well i know this is bad

how do i tell my spanish prof that people do well in his class cuz all of the answers are online. he’s not even bad with technology or anything. like there’s six weeks of the class left and…he just doesn’t know… Or maybe he does and he has to pretend not to know so he can keep his tenure 👀

72# Soft Klance of the Day: Lance has a magical shop that sells ingredients for potions among other things.
Keith is one of the strongest wizards in town and frequents the shop quite often. Lance messes up one of his orders once but Keith makes it work anyway, so Lance decides that every so often to give Keith the wrong ingredients, waiting for the day that Keith will mess up.
“You do know that it’s bad business to prank your customers?” Keith mentions one day while staring at the ingredients he just purchased.
Lance grins. “Well you make it work either way so what’s the problem?”
Keith rolls his eyes, but a smile tugs at his lips.
“So how much do you wanna bet I can slip a love potion into one of your drinks one day?” Lance asks.
“Hmm, what’s the point of that? It wouldn’t change anything.” Keith replies without thinking as he counts the change.
Lance blinks. “Wait what- oh.”

Can I just say I’m so glad about the approach they’re taking with Gabriel?

They so far haven’t shied away from what he’s doing being bad, but they haven’t made it overwhelmingly stereotypical ‘bad guy’ either. Well, at least when it comes to how he acts outside of the lair.

He’s proving to be as much of a manipulator as I had hoped. Everything I felt were subtle signs of his manipulative behavior in the last season are exactly that: subtle manipulation. Those around him who don’t know don’t catch on because they don’t know what subtleties to look for.

He’s also proving that the ends justify the means in his head. This is very important. He’s proven he cares about Adrien in past episodes but he’s also proving that if he thinks he has control of the situation, he’ll put Adrien in harm’s way if he thinks it’s justified enough. He seems to show concern when Adrien is possibly in danger and its not in a way he controls. He panicked when Adrien ran away because he didn’t have Adrien under his watch during the threat. If Adrien isn’t going to be seriously hurt (physically, at least), then he’ll put the boy in danger if he thinks it could lead to getting the miraculous. He doesn’t quite care about the emotional and mental health of his child so long as he’s not going to die. In some parents’ heads, that means they’re doing a good job. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that, but I doubt he thinks so. And if he can get Mama Agreste back? Then that might fix any damage he does cause anyway.

I love that the smiles he gives when faking seem so very much like actual fake smiles. Its enough to trick people but just enough off to make those who know how that looks to feel wary. He knows just what gestures to make, just how to say things, just what mannerisms he should use, etc. He manipulated himself out of suspicion before it even became a proper problem. He emotionally manipulates people around him so much that most don’t catch on. Hell, a good portion of the fandom didn’t even catch on. And thats how it should be for those who’s on the outside looking in.

Abusive manipulators will do whatever it takes to keep others from realizing so they can keep doing/getting what they want. Even those closest to them may not even realize. Adrien will even start suspecting his father isn’t as good as he seems but then get roped right back into the manipulation before he can think too critically about it. Its so much like real emotionally manipulative parenting that it sends shivers down my spine.

Please keep this up, Miraculous Ladybug. Showing this manipulation correctly is so important to me, and it could help others going through what Adrien is if they see how this behavior is like. You could possibly save lives here. Please. This is so very, very important.

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I know quite a bit about Tay’s team and there are no actual interns, but the people that run TN are all pretty young and inexperienced. And some of them are outsourced ppl from other artist Mgmt firms who don’t actually work directly for her.

Thanks for this Anon. Well it’s even more worrying if it doesn’t come from interns…sadly…They should be more careful, bc it makes Tay look bad.

ugh, i gotta find someone to go see thor with me, why does no one i know like superhero movies??

i might ask my new paper-writing-partner but i don’t know him at all so i don’t know how well that’ll go down

we’ll see, i can always go by myself even if i don’t want to

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Sorry I'm trying to understand but why is genderbending bad..? Why is making them trans better??? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm cis if that even matters but i just can't wrap my head around people being upset by it. I'm not transphobic either i just.. idk it's weird to think people are bothered by such mild things.

Oh, it’s okay. It is a confusing and controversial matter that I don’t fully understand either. 

For starters it doesn’t upset everyone, some enjoy, some are neutral and some have very negative reactions from/towards it.

So it’s really not my place to tell you why it’s bad or not, just why I personally won’t do it. Which is a plain simple that if there’s a big chance it’s going to make people sad, let’s say through the association of certain body traits with gender, then I don’t need it.

Does it makes you a bad person if you enjoy it? I don’t think so. Just always make sure to tag.

If anyone wants to explain it better to anon feel free to use the reply, I won’t be answering more tho’ because that’s it for me. Be kind.

zaggar/zanerva, g

“Lana will you ever get tired of writing about the intense cold war between Zarkon and Kova” “ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT”

The lions broke formation, each one of the paladins heading off to their respective homes until it was only Alfor and Zarkon left, cruising along through space. “You fought well this day, Alfor,” Zarkon said at the remaining pane in the comms window. “Your lion’s flames obliterated the Krytaani’s fighters.”

Alfor’s tired laughter echoed through the Black lion’s cockpit. “All thanks to your fine leadership, friend,” he replied. “Debrief in the morning? Later in the morning?

“Naia has no reason to worry that I’ll take you from her before lunch. In any case,” and he couldn’t keep the smile out of his voice, despite that it wasn’t very leader-like, “I’ve business that needs attending to.”

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*you got a letter from unknown*

Oh hi. You’re probably confused about this letter ^^“ Umm, let me introduce myself. I’m Anoli. I’m an angel who sends messages to everyone who needs a possitive or lift up message. Well, i didn’t know how to send message to knights, so i wrote a letter ^^”
Well, what i wanted to say is that no matter what, you’re awesome, fantastic and strong person :) Life sometimes can send to us a lot of surprises. Some of them bad, some of them good. But i’m so sure that you can do everything. I don’t ask you to tell me what happened. I just want to cheer you up.
Never forget that you’re not alone :)



I am unworthy of such kindness. Thank you, Anoli. I will treasure this and i wont forget :) Thank you, thank you so much :)

Some Study Lifestyle Tips

because I can, because WACE is coming and the Americans are starting a new school year at some point probably?? and because it’s always important to look after yourself while studying

I’m not going to claim that all of these will work for everybody or that everyone will be able to do all of them etc etc but I’ve struggled with burnout and sustained anxiety due in part to medical reasons but in part to unhealthy study-based lifestyle and this is some of what I’ve learnt so:

  • Don’t work where you sleep - As well as promoting bad posture (and getting study snack crumbs all over your bed) this stops your mind and body from separating “work” and “rest”. I know it’s tempting!! and tbh I still do it sometimes. But when your mind and body can’t differentiate, those half-asleep panic thoughts about what you have to do the next day etc etc get worse. Your body rests when it should be alert and tries to stay alert when it should be resting in case you ask it to do something. It’s exhausting! Please don’t do it. You can still use your bed for fun (eg. TV, blogging, reading - I love me a nest don’t get me wrong) but when you actually have to knuckle down, go somewhere else. Preferably a desk, but even the floor, dining table or couch! Also, having a shower or getting dressed (or even just washing your face or putting back your hair) before you start work is a great way to force yourself into “productive mode” especially if you’re feeling lethargic.

  • Ritual is more important than time table - All through high school we got told, make timetables, make timetables. I could NEVER stick to them. My focus just doesn’t work like that and neither does my workload. However, what I have found helpful is establishing ritual. eg. do I get coffee when I start work or when I start break? Related to the above, this helps get me into “work” mode or “rest” mode. Also, don’t be afraid to reward yourself but be disciplined with your rewards. Can you have one lolly for every 10 minutes work? 10 lollies an hour? A handful after you’ve done this section? STICK TO IT. Rewards only work if you do.

  • Time tables don’t have to be regular - Again, the usual deal with timetabling is that you spend say, half an hour per day per class studying. First of all, how many hours a day do they think we have, damn? But second of all, that’s a USELESS GENERIC FRAMEWORK. Are you good at the subject? Does it have a really high workload? Is it your major? Then GIVE IT MORE OR LESS TIME. Also, work out when you are most productive during the day and demand more of yourself at that time. eg for me I am quite productive in the morning, so if I have a blocked out “study day” I’ll start with 1-1.5 hour sessions with 15-30 min breaks and gradually slack off until I’m doing more break than study but it’s okay bc I did most of my work in the morning. The point of timetabling is to make sure you actually get the work done: therefore, you need to do it in a way that will allow you to actually get the work done

  • Diet & Reward Choice is important - Rewards are great, but caffeine and sugar are bad for you and they are bad for your sleep and concentration, which you need to study with!! If you’re eating a lot of sugary snacks, make sure you drink water and have healthy meals. If you’re drinking too much coffee OWN UP TO IT. I was having anxiety problems so I restricted myself to 2 coffees a day, and not after 6pm, and even though I didn’t drink a lot and I don’t feel the “buzz” coffee gives some people, it has helped me (and also reduced some gut problems I was giving myself). Also ofc try to replace lollies with fruit or food with non-food based rewards (eg a trip to the movies when this essay’s done) but it depends what’s going to motivate you and how much motivation you need. I tend to get into the lollies when it’s been assignments uphill through the snow both ways and I’m losing my will to live but I watch sitcoms every break all the time often. What works for you?

  • Let some things slip - Yes it’s true that poor hygiene and mess can be harmful to your mental health but figure out what you can ignore and how long for because most things can be fixed after you hand that report in. Will your head explode if your room is messy? Then clean it, but if you can live with it, let it slide for a bit. Is a shower an important part of your daily ritual? Then do it, but if you’re cool with waiting until you can feel the grease on your face sometimes that’s the way it’s gonna be. It’s not like you’re meeting people anyway. And your fellow students PROBABLY don’t give a shit as long as it’s not a presentation and you don’t have killer B.O. Your accomodation can’t just slide into the shit eternally, especially if you live with roommates or family, but go easy on yourself is what I’m saying, and prioritise yourself & your food & your rest & your work (*which contributes greatly to your health) above nicities you don’t need. Feed your pets though. That’s important.

  • Act, Belong, Commit - This is an Australian mental health campaign that really sums up a lot of the best things you can do. Of course we can’t always have that perfect work-life balance, especially trying to pay rent or have a family or during exam time etc etc etc but remember, health including mental health is not an “all or nothing” thing. Every little bit helps! You’ll be surprised (I know I was). Your “C” that’s probably your work/study if you’re reading this! But “Belong” that can be stuff like choir, sports clubs, church, volunteering, or really anything that you’re passionate about including informal communities - for me it’s mostly Amnesty International, activism, & fandom. And then “Act” well that took me ages bc exercise is the bane of my existence but if dancing around in your underwear is what it takes DO THAT. In fact now, I’ve joined a proper dance class! There will be some kind of physical activity that you can tolerate, even if it’s like, a few laps in the pool or walking the dog or even just walking to the store. I look for opportunities to do exercise with a purpose (eg on my way to buy something) bc for its own sake?? No way. You don’t even have to do it enough to get sweaty, lose weight or build muscle (although that’s great). Just a little bit is better than none,

This is getting long so I’m going to stop but feel free to ask me questions and I wish you good luck & good grades!!

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How do I know if my story idea is worth to explore and actually write or if it's boring and has been used a thousand times already and is actually a pretty bad idea....?

Well, there’s no checklist for this. “Worth to explore” is a purely subjective idea that will get you a different answer from everyone you meet. Same with “boring”. 

How many people read romance novels when they know the basic ending? A lot. How many people watch action movies knowing the hero is going to triumph anyway? A lot. Some people think dramas are boring while others think comedies are boring. 

A good idea isn’t about originality, but how you decide to work with it. A cliche story can still be good to people who are looking for pure escapism and just happen to like certain tropes, or you can bring fresh ideas to genres by playing with tropes. It all depends on what you want to write.

So, just write it anyway! Especially if it’s something you might enjoy. No idea is truly 100% original, but if you’re really worried about cliches, then learn about them. Learn what they are for the genre you’re working with and then think of ways to subvert them. Learn how things typically play out and see if you can alter it. 

There’s a reader for every well-written story (and sometimes even poorly written ones) so just write what you want to. If you’re worried, then research and figure out what you want to avoid.

Good luck with everything!

The gang as Spongebob quotes
  • Jonathan: “Soiled it! Soiled it! Soiled it! Soiled it!”
  • Joseph: “I’m ugly and proud!”
  • Jotaro: “Too bad that didn’t kill me.”
  • Josuke: “He wears curlers to bed!”
  • Caesar: “Come on! You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/we wumbo? Wumbo, wumboing, we’ll have the wumbo, wumborama, wumbology, the study of wumbo? It’s first grade, Spongebob!”
  • Kakyoin: “Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.”
  • Okuyasu: “Well maybe it is stupid, but it’s also dumb!”

So earlier I asked my mom over text message if I can borrow 30 dollars for groceries since for the last 3 days I haven’t ate more than a handful of crackers,my mom replied back literally with in seconds so no way in hell,you are only asking for money cuz you want drugs,your such a disappointment

Well thanks,I have never lied about reasons for wanting to borrow money and I have never stole anything from her either,you know maybe I just want some damn food

Not all drugs addicts are bad people


As a purveyor of amateur webcomics, I see a lot of poor attempts to express emotions *coughTeahousecough*, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a webcomic this bad. It also really struggles with Same!Face. If your characters’ hair was removed, could you tell any of them apart? No? Then you’ve got Same!Face syndrome!

Anyway, no one in this comic opens their eyes more than halfway. They can also speak without opening their mouth. 

Lastly, I’m totally fine with people not knowing English that well and still doing a comic in English because that’s where the biggest audience is, but you can always ask someone who speaks English as a first language to translate your bad English into good English. I’m a shitty American that only speaks one language, and I would be willing to do that for anyone who asked because it’s pretty easy. On the flip side, It’s really difficult to create compelling characters if they speak like Google Translate, and you do them a disservice. 

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A long message for you bc I’m a slut for those... you’re funny, creative, kind, take no BS, make content only for your own and others happiness and appreciation, and I don’t know you irl but I wish I did! I hope all the goodness you put in the world comes back to you two fold, I hope whatever is best for you comes to you and whatever is bad for you leaves your life. I hope you can continue to do things passionately. Please eat well and take care of yourself and we love you very much!!

this is the sweetest thing, thanks boo <3 <3

Ok, I want to tell something happened just a bunch of minutes ago.
I was re-reading VKM 13 and I was to the infamous scene of Yuuki and Zero when my sister passed through. Now, my sister doesn’t read manga as I do, she doesn’t know VK and, more than everything, she isn’t interested in, but one thing she has pointed out made me think. She has stopped and said: “What are you reading?” with a shocked expression on her face. I answered that it was a chapter from VKM and she responded that it was very rough scene. (Well, she precisely said “Ma che leggi? Che razza di scena!”). She had an uncomfortable look on her face and this made me think that the impact that a scene like that can give a very bad message because, to somebody who does not read the series, it gives the feeling of a bloody r*pe scene. And I’m also reflecting on this aspect, because in the past when there were Zeki scenes, I could actually feel that there was… well, a bit of chemistry, yes, but this time, the whole scene was totally uncomfortable to see. Also, I don’t know what Hino has in her mind, but I really hope she will be able to reason because if she really wants to portray a “healthy” relationship… well, it seems that she will have a long road to follow.