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Alexandre Vauthier SS 2017, the collection so bizarre that I can’t even place it on my best or worst list for this season


Neha: Kayson might be upset. 

Jules: Yes and we know how much I care about what other persons think or feel.

Neha: Well I do. I’ll explain it to him, that I want you, that I chose you.

Jules: Do whatever makes you comfortable, Neha. 

Neha: Say that again? 

Jules: What? 

Neha: My name. You’ve never said it before today. Say it again? 

Jules: Teenaged Human Female. 

Neha: You never make anything easy do you?

Jules: Of course not. It’s my signature trait… Neha. 

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I think Rebecca is about to see first hand on how Rob gets when people try to come in between him and Aaron. We all know how he reacts from previous situations. Rob gets pretty angry when people try to brake him and Aaron up. Something Rebecca hasn't seen first hand or she would know that taunting Rob is a bad idea. It's like if Chrissie didn't hold a candle to the passion that him and Aaron have,then what makes Rebecca think she'll be any different. She should just leave Robert and Aaron alone.

I think we could definitely see the crazy killer (he’s not a crazy killer….more like 🥔 killer) come out in Robert once more. Rebecca obviously hasn’t see what Robert is capable of at all and part of me kinda hopes she finds out. The only thing that makes me not want him to do anything is because I think Aaron would feel like it was the old Robert coming back and that wouldn’t go down to well.

However I do think she needs to be put in her place. She needs to see how Robert will protect his family no matter what!

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I think the history in this moment are in the climax. So, maybe this and next arc (probably a Anteiku raid 2.0) are the end of Tokyo Ghoul:re. What do you think?

Well, I’ve answered a question like this before but my opinion’s been persuaded to change slightly since then.

I’ve said before this point that an Anteiku raid, a genuine one sounds like something that would take place more in a judgement arc, because that is when Kaneki is most likely to square off against both Juuzou, and Amon again, considering Tarot symbolism. 

However, there is also some evidence that something akin to the Anteiku raid might take place this arc, we have the following parallels as setup:

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Dear Duke, I'm thinking of majoring in English. I love reading and mainly because, I wanna learn how to write really WELL. I must say that I have no writing talent. Do you think it's stupid for me to want to major in English just for that? Side note: I don't want to write novels or anything major. I just wanna be able to write well. That's all. Thanks.

I don’t think it’s a bad reason to want to be an English major but I do think you’ll be in for a rude awakening, because an English major is going to require you to do a lot of deep literary analysis, and basic writing acumen is something most professors will assume you have already. If being a better writer is really what you want and there’s no real literary interest attached to that, you might be better off taking composition classes, looking at a communications major, or even journalism. Because if you’re not interested in specifically reading and writing about books, an English major is going to be really hard for you. Last thing to remember: Just because you’re not a major doesn’t mean you can’t take classes in the department. It’s not all or nothing. You can be like a business major and still take composition classes if that’s really what you’re interested in. If you’re not sure how that would work, talk to your advisor and just tell them what you want. That’s why they’re there.

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i'm kind of worried about liam, not because i think his album won't do well, but because i think, he just like zayn, won't do a tour. idk, i just can't imagine he would leave his new born child for 60+ shows and cheryl doesn't look like person who would join him and drag a baby around like lou teasdale did. same reason for louis, i think he won't even release an album, he will do collabs and that's it. people forget they aren't teenagers anymore... they are adult men with own children now.

and you don’t have to tour like i love that louis is traveling with steve and apparently doing another big collab. that’s smart and that’s his market. he probably wouldn’t sell an album well nor a tour and he’s aware of that. so he’s inserted himself into the part of the industry he does the best in which is behind the scenes and collaborations. if liam went that route, since they were always the writing tag team, i wouldn’t be surprised. it gives them flexibility as dads and a chance to stay in the industry. a win win

Dearest Vex’ahlia: Final Letter

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Also on ao3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10409682/chapters/23074752

Dearest Vex’ahlia,

I should have been sad that I’m nearing the end, but my treacherous heart can help but rejoice at the thought of finally meeting with you. I have lived my life, and I want to believe I have lived it well. I can just hope that my attempts were enough.

I’m still scared, I thought I made peace with death a long time ago but

I hope there is something there

I still have so much to tell you, my dear. I think our children have been doing well for themselves. Vesper is doing a brilliant job with managing the city. Julius and Elaine made a name for themselves and I am so proud of them, as I always was.

I hope they knew that as well. They visit me quite often now. I should have that talk with them soon.

One of our grandsons is with me at all times. A bright young man named Percival. He is a doctor. He’s always trying to get me to lie down and rest, but I would I, if I had so little time left anyway? “Grandpa, you need to rest,” he says. “Well, I will rest when I’m dead, boy, and it will probably be very soon,” I tell him back.

He usually leaves me alone.

I was right, you know. About the pain. It never really goes away, but you learn to live with it. I know how cliché it sounds, but it is true. And your death was so unexpected. So sudden. I knew we could die when we were fighting dragons, but this?

I could never be prepared for it.

I wanted to follow you, did you know that?

Pike stopped me.

She told me that I should imagine your face, when I tell you I left our children all by themselves. Even as angry as I was back then, I had to acknowledge, that she was right. It would’ve been so selfish of me. My children needed me. I knew that.

Sometimes the despair was just too great to see it.

But I’m happy I got to see it all. Our children growing up, following their dreams, having families on their own. Only Freddy

I really hope that I get to see you. I hope I get to see you both. I never cared for gods, but I would beg them if it would mean I get to see you

I love you, my dear. I will see you soon.



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13,15, 45, 46, and 65

13. Do you think relationships are hard?
Well I’m still very new to it, so yes kinda :p

15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems?

45. Would you date someone right now if they asked?

46. Are you in a good mood right now?
Yes, I am in a pretty good mood :)

65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week?
A lot of cute things happened, the list would be to long to write it all down ^_^

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You know i've always wondered what type of girl the guys would go for... like not physically but mentally. What do you think?

I think this is a tough question to answer. We think we know the guys but we only know the bits of them they show us, which obviously isn’t everything. I don’t know if I can actually answer this lol. Like it’s weird especially to say like “Oh I think Caspar would go for this type” when he’s dating Maddie. I don’t know.

I think they’d all like someone relatively carefree. Joe especially seems to not be one to handle emotions very well. I know he’s talked with Zoe in videos before about how he wouldn’t know what to do if she came to him crying. I just think overly emotional girls wouldn’t do well with him, or any of the guys. I think Joe and Caspar and Oli and Josh would like someone family oriented. I pick them because I feel like they’re all very close with their families and would want someone who also gets along with their families. They’d obviously all want someone who could understand and respect their work and everything that comes along with it. Someone who was funny to cheer them up when they get too stressed. Someone who could cook and take care of them because let’s be honest none of them can take care of themselves lol. Someone up for the occasional night out or a random adventure. Someone to always keep them on their toes. Someone who wasn’t too needy. Just someone to be another friend (but like, one they can have sex with and have deeper emotional intimacy lol)

Obviously I can’t say for sure cuz I don’t know them, but I think those are some characteristics that stick out to me just based on how I see them online

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I really love your writing, I would honestly read any thing you write. I can't really describe it with words but I really like the subtle storytelling and how you show not tell; it brings up vivid images in my mind. Does that make sense? I find myself actually not skimming through any paragraphs because I would miss something that's important. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to write!

Omg thank you one of my biggest fears is that my work is “skim-able”, I know I’ve read stories that have dragged on and I’ve just skipped ahead and not taken much of it in so this means a lot to me!
Also imagery comments make my day aaaaah! I always think I don’t describe things well enough. So I try to do more and I guess it ends up just the right amount XD thank you again 😭😭

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

Alright, since I finished my homework before midnight, I decided to treat myself by sketching Yoosung… yes. He’s holding a finger gun up. Yes. He’s the type to say “You’re under arrest… For stealing my heart.”