well i still have to shower but


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

but seriously, like, akuma attacks have to happen when adrien and marinette are in the shower or duing some other equally inconvenient time. why do i never see that in the show or in fics

  • like marinette’s in the shower and her phone goes off because the news stations are freaking out over the akuma
  • and marinette’s like “shit i’m in the middle of shaving my legs” but oh well, gotta save the city again
  • so she just has to jump out the shower and doesn’t even have time to get dressed before she transforms. 
  • so she shows up with her hair soaking wet and conditioner still in her hair and she’s gotta fight an akuma. probably like in the middle of winter too to make it worse.  
  • meanwhile chat shows up with a freakin’ croissant in his mouth because he was just in the middle of breakfast and needed to transform but there’s no way in hell an akuma is going to prevent him from skipping the most important meal of the day
  • or like one day ladybug shows up with eyeliner on only one eye and chat shows up with only one cheek contoured
  • because marinette was in the middle of her morning routine and adrien was in the middle of makeup for a photoshoot when the attack started
  • both showing up to fights at 3AM with bed heads and retainers still in because they literally just jumped out of bed
  • and it probably gets to the point where it’s super normal for chat and ladybug to show up looking super weird and unkempt bc they were in the middle of something random but they had to just drop everything and go
Deodorant tips

Heads up for any people who struggle with finding affordable and effective deodorants (NOT antiperspirants) for sensitive skin: for the last four or so months I’ve been cycling between baking soda/starch based powder blends and max strength 40% zinc oxide diaper creams.

WAIT! Before you stop reading, I know you’re thinking that you’ve tried variations of baking soda and if it works, you always end up with the Dreaded Armpit Rash.

1. I have found that the baking soda only irritates me after several days of constant use, so if I use it one or two days and then switch, I don’t suffer from DAR. Diaper creams are anywhere from $5 - $11 but you have to get max strength for it to be most effective, and a little goes a long way. The zinc is a thick white cream that is either safe or too large particle-wise for skin to absorb, but it can stain if not rubbed in well enough or if still moist, so I use it when I shower before bed and re-up it a little in the morning, or even put baking soda over it. I’ve found success with an application ratio of 5:2 days, zinc oxide cream to baking soda, with changes where I see fit. Alternatively, you should be able to use the cream 24/7 if you can’t use baking soda at all.

2. Aside: I also have this clear alcohol free aloe vera gel from walgreens that I use when I’m going out anywhere with short sleeves and I don’t want my armpits to be bright white or powdery, but it has chemicals in it that I don’t feel comfortable putting on my body daily, hence the using it for going out. It’s like $7, and if you can’t or don’t want to use that, I imagine that coconut oil and baking soda can make an effective and clear topical solution for when you want to show off the pits and remain odor free. Finding a good ratio to prevent irritation there is based on personal experimentation. Keeping them both fresh and totally dry there is a tough one that I don’t have any tips for since dryness usually comes at the sacrifice of invisibility, but the aloe vera gel dries totally invisible and works, and lasts months to a year.

3. Neither method (cream or soda) is always 24 hour proof in my own experience and it depends on your level of activity and body chemistry, but I’ve found that it’s the safest and most effective combination, and I’ve tried alcohol, lemon juice, coconut oil and magnesium oil. In these cooler months I don’t have to reapply as much. And the odor that does come isn’t 0 to 10 immediately. It starts with a little and increases with time, so you should be able to tell when it’s time to freshen up before others can. Changing the amount of body hair you have and method of removal can help or worsen odor, depending. I never recommend baking soda after hair removal, that will cause irritation which leads to smelling worse.

4. For the baking soda blend, I use equal parts baking soda and corn starch, but if you’re allergic then tapioca starch or arrowroot powder might work. The former is easier to find and cheap. I throw in some ground cloves and cinnamon for a scented boost but essential oil works too. This is also a great foot deodorant that can be applied to feet before wearing socks or boots. The skin of my feet are not as sensitive as the rest of my body, so I wear the foot deodorant daily, and sometimes add it to my shoes in general. It is great for year round wear but especially in the winter months when boots have to be snow proof, but the lack of breathing creates an offensive smell.

5. In other places where bacteria can breed but I don’t want a bunch of cream stains, such as under my belly and around my crotch, I’ll dust with the power blend or use magnesium oil with essential oils. I’m sure that if you have a problem with odor from fat rolls, it could work there too. For me, those crevices are less sensitive areas, so I can use the powder more often there. And they don’t get nearly as smelly as the pits so it’s more so about staying dry. If you can afford it, I imagine a silica powder could keep the area dry and wouldn’t be as visible as corn starch, but that seems excessive.

6. The diaper rash creams tend to have pleasant scents, but I have not seen any unscented creams. Play around with oils and scents to make something uniquely you! Some naturally work better alongside the scent your body produces, so fruity scents may not feel right on every part of the body, florals may work better here or there, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of woodsy scents and barks.

7. Finding what will work for you can be a process but once you do, it’s just about making the routine simple enough to maintain and listening to your body. I know i am not alone in my struggle and search so I thought I would share, especially for other plus size people. Best of luck!

Random Yang Xiao Long Headcanons

(just some random headcanons I have for Yang cause why the fuck not? Some Bumbleby also)

-She’s demi-pan romo/sexual

-Yang is an amazing cook. She use to cook with Summer all the time and after she died, she read all her cook books and practiced them and later then added her own touch to some of them, still keeping her mother’s recipes mostly (or completely) the same

-Also for some reason I see her has having a great singing voice, she just hates to sing in front of people. She will sing in the shower when she is alone (or when she thinks she is alone…Blake has caught her a few times)

-She is an early bird, almost always up with the sun. There are some days she sleeps in but that is rare.

-She also does very well in the cold. Her semblance keeps her warm but in the summer she is hot. She always wears light clothing then and sits by the AC or in the pool or something to stay cool.

-Having her own bike and building her own weapon, Yang is just as mechanically inclined as her sister. This being said, once she gets use to her first robo arm and after getting use to using her left arm more, Yang one day (with some help) makes her own arm to her own liking. With all her arms (however many new ones she gets cause im sure at least the first one breaks or something), she learns how to take care of them pretty fast.

-She doesn’t always admit it but she is a book worm also. Maybe not as big as Blake but she still love to relax with a good book in her hands. Yang loves to cuddle with Blake and read with her.

-Yang doesn’t get sick often. But when she does she tries to tough it out. If not, she will be stubborn about it since she hates being stuck inside all the time. That is, unless Blake it there to distract her with things like movies or books or just helping take care of her.

-After they rekindle their relationship and get back on better terms and what not, Blake (who has stopped wearing her bow in part thanks to Yang) gives one of her ribbons to Yang. This way, no matter where she is, Yang will always have a piece of her by her if she gets lonely or worried. 

-Yang isn’t great with horror movies and she tries to act tough for Blake when they watch (Blake meanwhile not really giving two shits, only jumping here and there) but it doesn’t always work and sometimes Blake ends up as a pillow for Yang to hide behind.


Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai

Rating: NSFW. Nope. Definitely, definitely not!

Notes: Yes you did not misread the title. That’s literally what this story is about. All because I kept thinking about the ‘I have a feeling they sometimes shower with their clothes on, not being TOO intimate, but enough where they lose shirts at least’ quote from one of my earlier posts. Welp, since we are all here I might as well get this started. But good God I’m seriously questioning the ‘not being TOO intimate’ part. I mean, it still doesn’t get to THAT point but…Just read and you’ll see what I mean. I hope you all like! Cause it took all that I had not to be too embarrassed that I stopped <X///////DDDD

P.S.: I decided to have them use honorifics. I thought it’d be cuter that way.

P.P.S.: This OTP is ruining my life please send help




It had become a sort of hobby for them. Whenever they were stressed out or just felt the urge, the two would go into the bathroom, step into the tub, and shower together. The main thing being they kept their clothes on, aside from shoes, socks, and Dazai’s coat and vest. There was no real ‘showering’ per-se, more like deep make out sessions. The tiger shifter shivered every time he thought about those moments; his mind filling with less than innocent thoughts. Surprisingly, Atsushi was the one who thought of the idea, all due to a certain circumstance that had occurred one stormy day.

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Sky’s Anti-Negativity Shower Spell

Alright, y’all, I keep seeing all these bath spells floating around, and they’re fabulous- unless you’re in a hurry, or don’t have a full bathtub. So I wanted to share a simple spell I like to use in the shower to shed negativity and draw positivity and good energy. 

What you need:

  • Your favourite scent of Shampoo and/or bodywash, or both
  • Your favourite scent of Lotion

If you don’t have your favourite onhand, a smell you still like or really like will do in a pinch. It doesn’t matter what the smell is as long as you like it! I have found that bar soap doesn’t work quite as well as shower gel, since it’s a little harder to get a good lather with.

Run your water at a comfortable temperature(I like mine quite hot so it’s like burning the bad energy away, but always make sure it is still comfortable for you!) and let yourself take a minute to think about the negative things that are bothering you- process them, and why they’re bothering you. Imagine those negative things as dirt clinging to your skin.

Now grab your washcloth(or loofa or whatever you use) and start lathering it. Think about all the positive things in your life, and all the things that make you happy, and put all that positivity towards your soap(sometimes using a little more than the recommended amount helps, I find.).

Lather up, and imagine you’re scrubbing all your negativity away, picture all the negativity-dirt running off your skin.

(Optional): Sing or think this chant as you rinse off:

Away, away
Slide off my back and down the drain,
Never to be seen again!

Once you’re out, gently dry yourself off, and continue thinking about things you like- focus that good energy into your lotion of choice, and apply it to your skin- picture it sliding on like armour, and fortifying your skin to protect it and prevent the the negativity from sticking as the day goes on.


If this rain pours over my head
Maybe I’ll be soaked
My heart as well

Please stay with me
To get this rain without you

I’m still young and a bit scared
I know it will stop soon
But I’m looking for you

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

It’s just a passing shower
It’s that kind of feelings

I have a lot of happy memories with you
I won’t lose that in the rain

By the time the rain stops
Let’s meet again
We’ll meet and laugh together

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

Now I’m getting soaked
Even I don’t have any energy to open un umbrella
But we know
Let us cry for a while
Leaning on the rain
So you can’t see our sad tears

Bye for now

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

Cre: yubseyo

Originally posted by markjin

Characters: Jackson Wang (GOT7) x You (OC/Reader)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length:   2,847 words

Warning/s: Mentions of depression, mild anxiety, mild physical violence and minor cursing…

A/N: Abrupt writing, something that I came up with while I am contemplating with my life ;)  Also, this is First person POV.  Zero proofreading was made here as well because I was too lazy lmao I hope you enjoy this!  Choosing Jackson as a character was not planned also, I just began typing his name when I am writing this hahahaha

There will always be a reason to smile… No matter how tough life gets… Or no matter how hard your battles are…

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how does Team Flash care for all of the metas in their particle accelerator tube prison? isn't it basically kidnapping and abduction? how is it possible that not more metas have broken out? who is in charge of taking them to the toilet and showers and making them food? those cells have no beds or entertainment or anything--have the metas gone crazy? how can a team of, like, 7 keep up what is basically an illegal prison, while still saving Central City? it's actually really unethical
What would the Suitors say to taking a bath with you?

Alyn: “What, you need help or something? *snickers* Well if you insist, gorgeous…”
Leo: “Ah, baby. You want me to bathe with you? Well I can’t promise you’ll be very clean afterward, but I’d love to offer you some company…”
Louis: “Hm? Ah, Princess. When I have you to myself like that, it really defeats the purpose of a bath. Still, I wouldn’t mind showering you with my own affections.”
Giles: “Princess, being so forward like this… you know the minute I have you beneath those bubbles, you’re going to forget why you ever bathed alone.”
Robert: “Lovely, how could I ever turn down such a generous offer? Although, I must admit, imagining you naked and wet in my arms makes me rather unkempt.”
Byron: “As you wish, my queen. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store; for I can assure you, bathing will be the least of your concern when I join you.”
Albert: “Really, princess? You can’t even bathe without me. Do you really miss my presence so much that you hunger for my touch every moment?”
Nico: “*giggles* Ah, Princess! Of course I’ll join you! But you know, I have a feeling the bath time games I like to play are a little louder than your usual routine.”
Sid: “Heh, why do you ask, Princess? I always knew you were a dirty girl… guess you just need my help in cleaning up. Can’t say I mind….”

anonymous asked:

can i request headcanons for sekizan and zanba with an s/o they've been with since their first year of high school?


*Zanba loves to show you off. Well he’s been doing it since day one but that hasn’t changed one bit.

*Despite being popular, he does sometimes has his own doubts and will ask you if you still love him

*On Valentine’s Day, he will go…..ALL OUT. (eh?eh?) Everyone in the school will have their eyes on you as he declares his love for you at practice and showers you with kisses and brings you a bouquet of flowers. Soon to follow, he would wait until after school to properly take you on a date to your favorite place. And after that…… oh he would get pretty darn intimate. 

*He can be slightly possessive if he feels that your love is fading. He will look through your phone and look through your social media and keep a mental note of the people who like your status and such.


*He has a photo of the two of you as his wallpaper.

*Most of his phone calls are made to you (So are his messages) 

*Jealous. He will assume things  sometimes if he feels that your attention is drawing elsewhere. Sure, he won’t come out and say it directly, but those fierce eyes say otherwise.

*Although you been together this long, he does need assurance to know you still care for him as much as he cares for you.

*Sometimes. Just sometimes. Sekizan will take the initiative and kiss you in public, even if his face is red as heck. 

*On Valentine’s Day, he would wait until practice ends for the day to ask you on a date. It would be quite far from school (As he wanted to make sure NO ONE on the team saw him so they wouldn’t tease him) and he would stand out big time as he carried chocolates, a bear (Almost as big as him) , and a few roses. The red head would be in a tuxedo with a gorgeous smile on his face. 

“I love you so much. Thank you for being by my side all this time. Without you… I don’t think i’d get to where I am now”

Mod Darling.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Prompt: #10 How’s the weather out- oh

Words: 344 (I’m sorry its so short.)




Thomas Jefferson was not having a good day. First he woke up late not realizing that he didn’t set his alarm. You were still asleep as well curled up in a ball next to him.

Taking the fastest shower he’d ever taken, he ran out the door forgetting his coffee and breakfast on his way out.

His debate with Hamilton was that day and luck already wasn’t on his side.

Unfortunately he lost that day’s debate. Nothing was going right that day.

He stopped to grab lunch, but there was such a long line that he didn’t get anytime to enjoy it on his rush back to the office.

Stacks of paperwork were waiting for him on his desk when he arrived back at the office.

He worked two hours overtime trying to get everything done, so he could go home and relax for a bit with his wife.

The universe would still not let that happen. A giant storm was rolling in, shaking the building with every crack of thunder.  

Driving home the biggest problem. His car broke down and his phone died about a mile away from his house.

He had to walk all the way home in the pouring rain. Walking into the house he saw his wife sitting at the counter.

“Hello dear. How’s the weather out-oh,” You asked him looking up from your work. “Oh Thomas. Come here, let’s get you out of those clothes. Tell me what happened and don’t leave anything out.”

You lead him to the shower while he spilled everything. Grabbing some warm clothes you let him get dressed while making him something to eat.

After he scarfed everything down the two of you layed in bed together, him holding you close. You reached up and ran your fingers through his hair. A relaxed look crossed his face as his eyes fluttered shut.

Soon soft snores could be heard coming from him as his body stilled and he fell asleep.

Everyone had bad days, and you were glad that you could be there for him.


God this is so bad and short I’m really sorry. Requests are open and feedback is always helpful!

Not Ready

Marinette is pregnant.  It was an accident, a late night at a club where she got drunk and went home with someone, but it’s still there.  She’s pregnant.  At least according to the seventeen pregnancy tests she took.  Alya’s away, and Hawkmoth seems to be on vacation, so she’s not able to talk to anyone until after she’s been to the doctor to confirm it.

She’s pregnant.

So she goes to patrol that night, the first patrol with Chat since she took the tests, and cries on him for a while.  She’s not getting an abortion–she’s pro-choice, but can’t do it herself–and she still has to talk to the father.

But Chat’s there.  He comforts her, says he’ll be there for her whether the father is or not.  He lets her cry on his shoulder for hours, and patrol never actually gets done.  They decide to meet up tomorrow night, even though it’s not a patrol night, so they can talk after Marinette talks to the father.

Which doesn’t go well.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  The father is furious at her for being pregnant, wants her to get an abortion, and wants nothing to do with the baby if she has it.

So Marinette leaves in tears, and skips her classes that afternoon and goes immediately to their patrol spot to just sit and cry for hours, waiting for Chat.

Chat left an hour early for patrol, barely having allowed himself to wait that long, and finds Ladybug already on the roof.  She tells him about how it went with the father and starts crying all over again.

“I’ll be it’s father.”


“A baby needs a father.  Mine was never around, and I know that’s messed me up.  So I can be this baby’s father.  I mean, if you want.”

“I…I’d like that.”

So they sit there for hours until Ladybug’s tears subside, holding onto each other.  When they decide it’s time to leave, Ladybug suggests they reveal their identities because “I am not going to the doctor as Ladybug, and I am not having Chat Noir take me there.”

So they reveal themselves, and are freaking happy that they are Adrien and Marinette, because that makes introducing themselves to their friends much easier.

The next morning, Adrien is sleep deprived and freaking out because he spent all night on the internet looking up everything about babies and pregnancy and “should I propose, Plagg?  Do you think she’ll expect me to?  What do babies eat?  Oh god, what if there’s more than one baby?”

(he’s also spent an insane amount of money on baby clothes and stuffed animals)

So when Nino calls to ask why he’s late for lunch, you really can’t blame him for blurting out:

“I’m not ready to be a father!”


“I’m not ready, Nino!  What if I’m as terrible a father as mine?  What if I kill it?  What if it hates me?  What if–”



“A father?”

“Yes!  I’m not ready!”

“…who did you get pregnant?”

(you also can’t blame him for hanging up and not going to lunch after all because Marinette didn’t want to tell anyone yet and he almost blew it with the first person he talked to)

They tell their friends a few weeks later, saying that Adrien and Marinette got drunk and hooked up one night, and no they’re not together but they’re both going to be in this baby’s life.

Alya and Nino are thrilled and decide that they are going to be godparents and Alya announces it on the Ladyblog (Marinette and Adrien laugh later about how relevant a post that really was).

The pregnancy goes well.  Adrien does not, in fact, propose, though he does discuss it with Marinette, who decides that maybe in the future, but only if they actually have a relationship together.  They get an apartment together, and Marinette has to hide Adrien’s credit cards because he’s a stress shopper and “we really don’t need six cribs.  You need to send some of them back.”

Ladybug disappears around sometime around the third month, Chat Noir fighting akumas on his own and bringing her the butterflies after for purification.  Chat Noir assures the public that Ladybug is safe and sound, and that she’s only disappeared because there will be a new little bug in a few months, and, no, he will not comment on whether or not this bug is also a kitten.

(Alya freaks out because “Marinette, your baby will be the same age as Ladybugs!  They’ll go to school together!”)

Adrien freaks out at every ultrasound, crying and squeezing Marinette’s hand.  He buys her whatever food she’s craving, and sometimes Chat Noir will be found begging at the door of a closing shop because “Ladybug needs pickles and chocolate fudge can you please stay open just another minute?” and because these stores will usually let Chat Noir in but not Adrien.

(Chat Noir also can’t go more than half a block without people giving him baby supplies.  Sometimes he has to refuse because “Ladybug would not be happy if I came home with a seventh crib.”)

(This leads to the rumours that Ladybug and Chat Noir are having sextuplets, which Marinette finds hilarious.)

(Adrien is just relieved that these rumours aren’t true because one baby is stressful enough and it hasn’t even come yet.)

It’s around five months when Chat Noir almost dies in an akuma attack.  Marinette watches on TV and begs Tikki to let her transform to help, but it would be too dangerous for the baby, so all she can do is watch and cry.  Chat stumbles in the window a while later, barely conscious and bleeding all over the floor.  Ladybug cleanses the akuma and it heals Chat, and they both release their transformations as Marinette throws herself at him, crying.

“I almost lost you.  You have to be more careful, Chat.  I can’t lose you.”

Neither of them notice, at first, that she kisses him.  It seems natural.  He almost died.  She was upset.  So of course she’d kiss him.

Of course, they do notice, and both make things awkward for a few hours before they decide that maybe they should try this for real.

The baby comes a few days early, and Adrien was at a shoot on the other side of Paris when he got the call from Nino.  It would take hours to get there, hours he doesn’t have because Marinette is in labour and he isn’t there and he is seriously stressing out.

So he ducks into an alley and transforms and races across the rooftops.

When he reaches the hospital, the nurses and patients in the waiting give him weird looks but he ignores them because he has to find Marinette.

He barges into Marinette’s room with a “Marinette!  I’m here!” and doesn’t know why everyone turns to stare.

Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng glance between their daughter and the man who barged in, squinting and trying to put the pieces together.

The nurse who had been checking on a machine drops her clipboard.

Nino narrows his eyes and closes the book he had been trying to distract himself with, rising in a defensive stance.

Alya takes a picture.

And Marinette?  Marinette bursts into hysterical laughter.

“You’re an idiot.”

“What?  I got here as fast as I could.  The shoot was on the other side of town.  I–”

“Adrien.  You’re in costume.”

He looks down at himself and groans because he knew he forgot something when he jumped off the roof.  He releases the transformation and goes to the bed, deciding to pretend like it never happened and asking Marinette how she’s doing.

“That means you’re Ladybug,” Alya says, not going along with Adrien’s plan to ignore his mistake.  “Right?  Because Chat Noir hasn’t said that Ladybug’s baby is his, but he also hasn’t been subtle about the baby being his.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Marinette groans out as a contraction hits.  “Preferably when I don’t have a baby trying to rip its way out of me.”

“Fine,” Alya agrees.  “As long as I get an exclusive about Chat Noir and Ladybug’s baby.”

Hugo Michel Dupain-Cheng-Agreste came into the world a few hours later, by which point all of Paris knew Ladybug and Chat Noir’s identities (becuase Chat Noir running through a hospital screaming for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was not very subtle, and it was common knowledge that Marinette was having a baby with supermodel Adrien Agreste, so Chat Noir’s own identity wasn’t a stretch) and the section of the hospital has to be cornered off to keep out the cameras and the fans.

Gabriel Agreste comes to see them later in the day, to visit his grandson.  He takes his son aside before he leaves, apologizing for being such a horrible father.

“I’ll be better to him, if you’ll let me be in his life.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

But Gabriel doesn’t answer, instead handing a small brown box to his son.

“I am so sorry.  I can’t do this anymore, not when it means hurting my family.  I hope you can forgive me, and that you’ll listen to my explanation one day, but I understand if you won’t.  You don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

And with that, Gabriel was gone, leaving Adrien alone and confused in the hallway of the hospital.  He looked down at the box again, it was so familiar but he couldn’t figure out why.  Slowly, he opened it.  Inside sat a purple butterfly broach.

It’s a few months later before Ladybug and Chat Noir make an appearance again, chasing each other across the rooftops and laughing, stopping in alcoves to kiss.

The papers the next morning feature this:  Ladybug with her arms around Chat’s neck, beaming as he kisses her cheek.  A green sling around Chat’s body, one of his arms holding it to his chest, the other around Ladybug’s waist.  And a baby, tucked in the sling, a little head with cat ears sticking out.

All of Paris turned up a year later to the long awaited wedding between Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

call it magic

What will make you happier than you are now? Why?

Neil faltered, that wasn’t a question he’d been expecting, nor was it one he wanted to ponder. He forced a smile on to his face, and replied, “Well, having that Championship Trophy in my hands would certainly help.” A few chuckles broke out in the room and Neil let Dan handle the next few questions.

As he walked to the showers, his blood still singing from the adrenaline of the game, he tried not to think of it. What-if’s would only bring misery. When he brushed past Nicky and Aaron, Nicky winked at him.

Neil blinked at him, baffled, and continued walking, nudging aside the door to the shower. He saw the true implications of Nicky’s wink when he walked in. The showers were empty aside from a lone blonde figure leaning against one of the walls and fidgeting with his phone.

Neil didn’t fight the smile blooming over his face. Andrew waited for him after every game, yet whenever he saw Goalkeeper, his heart still skipped a beat. Andrew was as solid as the seasons. As long as spring came, and summer followed it, Andrew would keep to his word.

His thoughts must have shown on his face because Andrew flicked him a cool look and walked out of the room. He would wait outside, no doubt. Neil stripped off his clothes and stepped under the spray of the shower.

And because showers are the time for such epiphanies, he lifted his face to the water and thought about it. His happiness. Happiness was a strange concept to him. For so long his entire life had been about survival that he didn’t think he had ever thought about what might make him happier. After all, when survival was hard enough who had time for happiness.

The answer he’d given the press hadn’t exactly been a lie. But it had been far from the whole truth. He wanted to win, yes. But far too many things had happened for winning to be the only thing that mattered to him. Maybe, one day he would be at a point where winning was the only thing he wanted but now…

My mum, he thought. He loved her. She wasn’t the most ideal of mothers, but she had sacrificed everything for him. A relatively peaceful life in exchange for a life spent looking over her shoulder. He didn’t like some of the choices she’d made but he understood them.

Having her back, Neil shook his head absently at the thought. He’d need many a cigarette on hand before he went down that line of thought. Andrew had wandered back, bored. In his hands, was a lit cigarette and Neil immediately felt his nerves calm down.

He stepped out of the stall, wrapping a towel around his waist. Too many things had happened for him to feel self-conscious about his scars around Andrew anymore. They'd done too many things, his cheeks reddened at the thought. 

“You were taking too long.” Andrew said in lieu of an explanation. “I thought you were drowning in there.” Neil made his voice saccharine sweet, “Aww, you care.” Andrew glared. Neil smiled again. He never could stop smiling around Andrew.

Perhaps he could be happier, perhaps there were better things in the world but right then, he couldn’t think of a single thing he’d rather do the stand here with Andrew.

39. “Don’t cry.”

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“You’re moving to London and you didn’t bother to tell me?” He asked the second you stepped out of the shower dressed in the oversized shirt he had just gifted you, hair wrapped with a towel.

A deafening silence engulfed the room momentarily as you stared at him for a brief moment, a part of you trying to digest everything that was happening and the other figuring how the hell he came to learn about this.

“I- um well…I was going to. Just not yet,” You started, then scrambled to find the right words to say as you saw how his expression darkened. “I mean…! I haven’t decided yet, and I still have about a month to do so…”

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I mean. Who else is gonna do it? (It’s a lot of work, but it can be pretty great at the end of the day)

But I’m also petty to a degree. I know I started drawing more Goku and Chi-Chi, because I didn’t like how the characters and fans of the two were always being the butt end of unfair comparisons by rude fans. (It was so painful to look at)
And since I already loved Chi-Chi, I had a reason to just throw content around pfft (I will defend her as much as I’ll defend tf out of Yamcha)