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Another update from Stefán! Warning, I cried so much while reading this!
  • Dear friends.
  • I have no words to describe how thankful I am to all of you, my friends. Your support and continuous thoughts, prayers and positive letters and encouragement have more to do with my success in the fight with cancer then you can imagine.
  • Let me tell you a little story.
  • During my travels around the US and North America with the Musical How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I got to meet children with cancer in almost every city we visited, more the 40 cities. I would dress up as the Grinch and visit the Children’s Hospital in each city and meet with very sick child that was strong enough to take a visit from the Grinch for a little story reading or just a short hello. Sometimes I could only wave to them through a glass window because they were too ill to make any contact to the outer world. 
  • In my carrier I have also worked with “Make a Wish Foundation” and in Lazy Town we would have children visit the studio from all over the world and it felt so good to be able to make a difference. 
  • But one girl will never leave my mind. We were playing “The Grinch” in Orlando, Florida 2015 and I had been asked by “Make a Wish Foundation” to meet with this girl, 12 years old, who had the dream of taking her family to Orlando and having a blast. She had gone to all the parks and seen a lot of shows during her stay but she really needed to meet The Grinch. 
  • I asked her if she had had a good time with her family and friends in Florida and she said yes, it’s been great. And since I was in Character as The Grinch I asked her why she wanted to meet with me before the show, The Grinch of all people. Then she looked me in the eyes, smiled, stroked my hair and said: “I just wanted to see if I could make your heart grow three sizes”. 
  • My eyes filled up with tears and I really had nothing to say and I remember thinking to myself “Stop, Stop it, you can’t be The Grinch and cry in front of this child”. I looked at her and said; “You have made my heart grow, yes”. Then the girl said ; “Well, you too Mr. Grinch” and then she gave me the warmest hug I have ever felt. 
  • This story is about all of us, all of us who are ready to give till the last moment in our lives, help others with as little as a word or two or just a hug.
  • You are giving and you are healing and just remember, it doesn’t matter how long I live because it about how I live. Life is not tomorrow, life is now.
  • Big hug and love to you all
  • Stefan Karl
Half-Blood Princess

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Hannah (Twin Sister)

Length: 2466+ words

TW: Descriptions of Injuries. Character death. Just sadness and angst all over (I made myself cry writing this tbh)

A/N: I’m sorry (but not really sorry) for all the angst. Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Being half a Winchester usually never ended well. With Adam being in a cage- it was safe to say that if you’re not a full-blooded Winchester, your fate is very bleak. Very, very bleak. You on the other hand, never believed this. Neither did your twin sister, Hannah. When your mom died, she gave you the address of a Bobby Singer who then introduced you to your brothers- well, half brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester. They were one of the strongest men you’ve ever met in your life, and to say you weren’t a little bit intimidated was a lie.

You and Hanna were complete polar opposite. She was outgoing, and very easy to talk to; whereas, you were a bit on the shyer side, always anxious about saying the wrong things. But you got along pretty well. She understood you, and always tried to do her best to make you comfortable. Despite being quieter, it didn’t mean you were bad company. You had a lot of friends who thought you were the life of the party- well, before you moved to the other end of the country. Life with your brothers wasn’t exactly what you were expected. They bonded so well with Hannah (as expected), and you could see yourself becoming distant from them.

It wasn’t until they started training you two to hunt that you saw the clear favouritism towards your sister. You were equally as good as Hannah when it came to picking up the skills that your brothers taught you, but you were never praised. You were never given a high five, and offered to go out for your favourite treat. You were absolutely sure your brother had no malice intentions when doing these things. It was just your personality.

Dean was an extrovert through and through. You thought you could win him over through your cooking, but apparently he didn’t like anyone else working in the kitchen but him. By the time you found out his love for pie, he had already banned you from using the kitchen.

Sam was good-natured, and you were sure that you and him would get along very well. But, Sam was too excited at the prospect of a sister that he became more of an extrovert as well. He wanted to socialize, go out, and do things with his little sister.

It’s not like you hated going out or anything. You were fond of spending time with your family, but socializing drained you, and you were already quiet from the beginning. It was hard to get close to your new brothers when all they wanted to do was outgoing activities, but you did try.

You sat in when Dean was fixing his Baby or washing her, but he didn’t like the silence, so in the end he turned on his music. That’s when Hannah came in. She made a joke about his taste in music which he took full offense to, and she started asking questions about his car, and next thing you knew, he was teaching her everything about Baby- forgetting that you were even there.

With Sam it was a little easier. He was better to be around since you both were avid readers. You sometimes would read with him, but that left no room for communication, and you were left with a gap between you and your brother. There was one time where he wanted to go to the library, and you wanted to go as well, but that was until Dean piped in, and said that he wanted to go alone so he could ask the cute librarian out. Immediately, you backed out- not wanting to latch onto him when he wanted some alone time.

Cases like this kept happening, and it was harder to try. Too much time has passed, and you got nowhere closer to your brother than when you first met.

Then, there was the day that changed everything.

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I moved here from Bergen in the 7th grade. No one wanted to hang out with me because I talk so weird. You were the only one who took care of me. I couldn’t believe the most popular girls in our class wanted to be friends with me. I always really looked up to you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. Just the thought of me destroying that makes me feel sick. More than sick. It made me stop liking myself as a person. But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life. It wasn’t going well between you and Jonas. You talked about breaking up with him every day. I know that’s not an excuse, but… I loved him. I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on. I’m saying this for the last time. Okay?



In Michael In the Bathroom, Michael sings “It sucks he left me here alone, here in this teenage battle zone” and i honestly think that it’s such a haunting parallel because in Two-Player Game, the entire song is about them in a digital battleground as well as discussing a social battleground, and how they’re never going to leave each other alone in these battlezones and that’s exactly what jeremy does. by the time Michael In the Bathroom rolls around, the digital battlezone represents the SQUIP and the social one is high school popularity. Jeremy leaves Michael out of both of them, therefore stranding Michael in his own battlezone where he’s forced to fight alone. The dynamic between the two that’s described in Two-Player Game is what their friendship is based on. Jeremy ruins the very foundation of trust and camaraderie that their relationship consists of. 

thank god they made up i couldnt stand it if they didnt my boys need to be happy

I hope you can read this no matter if you do not respond …

I just want to wish you a happy birthday, thank you very much for going ahead despite the problems you had to face, in fact although my publications are very little seen I follow through thanks to you, I motivated myself to get ahead with my projects no matter if I fail, You’re my idol thanks for that.

Just one more thing, you do not have to change things just because the fandom asks for it, well maybe you really would not have wanted Underverse not to have been based only on Sans, but if that’s not who cares, you decide that do and the people who really admire you will be there accompanying you in glory and failure …

I’m crying, I’m a CryBaby like Cross X’D, and well I also wanted to send you this drawing I made of you for a contest at Undertale, and although I do not win anything, I’m happy to have done it ….

I hope you keep going forward in everything, Family, Projects, and above all …

Be happy and stay determined…

Cosmicguro’s (very old and very regret filled) Ereri Rec List

I’ve spent more time reading ereri fics than I have actually watching the show, here are my favorites.

It’s Fine  This one almost made me cry???? It’s not really even that sad I’m just lame. 

Isn’t that a cliché for you; the teacher falling in love with the student. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed to say sometimes I just didn’t even bother and gave in, imaging his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets. 

1/1 Chapters, Mature rating. 10173 Words.

Wayward Wings Really cute and fluffy wing fic. 

As he straightened up, his wing jerked, and Eren stiffened as he felt it smack into something—or rather, someone.

“I’m so sorry!” he burst out, but as he whirled around, his wings gave another spasm and hit Corporal Levi in the face. Again. “Sorry!”

He held his wings stiff against his back, though he could feel them straining to move, as he stared at Corporal Levi.

Corporal Levi, whose face and hair were now half-covered in mud. Corporal Levi, whose expression hadn’t changed but who was more likely than not livid. Oh.

1/1 Chapters, Teen and up rating, 2963 Words

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is Smol Mikasa kills me

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit rating,  14683 Words

Stay For As Long As You Have Time So fluffy and domestic, I love every bit of it. 

It was on these benches and paths that he spent most of his time, wandering around and letting the wind take him wherever he so chose. Mikasa had always scolded him for doing this; after all, she said, wandering around the school at night wasn’t the safest thing to do. But it was daytime when Eren first saw him, so she had no right to criticize.

1/1 Chapters, Explicit rating, 12730 Words

taking flight I’m always a slut for wing fics

“Touch his wings. I dare you.”

In which Levi has (really pretty) wings, Jean is an asshole and Eren can’t resist a dare. [Levi/Eren], wingfic AU.

1/1 Chapters, General rating,  1680 words

Overdose This one is really hot and the god like au is a nice change from what I usually read. 

Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.
On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.

7/? Chapters, Explicit rating, 56399 Words

Here are my absolute favorites out of this list, they are some of the most amazing things I have ever read and they fucked me up emotionally. 

When I’m No Longer Young And Beautiful This one, this one right here. I have no idea what to say to describe just how amazing this fic is. The mental manipulation in it just fucks me up. 

Levi never wants Eren to grow up.

“Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”

TW: Pedophilia and slight mental manipulation, and kinda yandere!levi

1/1 Chapters, Explicit Rating,  2323 Words.

time after time Cheesy pet shop au? Sign me the fuck up.

“Who tells someone they look like a cat?”

“No, I said the cat looked like you,” Eren corrects, looking back to the cat and ignoring Levi’s mounting confusion.

1/1 Chapters, Not rated, 5003 Words.

Art of war  Claps hands together This right here is so cute I almost died.

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit Rating, 52597 Words

King of Carrot Flowers Yassssssssssssss

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

(Levi lives across the street from a cemetery and Eren’s father has recently passed away.)

13/13 Chapters, Mature Rating, 23637 Words

1994 This is pretty famous in the fandom so you’ve probably heard of it, but it’s really good. 

Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street… 

26/26 Chapters, Explicit, 124249 Words

half light I’m currently re-reading this one because it’s so amazing. 

He wouldn’t say that they’re friends, really. They’re not quite just acquaintances either; the more he thinks about it, Eren’s not sure how to describe their relationship. They sort of… tolerate each other, in different ways.

But yeah, the more he thinks about it (and he does think about it quite often), Eren thinks that he’d like for them to be friends.

(AU where Eren tries to figure out what you do when friendly feelings turn into something more.)

22/22 Chapters, Not Rated, 66199 Words.

Now here comes my all time favorite Ereri fic in the entire world

Disobey me This fic is so amazingly written, has a fantastic plot and portrays the characters so well. I am so happy I found this fic! If you read it tell her I sent you! :> 

After countless months of depression from the death of his mother, Eren had decided to start anew. First step was simple, go back to school. Now, normal students would followed the rules and went about their daily school lives in peace but Eren was no ordinary boy. Different than others, he is passionate, courageous, and disobedient, and his English teacher became well aware of that. But there is another side of him that no one, not even Eren himself, is aware of. Everyone has their secrets, and with each confession comes more answers as to what the hell his father did.

A story about a stubborn young adult, who has an impulsive drive for justice, that gets himself into more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined.

(That one fic that says it’s a High School AU and ends up having a ridiculous amount of other themes that eventually take over. Also, there is a lot of fluff.)

19/?  Chapters (On Going), Explicit Rating, 126155 words.

I can not stress how magnificent this is.

That’s it for my Ereri Fanfic Rec list. If any of the links do not work then please message me. 

Everything is Blue [Draco Malfoy – Golden Trio]

[Requested] With Lord Voldemort’s defeat comes the sudden detestation of Slytherins, and Draco Malfoy is the biggest target of them all. However, Y/N L/N holds no ill feelings towards him, and he comes to appreciate her kindness.
♥ A/N ♥
This… is going to get hectic and angsty really quick. Have a lovely day, anon, and I hope you enjoyed it! As a side note, I’m starting to have my own explanation of the prompt as I find it redundant to continually copy and paste requests into said section. Love you, my darlings!
Swearing, Angst, Eventual Romance

Originally posted by arianavevo

Y/N KNEW, THAT IF THIS WERE MEDIEVAL TIMES, and Draco became a target for prosecution and shame, then there would be tomatoes and rubbish being thrown at him from all directions. And that was a sad thought, as half the time the prosecuted became hermits just to avoid the humiliation.

Y/N could sympathize with Draco Malfoy. He didn’t deserve the jeers and taunts when he had already realized his own mistakes, had already overcome his need to please his father. His friends had deserted him after the final battle—Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle. As the Malfoy name was spat on and shat on, again and again, the Slytherin House began to shy away from him, not wanting to be associated with someone that had a target painted on his back. While the Slytherins were still detested, it was to a lesser extent than it was for Draco Malfoy.

It made Y/N wonder what on Earth gave him a reason to come back. Why hadn’t he merely went on without completing his seventh year? Was it his parents? Had they forced his attendance? Y/N didn’t know why, but Draco Malfoy was slowly consuming her thoughts. She’d known him since she was but a child, and she’d watched as he made mistakes all due to his upbringing. Things would have been different, she knew, if Lucius and Narcissa hadn’t put so much emphasis on teaching him the ways of a prestigious Pureblood family. And now, he was paying the price for something that was his family’s fault, and Y/N couldn’t help but wish for him a better life.


On October 31st, there was a feast to be held in the Great Hall to celebrate Halloween. While Y/N would love to have a couple pieces of kidney steak and a bit of pumpkin juice, as that was a standard protocol of Halloween feasting and a must for Y/N’s tummy, but today was a day she needed to have for homework. After all, she still hadn’t quite finished that research pamphlet on wolfsbane potion.

She was lounging in the corridor leading into the dungeons, knees propped beneath her and her hand shaking as she went scrawling across the parchment. Occasionally she would tap her quill against the parchment, just to get herself into the feel of contemplation on werewolf trivia. She wasn’t really paying attention to much else, as she was thinking about a distant cousin of hers that had none of the wild tendencies usually seen of a werewolf—and she wondered whether or not he bothered with a wolfsbane potion. The bloke was rather sophisticated for someone that turned into a raging beast every full moon, so it wouldn’t have surprised her.

“Leave me the bloody hell alone, Malfoy!” came a voice, and Y/N slowly raised her head to see Blaise Zabini tromping down the hall with a puppy-like Draco following behind. Y/N’s eyebrows rose with curiosity at the hurt look that flickered across Draco’s face like flames in the dark.

“But Blaise—you’re the only one I have left,” Draco said, his voice hardly even over a whisper. “I’ve—I’ve lost everyone else: Pansy, Goyle, Ben, Arthur—”

Blaise whirled around, his steeled expression emitting steam, ashes, and flames. “Well, count me, too, Malfoy,” he said coldly. As he muttered, “Pureblood,” and pushed open the door leading to the Slytherin common-room, he spared Draco one last sneer. “Bloody Death-Eater.”

Draco was heartbroken, and it looked like his muscles were strained—like he wished to cry, but the part of him still stuck in a mindset of Pureblood traditions denied him that ability. Y/N hated seeing his soft, handsome features so crestfallen.

Y/N quickly turned her attention back to the parchment in her hands when Draco turned from the common-room entrance. A breath of disappointment left him, and a pang in Y/N’s heart gave her the temptation to go over and hug him.

Rather than give him physical contact that would most probably result in a verbal sparring neither wanted, Y/N decided to talk to him. She forced herself to look up and to meet the bagged-eyed Slytherin’s gaze. He was already staring at her with a blank expression—one she couldn’t read even the slightest bit.

“Are you alright, Draco?” she asked him softly, knowing it a stupid decision. It was a spur-of-the-moment—dumb, ignorant words that came out from her mouth without her honest consent. She gave a small smile to emphasize that she wasn’t showing him pity, knowing him to be too stubborn to accept anything of the sort.

Draco blinked at her. She knew he was unaccustomed to any sort of kindness. Ever since the war, people had viewed him as an insignificant waste of breath—someone that looked and felt like scum, like rubbish between the toes. And it hurt Y/N to see a person—a human-being—suffer through such hardship that he’d come to believe himself as waste.

If this were earlier in their years at Hogwarts, Y/N knew he would have sneered at her for thinking she could ask for knowledge on his well-being. But this Draco was broken, and broken people didn’t have the energy to make others feel the way they themselves felt.

“I’m fine,” he said softly. “Sorry… sorry you had to see that.” He rubbed a hand over the back of his neck, looking embarrassed.

Y/N shrugged at him. “Don’t let it get you down,” she told him seriously. She knew the feeling very well, but she didn’t want to elaborate. So she merely bit her lip at him, unreadable emotions flickering down past her brow and cheeks. “Sometimes, people are cowards. That’s how you realize when someone doesn’t deserve you.”

She widened her eyes the tiniest bit with surprise when Draco suddenly walked up to her and slide down the wall. His proximity gave her chills, ones she couldn’t understand no matter how hard she tried. She turned her head to meet his gaze.

“I’ve.. I’ve made mistakes in my life,” Draco said. His lips were turned downward into an obvious scowl as he relived the memories of his immaturity and sheer ignorance. “I’ve done things—horrible things—that have turned the world against me. I-I can’t blame them, but now, people who understand what I’m going through… the people suffering the same damn things…” He swallowed hard. “They want nothing to do with me.” There was a silent addition that both knew was the greatest point of information of all. And that’s what hurts the most.

Hesitantly, Y/N lifted a hand and placed it on Draco’s shoulder. The instant tension nearly made her jerk back and stammer out an apology, but she could feel his muscles rippling with a sudden break for ease. It made her slowly close down, giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “I’ve lost friends as well, Draco,” she whispered. “All because of dumb mistakes… ones I could have easily avoided if I’d just owned up to myself. Just because you think you’re alone doesn’t mean you truly are. I wish I’d learned that sooner, but I… I’m here for you, Draco.”

Draco looked like he wanted to flinch, or cry, or run away. Maybe he wished to do all three. His eyes were watering just the slightest bit, and he was on the verge of losing himself completely. Y/N was well-acquainted with that look. She could read the boy like the back of her hand, and she didn’t know whether to be frightened by her keen eye or curious of it. Sometimes she felt both, but other times… it was a freight-train of fear that swarmed her veins like a tsunami.

Instead of breaking down, Draco did something that shocked Y/N to the point of losing concentration on the steeling of her expression. He had reached over and grappled Y/N into a hug, his hands digging into her back as though he were afraid to let go. He was shaking, silent sobs wracking their way down his back. The way he clutched to her made her think of an abandoned child—the way they latched onto the first adult they seen, crying from the trauma of losing who they loved.

It was something that felt all too real, and no one could deny the warmth that flooded her heart at feeling needed.


Several weeks passed, and though it was strange for all of Hogwarts to see someone willingly walking and talking with Draco Malfoy, no one dared approach the two with inquisition on whether or not they were planning something malicious. In particular, the Slytherins were just relieved to finally have Draco off their backs. The Gryffindors were suspicious, thinking it to be a sign of something malevolent—but the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws shed themselves of their curious looks after the first week, having no interest in either of the two.

Draco found a solace in Y/N’s presence, and Y/N discovered that Draco was more than someone she sympathized with. He was someone she could talk to with no fear of judgment and reproach. For him, it was the same; Y/N was a kind, generous soul, and she was quick to always comfort him when he stressed over his family problems and copious amounts of homework.

One day, they were in the library studying over common potions terminology when Y/N felt the heat of someone’s stare. She was curious not to glance upward at the strange feeling, and a soft smile lit her mouth when she saw it was merely Draco. A quick warmth spread throughout her stomach at the sight of him. “Hi,” Y/N said teasingly, quirking an eyebrow at him.

He swallowed, looking at her with an expression of utter nervousness. A knot of feelings erupted inside of Y/N. “Can I try something?” he asked her, much quicker than she’d imagined for him in a conversation. Y/N nodded, a bit perplexed by his behavior.

“Of course,” she reiterated aloud, biting her lip—a bad habit of hers. A look plastered itself onto Draco’s face.

He leaned forward. He had his eyes open, but his cheeks were sucked in. Bated breath, nervous eyes, clenched muscles—all signs of anticipation, of anxiety. And slowly, Y/N began to lean in too, eager to know—

All she felt was shock when his lips met hers. A hand came to wrap around her hair, clenching it with utter ferocity—the lips growing intense and hungry as she began to kiss back, slowly loosening with the need to savor his lips. She closed her eyes, desperation snugly fitted into her pores like beads of hair—and she wanted to lose herself completely, never knowing true passion until Draco kissed her.

She leaned back a centimeter, breathlessly needing to ask him something. “What… what was that?” she asked him.

Draco blinked his eyes open, his jawline saturated in a sort of adoring tension that made her know she wasn’t the only one that felt need balling up inside of her. “I just… I needed to see.”

Y/N knew what he meant without having to hear his words. And she buried her head into his chest, feeling the exact same thing and not needing to have it said aloud for them to both feel their hearts become one.

Monsters (Part 4)

<i>Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry.  With what you’re planning everything seemed perfect.  Though you didn’t mean to accidentally wake up the creature underneath your home sooner than he wanted.

All you wanted to do was hurry up with your plans.  This clown though seemed to keep showing up though, even in your dreams.  

Everything was going as planned.  And now maybe even better than ever.

It was time.  Let the show begin.  

I  am now a monster.</i>

         After several hours, a lunch made for me and my guest, and keeping an eye on the shadows there was a knock on the door.  I gripped the back of the chair at my dinner table as I inhaled a deep breath.  I shut my eyes and let the thoughts run through my head, trying to get in the mindset of what I was about to do.  With a slow exhale I went to the door and opened it.

           “Hey!  Long time no see!” (G)’s voice was that of excitement as he stepped inside.  He had gotten taller in the years since I saw him. More muscular as well but with how I was planning on getting him wouldn’t matter.

           “I know!  Take a seat and relax.  I have a small table by the window that we can eat at.  Would you like anything to drink?”

           “Just some water for now, thank you.” I watched him as he admired some of the things I had on my shelves, especially my book case. He sat down at the table as I came back with two plates.

           “I made us some pulled pork sandwiches and fries.” I set the plates down in front of him and I went back to the kitchen for the glasses of water.  Nothing yet but soon.

           “So (Y/N) tell me what’s been going on with you. I know we’ve been talking more lately but I always feel like there’s stuff missing.” He leaned over his spot as he began to eat his sandwich.

           “Nothing really.  I get to work from home.  I won the auction to get this house and I adore it.” I looked to a shadowy place that I could see orange glowing eyes from. “Even if at times it gives me the creeps.”

           “That is pretty exciting though!” He sounded so cheerful and all I could do was hold back my eye twitching.

           For a little bit he talked about himself, mostly his travels across the states.  I could still feel Pennywise staring at us.  We moved our conversation more to the living room part of the foyer.  (G) sat at one end of the couch while I sat at the other.

           “Do you need a refill for your water?” I asked when I had the chance in conversation.

           “Do you happen to have any beer?” Maybe this would be easier than I thought.

           “I do actually.  Got some a couple days ago when we made the plan for you to come out!” I beamed a smile at him and got up.

           Now was the chance.  He had mentioned how much of a lightweight he was so I made sure to get a strong beer.  Making sure I was out of site I popped open the top to the beer and dropped in some contents of a pill.  A date rape drug to get a rapist.  How fitting I thought to myself.  I grabbed myself a drink of water as I waited for it to dissolve.  I presented his drink to him and he took a large swig.

           “Good stuff!  Really strong and hoppy tasting but not bad at all.” He admired the dark color of the beer and took another swig.

           “Don’t make yourself sick now.” I gave a small giggle and took a sip of my water.

           Not even several minutes pass and I could tell he wasn’t feeling the best.  He seemed more exhausted and was having a hard time speaking coherently.  I put up the act of the concerned friend, telling him to lay down and rest up on the couch.  Being the stubborn person he was, he decided to chug the rest of his beer and proceed to lay down.  I let out a sigh and flung a blanket over him.  Shortly after he started to snore.

           “Pennywise.” I stood up straight as my hands balled into fists at my side.

           “Yes, little one?” He stepped from the shadow nearby.

           “I need a small favor.  Could you bring him to the room and set him on the table?”  I turned to the clown and looked him over. I must have had a stone-cold look in my eyes as he seemed taken aback.

           “A small favor has a small price.” He gave a smirk as he stepped closer, leaning down to be eye level with me.

           “And what will that be?” At this point I’d agree to him devouring me so long as I had my revenge first.

           “I want another taste of you.” His teeth grew sharper and he slid the sleeve of my dress to the side so he could peck a few kisses on my shoulder.  A shiver went through my body and I heard him chuckle.

           “Fine.” I gave him a side eye look. “But after I’m done.”  

           I put my sleeve back where it was and headed down to the basement.  Pennywise carried the knocked-out body of (G) and set him laid out on the table.  I strapped down each one of his limps and torso. Now it was time to just wait until he woke up.

           “Pennywise I have a question.” I went over to the ropes I had in the corner, cutting some into several feet sections and set them next to the chair I had placed in the room.

           “I may have an answer.” He followed me around the room, trying to watch what I was doing.  

           “If you want you can have him.  I just want to hurt him.  Maim him a little.” The rope I held in my hand I wrapped the ends around my hands, leaving enough for what I had planned. “I want to know though that if he’s in horrible pain when you make him float will he be in pain for all eternity?” I turned to face Pennywise once I reached the chair I was going to be at for most of the evening.

           “Oh, most definitely!”  He large toothy smile grew on his face.  “Is there anything else you need little one?”

           “No.” I looked over at (G) as he started to move a little bit, grunting as he tried to get his limbs to move. “I’ll call for you when I need you.”  

           “I won’t be too far.” He bowed and was about to leave the room.


           “Yes?” He turned to look at me and I looked over at him.

           “Thank you.” A devious grin was on my face now.

           “I’m not sure what you’re thanking me for but you’re welcome.”  

           Once again, I heard (G) struggle against the straps and wake up.  Understandably he was disoriented and confused.  I slapped the coarse rope against his bare ankle and I glared at him as he looked down at me.  I heard the door shut and I could hear Pennywise’s cackle ring out through the whole basement.  I realized that my own cackle had join in as well.

           “All I want to hear is your screams.” I said breathlessly and began my fun.

           “Pennywise.” My voice was low as I looked at what I had done.  

           (G) was still breathing.  He was crying, whimpering, and moaning in pain.  Granted he had just lost a good portion of his limps and stabbed a couple of times.  I stood up and looked down at myself.  I was covered in blood.   I paid it no mind as I made my way over to the head of the table with the knife I had still in hand.  I stared at (G) until I felt the familiar presence of Pennywise.

          “Oh my, little one.  You have been busy.” I turned to face the clown with a side smirk and I looked back at (G).  I placed the back of the knife on his cheek and slowly turned his head to face me.

          “Time to float.” I dragged the knife along his face, leaving a nick on his chin and turned around.

          I walked past Pennywise.  I could see his face coming apart to show rows and rows of teeth.  As I went up the basement stairs all I could hear was (G)’s screams and the slurping sound Pennywise made as he ate chunks of him.  I made my way up to the master bathroom and ran myself a bath.  I undressed and entered the tub once it was full of hot water. The water quickly turned a pinkish red when I settled in.  I quickly dunked myself fully in just to get the most I could off.  I don’t really remember how long I laid in that tub.  My focus was on the red pink water and what I had just done.  I hadn’t even noticed Pennywise standing in the bathroom and staring at me.

          “He’s floating with the others now.  Forever and always in pain.  I cleaned up for you as well.” He broke the silence and he gave a small bow.  

           I pulled the drain plug and stood up.  I reached for a towel on the counter and pat dried myself, dropping the towel in the dirty hamper basket.  I stepped out of the tub and walked up to Pennywise.  He seemed to be confused that I wasn’t covering myself. He was even more surprised as I placed a hand on his cheek.

           “Thank you.” I guided his face to mine and kissed him gently on his lips.

           Before he could react, I walked past him and went into my bedroom. It was night time now and I was so exhausted.  I let out a long sigh as I shut the curtain and turned to face my bed.  Pennywise stood in the center of the room.

           “We have a deal remember my little monster?” He grinned as he came up to me and moved my wet hair away from my neck.

           “I am not a monster.” I looked up at him.  I could feel my heart beat racing as I remembered how his teeth felt against my skin.

           “Oh,” Suddenly he swept me up in his arms and pinned me down onto the bed, “but you are.  I saw how you left that man.  Only a monster could do such a thing!”

           “I just wanted revenge.” I protested back, trying my best to keep myself calm.  It wasn’t working though as I felt a tingling sensation run through my body and myself getting wet.

           “Someone who wanted revenge would make it quick.  Clean.  But you,” His hand darted to my throat, grabbing tightly and making me gasp. “You left the room a bloody mess.  You were such a mess.  Such a beautiful mess.”

           He was drooling a little and each dribble landed on my chest.  I was already naked and exposed for him. Part of me was terrified of what he’d do next and the rest was wanting him.  He leaned down and pressed his fangs into my shoulder.  His teeth punctured and I could feel his tongue moving around my skin to drink the blood coming out of my fresh wounds.  He moved his face back up to mine and I could see that he had already bitten himself to cause himself to bleed.  He wasted no time in kissing me and his tongue meeting mine. His hand on my throat squeezed tighter and I let out another moan with a whimper following it.  When he pulled away a trail of a mix of saliva and blood still connected us for a small moment.

        “I want more.”  His hand left my throat as it slid down my body, grazing my breasts and his gloved fingers rubbing my clit gently.  I couldn’t help but to moan and whimper. “I need more.”

        He growled into my ear before biting back into my shoulder.  Two fingers of his slid inside me and began to slide in and out of me at a fast pace.  I tried to not to jerk my body since that would only cause his teeth to tear into me more.  My toes curled in and my hands grabbed onto the bed sheets as tight as possible.  My moans grew louder and my body was already tensing up to orgasm.  Before I could his fingers slid out of me and watched me with a bloody smirk as I got frustrated.

         “Not yet my little monster.  I want to feel you around my cock first.”  He sat up, blood still dripped from his lips.

         “I am not a monster!” I growled in a frustrated tone at him, breathing in a few quick breathes to try to calm myself. “Besides the agreement was just another bite.”

         “I’m not a monster!” His voice was mocking as he undid the front of his pantaloons to let the bulge in them fall out.  His cock was large, impressive in length and extremely wide in girth, pale but more flushed in color as it came to the tip.  The head of his cock glistened with pre-cum and he rested the tip at my entrance. “I can smell that desire, that lovely smell of arousal reeking from you.”

         “Pennywise.” My voice was shaking and I looked up into his now orange eyes.

         “You and I are both monsters.” He leaned down and planted a bloody, slobbery kiss on my lips. “And we’re going to fuck like monsters.”

          His hands went to my hips and I could hear the cloth on his gloves tearing as his claws came out.  The nails dug into my flesh as he slowly slid inside of me.  My back arched slightly, my legs tightening against him, and my eyes rolled back once he was completely inside me.  It was painful but it didn’t matter with how good it felt.  I could hear him growling as he slid his cock back out. One of his hands left my hip and he slowly dragged his nails across my torso up to my neck.  I could feel the sting of air hitting fresh cuts and felt several beads of blood run down my sides.  His thumb pressed into my neck to restrict my air flow.  That hazy submissive feeling began to take over and I let out several whimpers, moving my hips to try to get his cock back inside me.

          “Little monster wants my cock?”  He let out a low chuckle and leaned over me, drool dripping onto my chest and neck.  His hand from my hip came up to a spot by head to prop himself up.

          “Y-Yes.” I tried to wiggle my hips more but he pressed his full body weight against me.

          “Yes what?” He hissed into my ear, moving his arm so he could use his elbow as a prop instead and grab onto my hair

          “Yes Pennywise!” I gasped and let out a whimper.

           “That’s a good little monster.” He lifted himself up, letting go of my hair and he slid himself back inside me.

            Something happened to him as he started to thrust in and out of me. He became animal like.  His eyes went from blue to yellow instantly.  One of his hands was on my shoulder on the fresh wound he had bit causing fresh blood to come out.  His fingers curled around and his claws were digging into the top of my shoulder blade.  I knew he had punctured through but the painful euphoria of his cock thrusting roughly in and out of me made me ignore the pain.  All I could hear was his growling and grunts even though I was moaning and saying his name.  I could feel my body tensing up about to orgasm.

           Suddenly, he had flipped me onto my stomach and a fistful of my hair in his hand. One of my hands went to grab onto his hip and the other was in front of me to grab onto the pillow.  His thrusting hadn’t even missed a beat while he had been temporarily out of me. I let out a gasp in pain but was right back to moaning.  He tilted my head to the side and plunged his mouth onto my shoulder.  When he made several bite wounds he let his tongue lap up the blood.  He made my head tilt more so he could give me a bloody kiss.  I could taste his too.  I felt one of his hands come around and firmly hold onto my neck, pulling my head back some so he could stare into my eyes still.  He would go back to a wound to taste some blood but he made sure to always come back to look at me.

          “P-Pennyw-wise.” I whimpered, begging. “P-Please let me cum.”

          This seemed to bring him back a little as he slowly slid himself out and rolled me back over.  With the head of his cock in my entrance he propped himself on his forearms, hunched so he could look me in the eyes.  He started to thrust at a steady pace, slowly getting back up to the quick pace he was at before.  One hand grabbed onto his side and the other held onto his neck.  I pulled him closer, my lips brushing past his cheek and my mouth biting down onto his neck. I heard a sharp inhale from him and a loud grunt as I bit down, breaking skin.  The taste of his blood filled my mouth.  My moans were muffled and they only paused when I swallowed small amounts of his blood. His growling and small roars filled my ears.

         I knew I was about to orgasm so I let go so I could look into his eyes.  They were such a vibrant yellow and they locked on to mine.  The corner of his mouth twitched into a smirk as he sensed my body about to convulse before I could.  My back arched, my toes curled, my hands smacked down onto the bed to grab onto the bed sheets tightly and when his name left my mouth it sounded that of a pleasured scream.  My body would have fallen limp if he had stopped but no, he needed to release too.

        He sat up and gripped my sides, claws digging into my back.  I couldn’t tell if I was holding myself up with my legs or if he was holding me up.  His hips slammed into mine, a loud wet slapping noise joining his growling and my moaning.  After a while, he slammed into me one last time as he leaned his head back to let out the most inhuman noise I had ever heard from him.  I could feel his cock twitching, shooting all of his cum inside of me.  He lifted me up so in a way I was straddling his lap.  I laid my head on his shoulder, nuzzling gently into his neck.  He seemed confused what to do so he just wrapped his arms around me.  After a minute he laid me back down and slid his now lump cock out.  I could feel his cum dripping out of me but I didn’t care. My body was so tired and I could have fallen asleep at any moment.

         “You look,” There was a pause as he was trying to find the right word. I looked down at myself and I had so much of my own blood on me.  My bed sheets were ruined but I didn’t care.

         “Like a mess?” I looked over at him.  My breathing was heavy and exhausted.

         “No.  You look beautiful.”  I heard the shuffling of his pants as he tucked himself back in and he got up.

        “Leaving so soon?” I managed to get a giggle out and smiled at him.

        “I have some things I have to do.  I’ll be back though.”  He gave me a toothy grin. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

        He leaned over, brushing some hair away from my face and giving me a gentle kiss.  I don’t remember him leaving as I fell asleep as his lips left mine.  That night was the most peaceful I had ever slept since moving into that home.

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Hey everyone! I briefly joked and screamed about this on Twitter, but I’m going to be a little more serious here.

All four of these pieces are my work. The drawings on the left are pieces I found in my old sketchbook, from around 2011 when I was about 13 years old. They’re actually my very first drawings of Rin, Len, and Miku. On the right are pieces I’ve only made a few days ago. 

6 years ago I was your typical deviantArt young teenager. I was the type of artist I see people sometimes make fun of now. There were plenty of times in my art journey where I received some rather harsh criticism, and on top of that I have always lived in the shadow of my older brother, who’s an amazing comic book artist. I figured my art would remain looking the same forever. But I really just tried to have fun with it, because despite all the metaphorical rocks thrown at me it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Though it was hard sometimes, I kept drawing. Only because it was fun. Looking at those old pieces now, I can easily point out all the things wrong with them. But I vividly remember, sitting in my room at age 13, adoring these pieces that I made, showing them off to my parents, and to the point where I actually saved them in a drawer (to be discovered by me yet again now lol). 

There’s been some rough spots. There were times where I’d cry and kick myself and swear “I’ll never draw again!” It’s really not easy, being an artist. You can ask me why I didn’t stop now and the only answer I can really give is “Well, making art is just fun”. That’s the most important thing art should be to any artist, no matter how many years of experience, in my own opinion. When I started, I wasn’t expecting to get as far in my art as I did. I wasn’t expecting to get so devoted to it. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many other talented artists and make friends through this medium. It was all for fun. Sometimes I would focus hard and look for ways I could improve. Other times it would just seem to hit me one day and I didn’t even realize it until later. Making art is a journey. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “bad artist”. Every artist is constantly making progress and we’re all only ever improving. 

Again, yes, it can be hard. But look at this. 6 years between the times of these two pieces. All this effort – all the walls I’ve hit, all the holes I’ve been stuck in, all the proud and cheerful moments I’ve had – they’ve all came to this, 6 years later. I love drawing. I can’t wait to see what my art will look like in another 6 years.


OKAY so Percy can summon Carter (Kane) ONE TIME by saying his name so I want the greeks, romans, and norse (magnus) bloodlines to be present and WASHAM THEY’RE LOSING LETS JUST CALL UP THE EGYPTIANS TOO BECAUSE I NEED ALL THE MYTHOLOGY AT ONCE I LOVE IT

can we have the power boys (percy, carter, jason, and magnus) and the kickass girls together (okay but Reyna, Zia, Annabeth, and Sadie COME ON)




Frank being confused (and slightly annoyed that they can shape shift on top of their magic) “what do you mean you can turn into birds but only one kind”

is charmspeak like the persuasion words thing in egypt


i seriously need all my ladies together talk about deadly

ok but have i mentioned walt and nico HAVE I MENTIONED IT

“my dad is hades” “oh yeah well i’m the god of funerals” “what no you’re mortal” “i’m hosting him” “dude what the fuck”


will solace talking to zia like “no my dad has the sun” and she’s like “nah man it’s mine”





It’s Always Her pt. 3

James Potter x Reader

Request: Multiple for a part 3

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Y/N leans back into Marcus with a happy sigh, enjoying the crackling of the fire in front of them and the warm feeling of his arms wrapped around her. Turning around, she opens her mouth to comment on something, but the look on Marcus’ face makes her stop.

“What’s wrong?”

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another trashy angsty simon minter imagine

not requested for once lmao, probably absolute trash but have this while i take some time out - also are any of my followers one direction trash bcos i am and i would really like to write some harry imagines but obvs its up to u guys cause i wanna please yall?? anyway idk enjoy

“Why is it that everytime I see you, you’re drunk, Y/n?”

His voice instantly soothed the aching in my brain. I shut my eyes, hoping to just listen to that voice for a while without hurting. I knew that seeing his face would hurt. I wasn’t ready for that. 

He sounded cautious, almost. Hesitant. I wasn’t sure how to react. Part of me wanted to scream at him, to throw something, to make him hurt. But I couldn’t. 

I wanted him to think I didn’t care anymore. But the alcohol in my veins took control of my shy mouth, running the controls behind my timid, shaking voice.

“Oh don’t worry, Simon,” I breathed, feeling my words float away into the hall. “I’m drunk when you don’t see me too.”

“And how often is that?”

“I’ve lost track.”

His sigh was audible between the narrow white walls. Disappointment. I’m so damn familiar these days. He always managed to do this; to make me feel like it was my fault. I hated him for doing that. I hated myself for believing him.

“Y/n, why are you out here? Why aren’t you inside?”

“I could ask you the same fucking question Simon,” I spat at him bitterly. “It’s my flat. Why are you here? Why aren’t you out with your fun little friends, picking up girls, smashing and forgetting? Why, Simon?”

He sighed again, his lips pressed in a straight line. I couldn’t exactly tell what the look in his eyes was. I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

“Because, Y/n, it’s a Tuesday. Some of us work. And plus, my ‘fun little friends’ told me you were locked out. And I…” his voice trailed off as he cleared his throat, scanning the floor for his next words. “Well, I still have your key. The spare one.”


Just like that, I burst into tears. Uncontrollable, loud, messy sobs. I hated myself for it, but I hated myself anyway, and so what really was the difference? After all this time, it was still Simon coming to my rescue, picking up the pieces that only broke when he started to touch them. It was almost like I couldn’t live without him. The thought made me cry more.

As I sobbed his face softened, panic overtaking it.

“Oh no please, please don’t cry.” He crouched down to face me from where I sat slouched on the floor. “You’re okay, you’re fine-”

“No I’m fucking not Simon! Stop kidding yourself, you know just as well as I do I’m not fine!” I pushed him away and he flinched. 

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Y/n,” his voice came out so small, so defeated. My heart throbbed. I focused on my hands, the dark makeup stained tears falling into them. “I’m trying, I really am. But I’m so worried about you. I’m constantly scared about what you’re gonna do when I’m not around. I can’t leave you alone.”

“Look at yourself, Y/n,” he continued as he lifted me, holding me in his arms. I curled up against his neck as he fumbled around in his pocket for the key. “You’re ruining yourself.”

I cried harder as he lowered his voice to a whisper that I wasn’t completely sure I was intended to hear. “Or am I ruining you?”

Before I knew it I was on my bed again. The hard, unwelcoming mattress was familiar against my back. I watched as Simon sat beside me. The fatigue had hit.

“What am I gonna do with you, Y/n?”

“Stay with me,” I responded groggily. His hand reached out, stroking my hair. The cold silver of his pinky ring touched my scalp slightly.

“You know I can’t do that, Y/n. You have to learn to live without me.”

“But it’s hard,” I sobbed softly. 

“I know, Y/n. I think you forget I’m learning too.” His face was a picture amongst the dark room as he continued to stroke my hair. “It’s weird, and it’s lonely, and it’s hard. But it’s for the best.”

“For the best?” I asked drousily. “You’re better without me?”

“No, best for you. I’m not what you need, Y/n. You’ll realise it one day.”

“You’re what I want.”

He edged further away from me like an elastic band I’d lost control of. An elastic band with a lot of commitment issues and insecurities. I felt my heart crack as he withdrew his hand. Amongst the darkness, in my drunken tired state, I wasn’t entirely convinced I hadn’t seen him use it to wipe away a tear of his own.

As I drifted to sleep he continued to talk to my state. I knew I wouldn’t remember half of this tomorrow, and I knew he knew that too. But for now it was nice to hear his thoughts.

“We always come up too short,” Simon sighed from the end of my bed. “I just wish…I wish it had been different. That I had been different.”

“I don’t,” I slurred. “Do you love me, Simon?”

“More than you know, Y/n.”

“So why didn’t it work?”

“I don’t have the answers, Y/n. I wish I did.” For a brief second he turned away. Then forcing a smile, he turned back to me, standing. “Now get some sleep.”

“Are you gonna leave?”

“Not yet, Y/n. Not just yet.”

I'll Be There For You - One

Feyre has never had a life of her own. But when she runs out on her fiancée, she suddenly has to learn to live independently. But luckily, she has a group of friends to help her every step of the way.

(A multi-chapter fic based off the series Friends.)

This is a mistake.

The words are on my mind all day, much as I try to push them away. Mistake.

No. I loved Tamlin. We were going to be married, and that was great. More than great.

But why did those words sound like a lie?

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okay so today I yelled, just because I got frustrated and well I cried a little I dont like crying I was really emotional as a kid and I always started crying for the silliest things and when I cry now I just get so tired of everything and well I just.. ugh I dunno what I´m trying to say here , anyhow here are some gifs just to cheer myself up (and maybe somebody else who reads this..maybe)

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okay so is Thomas Sangster a cutie or what? :D no just me? okay

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I don´t know who made this but you sir or madame are awesome 

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you know I started watching durarara (is that the name?) last year I think but I did´nt get to finish it. I need to get back into that

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I´ve watched all the episodes of adventure time from the beginning up until now. is there gonna be more I´m waiting 

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pigeon: YoU CaN fLy WhY ArE yOU WaLkiNG 

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woo wooo wooo

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Me the one showing life the finger its a finger LOOK AT IT

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I wonder when I the time comes after my cousins wedding I will just be able too sitt in like some formal clothes and eat and just relax like these 3 ladys 

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when you think about the stupid shit you did as a kid

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I watched all of community also I didn’t that one of the producers is now the current producer of Rick and Morty like how awesome is that?

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I just watched rick and morty for the 4th time

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this is so beautiful also I wanna know if white Diamond is like the boss or something of the diamonds, I´m avoiding spoilers for the new episodes

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this just adorable

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I am watching the amazing world of gumball, penny is so awesome

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EXACTLY but I love the show there is gonna be a 5th season right?

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bye see you later

Birthday Surprise

This isn’t a request, it’s a special fic that I took it upon myself to write because it is my wonderful love’s birthday @urisistable so this is being uploaded especially for her, love you darlin’! Everyone go hit her up for amazing fics.

You take a deep breath as you sit in the seat of your car, fishing your phone out of your pocket for the first time since 7.30 this morning. You woke up late, had to rush to shower and get to work on time, and by 5.30 after work you’ve barely had a chance to even glance at it all day. You know you’ll likely be spending this birthday alone bar the lunch with your co-worker, your mom isn’t up to any big celebration right now and with her being sick you wouldn’t expect her to be. You scroll through some of the messages you’ve received through the day.

Mom 9.29am – Happy birthday darling, speak later when you’re free, sorry I couldn’t spend it with you, love you x

You smile at the sweet message, noticing that there is only a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ from your dad, you’re honestly surprised he remembered, actually, he probably didn’t, mom probably reminded him. You scroll to the next message smiling when you see that it’s from Brendon and was sent ridiculously early in the morning.

Bren ❤ 00.04am - Happy birthday you beautiful person, I bet I’m the first to say say it! I can’t wait to give you your present! Have a great day, love you! ❤❤xxxx

It makes you smile to see that message, you’ve been best friends with the scatty, loud, excitable boy for almost 13 years, and even since the band has gotten big he’s made it his special mission to message you within the first 10 minutes of your birthday, and no matter what he’s never missed a day. It’s also been his mission to ALWAYS be there in person on your birthday, even if he has to fly home super early or late, he’s always done it for you. He’s been your crush since high school but since the band got big you’ve just been thankful to still be his friend. It does make you sad that you haven’t seen him while he’s been on Broadway, bar the first week of his stint when you flew to see him.

You decide it’s probably best to get out of the parking lot at work and head home, it’s no fun going home to an empty apartment, but it’s better than sitting in a car all alone. You listen to some Panic! songs in the car, they make you happy every time you listen to Brendon’s smooth voice filling your car, it’s almost like a lullaby. As you pull up to your place you take a breath, the plan is just to call mom, have something to eat and go to bed, no need to put all the stupid bells and whistles on an evening alone. You toss your jacket onto the hook as you step in, kicking off your shoes and tossing your purse down, it’s only then that you realise something, you can smell food, why can you smell food?

You step into your place curiously, sniffing the air a little, it’s when you step through into the kitchen that you stop in your tracks, you’d know that thick black hair anywhere. Brendon turns on his heel when he hears you step into the room, his eyes doing that adorable squint when he grins. He’s in a loose grey sweater that looks a little too big and black jeans, he’s clearly not shaved in a few days but god it suits him so well.

“Happy birthday y/n!” He chirps, barrelling up to you and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug, before you can speak he starts talking again, “I know you said your mom is not well enough to do anything, and that you’d just be alone tonight, so I bought you this suuuuper nice chocolate cake, let myself in with the spare key and made quesadillas because I know they’re your favourite and I thought we could just watch some movies, I just couldn’t stand the idea of you spending your birthday alone.”

“Brendon… I… you didn’t…” Your voice starts to crack as hot tears spill into your eyes, dropping your head to hide them, his warm hands quickly catch your cheeks and guide you to look at him.

“No no! No crying, you can’t cry, it’s your birthday! Come on you know I love your smile so much better,” He leans down and presses his lips to your forehead, pulling you into his arms and rubbing the tops of your arms affectionately.

“Thank you so much B,” You whisper, nuzzling into his shirt, he smells like the same aftershave he’s been wearing for years, it’s like home. He silently pets your hair and strokes one hand soothingly up and down your spine just between your shoulders, meeting your eyes and smiling when you give him a soft smile.

“That’s better,” He grins, taking your hands and pulling you towards the dining table, guiding you to sit down in one of the chairs. He wanders to the other end of the kitchen and comes back with two glasses, you can tell straight away that they’re margaritas, rimmed with salt just the way you like them, he lifts his glass and offers it to you to clink yours against, “To the birthday girl,” he says with a soft smile.

“You’re so sweet B,” You comment as he stands and wanders to the counter again, coming back with a bowl of chips with a smaller bowl of salsa in the centre.

“Not too spicy, just how you like it,” He looks so proud of himself, and the rest of the meal is much of the same. He had also made you your favourite chicken and cheese filled quesadillas, which he’d made himself and were so damn incredible, you’ve forgotten that he’s actually an amazing cook. After food you found out that he’d made the sopapillas that you adore, even going as far as to cover them in honey just how you like them. The top one even had a candle jammed into it and he sang happy birthday in that beautiful voice of his. By the end of the meal you’re so totally stuffed and happy, spending an evening with him is the best way you could’ve dreamed to spend your birthday.

“I hope all the food was ok, I tried to make it really special and make all the things I know you like, we can save the chocolate cake for midnight snacks,” he giggles adorable as he carries your now empty plates away to put them in the sink with the rest of the dishes, “I thought maybe I’d crash in your guest room? That way I don’t have to worry about drinking.”

“You know you’re welcome whenever B,” you reassure him, toying with your glass a little as you watch him move about the kitchen, in all honesty you knew he was staying as soon as the 4th margarita went down his throat and he started getting those pink flushed cheeks he gets when he’s a little tipsy. You’re hardly allowed to think before he’s got a fresh drink in each hand and is guiding you off and into the living room, making you sit on the couch so he can put the drinks down and pick something up, reappearing with a small black box and a card, handing you the card first and smiling. You open the card, reading it in your head.


Happy birthday to my best friend, words can’t even describe how lost I’d be without you in my life, even if I don’t say it a lot. With everything that’s going on, I hope I could make your birthday just a little happier. I love you with all my heart, I hope you know that.

Brendon x

Tears start to well up in your eyes but Brendon raises a hand and reminds you: “Ah ah, no tears, remember?” He reaches a hand forward to slip the black box into your hands, “There’s something way better on the way, but I picked this up for you in New York before I left, so it’s what you can have today,” he nods for you to open the box, watching intently. You slip the lid off and can’t help the wide smile that tugs at your lips, in the box is a necklace with a silver chain, hanging from it is a jet black crystal pendant in the shape of a cat’s head, it’s so you you can’t help but let out a little happy sob.

“Oh my god Brendon I love it, I’ll wear it to death,” you giggle and slip it over your head, he’s currently downing his 5th margarita as he watches you put it on. By now the smile on your face is making your cheeks sore. He places his empty glass down on the coffee table and smile at you, his cheeks even more flushed from more alcohol, his black hair a little messy. “You have no idea how much happier you’ve made this birthday B, honestly, I was prepared to just be miserable through the whole day.”

“You know I couldn’t let my best friend be alone on her birthday, I’d do anything to make you happy,” He slips both arms around you and draws you in, bowing his head down so it’s tucked into the crook of your neck, letting you cuddle into him. When you pull back from the hug you realise how incredibly close he’s pulled you, your faces only inches apart, noses almost touching. Your breath catches in your throat staring back at him.

“You make me so happy,” you repeat, almost in a whisper, resting your palm over his hand, his lips forming into a soft smile, his eyes a little glazed from the drinks. His tongue darts out over his full lips as his eyes drag from your lips back up to your eyes quickly, breathing softly through parted lips as he inches just a little closer. It’s a split second decision, ignoring the gravity of what he’s about to do he pushes forward, lips closing softly over yours, the stubble on his face surprisingly soft on your skin. Your eyes immediately widen and you stiffen up, he’s kissing you, he’s fucking KISSING YOU! Your brain can’t function. Feeling how tense you are and that you’re not responding to the kiss he stops, pulling away and scratching the back of his neck.

“Fuck I’m so sorry, it’s just… the alcohol, I thought I was getting those kinds of signals from you, I’m sorry, I’m just stupid and drunk and probably fucked it all up,” The nerves begin to bubble to the surface and it’s evident in his tone, the way his eyes are darting away so he doesn’t have to make eye contact, you give his hand a small squeeze.

“Brendon… it wasn’t that at all, I just never thought you saw me like that,” You speak honestly, glancing down at where your hands are joined, you hear him chuckle above you, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Are you kidding me? I always thought you weren’t interested in ME, you always seemed to want to keep it friendly,” at least his tone is lighter now, a slight smile pulling at his lips.

“Brendon that’s because I thought you wanted it that way, I never thought you’d like me,” You blush hard as you speak, it’s embarrassing to sound like this but you’re also somewhat thankful to be finally getting it out in the open.

“So… You do like me like that?” He asks softly, toying with your fingers between his own.

“Oh god of COURSE I do! Are you blind?!” You giggle this time, seeing his eyes flick up to meet yours, “I just never thought you’d see me that way… You know, with the band and everything, you must have some gorgeous girls hanging off of you.”

“You ARE the gorgeous girl y/n, I’ve liked you for aaaaages, but I never had the guts to tell you,“ he blushes hard and chews on his bottom lip, sitting in front of you on the couch with his hands in front of him.

“Bren… I had no idea,” You blush and gaze back him, his eyes are soft and gentle, his hands still under yours between you.

“You do see ME in that way don’t you?” He asks softly, watching intently, when you nod he grins broadly, “Oh thank God for that,” he pants suddenly, pushing forward and crashing his lips down on yours. He practically pounces on you, leaning over you on the couch so you’re partially under him. You move your lips slowly against his, moving your hands up into his hair. You melt into his touch as one of his hands slips onto your waist, sliding to the small of your back and pulling you closer to him as he leans over you, both of you letting out soft moans and gasps. Both of you let out soft whimpers as his tongue brushes yours, moving his mouth in time with you, just lightly moving his tongue over yours. You could honestly lay there and kiss like this for hours.

“Oh god B… what’re you doing?!” You squeal and giggle when his hands find your hips and pull you underneath him, nudging your thighs either side of his hips. He lets out a low groan and ducks down, nibbling and kissing along your throat.

“It’s your birthday baby,” he purrs, placing open mouthed, suckling kisses along your skin, “And I’m gonna make my birthday girl feel so damn good,” His voice drops until it’s a low growl, his eyes dark as he catches the hem of your shirt in his fingers, “Is this ok?”

“You have no idea,” You whimper softly, shifting to help him pull your shirt up over your head, watching him kneel as he tosses it to the ground next to your couch, while he’s up he makes quick work of pulling his own grey sweater off and dropping it. You feel your cheeks heat up when you scan over his body, you swear all the dancing has made him fitter, the muscles in his biceps pop out a little more and his chest is more toned. You find yourself pulling your bottom lip between your teeth as he reaches down for the button on your jeans.

“What’re you staring at?” He asks, you can see him blushing too, it’s close to the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

“You, you’re aware of how gorgeous you are right?” You giggle and reach a hand up to stroke along his smooth stomach, watching it tense just a little under your fingertips. He make’s quick work of your jeans, tugging them off in one quick sweep along with your panties, tossing them down onto the floor. His tongue darts out across his lips again making your mouth dry up.

“Fucking hell you’re perfect,” His voice comes in another soft growl, leaning down back over you to press his lips to your neck, both hands stroking up your thighs, guiding them both around his hips as his breathy, open mouthed kisses start to move down your chest. One hand slips under your back to unclasp your bra, slipping it down off of your arms leaving you completely exposed under him. Usually this would make you nervous as hell but he doesn’t give you the chance to think before his lips make their way to the swell of your left breast, his hand cupping the other one and massaging it slowly.

“I… ah, Bren…” You whine and writhe as his lips close over your nipple, his tongue flicking over it as his fingers tease the other, it’s a bit of a sensory overload, the fact that it’s him just makes everything more intense. You let out some kind of inhuman squeak when he very gently bites down on your nipple, smirking as he pulls away, glancing at both of your hands gripping the material of the couch under you.

“Bedroom,” He near on moans, it’s definitely not a question, his hand catches yours and pulls you up from the couch, he lets you lead the way, stepping close behind, his lips finding your shoulder as you giggle and struggle to walk with his arms around you. He gives your ass a playful slap as he walks you onto the bedroom, smiling when you giggle and squeal, “God damn you’ve got the nicest ass.” His hands guide you to the bed, spinning you and taking your waist in his hands so he can lift you off of your feet and throw you down onto the bed, his lips forming into a smirk as you giggle.

It’s only a few seconds before he’s back on you, one hand stroking the side of your face as he nibbles more on your neck, his fingertips just lightly grazing your skin. You reach down for his zipper but his hands stop yours, “No baby, I want you to relax and let me do all the work, let me make you feel good baby girl,” he purrs and you can’t help but shudder. He starts to kiss down your neck and onto your chest again, placing wet, suckling kisses down your skin, following the down between your breasts until he reaches your tummy, lightly kissing over it until he’s at your hips. You feel his fingertips on your thighs lightly as he keeps kissing down.

“Bren you don’t have to do… Oh… oh my god B,” You go to argue but it tapers off into a soft whimper when you feel him close his mouth over your clit, tracing small circles on your thighs as he sucks softly. When he looks up you can see his big brown eyes, pupils blown as he let’s you see his tongue lapping over you.

“You’re so damn wet,” He growls against you, his tongue swirling around expertly to clean you up, bringing his long fingers up to tease your opening just gently. Your back arches when he pushes two in slowly, pumping them in and out at an agonisingly slow pace, that compared with his tongue on your clit is almost two much to bare, You can already feel your thighs quivering under his hand.

“B-Brendon. You’re so goo-ood at this,” You whimper and whine, wriggling more in his grip as your tummy begins to wind in knots, a little satisfied moan leaves his lips.

“You sound so pretty morning my name… You gonna come for me kitten?” His voice comes soft and a little teasing, you try to make a little sound to let him know that you’re close. Luckily whatever kind of whimper you let out works and he carries on, starting to curl his fingers to rub the spot that makes your hips press up and your eyes roll back, tongue still circling and sucking on your clit. You start to become more restless the better it feels, to the point where he has to throw his arm over your hips and remind you to keep still.

“Brendon… Brendon I’m gonna come… I’m gonna…” You go to speak but one long finger of his free hand comes up to press over your lips, cutting you odd mid sentence with a soothing hushing sound.

“Shhh, baby, show don’t tell,” he coos and apparently his soft voice against you is all you can take before you let out a high pitched whine of his name, throwing your head back and going rigid as the tightened coil in your stomach snaps. You feel a hot, wet gush as your mind goes blank and all you can do is whine his name and tug at fistfuls of his hair for something to keep you grounded. He keeps suckling your clit softly until you can hardly stand it anymore, his fingers moving slowly.

“Oh god Bren… I can’t, it’s too… fuuuuck,” You whine and writhe, feeling him slowly withdraw his fingers, pressing a few light kisses over your clit before climbing back up your body, kissing along your skin on the way.

“Damn baby, you got my hands all wet,” He chuckles once he’s up to eye level with you, you’re still panting and gasping on the bed, arms wrapped around his shoulders as stare up at him with glassy eyes. It only takes him a moment to get his jeans pushed down and out of the way, kicking them off of the end of the bed so he’s fully exposed on the bed. It takes you a moment to recollect yourself as he’s pushing the last of his clothes off, but when he climbs back up on top of you you place both hands on his chest to try and push him under you so you can repay the favour.

“I want to be on top,” You whisper softly, pushing him down and straddling his hips, he can’t help but smile and slide his hands up your thighs and onto your hips, watching you above him.

“God in this position I’ll do anything you want,” He practically pants, watching you slip your hand down to wrap it around the base of his cock, he very nearly moans at the small contact. You can’t help but notice him pulling his lip between his teeth as you line the tip of his cock up with your opening, he lets out a low moan when he feels how wet you are. You watch his eyes roll back as you sink your hips down on him slowly, gasping as he fills you, his hands resting lightly on your hips.

“Ugh y/n you feel so fucking good,” He pants, closing his eyes and pulling his lip between his teeth, letting you set the pace as holds your hips, just moaning softly as you start to roll your hips. You can’t help but gasp as you build up a slow rhythm, placing your palms flat on the smooth skin of his chest for balance, one of his free hands slips behind your back, tracing his fingertips up your spine lightly, watching your back arch at his touch.

“B-Breeen,” You whimper as you build into a slightly faster rhythm, still not going too fast, you don’t want speed or aggression or any of that, you just want to FEEL everything, and slow is the best way to do that. It’s not often you’ve been able to set the pace in the past so this makes a nice change for you. The way his hands trail over you so gently makes you all out moan, dropping your head back. You don’t think you’ve ever slowed it down quite this much but god it feels so good.

“Does that feel good kitten?” He mumbles, slipping one hand up to behind your head and tangling a hand in your hair, very gently guiding you to look down at him. When you move to look at him, you’re able to fully appreciate just how damn gorgeous he looks, his dark hair messy and fallen, some of it in his face, eyes soft and pupils blown, his lips slightly parted as he breathes slow and heavy.

“Feels s-so g-good,” You stammer, thighs trembling again, everything is already so sensitive from before, this is just an assault on all of your damn nerve endings, you can already feel the knot in your stomach starting to tighten. Feeling you start to close down around him he slips both hands onto your hips and takes a slightly firmer grip on you, rolling you both easily so he’s laying on top of you with one hand leaning above your head to hold his weight off.

“Let me make you feel good babe,” He smiles softly, tangling the fingers on one of his hands in with yours, the other still holding his weight off, your free hand instinctively finds the tensed up muscles of his shoulder blades. As he starts to rock his hips into you slowly he leans up, letting you see the muscles in his tattooed up arm tensing, his bicep popping a little, his cheeks starting to flush pink down to his chest as he moans softly. It’s all getting too much far too quickly and you find yourself starting to stiffen as another orgasm threatens to take over already. It gives you a little bit of comfort when you can see him getting more tense too, finding it harder to keep his focus as he keeps his pace slow.

“Brendon… I…” You go to speak but remember what he said, show, don’t tell, he doesn’t want you to spell it out, he just wants to hear he’s doing a good job. You decide to quit the talking other than moaning his name and jumbled curses, letting your gasps and whimpers and whines do the talking for you.

“M’ close…” He groans, low and raspy as he tucks himself in closer, kissing your open mouth with his as he rocks his hips a tiny little bit faster, not enough to spoil how close and slow it is. He stares down at your face, breathing a soft, “Fuck you’re beautiful,” As he keeps moving, tensing up more when you close down on him again. He rolls his hips at just a slightly different angle, hitting something new that makes you positively see stares, crying out softly and digging your fingertips into his back.

“Oh GOD Brendon!” You finally call out, toes curling in your bed sheets as you release hard around him, you can feel that you’ve squirted around him again before it’s even over and all you can do is whine his name over and over.

“Fuck, shit y/n, I’m gonna… should I…” He’s being sweet and polite even though he’s coming totally undone, you can tell, but at this moment in time you want none of it, if you’re going to have him you’re going to have him properly, so you cut him off.

“Come inside me B,” You breathe, hugging onto him tight as you ride out your orgasm, still quivering under him. That one little whimper seems to be his limit, his head dropping back, mouth falling open in a desperate gasp of your name as he jolts his hips forward and pulses inside of you, giving you everything he’s got. It’s only a few seconds later that he just collapses onto you, squeezing your hand that he’s still holding next to you both. He’s panting and breathless, his skin all warm and the pink flush on his cheeks has spread right down to his chest.

“Fuck… fuuuuck,” He chuckles softly, lifting onto his forearm so he can scan over your face, one hand gently stroking your cheek as you pant under him, “You’re so gorgeous y/n, I can’t believe I just got to do that.” You fight the urge to whine when he pulls out and drops down onto the bed, causing you to bounce a little when he hits it with a soft thud.

“I can’t believe I just did that with YOU!” You giggle, scooting over on the sheets to nuzzle into his chest, his eyes are tired looking but filled with happiness, he more than happily wraps an arm around you and draws you in close. You lay there blissfully happy and sleepy, cuddles into the heated skin on his chest, still warm from the blood flushing to the surface.

“I can still crash here tonight right?” He half mumbles, sleep clearly overtaking him already, you have to admit that you’re pretty exhausted too.

“Tonight? Can you just like… not leave at all?” You giggle, feeling his arm squeeze around you a little tighter, nuzzling his face into your hair as he tugs the comforter over you both.

“I’d be more than happy for that,” He lets you both get settled, his words are slowing down, breathing coming back to normal, as is his previously pounding heartbeat, “So that was a good birthday then?” He asks, it’s more teasing, he already knows the answer, his fingers already tracing patterns on your back.

“Best one yet.”

Should I continue this when I get back from my holiday do we think? 

Crossfire - 18

Chapter 17
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU

Chapter 18 / Words: 1967
A/N: Its not over yet!!!!! this one is dedicated to lucy bc shes so great to me and read all the previous chapters in one night ily lu!!! 


“Jesus, girl, shut up!” the man in the suit yelled, trying to wrestle an arm around your face.

You didn’t know why his name slipped off your lips when you decided to scream, but it was better than nothing. You did everything you could to keep the man’s hand off of your mouth, and you prayed to god that the boys hadn’t gotten in the car yet.

You heard doors opening behind you and heavy feet hitting the pavement.

“Changgu, shut her up!” an angry voice shouted. It was getting too close to you.

“Believe me, I’m fuck-OW! I’m fucking trying!”

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“I know most of you won’t believe me but I wrote the song [Gypsy] about San Diego, well not exactly but about a guy I met in San Diego. I hadn’t made any friends in a really long time when I came here, since I’ve become a star, I hadn’t made many new friends. He put me on the back of his motorcycle and we drove away from all my security and he got in a lot of trouble. I just held onto his leather jacket. I just remember my helmet got all foggy ‘cause I was crying ‘cause I hadn’t been outside by myself for so long. He hid me away in his little shack by the beach, and we made love all day long. And then he introduced me to all his friends. And I’ll never forget it because the one before him, he told me I would never make another friend; he told me I would die a rich old woman in my big house with all my fame and no sense of the world, he told me. But not this guy. He told me that he was a gypsy too and that if I wanted to, we could go anywhere together or anywhere apart. And then he kissed me all night at our Mission Beach party… and I’ll never forget it, we locked ourselves in the bathroom.” — Lady Gaga

Married to a Monster - Two

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Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst&Fluff || husband!Jongin, best friend!Jongdae, best friend!Minseok

Summary: Being forced into a marriage with your first love/childhood best friend is messy - especially when he was the sole reason you attempted to kill yourself and the reason your body is riddled with scars. Old wounds were opened but you pushed yourself to figure things out, if not for yourself, then for your deceased sister whose death seemed to keep haunting you and Jongin.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. Smut will be rated [M].

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen [M] | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty [M] | Twenty-One | Twenty-Two |

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People make mistakes (Charles Xavier x Reader)



Charles Xavier had royally screwed up. He wasn’t meant to kiss Raven, and he wasn’t meant to be caught kissing Raven, especially when he had a dedicated and loyal girlfriend. 

 So now here you were, crying in Erik’s arms, much to his dismay. Not to get any crazy ideas, Erik loved you like a sister, but everyone knew how much he hated any sort of human contact. The German man just wasn’t meant to comfort someone, let alone show any sign of affection towards another human. 

“I just thought Charles was better than this.“ 

Your sadness actually instilled emotion into Erik. He was angry, better yet pissed off, but most of all, he was feeling sadness. The feeling of sadness came from the fact that seeing you so upset made him feel broken, even more so than he already felt. 

 "Forget about Charles. He made his mistake.”

 Erik took it upon himself to reach out and embrace you into an intimate display of affection, one he normally would never attempt. As he stroked your hair, your sobs died down. You lifted you head up from Erik’s chest and looked him in the eyes. 

 "Thank you Erik.“ 

 Charles watched from the door way of the room in a state of gloom. 

 ”(Y/n). Can I speak with you?“ 

 Charles approached you carefully, as Erik stood up to block you from the man. 

"How dare you come here. You just broke her heart, friend or not, I will not let you hurt her anymore.”

 You stood up and put a hand on Erik’s shoulder.

 "It’s alright. I can handle myself,“ you smiled, "I’ll call you if I need you Erik." 

Shoving Erik out of the room you glared at Charles.

 "What do you want?”

 "I want you back.“ 

You had never seen Charles with such desperation in his eyes. 

 "You were the one that cheated on me, not the other way around,” You pointed your finger at him, raising it ever so slightly, “I didn’t break your heart." 

 "I need you,” his voice broke, “Without you, I don’t know if I can live with myself. You are my soulmate and you know it. Give me another chance to prove to you how much I love you." 

You didn’t know what to say, and he knew that.

 "Kissing Raven was just that, a mistake. Nothing we ever did was a mistake." 

Charles Xavier had always had a way with words. So eventually he had you crying, but the surprising thing was, that he was in tears as well. The British man hardly ever cried, not because he thought it made him look weak, but because he could never get himself to be able to.  He never had a reason to cry. Losing you was his only motive for showing sadness, because truly without you, the mind reader was lost. Lost in his own mind.

 "I need you.”

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