well i mean she is my best eater

The weeb queen and her reign of terror

So my long weeb journey began with my friends and I sitting in the school cafeteria, completely not expecting the two year long disaster that was about to kick start.
It was the 8th grade and my friends and I were just getting out of our weebo stage. I sat there eating my lunch with my twin sister, spunky, and our way too nice friend, patient pants. ((Obviously not their real names.))  patient pants who every single teacher in our huge middle school loves((keep in mind our middle school has only 7th and 8th grade and is about 2,000 students. Big school.)) runs off to talk to our 8th grade counselor. Me and spunky blow it off because it’s totally normal of patient pants to do this. Soon patient pants returns but with the counselor. Obviously I was confused and just plain worried. Long story short the counselor tells us about a new student in our grade who didn’t have anyone to sit with and asked if she could sit with us. Of course we said we didn’t mind and patient pants ran off to bring the new girl to our table…… Oh only if I knew the drama shit storm this girl was going to bring with her and her giant tubber ware of cold pizza. 

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