone can treat him with the kindness he deserved?

“Y/N, yeh have a special place in meh heart from now on.”, he said and you swelled at his words.

“But I am afraid I have to go now. Have to practice. See yeh later yeah?”, he said and you got up to hug him. You were a bit baffled because you would never see him again and you didn’t exactly know how you could see each other later but you decided to push those thoughts aside and cherish the fact that you were hugging your idol. Maybe when you returned home you would let all your excitement out.

But fate knew better. Since that day, and when Harry would still be in the town, he would pay a visit to the shop. Sometimes only to see you. You had exchanged numbers too, careful not to be exposed of course, and your friend was happy that things turned out even better for you. Every once in a while, your fangirl mode would be switched on and Harry would be all playful about it but you didn’t mind. You also didn’t mind that you didn’t go to that concert but who needed a concert when Harry Styles would turn up at their work almost on a daily basis or call them up to chat?

Thank you so much for this request girl! I truly hope you people enjoyed it and don’t hesitate requesting things! I am more than glad to answer to you lovelies! Happy reading!

Smeared Lipstick (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Description: Stark!reader. Peter needs to prove that he knows the Stark’s and Spider-Man, so he asks Y/N for some help.

A/N: so this is my first fic EVER. Please give it (me) some love! (Also I don’t know how to make a cut off on mobile so uhhh my bad? Lmao)

Word count: 1892

Warnings: none? Please let me know if you find some I guess??



Y/N Stark sits in her bedroom in the Avengers tower drawing in her sketchbook and thinking back on the last year of her life. The Accords had torn her family apart, leaving the tower feeling desolate and empty.

Y/N thinks back to the fight in Berlin while shading in the finishing touches on the Winter Soldier’s metal arm. She remembers being angry at her father for insisting she stay in the hotel during the fight, even though she wouldn’t have been much help against Steve and the others.

Her mind wanders to the newest addition to Tony’s team; Peter Parker. Y/N’s role in Berlin was watching over Peter; making sure he didn’t get lost or bother Happy too much.

She remembers sitting in the hotel with Peter the night before the fight. The two of them had watched whatever movies they could find, all in German with no subtitles, and they had made up the dialogue while watching. Y/N pictures Peter’s face behind his camera while he filmed her trying, and failing, to catch popcorn in her mouth.

Y/N looks down at her book and realizes she’s drawn Peter in his suit. His mask is off, his hair all messy, and a massive smile on his face. In that moment, Y/N knows she has fallen hard for this boy.


Peter lay with his back on a gym mat and Ned holding his feet down. Peter pretended to struggle with doing sit-ups as to not draw attention to himself. The nerdiest kid in school shouldn’t be able to do a hundred sit-ups in a row without breaking a sweat.

Peter hears Liz and her friends gushing on about Spider-Man and, before Peter can object, Ned blurts, “Peter knows Spider-Man!” Causing Peter’s mouth to fall open in disbelief.

“Y-yeah, through the internship, but I don’t know who he is.” Peter mumbles.

“Yeah, sure,” Flash starts. “And I bet you know Y/N Stark too. Don’t you, Penis Parker?” Flash laughs and everyone else groans at his immaturity.

“I do actually,” Peter’s voice gets quiet. “A-also through the internship.” He adds. All Peter can think about is what kind of mess he’s getting himself into. Sure, he’s not telling any lies, but it sounds like he is.

Flash takes a step forward. “Why don’t you invite the two of them to Liz’ party on Saturday? I’m sure they would love to come embarrass you.” Peter and Ned look to Liz.

“Yeah, the party’s going to be great,” Liz steps in. “You and Ned are welcome to come, along with whoever else you’d like to bring.”

“We’ll be there. Won’t we, Peter?” Ned says.

“Yeah, for sure.” Peter gives Liz a tight lipped smile and turns to Ned, glaring at him. The bell rings and Peter gets ready to leave the gym while groaning internally about the strings he’ll have to pull to get out of this mess.


Y/N glances up from her sketchbook at the sound of her cell phone ringing. She takes one last look at the page filled with sketches of Peter.

There are drawings of Peter smiling and laughing, but there are also drawings of moments where Peter didn’t know Y/N was gazing at him; his chocolate eyes aimed in a different direction or towards his homework.

Y/N picks up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Y/N? It’s Peter.”

“Oh, hey Pete! What’s up? You mess with the suit again and need my help putting it back together?” Y/N says with an airy laugh. It’s music to Peter’s ears.

“No, not that.” Y/N can practically hear Peter’s smile through the phone. “I need a favour.”

Peter proceeds to tell Y/N about the party, basically begging her to go.

“Peter, why is it so important that I come to this party?” Y/N immediately realizes that she sounds almost annoyed. “N-not that I don’t want to come! It’s just,” she searches for the right words. “Are you trying to prove something?” Y/N says with a slight laugh.

“No! I-” Peter starts. “Okay, yeah I am. Nobody believes that I know you, and it sounds super lame when I talk about you and no one thinks I’m telling the truth.” Peter says in a rush. Y/N feels blush creep up her cheeks and she’s thankful that Peter can’t see her.

“You talk about me?” Y/N says quietly.

“Well yeah! You’re one of my best friends. Anyway,” Peter stumbles as he tries to change the subject. “This guy Flash always makes fun of me and says I’m not part of the Stark internship.”

“Well you aren’t.” Y/N says with a smirk.

“Yeah I know that, okay!” Peter laughs. “It’s just,” Peter’s voice gets quiet and he mumbles something else.

“Sorry, what was that?” Y/N asks.

Peter is silent for a second before saying, “He calls me Penis Parker.”

“Well, that’s not very creative. But yeah, I’ll be there. And I’ll be sure to roll up in one of dad’s nicest cars. Just for good measure.”

“Thanks Y/N. I’ve got to go, see you Saturday?”

“Yeah. Bye Pete.”

“Buh-bye.” Peter hangs up.

Y/N flops down on her bed and squeals into her pillow. Not only does she get to go to an actual party, but Peter will be there. She shoots up and runs to her closet to find something to wear.

Meanwhile, Peter is laying in his bed, phone still in his hand, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. He is so stoked that he girl of his dreams is coming to Liz’ party. He knows that everyone thinks Y/N is out of his league, but he can’t help but hope.


Peter and Ned have been at Liz’ party for half an hour and still no sign of Y/N. Nobody at the party got their hopes up for her arrival, but they’re still disappointed because they now have to hear Flash chant over the microphone.

“When I say penis, you say Parker!” Flash yells, causing the mic to squeal and everyone in the room groans and covers their ears.

Peter is just beginning to lose hope when he spots Y/N walk through the front door with all eyes trained on her figure. She looks stunning in her favourite outfit and her makeup done to perfection with red lipstick to top it all off. Peter can’t help but stare while Y/N makes her way over to him and Ned.

Y/N turns to Ned first. “Ned! How’s it hanging, dude?” She exclaims while giving him a handshake into a half hug.

“Yeah, I’m good, I’m good.” Ned nods. He can’t stop from smiling because all eyes are aimed at the three of them.

“Peter! How are you?” Y/N throws her arms around his neck. It takes Peter a second to respond, but he quickly rests his hands on her back before she pulls away.

“I’m good. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried that you wouldn’t show up.” He says with a nervous laugh.

“C’mon Peter! I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! I ran late because Happy wouldn’t give me the keys to the Audi.” She says simply.

“Ah yes, everyday teen problems.” Ned states with a nod. “Oh no. Flash is coming over here.”

Y/N leans over to whisper in Peter’s ear. “Whatever I do, just go with it.” She pulls back and looks at Flash, who has stopped in front of the trio. Peter stares at Y/N with wide eyes.

“Y/N Stark. I’m glad you can make it. I’m Flash Thompson. You should come hang out by my DJ booth, instead of here with Penis Parker and his boyfriend.” Flash says cockily.

“Oh wow! I’d love to!” Y/N says in her sweetest tone, resting a hand on Flash’s arm and leaning in. “But, can you do me a quick favour first?” She asks, spinning a lock of hair around her finger and batting her eyelashes.

Peter stares ahead in disbelief. He can’t tell if this is part of Y/N’s plan or if she is really flirting with Flash. Peter can feel his heart sink.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” Flash smiles.

“Can you hold this?” Y/N takes off her coat and hands it to Flash while the three boys look on in confusion.

“Yeah, sure? I guess.” Flash takes Y/N coat.

“Thanks!” Y/N chirps and, without missing a beat, turns and plants her lips on Peter’s.

Peter’s eyes are wide with shock and he freezes, until he realizes that Y/N is kissing him. He immediately reacts and places his hands on the small of her back. Y/N cards her fingers through Peter’s curly hair and deepens the kiss, moving her lips faster against his and nipping at his bottom lip.

Once they pull apart, panting, Y/N let’s out a little laugh and tries to wipe off the red lipstick smeared on Peter’s mouth. Y/N turns to Flash, who looks livid, and takes her coat back.

“Thanks!” Y/N says, immediately changing her smile to the scariest look Peter has ever seen. Y/N looks away from Flash and throws a shoo motion in his direction with her hand. Peter’s eyes are wide and he’s sure the colour of his cheeks matches the shade of lipstick painted on his face.

“Okay, I think I have some makeup wipes in the car. Ned, you’ll be okay if we go, right?” Y/N is still trying to wipe the lipstick off of Peter’s face, while he just stares at her, sporting a goofy smile.

“Yeah, I’ll go find Michelle.” Ned wanders off while Y/N leads Peter out of the house, not noticing the high five shared between the two boys.

Once in the car, Y/N searches through the backseat until she finds her makeup wipes and takes Peter’s chin in one hand and begins to clean the lipstick off of his face.

“So, um…” Peter begins to talk, until Y/N interrupts him.

“Peter, don’t talk.” She furrows her brows as she works to scrub Peter’s lips. Her expensive lipstick takes a lot of work to remove.


“Pete!” Y/N laughs. “Okay. I’ll talk.” She keeps scrubbing, staring hard at his mouth while she works. “I didn’t kiss you just for show. I uh… I really do like you Peter. It’s hard not to think about you all day while I’m stuck in the tower by myself.”

Y/N takes on a blush that rivals Peter’s. Y/N sighs and leans back. “Okay. I think I got it all.” She starts to clean up her mess of makeup wipes covered in her red lipstick and inspects her own in the mirror in the sun visor.

“I uh…” Peter says in a mocking tone, earning a joking glare from Y/N. “I really like you too.” Peter says in a serious tone.

“Good.” Y/N says as she slams the visor shut and leans over the centre console to place her lips on Peter’s once again, but he stops her.

“Maybe you should take your lipstick off first.” He says with a smirk.

Y/N just smiles and scoffs. pulling out her makeup wipes again.

Chase and the Child!Reader

You were sitting in the car, fiddling with your fingers nervously while looking around, you had just been recently adopted by a man named Chase. He seemed really nice, a little weird but the good type of weird.

“We’re here lil dude!”
He exclaimed happily, looking back at you with a smile, you smiled back still twiddling your thumbs, Chase had explained the situation with you, there’d be a lot of others living there.

You watched as he got out of the car and then opened your cardoor, you hesitantly stepped out holding your (Favorite toy/stuffed animal) tightly while looking up at Chase.

Chase leaned down and ruffled your hair which made you giggle “Don’t worry (Y/N) these awesome dudes won’t hurt you, I’ll make sure of it!” He then took your hand and led you inside.

All the other egos had stopped what they were doing and froze when they looked over at Chase and then saw you, you instinctively hid behind Chase’s leg in fear, worrying they’d hate you or be mean or just the worst case scenarios.

Chase gave you a reassuring smile “It’s okay kiddo, say hello…” He whispered, stepping to the side, you took a look at everyone who was in the room currently…

One appeared to be a doctor which in your case didn’t help your uneasy feeling, the other looked like… Well he looked dead, maybe undead even, like a zombie of some sort, creepy… Another looked like a magician which would be amazing, the one standing by him looked like a superhero which was even better, another one looked like some form of adventurer and the last one…

He was definitely the scariest, his eyes were pitch black, he was holding a knife and had blood around his neck, you wanted to avoid him most certainly, he just stared at you… Rather coldly.

“H-Hello… I’m (Y-Y/N)…”
You timidly waved at the others, most of them smiled, except for the one with the knife, he just merely stared, the first to walk up was the… doctor who knelt down while smiling.

You hugged your (Favorite toy/stuffed animal) tightly to your chest as you stared at the doctor. “Vhy hello zhere little one! I’m Doctor Schneeplestein” …Okay, the name lost you, you stared at him with a confused look “S….Scchh…” You tried to pronounce it but failed “Sneep…. Sneeple!”

This made the doctor laugh a little “Oh vhy not, let’s go vwith zat.” He then patted your head, making you giggle as you watched him go back to whatever he was doing.

The next to …well he rudely cut in front of what appeared to be the zombie who simply gurgled unhappily, he then knelt down with a big smile on his face “Oi! G'day, my name’s Angus! Angus The Survival Hunter!” He exclaimed proudly with a (terrible) amazing Australian accent.

((For those who are wondering no, I’m not even a BAD Australian, I’m not Australian at all, it wasn’t that hard to figure out and I am deeply sorry for my fucking redneck ass xD))

Now the zombie stepped forwards, he honestly looked a little scary as he stared down at you with cold eyes, a smile however formed on his lips as he leaned down to hug you “Mee… Robbieee… Ittt nicee to meettt youu (Y/NNN…)” His voice was very slurred and slow, but you hugged back giggling all the while.

The zombie slowly shuffled away, the magician had poofed right in front of you which amazed you immensely “Why hello there~! I am Marvin the Magnificent~! Wanna see a magic trick kiddo?” His smile grew when you nodded your head vigorously.

Marvin the tapped his wand against his hat and said the words ‘Abracadabra~!’ and out popped a cute bunny plush, he then handed it to you, your eyes sparkled with amazement as you applauded him. “That was awesome!”

Marvin grinned and bowed, then stepping back and letting the hero walk over, he gently picked you up which made you gasp and look at him.

“I’m Jackieboy-Man~! I’m The Hero of this city!” He smiled at you, flying up into the air and spinning around, the spinning made you a bit dizzy but you were smiling and giggling happily.

He then gently set you down, helping you stand up straight, he then walked back over, all eyes were now focused on… The man with black eyes…

He hesitantly stepped forward, clutching his knife tightly, you instantly backed away and up into Chase, you looked up at Chase then back at the demon and bit your lip.

Chase placed his hand on your shoulder looking back and forth between you and Anti, he finally had a confident look on his face as he nodded at you “Go on… He won’t hurt you.”

You shakily stepped towards him again, cuddling both your toys tightly in hand as you watched him kneel down, his stare was cold and intimidating but he made no moves to harm you so far.

“.̧̡.̡͡.̷̨ ҉͏̧N̵ą̛m͘͢e̢'̵s̶ ̕͡A̛͝n̵t́͡͏i̴͏.͞͞..́ ̧͠N̵̢͟i̧c͞e̶ ̶t͢͜'́ ͜mee͟t͝͞'̵̕c͏h̨͠a̧ ҉k̀ì̶̶d ̧.̛..́I̸ ͢g͏u͡e̵s̡s.̶.̧̕͟.̡͟͡"̀ His voice was completely distorted, it sent shivers down your spine honestly, you flinched when he reached out his hand, he just laid it upon your head.

His hand was cold, ice cold, it felt like cold static in a way which only made you shiver more, Chase seemed to trust him enough so it doesn’t seem like he’d harm you, he suddenly glitched away from you, startling you by a good amount.

Anti awkwardly stood in the corner now, just looking away from you, he didn’t seem to know how to deal with children too well, you then looked back at Chase who picked you up and hugged you.

"Alright! Now that everyone’s introduced themselves, I should probably already say. (Y/N) is gonna be living with us now!”Chase exclaimed, all the egos cheered except for Anti who just looked shocked.

“̨A͘҉re ̶y̨'̧̢ ̸s͘ȩr̕͝i҉o̵̸ù͜s̀͠ C͏ḩ͞as̷̛ȩ̴?͟͝!̵̧̡ ҉Y͜e͢͠r҉̸͟ ͘g̛̕͞ư͢n̢̨n̶ą҉͡ l̵͝ę̀t́͠ t҉h̵em̸ ̴͟liv̸̢͟e͘.̢.̨̡͟.̨̛͜.̷ ̸̧h͝e̕r̕͝é͠ ́̕wìt̴̴h ͘u̡s͢҉͞?” His tone didn’t sound angry, just a little annoyed.

Chase set you down next to Robbie whom began hugging and playing with you, meanwhile Chase had dragged Anti off into the kitchen to give him a stern talking to.

“Look, I know how you are with kids Anti, your not very good with them, hell you don’t even like 'em too good, but c'mon deal with it for once. I adopted (Y/N) already, they looked so lonely and just… really afraid, I couldn’t leave 'em behind bro!”Chase crossed his arms, frowning a little at Anti.

Anti folded his arms as well, letting out a low growl but looking away from Chase “̛̀.̶͠͝.͝.̷͘͟J͟u̴̧͘st̸̵ ̷̶k͟͠e͘ep̶ ̶͏t̸̡he̶̢͟m̷ ą͝w̨a̸̴͟y̶̕ f̵̢̛r̵̨̢o̷m̧ m̷e͡,̸ I̸̴ ̷̧ḑ̴͝o̴͘n't͡ ̷w̴a̴͡͝n̸n̡a͘ ͠d̢e̕͠a̵̡l͘ ͏҉̀wi̧͡t̷̵h͏ '̷͘͟em̸.͠ ͢Í͡ dó̷n̶̕'̷t̕ ̵̶p͏̵a̧r̵t̶̀i̢͏̢c̷ú͝l̶͜a̴̢rly̸ ̧͟l̷̛̀įk̷͘e ̶̶c͝͏ h̷ ̨͝í̸̴ ͝l̢̢ ̵̢͝d̶̡ r͜ ̀ȩ̷ ͏̴ń̸ ̴a͞s̡͡ ̧i̧͡t ̀͟i̡͏s̶.̵.̷͏.̵̨” He grumbled.

Chase sighed “C'mon Anti… bro, just give them a chance okay? Your gonna have to get used to them eventually you know…” He then turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving behind a contemplating Anti.

He smiled when he saw you snuggling up to Robbie and closing your eyes 'Well, those two are gonna get along just fine’ he thought, he then looked over towards Schneeple who had a concerned look on his face as he approached Chase.

“Chase, vwe have a meeting to go to, ze ozer egos vwant to see us und discuss somezing very important.” Schneeplestein fixed his glasses and sighed “Und vwe can’t bring Robbie nor Anti… Ze last time vwe brought zhem to ze meeting, Anti almost destroyed everyzing and Robbie tried to attack ze ozers cauze he got hungry…”

((By other egos, he’s talkin bout the MarkiEgos, I like to think that the egos would meet up sometimes, sure they may not see eye to eye but eh, the meetings are relatively short-lived if Anti or Robbie is with them anyways))

Chase sighed “But what about (Y/N)? I really don’t wanna take them to the meeting… Not with… well them there, I mean I guess Bim and King’s okay but still, I’m not gonna risk it.”

Schneeplestein looked over towards Robbie and Anti “…Vwell, you could…” He stopped when he noticed Chase’s intense glare and he then sighed “Chase, itz eizher take zhem to ze meeting or leave zhem here vwith Anti und Robbie.”

Chase thought for a moment before sighing and walking over to Robbie, smiling a little when he saw you asleep in his arms, he then looked towards the zombie “Rob, can you do me a small favor?”

This made the zombie tilt his head “Whaatttt…?” It seemed like he was trying to keep quiet, probably trying to not wake you up.

“I need you to watch over (Y/N) while we’re gone okay?… Can you do that Robbie?…”
Chase bit his lip, fearing that you’d get hurt, or that they couldn’t take care of you.

Robbie smiled and nodded “Chaassee…. Rellaxxx… I gottt thisss…” He tried to be reassuring which it apparently worked, there was a look of pure relief on his face.

Chase then patted your head gently “Alright…. take care… and… Please, be careful… and-” Before Chase could go on a parental lecture, Schneeple has dragged him out the door “Come on or vwe’ll be late und you know how Dark getz…”

And with that it was you, Robbie and Anti… You began to stir, stretching out and yawning as you looked around, noticing the others were gone “W-Where…” You jumped when you heard a gurgle, but quickly calmed down when noticing it was just Robbie.

“Robbie?… Where did evewyone go?” You tilted your head, being a little scared and worried, the zombie then patted your head “Ittt okaayy… Theeyy weenttt outt forr bitt… Theyy bee baackk soonnn…” You giggled a little at how he spoke but nodded.

Suddenly Anti walked back into the room, grumbling, he sat down on the couch and crossed his arms, he glanced over to you and Robbie finally, “A̴̧n’ ̀͘҉j̕͡u̸̷st̶̢ ̸w͜͜h̶͜͝e͢r̕e̛͘͞ t̶͟͞h̨͝’ ̸͘h͢͡͞e͢ll̴̡͡ ár̀͏e ͠͏t͠h̕'̵̴̧ ͞o͞t̴͢͡h͝er҉s?̷̨̕"͏̢

Robbie growled a little "Noo badd worrdss….” He warned, covering your ears while glaring at Anti “The otherrsss weennttt outttt… Wantttedd meee too wattchh (Y/NNNN…)”

Anti stood up, a loud static noise had sounded and he looked absolutely pissed “AŖE̸ ̴̢Ý̸A̵͟҉ F̶̶UC͢K͏IŃ͘'͝ ҉҉S̨͝E̡͟R͜҉Ì̸͡Ơ̧͠Ų͏S̕ ̧͢R̶Ì͝G̶̡͝H͜T̷ ͜Ņ͠O̴̸͢W͟ ̧͠W̵̕͡ĮT̶̢̨H T̕H̷̛͟I͝͞Ś ͝҉̶S͞H҉͟I̷͝Ţ̀E͟͢?̕͞!̢”

Robbie kept your ears covered to prevent you from hearing the bad words, however you noticed how angry Anti seemed and you curled up into the zombie’s chest, whimpering  lowly.

“Anttiii… stttoppp… yourrr scarringgg theemm…
Robbie snuggled you into his chest and sighed, knowing this would be a long day “Anddd laangguaagee pleeasee…”

Anti growled and rubbed his temples, plopping back down on the couch, grumbling to himself and muttering some inaudible things.

Robbie sighed and looked down at you “Cannn (Y/NNN) staayy rightt herree?… Robbieee will bee riightt bacckk… Robb… prommissee…” You nodded up at him, taking note of how hesitant he was to set you down, you also took note of the exchanged glares Anti and Robbie sent each other.

You bit your lip and looked down, awkwardly fiddling with your fingers, you wish Robbie hadn’t left the room now, but he said he’d be right back… …You hoped he’d hurry, you slowly looked back up towards Anti who had his eyes closed.

You gulped, walking over rather shakily and looking up at him, you were curious though and you had a question, the moment he opened his eyes and looked down at you, your confidence faded and you contemplating just running away.

Anti rose a brow and leaned down, making you inch away just a small bit “W͢h͠͡a͏̀͡t͟҉'c͜͢h̴͞a̸͟͞ ͞w̛̛a̢̧̛n̷̢̛t̶ ̕͏k̴̶̀ìd̢͝?” He snarled a little, looking agitated enough as it is.

You jumped when he snarled, looking down at your feet now “N-Nevermind…” You turned and were about to walk away but you immediately tensed when you felt that cold hand on your shoulder.

“́No͜͏͢,͝ ̴̀͠no̷,̴͏ ́҉y͏̡̕á́ ͏́͠'͡͞͡á̧v͡͠e ̷s͞o͡m҉et̵͞͠h̨̛́i̕͢n̨'̢͘͝ ́̕oņ͠ ̴̧̕ye̶̶r ͟m̵̨i̢͠n͟͝d…͞ ̷N̸o͢҉w͏ ̨w͠҉h҉a̷̢t̨͝ ̧̧i̛͢͠s ̷͢i͘t?"̀͟ He questioned, his tone being more soft when he spoke this time, he turned you around and looked you straight in the eyes.

You whimpered, looking everywhere but his eyes, you didn’t wanna stare into those black voids, you then stuttered out "I-I…. Do… Do you h-hate me?…” You glanced at his face, noticing the look of shock and… regret?

Anti stared at you before opening his mouth to speak “͘͏.̢.̴̴. ͢͏̷(̷́͢Y̕͝/N)̛..͠.̧.̀̀” He started, his voice completely monotone, you were worried you had upset him in a way but when he pulled you up in the couch beside him, you looked at him a little confused.

“I̢͞ ̢҉d̸͜ǫ͝n̢͏̢'t̕͘͘ ̸͘h̶a͞t̡̛è y͝͏ę.̷͢͠.̧͟͠.̢.̵͝ ̨̛M͟’ ̢́j̕͏͡ù͏st.̧҉.̶͢͟.҉̢̡ .͢͝.͢.̵̧B́ąd͟ a͡r̡ò̢u̴͝n̨̢d ̶̨͝c͟h̨i͡l͠͝ḑr̡̛̀e̢̢n̨̕,̕͜ t͏̛h̀e̵͢y͏'̡re͘ ̶̴̛al̸̸̛ẁay҉s̛ s͟͞ca̶̷r̀e͘͝d̡͢͡ ̡ǫ͠҉f͜ ́͡m̀e̛,̶̸ ̸w͏̵̢h̵i͢ch́͜ su͟͝ṕ̴͢p̸òs̨͝e͠͝d̕͝ ̷͘I҉ ̧͘ć̴a͡n̶̡̢'̸t̷͡ ̸͏b̵͞lame̡̧͠ t̸͞h̨͟e̢͟m̕͠.̕͠.̷̶̛.̢͟͝ ̕͢Í'̵́m͡ ̀a̢̕ '͏͞'̛s̵c̵͟a͜r͞͝҉y̷̷ ͘mó͠n̕҉s͠t҉҉̢eŗ͝’'̡͢͏.” He frowned, looking away from you and sighing.

You crawled over towards him and proceeded to hug Anti, which apparently startled the glitchy demon, he looked down at you rather stunned “Your…. not a monster… Sure, you can be… scawy when you wanna be but… your… good.”

Anti chuckled a little, patting your head gently, before he could speak he noticed Robbie walk into the room, he took note of the tense atmosphere and simply waved a hand, signaling that thing’s were fine, the zombie nodded, still staring for a few moments before giving you both privacy.

Anti shakily put his arm around you, proceeding to hug you rather awkwardly “̷̧͘Ỳ҉a̡͢ ̶͏́se̸҉é̸̡med̀ p̢r͞ett̷҉y̶҉͞ ̢̛s̶͜c̢̨͝a͏r҉̀e͢d͞ ͟҉òf̢̀̕ ̶me̕͜ ͞t̶h͏̸o̶ų̶g̴h́ ̢̨̕k̴i̡ḑd͞͠͠o̸̢̢.̢́.̧͟.͏̢ ̡͠҉S͘t̸o͢p̵͜ ҉͝ac̨͡͠t҉͝in’ ͘͢͡l̨̛i̶̴͢ke̸ ͢y̨͜ȩr͏ ̡́͢n̷͘o̕͢t̢.̴.̷́.̕͜.̴ ́͘I̷̢ ̵͜͝k̵n̴ó̢͏w̷̨ ̨̧ẁ͟͞h͏a̧t̡͢ ́I҉͏ am͘, ̵͠ą̵̧ ̧͝m̴̧o̶n̸̢͢s̢t̨é̴͘r̡,̧̧ t̴h̶͠a'̵̶̀s̶̡͏ al̸l̴ I̵͝'l̛͡l̷̵ ̢̢ev̀͢͞e̸̡r ͢b҉͝é͜.̴̛͟”

You sighed “I am a wittle scared of you… I’ll admit that… but, you haven’t hurt me… And Chasey, Sneeple, the others… seem to twust you… So, I will too” you papped him suddenly, looking up into his eyes.

Anti laughed a little and ruffled your hair “̨Y̶̕e͟͏r̢͞͡ a͏ ͠͝ẁ͞͡e̷͞ir̸̀d͏͞ ̛͏k̶̢͡i͞͡d̶.̡.͏.̴̸̢ ̵͡Ya͟͠͠ ͜͜k̡now͢͝ ̶̛͏t͝h̸̷a̴̸t̵͡?̶͜ I̸ ͢'͢t̶̡i̸nk̢͞͡ ͢͏ye̶̸͠'̀ĺ̢ļ ͝f̶͘į̴҉t̶͠ ̡̕i̛n̢͘͞ '́͘ere͠͏ ̶͘͡j̕͠͞u͠st̡ f҉i͏ǹ͞è̸.̵.͞.̀͠ ͏ Y̸͠a̢ ͘ĺ̸̡i͢͟l cu̵̢t̛i͢e.͠.̷.̛̛” He booped your nose gently which caused you to fall over on the couch and giggle with glee.

The glitchy demon must’ve gotten an idea however, a mischievous smirk was now plastered on his face as he looked at you “̧Y̶͏ę̧͘ ̢wan͜n̴ą̷̷ ̡̕͜k̨̡n͏͟ơ̶ẁ̶͜ ̧͝ẃ̡͟h͏ą͠t ͏̵̴t̀ý͟p̕͡e ́́ờ͜f̷̸ ͝mo̢͜n̷̕s̛te҉r̴҉̸ ͟I ̵̢am͘͝~̵͘͢?͏͜”

You tilted your head “Huh? What kinda mownster are you?” You didn’t like the look on his face… That smirk, the gleam in his eyes…

“͞I҉͢'͞m ͢t͏̶͞h'͏..͞..̵..̸̧.̸͢͞.̡͘.͝.́…͟͡..́ T̸I̶̛͠C҉̸͢K҉҉LE͢͡ ̶M͝O̵͢NS͟͝T͏ER̶͢~́!̵̢” He let out an actual growl and then proceeded to tickle you mercilessly, this caused you to burst out laughing and squirm around.

“Ahh! No! Ahaha! Stop! Merc– hahaha! Mercy!”
You cried out, getting sent into an absolute giggle fit, trying to squirm away from Anti.

The glitchy demon chuckled and continued to tickle away “̴Y̢̨e̶̡'̨̢lĺ̷҉ ͝gȩ͡t͜ ͠͡ǹ͘o ͏m̧̕e͟r͜c̶҉y͜ f̛ro͜m̕͢ ḿ́e̢҉͢~̷͡!̨” He declared, continuing to tickle you, what he didn’t know is that Chase had just walked in the door and was staring at the scene before him…

Anti chuckled once more, before finally glancing over, seeing Chase and the others in the doorway, his eyes widened as he picked you up gently and pushed you towards Robbie
“̢Aĺr͟i͝҉̷g҉h́͘t͞͞,̶̷͠ ͏̀҉a̡̛l͜r̶͏̵i͞ģh̷͡t,̧͞ ͠g̴̕͜o͜ ͏ṕ̵͞l̸a̛͘͟y͢ ̨̕͢w̧͞i͞t͜h ͏̵t̶́͡h'͘͡͡ ͘͡z͏̨o̷̕m͏b̵͝iè̴̸,̧̡̕ ̕͟k̷i͞d̴̛.̴͡.̛̀.̨”

You were confused but simply nodded, running off to go play with Robbie again, while the other egos were aww'ing at Anti.

Anti growled and pointed his knife at the others “̢̛S͘͏a̵ý̶͟ ̛a̧͟҉n̢ỳ̴t͞hin̸̢'͞ bo͜ut̨̀ ́͏ţ͡hi̛s͞͏ ͡i͘̕n ̷̸̢p̡͝u͡b̛͞͞l͟͠i͞͏c̕ ̧́a̶̕ǹ̴'͠ ̴̡y̧e͜r̡͝ ̨á̷l̸͜ĺ̷ f̀ u҉͝ c̡̕ ͟k͡ ͡í̸̸ ̀n͢͠ d̛̕͢ ̕͏e͟ a͘͠ ̀d͘.̨.͏̴.́” He warned, making the others quickly shut up and just wander inside.

Chase walked over, a broad grin on his face “So, I take it your gettin’ along pretty well with (Y/N) huh?” He raised his hands up defensively when he saw Anti point his knife in his direction “Woah, woah! Hey chill out bro, I’m not gonna make fun of you or anything like that! I’m glad your getting along with them!”

Anti simply rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, turning away from Chase “̢Ẃ̸h͘a̡t̴͡e͝͝v͡e̸̕r̡͟͢.̶.́͠͠.͞.̴ ́͢.̸.͏..͟Th̛͟͠'͜ ҉́ki͢͠d͡'̷s̢.̵̨.̷̷͟.͡ ̷aĺ̕͟ŗ̀ígh͝t͡.̛̛.̴.͡"̀ He had a small smile on his face while saying that.


Chase simply nodded and walked into the kitchen to find you playing with Robbie, he had a large smile on his face "Hey Robbie, can you give me and (Y/N) a few minutes bro?” The zombie gurgled and nodded, shuffling out of the room, you waved as he walked out of the room then looked up at Chase.

“So, how are you liking it here sport?” He ruffled your hair, this keeps up and your hair is gonna be as messy as Anti’s were. “It’s nice here… I like it… Anti’s a bit scawy but weally… nice….”

Chase nodded and hugged you “Well, get used to it kiddo, your gonna be with us forever” you both smiled at each other as you hugged him back happily “Thank you… Dad…” You finally said, noticing that Chase was tearing up a little “No problem sport…”

((Cute endings much? Yeah I was waiting for that, the reader callin’ Chase dad and all, it was mainly cause well the whole not knowing if you’ll get to stay for long but besides that, your Chase’s child now, the dad bean will love and protect you forever …Be weary of Anti though he can be a lil shit))

Bonus: Anti sat there, staring at you for what felt like an eternity before he smirked finally and held up his sharp shiny knife “Ẃ̷aņ͝n͠͡a̴ ̴͟͜p̛la͢y͘͘ ͏w͟it͜͏h͠ ̶̷͟m̢͟͏'̵ ̕k̨n͢͢͝i̶͜͝f̧e͏?̡́” He held it out to you which you began reaching for.

You took it from his hand and began looking and examining it, Robbie finally walked back into the room, his eyes widened when he saw you holding the knife, he shuffled over as fast he could (which was not that fast) and took the knife away.

“Nooo!… Knivvesss… danggerrouss….” He scolded, glaring at Anti who was wheezing from laughter at this, Robbie should’ve known leaving you alone for even two seconds with Anti was a bad idea…

Alternate Scene: (This like takes place when Chase and them walk in the door) Chase had finally gotten back home, he gasped at what was going on inside however…

You had Anti’s knife and you were playing with it, meanwhile Anti and Robbie were arguing with each other, Chase coughed loudly and crossed his arms, glaring at the two (more so Anti than Robbie) “And just what is going on here?”

Robbie and Anti’s eyes widened as they looked over at Chase who just pointed down at you, they looked down, noticing you had the knife in hand and had a few nicks from it as well.

Robbie gasped and reached down, grabbing the knife from you, he glared over at Anti “Whyyy did youu giveee theemm a kniffee?…” he growled, meanwhile Anti snickered a little “̵̡T̡͜h̀ey ̸s̶ee̢m҉e̵̕d͢͝ ̷̨t̀o̸҉ ̀͟l̡̀͜ik̶e̸͘ ̛͢i̕͟t͞҉~̀”

Chase facepalmed and walked over, grabbing you gently and then looking at the other two egos with a glare only a dad could have, he pointed to Robbie “Okay, you I’m not blaming, just… keep a better eye on them next time and as for you.” He pointed to Anti “…Don’t. ever. give. them. another. knife.” He hissed, for once, Chase Brody, the innocent dad bean was actually intimidating.

Anti quickly nodded and grabbed his knife from Robbie and just took off, meanwhile Chase had took you into the bathroom to get your arms and hands all patched up, this would definitely be the last time he leaves you with them…

((Okay, here we go, these are some scenes I cut out of the story cause it’d interrupt the cute fluffy moments but anyways, here y'all go!

@chase-brody-protection-squad and @robthezombie-support-squad

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Hey can I request brotherly bonding between 2D and Murdoc on plastic beach? Idk I'm just obsessed with tht phase

(Guess who started crying like a little fuckin bitch while writing this???? (hint: its me)…. enjoy the angst but love, also i hope this is what you meant ???????)

Plastic Beach was a strangely beautiful place, 2D had agreed with himself. It felt lonely and melancholy even if you shared the place with someone. Company did nothing about the feeling that this island left in your chest. Then again, sharing the island of garbage with none other than Murdoc Niccals was a difficult thing to call company; he was drunk all the time and when he wasn’t drunk, he was just in a horrible mood. It ended up with 2D spending a lot of evenings by the shore all alone, watching the waves and humming to himself. Murdoc was usually passed out by then. 2D always managed to put him in recovery position and that meant that nothing terrible could happen; he couldn’t choke on his own vomit, in fact, the worst thing that could happen was Murdoc pissing himself. It had happened a few times.

The evening sky was turning several colours of red, orange and pink. Only a glimpse of the sun was left in the horizon, and 2D took a swig of his beer and curled his toes in his flip-flops as a cold breeze washed over him from the sea. The wind seemed to come from all directions and it was pleasant.

Much to his surprise, Murdoc sat down beside him and 2D turned his head to figure out just how much he had had to drink today. It was easy to read if you looked at his eyes and how distant they were.

“You’re sober?” 2D asked in surprise, raising his brows at the sight. It was uncommon and almost quite scary.

“It’s Noodle’s birthday,” Murdoc replied, thinking it was enough of an answer, and it was. 2D couldn’t count on one hand how many times, he had heard him having nightmares now, waking up and gasping for air. It had always been about her.

“That’s right,” 2D said quietly, “Wanna talk about it?”

“Sod off,” Murdoc quickly replied and 2D responded by holding his hands up in defeat, his beer spilling slightly, “Just asking, it’s a special day for her. Remember when we caught her with the trimmer? Fuck, her hair was everywhere. We had to buy her like ten different hats and helmets for her birthday that year.”

“Yeah, poor thing didn’t know what the fuck that thing could do,” Murdoc smiled fondly but it quickly faded again and silence washed over them. 2D looked at the sky, watching how it turned more and more dark, and the waves more noisy and mysterious. Only a couple of hours left of her special day, at least where they were.

“I looked everywhere for her,” Murdoc finally said. Here we go, 2D thought to himself. Murdoc cleared his throat, “It just feels so hopeless, ya know? I don’t know where she is and I failed her.”

“You didn’t fail her, Muds,” 2D reasoned but Murdoc let out a sad chuckle, “Oh shut up, numbnut. I shouldn’t have stopped looking, God knows where the hell she is. She was a teenager, and I should’ve been there.”

“You’re not her father,” 2D shrugged, pouring the rest of his beer out into the water and Murdoc sighed, “But I should’ve been, ya know? I-it should’ve been me, you two were way too young to handle a teenager anyway.”

“Well, I can handle you,” 2D smirked and it earned him a slap to the back of his head, causing him to wince but not smirk any less.

“No wonder I screwed her over so bad,” Murdoc said as he closed his eyes briefly, “I’m not even old enough in my own fucking head to have responsibilities like that. What do I know about raising kids? I sure fucked up.”

“It’s something you learn, I guess,” 2D tried and furrowed his brows. Sober Murdoc felt strange and slightly uncomfortable, “You can’t be good at everything from the beginning.”

“What have I got to learn this kind of responsibility from? My own father? He was an old cunt, loved humiliating me, humiliating the everloving shit out of me, and make me feel like I was a waste of space.”

“Oh c'mon, you old man,” 2D sighed.

“No, honestly, some family, huh?” Murdoc snarled.

“Muds, calm down.”

“No, look - I failed her so badly and I can’t even wish her a happy birthday.”

“Wait here,” 2D finally said and left the seaside. Murdoc rolled his eyes and grabbed the empty bottle, lifting it up and was just about to smash it. 2D grabbed his wrist, “Don’t. I’d have to go get another one and pour it out. Drunk Murdoc Niccals will hate it when I tell about the waste of beer.”

“What on earth are you talking about, dimwit?” Murdoc snapped but tilted his head as 2D handed him a piece of paper as well as a pen.

“Write her something, I don’t have to read it, just write her something and we’ll tape up the bottle and throw it into the sea,” 2D said, causing Murdoc to narrow his eyes. He eventually gave in and took the pen.

It took him a moment to write a short message and then another moment to read it through at least ten times. He eventually nodded and 2D handed him the tape to seal it.

Soon, it was floating away from them and 2D decided not to ask what Murdoc had written. Instead he just stood a bit closer to him, daring to wrap an arm around him. To his surprise, Murdoc did nothing but just leaned his weight ever so slightly into him.

“We’re your family now, Muds.”

There was no answer from Murdoc for a long time but a hand was placed on his shoulder, and it was good enough for 2D.

“I think I’ve got an idea for a new song,” Murdoc said after a long while, watching the bottle float away, “A title at least.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Empire Ants.”

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sprace first kiss? if ya want

A little canon era cuteness ^.^

‘Hey, Spot?” Race asked. All he got was a disinterested huff in response.

It was a late night in Brooklyn and the sun was starting to set behind Manhattan across the river. Race knew he should be getting back but he couldn’t bring himself to leave Spot’s companionable silence on the docks. He never really felt like leaving Spot at all, actually.

For most people a huff meant ‘leave me alone’, but Race knew Spot. Any kind of noise from him meant he was listening and that Race could ask him whatever was on his mind.

“You ever think about…” he began, a little uncertain. This wasn’t exactly their normal kind of conversation.

When Race didn’t make it to the end of the sentence, Spot turned to look at him. He wasn’t a patient person.

“Spit it out, Higgins,” he sighed.

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A scenario for Shouto and his shy(slight stutter), gentle, fragile/sickly crush? She is very new to socializing with her peers and living freely in modern society (recently escaped an abusive "home"). Has never seen a pool/swam before and is amazed/delighted but also a little afraid. She would like to get in but the cold water is painful to her. Later after being assisted, she sees the rest of the dekusquad having a splash fight and tries to splash Shouto, but apologizes immediately ( 유///∀//유)

Okay this was so cute to write and I know you said you wanted it to be just a crush, but I originally wrote it to end in a confession. I changed it at the last minute though because pining blushy Todoroki is so cute!!! also you may have noticed in the Bakugou eclipse scenario but I like to put some of my personal headcanons that I have about certain characters and the extents of their quirks into my writing. The main reason for this is I spend way too much time thinking about these things also I’m a HUGE sucker for world building.

anyways enough of my rambling I hope you like it! because I loved writing it like I seriously cannot stress enough how much I enjoy writing comfort fics because I love making people happy and I know what its like to feel like none of the scenarios fit me because of specific things I’ve gone through or disabilities that I have. I never want anyone to feel too complicated to be loved okay? ^.^

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Tiny Side Adventures: Telling Thomas

Inspired by this post. Also, check out this version of events by tinysidestrashcaptain.  Sincerest thanks to romananalogicality for the idea, it’s a lot of fun, even if it did grow beyond what I thought it would be.

Pairings: None

Genres: Tiny Sides, Fluff, Adventure, Parenting(ish)

Warnings: swearing (as in fealty)

Word Count: 440

Author’s Note: Wow, so people actually seem to like this fic, and want more. I’ll try to do an installment a day to keep up with demand, and now people want to be tagged in these installments, so yeah, I’ll do my best with that. If you’d like to be added to the tags or I somehow mess up tagging people please let me know. Thank you!

Part 1

It…could have been worse.

They’d definitely seen Thomas in and through more dire situations than this, but it still wasn’t great. Thomas was curled up in bed with a blanket around him like a robe.  He was holding a… yes, that was a bowl of chocolate ice cream with potato chips on top and a fork sticking out of it. He was watching cartoons on his laptop and startled when Roman popped up, his three miniature sides in tow.

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Peaches [e.h x reader]

Warnings: fluff. maybe swearing but i doubt it

Word count: 1.9k

I think this is cute so I hope you enjoy it! If you do, shoot me an ask or reblog, anything helps!!

xoxo cass

Evan Hansen was like a puzzle that even he couldn’t solve. Everyone was convinced that he was just another lonely kid who needed a few more pieces and his life will be average and complete.

Not the case.

If anything, Evans puzzle of a life would be jumbled up in the box. That’s what he thought, at least, that he was a mess.

“So, basically my team at camp dominated at capture the flag thanks to me. I was the only one who could actually run like a man,” Jared babbled on at the lunch table. Nods and eyes were rolling all throughout the table but sometimes, it was best to let him get it out.

“Don’t you have to be a man to run like one?” You quipped back at Jared’s obvious lies.

“HEY!” He groaned back as he threw a chip at you from across the table, a giggle bubbled out of you as you tried to catch it with your mouth (To no avail).

“What about you, Evan? How was your summer, everyone else already shared.” Alana asked politely, getting eager/bored grins from the Murphy siblings.

You turned your head to look at him and smiled encouragingly as you watched him wipe his hands on his (bouncing) pant leg.

“Oh, well I got a job at the state park? I mean, I was a park ranger so I got to see a lot of trees… and now my arm is broken because I climbed one so-”

“Ev, spaces between your words!” Zoe giggled as she nudged Connor’s elbow so he could at least pretend to pay attention.

“Right, sorry…” He said sheepishly as he looked down at his half-eaten lunch.

“Hey, the bells going to ring soon. Connor, don’t forget your book…again.” You poked his cheek and slung your backpack over your shoulder.

Connor jokingly tried to bite your finger and flicked you off as he shoved his book in his bag. Evan still hadn’t looked up from his tray until you tapped his shoulder and offered to walk him to his class.

Once you were walking side by side in the hallway you tried to make conversation, but Evan was focused on something else. So much so, he almost ran into someone and you had to pull his hand to snap him out of slamming into them.

“Ev! Are you okay?” You stopped by the lockers in the side of the hallway and looked at him confusedly.

He wanted to respond but all hi could think of was how you were still gripping his hand as you asked him what he was thinking. He kept trying to respond but his eyes were burning holes onto your intertwined hands. You noticed his stare and hesitantly let go of his hand, scared you overstepped your boundaries. He missed the warmth immediately but quickly shook himself out of it and stuttered an apology.

“Don’t be sorry, I’m just wondering what’s on your mind.” You said softly as you began to walk towards the hallway again.

“I just- I don’t really know. I miss having my arm and it sucks because i can’t fiddle with my shirt anymore but i mean that’s fine because it was a bad habit anyway, it relieved some anxiety though.” He still talked much too fast, but you understood him by your three years of friendship.

You nodded along in response as you headed to the classrooms. You still felt butterflies in your stomach from when he noticed you were still holding his hand.

You wanted to hold his hand again but you definitely didn’t want to overstep your boundaries with the skittish boy anymore than you may have already.

“Ice cream!” He blurted out as you began to walk into the classroom.

“Uh, what?” You said as you raised an eyebrow at his sudden outburst.

“I mean, I’m sorry i just wanted to know if you wanted to get.. Ice cream! Haha, so I was just wondering if you wanted but it’s cool if you don’t.” He was basically sweating to death as he sputtered out his explanation.

“No! Don’t leave, of course I’ll go get ice cream with you! Like as a date? Or…”

“Date.” He said with wide eyes as you gently brushed your hand against his.

“See you then.”


It was exactly three minutes and fifty two seconds after school had ended and Evan was anxiously waiting for you by his car. You had texted him that you would be out the front doors in two minutes to go for the ice cream… that was three minutes and fifty two seconds ago.

Maybe you just didn’t want to actually go with him. Maybe you just thought his hands were too sweaty and got scared off.

Then he saw you scurry towards his car with you backpack clinging to your shoulder, exasperated.

“Oh my, I’m sorry I had to walk Alana to the doors and then I realized I needed to go to the front doors and I ran so-” The word tumbled out of your mouth as you tried to catch your breath.

“Oh, it’s okay! I mean, don’t worry about it y’know?” Evan said as he opened the car door for you awkwardly.

You smiled gently and thanked him as you bent down and sat in the passenger seat, not expecting him to be so gentlemanly.

As you drove down the winding country road near the old orchard, he started humming gently to the radio. His voice was so lovely you could only stare at him gently nodding his head along and continuing to hum along. He noticed you staring and suddenly became aware of his humming so he stopped and tried not to let his neck and ear turn red in embarrassment.

“No, don’t stop! It was really nice.” you said hurriedly as you noticed him stop.

He shrugged and smiled at you as he pulled into the ice cream parlors parking lot.

“We’re here anyway so…”

He hopped out of the car and r a n to your side of the car and swung your door open before you had the chance to, startling you as you reached for the handle and was met with air. He smiled so wide, proud of himself and you resisted pinching his cheeks in admiration. Instead, you reached for his hand again and swung your arms slightly as you walked into the the shop.

“Welcome to A La Mode! What can i get for you folks.” The perky waiter with caramel skin and black hair fading to sandy curls quipped at Evan and you.

He squeezed your hand gently at the sudden confrontation and you laced your fingers with his in response.

Evans heart may or may not have stopped.

“I’ll have a small cup of Brownie Bash, please.” You said gently as you turned your head towards Evan as a cue for his turn.

“Oh- uh I’ll have a small cone? Of S-Strawberry Graham Cracker Swirl, ple- uh, please!” He smiled as he finished his order, beaming at his lack of the usual anxiety flowing through him. It must’ve stopped when you gabbed his hand.

“Coming right up, Peaches!” The Barista (Charlotte), said with a wink as she began to scoop up the ice cream for the two of you.

“Awe, I’m going to call you peaches now.” You laughed up at him and he laughed back gently, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.

Once you got your ice cream and EVan refused to let you pay, you went outside and sat at the tiny table near the parlor.

“You know, I always really liked you… I didn’t think you would ever say yes but I’m really glad you, uh, that you did!”

“Awe Ev, you’re so sweet and I’ve liked you too for a while now, how could i say no?” You laughed as you watched him wipe the dripping pink ice cream from his cone.

He could listen to that laugh forever. The way your voice raised its pitch when you began to repeat whatever made you laugh and the way you lost yourself in the laugh and squeezed your eyes shut, his heart was reeling.

He was so focused on you, he noticed a little bit of ice cream on your nose and wiped it off gently. You laughed again and dipped your finger in the remains of your treat and smeared it back on your nose.

He rolled his eyes and did the same to himself, a pink smear on his light and freckled nose.

The car hummed as you drove back down into town, both of your bellies full and heart content.

“So I- well I had a really good time back there. Did you e-enjoy it too?” He talked so softly you could barely make out what he was saying over the steady whirr of the car bouncing down over back roads.

“Of course, Evan!”

“Do you want to hang out at my place? I don’t really want this to end.” He laughed.

“Oh, yeah sure! I don’t want to go home anyway, so why not?”

“Okay, cool!” He tried to contain his excitement but his voice was just as enthusiastic as he was when you asked him what tree was in front of his house.

Once there, Evan made sure to open every door for you making you blush.

“Do you want something to drink? Or just go to my room?”, He realized what he said and quickly explained.

“Not like we have to go to my bedroom I just thought because there isn’t much to do here-”

You placed your hand on his shoulder to calm him and nodded, saying you didn’t mind where you guys went as long as you were with him. He led you to his room and scurried to tidy it up as you plopped on his bed, watching him in admiration.

Once he was satisfied with his room, he sat next to you and awkwardly shifted his arm around you, you leaned into him and he relaxed as he tightened his grip around you.

You talked for a while before you eventually started to fall asleep, only replying to his storied with little hums and mumbles.

He tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and watched your eyes flicker behind your eyelids as you fell deeper asleep.

He followed shortly after, drifting to sleep lulled by the steady sound of your breathing and the warmth you radiated from your head nuzzled in his chest.

Heidi walked in through the front door and called for Evan, balancing the takeout she brought and her bag on one arm as she opened the front door with the other.

“Ev? I got takeout,” she sang throughout the house as she set her bags down, knocking gently on his door before pushing in.

She stopped short at the sight of Evan and his friend cuddled up on his bed, sleeping soundly as she’s ever seen. His mouth hung open slightly and he wrapped his arms around you tight, enwrapping you in a full bear hug.

She melted, seeing Evan so intimate and calm with someone. She took a quick picture and shut the door gently before texting your parents that you might stay the night, but not before hearing a soft feminine voice murmur:

“Goodnight, peaches.”