well i like those colors too

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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(I haven’t posted in ages)

I hope to those who see this, that you are doing well.

It felt nice to color a little bit more detail again… I almost forgot how fun it was. Quick, but stress relieving! 

I haven’t played KuroKuro in a while too. I think I still have “Happy Birthday Akashi” up as my avatar! I’m a disappointment! I hope Akashi’s story will be up with more reflection of how the Rakuzan team is according to the game team! I wonder what will the story center around~ (I hope for more Shintarou interaction… and Mayuzumi of course. AND MURASAKIBARA. Ugh. I hope it won’t just revolve around Seirin. We have other storylines for that… And ahh, of course, I hope they talk about how they must deal with Touou with Aomine as well… I’m just dreaming but hey! T_T)

Lmfao it’s been so long since I’ve been here that I sound so awkward as I type like I’m typing in some shitty diary (when it’s just a shitty blog) but pfft……


no reposting/removing my signature/artist comments thnk you!

This is based off of the talented @y-annah florist/tattoo au, which I am always a goddamn sucker for. They haven’t shown what kind of tattoos Keith has yet so I just kinda winged it, hope that’s ok! 

more under the cut!

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Scanned and colored version of Inktober day 28. Eh… I kinda don’t like how it came out but oh well. It’s colored in Photoshop so at least the original ink drawing is fine.

Since Ghirahim is super pretty in human form then I figured Fi would be too if she had one. I usually draw her looking neutral/lowkey pissed off so she may come off as one of those cold, unapproachable beauties. Or something.

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i forget that you have a bf sometimes bc i assume that anime fans are like forever alone or smth idk. like i'm amazed that he doesn't mind you being so into other guys, even if they are characters. but i'm happy for you!! i hope you continue being happy with each other too. happy belated valentines <3

Well anon…. you see, he only minds if he catches me cuddling with my figurines and kissing fanart prints, so I make sure to do that only when he’s at work…


I don’t know why you would think that he would mind? He’s a very rational adult being (as opposed to me :’D ..I am a child…) and he has no reason to mind me enjoying fictional characters. I mean it’s not like they’re any danger to him. Plus: You seem to forget that even if I am totally in love with for example Iwa and Oikawa… I am in love with them TOGETHER :’D …

I am a gross gay shipper. I don’t like or enjoy self insert or mary sue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so there’s even less for him to worry about.

I think he minds my tiny obsession with Chris Pine more :’D because that guy is actually real. And he always gets wary when I suggest a movie (”Is it a Chris Pine movie?” - “noonono~… maybe?” - ಠ_ಠ )

anyways, thank you anon for your well wishes <3 i hope you had a nice valentine’s too.

@just-watch-me-hachiko asked for a Chloe from @starrycove‘s Breakdance AU, and, well… my hand slipped

i don’t imagine chloe would be a breaker, what i DO picture easily is her being a hip-hop dancer who wants, very very badly, to learn break after watching Ladybug strut her stuff in a dance-off. she tries really hard, but poor girl can barely manage a dang handstand. 

important features of her outfit include: 
-billions o’ bangles
-comedically oversized gold hoop earrings
-clashy frost pink lip gloss
-stupidly hi-top skate shoes/boots. where did she even buy those…?

i’d kinda like to draw sabrina, too… maybe some day XD

please excuse the sketchy quality and coloring, i did this instead of literally ALL THE HOMEWORK school stuff


I couldn’t help but lay on the beautiful couch you had set up on the cafe. It was soft, comfy, and is of a calming color. I found myself instinctively going there. It was like it was another home to me. I always wondered what was so special about the cafe, but I didn’t want to ponder it for too long. Sooner or later though, I figured it was because of you. It was your laugh I would hear in my sleep. Your smile that I would wake up to after every nap was serene. I was captivated. You aren’t weird for saying those things… because we share the same feelings. 

Rest well, 


@kliomuse Ah man I was wondering how that would resolve, I had some idea but like you said it’s not as cut and dry as you think.

Those last few pages tore me the fuck up though. I was grinning like a loon the entire fucking time. And I gasped out loud when I learned about the color. Like I didn’t see that coming at all.

All the parallels with their respective parents were so well done too like just A+.

I loved them so much. My dysfunctional weirdo babies.

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Well forget about them! If they don't like you, that's their problem!! But we know better. We know you're a sweetheart and amazing person, and that's what really matters. No let's talk about something happy, because those jerks don't have the right to even be mentioned as someone amazing as you. They're not worth your time.


“y-you…just m-met me… why…? you don’t…”

“n-never mind. i’ve…said t-too much already…”

“but…my favorite color’s b-blue…or maybe red.”


I’m one of those Awakening fans who got into it more recently because they actually played Smash first. I knew about Robin/the avatar’s hair customization but I was disappointed there wasn’t a clothing customization option as well. So here are my edits of Robin’s Smash palette swap colors on their Awakening portraits/sprites. They’re not the most accurate/perfect, but regardless, I hope you like them! These would also look better if waifu2x was working but it’s not gdi

I’m thinking of doing Lucina, Marth, and Ike, too; like I wanna do them but I also don’t because these took a while to make especially the last two jfc…

One Piece! Ausil and Naruto! Ausil outfit sketches! Kind of what I feel like she would look like if her story took place in those worlds? 

(Bonus points if you can guess who her fathers are in these worlds!) 

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My favorite one, hands down. That crop top is amazing and those pants will compliment Kyvo’s figure well. The roses add a nice splach of color. The shoes are not the most practical for fighting but I’m sure she is skilled enough. I saw the scarf and almost died. It’s so cute but optional really. A nice choker would be cute too. I didn’t feel like Kyvo wore much jewelry (I could be wrong) but I had to add at least on accessory, and I had to subtract from all the black a little. Hope you like it. I sure did.


So uh… I was drawing or something.
It was a nice experiment to practice drawing people from the back and Chinatsukurun looks great buuuut then I got lazy and I did an not so good Mary-chan and… the perspective got ruined and then I tried to add color… but I already shaded everything with pencil… and I was too lazy to erase…. and it ended up smudgy…. also… I shouldn’t use those colors anymore.

I will buy new ones, I really want water color pencils or at least some color pencils with good quality, like faber castle.

Oh well, it was fun.


Ey, TLF here.

I noticed something ever since everybody else moved out: Nobody’s putting up the decorations. Like, TLB’s outta it so she aint thinking about it, and the boss probably don’t even know where the things are.

So it’s my job to get everything looking nice for Vday.

I think I did pretty good! Got some’a them cheap heart banners strung up everywhere, couple balloons on the walls. Jars of candy in the workshops. Heh, I bet they won’t make it to the fourteenth. 

I got those cards we used to give out as kids, too. Some of them are, well, going to the kids. I hope they like ‘em. They don’t mean to be bad, right? They’re just kids. What’s the worst they can do, color on the walls?


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Air Force Brat here to answer your question about those lovely American uniforms. They're supposed to match the shifting sands of the desert, but as the daughter of an Air Force Combat Veteran, and the Fiance of one as well, I have been told numerous times that the only thing they're good for is blending in with the roads of of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I actually like the tiger-stripe pattern of the Air Force uniforms, and the standard ACU pattern is fine too.  I just don’t understand the color; they tried so hard to get it to blend in with everything, that it doesn’t blend in with anything :P

The #1 Microaggression I experience

I’m submitting this because this happens way too much. It’s more than irritating. This happens every other time I go to the park. This only happens when I am alone. I’ve heard from other women of color who are parents that they experience this too. Have you experienced this as well?

Here is an example of most frequent microaggression I experience in Olympia, WA:

I’m out at the park with my kids. I am approached by a parent or a few parents. “Those children are adorable! They are so well behaved!”

Me: They are adorable, and they really don’t have a choice in being well behaved. If they misbehave they go home.

Them: Discipline! I like that! Severely lacking nowadays. So, how much do you charge?

Me: Excuse me?

Them: How much are your rates? Do you do watch kids in your home or do you go to the house! I’d love to hire you!

Me: These are my kids. >:(

Them: They don’t look anything like you. Wow, I had no idea! (This means,
‘I assumed your white passing children weren’t yours because you’re obviously not white). Is dad white?

Me: That is really none of your business,  however I will humor you. I’m mixed race, my husband is mixed race, and my children are mixed. I’d like you to think long and hard why you assumed they weren’t mine even though the oldest has been calling me MOM the whole time.  

The interactions are rarely this long. However, this is pretty much what goes on. This does not include when a tan/brown child isn’t behaving and a white parent furiously points to them and yells at me to “Control your kid!”  Yeah…that’s not my kid. That adorable cherub is not mine even though you obviously ignore my kid who always yells “Mom look at me! Take a picture, mom!”


To add:

-White folks are the only folks who do this

-I am not asked this when white relatives or my husband is present

-Accompanying this is a  dialogue that praises my ‘grasp of the English language’ even though I’ve lived here all my life

-This interaction is based in the assumption that nonwhite women are caregivers

-The assumption that my job is to be a caregiver, a person who cleans house, or that I’m undereducated because of my race

-Assumption that my only choice in a mate/spouse is a white male

If the race tags show up it’s because my kids are a mix of several and they are also Latinx.

Because this is a space for mixed race folks, here is what my kids are mixed with: Korean, White, Black and indigenous (I forget which community). They have family in Latin America and the Caribbean. They identify as Latinx and Asian.

Lion is fixated on the colors blue and yellow.

This may be a stretch but it’s been bothering me ever since the episode “Bismuth”.

Namely, the scene with the Thunder Bird t-shirt in which Lion was playing with it.

It felt too specific of a design so I thought of other instances when Lion was playing with things.

And I remembered the party hat from “So Many Birthdays”. Again with the blue and yellow.

He looks like he wants it.

And shortly after…

He’s wearing the hat AND 2 balloons to complement those colors as well.

And of course there’s…

Lion Lickers, which are yellow and have an (arguably) blue sign.

Same goes for their wrappers in a darker shade from Nightmare Hospital.

If we were to follow this logic further, there could be a connection regarding the Desert Glass from “Steven’s Lion” where he debuted.

The Gem that is green which is blue and yellow combined. Lion tasked himself with finding it when we first met him.

And there’s also the Crystal Basilisk that Lion ate, with crystal spines the same green color as the Desert Glass.

This all could just be a coincidence but the pattern stuck out to me. Whenever the colors yellow or blue stand out in this show it usually relates to the Diamond Authority. 

Percy and Paulette for example:

Maybe we just need an episode of Lion watching Camp Pining Hearts to seal the theory? :P

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hi! I'm new in army so I have a few questions.. what's the colour of v's eyes? and hoseok's? and the other boys'? In some pics they look dark blue or green but in some others I think they're black and I'm kinda confused..

Welcome to the fandom, confused anon ~

I don’t at all want to come off as racist or to generalize or something, but by and large, Koreans tend to have brown to black eyes (just like their natural hair colors as well) and it’s the same for all of BTS.

I think these picture of V had you confused.

But in both of them, he’s probably got colored contacts in because his eyes are brown (they’re a little lighter in better lighting tbh).

Yoongi is confusing too sometimes because of this picture -

and NaruYoongi for Halloween - 

But Yoongi said himself he had to put contacts in for those times (and that it took 3 staff and half an hour to get them in lmao) Yoongi’s eyes are black ~

Hoseok’s are more black too forehead hobi omf.

Joonie’s are brown again predebut joonie wrecking me like.

And there’s doe eye Jin

Obviously Park no-chillMin

And finally Kookie too, whose eyes are brown in the light though it looks black here officer kookie jfc

Basically a long post on BTS eye colors that I needed more than the anon because they’re all so pretty. 

But I hope I helped anon, the ARMY life will keep you safe (read as : wrecked)