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  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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Seeing the leaked Infinity War trailer is just making me hopelessly think how badass it would have been if Quake and Ghost Rider were there to help, too! 😩

❛ atlantis: the lost empire ❜ sentence starters
  • “It’s just a myth, isn’t it? Pure fantasy?”
  • “Well, this is it. I’m finally getting out of the dungeon.”
  • “They can’t do this to me!”
  • “Besides, we need you here. We depend on you.”
  • “You have a lot of potential, [ NAME ]. Don’t throw it all away chasing fairytales.”
  • “Maybe the cold water will clear your head!”
  • “Who – who are you? How did you get in here?”
  • “I came down the chimney. Ho, ho, ho.”
  • “Relax. He doesn’t bite… often.”
  • “They said if anything were to happen to them, I should give it to you when you were ready. Whatever that means.”
  • “I’ll show them, I will make them believe!”
  • “You hear that, [ NAME ]? I’m going to the afterlife with a clear conscience by thunder!”
  • “If I could bring back just one shred of proof, that’d be enough for me.”
  • “Our lives are remembered by the gifts we leave our children.”
  • “You will not regret this! Boy, I am so excited, I – I can’t even hold it in!”
  • “Carrots… Why is it always carrots, I didn’t even eat carrots…”
  • “Blondie, I got a bone to pick with you!”
  • “Hey, junior, if you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there.”
  • “Gunpowder, nitroglycerine, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue… and paper clips, big ones. You know, just office supplies.”
  • “Yes, this should be enriching for all of us.”
  • “Back, foul creature! Back to the pit from whence you came!”
  • “So I said to him, what’s wrong with my meatloaf, and he says to me – ”
  • “Geez, I used to take lunch money from guys like this.”
  • “Hard to believe he’s still single.”
  • “You wanna do my job? Be my guest.”
  • “Melt the butter and bring out the bibs, I want this monster served up on a silver platter!”
  • “We’re all gonna die.”
  • “Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t do anything… except pray, maybe.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, thank you very much, shut up.”
  • “Two for flinching.”
  • “You’re so skinny if you turned sideways and stuck out your tongue, you’d look like a zipper.”
  • “I sleep in the nude.”
  • “Somebody’s gonna have to suck out the poison… Don’t everybody jump up at once.”
  • “They can smell fear just by looking at you, so keep quiet.”
  • “About time someone hit him, I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”
  • “There were not supposed to be people down here. This changes everything.”
  • “You presume much to think you are welcome here.”
  • “Our weapons allow us to remove obstacles we may encounter.”
  • “Some obstacles may not be removed by a mere show of force.”
  • “A thousand years ago you would have slain them on sight.”
  • “We were once a great people, now we live in ruins!”
  • “What they have to teach us, we have already learned.”
  • “I have some questions for you, and I’m not leaving the city until they’re answered!”
  • “You are a scholar, are you not? Judging by your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else!”
  • “All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running…”
  • “Don’t forget to eat the head! That’s where all the nutrients are.”
  • “We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year, a little more of us is worn away.”
  • “Oh yeah, I swim pretty girl – Pretty good, pretty good! I swim pretty good…”
  • “Why don’t you lead the way, because… I have no idea where we’re going.”
  • “Hey guys, what’s going on…? What’s with all the guns…?”
  • “I mean, I would’ve told you sooner, but it was on a strictly need-to-know basis and, well… Now you know.”
  • “What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”
  • “For once, do the smart thing.”
  • “You will destroy yourselves!”
  • “I’d suggest you put a bandage on that bleeding heart of yours, it doesn’t suit a mercenary.”
  • “Well I know, why don’t you translate, and I’ll wave the gun around!”
  • “All will be well, [ NAME ]. Be not afraid.”
  • “Hold your horses, loverboy.”
  • “But that’s what it’s all about, right? Money.”
  • “It’s called natural selection! We’re just helping it along.”
  • “That was an order, not a suggestion!”
  • “This is wrong and you know it!”
  • “You pick now of all times to grow a conscience?”
  • “Nobody got hurt! Well… maybe somebody got hurt, but… Nobody we knew!”
  • “Internal bleeding. There’s nothing more I can do.”
  • “What a nightmare. And I brought it here.”
  • “My burden would have become theirs when the time was right. But now it falls to you.”
  • “I followed you in, and I’ll follow you out. It’s your decision.”
  • “Oh, my decision? Well I think we’ve seen how effective my decisions have been.”
  • “Of course, in my experience, if you hit bottom… the only place left to go is up.”
  • “I didn’t say it was the smart thing… But it is the right thing.”
  • “C’mon, we better make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”
  • “We’re gonna come in low and fast and take them by surprise.”
  • “I’ve got news for you, [ NAME ] is never surprised and they’ve got a lot of guns!”
  • “Great, well do you have any suggestions?”
  • “Yeah! Don’t get shot!”
  • “Holy smokes! You told me he only had guns!”
  • “What I said was they’re never surprised!”
  • “Okay, now things are getting good.”
  • “Alright, this is it. Any last words? … Yeah, I really wish I had a better idea than this!”
  • “That’s it, unless someone wants to jump.”
  • “Well I have to hand it to you, you’re a bigger pain in the neck than I would’ve ever thought possible.”
  • “Nothing personal.”
  • “Tired? That’s a darned shame! I’m just getting warmed up!”
  • “Ah, I don’t think the world needs another hero.”
  • “Nervous breakdown. You could say he went all to pieces.”
  • “I’m gonna miss that kid. At least they’re in a better place now…”
  • “I hope this piece of proof is enough for you. It sure convinced me.”

Since it’s Katsudeku Week, the End-Of-Term story arc is a good focus since it’s one of the many beginnings of Kacchan’s character development.

When the two of them are losing against All Might, Kacchan started to lose hope.

But then


HE CALLED FOR DEKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Kacchan is reflecting on Deku’s words as they ran away from All Might

EVEN ALL MIGHT BELIEVES IN THEM!!!! HE BELIEVES THAT THERE IS HOPE. It is absolutely impossible to have their relationship be resolved so soon, but someday, in the future, there is a chance that there is redemption and reconciliation.

It was Kacchan who thought of their backup plan TO WIN even if it meant putting himself at risk.

But the plan failed and All Might was able to catch up, and while Kacchan was able to fling Deku, All Might caught up to Deku too.


But All Might was stronger…

KACCHAN SAVED DEKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caannnoooot believe (actually I can)


And Deku’s like

Smile as you face your fears and rescue Kacchan, Deku!! \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////


A temporary happy ending.

Anyway, the point is their relationship is so unstable right now, that much is true. But with time, effort, maturity, atonement, and understanding, it’s still possible to have reconciliation, and even just their friendship back. And I think (and hope) more focus on it will be shown in future arcs, on how Kacchan will slowly make amends for all the things he did. I don’t know how he’ll do it, or if it’s even actually possible, but they’re only 15/16 right now and they still have lots of time to mature, change and grow better as a person.

The All Might Protection Squad

@athanatosora‘s All Might Protection Squad content is pure and good and is also the reason I get up in the morning, so I wrote this. Enjoy!

“…And that’s, well, the bulk of what I remember. The rest is a bit hazy. I could maybe give you pieces, but nothing useful. After the fight I just…ended up here.” All Might tugged loosely at the linen of his bed sheets, as if their presence proved something. He opened his mouth to speak again, but found nothing to say. So he shrugged and looked away.

Tsukauchi gave a nod, ran his pen twice over his notebook pad to clear off the ink from its tip, and dropped it back into his pocket. He leaned forward, commanding in his presence. “Yeah, I don’t expect too much else from you. The fight was televised, so in terms of what physically happened we’ve got our fill.” Tsukauchi tapped his badge. “I’m mostly here because the station keeps sending me over.”

“Tell them to knock it off then. You’ve got more important things to do than babysit me I’m sure.” All Might answered with an air of flippancy. He leaned his head against the pillow, eyes closed.

“Well that’s…part of it.” Tsukauchi straightened, teeth set together, eyes locked on All Might. “Toshinori, you’re in a lot of danger—“

“Yeah I know—“

“No,” Tuskauchi put up a hand, “you’re really in danger. We’ve got moles all around, and almost all of them have reported back with some hints of a plot to kill you. Individuals think they can bag you and grab some cheap, easy fame. Organizations are filled with personal grudges against you. If it were up to me, we’d have 10 professional heroes posted at the door to this room all hours of the day. We just don’t have that kind of manpower to spare.”

“So you keep pestering me instead.”

“That’s the idea.”

All Might opened his eyes, duller now. “If it took All Might to defeat these villains the first time, what makes you think you can stop them? That’s suicide.” Harsher now, with full, accusatory eye-contact. “That’s on my head if you die. Don’t you dare do that to me.”

Tsukauchi stood, patted the side of All Might’s bed. “Also, you’ve got some visitors waiting to see you. They’ve been milling around outside while I wrapped up the interview. I’ll let them in. I’m right outside the door, Toshinori.”

“Naomasa don’t ignore this.”

“Hey kids,” Tsukauchi swung the door open, smiling at whatever lay beyond it. “Think he’s ready to see you now.”

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Long Live the Murderous Despot

The Evil Queen on Leadership and Rulership 

The Evil Queen was, without any shadow of a doubt, a terrifying figure.  She came to power in the wake of good King Leopold’s suspicious death, immediately charged his daughter the Princess Snow White with crimes against the throne, and was personally responsible for hundreds and probably thousands of deaths.  Walking away from a personal encounter with the Queen with your life was something to be celebrated.  

But the question remains… what was she like as a ruler?  Because none of the above is tells you either what the people actually thought of her or she was like as a Queen.  Let us first consider her predecessor.  Leopold was a man described by himself and those of his immediate circle as a good man.  The king is only concerned with the happiness of his subjects.  We imagine, in stories, that these are the traits of a fine ruler.  

Except historically speaking it’s not.  

Kings worried about the happiness of their subjects tend to spend extravagantly in order to buy popularity and tax inadequately.  That kind of imperial largess can destabilize by pushing too much gold or silver into circulation and causing a rise in prices as the value of money decreases.  King Midas must have been a nightmare for all the other Enchanted Forest rulers even if he was in fact very stingy.  Rumple as well.  And there is no telling how much gold Cora was spinning to maintain her family’s lifestyle and influence following the apparent fall of Henry’s family from grace. 

The other thing that monarchs like Leopold have historically done is underfunded the army, leaving their homelands vulnerable to attack as they chose to spend their money on extravagances or courting popularity.  It does not seem an unreasonable headcanon given what we saw of both Leopold (a man who wore his crown in his own bed chambers) and the way he treated Snow that Leopold was such a ruler and that Regina discovered a significant mess in the treasury when she came to power.  

We already know that Regina had started filling the ranks of the royal army with her own men before Leopold’s death, and while we know those men weren’t all loyal to her given what we saw in 2.20 The Evil Queen, I do believe we can assume that a significant number were.  She took a personal interest in them.  She knew their names.  She paid them well.  And while she may not have tolerated failure a significant number of them remained loyal to her even after the Charming’s claimed to have deposed her.  I counted at least 25 Black Knights in the force that stormed the Charming’s castle and there were likely more.  Enough to take the castle of a supposedly ruling family easily.

This is the problem of relying on fairy air power to win your wars.  If you don’t actually defeat the enemy on the battlefield they rise again bitter and with a vengeance.

One other important detail about the Black Knights, aside from knowing their names and personally hiring them, we are told that Regina often gave these men second chances in their lives.  The Charmings may have been prepared to dismiss them as thugs and mercenaries, but the fact that second chances were something Regina valued is an incredibly appealing quality in a leader.  As was her tendency to place herself in danger.  Fighting behind a terrifying sorceress with magic and fire in her eyes would have been a very powerful force multiplier in a marshal culture like the Enchanted Forest.

But let’s take a step back from the immediate contact with the Queen.  Her kingdom is apparently stable and peaceful.  The economy strong enough that she could easily withstand cutting off trade with King George while that action virtually crippled him.  We are never shown her kingdom to be plagued by warlords terrorizing the peasantry as we are shown with Bo Peep in George’s kingdom.  Both George and Midas, arrogant men, and shown to be militarily aggressive (at least George was) were deferential to Regina.  She and her knights walked freely and without challenge into their castles.

This deference may have been related to personal fear of her as a murderous sociopath, but it does have the larger effect of meaning that her kingdom was free of external threat.  That certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about dying violently, but Regina’s violence appears to be relatively predictable.  Yes, she will rip out the heart of a bridegroom on his wedding day for violating royal lands, and yes she’ll massacre a village or rip the heart out of every villager in the north woods, but those are actions directly relating to her fight with Snow White.  Don’t aide Snow White and don’t violate the clearly posted law, and you likely would not have a problem with the Queen.  No matter how murderous she was in general.  Believe it or not, lots of monarchs that history has judged as good rulers have a great deal of blood on their hands.  Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine the Great of Russia were both very dangerous to their political opposition, and Elizabeth I of England, celebrated selfless ruler ran one of the first modern police states.

Which of course brings us to the topic of Snow White.

The Charmings and their allies will tell you the peasantry loved her, but it’s fairly clear that she went through much of the bandit years without much help.  She might have been robbing royal carriages but she was also breaking into people’s houses and even her presence in an area could attract the attention of the Queen’s forces.  It is highly unlikely that the peasants really cared about a royal dispute.  Historically they rarely do.  And neither David, nor Kathryn or Midas seemed to question Regina’s right to hunt Snow, nor the charges against her.  David aside, that suggests the power dynamics had shifted.  The only people that attached to Snow’s cause were her immediate allies.  The fact that she and David needed magical assistance to defeat King George and then used David’s false claim to his thrown to gain control of his forces to challenge Regina suggests this was not seen as a great crusade outside of the circle of a deposed princess, some rogue dwarfs, and fairies with dubious motives… All one needs to know to show that is how little peasant support there appeared to be to challenge Regina in 3.02 Lost Girl.

Now the political theater of Lost Girl is itself interesting.  Regina’s encounters with Snow are designed to show herself as reasonable, and Snow as only interested in power.  She can have peace and a life away from power with her friends, something the peasant crowd would probably consider a good deal, or she can push for the throne and get other people killed.  The fact that David is publicly pushing for the latter at the same time he’s fighting in the name of Prince James a cruel playboy certainly would not have played into Snow’s case.  We are told that second encounter, where Snow nicks Regina’s cheek with a sword is politically damaging to Regina (especially in front of her knights) because she was seen as invincible.  But I would argue that it was probably a zero sum game for both of them.  Because word of the encounter would have spread and not everyone would have been so impressed with the Prince and Princess bringing a war down on the kingdom.

Wars are good for royals and bad for peasants.  It really doesn’t matter if Regina intended to keep her promise (I’m sure she didn’t), the act of declining the offer damages Snow’s image as the good disinterested royal outside of her inner circle.  And let me point out for the moment, that Snow and Charming’s idea of a court of advisers when they are ruling a kingdom are 7 miners, a cricket, a carpenter, an old widow and a werewolf.  I really can’t see the merchant or noble classes being that thrilled.

So how could a villain be a better leader than a pair of heroes?  Well, the answer to that question is that being a good leader and being a good person are not the same thing.  Leadership is not simply a natural talent, no matter what people might have told you, it’s learned.  The military spends a lot of time teaching leadership and Regina displays a lot of those traits no doubt taught to her in lessons ordered by her mother.  No one can tell me that Cora Mills did not spend her entire life maneuvering her daughter so she cold be a queen without preparing her with the best education possible in how to rule.  Knowing names, being mindful of image, of the conditions of soldiers lives, being willing to risk your own personal safety, and placing the value of the whole over the value of the individual are just some of those commonly taught traits that Regina displays.

The good of an entire town (kingdom) should outweigh the interest of one person.  A hero tries to save everyone, a leader knows that you can’t and that trying to may cost even more lives.  Ironically when Regina says this it would mean that she would argue for her own execution in 2.10 The Cricket Game and against attempting to save her life in 2.22 And Straight on Till Morning, the latter of which she did try to protest on the grounds that they did not know their plan would work.  

Which of course brings us to the topic of Mayor Mills.  Here is a woman who goes from being a tyrannical absolute despot to a small town bureaucrat who describes her work to Snow in a season 4 deleted scene as “public service”.  She is frequently seen in season 1 working late into the evening in the mayor’s office, and doing town paperwork in late season 2 after the majority of the town has dismissed her as an irredeemable villain.  She tells Henry that she traveled to many worlds, and this was the fairest.  She voices repeated concern when first Emma and then the Charmings start treating the sheriff’s department like a family business (a concern only highlighted when Snow is mayor and pardons Will Scarlet simply on the assumption that David let him escape to make her feel better).  I have no doubt that she used her power to torment some people with parking tickets and town ordinance violations, but I also have no doubt that the streets were in good repair and the town budget balanced.  She’s even concerned about property values when monsters show up.  

Regina claims to have designed Storybrooke and many of it’s features, and I think now that we know that Rumple did not in fact write the dark curse, but simply stole it for his own ends, we should take her word for it.  She came from a world and a place where she had no control and no choice and where she saw the harsh realities of the world.  The Enchanted Forest was not, in fact, some idealized version of the middle ages.  It was, as Issac tells us, a place with dysentery and a short life expectancy.  We’ve seen poverty so crushing that parents sold their children, and violence so random be it from an Evil Queen or an ogre attack.  Yet Storybrooke has full employment, no poverty, no homelessness, universal education and a fully staffed and equipped hospital (with yes more doctors than just Whale).

The Evil Queen gifted the people she hated with an idealized society at the same time she was attempting to deny their happiness.  In some ways she was an incredibly inept villain.  She worked hard to maintain that society even after she lost power.  And she verbally protested when the Charmings attempted to run Storybrooke as if it were an extension of an Enchanted Forest kingdom.  All of this speaks to a deep sense of fairness and justice, even in the heart of a woman capable of great cruelty and injustice.

All of this may read like a hit piece against the Charmings, but I actually think it’s not.  Let’s go back to what I said earlier.  Leadership is learned not a natural trait.  David was a shepherd and while a good man has never had any of the training a man of princely station would have had.  He’s behaving how he imagines a leader behaves.  Getting by with bluster, good looks, and confidence, and frankly reacting rashly when he is out of his depth.  Snow was probably given some lessons in leadership as a princess, but they would have come from her Leopold’s school of emphasizing goodness and happiness not security and order.  If Regina had not gone evil she likely could have taught her better when she was her stepmother, but that was not the kind of relationship they had.  One does get the impression though, as Snow looks to Regina as an adviser and a friend, that she is learning those lessons now.  And that alone should tell the audience a lot about what kind of leader Regina was and is.

The Evil Queen was a good leader.  And a good Queen.  And a terrifying monster.  And a vindictive bureaucrat.  And a dedicated public servant.

Because those are not actually incompatible things.

Ana’s PJO quotes Challenge

Guess who came up with a challenge? That’s right! Your little fangirl over here presents her very first challenge, with prompts based on quotes from Rick Riordan’s books (Mostly PJO).

For those who have read the books, y’all know how hilarious the prompts can be. For those who haven’t, take a look at the prompts anyway! They might interest you :)

ALSO I have NO IDEA how these prompts fit in so well with SPN-verse. It had me baffled too. Trust me!


  1. You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice :)
  2. The due date is December 10th. If you wanna pull out, or need an extension, please let me know a week before. I know life can get really unpredictable, so we can work it out.
  3. The minimum word count is 500 words, and maximum is 7k.
  4. Please use a “keep reading” option after the first 500 words or so. I insist upon this.
  5. It has to be a reader insert or a general fic. You can write for both characters as well as RPF (J2M only and No wife hate). It can be canon or it can be an AU.
  6. You can write a fluffy, angsty or even smutty fic should the prompt inspire you, but please try not to make it a super detailed PWP fic, it’s just not my thing.
  7. It can be a one shot, drabble or start of a series only.
  8. Mention in the Author’s note that it is for my (@percywinchester27) “Ana’s PJO quotes Challenge” and the prompt you’ve chosen. Use the hashtag #Ana’s PJO quotes Challenge in the first 5 tags so I can track it.
  9. If I don’t like the post within 2 days, please IM me a link. Tumblr likes to be mean sometimes and there’s every chance that I didn’t get the tag.
  10. Only one prompt per person. If you’ve already posted one entry, you can come back for another prompt.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!

Send an Ask stating the prompt number and a backup in case the first one is taken along with the pairing.

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Finders Keepers (Raphael x Reader) Pt.2

I made a part two :3 and i figured out how to tag people! if no one has guessed it yet i obviously have a difficult time with technology so thank you all for your patience! (Tags: @pitrymcbride)

You’d known Raphael for about a month now and you were right the first time, he was certainly a handful (both figuratively and literally). He’d come by on Saturday nights when he could sneak out, if he could sneak out at all but really he came whenever he needed to vent.

“I swear, Leo’s just tryin to piss me off this time. He’s actually tryin to get me to screw up just ta make him look like the hero! Hero my shell, i could lead us better then him!”
“I feel like you have a lot of pent up anger that could be derived from a traumatic childhood, i think you need to talk to someone”
“Cut the crap will ya? your sarcasm is worse then mike’s constant buggin”
“Watch your tongue kiddo, i’m not afraid to kick your butt…if you have one? do turtles have an ass or am i just sensing your personality?”
“Ah shell…*chuckles*”

Raphael had to admit that you knew him pretty well for not knowing him for long, your sarcasm nearly matched his an well he was finding it very attractive.
Covering the floor in only a few long strides he shifted the curtain to peer out the window. Lucky him that his brothers patrol route went right past your apartment block, not wanting him to get caught you always closed the blinds. Though even you had your doubts about how long Raph could keep this up, keeping you secret was for your protection but lying to his brothers was different. Deep down you knew it was kinda wrong but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to kick the turtle to the curb. Sometimes you thought it was because he didn’t have anyone to vent to but you knew it wasn’t pity you felt towards him, it was utterly earth shattering, glass breaking, bleeding heart love.

“listen Raphie…We gotta talk”
“We’ve doin that the whole night ya know Doll”
“Smart ass, you know what i mean. Look i don’t mean to step on your toes but i think its time you told your brothers what you were up to. Considering the fact they jump on my roof every single night wondering where the heck you go off to in your path of wrath”
“Ah Shell Y/n, they don’t need ta know about ya”
“Raphael…You gotta take a step back, i’m serious-”
“I know your serious, Y/n you didn’t even take the opportunity to make fun of me only havin three damn toes, you always make fun of me with that stuff! dammit i don’t want to admit your right, cause ya know if i do its just gonna go to your head and that’s already big enough”

That big green brat winked at you as you rolled your eyes, thinking to yourself that this was going better then you thought. but then again Raph always surprised you, you took a deep breath and got out of your chair to lean beside him near the window. Looking up at the remains of your antique chandelier that the block head had crashed into the first night. Reminiscing about it just brought a smile to your face, as you looked him in the eyes and let out a soft sigh.

“you know you promised me you’d fix that damn thing”
“Huh? oh ya, i guess i did *chuckle* i think I’ve got to big of fingers to try and but those beads back up there”
“You’re probably right…Damn i cant remember what was going threw my head that night but i can tell ya i wasn’t expecting all this to happen”
“All what? your apartment in shambles and a giant turtle with forks in your living room?”
“Don’t forget you hog the couch mister, its something else…”

Looking up and just pulling out all the stops on your way up, wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him down just a bit and pressed your lips softly to his cheek. That didn’t stop there though, no Raphael always liked to one up you. Clutching your waist and pulling you a little ways off the ground, capturing your lips in a full kiss which seemed to last forever but only was a few moments before that dammed phone started ringing. Pulling apart and gasping for the air that you both needed he grumbled and quickly picked it up.

‘WHAT?!…Oh, uh ya…Be there in a sec…No, i ain’t messing around Donnie…Dragons?…oh ya you bet i’m there!”
“Lemme guess darlin you need to go kick some ass?”

He swooped you into his arms pressing  swift kiss to your cheek and smiled at you in his own flirtatious way.
“I ain’t done with ya doll! i’ll be back!”
“Raph we didn’t even finish our Conversation!- Ah damn he’s already gone, damned mutants”

You shook your head at your friends retreating figure as he faded into the darkness of the new York city roof tops, t think it had only been a short while ago that same ninja had sat on your couch covered in hello kitty band aids and watching the Housewives of new York with you, Then seconds later he’d be fighting the mobs and gangs that plagued the city. You really dug yourself a deep hole by getting yourself involved with him but who could say no to that face?!

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Untitled Marvel Project: Part 1

   So Peter isn’t going to be in this part at all, so sorry. I’m really trying to build up this story and I would like to see the feed back for this beginning part. I promise he’ll be here soon but I need to make sure you guys enjoy my style of writing!

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Why I Have To Meet Jack

You guys may well think I’m silly for writing this post, but I’m going to anyway. I have thoughts and I need to get them out. I’m a firm believer in writing down your emotions rather than bottling them up. 

Anyway. If you’re tired of my complaining about not meeting Jack, then I won’t blame you for scrolling away from this right away. Feel free, or you can carry on reading. But not only am I saying the obstacles that are in my way, I’m also writing exactly why meeting Jack matters so much to me. I’ve broken it down so hopefully it’s easier for you guys to read.

I know I’ve posted about this a billion times before, but I feel the need to do it again. I kind of stop thinking about it, and then something reminds me again. I see gifs from PAX, I read about people meeting him. I’m happy for everyone who does, but I’m reminded that it hasn’t happened to me and maybe never will. I feel selfish for thinking this, but I can’t help it.

Just wait, it will happen, I hear you say. But that’s easier said than done, for a number of reasons. If it was just as simple as being too young to go on my own or whatever, then yes, it would only be a matter of time. But it’s not.

First of all, I can’t afford to go to conventions (particularly so if they are in another country, and I’m yet to find one in the UK that Jack goes to). I currently don’t earn, and even when I do it won’t be much - musicians often don’t earn much at first, and I’m not making anything from YouTube “yet” (I hope I will but it may never take off for all I know. I can’t rely on it).

Then there’s my current mental state. Going to a convention would be difficult thanks to my wonderful social anxiety. Just the thought of the crowds, the people around me while travelling… And I imagine that travelling, and the convention itself, would take a lot of energy - possibly too much for my depression to handle. Maybe I could push through it to meet Jack, but I don’t know; would it be worth risking putting myself under too much pressure?

And that’s not all. Oh yes, there’s more. Getting to another country is difficult for me for another reason. I can’t do it by myself. Yes, I’m 21 years old and I don’t know how to go through an airport by myself. I feel stupid. Not just because I’ve never learnt how, but also I struggle with things like that. I always have. I’m particularly brilliant at getting lost. My anxiety loves it, not.

And there’s more. Since I’ve started watching Jack, I’ve been at university/college so I haven’t had the time to go away to conventions. Once I leave here in a couple of months time (*panics*), I will be focusing a lot on YouTube, and probably having to find a job (yawn). And until I find one and have money, I can’t go even if I have the time.

This may well sound like I’m making excuses, but honestly… I’m really not. I wouldn’t. This is something I need to do in my lifetime, it’s a dream of mine. Jack is my hero. I have no reason to make any excuses. These are all genuine barriers to one of my life goals. Obstacles that feel insurmountable. And it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to think that I may never meet the person who began to turn my life around. It breaks my heart to think that I may never get to thank him in person for what he’s done. It breaks my heart to think that I may never be able to hug him. He feels like a long distance friend - or even family, if I can say that. Jack means the world to me. More than he’ll ever know - but if I meet him, I can get closer to expressing it than I can from here.

I have thoughts about what I would do if I did meet Jack. I already know that I will make a folder or something of stuff I’ve made for him (fanart, poems, etc) and I’ll give it to him. And, of course, I’ll give him the biggest hugs he’s ever had. I’ll do my best to let him know what he means to me. I’ll tell him about how he’s inspired me and that my YouTube channel is beginning to grow thanks to him giving me the courage to make more videos. I was anxious to go on camera, but he made me brave, and now I love it immensely and want to do it for as long as possible.

Jack is not just a YouTuber to me. He’s been a counsellor when I’ve needed advice and someone to care. Jack has been a friend when I’ve felt alone, believing in me even when I didn’t anymore. He’s been a beautiful green light in the pitch black void of depression and anxiety, the hope I needed when mine was all gone. 

He’s been like an annoying older brother who makes stupid jokes to make you laugh - which means even more to me as one of my older brothers, who made me laugh a lot, is no longer with us. He’s been someone to watch playing games now that I can’t watch my brother play them anymore.

He’s been a lullaby when I couldn’t sleep, cradling me with kindness and wrapping me up in smiles and laughter. He’s been a soothing voice amongst the painful noise of life. He’s held my hand when I’ve been hurting, wiping away the tears from my eyes. He’s started to heal the cracks in my heart and mind. When I was starting to lose sight of anything good in life, having less and less reasons to smile, he showed me that things weren’t so bad after all. He taught me to genuinely smile again.

And Jack is the reason why I found this wonderful community, and have made amazing friends who have made me feel cared about. You guys have made me feel less lonely despite the isolation of social anxiety and depression. Without Jack, I probably wouldn’t know any of you exist.

Jack is my hero.

I need to meet him some day.

I have to.

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Somethings you like and dislike about bnha manga?

This post is going to go on forever if I list the things I like. I’ll list the few things I dislike. The things I dislike are really nit picky though. I can ignore them pretty easily. The series has an endless amount of good things and limited amount of bad things.

Things I dislike:

-The series has way too many characters and lots of characters who lack character development. I’d rather the series have fewer characters who are highly developed than lots of characters who aren’t well developed. 


-Inasa is funny, but I thought his backstory was lame and his reasons for giving up on going to U.A. to also be underwhelming. He also took up too much panel time during the Hero License Exam Arc that could have focused on the character development of other characters. 

-The Hero’s License Exam Arc wasn’t my favorite arc. A lot of it is because Todoroki and Inasa hogged the spotlight when other Class 1-A students could have had focused.

-Some side characters such as Tokoyami, Tsuyu, and Ashido haven’t gotten that much development lately. 

-This is more of a personal preference, but I’m not a fan of the chapters that only focus on Midoriya and not the other Class 1-A characters. I like the chapters that focus not only on Midoriya, but other Class 1-A characters as well. 

-Uraraka’s obsession with Midoriya has made me like her character less. It was annoying seeing her spend screen time wrestling with her feelings and trying to be more like Midoriya. It made her feel like a satellite love interest. I like her character more when she’s trying to be the best hero for herself and her family and not thinking about Midoriya. Besides the times she’s thinking about Midoriya, Uraraka hasn’t gotten that much screen time lately, which is disappointing. I still like her character though.

-I didn’t like how some of the Sports Festival fights were skipped over, how some of the end of the terms exams were ignored, and how some of the Class 1-A students were ignored during the hero’s license exam. I get there isn’t enough time to showcase all the Class 1-A students, but I still would have liked to see more of them.

-Class 1-A is too big. It should be eighteen students or sixteen students. That way more there’d be fewer characters to focus on. I still like most of Class 1-A though. 

-Some of the fan service moments are a bit forced and cringe worthy to me. 

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I was wondering if you could do that prank break-up scenario but with Tamaki & Dabi this time??

here are the previous prank break-up headcanons for Todoroki, Katsuki, and Izuku if anyone wants to read them.

thank you for this request, I tried my best, but I hope that I got both of their personalities right? I also hope you don’t mind that I did headcanons for these, since that’s what I did with the first request, and I just assumed you wanted it done similiarly? I’m so sorry if I’m wrong ;^;

Amajiki Tamaki

  • He was incredibly depressed when he read the dreadful text message.
  • Throughout your entire relationship, all you’ve ever did was encourage him and try your best at getting your boyfriend to acknowledge his own strong points. You always did whatever you could to get him to feel better about himself, even if it wasn’t always so easy. You always promised him that you wouldn’t leave. That you’d stay with him and do all you could to make him realize how amazing he was in your eyes.
  • But now you were suddenly asking for a break-up, making everything you’ve ever said feel like a lie. Any tiny specks of self-esteem that he had left disappeared completely. It was over, and he felt like it was because of him.
  • Tamaki didn’t reply, instead he went to face a wall and let himself sulk in his own thoughts, he resorted to blaming himself.
  • His break down didn’t last so long, as his phone began to buzz, and he hesitantly picked it up.
  • The anxious male gulped when he found out that you were the one calling. He assumed that you wanted to ask why he didn’t reply, or maybe you felt bad and wanted to apologize. Either one made him feel nervous, but he knew that he couldn’t just hide forever. He had to confront you somehow, and very cautiously, he picked up.
  • “Tamaki! Thank goodness– Oh, a-are you okay? Please tell me you are, I’m so sorry you had to get that stupid message. Some idiot messed around with my phone and decided it would be funny to pull up such a sick joke. I’m really so so sorry.”
  • You went on and on, slipping in an “I love you” or another “I’m sorry”, and mostly you were asking about his condition.
  • Tamaki, on the other hand, was silent. He couldn’t muster up a response as his lip quivered in fear of saying something wrong. He could barely register what was going on, but he knew that he was still upset, and he knew that you could tell.
  • And so, you decided to make it up to him. You promised you’d get him some ice cream and meet him as soon as you can.
  • When you do come around, you immideately hug him and repeat the same apology all over again. He feels a little flustered to see you worrying about him so much. It makes him sort of glad, even. But before anything, he finally lets himself take in the fact that you were still here. He feels genuinely relieved, and musters up a “thank you”.
  • The rest of the evening goes on very well for the both of you as you cuddle with him and make sure that you shower him with more attention than you usually do. You’re not sure if it helps though, since he can only hide his face in your chest everytime you do something even moderately affectionate.


  • His eyes scan over the text message and he immideately looks away. There’s a bitter feeling raking at his chest, and he just hates it.
  • It honestly hurts him to admit that he wasn’t even surprised. He was expecting this to happen ever since the both of you started dating. 
  • It’s not because he’s self-conscious or anything, it’s just that it was very difficult to even imagine someone as lovely as you falling for a villain like him. He’s been constantly wondering why you weren’t leaving him yet, but now you were, and it oddly hurt him more than he thought it would.
  • He’s not trying to be irrational though, he knows that he can’t do anything about it. He doesn’t even want to. If it was your choice to leave, so be it. It might have even been what he wanted you to do. To just leave.
  • And it’s really just because he doesn’t want you getting caught up in his messed up bussiness. He wants you to have a better life, not one where you wouldn’t be able to go a day without wondering if his opponents were after you, or where you had to hide yourself for the sake of your own life. It was easy to tell that it must have been terribly hard for you, and heck, even if you did love him like you said you did, Dabi doubted that the sacrifices were worth it.
  • Above anything, he wants you to be safe. To be happy. And even if he completely resents the idea of you being with someone else, maybe it wasn’t entirely that bad. At the very least, they’d be able to offer you so much more than he ever could.
  • Before Dabi has the time to change his mind, he does what he has to. He replies to you with a simple “Okay”. Knowing you, you might be confused by how easily he was taking it. Your boyfriend tended to be rather possessive, so naturally this was completely unlike him.
  • He begins to doubt his decision, because he’s honestly having a hard time trying to pinpoint the way he feels about you breaking up with him. He wants to say he’s relieved, because then he wouldn’t have to worry about your well-being so much. But he just can’t. He feels upset and miserable. He hates the thought of you leaving and wants nothing more than to pull you into his arms and hide you away from the ugly world. He hates being so torn apart, and more than anything, he hates the thought of having to be without you. He knows how selfish it was of him, but it was hard to deny how he felt. He didn’t want you to leave.
  • Just as he’s about to call you and talk things through, he feels his phone buzz, and feels somewhat glad to see your name on the screen.
  • He picks up and patiently waits to see what you have to say. He figured that you were doing the same thing, because for a moment, it was completely silent.
  • Dabi was just about to say something to lessen the tension, but he stiffens slightly when he hears the faint sound of a sob.
  • “Hey, you alright?” He asks.
  • You try to give him an honest reply without letting your sadness show, but the moment he hears your voice, it just sounds so miserable and depressed to the point he wonders if it really belonged to you. He could tell that you were breaking apart, but he had no idea why. Though it doesn’t take much time for you to explain.
  • You try your best to make him understand. That it wasn’t you who had sent the message, and that you weren’t breaking up with him. Then there was a moment of hesitation before you went on.
  • He gritted his teeth when he heard you say the single sentence.
  • “W-we aren’t breaking up though, are we?”
  • Now he finally understands the reason behind your condition. He remembered the message he sent you back, and realized that it must have given you the impression that he was fine with your decision.
  • Gosh, now he feels like shit and wishes he can take it back. Even though Dabi wasn’t good at apologies or showing affection, he tries his best to explain on his part. 
  • You get a little offended when you hear him say that he thought your relationship was making you miserable, because you wouldn’t even hesitate to tell him over and over again that being with him made you happier than you’ve ever been. And frankly, Dabi isn’t even sure if what he’s feeling is quilt or pure adoration.
  • The both of you devise a plan to meet up afterwards, and the first thing you do is burry your head in his chest and tell him how much of an idiot he was for thinking he was making your life hard. Sure, he wasn’t particularly a good person, but lots of times, he’s made you feel blessed to have him by your side. You make sure to tell him how much you love him for the second time, and albeit a little sheepishly, he returns the words. He was still warming up to the affection that came with the relationship, so you couldn’t really blame him. You were happy just where you were. 
Episode 94: How do I even begin

An (incomplete) list of things that happened in this episode:

  • Matt teased us all by hinting they might not teleport somewhere good but he just wanted to floridly describe the plane shift process so that’s ok
  • Wouldn’t be Vox Machina if they weren’t terrifying/entertaining children and merchants 
  • “you are a pretty boy” Tary confirmed for Twink
  • The return of my favorite quote from this show: “rogues or rangers?”
  • Pike’s “Perrrrrccyyyyyyyyy” of disapproval at learning he made a contract with a devil 
  • Alpha got very sassy:

More recap under the cut:

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Out of all the characters who do u think are the gayest

kirishima, aizawa, and jirou. like, i headcanon characters as gay or bi and stuff a lot, but i’ve always known in the back of my mind, hey, these characters were probably written to be hetero, as cis, its not canon.

however with these three there is absolutely 0 doubt in my mind that they are Not Heterosexual. like, i have no reason at all to believe any of them are straight. until the day horikoshi hands me a personal note telling me these characters are straight and cis, i will continue firmly believing that these three fuckers are gay and ace and trans and what have you. even if horikoshi gives me that note, i will still remain doubtful.

n ow if ur wonderign my personal headcanons for them

aizawa–ace/gay dependign on m mood, trans as well, also depending on my mood
jirou–trans lesbian

of course my headcanons fluctuate a lot but those are my Main Moods

they gay

Double Time (9/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: I’m so sorry to everyone for the exceptionally long wait! I had finals and surgical assessment last week and was traveling a lot at the beginning of this week. But! Better late than never! We have this chapter primed and ready for you all ; ) 

Special thanks to @secretlystephaniebrown, @freshzombiewriter, @analiarvb, @icefrozenover, @alcientracers, BetaZack, Yin,@notatroll7, @a-taller-tale@washingtonstub, @ashleystlawrence, @kiwibat, @irl-ami-mizuno, @thepheonixqueen, @whimsical-writer@werkthatasdfl, and orangecookiekay  on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

An Apple a Day

For reasons that probably spoke a lot to his general psyche, Washington opened his eyes half expecting to see the inside of a dumpster. And it was only a little disconcerting that he found himself a little disappointed when that was not the case.

Still, he felt like he had hit the broadside of someone’s getaway vehicle. And that wasn’t a feeling that was going to get old any time soon. 

“Oh, goodness! It looks as though you’ve finally decided to join the world of the waking!” 

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But seriously, they could have had anybody catch Clarke at that panther pit. Finn would have made a lot of sense given their romantic development. Or Wells given Clarke's deep-rooted trust issues at the time with him, because of her father. But nope, they chose to have Bellamy catch her. They chose to have their paths literally collide on their way to the tree when Wells and Finn were standing between them just a moment before. I don't romanticize that scene, but it was definitely important.

I think that scene was about defining Bellamy’s real personality, to Clarke and to Bellamy both. He is not a villain. He is a hero. That’s who he is. And Clarke knows it and she starts fighting for him to be one.

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Can you think of a good example of a non-villainous rage hero? I know you've already talked a lot about how no aspect is inheritely bad, and having a familiar example might help other people see what you mean by this, but so far most of the characters mentioned as probably Rage heroes seemed to be viewed either negatively or as villains.

well a big one that I can think of is Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, who is a Maid of Rage, another slightly less serious one is the Soldier from TF2 being a Sylph of Rage

the ideas of being angry, afraid, stubborn, cautious, paranoid, stoic are not inherently villainous traits because they are not inherently bad things to be, but I think a lot of people do have trouble seeing “good” characters inhabiting those traits

but if you think about it, all of those things can be spun as a person being Passionate, Righteous, Only concerned about Justice and Morality and not budging on those concepts, having an immovably strong moral ground, the idea of unshatterable strength in any form, a perfect shield/defense, an ultimate protector, someone who instinctually jumps onto the front line infront of someone else. All of which are inherently Heroic Ragey ideals

which reminds me of a really old post about the Aspects differing types of Leaderships I made a long time ago, where Rage’s was Protective Leadership, or Leadership by Authority

it was the idea that in emergency situations, people will naturally elect or flock to a person they see as embodying traits of unshakeableness, dependability, strength or expertise, and give that person a lot of authority over everyone in that situation, examples would be Firefighters, Doctors, Police, Disaster Relief, Military etc anything we would consider an “emergency” position, or it can be simply the person with the most expertise/dependability in situations like a group of people being trapped somewhere

so basically this is how I embody a truly Heroic Rage hero in homestuck, the people we naturally flock to in emergencies, and those with unshakeable protective instincts and strengths, stubborn, truly moral and righteous

its where all of these things go bad is where we get Villains, but the good interpretations of these things naturally give us Heroes

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"The best heroes and villains are heroes that have a chance of being evil and villains that always have a hope of redemption. If you're just one-note, it can be very dull because where are you going to go in the story? You're going to have the same reaction." ~ Katie McGrath. Why is she so articulate, thoughtful, and well spoken?

God, I’m in love with that woman!

But to answer your question: because she reads a lot, that’s why she’s so articulate. Her being thoughtful I believe comes from her own personality and her willingness to always be open to learning ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello cutie pie!! Can I request hcs for Mina and Katsuki when their s/o is a nice, calm person but when they are playing videogames they go on agressive mode and start swearing a lot and going like "die @&#^!!!" i do that and when i game with my friends they always say i'm scary xDD have a nice day/night and rest well!!! Thank you ♡♡♡

(Omg, same. I hope you have a great day as well!!)

Mina Ashido:

  • Mina loves her significant other’s calm attitude and how chill she is in most every day life settings. She aspires to be as nice and collected as they can be one day.
  • One of her favourite free time activities is playing video games while her partner watches her. So, to maximize the fun, she invites them to join her for a couple of rounds.
  • She remains absolutely baffled when her usually calm and sweet partner turns into raging player, ready to break anyone that gets in their away. She doesn’t know if she’s more shocked or scared.
  • Mina would also find out that they make a fantastic opponent, but their aggressiveness takes her by surprise and she can’t get used to it for the first rounds they play against each other.
  • She stil remains amazed when she sees their natural calm attitude from then on.

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Most people are intrigued how comes Bakugou has such a sweet and content significant other, considering his usual rude and explosive demeanor. The two of them are the different sides of the same coin.
  • Even Katsuki himself is still questioning himself and what did he do to deserve the grace of such an amazing partner that can calm him down and love him, despite of the ugly things he says/does.
  • Once when they invited him over to play some video games, he was pretty amazed to see that they wanted to challenge him to some rounds of Mortal Combat.
  • His amazement grows into shock when he hears them throw an angry fit as they try to kick his ass. Of course, his surprise does not last long enough to give them the time to win the round.
  • All the evening will be spent with the two of them screaming “Die” at each other and shouting in victory.