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Sometimes I get so emo thinking about how deeply Isak and Even just know each other and connect with each other…!…..like…..in Pause just after Isak unwittingly shatters Even’s heart into a million pieces, Even looks Isak in the eye, takes his face ever so gently in his hands and finds the sincerest place in his heart from which to pluck the words “I think they would love you” - telling Isak that he think his parents would love him - that still, after Isak has made Even feel about as big and important as a piece of gum stuck to that locker room floor, that Even still sees Isak through the same eyes, he still loves and respects him. Even knows that this is what Isak needs to hear, as well as believing it completely himself. So, he puts his own hurt aside to tell Isak this, because deep down Even just knows how insecure Isak is. 

And then when they are lying in bed in the hotel and Even is asking Isak about parallel universes, Isak does the same thing. This is after their conversation over the mini burgers, so Isak has already sensed that something is amiss, that Even is different, that he is slipping - into what Isak doesn’t know. And Isak has no idea what is happening but he is feeling confused and unnerved and scared. So when Even asks him “How many Isaks and Evens do you think are lying here like this right now?” Isak senses something is up. He sense that Even is asking him this, not just to be corny but also because he needs reassurance. Even could maybe sense that he was slipping and maybe felt like he would lose Isak. And so Isak answers, “Infinite” and then Even asks “In infinite time?” and Isak repeats “In infinite time” - there is something so comforting about how Isak just affirms this for Even….he doesn’t even miss a beat he just repeats it and you can see the look on Even’s face, a mixture of relief and and calm. And I’m not saying that Isak doesn’t totally believe this as well, He believes 100% that there are infinite Isaks and Evens and that in every universe they would come together but Isak is also saying this to Even, in this moment, because he knows deep down that Even needs to hear this. He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t know what is going on, but I think deep down Isak knew that Even was scared. So Isak put away his own confusion here, his own fear and he said to Even “In infinite time”. He was saying - In infinite time I would find you and I wouldn’t let go, in infinite time whatever happened to us, whatever terrifying things came our way I would find my way back to you because we are infinity.. 

And the fact that these dorks just know the other person like this so well…..How Isak said to Even “only you can feel what you feel” - as if a part of him knew that Even’s feelings are his own and he doesn’t need anyone telling him what is the right and wrong thing to feel. How Even said to Isak “you think there are any rules here” as if a part of him knew even then, that Isak didn’t need to live by the suffocating rules he had imposed on himself. Knowing deep down what they need and who they are is what makes their story so amazing and such a perfect love story. 

blog announcement; 2/21

I gotta put on my serious pants for a moment. 

My blog has recently hit a decent milestone in followers (yay!), and I really appreciate all of you. This blog started out as a side blog until it gained decent traction. I have been in and out of this blog, as well as my other blogs, for the past year ([s] for my others), so it means a lot that a lot of you have stuck around and welcomed me back with open arms. So many of you are really interested in my Orochi, and words can never express how happy that makes me.

However, with followers and mutuals, comes a few new rules. This blog will be selective and semi-private from now on. What that means is I will only RP with mutuals, but I am open to checking out new blogs. It is nothing personal. My starters calls will be marked if they are for mutuals or open to all, and the ones open to all will lowkey be blog checkouts for non-mutuals as well. Memes will be open to all, but only mutuals can reply/make a new thread from them. 

To those who are non-mutuals with me:
If you want me to check out your blog, please send me an ask off anon, nicely. If I am not on mobile or hiatus, I will gladly check it out and let you know what I think. If you ever want advice on my character, graphics that are made by me, writing, tumblr rp blog aesthetics (as silly as they are tbqh), and life, I will be happy to give it to you (on and off anon). I do not bite. 

Also, I do not participate in exclusives. I enjoy multiple iterations of characters, even of my own. However, I will have mains and people I have a lot of chemistry with or just talk to a lot OOC. Hit me up on the IM or for my skype (mutuals pls) for anything really. Work, life, hair color, nail polish, skinny jeans, etc. 

Thank you for reading and understanding,

Steph <3

tl;dr- just read the bold parts pls

ELI5: Why people say "pardon my French" right before/after they swear?

In the early 19th century, intellectuals and those well-traveled would often drop French words into the conversation to show how clever they were. They would then point out that the word they had just used was French, often to embarrass someone nearby who was less fluent in the language.

To counter this, the less well-traveled (often poorer) people would, after swearing, loudly proclaim, towards those that had previously used French in the conversation, “Pardon my French.” - The latter stuck.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.


Ay look at me reading to far into a book again. Either @vaveyard is a genius putting little hopeful messages into her books first two words or she’s still a genius and I’m reading too far into this at 1am. Anyway the point of this post: these are the first pages of Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage respectively. The first two words of RQ are “I hate”, and a powerful message through tall these books is the prejudice and privilege of the Silvers over Reds, who hate each other. Sound familiar?
The next is the first two words of GS “I flinch”, as in fear. There is fear on both sides of this book, Reds of how the Silvers may oppress or hurt them, the Silvers on how the Reds may fight back and change tradition that gives them severe advantages. Again, sound familiar? These are all too similar to modern times, and well…everything that is going on, from police brutality to “alternative facts” which all add to issues like racism, sexism, anti Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc., and Ms. Aveyard has done a great job showing these same issues in a totally different world, and the fear and hate that create and add to them. Which is why I probably read too much into this and the beginning of KC.
Because the first two words of KC are “I rise”, which is what we all need to do now. Whether through speaking up and calling local politicians, or going to the woman’s March, pride marches, BLM marches, the science March, anything that shows we won’t give in and that we will continue to fight and have our voices heard. So if this was intentional, I applaud you Ms. Aveyard, and if it wasn’t I don’t care, because this was a message I needed for myself right now, and I’m sure many others do to. So listen to this, random tumblr, and instead of giving in to fear and hate, rise up. Rise up! You don’t need to be the Scarlet Guard or Mare Barrow, every rebellion and cause needs Kilorns and supporters who are not always spotlighted. You are important to these causes too. You are what drives them forward and makes them noticeable. Keep fighting!

Surprise (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which Bucky takes you by surprise while you’re walking home from class. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,289

A/N: Well here it is! The first deleted scene from “A Lesson in Love”. I imagine this happening some time between “The Unintentional Run-In” and “The Little Things (Part One)”. I hope you babes enjoy it! 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this like the beautiful queen you are.

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The sun is nowhere to be found when you finally get out of class. In your eyes, this is the sole downfall that comes with winter - day turns into night while you’re stuck in a room with a professor who really loves the sound of his own voice.

Instead of thinking about the excessive amount of homework Professor Loki had assigned at the end of class, you tilt your head back and look up at the stars decorating the night sky. Tonight, they’re the only things keeping you company on your way back to your dorm. As soon as this thought crosses your mind, your slow stroll becomes a speed walk. You’ve attended enough of Natasha’s self-defense classes to know that being a female and walking alone at night is the worst combination imaginable. You’ve also heard more than your fair share of horror stories to know that this has a high possibility of ending badly.

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Sooo… I just smacked myself with a really, really sad Dean/Cas headcanon.

Ketch: You, Halo. Do you sense I’m lying?

Castiel: My name is Castiel. And… no. But the truth can be situational.
12x08 LOTUS

So this makes it canon that Cas can sense lies – or at least, when humans are lying. This doesn’t mean he knows what the truth is, just when something is a lie.

And where did many people suspect a lie, or at least suspect something that may have not been 100% truth?

You’re our brother, Cas. I want you to know that.

And if all Cas can detect is deception… well. If, right there, he could sense Dean was lying, but he didn’t know why or what the truth is? OUCH. And it adds into to the ball of bad emotions and being stuck on the outside that Cas has been feeling. Maybe it’s more than just ‘actions speak louder than words.’

Maybe it’s because Dean lied, and Cas knows it. He just doesn’t know what the truth is.

(I’m actually not TOTALLY sold on this as I still firmly think that Dean believes he was trying to speak for both he and Sam, so that wouldn’t have necessarily been a lie… but it’s definitely a half-truth. So then the question is - how much of a lie does something have to be in order for Cas to sense a lie?)

Pancakes and Coffee [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader got stood up by her date and Lin is there to save her.

Word Count: 1,164

Warnings: None, not even cursing, this is THE PUREST FLUFF OF ALL

A/N: This was THE CUTEST???? I read a post on a promt like this sometime ago and just had to work on it. I love how this turned out, and I hope you guys like it was well!

askbox | masterlist

“I’ll just wait a few more minutes, he’s probably stuck in traffic, thank you.” Your eyes went back to your phone once again. You could feel it, the staring. The coffee shop you chose for your blind date with the guy your coworker set you up with was near close to Broadway, only a few blocks away from Times Square, there was no way he didn’t find the place or got lost in traffic.

You’ve been stood up for the first time.

It wasn’t a good feeling, at all. You could almost listen to the old women gossiping about it a few tables away from yours, and the waitress talking about how you were sitting alone with a glass of water on your booth, waiting for a date that just wasn’t going to show up.

When the bell by the door ringed for the millionth time since you arrived, you looked up from your phone, hoping for Mike, but it was just another guy: long hair tied up in a ponytail, headphones around his neck and a backpack that didn’t go with the gray sweater he was wearing on that autumn morning. Something about him was just captivating, so you watched him go stand in line to order.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Steve Rogers + Blizzard. Thank you to the lovely @httpbarnes for your wonderful request! I hope you like it!

Words: 1.1k+ (yeah, this one turned out longer than a drabble, oops.)

Warnings: Fluff and making out :):):)

Originally posted by ncoleys

Steve and you were stranded in Stark Tower. You’d booked your flights way too close to Christmas and now you were stuck in a blizzard, all flights cancelled until after Christmas. 

You sighed. You should’ve listened to Wanda and booked your flights well before Christmas, like the rest of the team had done. You were just dreading going back home and having to deal with your mom getting on your case about what you’ve chosen to do with your life. She was not a fan of the whole Avengers thing. So, you’d booked your flight for Christmas Eve. But now, the weather was so severe there was no way you were getting home in time for Christmas. Even though you’d been dreading spending so much time with your mom, you still missed her. And your dad. And your brother. You’d never spent Christmas away from them before.

You decided to venture out of your room and look for Steve. Steve had no place else to go, and when Sam had invited him to spend Christmas with him and his family, he’d politely declined. Insisting that he just wanted to spend Christmas in New York again.

At least you weren’t completely alone. But it was funny, really. Out of all the Avengers you could have been stuck with during a blizzard, it had to be Steve. The man couldn’t stand you. It hadn’t always been like that. Things were good, amazing even, with him in the beginning. You’d found comfort in his baby blue eyes. The two of you had been close. Which is why it hurt so much when he’d become so cold to you all of a sudden. 

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Paranoia ⇝ M

⤷ “Does it look like I want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life?”

Originally posted by jiminiemini

Summary: Because waking up beside the one you have always despised isn’t something that you thought would ever actually happen.

A/N: I wrote half of this after my surgery while being drugged up. I was hesitant on posting it but..well you tell me what you think. xD 

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, humor and  minor angst…I think. Nothing bad really, just implied smut and alotta cursing. ((: {Yoongi x Reader}

Words: 8.9k

You felt the warm sun rays beam through the sheer curtains, lightly hitting your face while you let out a soft grumble. Your body has never been as sore as it was now, and your head was pulsing and you knew exactly from what—a hangover. Your eyes slightly opened, and you looked around the room and realized you had no clue as to where the hell you were.

Your eyes fluttered shut, falling back onto the plushy mattress while grabbing the fluffy blanket and pulling it over your face to cover it from the sunlight. You had no idea what happened last night, but as long as you were still alive, it was all okay. You smiled, thankful that you were actually in a nice hotel room, and as you were slowly falling into the deep depths of slumber, you felt arms wrap around your waist. You smiled, turning in your spot and feeling the arms pull you into a warm, broad chest. You felt like you could sleep peacefully now, and as you dug your face into the chest—you couldn’t be any happier knowing you had extra warmth to provide you in bed.

Wait a minute..


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Oh man! The finale is finally upon us! Words cannot describe how happy I am with how this series turned out. Initially I was nervous since this is one of my favorite AU stories and I wanted to make sure if dubbed that it was done justice and….well I hope that we here at pshattuckproductions succeedded in making that possible :) Thank you to everyone who has stuck around with this project from episode one up to now! We do plan to dub future Underlust content once chapter 2 gets rolling but till then enjoy the fabulous world of Underlust!

Special thanks to the magnificent @nsfwshamecave who made this AU and gave us her permission to make this series! We couldnt be more grateful!

Special thanks also goes over to @natibeevoiceacting for doing the stellar editing work on this series! Without her hard work on this series it wouldnt have sounded as amazing as it did!

Dub and series hosted right here on the flagship @pshattuckproduction who makes all of this possible! you rock Pshattuck!

Most of my life I have been at least a little bit overweight. I’ve been on diets but nothing stuck because I would get bored or frustrated and then just give up. I love food and had grown to love lots of it. Not only just food but the worst food out there. I also hated the word exercise and never did it. So this is never a good combo.

It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I hit over 300 lbs. and started to have some health issues that I decided it was time I had to change! I was taking countless medications every day. It was hard to do certain things with my family because of my weight. I could have lied to myself and said, “Oh no, it’s my bad back or my bad knees that’s the problem.” But in reality, I had those issues because of my weight. I knew I was too young to stop living life and that’s exactly where I was headed.

I started what I call a “healthy journey”. It doesn’t stop. There’s no expiration date. I will be doing this the rest of my life because I need to remain healthy for the rest of my life.

In the past 3 years, I went from working out 3 days a week to 6-7 days a week. I consistently push myself to go even harder with every workout to challenge myself every day. I have drastically changed my eating habits over this period and I’m still working on improving it as I go. I have improved my back and knee issues and reduced my medications considerably! I’ve went from a size 26 to a size 14! I feel good in my clothes again! Good in my body!

I’ve still got goals that I’m working on. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be back in a 14, I would have never believed you because I didn’t have the faith in myself to do it. But taking one step at a time, one day at a time, making small changes, pushing myself, and not letting anyone else tell me different, has kept me on the road to success!!!

it is a CRIME that these two have barely interacted

So. Funny story. After my friends and I lured the librarians into a pitfall deep enough to buy us time, my friend grabbed me a particularly purple looking book and threw it at me “for Chris mass.” Now, I have no idea who this “Chris” person is, but I decided to keep the book so as to not hurt my friends feelings for forgetting my name. Now, being a good scientist, I decided to take it home and study it. One thing lead to another and now it’s stuck to my face. My face tingles and there is a low rumbling noise coming from the space beyond the book’s pages. I do not know if my words are going through muffled as they are by my auto dictate function, but I hope my findings find you all well. If I live, I’ll keep you updated on the low rumbling from beyond the pages. I think it’s hungry.

In other news, my diploma is in the mail.

I was visiting my parents this weekend and talking about my degree makes my dad tear up with pride. Like, this is a big deal to him. It is to me as well, of course, but to my parents… They have seen me go through my life givong up passion after passion when things to tough. But not this time. This time I stuck to my plan, worked through the rough patches. I have the highest certified academic degree in the family, even higher than my dad, who is a neurologist - but that is not the point. The point is that I completed a 5+ year long project.

And they gave me a huge amount of money as a graduation gift. “To be used for pleasure, not life expenses.” In other words, I will finally keep a promise I made to Mattias many years ago because the honeymoon destination will be Japan. 😍

Focusing on Original Art

I started reflecting a lot for the last couple of months and realising that I’ve been producing much less art than I used to as well as how much of an art block I’ve been stuck in and still pretty much am. There is also the matter of a growing handful of controversies I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with due to political subject matters such as POC or unjustified representation. Don’t get me wrong, I stand by my works firmly and I won’t let the words of SJWs sway me to hinder me from further drawing. But at the same time I think I want to take a step back and start working on original content rather than fanart. 

Fanart has been great for me. It’s always been there as a source of inspiration and a way to also express my love for the show/series/game, but I also feel most of my fandoms are all going through a dry spell when new content is low and nothing exciting is coming out of it at the moment.

I want to start working on my own projects, stories and characters that’ll also give me the freedom from being criticised for incorrect representation. Being able to create my own content allows me to dictate how I want the characters to look without coming under scrutiny because of it. I love constructive criticism and feedback but downright witch hunting me for a political belief does turn me off quite a lot. I think about the controversy of the SW tarot cards how many disagree with my choices and interpretations. I thought to myself, ‘had I drew these with original characters, would it come under the same kind of harsh judgment’? Again, I stand by them. I love my tarots and I’ll never regret doing them, ever. It’s just right now, I think I’d like to breathe and have a little more creative freedom.

That being said, I’m excited to share a project I’ve just started and I hope they’ll become the muses of my artist identity. I do hope that they’ll be around long enough for everyone to distinctly tie these characters to me. I’ll definitely be posting more about it soon!

anonymous asked:

Honestly, I don't like training new people. And it's not because of the new person themselves, it's because I generally work on my own, and I am crap at trying to explain things. I know and understand these things very well, I just have issues with getting my words out and explaining how things work. It makes me feel bad for the trainee for getting stuck with me.

Until We Meet Again - Taehyung Scenario

another one! 


Summary: If you kiss him, he’ll disappear forever.

Word Count: 1,743

Bare fists clenched by your sides as the familiar stinging in your eyes started to well up in tears, you took a deep breath in, storming out the front door.

You were the type to hold things in, hold things in and hold things in and hold things in until your chest would feel so tight, so full that it ached. But you still held everything in. Crying was a weakness. You crying would label you as weak and you didn’t want another label to be stuck with your other ones. Since the moment your dad was laid off, the carefree lifestyle you had changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

You moved to a smaller city, to a smaller house… and you were completely fine with that.

You liked the small neighbourhood with the park nearby your house and the dog you passed by on the way to school everyday.


Moving meant having to make new friends, having to make good first impressions. Trust your luck for you to meet the popular girl’s boyfriend on day one, him outwardly flirting with you along the way to class and causing the girl to flare up in jealousy.

Words hurt.

You bit back your tears as you entered the secluded area of the park, feeling the tiny scars from proper nouns and additional bits of broken eggshells along with mucus-y liquid, slowly, slowly starting to close up. That area was your safe haven. A place where rarely anyone but the park sweepers visit, a place where there was your trusty bench under the huge tree that gave you shade and warmth and every other thing you lacked in life.


Leaning your head back against the bench, you swallowed, letting the salty drops flow down your cheeks in streams.

Life would be nice if it was like the good dreams you occasionally had the pleasure of having.

Your eyelids drooped as you breathed in the scent of fallen leaves and shaky hopes.

Life would be nice if you dreamed a good dream and never woke up.

“Oh no.”

More shuffling could be heard as the voice got closer to your ear. Damp eyes still shut tight, you furrowed your eyebrows, hoping that whoever decided to sit beside a crying girl would get the message and leave.

“Why are you crying?”

You felt no more tears building up as your frown deepened at the low voice.

The voice sighed before continuing, “Well I can’t do anything so I’ll just stay here until you feel better.”

Eyebrows still furrowed - this time in confusion rather than annoyance, you opened your eyes, turning your head to the right to see a boy around your age, shock plastered onto his face as your eyes looked straight into his.

Despite your shitty thoughts of suicide and death and never waking up, you couldn’t help but notice the art that was inches away from you. Long lashes, lovely eyes, perfectly sculpted lips…

Tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip, the boy let out a shaky breath.

Can you see me?

Finally letting words flow out of you, you eyed the handsome boy weirdly, “Of course I can see you?”

The shock on the boy’s face startled you, goosebumps unknowingly forming on your arms. After what seemed like minutes, the boy swallowed, lips parting. “You can hear me too?”

“Of course I can.” Although dumbfounded, you couldn’t help your curious mind. “Am I not supposed to-”

“Oh my God.”

You watched as the boy stood up, backing himself a step away from you. He bit his lip, “Don’t be afraid okay?”


“I’m… not human.”

When your expression looked like you’d seen a mad man, the boy gave an exasperated sigh. “I’m a ghost. That’s why I’m shocked that you can see me… and hear me.” You saw his cheeks turn a bit pink.

Ghosts could blush?


“But you look so real?” You stood up, stepping closer towards him, making the boy’s eyes go wide.

“You’re not… scared?”

Why weren’t you scared?

You simply looked down, “I’m too numb to be scared.”

The boy stooped down, face tilting up from below to look at you. He gave you the sweetest smile you’d seen in a long, long time. “I would buy you ice-cream but I can’t so… care to tell me what’s wrong?”

The first thing the boy asked you when your butts met the bench was why patches of your school uniform had damp parts and bits of shells stuck on them - causing you to let your guard down in front of the stranger, the streaks on your cheeks repainted with new streams. That in turn caused the boy to apologise profusely, constantly blabbering nonsense while whining that he shouldn’t have asked you that and that he felt so, so bad.

Kim Taehyung made you laugh for the first time in months.

The next day you found yourself walking towards your haven with rare light steps, smile unconsciously spouting when you saw the boy there, eyes closed and cheek squished against the wood. That day he followed you home, earning you curious glances from people and murmurs along the lines of ‘why is she talking to herself?’, filling the journey with laughter and boxy smiles.

“That’s it.” Taehyung huffed for the million time that day, resisting the urge to kick the blanket draped over him. “I’m going to school with you tomorrow.”

“You are not.”

Taehyung pouted at the girl placing her tattered bag on the ground. “I am.”

“Can we please change the subject.” You sighed, tossing yourself onto your bed, letting your head rest on the boy’s shoulder.

Fingers went in between yours, soft breaths entering your ears. “Okay.”

Looking at your intertwined hands, you wondered for the umpteenth time since you met the boy, how a ghost could feel so human. “How was today?”

There was a moment of silence - which was rare - before Taehyung’s deep voice filled the room. “I met another ghost today.”

“You did?” You sat up, weary of the foreign tone replacing the male’s usually eager one.

“Yeah.” Taehyung’s eyes followed you - desperate almost.

You waited for him to continue, the grip becoming tighter.

“The ghost wasn’t like me, Y/N. He was translucent.” His voice turned anxious. “He didn’t know I was a ghost until I approached him and… and he asked me whether I remembered anything.”

Taehyung and you never got into the topic of his past before. How he… died and became what he was. Seeing him so scared caused your heart to ache in a different way. You stroked the back of his hand with your thumb.

He looked at the joined hands, calming down for a bit. “I told him I didn’t remember anything.”

“…You don’t?”

The male shook his head, cheerless eyes looking into yours. “He told me that…” He let out a harsh sigh. “That I can’t do a certain thing. If I do that, then…” He gazed at you. “I’ll disappear and never come back.”

Your heart stopped at his words. Disappearing would mean Taehyung would be gone from your life. The guy who made sure to greet you with smiles as bright as sunshine, who would insist in going to school with you every time you came home with a frown on your face, who would whine whenever you had to do your homework and not talk to him for hours but stayed by your side throughout the entire time. The guy who had been there for you when you fell off the tight-rope of life to effortlessly lift you up and keep you standing on the unsteady line would be-

“What can’t you do?” Your hunted expression went unnoticed, feeling Taehyung pull you into a tight hug. The tears that you hadn’t felt for a long, long time reappeared as you buried your nose into his neck, arms wrapping around him. “I’ll make sure you won’t do it so you won’t ever have to go.”

You felt the hands on your sides move up to your cheeks, the warmth peeling off of you. Cupping your cheeks, Taehyung leaned his face so, so close towards yours, thumbs gently wiping the stains off your face. Giving you a sad smile, he mumbled, “You can’t stop me from doing it.”

Before you could even answer, he gave a choked sob. “I love you too much I don’t know how I can stop myself from kissing you.”

You let out a whimper at his words, tears never ending as he looked at you with so much affection and longing, fingers moving down to graze your lips.

I love you.” Taehyung whispered, lips quivering, “So, so much.”

Looking pass the blurry film of salty liquid, you wholeheartedly breathed, “I love you too.

Glistening eyes and warm smiles, breath ghosting over your lips, he so tenderly murmured, “Until we meet again.”

It was no doubt that life turned back upside down when the boy that stuck beside you for months vanished into thin air, his only remains being your swollen lips and intangible memories - leaving you longing for more.

It was that night that you found yourself up in the early hours of the morning, typing up the name you so loved in the search box.

You almost cried when you saw the familiar boxy grin, frantically clicking on the facebook profile, finding family members and contact numbers.

Oh you’re his friend?

Legs trembling, you jumped off the bus, dashing towards the building.

No actually, he was in a coma.

Zooming past glass doors, you hurried towards the counter, cold sweat dripping down your forehead. Panting, you asked the alarmed nurse, “Where’s Kim Taehyung?”

But he woke up yesterday!

Hand gripping the handle of room 405, you took a deep breath full of hopes and dreams and unsaid words, slowly opening the door.

Unfamiliar faces, curious eyes, and shocked gasps. Your gaze fell on the boy with the boxy smile, wide beaming eyes filled with surprise, happiness, and eagerness mixed in between.

“Oh no.”

Voice and sobs muffled by your hand, you carefully walked towards the boy, people parting to give way.

The boy grinned, feeling his eyes well up as well. “Why are you crying?”

You couldn’t help the smile forming on your face at his words.

I would buy you ice-cream but I can’t so… care to tell me what’s wrong?

the clexa fic rec post you didn’t ask for

List of some of my favorite Clexa fics mostly for my own benefit so I can reference later but if you haven’t read all of these, you should. Read more link included because this list is hella long.

Modern AUs

the terminal by coeurastronaute

Our flight information got messed up in the airplane company’s computers and we’re stuck at this airport for 24 hours.

somewhere i have never traveled by unicyclehippo

Lexa Wood doesn’t like being woken up at two am when her neighbour comes home from work. But, for baked goods and good company and the offer of no strings sex with possibly the most attractive person she’s ever met, well. Maybe she can make an exception for Clarke Griffin.

cause i know that you feel me somehow by reinclarkenation

People aren’t their mutations, her father had been sure to preach those words to her, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. Sometimes it takes over your entire being, and with a force as strong as the one that flows through Lexa, Clarke knows that it’s too big of a burden to dismiss as a minor character point. This isn’t an ability, this isn’t getting a beer can to your hand by using your mind or making bigger waves when you go surfing, it’s a weight that interjects itself into every aspect of your life. It’s not something that you can turn off and on or control by yourself.

lifted up (where the sky hangs) by possibilist

hospital!au, because we all need non-tragic versions of those. octavia has very treatable cancer; lexa has sort of treatable heart problems. octavia meets lexa because they’re both stuck in pediatric waiting rooms for another year; octavia sets lexa up with clarke, her best friend.

You See the Smile That’s On My Mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) by heartshapedcandy

School AU - Clarke and Lexa fall in love at age five but take forever and a day to realize it.

bathroom stalls & late night calls by unicyclehippo 

A Clarke/Lexa fic where one of them either texts a random number or finds the others number in a book or on the bathroom stall in a school (or anywhere) and they start texting it. Turns out the number they texted turns out to be the other one. They don’t know who the other is. They both text each other until they finally meet each other millions of texts later

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Being stuck in an elevator with Seventeen

S.Coups: “don’t be afraid, I got this” - mental breakdown

Jeonghan: stuck in an elevator - still fabulous, taking selfies 

Joshua: prays to god

Jun: insults the elevator in chinese

Hoshi: starts playing games on his mobile phone

Wonwoo: “In order to stay alive, we all have to take our clothes off

Woozi: prepares his last words for the world

DK: “well.. you remember what they did in the movie we watched recently?”  

Mingyu: whispers “eat or be eaten..”

The8: starts crying, you hold him in your arms

Seungkwan: panically pressing all the buttons

Vernon: starts flirting with you 

Dino: tries to call his mom, realises Jeonghan is right next to him

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