well i never actually liked him

Because it’s Disney” is still my least favorite excuse i hear as to why tomco can’t happen.

(( It’s right next to “I don’t want them to have a strong connection like “Star and Marco do”, because considering how important Marco is to Tom’s character and well-being, that feels a bit insulting to say he should never an extremely close relationship to the one person in his life that cares about his well-being and actually makes him feel validated.))

That is not an excuse anymore.

I know it’s one thing to make background gay characters kiss then to make main gay characters kiss.

But Disney has stepped into this LGBT pool, and it’s not backing out anytime soon.

If they want to do it, the crew will push for it to actually happen.

Using that line as a shield to say the crew couldn’t make it happen needs to be thrown out because at this point many different things could happen on this show.

This show has broken many tropes before, and it can continue to do so.

Canon LGBT couples are much more common on cartoons these days.

And if you tell me it can’t happen because all the other LGBT cartoon couples on tv aren’t between main characters: *Cough* Korra//sami *Cough* Bubb//line *Cough * Rup//phire 

And besides, something cool bout disney? They got a gay kiss on the lips, that’s something i’ve never seen done on any of these other shows yet despite having LGBT couples.

That’s a pretty darn good step into going even further with future LGBT work.

We got 2 or more seasons with this show, you never know where they might be going with tom and marco.

After all, the crew is clearly aware of this ship being well-liked and popular.

If you ever try to argue tomco against me, you better have have a very good argument then simply saying “Because it’s Disney”.

Because that’s not an excuse.

And it needs to stop be treated as one at this point.

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i just watched the live video of Wake me up when september ends in the 30 yr of Billie's dad passing away ... before the i<3 radio melt down and i'm cryiiiiing, it hurts seeing him like that, every video of that era hurtss!!!, and i'm so proud of him, the rev rad tour is a blessing. i'm so emotional, sorry.

ugh i know the video you’re talking about, i watched it one time and it made me actually want to cry so i never watched it again. it really is hard watching a lot of stuff from that time period but yes i am so glad he is doing so much better as well 💖you can just tell he’s happier and healthier both onstage and off!!


Me and the boyfriend took Opal out to the forest for a long time to explore and do dog things. Me and him sat along the river and talked about Opal and what we need to do.

Well, what I need to do. That he’s being very supportive of.

He’s going to the vet with us on Friday, which I’m pretty thankful for. I’ve never dated someone as dedicated to animals as I am, especially someone who actually likes my pets. (Let’s face it, my pets are a handful.)

And I will no longer be taking my parents dog when I move out. I can’t deal with his challenges as far as training goes. As it’s already been pointed out, I can’t take care of what I have to deal with already.

I will be deleting this blog after Opal gets surgery and is healed and okay.

people who don’t like hunk genuinely confuse me. what has hunk ever done wrong? name one time hunk has done something wrong. see? you can’t. he is perfect.

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Why John "never shuts up about Sholto" with Mary but never mentions him in front of Sherlock? I can't find a heterosexual explanation.

Well..I spent the last 5 minute trying to find a heterosexual explanation…came up with none..I mean it’s actually like not mentioning ex-boyfriend so that current boyfriend doesn’t get jealous..

Sherlock’s fucking face journey though..

gifs by darlingbenny (x)

Just Explain…If that’s not being jealous..idk what is..

Yall need to stop boycotting Spilt

Okay, I usually don’t come on here with my own opinions but I feel the need to speak up. And fuck all yall haters.

Split is the most mental illness empowering movie I have ever seen.

M. Night Shaymalan used great care in handling both illnesses displayed (DID & PTSD) throughout the film. James McAvoy’s performance is well portrayed, chilling, and beautiful. I never felt like his character was a bad person. What I saw was a good man struggling with an illness in his brain and trying to live in a world that broke and triggered him constantly.

The movie itself is, at times, hard to watch but that is expected for a Shaymalan film. In true Shaymalan fashion, this movie is filmed in an artistic way that forces you to face some hard truths without actually having to shove it in your face.

I honestly feel that every person with any kind of mental illness needs to see this movie. I personally walked out of the movie last night feeling empowered and even more accepting of myself because for once the characters with mental illness had the upper hand in both bad and good ways and I had witnessed a movie that not only understood how things can be for a mentally ill person but was able to display both the up and down sides of the illness.

And to top it all off there is a surprise at the end that completely turns the film on it’s head and even changes the world that you believe the film is in.

So basically what I am trying to say is don’t bash this movie until you have seen it. Go see it and if you still feel like it displays mental illness poorly then hate on it all you want.

I, however, want to thank Mr. Shaymalan and his cast and crew for a tense, beautiful, well researched and well put together peice of cinema. This is what movies were meant to be. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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Hey, I'm feeling kinda crappy today and I was wondering if I can get any cute Otayuri headcanons?

aaa im sorry abt that friend!! okay okay lemme try im always up for hcs abt my children

  • when yuri figures out that he likes otabek he tries to keep it a secret bc,,, hello,,, if anyone finds out theyd never let him hear the end of it
  • but either hes terrible at hiding his feelings or everyone just knows him that well, bc they all figure it out anyway
  • and instead of teasing him like he thought theyre,,?? actually rly supportive abt it??? georgi of course understands bc hes georgi and mila only teases him like 25% of the time and viktor and yuuri are #relationshipgoals so like,, of course
  • n at first yuris rly embarrassed but he slowly starts opening up to them abt his crush until there isnt a day where he doesnt rant to someone abt otabek
  • “he sent me a selfie on snapchat today and he looked so good what the fuck what he fuck”
  • “he added one (1) heart emoji in this text??? wtf???/???/ HELP”
  • and when otabek does visit this is when yuri regrets ever letting these fucking idiots know
  • bc yuuri and viktor are giving otabek the shovel talk (”WE’RE NOT EVEN DATING WHAT THE FUCK!!!” - yuri), georgis crying abt how “his little brother is growing up and finding love”, and mila’s become the embodiment of the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face
  • its a horrible trip for otabek in yuri’s opinion
  • but that opinion quickly changes when otabek takes him on a date one night, kisses him and asks him if he’d like to be boyfriends
  • the next morning he finds out that yuuri, viktor, georgi and mila were coaching otabek throughout the entire date and yuri cant bring himself to be mad at them
  • “… seriously though otabek if u ever think abt hurting yuri-” “SHUT THE FUCK UP VIKTOR”

i hate it when ppl are like “oh well mccree only PRETENDS to be stupid so people let their guard down!!” like where the fUCK did he ever pretend to be stupid? i don’t remember him doing anything stupid ever? the whole “mccree is stupid” thing is only bc ppl think his outfit is silly like he never. actually acted stupid. can’t he just be his cowboy self in peace?? i hate that ppl act like any character that doesn’t have a 100% grimdark serious design and demeanor must be hiding their TRUE nature like. stop

i’ll never forget when a woman on bill maher’s show (i think it was mona eltahawy or gloria) that mentioned how in islam the financier of the spreading of islam was actually Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) wife hazrat Khadija (AS). and maher looked to the audience and he was like 

“ohhhh really??? well i’ll just have to confirm that myself” looking to the audience who was laughing with him with an expression like “yeah right that’s true!! as if islam!! could do that!!” 

and like. it was so embarrassing for me to watch because maher, alongside his audience of young white “enlightened” men were so CONFIDENT that such a simple and basic and Level 1 fact that basically everyone knows to be true couldn’t ever exist. 

and that’s bill maher’s audience in a nutshell: people who have this huge, ugly, total superiority complex about social issues but are 100% uninformed about anything they say. 

Like basically anyone who knows even a smidge about islam knows it was the Prophet’s wife who first propagated the religion and that she was an incredibly successful and independent business woman. but bill maher, who white atheists look to as a source LMAO, isn’t even aware of this kindergarten level fact. 

this man knows nothing. is an expert on nothing. he is simply a balding racist transphobic sexist pro-israel subpar comedian who simply says he’s “pro social justice” but actually has no clue. that’s all it is lmao. 

remember how i said lance is the real cryptid kid? well, i’m still about that BUT what if klance bonds over cryptids EXCEPT when they actually go out cryptid hunting for the first time they end up getting separated and lance is freaking out, he’s lost and alone, and all of a sudden he’s surrounded by all these creatures he’s like the snow freaking white of cryptids just,, flocking to him and keeping him company until keith steps into the clearing and they all scatter and lance is like dude you will NEVER believe what just happened

My angel | Castiel x reader

A soft knock made you look up from your book. You quickly got up from your spot on the bed and made your way over to the door.

“H-hello, Cas.” You stuttered as you stepped aside for him to enter the small room. Ever since he first appeared when you helped Dean and Bobby summon him, you had always had a soft spot for the blue eyed angel.

“Hello, Y/n. Dean has made me aware of the fact that I should shower. I believe his exact words were ‘What the hell, Cas. You smell like an avocado had sex with an older avocado.’” (a/n I understood that reference.)

“Well then go take a shower.” You giggled, shaking your head.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know how it works. I never had to wash myself in heaven. That’s actually why I came here, I wanted to ask you for help.” Your smile faded a bit as you studied his face. You couldn’t help but feel sympathy for (a/n the devil) him, after all it must be so hard for the feathery cupcake to fit in here.

“Don’t get me wrong, Cas. But wouldn’t it be… better if Dean or Sam helped you?” Your face turned red as the thought of helping him shower entered your mind. Not that you would mind helping him, you just knew he just meant it in a platonic way and that broke your heart.

“The boys aren’t here, they won’t be back until tomorrow morning. And Dean made it very clear I had to be clean by then.”

“W-well okay, let’s g-go then.” Your small, shaking hand grabbed his larger one as started pulling him to the bathroom.

“S-so you h-have to take a-all your clothes o-off to shower.” Blush rose to your cheeks as he started unbuttoning his shirt. When he got to his trousers you quickly gave him a towel to wrap around himself.

“I don’t understand,” Cas said, walking closer to you. “If you’re going to help me don’t you have to be undressed too?” For a second your heart stopped, your palms were clammy and your breath hitched in your throat.

“D-do you w-want me to b-be uh u-undressed?” Your eyes slowly travelled down his body to where the towel hung dangerously low on his hips. You swallowed, looking back up to his eyes.

“Won’t your clothes get wet if you keep them on?” Right now you could curse him for being such an innocent little squish. After a while you nodded doubtfully and started taking of your shirt and trousers ‘till you were left in nothing but your underwear.

The walls of the bathroom took your interest as insecurities filled your mind. Castiel’s big blue eyes were watching your every move and he squinted his eyes when he saw you trying to cover your exposed stomach.

“Y/n, why are you trying to hide your body? I think it looks very beautiful, don’t you?” You kept your eyes on the walls but dropped your arms. Out of nowhere you felt his hands slowly reach behind you, unclasping your bra, making it fall to the ground. He softly bend down a little to slide your panties off, his soft hands left goose bumps on your skin as they glided down your legs.

“C-come on.” You say, slightly pushing him towards the shower. When the both of you entered you turned the water on, letting your bodies get soaked.

“So how do we begin?” He asked, looking around the small space.

“First you’ve got to use shampoo, here let me show you.” You squirted a bit of your favourite shampoo in the palm of your hands and started massaging his scalp. As you ran your fingers through his wet hair you noticed how close you were. Due to your small height (a/n if you’re not short you can just change this part a little bit.) you had to look up a bit to see his face. You blushed when you saw he was already looking down at you.

“Do I make you nervous, Y/n?” You looked at your feet, trying to hide how red your face was by now. He put his fingers under your chin, forcing you to look into his blue orbs. His hand rested on your cheek, while the other one laid softly on your hip. You’re breath quickened as his eyes flickered to your lips and back up again. Without thinking you smashed your lips on his. He instantly kissed back, pushing you against the wall.

His hand slowly moved down, stroking your inner thigh. You dug your nails in his shoulders as you felt his thumb rubbing your clit. Soft moans escaped your lips, encouraging him to keep going. He broke the kiss, only to attack your neck. He started sucking and softly biting, leaving love bites where ever he could. Without warning he entered a finger in you, causing you to let out a load moan. He pumped his finger in a fast pace, adding a second one. His thumb kept rubbing you clit as he pushed his fingers deeper inside of you.

“Cas” You moaned, letting your head fall back. You felt him smile against your neck. His free hand softly cupped your cheek, bringing you closer to him.

“I love you, Y/n.” He whispered.

“I love you too, my angel.”

Just as you were about to reattach your lips you heard the door to the bathroom open.

“Oh thank god you’re finally taking a shower, Cas. Wait a minute, why are Y/n clothes here too? Sammy, I think Cas just got laid!” Dean yelled.

You groaned at the awkwardness of the situation, making Castiel laugh.

“How about we finish this in your room?” He asked with a wink.

My parents think I only watch shows with gay characters in it, so I thought I’d do a little experiment and go through my Netflix cue, picking out T.V. shows with LGBT characters.

The Fosters - I have no excuses for this one.
How to get away with Murder - that one just showed up, I swear.
Glee - okay we all knew this one was coming, stop acting like it’s a surprise. Why do I need to defend myself? Maybe I just love Grease.
Quantico - technically that guy wasn’t actually gay, and I in no way made him my favorite character because I thought he was gay. I’d never do such a thing.
Lost Girl - let’s be honest, this show is on there because Anna Silk is a goddess.
Grey’s Anatomy - just showed up as well. And also that in no way made Callie one of my favorite characters…
American Horror Story - who doesn’t watch American Horror Story? I don’t even need to explain myself.
Supergirl - can we all just say, Alex is the cutest little baby gay to grace our screens.
Orange is the New Black - honestly, yeah, I watch this cause it’s hella gay. I’m not ashamed.
Faking It - this one…okay, I get it, I’m gay asf. Sue me.


oh shit son, i totally forgot about lance thinking keith was going to take Blue! like, that rang really weird/out of place for me when i first watched it, because i didn’t feel like there was any actual precedent for him to think keith wanted to take his lion. other than to showcase his own insecurities about his position on the team, at least.

and meh, yeah you’re on the right track when you say that that sort of attraction can’t last. I’ve honestly never bought into the whole idea of opposites attract. if we’re talking about magnets, sure. but like… humanity as a whole has pretty well demonstrated that opposites don’t actually attract… and if they do, it’s usually unsustainable in the long run. in fact, numerous studies on pair bonding for people show that overall, yeah, birds of a feather flock together, so to speak. in that most couples actively need positive similarities or ideological similarities to be compatible in the long run.

maybe it’s just my neuro and psych background talking here, but it’s been pretty well shown that opposite people don’t typically attract unless their opposition is surface level only (the tol and the smol, introvert and extrovert, etc…) OR they attract and stick together if the “opposite” aspects of their personalities are things that the other actively needs or wants. Like one party being somewhat laidback while the other is a bit highstrung (but not overly so) - the “opposite” traits, in this case, can serve as a way of balancing each other out because the traits themselves aren’t to the extreme. The laidback person might do well with a bit more structure, and the somewhat highsrung person might do well with a bit more fun in their life. But because “laidback” in this case doesn’t mean “lazy and totally carefree”, and because “highstrung” in this case doesn’t mean “anal retentive control freak”, they can work together and become better people because of it. (especially if they have other positive aspects that are similar between them)

but that doesn’t really apply to kl//ance. 

in fact, as a side note, it applies a HELL of a lot more to SHEITH. Hell, even the creators have actually pointed this out: Like Dos Santos saying that Keith can be somewhat reckless and hot-headed, and often looks to Shiro as a balancing point for him, to help level him off and keep him in check. And Shiro needs Keith’s hard-headness and determination to persevere. Shiro can be fairly fatalistic at times - not in that he readily gives up or anything, but that he can begin to feel hopeless in times when he needs strength. And Keith is usually the one who is willing to push hard and remind him that he has support, and that things can work out if they fight for it. Shiro and Keith actually do have what couples need as a whole - plenty of similarities, but opposite enough to help balance each other out and make each other better people.)

Wait it’s mentioned that Andrew keeps breaking into Wymack’s apartment, right? Well what if after a while it stops being about “I can do as I like” and more of an “odd neighbor” sort of thing, where Andrew just drops by for whatever, but he keeps breaking in because Wymack never actually gives him a key.

So imagine one night Wymack is working in his office when he hears rummaging in the kitchen, creeps out with a baseball bat raised high, only to lower it when he sees Andrew rummaging through his fridge.

“Neil likes half-and-half,” Andrew mentions as he leaves Wymack’s apartment at 1:30 am with a carton of 3% milk.

I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 

god now i can’t stop thinking about like, a taakitz modern au, and the two of them have been on a few dates and it’s going really well, and taako decides to invite kravitz back to his place for a few drinks, or something, whatever kravitz feels up to, he just likes spending time with him. and that’s fairly new and special for taako! enjoying all the time he spends with the guy he’s dating… he’ll never say it out loud (because he’s Himself) but he’s actually considering a serious relationship for like, the first time in a while. because kravitz is a really good guy with a gentleman streak a mile wide who is always so courteous to him, and fun to be around, and… well. he’ll stop thinking there. slow your roll, t-man.

so anyway he opens the door and says something like, “and here’s my humble abode, make yourself at home, i’ll grab some sham-paaaaaaane,” and he turns to give kravitz a wink but kravitz is not where he was.

kravitz has dropped into a crouch and is cooing at taako’s cat to “come say helloooo, oh you’re so pretty, who’s a good baby, ohhh my goodness so cute.” absolute saccharine goo. the cat responds immediately and purrs up against kravitz’s hand, and kravitz almost just starts crying. “your cat is so good, taako, i can’t take this,” he weeps, and taako is like. i can’t be mad about this.

the night ends with the three of them (the cat curled up on kravitz’s lap, kravitz’s arm around taako’s shoulder, champagne bottle half-empty) watching reruns of chopped, and taako and kravitz do some light kissing and it’s really good. it’s so good

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Yeah, the bittersweetness is the worst part tbh. Dont get me wrong, I couldnt be more proud of Harry and I'm so so excited for him!! And I'm so glad he actually has a team who is actively promoting him. And I'm sure Louis is the most excited and proudest person of Harry rn. I have no doubts of that! It's not a competition between them and one's happiness is the other's happiness! But as a fan, it's sad to see :(( Louis is still deep in stunts and has a team actively working against him :(

yeah i’m not good at compartmentalizing this stuff. harry will do well i have no doubts about that (tbh i’ve never really had doubts about that even when people were complaining about full stop i was like ‘as soon as he does launch he’ll be fine’) but louis is my fave and it hurts to see how shitty his situation is.

he could be doing so well too if he actually had a team behind him who cared about him and who wanted him to succeed but instead we have the garbage twins simon jones and flopsy actively working against him (not to mention louis’ entire ‘private’ public life is still a lie and he’s still trapped in his stunts).

it’s so unfair i hate it.

A nice moment in Ms. Marvel #15, with some wise words as well.

The troll, or Doc.X as he’s calling himself, keeps being a very threatening character, both “in person”, once he actually gets into action and as a personification of online harassment. I think he makes a great villain in that he contrasts well with previous antagonists. Each one of them wanted something, had some goal. This guy is just a dick who likes to hurt and blackmail people because it forces them to pay attention to him. In a way, his actions make this issue unsettling, even for a grown man like me. I was never doxxed or blackmailed by internet trolls myself, but a few years ago I’ve gotten into a fight with a guy attempting to rally a mob against someone, who wrote articles he disagreed with, so I got to witness how vile and self-justifying those people can be. I now see that person in Doc.X and it…..creeps me out, okay? Which I guess was a point, so mission accomplished.

EDIT: I wrote a part about rallying the mob twice for some reason, deleted.

What’s On The Menu

When Mycroft stepped into the dingy flat, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He had seen Greg’s flat on surveillance footage and the like, but he had never actually seen the inside of it. That was taking it too far, even for him. He didn’t want to scare the man away, not when their first date had gone so well.

Greg had already stepped into the kitchen, donning a simple white apron. “You can make yourself at home. I’m sorry about the mess. I’ve been swamped with paperwork at the Yard and haven’t had time to clean. I haven’t even had a day off since that whole cannibalism thing Sherlock solved last week.” He chuckled softly, withdrawing two defrosted pork chops from his fridge, along with several fresh vegetables and a bottle of Chardonnay.

Mycroft smiled as he heard the man’s voice carry through from the kitchen. He propped his umbrella against the wall near a table with a bowl for keys and other belongings. Mycroft slipped off his coat and looked around for a place to hang it. God, he felt terribly out of place here, but he found a hook next to where Greg’s was currently hanging.

He figured he would get used to it in time. No doubt Greg would feel lost in his home too. Mycroft smiled at the thought of that. He would love to take Greg back to his overly elaborate old house someday. Patience, Mycroft. Get through one date at a time.

He berated himself for thinking in such a way. He completely enjoyed spending time with the man in the kitchen. In fact, instead of just sitting in the lounge and making himself comfortable, he ambled into the kitchen to watch Greg at work. He had impressed upon the government official that his cooking skills were one of the best things about him. Mycroft had to see it for himself to be sure. Sure enough, as he walked into the other room, Greg was busy at work cooking the pork and seasoning it with a flick of garlic and a few other spices.

“You don’t have to wait around in here, you know.” Greg said without turning around. Mycroft noticed that while Greg wore the apron, the Holmes brother’s eyes followed the apron strings downward. His cheeks flushed slightly at the sight before him, rather enjoying it. But then Greg turned around and moved to his countertop to slice up the vegetables.

Mycroft quickly glanced away, clearing his throat slightly. “Don’t be absurd. I’m here for an evening with you, after all. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Not at all,” Greg said, grabbing a chef’s knife from the block nearby. Mycroft noticed that it was stainless steel. Greg didn’t get paid an extreme amount from his work as a Detective Inspector, but it was decent enough. It appeared most of that funding went to his kitchen. So why on earth did he insist on living in such a dreadful apartment? “Sorry, that came out a bit harshly. I get rather focused when I’m cooking.”

Mycroft smiled at him. “No worries, Gregory. These skills are intriguing me. I cannot wait to see what they deliver.” A small smirk twitched on his lips and he took the seat at the end of Greg’s kitchen table. “So, what is the plan for this evening, Inspector? After our night out in your Italian restaurant, and the one soon following when I treated you to a symphony concert and elaborate dinner, I am interested to know what’s… on the menu.” Mycroft licked his lips ever so gently, not breaking eye contact with Greg.

Greg, flustered to a maximum level, blushed a deep red and nearly missed the onion he had been cutting. Luckily, the knife fell directly against the cutting board, missing his fingers. He swore and turned his attention back to the food. God damn, Mycroft, Greg thought to himself. He chuckled nonetheless. “Give me just a few minutes to get this going fully, and then I’ll come back to that comment.”

Mycroft, amused albeit a bit nervous, nodded to him. He noticed the near danger that Greg had caused and his eyes widened in alarm. A small pang of guilt ran through his chest, but it quickly subsided as he realized the man was okay. “My apologies for that. I did not mean to make you nearly amputate your appendages.”

Greg laughed. He rather enjoyed Mycroft’s way with words. The impressive lexicon of the elder Holmes amazed the DI. He wasn’t an idiot, by any means, but Mycroft was the cleverest man in London. Probably in the world. And he was having dinner in Greg’s tiny kitchen. “It’s fine. Wouldn’t be the first time I injured myself cooking.”

“We do learn best from experience, but I would prefer it if you kept your digits out of the dinner. And attached to you.” Mycroft laughed to himself. Greg chuckled too, and threw the freshly chopped veggies in another pan to cook along with some olive oil and a bit of seasoning. Perfect. He poured some wine into two glasses and glanced at Mycroft before walking over to the table, taking the seat next to him. He moved his chair closer; Mycroft did the same and took the glass.

“Thank you, Inspector.”

“Of course, Mr. Holmes. It’s not as fancy as the dinner we had last week, but it’s something.” He said, clinking his glass against the other man’s. “Oh, I was so busy cooking that I forgot something.” Greg set his glass aside and gently leaned forward, grasping the knot of Mycroft’s tie to pull him closer. Their lips soon landed together. The kiss was slow and feather-light initially, but Mycroft quickly gained control of it and deepened it, enjoying the pure bliss that radiated from the both of them. The government official’s hands found themselves tugging Greg closer, one gently caressing his face, the other carding through those silvery locks he adored so much. Greg smirked through the kiss and lightly nibbled on Mycroft’s bottom lip before tugging away.

“Sorry, got to check the food.” He winked at him and sauntered back across the kitchen.

Mycroft pouted slightly, knowing that Greg had done that on purpose to just leave him wanting more. His recently made-official relationship status played in his mind. The night that he had asked Greg out properly was a night he was never going to forget. Their first kiss was as beautiful as expected; most people would have expected the Iceman to be rubbish at it, but with powers of deduction such as his, he could figure exactly what someone wanted. Well, when he was able to think straight. Plus, the fact that he wanted to kiss someone as lovely as Greg Lestrade only made it easier.

That had been a month ago. It only took two dates before the men realized they were just prolonging the time that they could actually be an item. Boyfriends. Mycroft never thought he would accept that term, but he rather loved the idea of it, especially with the man before him.

The rest of the cooking time passed in a blur. The two talked about work and the latest developments in their professional lives. Although that was mostly Greg talking, as Mycroft couldn’t discuss his job with anyone.

“I know I can’t know what you actually do, but something would be nice. You’re so mysterious.” Greg said, but it was an affectionate statement.

Mycroft let loose a short laugh. “You know that if I told you anything at all, I’d have to kill you. And that would be most unfortunate, Gregory.”

Greg was taking a sip of wine and nearly choked as he said the words. He watched the British Government for a minute, unsure whether or not he merely jested. When he didn’t get a read, he gulped down the wine and moved back to the counter to prepare the plates for dinner. He served Mycroft first, topping off his glass of wine. Mycroft thanked him and waited for him to sit down before making a move to taste the meal.

Greg stopped him before he could. “Uh uh, not yet.” He said, raising a finger. Perplexed, Mycroft paused, watching the other man with heightened interest. He disappeared into the other room, only to come back lighting a candle. He placed it on the table and smiled. “There. Now you can go ahead.”

Mycroft shook his head and laughed to himself at Greg’s antics. Greg watched him intently. Mycroft raised the fork to his lips, the food steaming. He bit into the meat.

It was cooked to perfection.

“Delicious.” Mycroft said, but it was hard to tell whether or not he was talking about the food. Greg smiled at him and tucked in himself.

“I’m glad you like it. It was quite simple. I don’t have a lot of stuff in my kitchen, and most of my money goes to helping out the kids, but…” Greg trailed off. The children were a difficult subject for him.

Mycroft noticed the troubled countenance of his boyfriend and sighed. He reached over and grasped his hand. “It is always difficult when families have conflicts, Gregory. I sympathize entirely.” He smiled, just a little.

When the meal was finished, both of them cleaned up the kitchen. Greg hummed and dried the dishes while Mycroft washed them. It was a rather spectacular sight, as Mycroft had finally removed his suit coat, revealing his waistcoat and crisp white shirt. But that was nothing, especially when he rolled the sleeves of said shirt. God, the man wore so much clothing and just seeing him in such a relaxed state made Greg’s mind wander. Greg knew that Mycroft wore as much physical armor as he did mental. He was a tough nut to crack, but he was slowly starting to get a read on him. Slowly, softly, gently. He’d learn to understand the Iceman and ensure that his once icy heart stayed burning hot.

As they finished cleaning up and Mycroft wandered over to the table to finish his glass of wine, Greg smirked and saw an opportunity. He wound the tea towel in his hand round and round itself before playfully snapping it in Mycroft’s direction, hitting him right on the ass. Mycroft actually squeaked and nearly spilled wine on himself, and Greg couldn’t help but double over laughing.

The government official scowled down his nose at the man, but he couldn’t fight back the smile that broke through his normally grim features. “You know, I could have you beheaded for that.”

“I’d like to see you try, my dear.” Greg giggled, hanging the towel over the side of the sink. Before he knew it, Mycroft was hugging him from behind, placing the two wine glasses in the sink as he did so. His arms trailed around his boyfriend like a vine. Greg, shocked, had never seen Mycroft instigate such a deep display of affection. Of course they had kissed, and it was all very well and good, but never something as delightfully domestic as this.

“Well, someone’s feeling cuddly.” He said, glancing over at Mycroft, who had rested his head on Greg’s shoulder. The other man shook with a soft laugh, making Greg smile warmly.

“I have no idea to what you refer, my dear Gregory.”

“And you’re a bloody awful liar.” Greg said as he turned around to face the other man, who had backed off slightly. Mycroft had seen the opportunity. He’d seen several people do the same thing he had just done during his… research sessions on relationships at work. He was clueless when it came to affairs of the heart, but not a single soul needed to know that. It was also a good thing his government laptop was entirely secure from potential prying eyes.

“Mm, perhaps.” He said as Greg turned to face him, his arms draped around his shoulders and meeting behind his neck. Greg’s fingers played with the edge of his hair, tugging it slightly. Mycroft chuckled at him. “Say, what’s the next part of this delightful evening in, Inspector?” The government official practically purred the words at him, and it sent a shiver down the DI’s spine.

“Hmm, I thought we could watch a movie and just enjoy the rest of that wine. And each other’s company. In other words, I want to cuddle with you.” Greg grinned at him. Mycroft blushed and reached down to adjust his already perfect tie. Greg shook his head at him; he was always doing that. He loved it when he did. There were many things about that man that he adored. Of course, it was too soon to say those three little words, but they were always on Greg’s mind. How could one man affect him so strongly?

Oh if Greg only knew that the same exact thoughts were going through Mycroft’s mind at the same time.

“A film? What will we be watching then, Gregory?” Mycroft asked as Greg led him into the lounge.

Greg watched him for a moment. “Well, action movies are some of my favorites. Die Hard in particular.”

Mycroft returned the steady gaze, not letting on that he found action movies absurdly predictable and extremely limited by the genre. Nevertheless, he smiled. “I see.”

Greg furrowed his brow at him. “You don’t want to watch it.” It wasn’t a question. Mycroft glanced up, amused and impressed that Greg had read him so easily.

“I didn’t say that. I normally don’t watch these silly action films. But… It’s what you like, and I’m happy when you’re happy, Gregory.”

Greg beamed, unable to help himself. He played the movie, but Mycroft didn’t catch very much of it. Of course, he could hear the audio. But with Greg lying on top of him, kissing him in that way he enjoyed so very much, he honestly couldn’t care less what was playing in the background.

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Jace giving advices *wink*
  • Jace to Julian: You've got a lot of responsability now. You'll have to make sure she winds up with a guy who deserves her.
  • Emma: What about me? Don't I have to make sure Jules winds up whit someone who deserves him?
  • Jace: Absolutely. I did it for Alec. Alec did it for me -well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.
  • Julian: I bet you didn't like Magnus much, either.
  • Jace: Maybe not, but I never would have to said so.
  • Emma: Because it would hurt Alec's feelings?
  • Jace: No, because Magnus would hace turnes me into a hat rack.