well i like the wig


why not, right? i wanna look fucking beautiful too, so I got up and I thought I’d put it on too. doesn’t have to be a reason! does anyone ever ask meg why she’s wearing a wig? no. “why’d you die your hair blue?” cause i felt like it. WELL I FELT LIKE WEARING A GODDAMN WIG TODAY! [x]

anonymous asked:

How did you find a way to draw girl eyes??? The way I draw eyes are very fierce and I don’t know how to make them look kind or sweet. I tried many ways but they all never work ;-;. I get very discouraged to draw when I see my girls looking like boys wearing wigs as well. Sometimes I feel like quitting drawing.

this is the way i draw eyes, my eyes can be fierce too! idk but if u want your eyes to look more ‘sweet’ maybe make the pupils rounder? its always how u manipulate the shape of the pupils

eyes isnt limited to a single gender, actually i use the same eyes for every drawing i do so??? dont worry abt your eyes not being a ‘girl’s’ eyes, bc theyre just eyes!!

dont give up when u meet w/ some difficulties, it would be a waste if u just give up like this! or maybe come bck to this challenge when u r really determined to do it! it took me 11 years so u can take your time

dont give up anon!!


Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall ~
네임리스 ~ 당신이 기억해야 할 단 한가지의 것 ~

“Yea? So you’re letting me? That means… You’ll take in everything, even my desires? A good girl… must keep her promise. If you excite me and then just run away… I’ll be extremely disappointed. …

It’s too late to run away now. I wont give in for anyone. You’re only going to let me do it, right? Even looking into your eyes like this. You’re only going to let me… hurt you, right? Lets go… Don’t be afraid. I’m here, aren’t I? 

Hmm~ Oh, this outfit would look nice. It’s an elegant dress that suits you. You'll wear this and go up on stage with me. Hmm..? Is this arm not moving well? I should lessen the tension. Umph-! How’s the wig? You like it? 

Hm? You don’t look so please.. .Did something happen? But first, you have to go up on stage with me. It’s time to put on a fantastic show for the audience. You don’t have to be nervous. Its not a huge show. You just have to talk and act according to the script. 

Hmm..? What’s wrong? What’s with those eyes..? Are you lonely? Then… should I make you feel better? I know very well the only time you make a sound. If we finish the show safely, then Ill do everything you like. Now, get up. 

Oh! Its starting. Lets go. The conductor will be waiting. Oh right, I almost forgot. I really love you. More than anyone else in the world. Don’t every forget that.”


Wanted to share these because even though they lack DST3 context, I thought they were really cute! 


hey guys! i’m a little strapped for cash that i need for new cosplay projects and personal things, so i’m selling my old rose wig and my hinata wig! obviously they don’t have to be used for these characters, but basically yes, two cut and styled wigs for sale!

the rose wig is white-blonde and about chin-length, and the hinata wig is a dark blue and goes past my shoulders (i’m estimating about 10-12 inches in length?)

prices are as follows (though i’m willing to negotiate!):

  • rose: $15 plus shipping
  • hinata: $17 plus shipping

payments will be made over paypal. please message me if you’re interested!


So!!! Here’s my matryoshika test cosplay!! The hoodie was rly hard to get up over the clips but whatever, and I still needed to cut and brush the wig, ah well
I kinda just look like a scene girl, and also the makeup for the video is a pain in the ass


So I finished my Rose Quartz cosplay in October just in time for a cosplay cafe my cosplay club at college put on, and in time for Halloween! This cosplay has add me so confident in myself and I can’t wait to cosplay her even more! Though it’s finished for now, do plan though to add more to the dress over time, and get bigger hair too!
(Ft. My friends as Pearl and my lovely girlfriend as Greg )