well i might not be able to promise you the world

tsskyx replied to your post “tsskyx replied to your post “what role might asriel play in the next…”

Well, it’s just that I’m not sure if what he said in the kickstarter campaign explicitly meant a second Undertale game.That’s where my worries are coming from. But I’m not in complete denial. Undertale is an incredibly successful game, it’s unlikely that he would just abandon it like this.

Okay! That’s fair, I can help with that. Let’s look for a moment at the promise that I usually quote.

“With this amount of money, I will be able to show you more of Undertale’s world and characters.

Two ideas I have for this are:”

Let’s look at these sentences in context. ‘I will be able to show you more of Undertale’s world and characters’ is one sentence. It is followed immediately by ‘Two ideas I have for this are.’ The second sentence makes no sense without the first, and therefore they are linked. The only conclusion to take away from it is that both ideas relate to Undertale’s world.  

This, the game which is ‘shrouded in darkness,’ which Toby sneakily refers to in 2016′s new year tweet, will definitely include familiar characters and the world of Undertale. It’s the reason that Toby listed them as kickstarter goals.

Now. The protest that people usually raise at this point is that Toby was raising money for one of two things; not both. I can see why you might see that from the quote I usually put up. But let’s look at it explicitly, in context.

“At $45000, after the development of Undertale, I will write the scripts to these two things.

Two. Not one or the other. Comic and game both.

When I say that the next game is confirmed, I’m not using hyperbole. It is confirmed.