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i animated some cute d&p moments for u guys to look at with ur eyeballs!! ☆

“okay but what was i supposed to? let some loser talk shit even after i just smoked him in a race, nah it wasn’t going to go down like that. the guy was driving a stupid porsche, that was enough to piss me off, as if he had any chance. besides, all i did was egg him on until he hit me and then it was out of my control, y’know? the cop was already there because of the races happening but i didn’t think he was going to arrest me over a damn fight, it was fucking stupid. but thanks for bailing me out, i don’t need my car sitting in some tow yard overnight or being searched by the grand nypd.”

Do you ever just get really bored in class so you just doodle on your notebook and come up with either really good shit or really silly weird ones that you hope no one would ever see?

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I think this will become angst but whatever: your headcanons on galra keith once the fight is over and the team is going back to earth? I haven't seen anybody talking about this yet

Am I tempting fate by writing two angsty Galra!Keith headcanons in a row? Probably. Do I care? NO

-At the beginning Keith isn’t sure it’s okay to go back to Earth, it was never truly his home to begin with, and he’s Galra. It just doesn’t feel right. 

-Instead of asking the others and talking to them, he silently resigns himself to this and starts making plans to separate from the others. He figures he can tag along with Allura and Coran as the others travel back to Earth and find their families again. 

-Naturally no one even gives a second thought to Keith’s position because they just naturally assumed he would be going with them so they never even considered Keith trying to leave. 

-As the day finally comes when they plan to go their separate ways (Allura and Coran had already sworn they would keep in touch and visit) no one notices that Keith isn’t packing his things or preparing to leave. 

-Coran is the only one who knows, because Keith confided in him, and Coran has already accepted that Keith would be coming with them to continue diplomatic affairs and peace making trips around the Universe. 

-So imagine their confusion when they all start saying their goodbyes and Keith is acts like it’s the last time he will ever see them. 

-And then Keith just looks back in equal bewilderment because he figured they already knew that he wasn’t coming they just hadn’t put a ton of thought into it. 

-What are you talking about? Why are you acting like you’re not coming with? 

-That’s because I’m not.

-Hunk and Shiro understand when Keith explains his reasoning that there’s nothing left for him on Earth except for a small little shack, but that doesn’t mean they feel their hearts drop unhappily in their stomachs because they didn’t think any of them would be splitting from the group so soon. 

-Pidge and Lance on the other hand are furious. Pidge is a little more reserved about it, quietly seething because Keith hadn’t said a word but Lance is very, very, vocal about how Keith should’ve SAID something because of course he would be welcome to come with them to their homes. 

-It’s actually a little to much emotion for Keith to handle, because he hadn’t really realized they would be angry at is decision. 

-But in the end, Keith still holds out and says he’s going to stay with Allura and Coran. They all had families to return to, but what gave him purpose was undoing the Galra’s destruction and he wasn’t close to be satisfied yet.

-Keith manages to keep good relations with Shiro and Hunk, but Pidge and Lance drop completely from contact after they separate in Earth’s orbit, and it hurts Keith but he knows to give them space and time to be home at last. 

-Two years pass, Keith becomes Allura’s student. For years he had the reputation as a warrior, now he focuses on becoming a diplomat and working with various planets for peace. 

-Shiro and him talk a lot, Shiro is his main contact and update as to what’s going on back on Earth. Hunk drops in occasionally, sometimes telling him what Pidge and Lance are up to, but mostly Hunk is busy so their conversations are great, but short. 

-Lance and Pidge remainout of Keith’s radar, but out of the two he hears more about Pidge (through Shiro) than Lance. Often times it can be months before Keith hears Lance’s name come up in conversation mostly in passing. He seems to be doing fine, but Keith isn’t entirely sure. 

-As two and a half years come to  head, Keith finds himself working with a particular sector in the Universe that has whispers of rebellion and Zarkon allegiance that Keith is hoping to stop it before it blows out of proportion and becomes violent

-Except naturally, it doesn’t go as planned, and a fight breaks out in the peace council and Keith literally finds himself prying the two quarreling leaders apart and holding the one responsible at sword point telling him off for being stubborn and refusing to listen. 

-Afterwards Keith looks up and sees Shiro, Hunk, Pidge and Lance all standing with Allura and Coran having been there the whole time and Keith is floored became it’s been so long

-Pidge immediately jumps him and apologizes for not keeping in touch and there’s good cheer in all their reunion till Lance steps forward and has a really dark look on his face and the other’s are afraid one of them is going to go at it.

-”Well you got boring I see, no more fighting, just prying stubborn old men apart from killing one another.” 

-”And I see you got lazy and fat from lazing on the beach every day for the past two years.”

-There’s a really awkward silence till Lance can’t hold it in anymore and practically throws himself at Keith. 

-”You find a home yet?”

-”Not yet, but there is one place I would like to try again.” 

-So after almost three years, Keith goes back to Earth with the others even bringing Allura and Coran with them, Keith gets to meet all their families and it’s obvious the other’s have talked about him because none of them are phased by his appearance and all of them treat him like he’s one of their own. 

-Keith realizes that home isn’t where he’s needed or where he’s kind belongs. It’s where he feels like home, and that’s with all the paladins together ^-^

So a bit of a sappy ending, does that make it better? <3 ;) This was a great idea anon, and I agree I DO NOT SEE ENOUGH POST VOLTRON HEAD CANONS.

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what do you use to learn russian? i've tried popular sites like duolingo and babbel and they dont really teach you anything. but i think i'm actually going to find a tutor.

Well i used duolingo but got bored of it immediately, i just started reading a lot in russian, i only use yandex when i need to translate some words (never do it with entire sentences or phrases) and wikislovar for verbs and everything else (= music helped me too

Fallen Angel, Pt. 1

Inspired by this headcanon by simonlewisantifanclub

What if Raphael’s death wasn’t real, and Asmodeus kept him prisoner for four years before giving him back to Magnus?

Contains hurt/comfort, abuse and it’s very, very angsty. Sorry.

I think there’s going to be around six chapters (assuming people are interested for that long).

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