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tbh i really really really love the fact that you made sporto narcoleptic. i don't have it myself, but i do have a different sleeping disorder and it's just?? so nice to see a character with one who can actually function well with one??? i've been trying to stick to a sleeping schedule too and it's so hard! i have a very bad memory so schedules in general are really hard for me, but reading your hc about sport kinda gave me hope that maybe i'll be able to do it if i just keep trying, so thanks!!

anonnn i am like happy-crying rn, thank you for sending this. <3

s ame re: bad memory and schedules tbh, but!!! you got this. we got this.

andreil: here

this was inspired by something @key-called-home said, but i don’t remember what. i dont know if it makes any sense bc i just kinda put everything out there and it made me cry but oh well enjoy

Here he is. With his back against the wall, face turned towards Neil, here he is. There’s a cat in between them, and one at Andrew’s feet, the window must not be closed all the way because cold, biting wisps of air hit Andrew’s face, but here he is. Neil’s eyes are closed, and it’s a rare occasion when Andrew gets to see him like this. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like he shouldn’t be here. Fast asleep he looks a lot less like the smart mouth Andrew knows and a lot more like someone who should never have been with The Foxes to start with, but here he is.

He is here.

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This is important, here me out.

You see these two movies? They were both made by the same studio.

You know which one was advertised well and was highly anticipated? The Lego one.

You know which one has the fastest, sharpest humour full of explosively ingenious jokes and characters with heart?

Trick question. Both will have you wheezing and crying at the same time.

A group of animators, myself included, went in expecting something kinda average but enough to spend an evening on.

We went into an empty theatre, we left long after it ended having sat during the credits just reliving it amongst ourselves. Multiple people cried at the happy ending. We are all full adults.

Please, watch this.

For the love of animation and all the support these kinds of movies need, watch it.

Good golly.

Fever Part 2- Jeon Jungkook (BTS) and Someone

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A/N: Well, I made myself cry with this GIF. Well I’ve been thinking and There may be more parts. Haha, yea I’m evil. Just remember request are open and You guys have voted and you will find out the answer very soon.

Part 1| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5

Summary: You’ve done it. You’ve had enough. You caught your boyfriend, Jungkook, in bead with another. You now need a shoulder to cry on.

WARNING: Angst and Smut.’

Previously: You can’t hold it anymore. Thoughts raced through your mind in. Why Y/BF/N!? What did I do to deserve this!? Just then you grunt and moans mixed with screams along with the springs of your mattress bouncing. You quickly run up to the shared you opening the door with a quick spend. You just couldn’t believe your eyes.

There it was. 3 years of your relationship down the drain. Your eyes filled with salty sad tears watching your sheepish boyfriend  yeah right! Pounding your best friend into your previously shared bed. Jungkook stops shortly after too stare at you slowly breaking down.

“Y/N…? I uhh…” He shifts his gaze from you to your best friend that is under him then back at you. You run out of the room the room with Jungkook quickly speeding after you calling your name from behind. You stop in your tracks and turn to face him slowly. Anger stirs through your bloodstream like a fire. You clench your fist and your jaw tightly. You exhale sharply before answering.

“Do you love me?” You interrogated him with your eyes burning through his. He was hesitant to respond that’s when your best friend steps over wrapping her arms around Jungkook’s waist.

“You know what hurts more? To think that my best friend would go behind my back and sleep with my boyfriend.” You raise your voice higher towards the end of that statement, then you turn to Jungkook.

“And you. Since our two year anniversary!? Yes I saw the pictures and text… How could I be so dumb?” You blink forcing tears to rush down your face. You briskly maneuver past your now ex boyfriend and best friend. To your room. To take out an old duffel bag from your closet and fill it with your essential items. Jungkook pries Y/BF/N off of him. He runs to you doing everything in his power to stop you.

“Jungkook… You didn’t even bother to put on your clothes…” You scoff his name and make your way out of the house. His head drops with tears running down his cheeks.

You walk the whole day to reach your destination. You clutch the duffle bag against your body with streams tears flowing out of your eyes; you try so hard not to drop to your knees crying in the middle of the sidewalk. You reach his door, the only person you could go to whenever Jungkook and you had a fight. You knock on his door loud enough so he can hear. You wipe your cheeks before he opens the door.

“Y/N?” He says in a whisper eyeing you posture and how you’re clutching your duffle bag, your eye being bloodshot and nose a soft shade of red from the crying.

“Was there a fight?”

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do you ever just honestly almost cry or actually cry because you think of how pure and emotional sherlock is and how he’s finally finally gonna be able to understand love with john

cause I just heard a stupid song on the radio that made me think of them and well it was nice knowing y'all cause I cried myself to death

au where james and lily lived and harry comes home for christmas all upset because snape keeps saying how arrogant james was and he tells everyone this over christmas dinner and lily, remus, and sirius just burst out laughing and james gets kind of embarrassed like, “i may have been a bit, well, cocky when I was younger…”

and lily’s just like, “a bit?”

and sirius starts doing impressions of teenage james, ruffling his hair and asking lily out.

and this leads to the three of them recounting all of the ridiculous things james ever said or did at school, while he just leans his head against the table, hiding his face and muttering about how much he hates them, but really he’s laughing too.

and lily reaches over and messes up his hair and the way she smiles at him, harry never has to doubt for a second that his parents love each other.

Allienveno’s Ereri Rec List

I’ve spent more time reading ereri fics than I have actually watching the show, here are my favorites.

It’s Fine  This one almost made me cry???? It’s not really even that sad I’m just lame. 

Isn’t that a cliché for you; the teacher falling in love with the student. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed to say sometimes I just didn’t even bother and gave in, imaging his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets. 

1/1 Chapters, Mature rating. 10173 Words.

Wayward Wings Really cute and fluffy wing fic. 

As he straightened up, his wing jerked, and Eren stiffened as he felt it smack into something—or rather, someone.

“I’m so sorry!” he burst out, but as he whirled around, his wings gave another spasm and hit Corporal Levi in the face. Again. “Sorry!”

He held his wings stiff against his back, though he could feel them straining to move, as he stared at Corporal Levi.

Corporal Levi, whose face and hair were now half-covered in mud. Corporal Levi, whose expression hadn’t changed but who was more likely than not livid. Oh.

1/1 Chapters, Teen and up rating, 2963 Words

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is Smol Mikasa kills me

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit rating,  14683 Words

Stay For As Long As You Have Time So fluffy and domestic, I love every bit of it. 

It was on these benches and paths that he spent most of his time, wandering around and letting the wind take him wherever he so chose. Mikasa had always scolded him for doing this; after all, she said, wandering around the school at night wasn’t the safest thing to do. But it was daytime when Eren first saw him, so she had no right to criticize.

1/1 Chapters, Explicit rating, 12730 Words

taking flight I’m always a slut for wing fics

“Touch his wings. I dare you.”

In which Levi has (really pretty) wings, Jean is an asshole and Eren can’t resist a dare. [Levi/Eren], wingfic AU.

1/1 Chapters, General rating,  1680 words

Overdose This one is really hot and the god like au is a nice change from what I usually read. 

Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.
On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.

7/? Chapters, Explicit rating, 56399 Words

Here are my absolute favorites out of this list, they are some of the most amazing things I have ever read and they fucked me up emotionally. 

When I’m No Longer Young And Beautiful This one, this one right here. I have no idea what to say to describe just how amazing this fic is. The mental manipulation in it just fucks me up. 

Levi never wants Eren to grow up.

“Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”

TW: Pedophilia and slight mental manipulation, and kinda yandere!levi

1/1 Chapters, Explicit Rating,  2323 Words.

time after time Cheesy pet shop au? Sign me the fuck up.

“Who tells someone they look like a cat?”

“No, I said the cat looked like you,” Eren corrects, looking back to the cat and ignoring Levi’s mounting confusion.

1/1 Chapters, Not rated, 5003 Words.

Art of war  Claps hands together This right here is so cute I almost died.

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit Rating, 52597 Words

King of Carrot Flowers Yassssssssssssss

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

(Levi lives across the street from a cemetery and Eren’s father has recently passed away.)

13/13 Chapters, Mature Rating, 23637 Words

1994 This is pretty famous in the fandom so you’ve probably heard of it, but it’s really good. 

Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street… 

26/26 Chapters, Explicit, 124249 Words

half light I’m currently re-reading this one because it’s so amazing. 

He wouldn’t say that they’re friends, really. They’re not quite just acquaintances either; the more he thinks about it, Eren’s not sure how to describe their relationship. They sort of… tolerate each other, in different ways.

But yeah, the more he thinks about it (and he does think about it quite often), Eren thinks that he’d like for them to be friends.

(AU where Eren tries to figure out what you do when friendly feelings turn into something more.)

22/22 Chapters, Not Rated, 66199 Words.

Now here comes my all time favorite Ereri fic in the entire world

Disobey me This fic is so amazingly written, has a fantastic plot and portrays the characters so well. I am so happy I found this fic! If you read it tell her I sent you! :> 

After countless months of depression from the death of his mother, Eren had decided to start anew. First step was simple, go back to school. Now, normal students would followed the rules and went about their daily school lives in peace but Eren was no ordinary boy. Different than others, he is passionate, courageous, and disobedient, and his English teacher became well aware of that. But there is another side of him that no one, not even Eren himself, is aware of. Everyone has their secrets, and with each confession comes more answers as to what the hell his father did.

A story about a stubborn young adult, who has an impulsive drive for justice, that gets himself into more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined.

(That one fic that says it’s a High School AU and ends up having a ridiculous amount of other themes that eventually take over. Also, there is a lot of fluff.)

19/?  Chapters (On Going), Explicit Rating, 126155 words.

I can not stress how magnificent this is.

That’s it for my Ereri Fanfic Rec list. If any of the links do not work then please message me. 

I lost 3lbs on my second weigh in back on track. I had the usual little inner conflict again where I argued with myself about how I hadn’t lost as much as the week before and I had to remind myself that losing 8lbs a week is just not achievable or healthy, so I feel like I’m doing well to stick to my resolution about beating myself up.

I also made an effort to stick to my ‘rut’ resolution and tried something a little bit different to me today. I did 20minutes of yoga for beginners which I actually found really enjoyable and not as hard as I thought. I guess my body is stronger than I give it credit for. Something weird happened afterwards though, and I need someone to tell me I’m not being ridiculous. After I finished the yoga routine and settled down, I started crying. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a cryer. I cry at the slightest thing, but I really had no reason to cry. I was even laughing at myself through the tears at how ridiculous it was. My partner has been asking if we can do some yoga together but I don’t want him to laugh at me if I cry again afterwards 😂

Anyway, I also had a little non-scale victory today. My brother bought me a Nike sports bra (pictured) for Christmas and I was convinced that it would fit as it looked tiny. Well I got it on and it’s actually pretty comfy. It is a bit small but that’s due to the fact that I’m fairly large busted, and it wouldn’t be any good for anything high impact, but it’s great for doing a spot of yoga!

How the bidders are when they cry

a/n: This idea just popped in my head a few hours ago, so I decided to get on it ASAP :D! I feel like this headcanon needed a visual aid to help explain things better, so I drew them myself haha. Lol it’s been a long time since I drew anything, so I hope I did them justice! I can’t use a tablet for shit tho, so I settled with traditional, haha. Hopefully, this counts as fanart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eisuke: Vulnerable.            

“I’m not as great as you think I am…”    

Soryu: Helpless.

“… I…did this to you…?”

Baba: Resigned.

“If that’s what’ll make you happy, then… I’m all right with it.”

Ota: Broken.

“I thought you promised you wouldn’t leave me?”

Mamoru: Remorseful.

“I… I fucked everything up again, didn’t I?”

Bonus (because the MC’s such a babe):

MC: Self-deprecating.

“Why can’t I do anything right?”

I made my therapist cry yesterday.

I said something very nice about myself and she cried. I said, at my core I guess I am the person I have always wanted to be. I have always wanted to be a good person and I am. And then tears welled in her eyes. I felt accomplished. My therapist hears a lot of things and THAT made her cry. I’m not saying that I’ve wanted to make her cry or anything, I love my therapist, it just makes me feel like I’ve done something out of the ordinary, which I have.

i’m hurting a lot more than you think and you’ve hurt me a lot more than i’ll ever show you. 

i’m crying inside every time you touch me, cringing in fear, but the happiness in my eyes shines through, cause that’s what i am, a liar. 

i keep looking at my scars, tracing the lines on my wrists, something inside of me urging me to make more. i won’t knowing that you’re here and you’ll check, but as soon as you leave, well fuck…

i know when i’m going to do it, i have a plan. i’m a rather indecisive girl, but i’ve made up my mind.

i’m sorry i can’t ever bring myself to tell you how i feel, i just can’t bear to make your day worse, i just don’t want you to leave me

so as i am, alone and crying, sitting on the cold blue tiles of the bathroom floor. one touch turns me red, but as you once said, i’m happy when i’m with you, you can see the light in my eyes shining through, so i’m a liar, a fake, i’ve been cured.

i’m hurting a lot more than you think, but i guess i won’t say anything to you.

instead, i’ll just sit here tracing the lines on my skin, silently, wishing i could make more

“I know most of you won’t believe me but I wrote the song [Gypsy] about San Diego, well not exactly but about a guy I met in San Diego. I hadn’t made any friends in a really long time when I came here, since I’ve become a star, I hadn’t made many new friends. He put me on the back of his motorcycle and we drove away from all my security and he got in a lot of trouble. I just held onto his leather jacket. I just remember my helmet got all foggy ‘cause I was crying ‘cause I hadn’t been outside by myself for so long. He hid me away in his little shack by the beach, and we made love all day long. And then he introduced me to all his friends. And I’ll never forget it because the one before him, he told me I would never make another friend; he told me I would die a rich old woman in my big house with all my fame and no sense of the world, he told me. But not this guy. He told me that he was a gypsy too and that if I wanted to, we could go anywhere together or anywhere apart. And then he kissed me all night at our Mission Beach party… and I’ll never forget it, we locked ourselves in the bathroom.” — Lady Gaga

Progress Made!

I got to literally see physical progress made today when I went to my doctor’s appointment. I was just there at the beginning of January and when they made me step on the scale I wanted to cry right there in the doctors office. The scale said 170. 170!!! The only time in my life I’ve been that heavy was during and right after pregnancy. 170 means I had gained about 30 pounds in the last year. That’s crazy and completely unacceptable. Well today….after about a month of just changing my diet to healthier foods and drinking lots of water I weighed in at 162.5. 7.5 pounds down!! What?? I’m so proud of myself and even more excited that yesterday I started adding running and other workouts to my routine. Y'all better watch out cuz I might just have a swimsuit body by summertime! Maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself but I’m just feelin so good right now! Yay me!!!
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Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be? (excluding dating Getter and being unable to save your Dad.) [sorry]

“Well, ech, this is more redo than undo, but I know I could’ve tried harder in school? I didn’t do well in a traditional classroom environment, but maybe if I’d just swallowed my pride and dealt with being told what to do, I could’ve started college sooner… ?”

“But, eh, then again… since it was my lack of self-worth that kept my Green Magic suppressed for so long, I guess I could’ve been kinder to myself, as well as those around me. I was still struggling to understand my place in the world, so I lashed out when I really shouldn’t have… ”

“… So I guess if it had to be one thing, it’d probably be the time one of my temper tantrums made mom cry… ”

“It’s been awhile Sakamoto-kun”

I made this fanart right after the day i watched the finale of Sakamoto Desu Ga? and after reading the Sakamoto Dying theory and kinda had an inspiration to draw this out of the feels but  it just broke my heart in the end so i wasn’t able to post it at all since that day. but it felt like a waste if i just keep it to myself, i also want to share the feels to anyone who will see this and cry with me as well, but then again before you chase me me out ,this is just a fanart based from a theory, and i do still hope that he’s still alive out there and keeping up the good works (and possibly making people head over heels on him again lol ) <3 

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I just wanted to tell you that Lavender Hues is hands down the best fic I've ever read. The wording is smooth and glides through the mind, and the concept is amazing and fits the whole aura of Jimin so very well. I shed many tears reading this, and there's a part of me that can see myself within this story. I'm in love with your writing and your ideas, and I look so very forward to more Jimin fics (and others) in the future. All the love. ❤


Anonymous said: Oh my goddddd lavender hues made me cry so much I hate you but I also love you aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said: I just read Lavender Hues and I read all of them and holy cow are you amazing at writing THANK YOU FOR WRITING ITTTT

Anonymous said: Oh my gosh I fangirled so hard when I saw you reposted ITWCF/Lavender Hues! (I love the new title it’s so pretty). It’s one of my faves & I still distinctly remember how much I loved it when you posted it on your old blog. From Jimin’s characterisation to their relationship and the emotions, everything was so beautifully written it’s one of the best fics I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot haha). Also I keep hearing the “If my wings could fly” part from their outro whenever I read the title 😂

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I feel so full of love rn, thank you guys, you are all insanely kind ❤

As a fanfiction writer, these are the best compliments I’ve ever received.

“Are you Satan?”

“Well, I’ll just go cry myself to sleep after this. Thank you.”

“This is not okay.”

“You fucking angst queen.”

“I will find you and I will make you stop breaking my heart.”

“I do not deserve this pain.”

“When I woke up today I didn’t plan on staying in bed reading this angst fest who made me question life, but here I am.”

“I am in love with your mind. I mean, it’s evil, but I am in love with it.”

“Please never stop hurting me with your words.”

“This is a fresco of humanity, and you are Lucifer.”

“You know what? Fuck you.”


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You draw tears really well. My heart is definitely breaking in more ways than one. I'm excited to see the ending, but I also don't want this to end.

Thank you! I’ve been holding myself back from drawing Sans crying for all this time (I’ve only drawn it 3 times total) so that I can pour all the FEELS into this comic. I was also listening to sad music just to get myself in the right mood to draw them.

You can say I made this UT Mob comic just so I can have a legit reason for Sans to cry. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:D