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Centaur Boyfriends

I had gotten a ton of requests for both centaur and deertaur, so as I started to write I got in a request for a poly relationship and a was struck by the divine inspiration. I really hope you guys enjoy and keep sending requests!

   You and your mother lived alone in the woods, your home was always warm and cozy and your mother always had something delicious smelling cooking in the cauldron. But for some reason, people hated you. They called your mother a witch and a whore, and more than once when you two had to go to town they threw things at you.

   “Don’t be afraid of them, baby,” your mother said. “They are weak. Do not hate them, for it will make you weak.”

   You grew up wondering why people didn’t like your mother, she was the most wonderful person in the world. She was kind and beautiful, she could sing and do all sorts of amazing things. But no matter how amazing she was, people still hated her.

   At least the centaurs liked you. They came to your home all the time. Your mother fed them and tended to their wounds. She gave them homemade balms and salves. She even tended to their hair. Sometimes she went away with a centaur for a while, but they always came back happier than when they left.

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Sky High Aesthetics → Genderbent AU

In which Layla Williams is Lyle Williams, self-proclaimed side-kick, best-friend to Willa Stronghold (whom he’s slightly in love with), and an all-around good guy who’s just trying to eat as much Chinese Food (Vegan Chinese Food!), make it through freshman year (without punching Grayson in the face), and muster up the courage to ask the daughter of the Commander and Jetstream out. 

Also in which, Warren Peace, is… Warren Peace (because that’s still the best pun)… and she’s trying to keep cool and collected, ignore all the pesky Freshman especially her nemesis by birthright, Willa Stronghold, who’s father sent Peace’s father to prison. All she needs to do is get through school, work her shifts at the Paper Lantern, and definitely not accidentally burn anything too crisp… again.

What she isn’t expecting is to have to be the waitress to the best friend to said nemesis by birthright and then talk to said best friend which ends with her giving Lyle love advice? What she expects less is to have the nice and sweet Lyle Williams purposely sit with her at lunch and then ask her to be his fake girlfriend… Freshman! Ahh well, she’ll do anything to get back at Stronghold… even is this means she’ll have to move roasting her to the back seat. 

What Lyle isn’t expecting is to have no one to go to the homecoming dance with, and Willa asking him about it… He had said, Peace, because that seemed like a good idea at the time. But hey, Peace had ultimately said yes, so that’s a good thing… even if he won’t be able to see her in a dress… Not that she needed to wear a dress, she looked sex- good! Good, she looked good, in her leather jacket and ripped jeans… It was still something… and Willa’s plan, the plan for Willa, that seemed to be working. 

There was only one tiny, minuscule problem. Peace had a smile, and it was nice smile… and gave Lyle goosebumps… and sent his heart racing… and made him question everything…

There was only one tiny problem for Peace, Lyle called her “babe”. Also he was so annoying… You know in the way that’s kind of that’s… almost… slightly… cute and very attractive?


i animated some cute d&p moments for u guys to look at with ur eyeballs!! ☆

does anybody wanna come over and watch buzzfeed unsolved


A Sonnet to Anne’s Eyebrows, by Gilbert Blythe

with thanks to Diana Barry for passing on Anne’s doubts that this would be something I would do,
and to Royal Gardner for no, I can’t even write that ironically

Above your stare, but underneath your hair,
Sit those to which this sonnet is addressed:
A crescent pair, of symmetry that’s rare,
Too similar to judge which one’s the best.

To help you see, they often catch debris,
Like perspiration, dust or flakes of snow.
To frown at me, they furrow splendidly,
Concern, surprise or joy, they’ll also show.

…they’re eyebrows, Anne. I’ve told you all I can.
They’re functional and in the proper place.
It matters not what size and hue they’ve got:
I much prefer the owner of the face.

They happen to be beautiful, it’s true.
But if they weren’t, I’d love them still. They’re you.

So I schedule all the days of Usos posts I make and I just got done with day 30

Kinda proud of myself tbh

Do you ever just get really bored in class so you just doodle on your notebook and come up with either really good shit or really silly weird ones that you hope no one would ever see?

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hello! i was just curious why rosie has 2 forms sometimes?

Well mostly just cause I got bored of drawing her as just a lil loaf and thought it would be funny and wild if she was revealed to have a normal humanoid body similar to Isabelle, but the canonical reason is that she wears an drapey outfit which she fashioned out of a magical blanket that lets her stretch around. Initially when I revealed her to be a cat girl under a sheet I was leaning towards it being a permanent change but I decided to have her return to her sheet/loaf form because I thought it was kind of iconic. Overall I think it’s a bit confusing and not really great and I get an excessive amount of questions about it so I’m probably gonna have her stay in her sheet for a good long while from now on until hopefully most people forget about it