well i have a permit

#26 - “And They Didn’t Even Have Permits”

 I’m skipping well ahead here (from like #1 to #26) but it’s relevant right now. I don’t normally make fun of politicians or public figures but what happened in Charlottesville was atrocious, as was our Nazi-Sympathizer President’s Response. Welcome to the Apocalypse.

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Craig, what do you do to protect Tweek from the Gnomes and serial killers that stalk around his house around 1:30 in the morning?

Craig: Well, I have gun permit so…I use that. But I mean there aren’t really any serial killers that sneak in.

Craig: As for the gnomes they started paying Kenny do it for them. Bastard will do anything for a few bucks. No idea where the hell he got the mask though.

The lovely Cuban sharks #CubaInsider

It is generally agreed that sharks frighten everyone, but not the Cubans! In some parts of the Island several species of sharks, including bull sharks are living.

Before coming to Cuba I could not even think that some people could swim with sharks!

When someone told me about shark diving plan I first thought that I didn’t understand. Dangerous sharks, no cage, almost accessible to everyone. It cannot be true! I had to check!

I asked my Cuban friends what they knew about it. For them, living in an island surrounding by with sharks is not an issue. More than this, they are making fun of tourists who are afraid about sharks. Sharks don’t attack human being, sharks only eat at sunset and no shark attacks have ever been listed in Cuba. Sincerely there is no reason to be afraid?

So, direction to Santa Lucia, a place that a friend of mine recommended me for my first shark diving experience!

On the road I kept thinking about it, repeated myself “there is no problem, there is no issue Clemence”. But let’s be frank, it didn’t work. Who can be self-confident in that kind of situation except Chuck Norris or Batman?

Anyway there were no way back, I was almost there and not just for the sea view!

A nice Cuban scuba diving instructor welcomed me:

- Hello, my name is Clémence and I would like to dive with sharks today.

- Have you ever dove at 25 meters?

- Yes of course! (I lied, I have never done it!)

- How often?

- Euh, two times…

- Do you have the PADI? (permit to dive)

- Well, I am preparing it, I should pass it in few weeks (I lied again, but I really plan to take it one day, seriously!)

He kindly pretended to believe me may because I’m a very good actress…

Mask, tuba and a diving suit. I was ready to go!

I called my parents to tell them goodbye, I gave a hug to a friend who came with me but finally was “to sick to dive today” (I believe he lied as well!!) and I jumped on a boat.

This is on the boat that I realised that I was the only one who had never dived. No more time to think about it, the instructor asked me to dive in the water.

I have to say that I quickly felt very comfortable under the water, no problem with respiration and the pressure, maybe because of the fisherman genes of my father. Thanks dad!

It is only once I was on 25m deep that my first encounter with sharks became reality!

Four bull sharks from 2m to 3.5 m were swimming around us as if we were five big human pray… After a while they came closer to eat, not us but fishes that we bring for them!
Bull sharks were large, grey on top and white below. The aspect of the skin seemed familiar, the texture might be both smooth and firm to the touch. I guess I watched too many Jaws, Steven Spielberg movies, and I did too many nightmares with this kind of sharks when I was a teenager! Four majestic fishes were swimming around me scattering the light of the sunrise. The time stopped. I watched their behaviour. Each move was slow and steady. Impressive. It was such a great feeling, and a hard one to describe.

We are now under the water for more than 30 minutes, it was time to start to slowly come up to the surface. We enjoy the swim around a wreck inhabited by many colourful fishes. 

After a while I could see our boat a few meters away. Woaw, I am still alive, my feet and two hands are still there!

I did it! I love Cuban sharks!



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"guardian" for kylux? ❤️

It comes on suddenly; the tightness in his gut, the familiar ache that settles over him. It’s not physical pain, but he still suffers. He is behind his desk, arms folded. It steadies him. His glass of whiskey is untouched even an hour after he poured it. The emotions are irrational, he knows this, but he can’t help them in these moments of quiet agony.

He has put everything into his career, been trained to lead men since he was little more than a child. His stormtrooper program had performed to specifications for years, and the defection of one trooper hardly damned it entirely, but Hux can’t eschew the feeling of deficiency. He can’t abide mediocrity, and anything less than complete success is unacceptable.

“To be middling is worse than failure, boy,” his father had told him. “Either excel or fall by the wayside so your betters can rise.”

He rubs his face, breathing shakily. He’s dedicated himself completely to the program, worked tirelessly to realize it, but it’s not enough. He won’t be recognized for its effectiveness, but for this failure. Middling, middling. Even in the face of his rise to the rank of general, of the trust the Supreme Leader puts in him, he’s no more than adequate. It disgusts him, torments him.

A chime announces that he has a visitor. He presses the key to admit them, though he has no desire to see anyone. Ren strides into the room.

“Kylo,” Hux says, weary.

Ren stills, cocking his head slightly. “There’s something troubling you.”

“It’s nothing of consequence.”

Ren raises his hands to his helmet and releases the catches. He lifts it away. “You’re in pain.”

“I told you to stay out of my head.”

“It’s coming off of you in waves. I don’t need to see your mind to feel it.”

Hux sighs. Ren sets his helmet down on the corner of Hux’s desk. He removes his gloves. “Tell me.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does. A great deal. Tell me, Hux.”

“I’m unexceptional,” he says. “My work is second-rate. I gave my all and yet it’s not enough.”

Ren regards him steadily. “You expect too much of yourself. Look at what you’ve achieved. Does that count for nothing?”

“There could always be more.”

Ren comes around the side of the desk and kneels at Hux’s side. “Yes, but it can’t be done all at once. And not every aspect of success is determined by how hard you’re willing to work or what abilities you possess. There are elements of chance that you can’t control. You can’t fault yourself for that.” He runs a hand down Hux’s shoulder.

“I know,” says Hux. “And I shouldn’t let that affect me, but it’s difficult to control. This uncertainty is a weakness I have succumbed to in the past as well.”

“You’re permitted weaknesses.”

“I shouldn’t be.”

Ren touches Hux’s face, his fingertips warm. “It will pass, but until it does I’ll stay with you. Come sit on the bed.”

Hux allows himself to be led, and when they sit, Ren wraps his arms around him.

“You’re a good commander,” he says, “capable and admired. Your efforts are appreciated, your talents recognized. I admire you and so do many others. And I will remind you of that as often you need it. I’ll spare you any pain I can.”

Hux rests his head against Ren’s shoulder. “You can’t shield me from my own self-doubt, Kylo.”

“If I have to protect you from yourself, I will. Always.”

Hux turns and presses a brief kiss to Ren’s lips. “I love you.”

Ren holds him close. “And I you.”

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Not femslash, (heresy I know) but Reggie finds out about Flowers in Blood Gulch?

Wyoming comes to see Florida in Blood Gultch and they have a conversation about war, babysitting, coffee shops and what a pair of monsters would do with no war to occupy them. Florida knows what he is. He’s always known what he is. He’s just got a few things to finish. He doesn’t expect anyone to wait for him.

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I should warn you... *puts on sunglasses* I have a license to kill.

*takes off sunglasses* Okay, well, it’s actually just a learner’s permit to kill, so I have to have someone 25 or older with me, and they have to have a current license to kill, and I can’t kill between the hours of 9pm and 5am.