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Heyo, I've been without power for over a week due to Irma and have been very tired and angry bc of all the heat. I just wanted to say your blog is literally one of two things keeping me from losing my shit, it's very cool and sometimes pretty funny 💕

Im glad to hear I can be helpful! I hope you get your power back soon and that you and your family are safe and your home safe as well.

😍😢They grow up so fast. They’re already trained to jump out in qeue🐤🐥

A Birthday gift for the good @nerogengar
Have a happy B. Day, my dude!

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata
Art © Anjelzjelly129

This is my #1 language learning tip!  I’ve been asked to explain this many times so here we go

This map is from an app called periscope. It is a live streaming app much like Facebook or Instagram live, and it’s super easy to watch live streams from all over the world! 

“Why is this so great?” You might ask. Well… 

1. You can get great listening practice with native speakers talking about real life things (how their days was, a funny story, listening to and talking about music) 

2. You can hold a convo through their commenting system to practice reading/writing 

3. It’s easy to make friends! Finding people to follow is as easy as picking a country and browsing who is broadcasting at the moment 

ALSO red broadcasts are happening right now and blue are old ones. If you feel intimidated, watch some blue ones with no pressure of them knowing you’re there. I hope this app helps some of you with your language studies!

Muñeca Traicionera

Summary: Sam decides to pull a prank on one Bucky Barnes - how far will it go? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Latinx!Reader

Warnings: Language, Sexual Innuendos?

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m real scared about this fic b/c I feel like its not good but ANYWAYS, about 85% of the dialogue and some descriptions are in Spanish - NO English translations so either ask me or google translate for help lmao sorry - the songs mentioned are Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos and Loco by Enrique Iglesias!  I want to dedicate this to all my Hispanic/Latinx/POC writers and readers who have felt the lack of representation; hopefully this is the start of something good for all of us :) Enjoy! [PS: this is definitely not the last time I write a poc!/latinx!reader fic!]


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Sweater: A Young Sirius Black x Reader Imagine

Requested: Yes

In this imagine the reader has had a longtime crush on one of their best friends, Sirius Black. Sadly Black already has another girlfriend who doesn’t take too kindly to the friendship. Priorities are challenged, relationships forever altered, and sweaters brought into question in this fluffy yet heartbreaking glimpse at what might have been.

Warnings: Extremely minor cursing

Y/N - your name
Y/L/N - your last name

~~~ - used to show the passage of time

Word count: 1,637


“Siri stop!” I shout between fits of laughter. The arms wrapped around me won’t let me go and his chest is flat to my back. “James help!”

“Sorry, you got yourself into this one Y/L/N.” He smirks. Potter knows how I feel about Sirius and likely is holding back as a favor to me.

The grip around me tightens and I can barely breathe, but I can’t complain. Most girls at this school would kill to be in my position right now. After all, who could resist the dark haired self-proclaimed bad boy behind me.

“Do you give up?” Black chuckles, the vibrations upsetting butterflies in my chest.

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How do you think the captains would react to a really calm S/O who never picks fights, until one day someone makes them REALLY angry by being nasty towards them or their relationship with the boys and they just flip. Then after; once they notice the boys saw it they just turn back into little balls of sunshine! (Sorry if it's too specific, I just think their reactions would be hella funny!) Love your work btw! 💕💕

i am sorry if i wrote too many captains?? i just have this thing about trying to include all the captains as well as i can!! sorry this is so late and hope you like this!!


-shocked but doesn’t really show it??

-tries to calm you down before processing whatever is going on

-once he lets that sink in he’s probably like “hOLD UP A SECOND AM I DATING A SUGA”

-he is stunned only afterwards

-when you turn back into a ball of sunshine he’s like mY BABY THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS AND CUTE I AM SO LUCKY



-honestly, i think he would be waiting for you to break

-he’d be so proud when you finally yelled at the person??


-more proud and riled up than shocked

-he’ll probably be like why is my s/o so cute and hot at the same time after you “turn back”

- -may or may not have a boner-

Bokuto: hey look guys i don’t think i told you this before (jk i did) but LOOK IT’S MY Husband


-when i say shook i mean shook

-he was probably going to yell at the person who pissed you off first

-then when you burst he’s like FUCK WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS SHIT

-so shocked and turned on at the same time??

-i guess he’s a mix of daichi and oikawa??

-but when you turn back he’s still so confused

-like fuck i was not expecting that?? but now i have a boner idk why


-smug af

-literally giving that smug look to the person you’re yelling at

-like hell yeah this is my s/o don’t mess around bitch

-oikawa?? but more lowkey?? and more smug

-he pretends like he saw this coming but internally he’s like HOLY SHIT YOU CAN DO THAT?!?!?!


-outside: expressionless

-inside: jesus christ who are you

-is generally concerned for you

-because if you are always happen and someone made you crack, you must be very agitated

-keeps asking if you are okay even afterwards

-promises to never get you as agitated as you were then


-like kuroo he’s like smug as fuck

-because let’s all be honest here, this is futakuchi for god’s sake. he probably made you this mad before

-you don’t really get this mad??

-so when you started yelling he’s like hell yeah don’t mess with me bitch

-he’s also probably feeling blessed that for once you’re yelling at someone else and not him


-like daichi, he’s probably too busy calming you down

-he’s probably seen you crack before because of his kouhai by accident AHEM FUTAKUCHI

-so he’s not as surprised as daichi

-but he’s like a proud mum when you yell at the person and stand up for yourself


-this lil’ fucker also probably got you pissed of before

-not smug but more like WHOOP THAT’S MY BABY

-not a fangirl like oikawa but just happy to see you like this

-he probably cheers for you really loudly after you let out your anger and frustration

okay anon!! hope you liked this!! i hope i didn’t miss out any captain you were looking for!! if i did, go ahead and drop me another request!! sorry this took so long!! thank you!!

Just Keep Those Feelings In Check (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Another imagine comin’ at ya! I had fun writing this one. It’s a little cheesy/fluffy towards the end so beware if you’re not in for a something sorta sappy, but it does get (hopefully) funny at the end. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave requests, questions, and prompts in my inbox! I love you guys! Hollanders for the win

- Xoxo K

Warnings: Fluff and mentions of sexy times (as with most of the things I write)

This was the first Avengers press conference since you joined your fathers team. Your father, as well as many of the other Avengers, had warned you that as the newest member, you should expect to be the center of attention. You had dealt with the press before so you didn’t expect anything to be too surprising or crazy for you to handle. Oh how wrong you were. This press conference was supposed to be about you as an Avenger, but it turned into a press bombardment of your personal life instead. Every single reporter from every single celebrity magazine, news site, blog, newspaper, and tv network was there and eager to ask you a question. Thank goodness you were sitting down, otherwise you might have fainted from all the bright camera flashes at once. The microphone was passed to the first reporter. She was out of breath as she spoke. “Mindy Moss, Star Struck Magazine.” You remembered seeing the reports of you and Peter’s relationship in the magazines, but one in particular caught your eye.

Headline: Following in her dad’s footsteps? Mindy Moss investigates Y/N Stark’s past relationships and the teen’s romantic involvement with her superhero teammates.

You narrowed your eyes at Mindy, but she seemed unfazed and continued to ask a question. “Tell me, how do you handle living with the Avengers? Do you find it awkward?” You were angered by her questions and couldn’t stop yourself from scoffing at her shamelessness. “What do you mean by that? Why would it be awkward?” She made a face at you. “Well… you know considering that you’ve slept with the people that are your colleagues and teammates.” You shook your head, pissed beyond belief. “Well you know, considering I haven’t slept with anyone on this team, it’s not awkward. What’s awkward is the fact that everybody else in this room knows what’s up except for you.” You glared at her, leaning onto your forearms. “So tell me,” You were done with this lady and her lies. “How do you handle the disappointment of knowing that creating false headlines about a 15 year old girl and her ‘sex life’ is your job?” You made air quotes with your fingers when you said ‘sex life’ and dropped your hands on the table when you finished speaking. Mindy looked taken aback by your sassy comeback and she visibly gulped, embarrassed. “I-I…” You turned to look at your dad who sat next to you and you could see him trying to suppress a laugh, along with the rest of the team. The reporter finally sat down and hung her head low as she passed the microphone to Pepper. Pepper looked at you, questioning if you wanted to continue or not. You gave her the green light and she passed the microphone to another reporter. “Alex Lewis, Celebrity Crush Magazine.” You nodded your head at him to continue. “So, there have been lots of reports of you with a mystery guy, as you may know,” He laughed slightly, visibly nervous. “I was just wondering if you could give us more insight on the potential romance?” You and Peter had talked about this before. You two had been together for quite a while, almost 10 months, but it wasn’t until your father announced your induction into the Avengers that the press started to pay more attention to you. You and Peter both decided to be public with your relationship after seeing all the fake headlines the press was making about you. You hoped that confirming your relationship would stop the fake reports. “Well… what would you like to know?” The crowd of reporters went nuts as soon as the words left your mouth. “Hey hey! Everybody sit down!” Pepper yelled. Still, the reporters didn’t stop shouting questions out at you. “HEY! SIT DOWN OR THIS CONFERENCE IS OVER!” Everyone was stunned by your father’s sudden outburst and the reporters found their seats again. Alex still held the microphone and continued to ask his question when you gave him a look that said ‘okay’. “First off, what’s his name?” You smiled now was the moment everybody had waited for. “His name is Peter. He’s a real sweetie.” You heard some people ‘aww’ from the crowd. Another reporter snatched the microphone away from Alex, clearly overly eager to ask a question. “Monica Larsson, New York Daily Reporter.” She wasted no time when asking the question. “How did you meet?” “High School.” You responded bluntly. Another reporter jumped to ask a question. “Sarah Jackson, Cosmopolitan Magazine.” Your heart leaped a little at the thought of answering to Cosmo Magazine. “How long have you two been together?” “About 10 months.” You smiled upon answering. Reporter after reporter jumped to ask you a question, the microphone long forgotten. “How does he feel about you being an Avenger?” “Does your father like him?” “How does the rest of the team feel about him?” You breezed through the questions until one reporter asked a particularly personal one. “How does he compare to your other boyfriends?” Your father shook his head, ready to object and end the press conference, but you stopped him. “I can handle this, dad.” You whispered to him. You turned back to the crowd of reporters. “I haven’t been with anyone else really. I had never been in a real… a serious relationship before Peter, but he isn’t comparable to anyone else. This relationship isn’t comparable to anything else I’ve experienced before. He’s so caring, sweet, kind hearted, and smart… and funny,” You laughed thinking about Peter’s humor. “He’s just so… special to me. I have yet to come across anything comparable to Peter and I don’t think I ever will. He just means so much to me… he’s my everything.” Everyone in the room 'awwed’. The press conference ended shortly after. Your father patted you on the back. “Good job kiddo. That was way better than my first press conference.” He laughed thinking about it. “That last part though… too sappy.” He cringed slightly. “Dad!” You whined. “I’m kidding… just keep those feelings in check.” You rolled your eyes playfully at his comment.

~ Extended Ending ~

You didn’t know this, but Peter and Aunt May had been watching the entire press conference on tv. When the conference had ended, Aunt May turned off the tv and silently turned to look at Peter, who sat next to her. “Peter,” Aunt May started. He knew what was coming. “She’s a keeper.” Peter gave Aunt May a confused look. “What? But I-.” Aunt May gave him a 'really?’ look. “You thought that I didn’t know you two were together before?” Aunt May interrupted. Peter nodded. “Well, obviously you must think I live under a rock. I see the looks, the hand holding, I know it ALL, Petah Pakah.” Aunt May wiggled her eyebrows at Peter. Peter’s eyes widened in fear at the thought of Aunt May knowing everything that went on between you two. “Aunt May…” Peter started nervously. “You two are just lucky I didn’t go in there and give you two the talk.” Aunt May interrupted. “But I’m a cool aunt so I wasn’t going to do that-.” Peter interrupted Aunt May this time. “That was the ONLY time we did that.” Peter defended. Aunt May held her hands up in defense. “Like I said, I’m a cool aunt.” Peter looked down at his feet. “In fact, I’m this cool.” Aunt May pulled out something wrapped in gift wrap and held it out for Peter to take. “What is-” Peter questioned. “Just take it.” Aunt May got up and left the room. Peter felt around the package before he opened it. It felt like… a book? A very thin book. Peter ripped open the gift paper and took out the little booklet. He read the cover. 'Sex Ed for Peewees’. “OH MY GOD! AUNT MAY!” Peter could hear Aunt May giggle from the other room. She poked her head out of her bedroom door. “You can never know too much, Peter. Things go way beyond 'use protection’ these days.“ Aunt May looked around skeptically. Peter was blushing so hard. Aunt May laughed at Peter’s embarrassment. “Just keep those feelings in check, Peter.”

BTS reacting when you can’t tie a tie for them

Requested by; anon

Hi cani request a bts reaction where you cannot tie a tie for them?


“Wait, you don’t know how to tie a tie? It’s so basic to know; how do you not know that? Let me teach you.”


“Are you forreal? Okay; it took me ages to find out how to do it, so I don’t blame you. Let me show it to you real quick.”


“That’s so funny; who doesn’t know how to tie a tie? Okay; maybe Jungkook doesn’t, but that Jungkook. Hold up and I’ll teach how to tie a tie.”


“Are you serious? That’s one of the most basic things you should know! This is just hilarious that you don’t know how to tie one!”


“It took me like over a year to figure out how to tie one, so let me teach you how to!”


“Really? You don’t know? Well crap; I don’t know either so who’ll tie my tie for me?”


“Well shit; I don’t know either. Smartest duo goes to us!”

  • *Yunhyeong and Donghyuk at a cafe holding hands*
  • June: Hey, is this seat taken?
  • Yunhyeong: Well...actually-
  • June: *sits down* Great.
  • June: Well I broke up with Jinhwan again. And this time it's for good!
  • Yunhyeong: Uh June...
  • June: It's a funny thing. One day you're starting a new relationship full of hope. The next, you're sinking helplessly into a sucking pit of despair that leaves you filled with a bitter bile of regret making you wonder if it was even worth starting in the first place!
  • *Donghyuk lets go of Yunhyeong's hand*
  • June:
  • June: You're on a date, aren't you?
  • Yunhyeong: Hard to say at this point.
SM’s New Trainee

nct marklee scenario: same age smtrainee from canada. sm introduces you to nct so the english speakers can help you. you’re in the next room playing guitar & nct’s curious to who is playing&singing. anyways MARK FLUFF where you guys becomes bffs and fall in love. SORRY IF THIS IS SO SPECIFIC :( you can alter it anyway you like. (pls make it a long scenario)

Character: Mark (NCT)
Word count: 3114
Summary: Trainee life is hard. But having someone to help you through it makes it just a little easier. Especially if that person is Mark Lee | #fluff

a/n: I don’t think this is all that fluffy but I like the way it turned out! I hope you do too, anon :)

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The first meeting was rather awkward.

That’s how it felt to you anyway.

The least awkward out of everyone present was Johnny, although he could charm a fish out of water. He was easy going and funny and that put everyone at ease. Well, almost everyone. You were still on edge. Leaving your family behind had not only been scary but daunting too. You felt that you were too young to maneuver through life alone, in a different country. But you reminded yourself to focus on the one thing that brought you to Korea in the first place: your passion.

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NestaxCassian Nesta is a new librarian, who is quite proud of her Masters in Library and Information Science, at the university Cassian is a Professor at.

Okay, so this turned out longer than I expected…..whoops? Thank you for your submission! I hope you enjoy it <3


Nesta has only been working at this dump of a library for 3 hours and already realized how badly they needed her help. The book arrangements were all wrong and don’t even get her started on the study areas.

All the desks had been facing the wall instead of the giant widow in the opposite direction. Were they trying to make these students depressed?

This wouldn’t do.

She immediately lifted the desk closest to her and began to turn it around when her skirt got caught under one of the desk legs.

When she bent down to free her skirt, her foot slipped on a wooden pencil landing her flat on her ass. “Well shit.”

“Oh my, let me help you.”

Nesta didn’t get the chance to get a look at the kind stranger before hands slipped under her arms and lifted her easily off the ground.

“Thank you fo-“ All the wheels in her mind ceased to turn when she beheld the man in front of her.

He wore a crisp white button up shirt with deep gray pants and shoes that looked Italian. His sleeves were messily rolled up to his elbows, and his hair was pulled back to reveal the tattoos on his neck. He smiled and waved a hand in front of his face. Oh crap, was he talking? He chuckled

“Are you new here?”

“Yes. This is my first day.”

“Well in that case welcome to Valerias University.”

It took her too long to realize he was holding his hand out for her to shake.

“Thanks. I’m Nesta.”

“What a beautiful name.”

“Yea well, I didn’t have any say in it, so I can’t take the credit.”

She hadn’t meant to be funny but the handsome god like man’s smile broadened.

“The names Cassian, but my friends call me Cas.”

“Thank you for your help Cassian.”

“Ouch. Shot down.”

“Excuse me?”

“I was hoping you’d refer to me as Cas so I could say that we’re friends.”

“My friendship is not so easily gained.”

“I accept this challenge.” His smile turned to a smirk.

“Well good luck with that. In the mean time I need to change these desks.”

“Riiiiight because that worked out well for you the first time…”

“One thing you may earn the privilege to know about me is that I don’t give up.”

“I like that in a woman.”

“Do you have some sort of job here, or are you only good for flappin your mouth?”

“Oh, I think you’d rather enjoy the multiple things I can do with my mouth.” All he got was an uninterested glare in return *cough*

“I’m a uh- professor here. I teach science.”

“Of course you do, and I’m guessing you teach anatomy?”

“As a matter of fact I do. I wouldn’t mind giving you a tour of the human body if you’re interested….”

“I know the human body quite well thank you very much.”

“Oh I’m sure you do….listen, I’m gonna be over there in the corner by the modern literature at 5:00pm. If you happen to be in the same area I’d love to take you to dinner.”

Nesta kept a face of disinterest and aloofness

“We shall see.” Nesta began to once again move the desks in the opposite direction which was clearly a dismissal. She didn’t have time for cocky bastards who hit on anything with a pulse, but a girl’s gotta eat right?


Nesta was doing some last minute dusting before closing when she heard footsteps against the wooden floor.

“You’re late.”

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting sweetheart?”

“You’re just lucky I haven’t left yet.”

He took a step closer to her.

“And why didn’t you?”

“Today was my first day. I wanted to make a good impression.”

Two more steps.

“I can assure you that your first impression was more than satisfactory.”

They were less than a foot from each other.

“I’m starving, are you buying me food or not?”

“A woman who gets straight to the point, I like it.”

“What’s the point in wasting time when I can just say what I want?”

He was a breath away now.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

He reached his hand out to brush a strand of hair behind her ear that had fallen loose form her bun.

“May I kiss you Nesta?”

“You barely even know me.”

“I have good instincts….”

She leaned forward in what could be assumed as initiating a kiss.

Their lips one inch from each other.

“You’re going to have to do better than that professor.”

Her lips grazed his cheek as she walked away.

“I’ll meet you outside in five minutes, don’t keep me waiting.”

Cassian shook his head.

He was in deep shit.


Thinking of making a part 2??? Depends on how much attention this gets, so let me know what you think! 


I’ve never made a follow forever before, but this is the fastest I’ve ever gained followers since I’ve been on tumblr and I’m glad that remaking was a good idea!

I’m only including mutuals in this!

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This is a really stupid question but do you maybe know a bts video that can cheer someone up? Not like one of those try not to laugh ones but one that makes life a little easier on a bad day?

Ah, not a stupid question at all! I hope I can answer this well. I’ll try my very best. I’ll first mention that everyone perceives things differently, so even though I may think this is what you’re looking for, you/others may not agree~

Honestly, Namjoon’s VLives always get me. I know you’re not looking for super crazy funny ones, which is why I recommend his. In full, his lives aren’t necessarily serious from beginning to end (he’s fun and funny for parts of his), but the way he speaks is very comforting and he really does sound like a friend (sometimes even a mentor). He often gets into tangents about life and youth and talks about his realizations, beliefs or advice. I think and hope one would find some comfort in these videos, as I often do~

Not sure if you wanted music (video) suggestions, but I thought of some anyways:

Young Forever - Honestly, it’s one of my favorite songs. The music video might be a good one to watch on one of those days that you just want to pass. Sometimes these kinds of things make me more sad when I think too hard about it, but I also think it could be weirdly comforting too. They’re running through the maze, seemingly lost, which I find that to be what we do in life a lot. We’re always running and oftentimes we don’t know what we’re running toward. However they make it out of the maze and run free at the end of the video and I find that can be really visually comforting on one of /those/ days~

Butterfly - In itself, I find this to be a beautiful song. No music video, though watching their live performance is really lovely. The lyrics are also really touching and depending on how you perceive it it can be a bit relatable  as well. It’s kind of sad sounding? But it’s one of those songs I turn to when I have a heavy heart.

Run - I’m not sure why I chose Run, but I think it might be comforting. The MV is really wonderful, bringing to life some really interesting parts of youth and life itself. It’s also more lively and upbeat than Butterfly and Young Forever, which might be a nice change~

Save Me - I love this song. The MV is a nice one because you don’t really have to think about anything since it’s just dancing. I listen to this song when I have bad days or am just in a certain mood. Hard to explain, but I recommend it.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but I tried my best and hope that at least one or some of these will help~ If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them below. Much love. <3
- Kristi

With all the weather changes happening in the world right now I decided to post everything I have of the update for finding pack. Never know what could happen and I wanted to bring the little happiness that I can so I hope you enjoy! And stay safe. 

I bring you pack teasing with a side of featured RhodeyClintSam.

Holy shit, Steve. What did you do to him?”

Just Tony’s luck that their entire pack were present, wide awake and livelier than Jarvis when he’d found an entire, untouched tree full of nuts. They were all gathered in the common room, relaxing and dressed for the day. Every available spot to sit were taken. Every available soul in the house were present. Every available word Tony did not want to hear were said, and it was all thanks to one Clint Barton. Naturally.

The sun was high in the sky and the day already long started. Down the stairs Steve went with Tony safely tucked in his arms and wrapped comfortably in a clean blanket. On cue the moment one of their packmates heard the unmistakable footsteps of someone walking down the stairs and turned their head to the direction the rest were quick to follow as well and all together their eyes filled with mischief. Some of them were very impressed by the sight while others (Rhodey and Jarvis) not so much.

Tony made a noise of mortification when Bucky, Clint and Sam moved their eyebrows very suggestively and Natasha said “I take it you both had a fun time together? You disappeared on us for nearly an entire day.”

His face was red for sure, something only his pack was capable of accomplishing without fail, much to his chagrin. He ducked his head down and tried his best to hide using Steve’s chest, patting the hard muscle in silent question to turn back up the stairs. Steve could leave him to live among the pillows and blankets for the rest of his life. Have Jarvis and Rhodey bring him food and water whenever he needed them.

There was no mercy for him. Not when Steve reached the bottom and postured. The whole chest out, chin up and radiating smugness with a cocky grin that young alphas were prone to do when he answered. “Something like that.”

Tony pulled the blanket over his head when every. Single. One of the Avengers made faces of approval. Then the scent must have finally reached them for those same faces soon wrinkled their noses simultaneously, including Natasha’s and Loki’s.

“Shit Steve, did you dump everything you had on him in one night? My nose is burning from over here,” Bucky said, waving his hand in front of his face as if trying to wave whatever scent he smelled away.

“I am impressed,” Loki admitted with a nod of his head. “I did not know our captain was capable of such a feat. Surely Anthony was left without want.”

“I assume he was left without feeling of his legs as well,” Thor added with a toothy grin. “We must toast in your honor.”

“How about we hear from Tony himself before we keep praising Steve.” Jan’s tone suggested there was no alternative and left no room to protest from anyone, including himself.

He pulled the blanket down just enough to reveal his eyes and get a good view of everyone and the room. It did nothing to hide flush for sure.

Natasha pierced them both with her eyes. “Don’t hide the truth. Even if it means striking at his pride. This is about you and your needs.” Then bluntly with a raised eyebrow and the shadow of a smirk. “Was Steve’s performance satisfying?”

Thirteen pairs of eyes were aimed right at him. Too many of them far too interested in his answer. Five of those pairs were difficult to even look at for those five were his children and his longtime best friends.

Having Jarvis’ and Vision’s curious and innocent eyes on him, and having Rhodey’s, Pepper’s and Happy’s protective gazes wanting to know if he had been satisfied from having sex with Steve was perhaps the most terrifying moment of his life. There was no way he could’ve said the truth with them listening.

It was a wonder he had any blood left south when it all rushed to his face and neck.

Sam whistled. “Wow, I didn’t know someone could turn that shade of red.”

“They usually don’t,” Hank offered. “The rest of the body needs the blood.”

“Anthony never seizes to impress,” Thor raised an arm in cheer and multiple chuckles rang around the room. It was all stopped when Rhodey rose from the couch, standing straight with muscles tensed. All eyes turned to him.

There was no mirth, no playfulness anywhere in Rhodey’s stance. Dark, steeled eyes pierced at Steve. Tony would feel his alpha’s own muscles tighten up, something that had him worried.

“Mind if I talk to you for a moment?” The question was casual. The tone anything but. “Alone?”

Tony made a small noise when Steve placed him down on the nearest couch, prompting Clint to slide off and sit on the floor to make room. When the two alphas made their way to the front door and went through it a tension he hadn’t realized fall over them disappeared. Everyone breathed out.

“That,” Clint pointed at their exit, “was hot.”

Surprisingly Sam didn’t whack him with a cushion. If anything he agreed. “I never understood what was so great about an alpha posturing, but after having that hunk of man walk into our lives and seeing it happen right now?” He gestured to Tony, Pepper and Happy to show the next part was for them. “Listen, can we have his hand in marriage?”

The three blinked. Pepper was the one to say “You… want his hand in marriage?”


“You both want to court him?”

“Sure do,” Clint said.

“Are you serious?” Tony blurted out. His eyes narrowing. “Do you both genuinely want a relationship, or are you just playing around?”

Suddenly their faces turned uncharacteristically careful. “Haven’t been this serious about considering someone since courting Sam,” Clint revealed.

“And I haven’t considered courting anyone since making it official with Clint,” Sam added, saying it for both. “If he’s interested we’ll do the whole show. Compliments, flowers, walks under the moonlight and anything you three suggest to win him over and show we mean it. If he isn’t we’ll leave it alone.”

For Sam to be serious was one thing, for Clint it was another story entirely. It meant they were speaking the truth. The two honestly wanted a relationship with his Rhodey and Tony realized, after living together for months and getting to know the two betas, he approved of the pair. Rhodey would compliment their personalities and balance them out and the two would give Rhodey a funny bone or ten. Maybe finally make him lighten up.

“Well,” he eventually said, “I hope you have great pick up lines. He’s kind of oblivious sometimes.”

“He takes after you then,” Natasha smirked.

“I’m not that oblivious!”

They all exchanged looks. Inluciding Jarvis, Vision, Pepper and Happy. The traitors.

“Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us,” Sam said to Clint.

“It’s going to be so worth it.”

“You want the sweets or the flowers?”

“Sweets. I work better with those than with flowers. Think he enjoys love notes?”

“No Clint. You are not going to shoot arrows with love notes at him.”

“But you loved those!”

“No, I nearly farted out my lungs the first time you did that. No love notes.”

“There goes my signature courting move.”

“It didn’t work anyway.”

“But you said -”

“I lied.”

Clint looked so heartbroken Tony almost hugged him to ease the sorrow. “You monster!”

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Have you struggled with self injury? It looked like you have scars in a pic you uploaded of yourself. If you have, it's very refreshing seeing you smiling and creating all of this beautiful artwork! If not, ignore this awkward message. As someone who has deep scars across one arm from their past, I guess seeing you confident and happy lifted my spirits.

I did struggle with self harm in the past, among other things (although–kinda funny–some of the scars on my gnarly left arm are actually from an accident!) I’m doing really well these days, and I often wish I could speak to the person I used to be and tell them it was going to get so much better, and that it wasn’t worth putting myself through everything I did. Recovery is hard but it feels so good. I hope you’re doing great, anon. Keep on keepin’ on ♥

Dear 2PM

Thank you for 9 years of awesomeness.

Minjun, thank you for sticking to your guns. Thank you for not giving up on your dreams. Thank you for continuing music even when you faced setbacks concerning breakthroughs. You shine like a star. You didn’t give up and because of that we got so many tracks like “Go crazy” and “My house”. I love you for your passion. You STILL struggle, perhaps the most, about your name and your appearance and other things… But thank you for being so optimistic and bright. I will always support you. Thank you for pushing 2PM back into Korea after the hiatus. Thank you for being a driving force of the group. We needed that.

Nichkhun, thank you for your loyalty and love. Many would and many have switched to better things when they get famous. But you remained with your members even in the toughest of times and faced the heat. Thank you for your friendship and care for everyone around you. You are too nice. Thank you for your concern for the members. They needed that.

Taecyeon, I miss you already. You are the one who stood to face the fire for the whole group. You stood up to take charge when everyone seemed uncertain. You have never lost your ground. Thank you for being so smart, and so level headed. Thank you for “stalking” fans and knowing their concerns. Thank you for not changing for people. You make a hottest proud. You left for duty on a very special day. I hope to see you in good health very soon.

Wooyoung. Wooyoungah. Thank you for your never ending loyalty and for being yourself. Thank you for not falling apart even though you are prone to anxieties. Thank you for supporting the group and for believing in your members when they need it the most. Thank you for making everyone laugh. Thank you for your never ending dedication. We can’t always see you actively moving around, but we know how hard you work and how much you support your group.

Junho. If there’s anyone who has dug his way up to the top, it’s you. You have constantly worked hard. Even though you faced too many failures. But hard work pays and you teach us that. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for being the weird passionate kid who is fire of the group. Thank you for filling in the shoes of members when they couldn’t be there for some time. Thank you for being who you are. It’s really sad that you lost Lambo. But even your pain has given us music. Thank you for this consistency.

Chansung. Thank you for not giving up even though you couldn’t sing in tune. Thank you for not giving up when your body was in physical pain. Thank you for not giving up when all fingers were pointed at you six. Thank you for being the voice of reason at times, and the listening ear. Thank you for your understanding nature and for raising your voice at important issues. You open our eyes to bigger things. You worked so hard. A once tone deaf guy is now working in musicals…. Thank you for your hard work.

No one can take your place in my heart. No group is as quirky, as honest with themselves, charismatic, manly, goofy, funny, talented, hard working, consistent and persevering as you. Your unity and friendship is beautiful to see. I have shared tears and laughter with you. I have rolled my eyes at your antics and hated your fashion or hair choices at times, but never said anything cause well I love you guys. I hope I get to celebrate a lot more anniversaries with you. Thank you for not giving up and for never stopping. Thank you for being 2PM.


A hottest of 9 years

700 Celebration (5/100)

Request: @iwillbeinmynest : “ 43 and 38 with Sam Wilson 😁”

43. “What do you mean you have a date tonight?”

38. “I want to cook for you!”

A/N: Once again, I have proven entirely incapable of writing a drabble. 1681 words. Whoops.

Originally posted by freshcravings

“Sorry, man, I can’t. I’ve got a date tonight.”

You stopped mid-step in surprise, backing up a few steps to peek into the living room. Sam had the decency to look sincerely apologetic, though you wished, rather bitterly, that he had reserved some of that courtesy for you. Steve, on the other hand, didn’t look bothered in the slightest, his lips quirking up into a smirk.

“A date, huh? Who’s the girl?”

“Nuh uh, I know that look. You are not getting a word out of me unless this goes so well I’m ready to name our grandchildren.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just curious.”

“You’re as bad as Natasha. You just think you’re better at hiding it. No meddling. Not interested. I swear I’m having FRIDAY lock you –”

 “Hey, Sam, can I talk to you?” you broke in abruptly, stepping into the doorway briefly to wave him over.

“Yeah, of course.”

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Luck Be A Lady

gif is not mine

Title: Luck Be A Lady

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 1,568

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I wrote this a long time ago. It was probably one of the first fics I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the elevator of NCIS, your headphones in your ears as you listened to music.  It made the commute to work less stressful and put you in a better mood.  You swayed your hips slightly in the elevator as you waited for the ding.  In a few seconds you heard the ding that lead you to the squad room floor.  Tony and McGee were already chatting away, Tony smiling when he saw you.

You walked up to both of the agents, “good morning McGee, and DiNozzo,” you said cheerfully, taking out one of your earbuds.

“What is our fellow Agent [Y/N] [Y/L/N] listening to this morning,” Tony asked, walking over to you and taking the earbud you had taken out.  He listened for a few seconds before his face lit up like a Christmas tree.  “No way,” he exclaimed.  “You listen to Sinatra?”

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the chocobros reaction to their artist s/os asking them to pose for a drawing?

There was one specific thing that I thought of when I read this, and it was glorious, so I hope you like it!

~ Admin Wolf

Pronouns for S/O will be Gender Neutral


  • Has no problem posing for you
  • Will give you these little warm smiles whenever you look up from your work
  • Can hold his pose for a long time
  • Listens incredibly well to directions
  • Loves food breaks


  • Is prone to falling asleep if left alone for a long time
  • When you start getting tired yourself, he will make funny faces to make you laugh
  • Prefers sitting poses
  • Loves the way you bite your lip a little in your concentration
  • He thinks it’s cute


  • Has a little bit of trouble sitting still
  • Zones out often and jumps a little when you start speaking to him
  • Compliments you constantly on your artistic skills
  • Hugs you tightly when you are done and kisses you
  • Gets a little embarrassed as a result of said kiss
  • Doesn’t apologize though


  • Makes sure you keep hydrated
  • Doesn’t mind naked modeling
  • Pulls his glasses down slowly when you ask him to take them off
  • Prepares snacks ahead of time
  • Whispers in your ear about how well you captured his image
  • Has an unconscious habit of running his tongue over his lower lip when he is thinking about something
  • Does it more when he realizes it makes you flustered and pause in your sketching
  • Stops only when you throw a pencil at him



  • Has a hard time relaxing from his stiff military posture at first
  • Warms up after a while 
  • His focus is on you the entire time
  • Tells you stories about his scars as you draw
  • Massages your shoulders during breaks
  • Puts the beret on your head that was part of his uniform 30 years ago