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I see that you like angst so! How does the crew react to the reader breaking up with them?

PSA: Hey guys! Im so sorry for not writing for a long time-I’ve been beyond busy but i havent forgot about the now 130 of you what the heck?? but here you go ;)

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- Okay at first, he’d be the one to take the hit easier.

-He respects all your angles and reasoning so he doesn’t think about it until he remembers how important you are to his life

-like in sherlock You’ll be gone from his side a lot of the time and he’ll think about something really funny or important to tell you, so he turns around but you’re not there and his heart sinks a bit.

-He doesn’t like how cold his bed is now at night.

-However, he manages to keep a brave face around you and everyone else in the castle.

-Queue to late night training sessions when he can’t sleep.

-Again, he respects your choice so he’s not going to be invasive or anything about it.

-But, if you ever wanted to talk to him about anything he will be there with beyond welcoming and open arms.

-He would still protect you with all he’s got because that boy still loves you.

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