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A PSA for Spoonies with a mental ilness

If you are not only in physical pain, but emotional pain, and oh get out of bed most days and do what you need to, you should be so proud of yourself.

If anyone calls you lazy, a burden, stupid, just remember that they don’t and likely won’t ever understand what you’re going though at all. Just remember that you are loved regardless of what that individual thinks.

If you have anxiety or a panic disorder or social anxiety and you still make your own doctors appointments I am so proud of you, I know this is hard but you’re doing so well.

And in these trying and emotional times just remember that we stand together, United, and we will not back down. We will support one another and pull each other through. You are beautiful and you are valid and you are so very strong.

Keep going, you’ve got this.

The Lonely Tree (Part 1)

Word Count: 923

Summary: You have a favorite tree which you make sure to pass every day on your way to class, but one day you find you’ll have to get used to sharing it. Artist Steve College AU

Warnings: I feel like Artist Steve should count as a warning, guys. I don’t know.

A/N: Well, here’s part one of my first ever drabble series! Let me know what you guys think! Part 2

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“And where do you think you’re going?” your roommate Natasha called after you as you made a break for the door.

“Going to class,” you replied innocently, silently cursing your luck that for the first time all year, Natasha was skipping her morning class.

“Going to class thirty minutes early?” She was suspicious now, slipping out of her bed and eyeing you carefully. “What’s his name?”

“Whose name?” you scoffed, wishing at the last minute that you had played along. Talking up a handsome man was far less embarrassing than what you were actually leaving early to do.

“Come on, Y/N, just tell her! I think it’s cute,” your friend Wanda chimed in from her place on the rug. “She’s going to visit her Lonely Tree.”

“It’s not my lonely tree. It’s just a really pretty tree that I like to sit under for a little while in the morning,” you muttered defensively as Natasha regarded you with clear amusement.

“Because it’s all by itself in the middle of a clearing when all the other trees are close together,” Wanda added in a singsong voice, patting your cheek. “You’re adorable.”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a Disney princess as a roommate,” Natasha mused, throwing you a wink when you gave an annoyed sigh.

You didn’t think your morning ritual was as fluttery and silly as your friends made it sound. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you had to cut through the trees in front of your residence hall to get to your English class. In doing so you had noticed a tree growing separate from the others, ruling over its own solitary patch of sun-dappled grass.

It had struck you as unusual, being unlike any tree you had seen before. Its bark was pale and smooth, and the shape of the trunk was odd, resembling a bundle of thick ropes all fused together and springing up from the ground in one strong cord. The leaves were small and a lovely pale green, and they made a delicate whispering music when the wind blew. It was a beautiful and unusual tree, and you had taking an instant liking to it. And so, every morning you took your breakfast of granola bars and juice to this lovely, lonely tree and sat at its roots while you ate.

Today was different.

As soon as you entered the tree line you noticed that students were scattered here and there on the ground, sprawled in differing levels of comfort and consciousness in the dewy grass with sketch pads and charcoal pencils. As much as you tried not to, you found yourself glancing at each pad that you passed, the sight of so many unique drawing styles and interpretations of different trees making you smile. But as you approached the place where your tree grew, your smile flickered and disappeared.

Someone was drawing your tree. It was stupid for you to feel possessive of this tree which had been growing here since the early forties, utterly indifferent to your existence, but still you eyed the man sitting in front of the tree, your tree, with annoyance. You took in the neat blonde hair, the broad shoulders, the strong jaw, and the intense blue eyes and felt yourself tense. Of all the people to find sitting in front of your tree, it had to be an incredibly handsome guy who was probably only taking art for the nude models.

With one last frustrated huff, you walked determinedly around him and satisfied yourself with patting the smooth trunk of the tree affectionately as you passed. Just as you were about to step onto the sidewalk, a voice called out behind you.

“Hey, wait! I’m sorry, can you do that again?”

You turned back uncertainly, vaguely alarmed to meet with bright blue eyes staring into yours.

“Do what again?” you asked nervously when he didn’t offer up any explanation.

“Oh, just umm… When you passed the tree you kind of patted it… and you were looking up at the branches and smiling. Would you do it again? Is it okay if I add you into my drawing?” Oddly enough, he sounded even more nervous than you did, and he offered up a timid smile as you blinked owlishly at him.

“I… yeah I guess… I can’t really stay though. I’ve got class soon. Do you want to like… take a picture or something?”

“Is that okay?” he reached slowly for his phone as if he was worried about scaring you off with sudden movements.

“Sure?” you shifted uncomfortably on your feet before walking back towards your tree, drawing some comfort from its sturdiness and the smoothness of its bark under your palm as you looked up into the leaves that seemed to glow green where they filtered the sunlight.

“Okay, I got it. Thank you so much. I’m sorry if that was kind of creepy.” He sounded so intensely apologetic that you couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, the sound of which noticeably eased the tension in his shoulders.

“I’ll be back here tomorrow… same time,” you offered up nervously. “Will you be…Can I see it then? This drawing you’re working on?”

“Yeah,” he said with a gentle smile. “Yeah, I’ll be here.”

“Okay, good. Um… Well, I’ll see you then.” You gave an awkward wave and turned away, only to call back over your shoulder, “My name is Y/N by the way!”

“Steve,” he replied, his smile growing just a bit wider. “Steve Rogers.”

Part Two

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This is what happens when you let a loser like me use Photoshop…

I’ve just been laughing at the last skit in Sonic Shorts - Volume 6 for a while, and I wanted to use what I know about Photoshop to make my own picture of Zero the Artificial Hedgehog. I spent about two hours making this fanart of this “original” Sonic fan character, and I think it was two hours well spent. (It would have taken me less time, but it took forever to find good images and I had to start over about 30 minutes into making the picture.)

Now you may be thinking, “Jouska, why would you waste two hours of your life to make this?” and the answer to that is really easy! …Because I can! 

why sleep when i can theorize where breath of the wild falls in the zelda timeline

Watermelon Bubblegum and a Hint of Mint (Trolls Fanfic)

I finally finished! Did somebody say ANOTHER KISS? Did somebody say an actual kiss, perhaps even make out? Well, I surely hope so because that’s what you’re getting. And I confess that because of that I had trouble rating this lol, I ended up leaving it as “all audiences” but if you think I should level it up to “Teens” let me know lol

So, anyway. Here we go. 


Summary: Poppy and Branch are getting used to having talks under the moonlight in the highest spot of the Toll Tree before bed. They share secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, and perhaps, even a heartfelt, most needed kiss.

The best thing about living in the Troll Tree was the height. It was really tall. Poppy had also picked the highest pod to live, so she could watch over every single one of her friends, her people. As a bonus, she got to sneak out to one of the most elevated branches of the tree almost every night after a long day of singing, dancing, and new treaties of friendship with the Bergens with her… er, roommate.

After discovering there were too many Trolls for the current number of available pods on the Tree, they came to the conclusion they would have to share until they could grow as many pods as necessary. As Bergen Town also changed and was now a very colorful, environment-friendly city, King Gristle had told her, she only had to say the word and the Trolls could start to grow pods on every tree they wanted.

Poppy had thanked him, but decided that it would be better to keep the Trolls in one place where she could easily watch over them at first, at least until they acclimated to the city. The good thing was that the Troll Tree had enough room to grow enough pods, but it would take time. It would also be quicker to grow them all in one place too.

So, until all the pods were ready, some Trolls would have to share. They didn’t mind that much, but Poppy insisted that everyone got their own pod first before her, because what kind of ruler would she be if she was selfish? It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the fact that she was having the time of her life sharing a home with Branch.

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Older Ch 1

“Honestly I think he should’ve just said yes.” Emerson says while painting her toe nails black on her white bed.

Quickly I turn away from the book shelf I was looking at moments before to glare at her.

For the past 15 minutes we had been talking about this guy in our grade named Kyle. Kyle had been dating this girl named Sarah whose a year below us (Junior) for probably 5 years. Well just last Friday, the two of them were supposed to go to the movies but last minute Sarah canceled without a reason. Kyle got suspicious so he went over to her house. Long story short he walked in on Sarah and some random dude from another school making out. Today during lunch Sarah got in front of everyone and begged for his forgiveness. He of course said no and she ran out crying.

Emerson, my best friend, thinks since they have been dating for so long that something like this was bound to happen, so he should just get over it and take her back.

I of course disagree. Ever since we first met in the 1st grade, we always seem to disagree. And yet we still agree on a lot of things. For example, we like the same music and books.

“Lets just drop it.” I say plopping down on her bed and pause before continuing.

“Hows you and Landon.” I say picking at my nails.

Landon is Emerson’s I guess you could say boyfriend. Shes the type of girl that always has to have a boyfriend. I remember her first relationship was in the 3rd grade. I use the word “relationship” very loosely, well because it was third grade. But ever since then, she’ll date a guy for a couple weeks then drop him. Her longest relationship was 3 weeks I believe. Landon and Emerson have been dating for about 2 weeks so he has a week left before he’s dumped on the curb and shes onto the next.

Immediately she puts the polish down and turns to me with a wide grin.

“I know I’ve said this a million times but I think he might be the one!” she says clapping her hands together.

I get up from my back and sit criss cross in front of her.

“Hm lets see, you said Bryan was the one then Henry, Joe, Cole, Gabe, and now Landon, I don’t believe you know what the “one” feels like.” I say giving her a playful smile.

“Hey! I do too and it’s real this time!” She says laughing while giving my shoulder a shove.

“Plus you’ve never even had a boyfriend so you have no room to talk.” Emerson continues.

“It doesn’t matter that I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know someones the one when you get butterfly’s when your around them, or they could be talking about how they need to do the laundry and you look at them like they just created the sun, and you just feel it.”

Emerson laughs.

“Alora, you have read one to many romance novels and watched one too many chick flicks! Butterfly’s aren’t real!” She says throwing her head back and laughing even louder.

I take a pillow out from behind me and throw it at her head. It hits her but only causes her to laugh more. Soon I start to laugh and then we both can’t stop.

After a few more minutes of dying of laughter we calm down.

“You know I’m right, now its 2:00 in the morning, I’ve got work in the morning lets go to bed.” I say wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Ok, daddy.” Emerson says with a wink.

I just roll my eyes and get ready for bed.

Last year we were in math class and our teacher was named Mr. Reynolds. He was probably in his late 20s and was so hot. For fun Emerson and I would call him daddy between classes and when he wasn’t around. Well one day I wasn’t paying any attention and Mr. Reynolds called on me but I thought for some reason it was Emerson and said “Yes, daddy?” I was so embarrassed and Emerson hasn’t let me live it down since.

“Goodnight.” Emerson says turning off the the bedside lamp.

I mumble a goodnight and close my eyes.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I work from 10:30-2:30 at “Mikes Records”. It’s been my favorite record store since I was little so as soon as I turned 16, I applied for the job. I’m 17 now so I haven’t been working there for a long time but it’s felt like forever. On weekdays since I don’t do any extra curricular activities I just head to work and work until 5:30.

*Next Morning*

“Girls wake up! I made pancakes!” Emerson’s mom Karen says sticking her head in the door before turning around to head back to the kitchen.

Karen was the type of mom that deserved to be on a reality TV show or at least be on TV. She always was dressed up and had a full face of makeup on 24/7. I’ve only seen her without makeup maybe a handful of times. Food was always on the table and not just Eggo’s and Sunny D. Every morning shed make eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc and freshly squeezed orange juice. She seemed like a great mom but she was with a new guy every night. Also she had a nasty habit of gossiping about everyone and everything with her snobby rich friends.

A good idea of who she acts like is Regina Georges mom from Mean Girls. She’s more of a friend than a mom.

I rolled out of bed stretching my arms above my head and let out a loud yawn.

“Alora shut up I’m sleeping.” Emerson mumbles still half asleep.

“Emerson get your fat butt up we gotta grab coffee before work.” I say grabbing my phone to text my mom that I’m up getting ready.

Every time I go to Emerson’s house and stay over night, my mom makes me check in all the time. She’s very protective. Well over protective. I guess you could say I’m a goody goody. Every year I have straight A’s, never get in trouble by any one, never been to a party, anything. I haven’t even kissed a boy yet or been on a date.

I grab my clothes and get dressed. I decided to wear a big Led Zeppelin shirt with light blue skinny jeans and white shoes.

Quickly I pull my hair up into a pony tail and grab my makeup bag and head to the bathroom. Well it’s not really a makeup bag because it only consists of 5 things. Eye lash curler, mascara, concealer, bronzer, and a brush.

I finish getting ready as Emerson is just getting up.

After 20 minutes of waiting around she’s finally ready so we head to leave. There’s literally a feast on the table so I feel bad not eating anything so I grab a piece of bacon and we head to Emerson’s car.

I have a car but I’m only allowed to drive it to school and work. But since I stayed the night at Emerson’s, my mom wont let me drive it.

The car ride to the coffee shop was pretty quiet due to Emerson being “dead” until 9 and it was 8:10. Her words not mine.

Finally we pulled up around 8:25.

Coffee shops were always my favorite places.I could spend hours in one and never get bored. Starbucks was okay but I preferred little coffee shops that weren’t well known and felt like you were walking into some indie music video. The building was all brick and had a huge window with 3 tables in front of it. When you walk in you smell coffee beans and hear soft music.

Emerson and I head to our usual table by the big window.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her laptop. More than likely to work on all the homework that she never does during the week. I set my stuff down and go grab our coffees that were already made by the owner Mrs. Claire.

Since we had been coming here ever since we were young we became best friends with the owner who’s a sweet old lady probably in her 70s.

“Here you go Missy.” Mrs. Claire said smiling handing over the 2 cups.

“Thank you, how are you this morning?” I ask.

We chat for a few more moments before I head back to our table and start reading my book “The Book Thief” I’ve only just started but so far so good.

Soon it turned into 10.

“Hey girl I’m gonna go ahead and leave. Landon wants to meet at that donut shop then go shopping. I’ll be back to pick you up when you’re shift ends.” Emerson says packing up.

We said our goodbyes and I moved to the table directly in front of the big window. I sat on the side of the table directly beside the front door with the cover of my book facing the window.

There was only a hand full of people besides me in the coffee shop today. An older couple who are both reading the newspaper, some girl that seemed the be in college with papers all over the table, and Mrs. Claire.

Deep into my book I faintly hear the door chime indicating someone came in. I just ignored it and kept reading my book.

Suddenly I hear the chair in front of me screech causing me to jump.

“M’sorry love didn’t mean to startle yeh.” Says a tall man dressed in black jeans, boots, and a white t-shirt. His brown hair was pulled into a bun and black sun glasses were hooked on his t-shirt. To be completely honest he smelled quiet nice.He had tattoos all over his arms. Plus he had a accent, maybe Australian? No no it was British. He was British.

“No your good, sorry I was just reading and not paying attention.” I say blushing.

Damn cute boys. Why do I always have to be so nervous around them?

“Yeah I saw you from outside readin’ that book, It’s a great book isn’t it?” The handsome stranger said while leaning forward on his elbows pointing to my book.

“Well I’m not that far in yet, but so far I really like it. I’m guessing you’ve read it before?” I ask but mentally slap myself in the face. Of course he has read it Alora, he just said It’s a great book, why would he say a book he’s never read was a great book? Idiot.

He chuckles the most beautiful chuckle I’ve ever heard before he speaks.

“I’ve actually read it a couple times over the years. I’m Harry by the way.” He says sticking his hand out to shake.

Quickly I take his hand and shake it. Immediately I feel tingles. I guess he felt them too because we both let go super fast and awkwardly laugh.

“I’m Alora.” I say with a light smile.

“What a beautiful name, what brings you here?” Harry asks looking at me intently. Crap was there something on my face? Just calm down Alora.

“Usually every Saturday my friend Emerson and I come have coffee before I work next door.” I say trying to stay calm under his gaze.

Should I be giving all this info to a complete stranger? No probably not, he could be a murderer for all I know. But he’s so hot. Ugh I’m not thinking straight.

“Mikes Records? I love that place, when I moved here from Holmes Chapel a few years back, he was the first person I met. Haven’t been to see him in a bit, now I have a reason to come.” He says with a smirk.

I’m sure I turned as red as a tomato and looked down at the table with a small smile on my lips.

“Well I’m gonna be late if I don’t go now, but I hope to see you around Alora.” He says standing up smiling at me.

“It was nice to meet you Harry.” I say smiling.

We both say say bye and he goes to get his coffee. Before he leaves he winks at me then leaves.

Deep breaths Alora, deep breaths.

I just talked to the hottest guy of my life. Plus he reads and dresses good! And his smell! The tingles!!

I look at Mrs.Claire who is already looking at me with a big smirk on her face.

Loudly I say “I think I peed myself.” causing people to look at me weird but Mrs. Claire just laughed.


So I really want to write a book and got the idea randomly. Also this is just fiction so I don’t necessarily support illegal dating. This is about Harry Styles but he isn’t famous in my book.

Don’t forget to like and if you have any helpful suggestions, let me know!! Thanks!

Have you ever had second thoughts
about having second thoughts? 
Like, you know where you are 
and what you have is good 
and you shouldn’t be questioning it
but there is something lingering 
in the back of your head 
that tells you maybe 
your second thoughts are unwarranted?

And maybe I am not making sense
but have you ever been in love? 
And love is love is love is love 
until it’s not. Then what is it? 
“Do you stay until love comes back?”
That right there is the second thought.
The second second thought is 
“maybe it isn’t love but it is better than nothing 
so I might as well stay; lukewarm
is better than freezing even if I crave the heat." 

Or maybe you haven’t been in love,
that’s okay, I can make it simpler. 
You’ve been tired, right? Exhausted 
to the bone, knock down, drag out tired 
but for some reason you didn’t go to bed 
and the next morning you think
"I should have gone to earlier." 
That is the second thought. 
But then you start back peddling and you think
about all the nightmares you have ever had 
and how sleep is restless, leaves your body achy 
and you tell yourself "I didn’t need to sleep.
I’ve been running like this for so lone,
my body has adapted.”

And now the second second thought has 
taken over and it is such a dangerous thing

—  The Second Second Thought || O.L. 
the art of skipping class.

listen. i don’t recommend skipping class. ever. i barely ever do it. i hadn’t even done it before college. but i get it. sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. here are some things you should think about before you skip, as well as some tips if you decided to rebel.

first things first : why do you want to skip class ? ask yourself this. find a decent answer. 

  • are you sick ? if so, are you so sick that you can’t get out of bed ? are you so sick you know you won’t be able to concentrate ? in those cases, stay home. otherwise, go to school. 
  • are you unable to get out of bed due to your blankets being too comfortable ? dude. go. this is not a good excuse.
  • are you behind on your homework ? do you have an essay to write ? an exam to study for ? i personally think that it’s a good reason. it’s almost always my excuse for skipping a class.
  • is the class boring ? NOT good enough. but can you get all the material from the power points or the textbook ? good enough. 

so you decided to skip class ? here’s what you should do. 

  • ask somebody for their notes. it’s simple. a friend, a stranger, who cares. finding notes is essential !
  • if the teacher provides power points, make sure you use it. i recommend recopying (by hand or on the computer) the slides and using it as a base. if you know the teacher reads the power points and doesn’t really add any info, that should pretty much be enough. 
  • make sure you do the assigned reading VERY seriously and use your reading notes to add onto your power point notes.
  • if there is additional reading, do it. even if you never do it. it’ll help, i promise. 
  • in the extreme cases where you can’t get someone’s notes, don’t have access to a power point/any other support and don’t have any readings, there are a few things you can do. if you know what that specific class was about, find some ressources online. if there is nothing on the subject well good luck friend !

the art of skipping class, simplified. 

  • don’t skip class if there is an exam/assignment the following week.
  • don’t skip class if you are graded on participation, even if it’s only 1% ! every percent counts !!
  • don’t skip class just because your friends are skipping. you are your own person. be responsable.
  • don’t skip class to piss your parents off.
  • do skip class if you truly feel terrible. don’t force yourself too much.
  • do skip class if you’re very familiar with the topic. in college, you will often learn the same things in different classes. if you already know the subject, skip. 
  • choose your battles : don’t skip just because the teacher is boring but do skip if the teacher reads his power points. don’t skip classes with no visual/textual support but do skip the ones where the teacher provides summaries of the lecture.
  • try not to skip two lectures in a row and even more importantly, don’t skip more than 25% of the lectures. your grades WILL suffer. 
Newt x Reader (Prompt #24)

it’s real late at night, expect nothin good

I absolutely know how to advertise well. By the way you can request! Just give me an ask which I think I have open..

“It’s six o'clock in the morning, you are not having vodka.”


Why do people have to go into labor when you should be getting ready for bed? Even if it was Queenie and Jacob’s first child, did you really have to stay the whole time? The whole process, you were there. You were right next to your sister as you heard her screams and when she about squeezed your hand to death, and you were right next to your sister as she held the baby.

If you were honest, it wasn’t even that good looking. It was red and screaming and covered in white disgusting mesh.

But obviously you would never tell anyone that their baby is ugly.

You normally weren’t like this, you just got a little honoury at night. In the morning, you would probably be perfectly alright with staying up for the baby. Right now? Not so much. All you wanted to do was get home, find out you couldn’t go to sleep, and then stay up for the rest of the night.

You stumbled on the pavement, slightly dizzy from your lack of rest. Newt leaned in and grabbed your arm, helping you balance. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You nodded your head as you regained your stance, “Quite..” Newt let go of you carefully, but stayed close just in case you tripped or stumbled again.

The moonlit night was quite beautiful, or it would be if it was any other day. All you wanted to do right now was throw stones at it for being too bright.

It didn’t help that Newt wouldn’t use apparation to get you two home, he liked to do things the No-Maj way, and that was walking home. Obviously, if you really, really needed to go home quick, he would offer to use it.

Soon, you were stumbling into the house, but by now you were more awake then you were nine hours ago. “I won’t be able to sleep.” You looked at a very sleepy Newt.

He was swaying side to side, like he could fall over asleep at any given moment. He snapped out of his little trance and yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes with his fists to try and stay awake. “Oh,” Was all he responded with before he yawned again. He was extremely tired, and you knew that.

“Let’s get you ready for bed..” You let out slight laughter as you put his arm around you and directed him towards the restroom where he would get himself ready.

You left him to do his business before you went back to the kitchen.

You were stressed to say the least. When ever you couldn’t sleep, you were stressed. You just felt this tension in your body building higher and higher and it wouldn’t go away. There wasn’t a way to make it go away, except.. maybe. It wouldn’t hurt anything, right? What harm could a little vodka do at six o'clock on the morning?

A small smile was present on your lips as you lit a candle in the kitchen for some dim lighting. You grabbed a small glass cup and poured about an inch of vodka in it. It may be a strong alcohol, but you were also strong. The burning sensation down your throat always brought good satisfaction, the only time you would regret it was in the morning.

By all means, you weren’t a drunky. Although, on the occassion sometimes you would get, well, drunk. Today may or may not be one of those occasions depending on how things roll out.

You took a small sip at first, and when you were about to drink some more a voice made you hault, “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you are not having vodka.” The glass cup was taken away from your lips and you were met by the eyes of the one you love. “Come on, Y/N.. at least lie in bed with me..”

You were almost in a trance, it was something those eyes did to you. When he looked at you like that it was as if you were hypnotized and had to do whatever he wished. “Oh-okay..” he took your hand and led you to the bed. You both laid on your sides.

“Good night..” Newt mumbled.

“Good night.”

You stared up at the cieling, you weren’t able to fall asleep just as you expected. Maybe Newt was still awake, “Hey Ne-” you looked over at him and instantly stopped talking.

The moon light was perfectly aligned with Newt and you could see his red hair and matching freckles shining in the moon light. His mouth was also slightly opened and you could feel his breath on your face.

You smiled, he was truely your one love.


After eating dinner with my mom and sister we watched a few movies. Once the last movie ended I decided to head outside and call Adrian.

“Hey Adrian, how are you and Phoebe doing?”

“We’re doing fine, how is it going at your mom’s?”

“Surprisingly it’s going really well… I honestly think my mom has changed a lot.”

“That’s good to hear, you will be home Sunday night right?”

“Yeah I will, we should all go out to eat and I’ll tell you guys everything.”

“Sounds like a plan.., well I’m gonna head to bed, goodnight Rosemary.”

“Goodnight Adrian.”

I don’t know why but Adrian is always the first person I go to when I want to talk. I think it is because he is so nonjudgmental and always listens to what I have to say. I’m glad to have him a friend and a roommate.

Armin & Levi Fight About Bringing Eren Breakfast In Bed

This request comes from an anon! Anonymous said: Hello there, do you think you could do an audio of Armin and Levi fighting over who gets to bring Eren his valentines breakfast?


Levi, can you pass me the rosemary for a second?


Aaaaand, done! Valentine’s Day breakfast for everyone. Levi, you’re a really good cook!

Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself.

*laughs* thank you. We should call everyone down here. I’ll dish up some food for Eren as well, since he’s sick and can’t really get out of bed.

To save time, you go ahead and go wake everyone up, and I’ll bring Eren his breakfast.

No, it’s really okay. I can do it. It’s not a big deal.

I insist.

How about I bring Eren his breakfast, and you wake everyone up.

Look, brat, I’m bringing Eren his breakfast, and that’s final.

Well that’s too bad, because I’m bringing him his breakfast.

The hell you are.

The hell I’m not.

Don’t you start something here, Arlert. I will end you.

Oh I dare you.

*Eren enters* What are you guys fighting about?


Two Levis…scary…

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I'm sobbing I really love the way you write Namjoon??? Like 'A Favor' is 12/10 the best I love it so much but to make myself sleep at night I gotta pretend that him and reader do end up together at some point just to give me peace of mind ILYTHO :'D

Thank you!!! I don’t write about him a lot because I’m scared of not portraying him right. All I see is these daddy Namjoon aus, and I have nothing against them, I enjoy reading them, especially the well written ones, but I feel like he’s different in real life. He gives off daddy vibes, but he also gives off cute, shy, nice guy vibes to me, so I see him as a mix of the two - cute and shy while he’s getting to know someone, and then slowly turning into someone more dominant as he gets more comfortable around the person. Also why am I thinking about this right now, i should be going to bed, not thirsting over Namjoon

One of my favorite things to see on the Internet are those sweet videos of Nicki Minaj telling all young women to go and finish school. It’s so important for women to pursue an education and I think everyone should try. Knowledge and diplomas/degrees are the only sense of power and security we have anymore.
With that being said, a lot of people can’t do well in school whether it’s mental health reasons or not having the proper resources to try and pursue school fully. Personally, I was going through one of the darkest times of my life and school just couldn’t be my happy place. No matter how hard I tried or loved the people there I couldn’t even get myself out of bed in the morning. It was pointless in my head and I had no motivation + depression + anxiety.
When I finally decided to leave I was already at a credit recovery school, oh, and I was FOUR CREDITS away from a diploma (my entire family is still confused) I just couldn’t do it because I hit a real low with my mental health and self love. I couldn’t speak to people in school without being noticeably uncomfortable and overall school just didn’t collide with any of my interests.
It’s been a couple years since I made the decision and not a moment goes by where I regret it. But don’t get me wrong! I’m not ballin yet! I’m not where I wanna be right now, I’m probably not gonna be for a little while. My real dream is to do good for the world (I have specifics but that’s for another day) make some money, leave a mark, have a family full of love and most of all just be happy, stable, and content. There’s just no formula for that. I don’t think school would have helped me achieve it any better or faster than I can myself. Ofcourse I envy everyone else’s sense of security sometimes but if that’s the only thing I’m missing (personally) I’m good.
It’s been rough and scary and spontaneous and beautiful so far and if you’re going through the same thing I’m so proud of you! Because we don’t hear that enough.

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Have you seen the new sneak peeks? I can't seem to find them

Put them up for you!

Anonymous said:                                                                      Raise your hand if you’re still reeling over that kiss last night!!!!! Ahhhhh! But really, could that have been any hotter? Don’t tell me Teri and Sherri weren’t getting hot themselves!             

I don’t even know what to do with myself. I literally should go to bed in half hour but still processing. I can’t wait for the weekend. Um, well, I mean, it’s hard to argue with that because once again, no directions. Just go for it. Love on each other.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I’m just still so in awe. I was thinking recently how I would love for them to just go for it (kissing) one day, but concluded that it would most likely never happen. But I was wrong. So wrong.  Last night they just went for it!  That moment when Stef opens her mouth and her lip is pressed against Lena’s teeth?  Good God!  Has there been any confirmation on tongue?  Because I’m still not sure…             

Honestly, i never thought we’d get another just go for it kiss since 18 was there but with much less context. This was one was like.. yikes and it got hotter, they just wanted to get closer to each other. And sherri and teri are so much closer now and it shows. Oh, you know, TV kisses with women are not really about tongue, but there was passion, so much of it and I can’t argue with that. And I just love that we have been whining about the kisses being hidden and not lingering. And Bradley wanted to get all angles on this kiss (he listened) and he wanted to linger. His solution 360 camera, and linger on that moment as long as possible. One take, that was it because of the rain.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Why do I get the feeling Stef probably always has scratches on her back from Lena? Lol            

  Anonymous said:                                                                      Oh please write something! You are one of the only ones who can do it justice!            

Can we talk about this, because um, shit. Lena … girl, I mean I know I tend to write her like very sexual but um. Ok, yeah I might be getting inspired and thanks to my friend Jessica I have a beat on the beginning.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Someone has 2 make a slo mo video of that kiss right!!! :)

Um, yes, that someone will probably be me. I already have the 1080 so probably tomorrow. I should be home in the afternoon.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Since the producers gave the Stef and Lena fans what they wanted I think they are going to give Brallie fans what they want now             

I don’t know. I think that it’s not really where the show is headed. Brad talked about how he likes where the family is right now. He also talked about how Callie should have replied to AJ’s line about being a black man. They wish they had changed it and might include it next season. It just means that AJ and Callie continue to have a close relationship. Also, Brandon just got another kiss at his Mama’s wedding. I liked that.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Somehow , I always watch this show and find myself trying to distinguish between what is Teri vs what is Stef and what is Sherri vs what is Lena . Last night’s episode … Brad said he just let them go free with it .. again . I just melted into nothing . I can’t tell . I don’t know . At all .             

Good issues. I do the same. Like, how can you separate them when they make it so hard to do. Bradley saying they are in love with each other. I know it’s not this specific type of relationship, obviously. However, it’s very convoluted.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I love AJ being a protective BF. I just wish Callie could accept that. He cares about her. She’s never really had anyone to protect her. So I don’t think she can handle it.        

 Anonymous said:                                                                      I don’t know if I should feel bad for Callie or not because all this stuff she’s going through is her fault. But she’s so way she is because of her past. Why haven’t they talked about that.            

AJ is the only boy who isn’t blinded by Callie to the point where they start to make shitty decisions just to keep her happy. He’s grown weary of this and I think putting his hide on the line was the last straw. I know Brad wants us to find sympathy for her, that’s fighting the way she wished someone had fought for her. Still, something in the story telling makes her very unlikable.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I finally saw the latest episode. At first I wasn’t really into Sharon’s wedding drama story. But the end completely made it all worth it. And the episode made me like Will. I don’t want him to be a main character or anything, (I mean, a cop’s mother marrying a much younger anarchist, that sounds like sitcom) but once a season in an obligatory Sharon episode wouldn’t be bad. I thought it was refreshing that the gay couple got the wedding and the str8 couple remained happily unmarried.

Stef and Lena’s wedding was amazing! And what a nice surprise! The vows made me laugh, Lena’s own vows were touching and Stef’s response made me laugh again. Then kissing happily in the rain <3 The only thing that could have made it better is if Lena’s parents were there. But I guess it just wouldn’t make sense for them to travel to Sharon’s spur of the moment wedding. XD BTW Mariana friending the gf was stupid, she shares a last name with Callie. Callie is on my last nerve      

I can’t say I was feeling her crisis, but they had teased it so I knew that she was having second thoughts. I had expected her to go through with it though. I am ok with Will, but I don’t want him around a lot lol. I can live with him being around with Sharon. I loved the twist, because these couples were choosing or not choosing marriage for very different reasons. It’s interesting though because Sharon can say all she wants but she does view the chains of marriage as somehow permanent. IT’s the way that Stef felt about marriage because Lena broke her down. You can see how much of that attitude was passed down to Stef and also after her experience with Mike.

It’s ok that Lena’s parents weren’t there because the rest of the family was there and Mike wasn’t there :) That for some reason I loved. The Callie story doesn’t make a lot of sense. Callie is not smart enough to be helping anyone. She just digs a bigger and bigger hole.

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Elihu~ good morning! Still haven't heard from Eddie? Maybe try calling him! I'm sure you're really worried about him...

Of course I’m worried about him!! I almost plotzed last night, tossing and turning in bed, trying to think of just what could be going on with him. He has been saying he was….well, pregnant…

…and I’m honestly a little…scared? Worried? …i-if he’s actually…pregnant…then…I mean, I’m a big guy…and he’s only…oh yeshiva, I should call him…

*Eli turned off the camera, and sat down on the couch, calling Edmund.*

I hope he’ll pick up…

“I was a maître d’ at a restaurant for thirteen years. But one week I got a really bad case of pneumonia that put me in the hospital. While I was lying in that hospital bed, I was thinking about how I really didn’t want to go back to work. Then that motivational speaker came on TV. You know– the one that has all those teeth in his mouth. And he said: ‘Think back to what made you happy when you were young! That’s what you should be doing!’ Well I grew up in the country, and I always had a lot of dogs, so I thought that nothing would make me happier than to be a dog walker. But I knew I needed to distinguish myself. So I decided to make a uniform. I smoked a joint and came up with this outfit. I wanted people to look at me and think: ‘If this man is walking our dog, and there’s some sort of major disaster, he’s going to survive. He’s going to fish for those dogs. He’s going to build a bunker and shelter those dogs until it’s safe to bring them home.’ After I finished the design, I got four of my friends to wear the uniform, and we borrowed all the neighbors’ dogs, and we walked them down 5th avenue while handing out business cards. I got five customers that first day.”