well i have more than one but

  • Person A : Oh man, that guy is so handsome!
  • Person B : Handsome huh...more than me?
  • Person A : Well yeah, a lot of people are more handsome than you
  • Person B : ... :(
  • Person A : But, the only one I love is you <3
Surrender - SimplyKorra - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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Newly graduated and given their first assignment, team RWBY are sent to a beach resort near Menagerie to find and kill a Grimm that has been terrorizing the island. It’s an ideal first mission, except Yang is in love with Blake - who she last saw kissing Sun. Made worse since new couple Weiss and Ruby want to share a room, leaving Yang in a very difficult spot.

I caved and posted! So here’s the new fic. Few things to know going in. This is more of a Bumbleby fic than a White Rose fic, but there is going to be plenty of White Rose in it (they’re much happier here than in Foxtrot lol). The POVs will move around in this as well, so we’ll see everyone’s perspective. 

I’m planning to have a lot of fun with this one, though there will be some angst cause I can’t help myself - but nothing too soul crushing :)

I hope it’s good, I hope you enjoy this first chapter. More coming soon <3

willow23214  asked:

Hi! So I'm doing a speech about anime for school, and I wanted to do a sort of interview for it, and I absolutely love your blog, so I wanted to "interview" you. I just have one question: What draws you guys to anime/what started your interest in anime? Thanks in advance!

Admin Baka: Woah woahhh, we are probably late on answering this though. I don’t know on what draws me to it?

The issue is that I had been watching anime way way more than cartoons in general since I was young? My house didn’t have the Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network stuff. Like maybe the shows that are shown here in Singapore on the television is different than the ones in other countries or like in the States? But I have always remembered watching Sailor Moon, Doraemon and Akazuki Chacha since I was young. (I had a collection of Sailor Moon cards as well) And I pretty much grew up with anime. Like my “cartoons” was anime itself. So I don’t really see the significance of people going, “watching anime is special” or “different” as watching it was pretty much a part of me as I grew up. 
(Sorry I am not that helpful here)

Admin SM: Well, it was actually my cousin that influenced me to start watching anime & reading manga. He is a manga fan & he collected A TON of it. So whenever I went to his house, I will always be in his room reading all the books that he had. We had quite an age gap so like Admin Baka, I started it since young. And the storylines in manga are very different from the cartoons I watched in Disney/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon, which I guess this is where it captivated me.
(Sadly, my cousin threw away almost all his manga after he had his current gf. But he is still reading it online so, I guess his passion is still there.)

Admin Kit: Like Admin Baka said, my interest in anime has always been fairly constant. Started with Pokemon/Digimon/Cardcaptor Sakura/Sailor Moon and Doraemon when I was a kid and I don’t think I’ve stopped liking anime since, heh. It’s probably because we’re in the SEA region and liking anime is way more common here, since we grew up with it. 

I think the thing that really bugs me about the entire “I don’t want to pay taxes to the thing I will never use” school up thought is that it’s so… short sighted?

For example: I’m never having kids. Ever. But I am fine with my taxes going to pay for public schools. Why? Well among several reasons, the one with the broadest stroke is that I recognize the NEED to educate the populace. An educated populace will, more than likely, benefit ME in the long run.

And an example that most people DON’T use (probably b/c they’d sound a little silly) is roads. There’s a more than decent chance that my taxes (I live in ‘coastal elite’ city after all) are paying for another state’s road work. A specific road I may never PERSONALLY drive over. Except, I bet if I sourced ALL of my food and goods, at least one truck would need that road over the course of my lifetime. Same for trains BTW.

Now lets get to the big one: Health Care. First of all, is no one going to mention that this is basically how healthcare works? You buy in because in an emergency you’re going to need help of the pool you helped create. I hear you, “But I’m 20!” you yell, “I’ve barely ever had a cold!” you tell me “and besides my family is also really healthy!” you scream.

Okay sure, but when you break your bone because you’re so healthy that you’re into all sorts of things that are fun and athletic (not to mention this shit can happen to you just minding your own business) you can pay the 100k hospital bill all by yourself then. “But I’m 20!” you say “How could I have that much saved already?” you ask “I never thought this would happen to me!” you scream.

Yeah, funnily enough I didn’t see my chronic illness coming either.

rusticbologna  asked:

And maybe what marlene meant by the show "coming full circle" means its going to come back to the facr that the whole NAT club situation was sketchy af. Theres always been more than one group; Mona's group which is the original A team, and the NAT. Although we find out Mona's motive (as well as cece's) we never actually found out any info as to what the NAT club was actually doing and why. Jason said it seemed like they were filming the videos for someone else.. is that someone else A.D?

I’m currently re-watching the series and it seems like Ian was behind it all. He was obsessed with Ali and so he was filming her because he knew he couldn’t have her. It probably will be as simple as that, but I love the idea that AD was behind the filming of the girls. That would be an ideal explanation because it shows that AD has been obsessed with these girls since forever, and I think that’s so creepy, and so twisted, and so I love it!

 THIS  IS  A  SHIPPING  CALL !    lately ,    i’ve  been  wanting  to  write  out  some  romantic  connections  with  my  characters    &    explore  canon    &    non - canon  relationships .    basically ,    giving  this  a  like  will  invite  me  into  your  im’s  to  discuss  some  shipping !    please ,    have  an  idea  of  who  you  might  want  to  ship  with  before  you  like  this ,    it  makes  things  a  little  easier .    for  multi - muses ,    feel  so  welcome  to  suggest  more  than  one  ship  to  me ;    i  love  multiple  things .    even  single  blogs ,    feel  free  to  request  to  ship  with  more  than  one  of  my  characters !

 a  little  note  as  well  that  i  play  all  of  my  characters  as  pansexual  apart  from  the  characters  that  are  canonically  homosexual !

RWBY Discussion: Why Are Oscar's Eyes Hazel?

I don’t know if anyone’s ever talked about this, but there’s something about Oscar Pine you might not know yet until now.

Did you guys know that Oscar is the first character shown with heterochromia iridum - eyes with more than one colour? They are a hazel color, predominantly green, but contain a section of brown.

But why does he have hazel eyes? Well, here’s why:

Both his soul and Aura have been merged with Professor Ozpin’s, allowing him to communicate with Professor Ozpin and share all of Ozpin’s memories.

Ozpin implies what’s happening to Oscar now is what happened to himself when he was a child, and it’s because they were both born special. The brown specks in Oscar’s mostly-green eyes are the same brassy, amber shades found in Ozpin’s eyes.

And that’s why Oscar’s eyes are hazel.

Fuck my dad

What a worthless , self righteous, hypocritical piece of manipulative shit. If your skewed views of morality and the fact that I must uphere to your archetype of perfection mean that you want no type of relationship with your firstborn son, if your hatred towards tattoos, drugs, and premarital sex are more important to you than having any contact with your child before you have a stroke and die , well then I hope you’re happy with your decision to leave this world estranged from me.
If after 2 years you still don’t realize that you were in there wrong, that you sevely emotionally abused me, and developmentally stunted me for 20 years of my life, and still think I’m the one who owes you an apology for not following your impossible standards of nun like purity, I hope you die never knowing the forgiveness that would’ve been offered to you if you took your head out of your ass for one millisecond and realized the entire world doesn’t revolve around you.
I’m a person not your slave , because you helped concieve me with me vastly underage mother while you were an old ass bitch, go take your self righteous morality and shove it way up your ass right beside the rest of your ideas and ideologies.
Please send me another letter of hatred and accusation instead of the long overdue apology for always putting yourself and want you want over me and the rest of my poor family.
Lastly, go fuck yourself. The thought of you makes me sick.


“My daughter came in at this point with the intention of abducting me back into my life. It was then that Steve did these amazing card tricks. Billie was very impressed. A guy who’ll write a funny movie — well, more than one — and then to have that same guy do card tricks for your 7-year-old — well, you gotta love a guy like that.

By the way, this interview will be the last in the series I did in my upcoming book, titled "Famous Men I Have Slept With So I Could Interview Them Later,” due out in the fall for Simon & Schuster.“

-Carrie Fisher, in LA TIMES, 1999, after interviewing Steve Martin


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swtor ask meme: 1, 3, 25?


1. How many characters do you have? 

well GOSH, per realm? a shitton

but thing is, i tend to recreate the same characters over and over on each server because i have one (or two) “canon” character in mind for each class. Which means I goooot….. 10…. 12…. about 16 characters? As in, actual characters with more or less working personalities and such.

I love them all. They are my kids.

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal? 

Tank and DPS. Healing requires way more focus than I can provide and i don’t trust myself with keeping an entire team alive lol.

I can help out healers tho, if they are struggling.

25. Mind sharing some screenshots of your stronghold(s)? 


*Empty Rooms playing in the background*

it’s literally nothing, didn’t have the patience or the time to put anything in here….

I wanna make a library, since it’s my main Inquisitor’s stronghold, but….. ehhhh

and for soem reason the Inquisitor crew is already chillin’ in here….. and they started the party without me :C

anonymous asked:

Hey Ana. I was wondering if you could tell me how to get noticed on this site. I've been writing and posting fiction for a while now, but they barely get over 10 or 20 notes. How do I get more people to read it? I've joined the pond, and I tag properly. I could really use some advice about this.

Hey Hon! :)

Well I have been here less than a year myself, but in my limited experience, reading helps! I am sure you are an amazing writer already, but reading more will definitely improve you one way or other. It did help me :) Also, leave feedback. If you want your writers to know you, let them know what you like about their work. I’m sure they’ll appreciate and remember you. So next time when they see your fic floating around on their dash, I’m betting dollars to doughnuts, they’ll click on that “keep reading” option. ;)

That, and generally being nice! Let your writers know how much you love their stories, let your readers know how much you love their feedback. Trust me, all the small things, they go a long way :)  

I hope this helps :) 

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same sex ships has always been something new to me, I'm very heteronormative I must admit, but as I passed time on tumblr I gave these pairings their chance too, and start shipping some M/M, even if the thought of two men making out doesn't especially titialliate me. I'd say it's more about the dynamic between the two characters that interest me more, if not the smut. a lot more M/M pairings than I do F/F ones, which is weird because I like the idea of F/F a whole lot more, there's (1/2)

there’s potential for very sweet and caring relationships and two women making out doesn’t make me unconfortable at all (well if not done for the potential male gaze). I don’t know but as a woman myself I relate more to this than male sexuality. So I thought a lot about why I didn’t have any strong F/F pairings and the answer came from the fact that I find there are few relationships (at least in the medias I watch) between two woman that are really rich, complex, interesting and strong. (2/3)

It’s a shame that female friendships are always put aside for relationship with some male characters or frienship between male characters. I think that’s perhaps one of the reasons why f/f is not more popular, the lack of material to work with.. Because I can tell you that I crave for F/F pairings to ship! (3/3) 

I’m glad you’re interested in expanding your horizons!

I really wish there were more good relationships with women on my screen - I have a well-documented bias for female characters so a failure to pass the Bechdel test is a great way to frustrate me.

While I love insight, I kind of interpret your desire for more pairings as a personal challenge to help you explore some fandoms that have more F/F potential!

The femslash blog I help run, femslashrevolution, has a great list of canon F/F pairing shows and another of ones with active F/F fandoms. If you want, I can give more suggestions for different sorts of pairings - there are great F/F movies like D.E.B.S. or Saving Face, cute couples like in Steven Universe or Supergirl, more antagonistic pairings like in Homestuck or Person of Interest… the potential is endless, even though it can take a lot of hunting to find!

fluffytales  asked:

What will be your next dog? Will it also be a show dog?

I have a feeling there will be a lot of Tibetan Terriers in my future… 😂
But I really want breeds like Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Schapendoes, Catalan Sheepdog in the future as well. I think my next breed with be a polish lowland sheepdog, in several years however. I also want a Skye Terrier but not sure if that will ever happen.

I think all of my future purebred dogs will be show dogs, yeah. They will also be way more than that too, but dog shows is one of the things I’m interested in!

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Hello Hel ! I have a theory that I wanted to share bc it's kinda haunting me... So Jk's soulmate is Tae but the soulbond seems to be incomplete. What if...... Hoseok's soulmate is Jungkook and the soulbond is incomplete too T.T (my heart just broke into 1000 pieces thinking about it) I have a lot more theories too especially about chapter 14 but I wanted to end this saying that I really love your story and I love you and Nan too ♥ thank you for writing this beautiful fic! What a great team!

Hmmm, It’s an interesting theory. Well, one person can have more than one soulmate so it’s not completely out there. It’s rare, but not unheard of. So technically it could happen. Actually they could all 7 be soulmates when you think about it. The soul-bond could be very weak and platonic between some of them and stronger between their actual romantic partners. Hoseok goes on about how he just felt right about Jungkook when they met, how he just fit in and how he just knew that Jungkook would fit in with his friends.

As for Hoseok and Jungkook specifically this might make some sense, even after chapter 14 (argh, spoilers come talk to me again after chapter 14 and I promise much more details okay) But I don’t know if i would say the bond would be incomplete, just much weaker than the soul-bond he shares with Tae. It could actually be the reason why Kookie has held on so long. The weaker connection is somehow compensating for the stronger faulty connection with Tae. Unfortunately Kookie wants to be with Tae so bad that even know he keeps tying his soul tighter and tighter to him (this is why even while Tae is there he is getting worse. Tae’s presences can only do so much when Kookie is basically poring his everything at tae and only getting a little from the others.)

And thank you so so much!!! and seriously come back after chapter 14 because I love this idea but I seriously hadn’t thought about it (which admittedly wouldn’t be the first time i wrote something by accident that made complete sense later in the story… which i can’t talk about wither because spoilers, sigh)

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Different anon for the Hal and Roxy thing ! Hal was a permanent 13 year old wasn't he? His mentality and maturity at least, does that mean Roxy was kind of taking advantage of him? Because she was older? Would that technically make Hal a victim? Because he was desperate for attention and Roxy gave that him in a way she really shouldn't have. Roxy is my favorite character but, now that I'm thinking about it this does make sense?

well he obviously kept developing as a person, right? i don’t really think he was “stunted” in that way, any more than, say, (vriska) was? and, honestly, lil hal didn’t have a ton of agency in his life but if there’s one thing he WAS in control of, it was talking to people. i don’t think roxy would have kept asking him if he’d ever told her to stop, you know?

therapist: so tell me about yourself

me: you need to know before any of this that i am extraordinarily self-aware and have been dealing with this on my own for more than a decade so probably won’t respond well to traditional therapy techniques as i’ve tried pretty much everything that you can find on the internet for a long enough time to build up a tolerance for it all so you might have to work harder

therapist: alright then i’m going to suggest something a little different, you might have heard of this one but maybe give it a shot… it’s called…. “mindfulness”

me: alright so we have 45 minutes still but i’m just gonna go ahead and leave now.


A lot of the fandom seems to be freaking out about this so let’s talk about it!

This was actually one of my favourite scenes from the episode. Not because of any kind of impending drama but because this conversation has honestly been a long time coming.

After episode 7, there was no relationship talk. Victor and Yuuri have yet to sit down and tell each other straight up what they want out of their relationship (both personally and professionally). Flash back to episode 4 where Victor was asking what he should be to Yuuri. Now they actually are boyfriends (well, even more than that, fiancés) but same as we’ve never heard them state it, I don’t think they’ve really made it explicitly clear to each other either.

I feel that so far they’ve just been letting things evolve as they go. The Cup of China was actually only a bit over a month ago in-series. Their intimate relationship is still very new and it’s been moving really fast. They’re definitely physically intimate (as you can see by the pushed-together beds) but they haven’t quite connected the same way on the emotional level. They definitely love each other and want to stay with each other, I don’t doubt that for a moment, but they haven’t sat down and said “I want to spend my life with you” to each other. They haven’t told each other what their plans are for their professional relationship either.

We know that Victor has been doing a lot of thinking, and it was very obvious in this episode that he is grieving his career, but it’s also obvious that he doesn’t plan to go back to skating competitively.

Yuuri however, being the anxious person that he is, is reading Victor’s grieving all wrong. Yuuri is thinking that not only is their professional relationship (which he could end simply by retiring) but also their personal relationship is holding Victor back from what he “wants” – to go back to being a competitive skater. And thus we get the line that we did here. This is Yuuri’s attempt to “free” Victor to allow him to chase what Yuuri thinks he actually wants, which turns out could not be any further from the truth.

They aren’t going to break up. I can tell you that right now and with absolute certainty. Rather than this being something that is going to create drama, it is actually going to work to solve it. Yuuri needs to hear from Victor that Victor has no intention of leaving and that he wants to stay with Yuuri more than he wants to continue his skating career. Also very important is that Victor needs to say it out loud. Victor is a thinker, he rarely makes big decisions on a whim. He’s been processing what he wants to do with his life for a year now and he has definitely come to his decision (as was evident in episode 10).

Victor has chosen Yuuri over his skating career and this line from episode 11 is just the gateway to the discussion that will firmly cement their personal relationship in place. And the final bow-tie on the gift that is their relationship will be the duet skate at the end of the episode.

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing it.

Tyrus Wong, whose watercolors helped define the look of Bambi, died Friday, Dec. 30. He was 106.

Like most animation fans, I first heard of Tyrus Wong via his work on Bambi. Legend has it, that’s the first time Walt Disney heard of him, too!

Okay, so the story goes…

Walt was chomping at the bit to make Bambi, only he was having trouble finding the ‘look’ he wanted for the film. He’d tried ultra-realism, but nixed it. He switched to super cartoony, but again, nope. It was beginning to look like the film would get shelved until late one night, while wandering through his studio, Disney happened upon a small stack of unusual watercolors. They were by a fella named ‘Wong,’ and they were…well, different.

What do I mean by ‘different’? Well, for one thing, these watercolors were tiny. Most of them measured no more than 4″ x 5″. And where the rest of the studio’s painters tried to pack as much detail into each picture as possible, Wong’s paintings were sparse, vague — almost suggestions. Wong would later say, “I tried to keep the thing very, very simple and create the atmosphere, the feeling of the forest.”

It worked. Walt was so impressed with what he saw that the very next day he promoted Wong from his job as an in-betweener (kind of like an animation line cook) to concept artist (think: Michelin rated chef)! Not only that, but Wong’s watercolors came to define the look of Bambi‘s backgrounds, providing the film with its sensitive, poetic and often ethereal mood.

After working at Disney, Wong moved on to Warner Bros. There he provided production art for quite a few live-action classics, including Rebel Without A Cause, The Wild Bunch and Sands of Iwo Jima. He also did freelance commercial work, where his gorgeous watercolor and calligraphic art came to adorn everything from greeting cards to high end pottery.

After retiring, Wong began making kites. Not your typical, four-cornered diamond shaped kites, but HUGE, ornamental, multifaceted kites in the shape of dragons, centipedes, flocks of birds and swarms of butterflys.

Upon first discovering Wong’s work fifteen years ago, I wrote him a number of gushing — and probably pretty embarrassing — fan letters. Wong responded to each and every one of them graciously.

I still have the envelope from his first response, where he drew a small, singing bird in pastels, sitting atop my name. (See above.) Another time, I literally teared up when I opened my mailbox to find a Christmas card that Wong had designed decades earlier. It was a winter scene, featuring a mother deer and her young buck. Inside, Wong not only signed it with his English name, but also embossed it with a red stamp bearing the Chinese characters for his name! Needless to say, I treasure both of these items to this day.


All of this rambling is really just my way of honoring a man whose work has meant so much to so many. I hope he knew how truly appreciated his wonderful work was.

R.I.P. Tyrus Wong  (Oct. 25, 1910  - Dec. 30, 2016)

still your gushing fan,

Ju-osh M.