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top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for your birthday party? These were usually done outdoors around a picnic table, and you had cake, ice cream, and played a great round of pin the tail on the donkey. There was always one kid who could never could tag that damn donkey and always hit the wall instead?? We would laugh and squee, but everyone had fun because it wasn’t serious, and at the end of the game, everyone just had more cake!!

It’s funny how adults can take something fun and frivolous, and turn it into The Hunger Games, with full body ammo. But the weapon of choice becomes a keyboard and an anonymous face that operates under a cloak because it’s easier to fire on your “enemy” when you can’t see them. It ceases to be a game the minute it becomes personal, and for some, it is more than personal. It’s downright psycho! The “I am right, hear me roar” mentality is very much alive in the world, and I tend to view those folks the same way I view network news…with head shaking and lots of eyerolling!! Self importance is NOT a good look for anyone!

I have been part of the OL fandom for 3 years now, and 2 of those on Tumblr and IG. I really don’t tweet because, well, that’s where it appears the loonies are!! I am a huge fan of the OL books, and the show. I think it is high quality TV. And, I am a fan of everyone who puts this together for me…the fan. Oh, there are times I might not like a storyline, or the way Jamie’s hair looked in the early episodes of S2, but that does not make me a bad fan. It just means that I care enough in my little corner of the world to pay attention to these little details, and if I get to wound up with myself, then I can change the channel, or just except it for the entertainment it really is. It’s a TV show FFS!! We are not curing cancer (yet), which is far more important than this stuff.

As far as fans go, I am one. These labels are about as ridiculous as it gets…shippers, “extreme ” shippers, “hardy” shippers, anti’s, and NST’s, “truthers” (what the hell is that one anyway), average, neutral, book only, IG only….you name it, and there’s a label for it. Since the labels are so all fired important to some in this fandom, then I am a Shipper. I happen to like sunshine and rainbows, lemons and doodles, fun and caring friendships, and yes, even the fairytale ending. Why anyone would want to take the time and effort to rain on my rosy parade is beyond me, but those opinions make no difference to me. I like what I like, and no amount of teeth knashing and stomping around the sandbox will change my mind.

At the end of the day, I have yet to meet anyone in this fandom who works for OL, and I am not personally acquainted with the leads, live in their neighborhood, or have access to their private accounts. I simply fan what I see, and enjoy it all for the entertainment it is to me….the fan. And, if you are one of the anointed ones with access to any the above, well good for you. Maybe you should host a weekly video chat so that we can all get the juicy details.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone just “fanned” for the hell of it, and stopped trying to “speak” for everyone else?? The “blame game” has run its course, and everyone needs to flip that mirror. After all, it’s the only way to find the donkey so you know where to put the tail. And remember, the tail really does goes on the back. It’s not there to wag the mouth!!

Happy Tuesday to all of the OL fans out there, even the ones who have forgotten what it’s like to have fun! Fan on!!

iphone photography has definitely become what i’m very interested in as of late, mostly because it’s a medium i’m sure we’ll look back on and gain a nostalgic sense from its flaws, the same way we romanticize 35mm film, 2000’s digital cameras, hi8 camcorders, etc. despite iphones now having enough megapixels to have very good quality, there’s still its auto-exposure boosts, the amount of grain a picture can have, a wide non-instant flash, etc. there’s lots of people using film to gain a sense of the past in the present day, i take pictures on my iphone knowing i’ll look at them in the future and it’ll compliment the time. and i think film looks beautiful despite nostalgic associations, with how well it ages and how well it can be manipulated, i just unfortunately don’t have the money to both get film and develop it a lot. iphones have enough accessibility to those who have them that it can be commonly used, and i seriously can’t wait until that accessibility becomes aged enough to be considered both legitimate and a novelty.

赤髪の白雪姫特別編 P9-End


よし, 頑張った!I’m not gunna lie, these were beyond my current capabilities.  Hopefully I didn’t break anything too badly!! <3s

オビ「I saw you from above today.  It looked like you were carrying something heavy?」

リュウ「Uh huh. I was taking Shirayuki’s place.」

オビ「Those are big shoes to fill.  As to arm strength, is that your favorite of her good qualities?」

リュウ「Um…shoes?  Well, Shirayuki’s red hair has become close to me」

(*Localization Note:  The idiom Obi uses is literally “stretching your back to make you taller” - Ryuu responds with “Back?” My translations for Obi are enough of a mess without trying to make that work~)

鈴「Woah, time just stopped.」

鈴「Now..I think Ryuu has fallen in love」

リュウ *Well her hair is nice like red flowers*

オビ「Don’t Ryuu!  If you keep up this behavior you might become some kind of ultra noble youth like Mitsuhide」

オビ「See, because Sir majestically phrases even his compliments…then once you sort out his pick up lines they don’t have nearly as much of an impact….」

オビ「That’s how you become that kind of person…」

鈴「Is Mitsuhide the young noble-ish guy who fell down and bloodied his nose the other day?  I had to stuff cotton in his nose.」*Who was he again?*

オビ「No, that’s someone different.  I hope he gets well soon.」

リュウ「Would saying that be weird?」

オビ「No no.  I’m sorry, it’s definitely not weird.」

鈴「You should tell Shirayuki directly and see if she understands」

~West Fort~

ミツヒデ「Just now…I had a feeling someone said something extremely rude」

ゼン「It was probably Obi.」

リュウ「Shirayuki.  Hey, I’m happy that your red hair has become eye level for me.  Is it bad I feel that way?」


白雪「I’m a little embarrassed」

白雪「I remember around when we met in the castle!」

白雪「Promising you that I would work hard, having deep conversations with people in the building, and later, eating a lot of food with Obi and everyone, I am very happy.」

リュウ「I see.」

鈴「…We’ll reflect on ourselves.」

ゼン「Instead of gaining something, I missed a chance to be straightforward about my feelings.」

~That’s All~

How to Begin Loving Yourself

For those who have been emotionally abused or neglected, the concept of loving yourself may feel completely empty and hollow. How do I even begin? Starting off with these tips can help give you a foundation to take on this endeavor.

Note: This post will not lead you to suddenly loving yourself. There are books upon books on the subject, and the complete process to self-love can require long-term therapy. You’ve had a lifetime of experiences being disregarded, ignored, and abused, and the aftereffects do not disappear right away. But hopefully this will help give you a basic framework to start with, as even just starting can be very daunting for some.

1. Recognize that it is difficult to love yourself. So putting all the denial and rationalization aside, be honest with yourself. Do I love myself truly? Sometimes there’s a tendency to say yes because you “should” say yes, or pressure to be “positive” or “over it.” No. It is not about being positive, or over it. It’s about healing. You’ve been through some tough shit and need to take care of yourself. Like addressing a broken arm or leg–ignoring it makes it worse. So have the courage to be honest with yourself.

2. Explore the roots. Get in the habit of asking yourself why. Why do I see myself as unlovable? Why do I hate myself? Why do I feel unimportant to others? You were not born with those thoughts and feelings. At some point in your life, you learned it from others or your environment. So begin exploring where you got those beliefs from. Hint: People gain these kinds of beliefs from their relationships with others growing up, and how they were treated–most often, parents. Ask yourself, when did I first think this thought? When did I first feel that way? Oftentimes you will have a memory come up, where you first learned that thought/belief/feeling.

3. Begin the work in connecting the first two steps in your mind–past to present. Realize that not every thought and belief are true, even if it feels true. It feels true, because of your past experiences–you learned, through abuse and/or neglect, that you are not loved, unimportant, not good enough, unvalued. For example, your parents put themselves first before you, told you that you should be thinking of their needs while not attending to yours, gave you harsh judgment and criticism, made you feel guilty or bad for having feelings, etc etc. From that, you learned through their actions/words that you are unimportant, unlovable, etc. But even if your own family or other people treat you that way, does not mean it is true. Begin re-wiring your mind by reflecting, thinking, exploring–it does not feel true because it IS true, but because it’s what they trained me to believe as true. 

4. Start small, and realize you won’t see the effects right away. Write down a list of the strengths and good qualities you do see about yourself. Sit with each quality and reflect on how it feels inside of you, in your body. Make it into a habit of acknowledging a good strength or quality that you showed each day by writing a daily list. Ask friends for help if you draw a blank. Even if you can only think of one good quality, just start there. Begin at the place where you already are. It will take a lot of time to un-wire all the negative self-thoughts, but be patient with yourself in the process.

5. ASK FOR HELP. The self-love process is not meant to be embarked on alone. I can tell you from personal experience, you will need help. Find a therapist. Seek a spiritual teacher. Join a support group. Whatever works for you. You’ve become well-versed in how to hate yourself, thanks to people in your past/present, but now you’ll need some help and guidance in how to love yourself.

Self-love is a journey–so with it, you will experience struggles and turbulence along the way. But I can guarantee you that if you keep going, moving forward with honesty and courage, you will find your way :)

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Very hopeful for a good panel at ECC now that we know Clare Kramer is moderating. She is a con veteran and has existed in one of the most rabid fan bases around (Buffy) for 17 years. She knows the crap from the quality. She'll keep pushy fans in check but also prod Cait and Sam when needed. Hopefully there will be no "When would you travel back in time to" type questions.

Well at least that’s some good news! If we get any questions about traveling back in time, the weather or the costumes I think I’ll scream. 

Jealous? Bah.

As requested by anon for the Drabble Games:

“Number 5 with Thorin and maybe number 18 with Kili…? :) if you don’t want to do both you can pick one or the other. Love your writings btw!!! Always looking forward to your next story ❤️”

Thorin x Reader: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
Location: Laketown
Warnings: Jealousy, denial, drunkenness, kissing
Word Count: 1676

Thank you so much, anon! Many hugs flying your way! I’m doing both, but let’s start with Thorin. He’s a bit more book!Thorin in this, which I think is fun. :3

Thorin’s speech had been long. Grand, no question, but long. When he got going, there was really no stopping him; it was one of his more interesting (read: mildly annoying) qualities. You couldn’t really complain, however, as since then Laketown had become much more hospitable. Rather than sneaking amongst the rats, you were treated like royalty – despite only a handful of you actually holding such titles. Escorts, gifts, accolades, and now a grand party; it was all a bit overwhelming.

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So, as some of you may know I recently hit 1k followers! Which is really just amazing tbh, it’s approaching my one year anniversary of this blog and frankly when I started I never envisioned getting this many followers. I recently just finished most of my exams so I thought this would be a perfect time to hold some blog rates AND a fic giveaway at the same time to celebrate! It should be super fun :)

The Rules:

  • You must be following me (I will check)
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  • To enter the blog rates, send me an ask! Tell me a fun fact, a joke, how your day went, pretty much anything! (Or you can just say you’re entering the blog rates haha)
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More detail about the fic giveaway and the format for the blog rates under the cut!!!

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New 52 Pick-Up: Batman and Robin, “Born to Kill”

So here’s some spoilers for what I’m gonna say later on in this blog post: I love this comic so much. As a whole, Batman and Robin is, in my opinion, the best ongoing published during the New 52, AND the best Batman book of the past 6 years. The team of Tomasi and Gleason is a winning combo, and their Superman series in DC Rebirth is my favorite book currently on the market. If you’re not reading it, you need to. I once said that if you enjoy Rebirth Superman, you owe it to yourself to read Batman and Robin, and I stand by that. But the inverse it true too. If you liked Batman and Robin and haven’t been reading Rebirth Superman, get on that.

Series: Batman and Robin

Issues: #1-8

Writer: Peter Tomasi

Artist: Patrick Gleason

What I thought then: I shared this story in the link in the intro, though some of my recollection there was incorrect, so I’m retelling it here:

I started with five books. There were the four I’ve covered the first arcs of already (Justice League, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Demon Knights), and then I knew I was going to get something with Batman. Because I loved Batman, and he was my favorite character. But the problem was, at the beginning of the New 52, DC had SO MANY books with Batman in them. Ignoring the ones starring spin-off characters like Nightwing, Batgirl, and Teen Titans, Batman himself was starring in SIX books: This one, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: The Dark Knight, Justice League, and Justice League International. I knew that if I didn’t restrain myself, I’d try reading all of them, so aside from Justice League, I made a rule that I was only going to read one Batman-centric book. I kind of knew who Damian Wayne was thanks to the Blackest Night: Batman miniseries, and I figured a book where I was guaranteed to get Batman and Robin was more bang for my buck than a book starring only Batman, so I went for it.

I don’t think it was until issue #5 when I realized that both this book and Green Lantern Corps were written by the same guy, so this book and that one get bonus points for making me care about creators not named “Geoff Johns”. And while it really wouldn’t be until the “Death of the Family” tie-ins that I started to appreciate Patrick Gleason’s art, there are some bits that blew me away here.

Of the five books I started with, this one was the best. I knew it then, and I still know it now.

The story: Batman has a new Robin, his son, Damian Wayne. Raised by assassins, Damian has a lot of talent for fighting crime, but also a lot of rage. Desperate not to fail his son, Batman needs to find a way to connect with Robin so the boy doesn’t go over the edge. This is made harder when NoBody, the son of one of Bruce Wayne’s masters, shows up in Gotham, dedicated to tearing down everything Batman stands for and poaching Robin for his new apprentice.

What I think now: This comic is a gift to the world.

Like Green Lantern, Batman’s continuity didn’t really reboot with the New 52. It got condensed and confusing (we must accept the fact that there is no satisfactory explanation for how Batman could burn through four sidekicks and all his biggest stories in five years and move on with our lives), but most of it was still there. Like Green Lantern, this was because Grant Morrison was telling a years-long story that was coming to an end with his Batman Incorporated material. But it’s also just due to the fact that Batman’s popular, and if you get rid of his 50 satellite characters, you can’t make money giving books to those 50 satellite characters. But the bright side to all of that is that unlike Green Lantern, you don’t need to reboot Batman in order for people to know who he is. Batman is such a huge figure in pop culture that it’s a reasonable expectation that everyone knows his deal. Sure, maybe they don’t know Damian Wayne in particular, but just to be safe, Tomasi drops in information about his background, plus Bruce Wayne’s general origin story. This book is friendly to both old and new readers, catching newbies up without making the old-timers feel like they’re just retreading old ground. It’s a really good balance.

Unsurprisingly, what makes Batman and Robin work is the fact that it’s about Batman and Robin. The father-son relationship is portrayed masterfully here. Right off the bat (pun not intended), we see Bruce and Damian having an interaction a normal father and son would, with the dad trying to impart some details about his personal life and the kid not really caring. It reminds me of more than a few conversations I’ve had with my parents over the years.

Of course, the big draw is that this is not an ordinary father and son. This story is about Damian suppressing his urge to kill, and Batman asking how he can control that, especially in his own flesh and blood. Damian Wayne is not like the previous Robins. He’s not some kid Batman took off the street to give closure, he’s his biological responsibility, and he’s used to playing a game with very different rules. There’s a thing people like to say about Damian in pretty much every discussion I’ve had about him: “He’s a little shit”. And that can either be the reason you love him or hate him. But the thing I like here is that in this first story arc, while you COULD say that, it’s overly-dismissive of the complexities of his character. Damian is a kid struggling to adapt to a world and lifestyle unlike the one he’s grown up in, and that’s a tough situation, both for him and for the people trying to help him into it.

Alfred’s inclusion in this story is nothing short of impeccable. We get to see him playing the role of grandfather to Damian. He’s raised Bruce, and now he’s watching Bruce make mistakes with his own son, and he’s really trying to keep everything together. He gives Bruce parenting advice while also trying to get Damian to understand Bruce’s struggle as a father. Like the story as a whole, Alfred doesn’t take one person’s side. The story doesn’t preach the idea that parents are uptight or that kids are just brats, it acknowledges that family is a tricky thing.

NoBody is also a great villain for this arc. He’s a foil to both Bruce and Damian. He’s the failure Bruce could’ve been if his standards weren’t so high. He’s this chaotic, unleashed being that Damian is on the verge of becoming, and trying very hard not to. And he really stress tests just how much faith Batman and Robin have in each other. He’s also got a nice backstory that gives us a cool look into a lesser-discussed chapter of Batman’s history, and he’s got this really good balance of cool and crazy that a lot of Batman’s villains lack.

It’s just hard to go into better detail about this comic’s quality without spoiling absolutely everything. But I think it sells the pair of Bruce and Damian very well. Traditionally, Robin’s always been the thing that softens Batman’s hard exterior. When Dick and Damian were Batman and Robin, the draw was the reversal of the dynamic, a more fun Batman and a more intense Robin. Now we have a hard Batman and a hard Robin, and it seems like that should work, but it only goes so far. Having this more troubled kid be Bruce’s son forces Batman to dig deep and find some of his own softness, to challenge the way he sees and interacts with the world and the people around him. More than any of his sidekicks before him, Damian Wayne forces Batman to grow as a person. And that’s what this first arc is about, and it’s what Tomasi and Gleason’s entire run on Batman and Robin is about. As you stick through the ongoing story arcs, you’ll see both Bruce and Damian put through the emotional ringer and grow as people, and it’s a goddamned treat.

If you like Batman, you can’t let yourself miss out on this one.

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Hey girl. I just wanna say that your artwork is amazing and just got a question: do you like anime or manga, if so what is ur favorite?

Ah definitely manga, i was growing up with a passion for it, and its the reason why im here. Unfortunately, I feel that manga is going down hill because of all these echi hentai they keeps showing and lack of fine content.

Im not a big fan of anime because I dont think they designed the plot well or I just never came across a good one. Recently I got into reading book more and even more picky than I was before, and Manga sucks, so I got into some anime. Ghost in the shell, paprika, perfect blue… all are really nice, I think I will see more to Satoshi Kon work. If you have any suggestion, please send in since im really thirsty for quality content now huhu. But besides from mystic messenger, Im into scifi and pshychological gerne, if you can suggest those it would be nice.

please save this fluffy man

Perfect Life - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Perfect Life

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1245

Warnings: Slight bad language

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge.  So this is Part 1 of a 3 part series written in conjunction with @waywardimpalawriter and @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel.   

Read Part 2 by @waywardimpalawriter

Read Part 3 by @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel


**Dean’s POV**

Ever since Y/N came into my life, everything has been better.  She stitches me up when I’m battered and broken, she makes the world seem that little bit brighter.  During those moments when I doubt myself, she restores my faith – she makes everything worthwhile and she’s the reason I wake up in the morning with a lease of life that I thought I had lost forever.  No matter how bad things get, I know that she’ll be there in any way I need her to be.

All of that makes my current behaviour seem like that of a complete jackass.  Thanks to some off-the-cuff comments and my ability to keep a decent poker face in pretty much any circumstance, she thinks I’ve forgotten our wedding anniversary.  Like I could ever forget the date I made her my wife, the day she made me the happiest man on earth simply by saying “I do”.

I wanted her out of the bunker for a while but apparently I may have gone a little too far in my actions because I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got from her.  She stormed out about a half hour ago, grabbing her keys and screaming something about a supply run but not before she let out quite the stream of expletives, all aimed in my direction.  My particular favourite was “you complete and utter bloody bastard”. Which reminds me – I have got to stop her from hanging around with Crowley so much…..she’s started to pick up a whole range of new insults thanks to him!

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Love your blog, companions reacting to Soul finding pristine and expensive makeup and giving the companion a make over? Everyone including Maxon please

This one was fun, and long, and most importantly, in time for the deadline!

Cait: “What’cha got there Sole?” Cait frowned curiously down at Sole as they sat on the floor, organizing little boxes by color.

“It’s makeup! Come on, sit.” Sole patted the spot on the floor beside them and smiled up at Cait. Reluctantly the fighter seated herself beside Sole and picked up a black box. She pressed a button, and the top of the box flipped open revealing a bright pink powder.

“So, whadd’ya do with this… make-up?” Cait asked.

“You use it to make yourself look and feel pretty! Here, do you trust me?” Sole looked excited when they asked, and Cait gave them a weary expression. Finally, she sighs,

“Sure. Show me how it works.” She conceded.

“Okay, now look!”

Cait took the mirror from Sole and gazed back at herself through the glass. She gasped. That, wasn’t really her was it? She looked… pretty… She’d never felt this pretty before. She marvels at the sight of her lightly shaded lids and baby pink lips, and then she smiled.

“I love it. Teach me how.”


“Alright, now hold the applicator like this.” Sole held a hand up to their face, curled above one of their eyelids.

“Like this?” Cait furrowed her brows while trying to mimic Sole’s pose. “Ow! Gah! I poked me-self in the eye!” Cait threw down the applicator and rubbed the injured eye.

“Haha! Sorry Cait. Maybe I should just apply your makeup. I think it would be safer.” Sole leaned over and gently kissed Cait’s eyelid for her.

“Actually, I think I’ll put it on by me-self if you’re gonna get this sappy every time I do. Heh heh. But seriously, thanks love. I’m looking forward to more of our little makeovers.”

Deacon: Deacon slapped a small cosmetics bag into Sole’s palm, “Thought you might like this!” He said.

“Are you sayin’ I’m ugly Deacon?” Sole cocked a playfully insulted eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, not everyone can be as gifted as me.” The man flashed a grin at Sole. “Here, let’s do each other’s makeup! It’ll be fun! Like a sleepover right? At least I think that’s what people did in the Old World.” Deacon plopped down beside Sole and unzipped the bag in their hands. “You see boss, this is top quality stuff! Only the best for the Death Bunnies! Now,” He plucked out an eyeliner pencil, “If we’re gonna be an awesome gang duo, we gotta look the part.”

Deacon had allowed Sole to remove his sunglasses and ring his eyes with black eye liner, and he reciprocated the design although with much less finesse than his partner. He chalked his lack of skills up to the shortage of beauty products in the wastes; what a liar.

“Perrrrfect boss! Lovin’ the death metal look. Now all we need are matching spiked collars and a pair of embroidered leather jackets and we’ll be the baddest gang in the Commonwealth!”


“Hey Sole, sorry for calling you ugly.” Deacon apologized.

“Deacon, you didn’t call me ugly. I just accused of calling me ugly. D-do you really think I’m u-ugly?” Sole’s expression collapsed. Of course they were faking, but Deacon didn’t need to know that.

“Hahaha! Haha… uh… Oh. Oh no. No, did you really think? I don’t think you’re- Wait, stop, don’t cry Sole, c’mon. Here, let Deaky hold you! See? Hugs make everything better, and you’re a beautiful person.” Deacon patted Sole’s back and kissed the top of their head.

“Pfffft- hahahaha!” Sole burst out laughing.

“Are you kidding me? Well, that’s the last sympathy hug you’ll ever get from me!” Deacon dumped Sole out onto the floor, but he was laughing too.

MacCready: “C’mon Sole… I’m not a woman, I don’t wear makeup! Besides, not even that many women wear it now anyway!” He was grumbling sure, but he was also perched in front of Sole on a diner stool and letting them paint away at his face.

“OH! This eyeshadow is perfect! The color will really bring out the blue of your eyes!”

Great. That’s just what I wanted.” MacCready rolled his eyes before closing them. He listened to them hum happily as they brushed powder lightly across his eyelids. “This feels really… weird, but also kinda nice. Maybe you could do this more often, just without the makeup part.”

“Shhh! You’re moving your face too much!”

“Okay! Geez!”

“SHUSH!” MacCready felt Sole’s finger push down hard on his lips making him wince a little.



“No! No. You already put it on me once! You smudged it, and that’s too bad. No, you get that thing away from me!” MacCready reared back as Sole jutted the lipstick towards him. The more he resisted the more Sole climbed on top of him. He had to resort to twisting his face to the left and the right like a baby refusing a spoonful of food.

Sole huffed. “Fine. Well then, if you’re going to be that way,” Sole launched forward and smooched MacCready on his smudged lips. “There, now we match!” Sole grinned triumphantly.

“Heh, you’re really something else Sole, but I love you anyway.”

Nick: Now was the time for action! Nick was running his monthly diagnostic tests, so that gave Sole an hour, an hour to do whatever they wanted… And it just so happens that they found a pretty complete set of high quality makeup.

Let’s see now, I bet Nick would look good with a really cool mustache… And ooh! AN EYEBROW PENCIL! PERFECT! Now the detective can have the eyebrows he’s always dreamed of! So expressive! Hm…. Do I go with hot pink lips, or purple mauve? … Hot pink it is!

Sole finishes up with twenty minutes to spare, and kisses the tips of her fingers like a French chef marveling at his culinary masterpiece.

“Never have I done a better deed in my entire life. Now, to go get Ellie!”

“Well, what do you think?” Sole blinked hopefully at the woman.

“I think… It’s perfect! And I also think we shouldn’t mention it when he wakes up.” Ellie gave Sole a sly smile, and they returned the gesture.


“What is so dang funny you two? You’ve been snickering all day. Are you in on something I should be aware of?” Nick frowned at Ellie and Sole who were hiding mischievous smiles behind their hands.

“Oh no, it’s nothing Nick. Just some idle gossip, that’s all.” Ellie assured the detective.

Nick hummed accusatorily at the duo and went back to his files, but then he glanced his reflection in the file cabinets.

“Wha-“ Nick rubbed his lips, and some pink good came off on his fingers. “Sooooole…” Nick said in a low, intimidating voice.

“Bye Sole!” Ellie quickly left and slammed the agency door behind her.

“Heheh… So, like the makeover?” Sole shrunk away from the synth.

“Sole, Sole, Sole. These lips were made for one thing, and that isn’t lipstick.”

Sole smiled. “Well then, what are those lips for detective?”

“Get over here and let me show you.”

Danse: So, what can Sole do with a full spread of makeup and a passed out Danse. Surely applying a gaudy layer of periwinkle eye shadow, cherry red lipstick, and thick clumpy mascara would be the best use of their resources. Oh! And what’s this? A camera? Hmm… Surely Sole knows a few people who would love to memorialize this moment in time. For posterity! Yes, of course. Posterity.

“What! What is-“ Danse snatched a poster from a lamp post in Sanctuary. “Is this… me?” Cait snorted as she walked past him.

“’Ey soldier boy! That’s a good look on you!” She cackled.

“Who did- Sole.” Danse growled. “SOLE! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!”


“Oof!” Sole felt the breath get knocked out of them as a livid Danse tackled them to the ground.

“Sole! This is ridiculous and childish! You will remove those posters at once!” Danse screamed, and spit a little, into Sole’s face. Sole would be scared out of their mind, if they weren’t laughing at Danse’s wildly inaccurate blush and lush eyelashes.

“What are you-“ Sudden realization swept across Danse’s features, and he slapped a hand to his face. After dragging it down his cheek, his fingers come back with various colored powders on it. “Argh!”

“Hahahahaha!” Sole’s muscles relaxed from laughing so hard. “You’re- hahaha- so pretty- hahaha- Danse. Kiss me!”

Danse sighed. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, he figures, so he obliged Sole with a messy, lipstick-smearing kiss.

Curie: “Oh! Make up! Zhis is what women wore before the war yes? To be pretty! Oh, put some on me Sole! I want to look like zhose girls on zhe Nuka-Cola bill boards!” Curie laughed and clapped her hands, ecstatic over the fact that Sole found a full spread of high grade cosmetics.

“Heh, I’m glad you’re excited Curie. I’ll do my best for you!” Sole beamed at the scientist. Curie smiled back, and then leaned forward with her eyes closed.

“Okay Sole! I’m ready! And Sole, please let me wear zhe yellow eye shadow! It is my favorite color!” She sighed dreamily, imagining the way her face would look when Sole was finished.

For Curie, some light pink blush, some glistening lip gloss, a touch of mascara, and the prettiest pastel yellow eye shadow. Sole nodded their head upon finishing, proud of their masterpiece. “Okay Curie, look!”

Curie gasped at the sight of herself in the handheld mirror.

“Sole, I love it! Thank you; this makes me so happy!”

“No problem Curie, as long as you’re satisfied, I’m satisfied.”


“Okay Curie. You’re too cute, so now I have to kiss you.” Sole states seriously.

Curie laughed. “Sole! You know you do not have to ask for kisses. I love receiving smooches just as much as you love giving zhem. Now come ‘ere, I want to kiss you too!”

Curie giggled into the kiss, and when they parted she gasped.

“Look! Now we both have zhe lipgloss on!”

Preston: Preston grimaced at the array of compacts, brushes, and eye shadows Sole had meticulously arranged across the table. “General, I don’t really want to do this. It seems a little weird.” Preston frowned at the corner of his mouth when Sole picked up some steel-blue eye shadow.

“Aw C’mon Preston! It’s just for fun! Let me do this one time, and then you can take it off as soon as we’re done. Please. It would really mean a lot to me. Y’know, leading the Minutemen is a very stressful obligation, and something like this would really lighten the burden I think, and-“

“OKAY! Okay. Fine. One time,” Preston held up his pointer finger in front of Sole’s face, “and then it comes right off. You’re lucky I’m so agreeable.” Preston chuckled and shook his head. “Alright,” He sighed, “do your worst Sole.”


“Oh my goodness! You’re so pretty Preston!” Sole sang.

“Yeah yeah, yeah, now hand me the towel.”


“Sole… Hand. Me. The. Towel.” Preston held out his hand and looked at Sole with a blank expression. Sole was trying to hold in a grin, but the tense curve in the corner of their mouth gave it away. “Sole.” Preston warned again.

“Preston, you know I love you, right?” Sole asked, holding the towel away from his reach.

“Yes. Yes I do.” Preston smiled at them, but was gritting his teeth.

“Great!” Sole quickly smooched Preston’s brightly colored lips. “Love you too! Have fun training the new recruits!” And then Sole darted out of the Castle’s war room. Dang, Preston thought, shoulda seen that coming.

Piper: “I appreciate the offer Blue, but I’m not much of a makeup girl myself.” Piper leaned back in her chair tentatively as Sole came at her with a blush brush.

“Aw, C’mon Piper, it’ll be fun! I already have a smoky eye look I want to try on you and everything! Please.” Sole pouted at the reporter. Piper pressed her lips together and huffed a breath out of her nose. She took a few moments to contemplate the idea, and then finally caved.

“Alright Sole, have at it. BUT, you better enjoy this while it lasts because this is the only time you’ll ever get to doll me up. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” Sole saluted her, and Piper rolled her eyes. What had she just gotten herself into?

“Wow, I clean up good.” Piper smirked at her reflection. She had to admit, the dark, smoky eye shadow really brought out her hazel irises. “Y’know, maybe this whole makeup thing isn’t such a bad idea after all. Mind if I swipe some of it for myself?” Sole caged the cosmetic products protectively against their chest.

“No. I think I like doing your makeup more than you would enjoy doing your makeup yourself, so I’ll hold onto it for now okay?”

“Pfft. Fine. Whatever ya weirdo.”



Sole blinked awake at the sound of something small hitting the floor. The looked up from their pillow to find Piper picked up a compact off the groud.

“Piper?” Sole asked groggily. Piper whipped her head around and froze.

“I uh, I… Yeah, I got nothin’.” Piper admitted. “I guess I just wanted to have the smoky-eyes again.” She shrugged. Sole smirked.

“You aren’t putting those bedroom eyes on for someone else, are you?” They queried.

Piper laughed. “Nope. This is all for you Sole. Now let me put this style to the test.”

Hancock: “What’ve ya got there partner?” Sole watched in the mirror as Hancock sauntered up behind them, a curious look on his face. Sole had just been swiping the last few layers of mascara onto their eyelashes, but they stopped to answer Hancock.

“It’s makeup!” The smiled, “People in the Old World would wear to look and feel pretty.” After finishing their explanation, Sole resumed the clockwork application of their mascara. Hancock let out a thoughtful hum and sat down beside Sole. He observed them, mesmerized by the way they smoothed the powders over their face.

“Hey Sole, mind tryin’ that stuff out on me? Heh.”

“Oh, sure thing! Didn’t really take you for the makeup type though to be honest.”

“Well, you said it made people prettier yeah? This mug could sure use some of that.” He joked. Sole turned to the ghoul, a hurt look on their face.

“But you’re pretty already Hancock.”

Hancock smiled. “Shucks… Thanks Sole.”


“But seriously, it looks like fun. Let me have a crack at it.” Hancock grabbed at Sole’s makeup.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do it?” Sole questioned, unsure of Hancock’s makeup application skills.

“Yes! Now are you gonna let me try or not?”

Sole chuckled. “Okay Hancock, give it a whirl.”

“Well, at least the blush is in the right place… sorta.” Sole laughed weakly.

“Aw, is it that bad?” Hancock picked at Sole.

“It’s fine. You’re still pretty enough to kiss.” Sole bantered back.

“Then what are you waiting for? An invitation?”

Sole didn’t need to be invited twice.

X6-88: “So you’re telling me that you would wear this to intimidate rivals?” X6 stared blankly down at the palette of eye shadow. Sole had to purse their lips to keep from laughing and nodded in confirmation. “Interesting. Does this mean it is a variant of war paint?”

“Yep! Absolutely! With this, no one would dare to mess with you.”

“No one messes with me anyway.”

“Well then, just think of it as overkill. You like overkill, right?”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“Great! Now, take off your sunglasses!”


“Fine.” X6 took off his sunglasses for Sole and closed his eyes. He felt their hands buzz around his face, brushing his cheeks, smoothing down his eyelids, drawing on his lips. “Am I more intimidating yet?” He asked.

“Yep! Take a look!” Sole held up a mirror for the courser. He stared back at the blue-lidded, cat-eyed, red-lipped face, and had only one comment.

“Damn I look good.”


“Don’t you want to say something Sole?” X6 looked at them for a second before readjusting his gaze to admire his own image. Sole sighed and rolled their eyes. No need to feed his ego anymore than he already was.

“Someone with a face like this deserves to be praised, don’t you think?” He continued. When Sole refused to respond, he grabbed them by the chin and kissed them. Talk about a hardcore blush; Sole’s entire face was now redder than a bloodbug’s abdomen. X6 admired the coloring.

“I suppose that is praise enough.” The courser smirked wryly at the flushed vault dweller. “Praise enough indeed.”

Dogmeat: Sole thought coloring in some human-like eyes onto Dogmeat’s welding goggles would be hilarious. They were wrong. It was just creepy.

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, pray tell, what are you doing back there?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all! It’s just, uh, you had something stuck to your back… Yeah! Gimme a second and I’ll have it off in a jiffy!”

In all honesty, Codsworth did have something on his back, but Sole didn’t feel the need to tell him it was them who put it there. And they definitely weren’t taking it off. It fit him really, the cute little cartoon face with a monocle and a classy mustache. Now Codsworth really did have eyes in the back of his head… er sphere… yeah.

Codsworth later admires his new face in the mirror. Of course he knew what Sole was doing when he asked them earlier, but he just found it so cute that he didn’t mind. He’ll never wash the face off because he noticed that Sole will smile whenever they catch a glimpse of their handiwork. Plus, he kind of likes it too.


Sole did not go near Strong with that makeup.

Maxson: Oh yes! Jackpot! Sole picked over their new bounty of beauty products: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner! Sole’s lips curled into a smug smile thinking about the perfect victim-er… client.

Maxson didn’t even feel the offer dignified a response. He didn’t scoff; he didn’t even glare, well, more than usual anyway. As if Maxson was going to let Sole put makeup on him! But Sole didn’t let that stop them, oh no. They just had to wait for the perfect opportunity…

Who knew Maxson was such a loud snorer? Hm… a little bit of foundation… some blush… yeah, definitely more blush… and some cherry red lip-stain. Oh yes, try and get that to wash off Maxson! Now, let’s see, lime green eye-shadow would be perfect!

The next day…

“WHERE IS SOLE!” Maxson tore through the Prydwen, knocking over tables and chairs in his wake. One of the newest recruits began shaking when Maxson grabbed them by the front of their shirt. “WHERE ARE THEY SOLDIER?”

“T-They said they were taking a p-personal day sir!”




“Wow Maxson! You’re so pretty!”

“Is that right? Well then tell me, HOW PRETTY AM I SOLDIER?”




Sole proceeded to show Maxson how beautiful he was with a kiss.

Signalling Value of Second Date Invitations

I just had a good okcupid date, and the boy in question gave me quite a good invitation to a second thing.  The right amount of interesting, the right amount of romantic, etc.  One possible reaction, the one I think TV wants me to have, is “that’s so personal”, and it being cheapened if he’d used it on too many other people.

This seems ridiculous to me.  Good second date ideas are hard to come by.  He’s spent an hour with me.  However amazing I may be, he can’t possibly know more right now than that I have potential.  Throwing out a high quality date idea after just one use would be inefficient.  

Additionally, while appropriately interesting and romantic, this date idea is not *especially* well suited to me.  It’s not bad, but it doesn’t contain any hint he holds an accurate model of me in his head and acts on it.  Which is still fine, on account of “he’s only known me for an hour.”  If he was doing better than educated guesses right now it would be creepy.

I nonetheless like getting invitations of this quality, because they indicate skill in flirting and dating. The baseline flirting skill for men in my social group is… not high.  I appreciate seeing a thing done well and it’s fun to be flirted with. Simply inviting me and having a specific plan for us is more agentiness than I usually see.  

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Umm, 14, 30 or 37 for the OTP quotes thing.

37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.

“What are you doing?? I thought we were playing a game. You do this every time I’m winning! Atem are you even listening?” 


“What am I gonna do with you…?”

I’m sorry it has taken me several months to get back to this. Those of you who have been following me have seen several of my fall outs and breakdowns. It’s taken me a long time to pull myself out of a major funk and some bad depression. I am ready to start over again so, here is some well overdue puzzleshipping goodness. This. This is the quality art I miss of these two. I think I let my art slowly degrade, stopped worrying about quality because I just wanted to do too much too fast lol Don’t let me do that again XD Taking that long break and slowing way the heck down has helped a lot. I want to do things again, all of my different types of art. 

So thank you all SO MUCH for staying. For riding this out with me and being supportive. I’m glad I didn’t leave, I would have regretted that decision about now. Group hugs all around~~❤️❤️

Have some nerds! And Atem, you are in no position to be calling anyone a nerd. You wear a jacket like it’s a cape you giant king of nerds! lol 

I’m on my iPad so I don’t have a way to tag this, I don’t have xkit on here. I will do so later when I get on my computer, apologies! 

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if each member has a video with an accompanying song,i mean their videos have really high production which was a pretty good use for bighits money i mean spring day was one of the most beautiful videos i've ver seen? So these new videos might be even more lit? I mean they have even more money now probably???

exactly what i’m thinking right now, since the beggining of bangtan’s career their videos (even if low budget) have been really good and well produced, and Spring Day was indeed visually pleasing, aesthetically pleasing, one of the most beautiful videos i have ever seen as well, the colors and the theme!!!! And now they have even more resources to produce even better quality videos, the new ones they are planning on releasing will sure be way more beautiful and with high quality production!!! they sure do have more money, expect something that will shock the whole entire world lmao

A short sketched scene of the Outertale animation I’m working on °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° So, now my hand really hurts, but I think it turned out really good! I think Tumblr butchered the quality a bit, but oh well!! The song is called Spaceless by @boomboxcartel​, and it’s my favorite song ever! Check them out!!