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It was a great interview. It's obvious they're going with the victim/underdog narrative which will help keep those fans that were thinking about leaving because of stunts.

Lmao anon you totally just read my mind. I’ve been out all day in the middle of nowhere with very little service and even less battery and so I just got to read it now. It’s pretty damn brilliant, subtly manipulative (not in a bad way, just a typical marketing way and like you said- enough so we can see the angle they’re going for and get people to stick around), but also lovely. And also? Holy fuck I just love him so so so much.

This showed me they DO understand the things fans love about him as a person. My only hope now is that they ALSO trust his talent and let that shine too. I hope they realize we don’t love him BECAUSE he’s an underdog, but that he’s wildly talented as well.


I just realized...

Ok but have you realized that the times Rowan and Rhysand, both being the pre-dicks they were, send our all-time favorite females to a monster’s lair, they both came out with a ring prize(that was not well worded, I apologize, but I hope you got what I’m saying).

When Rhys send Feyre into the Weaver’s cottage in ACOMAF to ‘test out her magic and its tracking ability’, he told her to seek out a ring. Obviously half my point is already made, so I’m gonna leave it there. 

In HOF, when Aelin was rescuing Luca(I think that’s his name), she had to fight that beast in the frozen lake(absolutely no surprise that Rowan made her do this). After doing so, she acquired Goldryn, who’s scabbard held that supposed engagement ring Athril had for Maeve that also served as a one-person protection from Valg demons… 

Now that I think about it, they were both engagement rings. Just that Feyre’s was more intricate and actually has a more meaningful value than demon warding. 

I don’t know guys, I’m just putting this out there. Y’all probably already catch on but I’m just slow so deal with it.

Imagine...Running Into Dean Years After He Broke Your Heart

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam


Warnings: Fluff, teen Dean being sweet, angst, abandonment, sadness, hatred, regret

Word count: 997

Summary: Running into the one man you were so sure you’d never see again brings up memories you’ve never been able to get rid of.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by @swissairforcemember - Hey I was wondering whether you could do a Dean x reader fic based off the Fall Out Boy song Favourite Record? Its just one of my favourites and I think it could work well? Thanks. Ok, so I’ve never heard this song before, but this is where I went with it. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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“Come on, Dean! Let’s go for a ride”.

He sighed, shaking his head.

“My dad’s gonna kill me if I take his car”.

You jumped off the bed, grabbing the keys and twirling them.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’ll be the one who takes it then”.

You quickly ran out of the room as Dean followed behind, telling you it was a bad idea.

But you were determined to help Dean let loose tonight.

“Oh, come on, Dean! We’ll be back before your dad realizes we’ve taken the car anywhere. Please!” you begged, your eyes wide and pleading with him.

You knew Dean made his mind up when he smiled softly.

“Fine. But I’m driving”.

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Hey, Luiza! Are you still doing those fantastic song prompts? It's possibly a little unknown but I love the song I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow, it's one of my fave inspired Klaroline songs, would love to see it in one of your drabbles, only if possible of course : )

I’m sorry it took me a million years to do this. I hope you like it!

“You don’t get to do that to me,” Caroline said as she stormed into his room… No. Not his room, she realized. His painting room, judging by the Hybrid standing in front of a canvas, sleeves rolled up and Henley stained with paint – well, at least that shade of red seemed too bright to be blood, she thought.

Klaus didn’t take his eyes from his painting, his long fingers holding a brush with precision as he stroke colours into the canvas. “I’m not in the mood, love.”

“Yeah, most of the time I’m not in the mood for you either, but that’s never seemed to stop you,” Caroline snapped.

Play with me, she mentally begged. I need this right now, please.

This time he looked at her and she saw the anger in his eyes, the burning fury directed at her for the first time. Because she had doomed them all without any regrets, but worse than that – she had said awful things about him, repeatedly told him that she’d never be with someone like him, someone so dark and twisted… Only for her to murder twelve people without a second thought. Her characteristic hypocrisy was beginning to tire even her.

He had looked at her with annoyance before, irritation and even with hatred (though she supposed he only hated how much he couldn’t hate her), but she’d never gotten to admire the ire of Klaus Mikaelson up-close, to inspect the hardness in his stare and the golden flecks that sparked in his irises.

Caroline waited a moment, expecting him to yell at her, to exploit every single one of her weaknesses and leave her even more broken. But he stayed silent, taking her in. And she stayed silent, too. Not knowing what to say. Not knowing why she was even there.

She saw as his eyes scanned her face. Once. Twice. They took notice of her vacant stare, her red eyes, her trembling hands. Perhaps he noticed that her hair was messier than he’d ever seen, that she hadn’t bothered with make up.

She saw as his eyes softened – slowly, as if he was fighting it.

Then he sighed, put the brush down and wiped his hands with a piece of cloth. “What is it that you want, Caroline?”

He sounded tired too.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “I just… I didn’t want to be alone.”

Klaus just looked at her for a few moments – moments that took too long to pass as she stood there, feeling completely exposed and vulnerable - and then he took a step forward and another, until he was right in front of her.

He nodded as if he understood, as if he too had suffered through too many nights where he wished that someone would hold him close. Even knowing that he was not just the monster others thought him to be, she found that so very unlike him she almost laughed.

Instead she sobbed, and he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her awkwardly enough that she knew that he wasn’t used to comforting people – which wasn’t really a surprise – but even so, burying her head on the crook of his neck as his hand caressed her back soothingly instantly made her feel safe.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t absolve her of crimes or promised that everything was going to be ok. Nothing was ok and he was still so very furious at her, she could tell.

But he held her for a long time, letting her take as much comfort as she needed. 

Perhaps terrible people weren’t so terrible all the time.

in search of silver lining

so here it is, the project I worked on for @yurionicebigbang with my lovely partner @petite-madame (whose art you can see HERE GO LOOK OMG IT’S SO LOVELY!!!!!) it’s been heaps of fun and I’m so happy about how it all turned out so pls go read the thing and appreciate the art? //pupper eyes

words: 14756
tags: canon divergence, soulmate bond, next season au, fluff and cutes, failed attempts at sex, wedding!!!!! 

It started out slow. So slow, in fact, that Yuuri didn’t even notice.

At first it was subtle, a soft hum at the back of his mind, soothing and careful, almost intangible if he didn’t focus solely on feeling around for it. And he didn’t, because how do you look for something you would never think to be there to begin with?

(You don’t.)

The first threads began forming around Rostelecom Cup, but Yuuri had been too distracted with everything else to notice that something had changed, that something sent warmth into his cold, numb limbs when he needed it most, that something helped him stay up when all he wanted was to crumble.

He didn’t know, then.

And when he finally figured it out, Victor wasn’t there.

(It hurt.)

(A lot.)

(But even if it hurt, he would never admit it, because in the end… he didn’t believe it could be true.)

More and more threads began forming a rope, still thin and shy, but growing stronger with each passing day, with each smile Victor rested in Yuuri’s hair and each sweetly whispered “Did you sleep well?” first thing in the morning.

Yuuri wondered. He hesitated, debated with his own flaws and battled his insecurities, because surely…?

By the time Barcelona rolled around he was certain of it.

Singing to the tune of budding love, the soulbond stretched from Yuuri’s heart, right through his mind, through time and space, through all the difficulties and boundaries dividing them, to slip into Victor and dive down towards his heart, where it tied in a knot that matched the one around Yuuri’s – joining them together as two parts of one whole.

It became hard to ignore then, the pulsing of colour and vibrant emotions dancing over the rope, delicate, feather-light, every time Victor felt.

And, oh, Victor felt a lot.  

Yet he said nothing of it, maybe didn’t even feel it, and so Yuuri said nothing either.

He let the bond form, thread by thread, light like wisps of a spider’s web, and wrap around his soul – an ever-growing, comforting blanket of support, warmth and love.

In silence, he nurtured it, cared for it, and hoped.

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A bit of a long question but I really hope you will answer. Imagine we just saw the 4x12 and know nothing about the finale. If it was up to you, what ending would you have given to the characters? How would it have ended with you? How would you think the Hollow could've been taken out of Hope? I'd love to hear your pov.

Okay, so let’s see. 

I wouldn’t do any of this forced separation thing in the first place. The Mikaelsons just got together after 5 long years apart, so that separation as well as this 10 year time jump was completely our of the question. Regarding the Hollow, I kept hearing thought the season that people didn’t really understood her, or her motivations, or what she was after, and I can’t blame them. One of the main things I got from The Hollow’s backstory, and this girl Inadu, was that she was cursed with an existance she didn’t asked for. They wanted to create this poweful being that would be a symbol of prosperity, but then something went wrong (because it always does lol) and they ended up creating this very powerlful creature who only craved more power still. After realizing what they did, the saw her as an abomination and singled her out her, which I believe only made her angrier and what letthem to have her being killed by her own mother. Her story is not much different from the Mikaelsons story, more so Klaus. They were also cursed with a existence they didn’t asked for and Klaus being the one and first person to become something so different was also seen as an abomination and grew up to be a very powerful and cruel being. I think it would’ve been nice if they had adress this into the narrative, but they didn’t. Now… they could’ve done much more with Hayley as well when it comes to The Hollow. They explained why The Hollow wanted her dead, and the connection between them, but they could’ve gone much deeper into it. Regarding Hope, well, it was said that Hope could sense Inadu and there’s also a cool conection between these two, because they’re both very powerful witches, maybe the most powerful two we’ve seen (even tho I think Hope is stronger).

After The Hollow took control over Hope’s body and she ran way, I would’ve made Klaus and Hayley go after their daughter, rather than just Hayley. I would’ve made The Hollow go to a different location (like they did with Dahlia in their final confrontation) and there Klaus and Hayley would finally come face-to-face with her. They could’ve sensed Hope/The Hollow through their werewolf nature. Remember when Hayley after waking up in 1x22 went after Hope because she could feel her baby and knew where she was? Or when Klaus’ father told him he had been drawned to Hope and would wake up closer to her location each time he turned? I think that would’ve been nice. So, here they are, facing this vile creature that’s wearing the face of the most precious thing they have, their daughter. She would attack them first, but then they would beg her to let them talk and offer a different proposal (only to bait her or by some times, because there’s no other psoposal lol). Meanwhile at the compound Freya would’ve find out their location through a location spell and would let Vincent know and try to come ut with a plan with him to put the Hollow down for good. Going back to Klaus and Hayley, Klaus would tell Inadu that he knew what she felt and that he understood just how angry she was and why she was so much power thirsty. He would try to reach out to her rather than fight her, which is what he would obviously do since he could not fight something wearing he’s daughter’s face and risking hurting her. Klaus is a father of a seven year old now, and one day he’ll be a father to a girl of Inadu’s age, and it would’ve been interesting to adress this more paternal side of him towards this girl. After feeling a bit for what Klaus said, she would retaliate and then Hayley would intervain. Here we could see Hayley’s perspective as a mom coming to play. Hayley said plenty of times that she never had a good mother, and so she understands just how much that can leave a deep scar in someone who experienced it. But she would tell Inadu, that Hope now would have what she never had, a mom fighting for her and willing to do anything to save her other than kill her. While this was happening Vincent and Freya were already there, and were casting a spell to trap Inadu in a circle, just like in 4x12, but now they would make it stronger with the help of the magic objects Marcel provided them, and when Inadu was prepared to attack them again she realized she was trapped and couldn’t affect them with her magic. After that Vincent and Freya would do what they did, when they took The Hollow from Hope’s body and then would distribute her spirit into the four bones that would’ve been brought … well, here you can insert any character you’d like to see there. Being it Rebekah, Kol, Marcel, Elijah, or Davina, they would hold the bones to while vincent performed the spell.  While this was happening Hope would wake up and Klaus and Hayley would rush to hug her, of course. But, because the bones were so close, Inadu managed to fight Vincent and Freya and would emerge as her true self (like in 4x12 when she left Hope’s body) and when she was prepared to attack them, Hope would intervened and finished the spell herself, imprisioning her in the bones forever, and we would have this cool filled with magic and special effects scene.

After Inadu’s imprisonment into the bones, they would have to be kept them apart, and so one of them would go with Kol and Davina, another one would go with Rebekah and Marcel, the other would to with Elijah, and the other would go with Freya and Keelin. Keep in mind that they would all place the bones in different places and won’t be tied to them or anything like that. Now the tricky thing here, is the bones. She needed them to be reborn, and she used them, so it was the last we’ve seen of them, but when Hayley killed her in 4x11, they could’ve made her go immediately to her skeleton form since, that’s how she truly was for more than a thousand years, and they would’ve kept the bones. In 4x12 Klaus even said that he saw her body with his own eyes, and it’s unknow what they’ve done to it, so… it could’ve been arranged somehow I’m sure. It wouldn’t be worse than Originals being compelled and so may other things they’ve come up with. I’ve literally just put this together right now, so I’m sorry if there are some plotholes, because I would need  more time to make it even more logic and fitting. You know… time like the writers had lol

Now lets go the the ending I would give to each character.

Let’s start with the easiest. Kol and Davina would take off somewhere to resume their lives and be happy, without any hit watsoever of marriage because Davina is way too young unprapared for that. Freya and Keelin would also go somewhere else, and I woul’ve like to see some of Freya’s future plans. I would love if Freya would want to study and obtain a degree of something. She talked about it with Keelin in 4x06, when Keelin told her that she made her own life and pursued a career she liked and all of that. Freya never had a normal life, she neved did such things as going to shcool or something like that. Even Rebekah went to high shcool lol and there’s much more in the world to leanr than locator spells and an magical stuff. Elijah and Hayley would have a very honest conversation where he would tell her that he can never manage to change and the the person she needs him to be, and she would thank him for everything he did for her, but she would tell him that she changed, and that she’s a different person now, and wants different things, and can’t just ignore the things she saw in him. He would thank her for bringing Hope into their family and would give her a forehead kiss and it would be it. Elijah would go on his way also, and place the bone somewhere. Keep in mind that this isn’t anything like a definite separation. It’s just them giving a new course to their lives. When they thought they defeated The Hollow, they said they would leave NOLA, so it seems fitting that they would go on living their lives in a different place for a few months or say, a year. I could see Rebekah still going with Marcel for NYC, but they would make that decision together in NOLA. Marcel would go to her after the conversation he had with Klaus (yes, I would keep that with just a few changes) and would tell her that when sofya asked him to leave with her he said no, and Rebekha would say something like “of course” and Marcel would tell her that he woudn’t leave but not because of the city, but because he had to leave with someone else. Also, Marcel reunited with Davina while they were facing the Hollow, and when she was put down for good they ran into each other’s arms and shared a very tight hug. Vincent would remain in Nola, and would’ve go out with that sweet lady he met in the beginning of the season (adam’s mom) and Josh would also remain in Nola and would be in his loft chilling with his new boyfriend, which is nowhere to be found since 4x2 lol. Last but not least Klaus, Hayley and Hope would go to Mystic falls. Now I’ve said that this shcool idea isn’t the best, but I feel like they would’ve done it no matter what, so…. Klaus and Hope would share this beautiful scene in the compound where Hope would go to him while he was looking at these walls that were so important for him once and she would ask him if he was sad to leave, and he would say he wasn’t because his heart doesn’t belong to the city, but only to her. Klaus would also tell her that while Nola was her kingdom as a child and a princess, there was much more out there, and one day she would have the world at her feet as a grown woman and a queen. After this Hayley would appear and worrie about something, and Klaus would tell that he had already taken care of it, and that despite being alone for so long, now she had him and she would never have to do anything alone ever again. And Klaus would leave, happy this his little and littlest wolf by his side. The end.

I'm not gonna be sympathetic until you go and see a Doctor

Hey so I know I’ve been MIA for ages and this isn’t the best thing ever but at least its something. hopefully i’ll have more time to do more, hope you guys like it.

“Y/n i’m dying.” Michael wined from his spot on the couch.
“You’re not dying Mike.” you told him for the tenth time today.
“Well i feel like i’m dying and am in dire need of support as well as cuddles.” He said wrapping his blanket tighter around himself, making him the ultimate human burrito.
“Sorry no can do. I’m not gonna be sympathetic until you go and see a Doctor.”
“But y/nnnn;” He said dragging out the end of your name, “You know how much i hate Doctors, please just come cuddle me that’s all i want.”
“How about a compromise? You take some meds now and then i’ll come cuddle with you for one hour?” You offered still not feeling all that sympathetic for him since his cold was him own fault. You told him not to go out without a coat but of course he wouldn’t listen meaning he was now paying the price.
“What if i wanna cuddle for longer than that?” He asked before sniffling then wiping his nose.
“Then you have to Promise to go to the doctors tomorrow so you can get some better medication that is not only stronger but will work faster too.” You told him sternly not wanting to have to put up with a sick Mikey for longer than necessary.
“Is it my turn to counter offer now?” He asked sheepishly.
“You may proceed.”
“I agree to it all as long as you come to the Doctors with me, i don’t want go alone, it’s scary.”
“Of course i’ll come with you silly.” you reassured him with a big smile. “I’ll go get you some meds and order us a takeaway then we can cuddle for as long as you like, hows that sound?”
“Sounds perfect babe.” Mike replied smiling for the first time today.


170624 kimheenim instagram update:

Happy Birthday GUNHEE🎉🎀🍰🎂

Happy Birthday GUNHEE🎉🎀🍰🎂
#hwayang theater

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GH: why did you make it dirty??
HC: seems like you’re going to feel (simjung).. a heart attack (SIMjang JUNGji)….😏😏
GH: when i look at you i feel like i’m going to bulk up (dukkun), dugun dyugun (heartbeat sound)…🤗
GH: everyone thank you for the birthday wishes 😊 i want to send you love in heechul’s place -posted by simjung gunhee-
[t/n: the puns don’t translate well but i hope you can see the joke]

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How would the daddies react to the reader being mad at them? How would they make up? Thank you, have a nice evening/ day! ❤️

I hope your evening was well~

Newt-He’d hate whenever Reader is angry with him. And he’d just try hard to warm things back up. Maybe make a tiny joke, only to frown when she gave him ‘the look’. Eventually, his awkward charm would be hard to deny.

Stephen-He’s a bit stubborn at times, but he’d be the one to approach Reader to kiss and make up. He doesn’t see the point of being mad at one another, and as someone who’s direct he’d try to resolve the issue then.

Marius-He’s like a kicked puppy when Reader is mad at him. He hates it, and all he wants is to hold her and make it all go away. Which is exactly what would work every time.

Jack-Leaves reader alone for the most part. As soon as he found out she is angry he’d try to ask why, but her denial would only make him back off and let her ease up. If she snapped back, he’d probably say something back though. He hates arguing, but he always sticks up for himself. Time is what would make them make up, as he waits till she cools off.

Eddie-He doesn’t, or at least acts, like he doesn’t care. He just rolls his eyes and comments on ‘what you on about now’ or 'settle the fuck down’. It only makes he argument worse, but he ain’t one to back down. He’d either laugh it off or snap back. But, deep down he feels bad, and would eventually apologize.

Balem-…..if Reader is looking for an apology, good luck. He ain’t about to admit his wrong doing. During an argument he’d either yell back, or stay quiet and leave, not thinking it’s worth his time. But, if he loved her enough, after hours apart, he’d come back, pretending nothing happened, but he’d be affectionate enough. His way of saying 'sorry’.

andi mack ep 12 spoilers ahead!!

ok so i’m watching the ep right now and i got to the scene… you know the scene where cyrus turns around and i’m loosing my mind rn. i literally paused and clutched my chest ok i can’t believe i’m seeing an actual queer kid on a disney show with my own two eyes in the year of our lord 2017. i’m. i can’t.

yeah i know it could have been sooner, it SHOULD have been sooner. i’m almost 22 and finally there he is, a boy who’s in love with a boy, a main character no less. an actual child being queer on disney channel i’m about to cry.

Was watching the new stream of the first episode of Mianite Awakening and I was suddenly inspired when they said that not only Dianite died a hundred years ago but also that the land was corrupted.

So I was like… revive Dianite. But when he’s revived it turns out he’s corrupted as well. So…

Corrupted Dianite.

I guess you could say it’s similar to that weird creature I made for that cyberpunk au of mine.

When he moves you could see parts of the “corruption” flitter off of him like ashes. Essentially you could say he’s slowly falling apart.

Anyway, hope y'all like this. That stream really made my morning :3


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Send help I haven't seen transformers since I was little and now I can only remember starscream, Optimus prime, and bumblebee. Help me remember/update? ;-;

Dude I am so sorry I didn’t even see this in my inbox till now!!

You got the big names down I think so lemme introduce you to some of my faves! I’ll keep these examples to more well known characters to avoid overwhelming you. I hope you join the TF Fandom if you haven’t already . :D

Soundwave: I’m sure once you hear his iconic voice you’ll remember him. He’s the robo dad to a bunch of tiny bots and he turns into a cassette player. Every one of his incarnations (IDW, G1, etc.) is badass and I love them equally but I recommend watching him on Transformers Prime. It captures his creepiness spot on. He’s a communications officer (usually) and the only hyper-competent Decepticon aside from Megatron. 

Ratchet: He’s in EVERY piece of Transformers media ever so there’s no missing him. He’s amazing and complex in each one but I especially like the IDW version because of his complex interactions with the cast. Every version of Ratchet is somewhat unique but all you need to know is that he the cranky Autobot medic/grandpa.   

Jazz: I’ve loved Jazz since I played Fall of Cybertron (just a TF video game, you can look up his gameplay on Youtube!) He is guaranteed to make you smile and he’s almost always written with a big personality. He is a certified bro. Everyone needs a best friend like jazz. Also he’s in charge of Special Operations so he’s a badass on top of being cute. 

Skyfire/Jetfire: He’s the first bot I ever loved tbh. Usually, he’s the one who transports other Autobots around. He’s also a giant cinnamon roll.  Please, I’m begging you, go watch “Fire in the Sky” on Youtube. It’s his debut episode in Transformers G1. You will see why he’s deserves protection. He’s precious.

Now for some fan favorites!

Swindle: He’s an asshole. But everybody (myself included) loves him because of that. He’s like a used car salesman and loves money. Also he has huge purple optics/eyes which is kind of weird cause nobody else really has them. He’s a bit sweeter in the IDW comics. He’s also supposed to be part of a combiner team but his team gets ignored because apparently they’re less interesting. I’m salty because I love the others as much as I love Swindle.

Sideswipe: Bad boy delinquent who likes to play pranks. People like him because he’s hot. Sometimes he gets violent. VERY POPULAR EVERYWHERE. He actually has a twin brother but he gets ignored too lol. 

NAUTICA, Windblade, Chromia, The Torchbearers (Fembots): I freaking love my girls. I’m sure you knew of Arcee when you were little but there are far more female characters now and they are very well-written and diverse. Unfortunately they’re mostly exclusive to the comics. I listed a bunch so I can’t go in-depth. Just know that Nautica is bae. She turns into a boat. I would die for her.

I have a lot of favorites but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with my nerdiness. Please, if you ever need some more specific recommendations (single characters you wanna know, TF media you’re interested in, etc.) message me and I shall wholeheartedly indulge you!!!

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Just bought an iwaoi shirt & an Iwa-chan phone case in your Atlantis au & I couldn't be more happier! I bought the iwaoi shirt for when I go to the Pride Festival July 8th that's being held a couple towns away & I'm so excited to wear it there! I absolutely love your art & seeing the Atlantis au makes my heart swoon in general because that movie is one of my favorites of all time so seeing that mixed with Haikyu is absolutely wonderful & I love it so much. I hope you have a great day/night!

hello there! awww thank you sooo much for buying <3 I saw them on your insta and it made me soo happy that they arrived to you safely! The shirt suits you sooo well ;D

dsfafdsadsfsdfa Please take some photos when you go there I would love to see <33

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I know its a little weird, but I am in the process of having a mental breakdown due to stress. Can any of you give me some encouragement to keep from shutting down entirely? ((I dunno if this is weird, but ive been enjoying your blog lately and its helping a little))

(Sorry for the late, I hope you are feeling better !!)

I don’t know what’s wrong but you are not alone. We are here for you. And we all care about your well being. So take deep breath and try to focus on what is around you, what you can see, feel, hear. That should help you calm down.

And if you ever feel down don’t hesitate to come here and talk to us !

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If Marlene King does a spin off with Addison and other girls, in the end the girls say goodbye and suddenly we see everything starting over again disappears and receives a message and at the end they go to the funeral and the message is the same: I'm here bich and I know everything, I think it would have been 7 years long epic but would still see, what do you think? Still see a spin off?

Well, the idea that I’ve seen going around is that IMK is planning to adapt The Perfectionists, another series by Sara Shepard, and there’s been conflicting reports about it. Some say it has nothing to do with the world of Rosewood, some say it does. So I think in a way that’d be a bit of a spin-off, but I don’t know. I certainly hope it wouldn’t centre around Addison and her friends because literally everyone who has watched Addison’s episode hate her. She is not a likeable main character lol so I hope they use a different story….

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(time sensitive I guess?) Hello! My parents are taking me to see a doctor on Monday to see if I might be autistic or have social anxiety and I'm rather scared. Do you have any scripts or advice that could be helpful?

hi! i hope it goes well!! ill give some shorter scripts because it’ll be a long conversation so harder to prepare for as a single script

“Hi, i’m here today to ask about getting evaluated for both anxiety and autism. What’s the process of that?”

“I have been doing some research of my symptoms, and have come to the conclusion that they fit the diagnostic criteria for autism/anxiety. Shall I list these symptoms?”

“Is there anything I can do to speed up this process?”

Heres some other advice too:
- print off a copy of the diagnostic criteria and highlight the parts relevant to you. then you can either read it out loud without forgetting anything, or just hand it over to them (thats what i did)
- here is a masterpost of self-dx resources. these are the criteria that i highlighted where relevant. sorry about the ugly link; im on mobile. https://autisticghosts.tumblr.com/post/160519582405/asd-self-diagnosis
- get ur parent to come with you and let them lead the conversation. that way you can supply all relevant info, but ur parent can do the whole scripting as they go business that NTs seem to do
- this is actually one instance where struggling in these types of situations can actually benefit you! eg. not making eye contact is okay because you’re explaining that you’re autistic, and it can help the person believe you if they only have a stereotypical view of autism
- on that note, be aware that they might be quite ableist. when i went and asked for the diagnosis, my GP asked why i would want a diagnosis because there’s no cure yet ? i told her that a diagnosis is necessary for uni accommodations, and that having a definite label would help me.

if you want more info about the process of diagnosis, im happy to answer any questions!! (i live in the UK so my knowledge will be mostly specific for here, but the process is similar enough universally)

followers, please add on with any scripts and additional advice!