well i like the wig


why not, right? i wanna look fucking beautiful too, so I got up and I thought I’d put it on too. doesn’t have to be a reason! does anyone ever ask meg why she’s wearing a wig? no. “why’d you die your hair blue?” cause i felt like it. WELL I FELT LIKE WEARING A GODDAMN WIG TODAY! [x]


I never actually planned on cosplaying Mari, or anyone from Sunshine for that matter, any time soon but here we are and I’m actually kind of in love???? 

She’s so fun and I feel so stupid cute :’)


Cut a lot off of my first cosplay wig and made it into a wig for Anakin and I think I actually did pretty well consider I haven’t cut a wig in like a year!
Now i probably won’t ever cosplay Anakin but if one of my cosplayer friends wanted to, I’d be more than willing to give it to them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • person: hey i like your eyes!
  • me: thanks they're contacts
  • person: well, i like your hair too!
  • me: thanks it's a wig
  • person: okay um, i like your personality!
  • me: thanks it's a combination of the traits and qualities i witness and pick up from the people around me and im not really sure who i really am anymore or if i ever had any true sense of uniqueness but thanks

So!!! Here’s my matryoshika test cosplay!! The hoodie was rly hard to get up over the clips but whatever, and I still needed to cut and brush the wig, ah well
I kinda just look like a scene girl, and also the makeup for the video is a pain in the ass

I swear, I’m surrounded by reactionaries in my government class. For instance, one mention of the law being proposed to actually let transgender people be legally able to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender, and the class goes all wild and transphobic with the classic derisive bullshit like “Well gee, now I can just get a wig, sneak into the other bathroom, be a perv and when I’m caught, just say I’m transgender!” I am sickened, and slightly enraged to be quite honest. I don’t have the guts or the coherency to stand up against so many people at once. All I do is sit there, enraged at the class for their ignorance, at myself for not standing up and attempting to thwart it. Tired of this shit. Tired of being the only damn socialist here.