well i know it was gonna happen but i didn't know how

“So you know how Netjer told me to be miserable for a few days? Well, I did, and this is what happened:”

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Sooo if I was ever gonna do an Undertale comic, it’d be like… Chara manages another reset after everyone reaches the surface and have been happy for a while.
But just before it happens, Sans tells Frisk they have to make him believe that they’re from another timeline and they have to make him get off his ass and help (they all know it’s gonna reset because Chara wants them to know).
That…. doesn’t go so well for Frisk. It’s so hard to get Sans to give a shit in the beginning and their determination really takes a hit because of that.
Uh… but anyway… know how if you reset after everything is great, Sans has a picture of everyone together on the surface (or something like that… I read about it. Haven’t seen it myself).
Well, he finds that in his stuff later (plus some other pictures because I do what I want) and has no idea what they are or how he got them…
But he knows who to ask.
Probably that human kid that was yelling at him about a bunch of weird stuff. :B
Okay… this description is too long now. I dunno if I’ll make that comic and I’m a shit writer. If you wanna know about the bullshit that goes on in my head about this, feel free to ask me. :)